#fuck the lot of you in general yk
thespineoftherighteous · a year ago
twinyards fucking dominating the court together is and will always be my kinda shit
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greatcomets · 10 months ago
ok venting in the tags like it's 2014 whatever i'm mentally ill. i'll post a fucked up cat after this to make up for it
#i think i'm just lonely in general. like as a person#i always forget that i don't actually have that many friends but since quitting my job it's getting a little unavoidable#one really good six months where i felt like i was finally coming out of the worst years of my life and nothing at all to show for it#and i feel stupid for like. WANTING to meet people and make connections etc like it feels like it should be unhealthy in some way? and the#friends i do have are great so why mentally do i feel like i need anything else yk. and i dont know the answer and i REALLY dont know how th#e rest of my friends got past this. i just like meeting and knowing people. i don't know. which is cool but i'm going back to school which.#i don't know they're all lovely people but i don't feel like they do. at all. like there's a reason i have 4 friends who only hang out with#each other/me. not at all a knock on anyone at school but it's so hard to find commonalities just with the way the student culture is or wha#tever. i dont know. i dont know! what am i even saying. sorry this sucks i need to like. get over myself. i was not built to not be in#cities. like even if i'm horribly depressed the feeling of people existing around me helps. i don't want to feel alone anymore. i want a#life that i feel like im actually building. im sick of existing in a place i don't actually want to live. i want to have an existence i can#be nostalgic for and make connections i can still have 2 years from now. i hate that i'm there now and i still can't do anything about it bc#of fucking covid !!!!!!! i miss feeling momentum and excitment and like. drive. i want to make art and show people art and be shown art. and#im sick of kombucha and im borderline sick of weed LOL !!! and i never want to fucking go hiking again. and i MISS NEW YORK !!! and i miss#my dad. idk. idk. anyway. the point is i do not have a lot of friends and i never realize it until they're all busy and i'm venting on tumbl#r dot com like i used to do in like. High school. awful shit ❤️ much love#i only mean like 50-80% of this you decide#wow i sound like an asshole
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luwupercal · 3 months ago
OK so I'm trying to learn about AoS and I just found out there's like a cult of good people who get destroyed by skaven but before that it says they believed their founder was Daemon that "set aside it's heinous ways to seek purity."
Can you imagine? Paarthurnax daemon
every day i wonder more what the actual fuck daemons even are. wdym it set its ways aside, like what does that imply about daemons?? about the daemonic mind?? i'm so deeply confused
#ask#alzraed#i dont think daemons can be like super equiv to peepaw Partysnax#just bc tes dragons are explicitly on the Person side of the divide#rather than the Force of nature/Not a person side#or the weird inbetween 40k daemons are in#but i do think comparing them is interesting#(''what do you think it would look like if we mixed among us and naruto'' aside)#bc theyre both concepts that draw a lot from religion#and from concepts that at least in christianity (im not sure other religions but if yk pls lmk) are very closely tied#ICYMI elder scroll dragons are functionally Akatosh's Angels#abridging a bunch of lore here. it's sick#not to say a nice thing about mickey kinkbride but alduin fucks as a concept#Dragon Lucifer#i think its interesting to compare the difference between concepts derived from the idea of a fallen angel#vs derived from the general idea of demons#bc the aftereffect is super different#gameplay aside the narrative of skyrim treats the dragons way more respectfully than 40k treats daemons#and obviously the tones are very different#but it's still a very fun thing to think about#it also says a lot about how 40k vs elder scrolls treat their gods#i think tes having an actual concept of good and loving authority is actually to its detriment#compared to 40k#bc in 40k when the gods do fucked up shit its a feature not a bug#but in elder scrolls Akatosh is kinda just straight up a war criminal#but hes on the humans' side so i guess hes good#theres just not really enough questioning of the cyrodiilic empire in elder scrolls#i have the same criticism twrds 40k and the imperium of man but its different#because in 40k the imperium is called into question by its very concept#like it's a dystopia on purpose
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pepprs · 6 months ago
ok. i have written 3.5 pages out of 10 minimum but have done no research. i need to change the entire angle of my paper i think so ummmmm not to ask this but can you guys help me brainstorm a new topic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
#the premise of this paper is that we have to write abt a story in our family that we’ve always wanted to know more abt and come up w a broad#thesis on like the general topic using our family story as an example. i wanted to do stuff w my moms side of the family but my dads side of#the family are like genealogy nuts and also my great grandma and my grandpa both wrote autobiographies so i have a lot to work w there. basi#cally the thing i picked to like examine more is why my grandpa grew up w/o his dad in his life and it’s bc his dad cheated on his mom (my g#great grandparents) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 during the Great Depression bc he had to take a job in another state and he lived there during the work week#and then came home to his family on weekends but he was cheating on her lol. not a very fun topic at all and i regret every single decision#ive ever made but ermmmmmm. so the broad historical thing i was gonna examine was how different families had different experiences of the gt#Great Depression based on things like divorce and stff but also race gender class location etc… but that is super broad but also ive done a#lot of very broad research for this paper and it sucks to throw it away but i don’t think i can write something so broad i think it has to b#be narrower. so I’m thinking of looking at like how single parent families navigated the depression but then like what are the factors im#looking at and what’s the context yk… bc you could do an entire paper abt race or class or ability or like city vs suburbs or whatever but#idk which to pick or if that should even be my approach. but i need to know so i can hit the ground running at 10:30 and write 6.5 more#research heavy pages at 10:30 (13.5 hrs left before the deadline) and make myself fucking explode#purrs
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mushroom-winners-proof · 5 months ago
Just want to let you know that I live for all the stuff you put in your tags. Your art is great on its own but with your commentary? Chef's kiss. Seeing your stuff on my dash is always a treat :)
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troublehotel-sys · 3 months ago
Serious talk, I love the Eddsworld fandom? Everyone has such cool ideas and it's very welcoming of fictives and shit (for the most part, it's mostly good treatment or "idk what that is but I respect u"), plus I get to look at my source in a positive light
I especially love all of the more "classic" fans because. Yeah we all have the same sense of humor, we respect each other, we're all mentally ill in some aspect and queer (I was gonna say "or an ally" but actually no I've never met an ew fan who didn't end up queer), we're all just. Chilling in the same space.
