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#fuck trump

Hey guys ! I hope you all are doing okay during these crazy times. I really don’t understand what the fuck is happening in 2020.

About George Floyd’s murder. I insist on this word, because I read and hear about an incident when really it was a murder. I’ve been an activist since I’m 16 years old (I’m almost 23 now), defending equality between men and women, all races, all genders, all sexualities, all religions, all handicaps and non-handicaps, and every little things that make us us. So obviously I support Black Lives Matter and I’m always deeply angry and sad when I hear of another killing of a Black person by a white cop/supremacist. 

I haven’t watched the video of Floyd’s death because just the picture made me want to throw up and my heart shattered in millions of pieces. I will never understand how much rage you must have in your body, to feel a pure hate against another humain being just because they think the colour of their skin isn’t right. 

As a white person, I will never understand the constant fear and feeling of injustice that the Black community endures every single fucking day. But I promise to always use my privileged voice to fight with them and denounce what racism has been subjecting to people of colours for centuries. Not only in America, but also in Europe and all around the world. 

Please, don’t let George Floyd’s name become just another one on this endless list of ones that also been killed by white cops and white supremacists. Please, make a change. Please stand for justice, equality, love, respect and dignity. Please, speak up. Claim justice and never stop until you have it. There’s no freedom until we equal. 

If you are a Trump supporter or that you don’t support BLM or any kind of equality movement, unfollow me now and fuck off. Fuck racists. Fuck them all. I said what I said. 

No lives matter until black lives do

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I need to say something to those who follow me here on tumblr.

I am a 19y old brazilian girl, and I just saw the creepiest and most outrageous thing ever. RIGHT NOW IN THIS FUCKING MOMENT there is a group of people protesting in one of the most important cities of the country. BUT HERE’S THE THING. THESE SHITHEADS ARE MARCHING IN FAVOR OF OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT (that in case you didn’t know, is well known around the world for being RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC and SEXIST) and as if going out during a pandemic to support that clown (that adresses the COVID-19 as a ‘silly cold’) that they elected and put in charge of our people’s needs wasn’t enough, theses motherfuckers are making allusion to **prepare for shock** KU KLUX KLAN.

So I am gonna leave here on this post my FULL SUPPORT to the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and also to the #FORABOLSONARO movement.



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Typing this here because I don’t think any of my family cares to hear about this right now (as always).

So, we had plans to test-drive the Mazda 5 my mom just got, but I thought it was too late today, so I take off my shirt in preparation for bed. Not ten minutes later (at least it feels like it), Mom says we’re out the door in five. People started getting a bit pissy with me, since I wasn’t ready and I got stuck in my bra for a few minutes. Did I put on weight? Anyway, I’m also not used to my shoes anymore, and people usually sit in my seat in the car, so I wasn’t entirely thrilled.

As we were leaving the neighborhood, I saw fireworks for some bizarre reason, and shouted, “KORE WA NAN-DES-KA?!” I was proud, because I’ve been learning Japanese through Duolingo and Memrise, and that’s a full sentence, but my mom got mad, because I’m not a quiet person, and she said I could cause her to crash the car. Skye looked annoyed as well, although by my excalmation or Mom ranting, I don’t know. Then, Skye and Mom started talking about something (I forget what, and so does Skye, but I think they were talkinga bout something I was jealous of) and I got hit by a sudden wave of sadness. So, the night’s been ruined so far. My eyes were almost about to tear up like earlier, although I would know the reason this time. Stared out the windshield and focused on my breathing, but then the car jerked, and messed that up.

“Hey [Raine], what milkshake do you want?”

My brain froze because I’m trying to breathe, but they kept asking. Did they even notice I wasn’t all the way mentally there? Picked chocolate, kinda wish I got strawberry. Was good, but there was no cherry. I got the one with the good whipped cream for a photo opportunity.

The whole reason we left the house was to get milkshakes and see the strip with half its lights out, so that’s what we did.

“Hey, you’re gonna see how I get the work!”

… but Mom has forgotten how to get to her job. We turned down a wrong street, and ended up in the middle of a BLM protest. Joined in, got video. It was pretty neat. One guy was handing out bottled water from the back of a truck, yeeting it at one point. Many people on bikes, and we found the source of the fireworks. Got some meme-worthy video, and some good pics. Rolled the windows down and stuck out our fists in solidarity.

Saw a lot of lights, but not as much as we would’ve. On the bright side, it was more sensory-friendly that way.

