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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#fuck this

Are you fucking kidding me?!  The VERY FIRST NODE has a 300k health boss that FULLY CHARGES HER NP EVERY TURN?!!!

This is why I fucking hate events that require you to have cleared an endgame story!  They’re always stupidly hard and unfair when events are supposed to be fucking BREATHERS from the main quest!

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A little rant about the current state of my contry

Our supposed called “Left gov”, (spoiler alert they are not) is doing nothing against the police brutality. 5 people were killed because “they were breaking quarantine”, which was actually a lie in some cases. Rich people, are breaking quearentine like is nothing. Our own vice president goes on litte trips with her deaughter. But when poor color people go to buy something to the store they are shoot in the head.

Last year, a few months before the elections, the current government went to the poor neighborhoods (Not sure how to say that in english, I apologize if that’s not the right term) to give food to those in need. And in each bag of food there was printed the faces of the candidates. Now, when the gov militarize those same neighborhoods to make sure no one goes out in quarantine,  they dont even evaluate the possibility of giving that people something to eat, when they know that they cant go to work and gain money. This is the moment to help, and yet, since no elections are on sight, they forget about them, and let the police do whatever.

And now our native communities, the Qom community, are being attacked to. The police killed and raped, and yet the government keep their silence, only talking about quarentine once in a while. Like yes, that’s good, but maybe acknowledge that people are being killed and no justice is being provide? If You are gonna act like a extreme right then dont say you are left just to gain some votes. The fucking hypocrisy of these people

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If I’m working at a job I hate during a fucking pandemic you can bet your ass I’m getting high on my break 🖕🏻

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June 1st 2020

GUESS WHO GOT BLOCKED ON INSTAGRAM!! For fucks sake I just want to fix this! Instead I’m up pissed and crying wondering if I even want to see him. He probably blocked my texts too! Look if he doesn’t text me by this Sunday afternoon I’m texting him. God I’m just so fucking pissed. Again. A few hours ago I’d’ve jumped into his arms upon seeing him, and now? Ha!

Why do I keep doing this? When it makes me so miserable? When I’m up all night crying? Why? Again and again? He’s gonna see me and he’s gonna say he’s done I know it. I just want to fix it.

Why the fuck is this making me so sad? God. Fuck me I can’t keep doing this but I do. I do over and over and I just keep getting hurt and you’d think I’d fucking learn.

Fuck me. It’s gonna be a long fucking week. I just want to go to sleep. Run into the woods and never come back. Or go to sleep.

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Everoyne at my job is beyond done. They’re organizing a scheduled call out of work for tomorrow and I’m all for it. They abuse us, our technicians and we are NOT okay with any of it anymore. Tomorrow I will not be going to work and destroying my mental health for a company who will yell at me for taking a minute too long to do something, a company who says they stand by me and turn around and scream at us.

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