Fictives? Great. You relate to the show? Welcome. You're interested in the angst? Come in. You're more interested in the humor? The key is under the doormat. Nobody gives a shit about where you came from or what you look like or identify as or what's going on in your head, you're here and you're welcomed
Not to mention the fictives themselves. Fictives who engage in fandom? And fictives who make their own aus? Fictives that talk about their source memories? Fictives that make jokes about it? God it's all great
Anyway I think that's the end of my ramble that's all I think you're all really cool and I enjoy interacting with the fandom in general because of you all
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prenvii-moved · 10 months ago
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kuiinncedes · 10 months ago
#me being annoying and maybe something i shouldn't post lol so we'll see#but it's all just me like if u think this applies to u technically it does but idc keep doing you yk#it's just like when people ship something romantically that i only ship platonically and they post a lot about it#so i filter the tag bc i don't want to see it and i'm not gonna say like lmao stop posting aboutthem#bc tbh someone's probably thought that about me and quinntina idk#but also i don't want to filter the tag bc i like the friendship :'') so i miss regular gifsets and stuff but idk#i just don't want to see the romantic stuff but i'd love to see the platonic stuff :(#anyway all that to say nothing lol i'm just gonna filter another one tonight XD#it's really just Me not being open to other ships lmao 🤪 no one has to stop y'all do your thingggg#i can't tell if this sounds mean lskdhgljf but it's nottt i'm not trying to be mean i'm just lamenting my own limitations#lmao idek what that means#don't take this too seriously 🤪 idk as if anyone's going to??? idk i'm a mess lmao bye#jeanne talks#in other news i was walking in my yard and got a sudden idea for a scene for the j atp au#and then i had to come back inside and then the fucking house phone rang#and i couldn't understand the person very well bc it was chinese and also very bad quality#so i had to gve the phone to my mom and then wait and hold the phone while she went and got my dad who was also outside XD#and then i think i forgot most of my idea#like the Main idea is there but it was pretty general#it was just one of those times when like WORDS popped into my head#so it would've been great if i could've written them down immediately lol#i got someof it :P idk kadhjfgfs anyway
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kirillkaprisun · a year ago
every day i log on this website just to see people try to sell their team as the best team ever and their rival teams as the worst team ever......anything can be made into a really good thing and anything can be made into a really bad thing... it’s all about perspective...subjectivity if you will.........we’re all looking for reasons to love/hate teams... it’s ok !
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strawberry-possum · a year ago
Man y'all ever just *becomes irrationally worried about someone you're barely acquaintances with and haven't spoken to in over two years*
#like ig we werent even really friends in the first place#it was more like 'i dont have any friends here and neither do you so lets pair up for group projects but nothing beyond that'#yknow#but#idk#last year before quarantine she started kinda. acting differently?#not that i knew her well enough in the first place to really know how she normally acted#but what little i heard about her felt /off/ and /not like her/#and shes in a few of my classes rn and whenever shes called on by the teacher she never unmutes or types in the chat or anything#and every time i get just a little bit more worried bc when i knew her she seemed to care a lot about school?#it just feels off#but i feel like i dont have a right to worry bc really i can barely even call us acquaintances yk#and it really doesnt help that i cant even fucking remember anything in the first place#like just in general i cant remember things but its especially bad for stuff from middle school which is when we paired up n such#and i only know that bc. idk i just /know/ it but i cant /remember/ it#so idek if im actually right about /any/ of this - how she acted what she cared about etc#like what if this entire time she /was/ like this and im - idk projecting??#so ig really im worried about her and im guilty about that and im panicking bc idek if im remembering things right in the first place#which the memory thing is a WHOLE other suitcase but we dont have time to unpack all THAT *represses that for a year again*#haha dont need to repress when you can just forget /hj#vent#tw vent#personal#dont rb thx#lemme know if theres anything else i should tag here!! :) /gen#also jeez this is funny#me: i have better more stable mental health than ive had gor years!! nothings wrong with me :)))#also me: *starts doubting my entire life the second i start trying to remember /anything/ even if its just as minor as what i had for lunch*
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honeylovecult · 3 years ago
love that
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httpstes · 2 months ago
Astro Observations
Tumblr media
Taurus mixed with cancer in the big three is imo the most chillest yet elegant placement. These the types of people that can easily ground you and calm you down in high stress or extremely formal situations. They ease the formalities at events and what not. Not to say they don’t have class which they 100% do but it’s not in a overarching, strict punctual way yk? They’re classy and sophisticated but in a soft comfy way.
Sag moons will forever (including all sag placements tbh 😭) be my number one favourite placement. Now i don’t have much fire in my chart or maybe it’s my pisces moon i literally do not know but I LOVE THESE BITCHES SO MUCHH. My sag moon family members and friends are like a teacher/friend and confidant all wrapped in one. They can be blunt depending on the rest of the chart but truly most of the ones I’ve met aren’t as "harshly blunt" as i’ve seen them portrayed. These people will explain things in detail about random topics they are interested in and they sound so fucking smart omh. I admire their optimistic and carefree attitude sm, they know how to give good advice and can unconsciously inspire others to do things they could never imagine doing.
Libra rising and taurus rising go hand in hand honestly and it’s the two rising signs i see together a lot compared to other dual planetary ruled signs like virgo & gemini, aries & scorpio ect. I’ve just seen so much love (platonic and romantic) being shared between this duo. They have a natural understanding of eachother and despite having different approaches to things they both surely share a love for beauty, romance and everything nice in life. I also noticed these duos rarely fight, maybe it’s the venusian energy between them 🤷‍♀️
Moon-Venus harsh aspects i’ve noticed either have commitment issues or attachment issues no in between 😭 A close friend of mine has this and he’s told me multiple times how hard it is to actually fall for someone as he doesn’t want to deal with the pain of the relationship and he also just finds it gross in general LMAOO
Virgo placements, moon and venus in particular, are so thoughtful and caring. When they go out they buy you random things they think you need and check up on you to see how your doing and if you need help with anything, they remind you they are always there. This however I feel only applies to virgo placements close friends unless afflicted. As these people are picky and won’t give out their time and energy to everyone who comes by.