Went and took pics with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, and mom made us all use hand sanitizer even though I’m pretty sure none of us touched anything. I sometimes lick my fingers, so I was not pleased. Also not pleased with my mom’s backpack rubbing against my leg when she went to get it and put it back on the floorboards, and the fact that the walk to and from the sign made me sweaty. I forgot deodorant.

Went home on the freeway, flipped off the Trump Tower, and got some more pics and video of our shenanigans. Missed recording when I saw the “road work ahead” sign tho. All three of us older kids quoted the vine in sync.

Saw a ton of police cars on the freeway, and Mom taunted a guy into racing by revving the engine. He sped off, and she said, “enjoy the ticket!”

Mom also said that was her second protest, and Skye and Bry won’t stop making jokes about how joining a protest feels like it happened today.

Very annoyed and moody as soon as I got home, since they keep making that same joke and I’m busy typing my journal entry for the day and making sure my pajama pants didn’t get anything on them. It’s been harder to listen to people talking while I’m trying to focus on something the past year or two, and it results in me being cranky as fuck. And anytime I try to explain my feelings, like a good little autistic who actually learned shit in speech therapy, it usually results in my mom ranting about me, or all of us, being disrespectful and, “this is why we don’t go anywhere.”

Now that I’m done typing, I think I’ll try to calm down a bit and rejoin my family. I’m in the kitchen, but I’ve been giving everyone the cold shoulder as I type. It might not go well, since I’m not a quiet person and the littles need to go to sleep. I would’ve been asleep myself by now, except we did all this tonight.

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Please fucking unfollow me if you disagree with any fucking thing I decide to post or because of my opinions. I don’t give a single fuck. I don’t need white supremacists and disgusting ass Trump supporters following me because if you are one of those you should get one thing straight: you are not welcome on my page, you never will be welcome here and you can all fuck off.

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I haven’t spoken out in my own words yet on the black lives matter movement. I haven’t known what to say. I haven’t wanted to speak out of turn. I haven’t wanted to speak out without knowing everything that I can. But I’ve realised that I will never know all the facts. But that’s okay. I can still speak out. As long as I keep in mind the one fact that covers everything; that black people are murdered by white supremacist cops in America solely for being black. It’s a sad fact and one that needs to be changed.

I know some white people who aren’t speaking out because they believe that black people will handle it and that it doesn’t affect them and because they can’t be bothered. But to win this fight against injustice, we all need to band together. Every voice, every name makes a difference. And the honest truth? The people whose minds we are trying to change will be more partial to the white people fighting in the name of the BLM movement. Those are the people they listen to more. That in itself is disgusting, but it’s true.

If you’re unsure whether you want to speak up and actively support for whatever reason, just think. What if the roles were reversed? What if you and people like you, people you love and know, were being killed simply for being? If you were fighting the injustice against you? You would want as many people as possible to back your cause. The BLM movement needs as many supporters as it can get.

Even if you can’t attend a protest, or are scared to for your safety and your loved ones’ safety, you can still help. Donate. Sign petitions. Speak up. Research. Stand with our black brothers, sisters, family. Say their names. Remember the fallen and fight for the future.

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Oh my god the state of our world is just like Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”- hear me out:

-Literally everything is getting worse with no hope of it getting better

-minority groups (who in this case are the Baudelaires) are telling the government (I guess Mr.Poe?) that the system is corrupt, police should be held accountable for their actions, acab, etc. (police and others are Count Olaf) but they arent doing shit to stop it

-Its been a literal series of unfortunate events- Fires, Coronavirus, many fucking people dying (rip and may we get justice for them and never forget their names), etc.

-I don’t fucking know who Trump is in this case but Sunny Baudelaire is sure as hell more educated than him🙄

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God I’m so sick of this shit

Living in America right now is so fucking bad. I’m so sick of it here.

When a deadly virus is spreading, our shitty president takes so goddamn long to do anything. Calls it a hoax.

Twitter blocks a single one of his tweets and he drafts an executive order as quickly as he can.

People are dying.

Everything sucks.

Riot time. For real.

Those people who are rioting are totally valid. At this point minorities have NO other way that our shitty government will ever listen to. They tried peacful protests. The government chose to escalate the issue by tear gassing the peacful protests.

The cops should be hiring better people. People who don’t kill random non violent Americans because of the color of their skin. People are so gross here.

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