Jesus christ i love capricorn moons but man how much emotional baggage are yall carrying ?!? Fr these mfs are so strong for not having given up yet. They at least have one thing that keeps them going to help them get up in the morning and prepare for a new day. They seem to hate failing and like getting credit when they believed they deserve it for the hard work they have put in. Capricorn placements get up after every fall, and despite how hard times can get they always find a way to push through. I admire you guys sm.
Okay i’m practically complimenting myself with this one but ik it’s true 😭 If you are an earth rising or have water in the third house YOU HAVE NICE HANDS. Now i always knew my hands were somewhat nice, i mean i never rlly thought of them that much LMAO. But ever since i started highschool i be getting compliments left and right about them hand structure or what not. But yea water in third = nice hands.
Leo risings win the lottery for being pretty and feeling good about the envious looks other people give them. These people are BLESSED with good looks and whether conventionally attractive or not, i’m telling you there is always something about Leo risings that make you turn twice to look back at them.
Pisces placements, Moon-Neptune, Moon in 12th are prone to addiction. I know that’s been said a lot on here but from experience and looking at half my friend groups chart bc for some reason we all have pisces moons, it’s true. Now addiction is not always drugs and alcohol. I’ve noticed in some and of course depending on other placements can be addiction to daydreaming, (which again is another stereotypical pisces thing) perfectionism and over working. These things all distract us from our thoughts or mundane everyday life, whatever it may be, pisces placements are definitely prone to addiction of all forms.
Venus in second house may be known for their beauty or be physically attractive. Something about these people is magnetising, from their movements to the way they speak, they are very captivating people.
Venus in the 3rd, 10th, 8th is similar but with Venus in the 3rd, most of it has to do with their voice, the way they communicate and how their mind works. Venus in the 8th is also just as captivating but in a more mysterious dangerous way. Venus is comfortable in the second house but when it moves to the 8th it is exploring unknown waters. People with Venus in 10th house are known for their beauty. Whether they become famous for it or not, it may not be a prize winning talent but their physical appearance is definitely acknowledged by others.
Aries moons are the most motivating people i’ve ever met. They encourage others with such passion and without even realising it. I look up to these people and they push me to work harder. Something else I like about this placement is that they tell things as it is. They don’t beat around the bush and when they tell the truth they tell you because they want the best for you. Ily guys
I’ve heard a lot about venus-asc but sun/moon-venus are just wow. Sun-venus esp the conjunction present their beauty to the world, it’s glamorous and gold and everyone is infatuated with their energy. Moon-venus on the other hand has a more silent type of beauty. It’s definitely there you can see it but it’s not as loud as sun-venus. It’s once the moon-venus let’s you in that you will see the beauty that shines from within and suddenly they’re the most gorgeous to ever exist.
Moon in tenth house regardless of what sign it’s in are hustlers. They have ambition and goals that they want to complete and while those goals may vary from long-term success or short-term goals that they have, they put in hard work equally for both.
Gemini risings are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met. They can adapt to anyone’s personality and can easily connect with anyone. They make friends easily too.
Capricorn and Aquarius in a chart can make someone come off as socially awkward or kind of standoffish but they can really get deeply enveloped with conversations and actually listen to what your saying. They take in the words and remember it. I’d literally kiss ass to be in the presence of these people, the way they carry themselves and the way they walk is so attractive 😭
Tumblr media
This is my first actual astro observations post so i’m lowkey scared 😟 Anyways I’ll be hopefully posting more since I’m on holiday now. See you guys next time :)
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sojutrait · a month ago
Tumblr media
✧sojutrait’s hot girl guide to utilizing the club feature in ts4✧
~huge shoutout to @its-opheliasgarden​ for giving me the idea to make this guide like an hour ago and i immediately had to jump on it sdjkd~
i’m sure everyone who has get together is somewhat familiar with the club system and the general basis of how it works but trust me when i tell you it is the most underrated part of ts4. i get a lot of asks about how i pull off certain aspects of my gameplay and 9/10 it’s clubs so here’s a (not so) small guide to help out!
general information about clubs: ik a lot of people don’t even remember the club system exists so here’s a quick refresher in case when reading this you go “wait since when can we do THAT”
you can set clubs to being “invite only” which will restrict randoms from joining your club (i highly recommend you do that for every club no matter what)
you can set club hangouts, either as specific lots or general places like “cafes” or “parks”
Tumblr media
you can set club wardrobe for each frame and age so whenever your club meets they will change into that outfit
you can restrict who can join your club for a myriad of things including celebrity level, traits, age, marriage status, career etc. (this comes in handy a lot as i’ll expound on further down)
Tumblr media
you are given 6 sims to start off with but with club points u can purchase extra slots for up to 8 sims (tbh just cheat for extra points with mcc)
club points can also purchase skill boosts so your sims gain skills faster when in a club gathering
pt 1 - using clubs to make… well clubs
ts4 is pretty notorious for being desolate in the child/teen activities department. there are little to no after school activities and the ones we do have are a rabbit hole. clubs can really help expand on them or create entirely new ones as i am here to explain to you today
theater club - drama club is an after school activity that came with get famous and is unfortunately a rabbit hole. your child or teen fucks off to the Void for a couple hours and comes back with a couple extra percentages in the acting skill. what i like to with drama clubs is to create one using the club system. that way, you get an actual interactive drama club experience. i set costumes using the “set club wardrobe” feature. i set the activities for the club to practice acting and play instruments. using the club hangout you can set their hangout to a theater of your choosing (self promo of the theater i use and built). helpful skill boosts to purchase with club points - acting, creativity (for child sims), piano, guitar, singing
scouts - like with drama club, seasons came with a half-baked after school activity for children/teens in the form of scouts. what i personally do, is make my own scouts troop for my sim to go to and meet sims. their wardrobe is set to the scouts uniform that we got with seasons, and for their club hangout i just use the general option of any park but if you have a specific one you want to choose feel free to do that. i also restrict sims that can join the club to be only those in the scout career. the game is pretty good at making npcs join scouts on their own but if you find that there are no sims in your save that are, you can hop in random households and make their sims join the scouts career, or just simply omit that as being a requirement to join the club. i set the club activities to frog catching, fishing, etc all that good nature stuff. helpful skill boosts to purchase with club points - fishing, fitness, motor (for child sims)
Tumblr media
those suburban mom clubs yk the type - this one’s gonna be short and sweet bc it doesn’t really differ from how the club system was meant to be played. i like to make a club of all the moms in the neighborhood just to do mom things lmao. there’s no club uniform, but i do usually set the club hangout to a cafe or a specific mom’s house and set activities to drinking coffee and socializing with each other. for a mommy and me type club, toddlers are unable to join clubs but once i start a club gathering i simply invite the toddlers over and they will not leave until their parent leaves (which is after the club gathering ends) helpful skill boosts to purchase with club points - parenting
dance team - this ones also short and simple, make a club, give them the dancing activity, set a uniform if u want them to do a recital, club hangout at a dance studio, that’s it here’s my sim ophelia falling on her face
pt 2 - mentors
mentoring isn’t exclusive to get together or the club system but it can be used in tandem. once a sim reaches level 10 in most skills, they gain the opportunity to mentor other sims (there is also a mentor reward trait which can be purchased). mentoring causes the other sim to gain in that skill super fast, with moodlets and sentiments between the sims and what not. now what the fuck does that have to do with clubs u may be asking, a whole lot baby. mentors can be used as leaders in scouts, drama club captains, coaches, even teachers (which i’ll expand upon in the school section). i usually kidnap a random npc or make a sim, give them level 10 in the skills i want them to mentor my sims in, give them the mentor reward trait, then just add them to my club. you don’t even need to control them to get them to mentor, simply start the action then click the sims and choose “ask to mentor”.
pt 3 - sports
“but soju there are no sport teams in ts4” aHA again, that is where u are wrong besties. with no mods or cc, ts4 has 2 sports, basketball (city living) and soccer (university but also the base game as a rabbit hole career under the title of just “athlete”) and swimming ig to some extent 
let’s start with basketball. my sim ollie was on a basketball team when she was a child which i achieved using what was already discussed here. i set their uniform (for sports make sure you set it under the athletic category so they switch into the right outfit when playing basketball), gave them the basketball activity, make their hangout a basketball court (self promo plug again) wam bam that’s done, short and sweet. soccer is a tiny bit more complicated. once your sim joins the soccer career, in their relationship panel under the co-workers tab you will see your teammates. that’s who you will put in your club. you can even restrict the members allowed in to only be sims in the soccer career. if you’re really crazy you can make a rival team club but i’m too lazy for that half the time. you could also continue this post-graduation, with your sims co-workers from the athlete career but ngl idrgaf at that point so i dont. activities is set to soccer and working out, hangout set to a soccer field or just a gym so they can workout together as a team. you can also make a swimming team, same way just do all what was said before but set the hangout to a pool, activity to swimming, and if you have a specific uniform you want them to change into, make sure u put it under the swimwear category. helpful skill boosts for sports teams - fitness, logic (which u need for the soccer career), motor (for child sims)
(tiny addendum for legacy players) - you can also use clubs to group together family members cousins, etc. very small thing but i figure it’s worth mentioning
pt 4 - the holy grail: schools
be warned; this one takes a bit more planning and finessing than the others for the obvious reason that we do not have interactive schools in the sims 4. but alas, here i am to explain how i do it using everything that was mentioned already
side note: ik there are mods for interactive schools but tbh i can never really keep track with which are updated so i just do it this janky way
club hangout ~ a school. they’re all over the gallery, set as parks, libraries, generic lots etc. or u can build ur own. i have a high school i built and i am currently working on an elementary school so stay tuned if you’re interested
mentors ~ mentors can be used as teachers. i make one club for teacher sims that i made, each with level 10 in various skills and with the mentor reward trait. i set their club hangout as the school. there, they can mentor children and teens in logic, various instruments, fitness, etc.
the actual classmates ~ i just make a club of any children or teen sims around the save in one club as my sims classmates. i recommend you turn on the age requirement to be child or teen when adding sims, then remove it. in doing this, that ensures neither your sim or their classmates will be kicked out of the club upon aging up
from there it’s all up up to you. you can add any activities you feel are “school like”. i usually do do homework, do school projects, read, use the science experiment table, painting, etc. you can also use those skill boosts i mentioned
you can also assign school uniforms by using that club wardrobe feature
there is the issue of your sim having to go to real school but this doesn’t really bother me. i have them hangout after real school or on the weekends, but if u want it to really replace going to school, u can place down the online schooling computers by kawaiistacie so your sim will actually do school work there and have it affect their grade.
if you feel that 8 sims is not enough, you can make another club in your save with the same settings as your main classmates club and set their hangout as the school as well so they show up. i don’t ever do this tho lmao, 8 sims is enough for me but hey it’s your call
WHEWWW i hope this is comprehensive. i really randomly think of more ways i can use the club system nearly everyday but here’s a good place to start for those who want to expand on their gameplay!
Tumblr media
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heartyearning · a year ago
Top 10 petty things that don't matter but which I care about greatly (and are recently relevant): please tell me you are aware that the song of Achilles is a retelling. Like, put my mind at ease that you know calling something "tsoa vibes" just because someone mentioned Achilles and Patroclus is completely meaningless unless you are specifically referring to the retelling by Madeline Miller. I am begging.
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sslutttee · a month ago
Idk how to use Tumblr but I'm assuming this is how you ask for requests. Anyways Can you do what it would be like to date shadow the hedgehog? Or what it would be like to date knuckles the echidna?
omg finally getting round to shadow asks, he’s soooo
you can find the knuckles vers here 🌝
✧˚ · .
𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑠 : Shadow The Hedgehog
𝐺𝑒𝑛𝑟𝑒 :romantic/ fluff ☁️
𝑊𝑎𝑟𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 : swearing, smut talk at the end but mostly nothing 🤪
Tumblr media Tumblr media
↳ omg where do I start
↳ first off, if you wanna be in a relationship with him it’s gunna take some REAL fucking patience
↳ he has literally been through so much it’s gunna take him a while
↳ he’s gunna give you the cold shoulder first, like he does to everyone
↳ remember when he first met rouge and sonic? yeah
↳ usual self, lots of snarky comments, quick shut downs and just generally being a dick
↳ “you think you can beat me? aww that’s adorable”
↳ when he first met you he called you by the animal u were
↳ for example, “don’t play with me cat” like he says hedgehog to sonic
↳ once you guys do become closer,
↳ he’s still his usual self but just a smaller dick 😋
↳ it’s the little things nobody really notices at first
↳ he stands closer to you
↳ picks you out for missions if he has a choice
↳ stands next to you instead a lot more often if it’s a giant crowd ect
↳ Lots more eye contact
↳ physical touch like hands on shoulder/ waist ect
↳ not insulting your intelligence 24/7 ect
↳ hes a tease, in like a malicious smirky way
↳ like “YOU think you can do THAT?” while side eyeing a puzzle or mission of some kind
↳ you generally can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or not half the time
↳ also hes so funny without trying
↳ like this man will say the most uncalled, for out of nowhere, down horrendously and mean things with a straight face and it’s HILARIOUS ☠️
↳ one time you guys were at your place on the sofa watching a reality show and a wedding was happening, and he was like “did she just really just fucking leave him at the fucking alter in front of everyone what a bitch” 😭
↳ Makes comments on the movies every 5 minuets and questions wtf they’re doing and insulting them in the most inhumane way possible
↳ you guys were watching a horror movie and he kept going “WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE DOING WHY IS SHE GOING IN THERE?!? OH MY GOD”
↳ he actually loves reality TV
↳ fanon shadow fans r so weird, they all think he’s like dry and boring but he’s rlly not, if you’ve paid attention to the later games and the VAs talking about them hes the opposite
↳ Hes fun to hang out w because he’s so sarcastic and blunt, you guys will literally talk about anything for hours and he ALWAYS has a comment on it
↳ doesn’t often generally smile, it’s either a smirk or a mischievous grin
↳ he loves that you don’t take offence to anything he says ‼️
↳ you guys will constantly violate each other on text and behind the screens you’re pissing yourself
↳ “die” “you die” “i said it first” “tutorial ;)?”
↳ he has a soft spot for you, hates everyone else but his close friends like rouge
↳ he could be insulting the shit out of you but as soon as anyone else tries to they’re dead.
↳ yk that drawn meme thats like “no energy” and “full of energy” on tiktok? yeah thats you guys (you’re the energy one btw)
↳ okay onto the actual dating now
↳ it got the point where everyone actually thought u were dating before due to how close you were
↳ “dating? Oh no we’re just friends” 🤨
↳ when you started dating was actually during one of his missions,
↳ during one of Eggmans attempts to take over, shadow caught you and saved you from falling to death which then proceeded to you kissing him 💕
↳ he actually hurt his leg during this bc while you were smothering him, one of Eggmans robots tripped him over 😭
↳ when sonic found out he was laughing his ass off after and making fun of shadow for it saying he had “goo goo eyes”
↳ sonic flirts with you just to get a rise out of him
↳ “hey baby are you a builder? cuz you’ve got something of mine bricked up 😉👀” “fuck off hedgehog 😐”
↳ he’s actually a really smooth talker
↳ his voice is so raspy omg
↳ he leant down one time to whisper in your ear about a plan when you were on a mission one time and you couldn’t stop thinking about it for DAYS
↳ grabs you against him when he’s teleporting
↳ he acts like he doesn’t care but he does
↳ hes also not stupid, making him very attentive
↳ knows all the little things about you that you might not even notice yourself
↳ when you were having a convocation, he mentioned something about you and you were like,
↳ “wait I do that?” “Yeah you do it when you’re happy”
“awwww” he tried to defend himself blurting out that he only noticed it cuz it’s annoying and blah blah but you were like sureee 🙄
↳ he just started blushing and changing the subject
↳ also another one with nice longgg fingers 😋
↳ notices you look at them btw just fuels his ego
↳ he lets you touch his chest fluff thing
↳ let’s you sit on his lap
↳ he slides his hands around and grips your waist and bum
↳ if he’s preoccupied with like G.U.N reports or something and you’re on him, he draws pattens on your lower back while he’s writing 🤤
↳ hes an all kinda guy, he dgaf as long as he can grab something
↳ im supposed to be saving this for the smut hcs in my drafts but I just can’t
↳ hes SO good at keeping a straight face
↳ if you’re trying to tease him it won’t work lol he’s just amused
↳ “are you done?” 🦋🦋🦋🦋
↳ hes so fucking strong as well, grips your hands together with only one of his 🫣
↳ he leans back in his chair with his arms crossed and manspreads don’t fight me
↳ he does the poking his cheek with his tounge thing and looking away when he’s angry…🚨🚨🚨🚨
↳ he taps his foot when he’s stressed and it’s lowkey annoying
↳ hes a morning person, not like the happy kind like “wake up sunshine 😁😁😁😄😄”
↳ more like he wakes up really early and can’t go back to sleep so he just gets up
hes so leng
tysm for the request 💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mikochiichan · 6 months ago
hi! is it possible for you to do headcanons + a short writing on how characters like, albedo, diluc, childe, and zhongli (any others you want too) would react with their kids? like an overall father headcanons? 🥺 i was thinking about it since you did a whole thing about breeding, like what’s the actual aftermath to it stuff and how they would react ! -🏹
let's get into it ;)
p.s. i'm inexperienced with children, i'm an only child ;(
i mightve written childe instead of child a couple times
general father hcs
mentions of pregnancy, fem bodied reader :(
gender neutral baby
well well well, he didn't quite expect this to say the least
he thought he was infertile, but look at where you are now..
he's quite standoffish at first, he doesn't like how loud the baby is
he might just leave you alone for the first few weeks since he doesn't like the constant wailing and screaming
after he's sure that the baby is a lot more under control he will step up and help you out with changing diapers and keeping it well fed
he does quite enjoy watching the two of you bond
he definitely teaches the child simple alchemy, he was proud the first time they made a wooden bird :>
highly worried he will end up like his father please reassure him
he will most likely take his work at home so he can stay around you and the baby
the maids are a big help since you're both first time parents
diluc might need earplugs... your baby is quite a loud one
one time your baby made the smallest little noise and diluc rushed into the nursery... it was a yawn 💀
he enjoys watching you and the baby playing around in the grape vines, and chasing crystal flies
he hopes the baby doesn't grow up to be an alcoholic
if this is your first kid, be prepared for maybe 4-6 more ;)
he NEEDS a big family, he wants to be the coolest father
teucer is excited to be an uncle, anthon and tonia included
this dude's buying the most luxury baby products.. don't be surprised if the crib is made from solid gold or marble
he has a baby monitor on max volume in your shared room, not even the baby can have peace when it shifts in bed
instant protection mode, has his bow strapped to his back and two swords in his hand
he's a bit worried about the child's homelife since yk,, fatui buisiness
BUUUUT he trusts you know what to do when things go downhill
overall enjoys having something else to focus on other than work :))
surprised .
that's all
not actually
he adores the thought of having his own, and now that he has had a child with you, he feels his mortal life is complete.
the adeptus take special care of you when babysitting for zhongli
ganyu and xiao have no experience, lucky cloud retainer is there to save the day.
ganyu just rocks you back and forth while xiao watches and cloud retainer prepares the child's food
the child definetly gets to play with ganyu's hair and put grass and random clips in it... it's cute but messy
zhongli likes to pick up your child and just spin it around
how the fuck did you convince him to raise a child
he doesn't like the constant screaming and whining and drool everywhere
he's gonna leave you and a couple fatui maids alone until you can get that thing under control
he's going to be very strict and controlling
love, the baby can't even speak yet, you expect it to be able to do 100 pushups ? 2 laps around a lake?
he might just be raising your child as a battle weapon let's be honest
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fbfh · 5 months ago
billy hargrove relationship and intimacy headcanons
As with all nsfw works all characters are aged up to 18+
Reader is gn and the one getting penetrated
warnings: brief mention of trauma, fingering, a lot of eye contact, size kink if you squint (you're cute and small in his eyes regardless of size), oral (male recieving and gn reader recieving)
minors obviously dni
Tumblr media
My guts hurt already from this
Okay first of all
There are two sides to billy
There’s the douchebag defense mechanism persona he projects to cope
And then there’s his loyal to the death loves everyone around him passionately true self
And like with all the shit he’s going through it makes sense that he wouldn’t feel safe enough to be emotionally vulnerable
Especially if it’s something that he’s gotten in trouble for in the past
And like that’s a pretty essential dichotomy to his character as a whole yk
So with that being said let’s get on to the good parts
For a long time he’s going to top
Which is fine by you bc he’s very good at it
He’s definitely the more dominant one between you
Maybe it’s bc you let him top who knows
Later on down the line once he trusts you he’ll let you take more control
He actually ends up really liking it
Like a lot
But that won’t be for a while
In the meantime
Billy loves fucking you with his fingers
He fucking loves how responsive you are to his touch
In general but especially when he has his fingers stuffed up inside you
They’re nice and long, and they feel so much thicker inside you than you expect
It always catches you by pleasant surprise
If you ever tell him that he’ll get cocky
“Yeah? You wanna see what I can do with ‘em?”
With that stupid little smirk
He’ll watch your face so carefully, every little microexpression, every little sound sets him off more
Okay he’s not aware of this
But he has a really obvious tell in the bedroom
And in general but mostly when things get touchier
The more he looks at your face, the more eye contact he makes
The more he likes you
And if he’s angling your head and his to make a lot of really intense prolonged eye contact
Jesus christ he’s into you
Literally and figuratively
Yk that prolonged eye contact tiktok audio
It’s that
It’s a lot of really intense relentless eye contact
And like if you look away
He’ll still be looking at you when you inevitably look back
If eye contact makes you nervous
If you get all blushy and flustered
Keep looking away and then back with those doe eyes
Oh god he thinks it’s so cute
You’re so fucking cute
It makes him want to fuck you even more
He will 100% go down on you and make you cum with his hands and mouth
As foreplay
If you can have multiple orgasms he will ensure that you do
It’s not fun for him if you don’t cum at least two or three times
And when he’s going down on you
You guessed it
Prolonged eye contact
Seriously though he has such gorgeous eyes
He’ll look up at you with his hair falling in his face through those thick ass eyelashes
You won’t even know what to do with yourself
Feeling you writhe and twist below him throws gasoline on his flaming heart
He loves the feeling of holding down your hips while you squirm
And he’s so fucking strong
What was that quote about him working out like a maniac
Anyway he’s fucking yoked
And will use that to his advantage
He can and will toss you around a little bc no matter how big you are
You are his cute little doll
And he will remind you of this
He lives for the feeling of you cumming
Especially on his mouth and hands
“That’s not even the tip of the iceberg, sweetcheeks.”
You’re in for a long night
You know this
You’re never not in for a long night
And why wouldn’t you want to be
If you start to suck him off before you actually finally do the deed
He’ll go a new type of feral
Like you just supercharged him
He has to pull you off after a minute bc of how overqualified you are
And all of that
Was just the lead up
tags: @hopefullhearts @littlewinter1917
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elysianslove · a year ago
omg wait ok who in jjk do you think is an ass, thigh or tits person?? also congrats on 4k thats so sexc of u!!! you're so talented you deserve every one of them <33 MWAH
bb thank you so much ily so much <333 kiss kiss mwah <333 and! thank you for asking this i have been waiting for this ask to come into my inbox. warning; suggestive and mentions of nsfw
ITADORI YUUJI is an ass person. aside from the fact that it’s canon, i see him as someone that’s just mesmerized with ass. loves seeing it in jeans, or those patterned loose pants yk the one that make everyone’s ass jiggle, or in a tight dress, or in booty shorts. and not just that! he loves to be touching you too. as his s/o, you are never free from his groping hands. loves to lift you up and just place his hands on your ass, to ‘keep you steady’ or whatever, and also loves to lay on your ass if you’re on your stomach. makes you laugh so it jiggles against his head/cheek. he’s a bit too shy to smack your ass in public, but catch him doing it all the time at home. like as you’re passing by him or standing there minding your business. or just always having a handful of your ass when you two are sitting down/cuddling. definitely fake fucks you when you bend over too just saying. 
FUSHIGURO MEGUMI i see more as a tits kinda guy. he says doesn’t have a preference, but that all changes when he sees you in a low-cut revealing shirt. he’s a respectful guy so he will be trying not to look. it doesn’t really work though. it’s not that he doesn’t like ass or thighs, it’s more that whenever he sees your tits it goes to his dick a lot quicker lmao. he loves, loves, loves it when you don’t wear a bra, no matter the shirt you wear, no matter your breast size, and if it’s see through as well? consider him dead. oh and megumi’s hands are large. i’m not saying he has a size kink but, there’s just something about the way they look against your breasts. also! he really likes,,, just, kinda, fondling with them. holding them, groping them, as he’s sitting there. it’s fun. and warm. also adores stuffing his face against your chest, even if you have small tits, he just likes it. it’s all about the intimacy of laying on your lover’s naked chest for him <3 
KUGISAKI NOBARA is definitely a tits kinda girl. like no questions, no criticisms, nothing just vibes and titties. she loves the way they look, the way they feel, in her hands, in her mouth, literally anything and everything. considering she has breasts too, she knows just how comforting it is to hold onto them just randomly. if you have big breasts, she’s in heaven as she stuffs her face against them, nothing nsfw just cause. if you have small breasts, she’s still in heaven as she just sucks on them as a stress reliever. she’s like a toddler when she’s stressed like ‘lemme suck on your tiddies pls’ lmfao. also!! she is a fashion icon, an star, an idol, she knows the type of clothes that look flattering and which don’t. also she loves to go bra shopping with you just so she can get into the changing room and start groping and bouncing your breasts to test out the bra, as she claims. but yes, she’s a titties girl! 
RYOMEN SUKUNA is, if not an all kinda guy, a thighs man. wears them like ear muffs lmfao. his infatuation was first purely nsfw, and he would show it by constantly leaving bruises all over them, marking you, whether it was from his tight, vice like grip, or from his mouth. but then over time it became just genuine love and fascination, especially after that one time you had whined at him after sex to just massage your sore thighs for you. he’d begrudgingly agreed, but then he ended up loving the feel of kneading them in his strong hands. and after growing comfortable with cuddling, his favorite position is just where his head is in between your thighs and your ankles are crossed at his chest. he can stay like that for hours honestly. also he likes to have his hands resting there, squeezing every once in a while. but, like i said, sukuna just likes your body in general. 
INUMAKI TOGE was a little more difficult to decide, and i’m still not that sure of this, but i think he’d be an ass person, just because i think he’s lowkey very touchy with his s/o and he’d like to just— rest his hands there all the time. likes it when the two of you are cuddling and you leg is lifted up across him, allowing him to settle his hand on the curve of your ass. also he’s lowkey a very cheeky person when it comes to his s/o, so i can just imagine as you’re laying down on your tummy, he pats your ass and every time it jiggles he giggles to himself lightly. also the type to rest against his s/o’s ass just cause but he would actually fall asleep like that. also! whenever he’s resting like that, he likes to give your ass a little peck, just a small smooch, a token of appreciation if you will, before he pats where he kissed lightly, and in his own way he just says, “nice :D.” 
GOJŌ SATORU. ass. ass. ass. ass. ass. ass man! is absolutely in love with your ass. smacks it in public with zero shame, just sends a teasing grin your way, and like, finger guns at you with a wink or something. when you walk past him at home in shorts or like only your underwear, he likes to give it a nice little pat. every single time. and when you bend over while he’s sitting on the couch or laying on the bed or something, he calls out in the cheekiest, most teasing, most annoying voice, “nice.” i hate his sexy ass sm. does tiktoks with you that include you throwing it back on him because he wants to give you reason to. loves to watch you put on your clothes, especially jeans, when you like jump in them. he’s just a pervert with a license to constantly hit on you. 
NANAMI KENTŌ is also definitely an ass man. look at him. tell me he doesn’t love ass. loves to fondle and grope it all the time, no matter where you are, and he’s very good at making it look subtle too so he gets away with doing in public too. nanami strikes me as someone that’s slightly possessive, not unhealthily so, but he does always like to subtle hand on you whenever the two of you are out, and more often than not his hand’s resting right above your ass. also he’s a very giving partner, in all ways, so i see him offering to give you massages all the time. definitely lingers on your ass, kneading strongly yet softly, even if you don’t need it? he just likes to do it. is not as open about it as the others, but he’s very obvious about it hehe
ZENIN MAKI is a thighs girl. also is the type to love stuffing her face in between them, but it’s a fixation kinda thing where she cannot stop ogling at your legs, specifically your thighs. loves to grope and squeeze at them all the time, and her all time favorite thing is seeing you in thigh highs, where the stockings squeeze at your thighs just a little. it makes her mind cloud over. 
ZENIN MAI is a a tits girl. i was thinking maybe she’s an ass girl, but i’m so certain she wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off of you or your cleavage if you wore anything to show off your breasts. definitely likes to lay on your chest and kiss and suckle on them, just randomly. also kinda a possessive thing, cause she will absolutely leave marks. she just. loves your tits okay? 
GETŌ SUGURU is an ass man. loves seeing you all dressed up in outfits that show your ass off, and almost always he won’t really touch, not unless the two of you were really intimate, but he looks. he looks so much, and he makes it so obvious that he’s checking you out. in public, at home, doesn’t matter. he’ll be eyeing you up and down and will have this sultry smirk as he glances at your ass. kinda hot ngl.
MAHITO is also a little bit tricky because i want to say ass, but i also want to say tits. somewhere in between ass and tits then. he has like,,, moods for them you know. sometimes he won’t stop ogling at your breasts, and other times he can’t keep his hands off your ass. either way, he’s very teasing about it, and he will buy you really provocative clothes to show both off. so kind <3
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drakenluvrr · 9 months ago
cuddles with them
a/n: i have no inspiration to write so pls take this generic hc post 😕
Tumblr media
- draken
y’all are literally fighting for the bed almost every single time
believe it or not he likes cuddling !
hear me out
draken has a lot on his plate
toman, his shop, mikey
it’s a stress reliever whenever he’s with you
when you two cuddled for the first time draken was like “??? what the fuck is this ?”
it was such a different experience for him since he was never cuddled as a child
his legs literally reach the end of the bed and go even farther and you can see his little toes it’s so funny 😭
naps like a fucking BABY
you’ll be trying to go use the bathroom and he will not let you out of his grasp as if you were some teddy bear 😭
DEEP sleeper as well
accidentally kicked you off the bed bc yk long legs
and didn’t hear the loud thud coming from you
now you have never planned murder but…
also he’s the one that holds you
prefers it that way bc he feels like the big dog yk what i mean 🙄
throws a literal fit if you wanna hold him but let’s you if you REALLY want to
cuddling experience 7/10 😕 i wish i could tell you you’d always be 100% comfortable but i wouldn’t wanna lie to you 😣
Tumblr media
- mikey
mikey and you cuddle 98% of the time
he initiates it mostly because mikey needs his sleep
and i mean that bc cuddling automatically means to go to sleep for him
no matter what time of day it is
“y/n, come cuddle with me yeah?”
“baby it’s 8:30 you can’t sleep now, your sleep schedule will be messed up.”
“who said anything about sleeping?”
falls asleep the moment you two hit the bed and hes in your arms
refuses to be anything else
mikey will indulge you sometimes in holding you but prefers to be held
try’s to cuddle with you literally everywhere
has absolutely no shame
he likes to be coddled for some reason
he’s a deep sleeper sleeping anywhere else except when he’s with you
feels the need to protect you even in his sleep so any sudden movements jolts him awake to make sure you’re not hurt 😣
cuddling experience 9/10 very comfy
Tumblr media
- hanma
cant sit or lay still for shit
“babe did i tell you about this guy i landed a hit on for no reason? ha it was fuckin hilarious i went like-” he will literally get up out of the bed and mimic when went on the entire fight
doesn’t like being in the same place at once
so getting him to cuddle is super rare and hard
he gets bored easily as we all know
so he doesn’t like to just lay down with you and talk
the only time you guys cuddle is when he’s half asleep and clingy
“baby.. i missed you. had a long day, come here yeah?”
it’ll be all mumbled and said sleepily like
doesn’t care about people seeing you cuddle up to him at all
also let me add he doesn’t mind you cuddling him ‼️
he just doesn’t like staying still cuddling you and i mean that in the LEAST harshest way possible i promise 😭
gives you long hugs to make up for it 😕
cuddling experience 2/10 very inconsistent and a lot goin on
Tumblr media
- takemichi
probably the least chaotic out of the bunch
is WAY too shy to engage physical contact with you
like omg it’s so awkward 😭
you’ll be all the way on the other side of the bed and he’ll be holding in his breath wayyy on the other side
“michi you know this isn’t how you cuddle right?”
asks you if what he’s doing or where he’s touching is okay literally everytime
likes to be facing face to face bc he love seeing your pretty lil face as much as possible
if he falls asleep he kinda talks abt his plans and the future stuff by accident aloud
you’re there shocked brushing it off as some dream that he’s probably having
will literally panic 😭
likes to hold you close as he gets used to cuddles and such and has this strong grip on you to make sure he can protect you always
big spoon and little spoon depending on how he feels that day
cuddling experience 8/10 he’s cute
Tumblr media
- mitsuya
cuddling is literally the BEST with mitsuya
you’re comfortable
there’s always a conversation going on if you guys aren’t asleep bc he has this comforting voice you love hearing
is an expert bc i hc he had to give luna and mana many many cuddles to reassure them everything is okay when their mom was gone 😣
kisses !!
he gives you a kiss when you’re about to fall a sleep
he gives you a kiss when you look adorable
just kisses
cuddling is honestly his favorite past time bc it’s comforting for him
never ever got cuddled and he was the one doing the cuddling
but him being cuddled is such a new experience that he enjoys it so much
whispers “i love you.” before falling asleep
never misses
cuddling experience 11/10 the sweetest honestly
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raphsgrl · 3 months ago
listen… having a sexy, smooth, and cool bf is nice and all..
BUT, what about inexperienced dorks who don’t have any clue on what to do. Okay now add that to the mix of big mean buff characters.
Enters in, nervous virgin Raphael. This man has no idea what to do, sure, he’s seen porn before but every one knows that it isn’t realistic??
so when you are on top of him, making out with him whilst grinding nice and slow on his cock, his head is going haywire. He doesn’t want to hurt you, he’s clueless and he’s horny asf.
He’s figuring it out, yk? like, how you whimper or moan when he grips your body and forces you to grind into him harder, once he figures out you like it, he’s gonna keep going.
And he has never used dirty talk in his LIFE. so he’s going to fumble with it the first few times. Prolly just repeat a lot of “ya so pretty- ah- so so pretty, feels so good” mixed with grunting and panting.
Don’t worry, he’ll be a natural after he builds up some stamina and be saying stuff like, “gonna cum so much inside and ya gonna take it, ain’t cha?”
He’s a 100% top/dom all the way in my opinion, but the first few times.. he’s going to be a nervous wreck. Shaking from how good your pussy feels. It’s so warm and tight, wrapped around his fat cock.
Your legs either around his waist or neck, and he’s clutching your thighs while trying not to blow his load right away. You have to reach up and hold his face gently, cooing and telling him he’s doing a great job, and that you feel so good.
He’s pussy-drunk rn, and he’s soaking in every thing you say. Just panting and nodding. His hips jolting into you while he’s balls deep in. He just wants to cum so bad at this point.
You tell him to let go, it’s okay. “come on big red, cum inside me please.” You gently move your hips, fucking yourself on his cock, squeezing your pussy around him.
And he’s so overstimulated from all of this, the pressure of trying not to cum, your words, your insides hot and squeezing around him, you in general- this man is ready to blow.
so when you beg a few times for him to cum, he just slams his cock inside and starts cumming like, buckets full it feels like. He can’t even keep you plugged up, it’s just dripping everywhere and you feel so full.
You are quite literally, full of his cum.
And he’s quivering.. his eyes probably get a little teary from all of this stimulation. His cum is so warm around his cock, and he whimpers when he slowly slides it out of you.
He takes a few moments to watch his seed drip out of you, taking his finger and rubbing it around your pussy and putting it back in.
And since you didn’t cum… he’s immediately going to try and eat you out. He may not be the best at it, but he’s sure as hell going to try.
You probably have to guide him through something like this, telling him what you like and such.
And all the while he’s trying to get you off, he’s rutting into bed because you just smell so good he can’t help it!
In conclusion, can I please see some more nervous inexperienced Raphael? a very strong dom man being all nervous and whimpering because everything is too much makes my brain go BRRRRRRRRR.
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