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#fuck trump
autie-j · 8 months ago
My reaction to the outcome of the impeachment trial:
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glorioussdeadd · 11 months ago
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Fuck Trump & every bitch who supports him
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this is a mental health checkpoint
It’s ok to log off, its ok to turn off the news, its ok to scroll past, its ok to distance yourself from this crap. These post are targeted to people who can care right now, if you cant, thats ok. If you’re mentally hanging on by a thread, its ok to leave. I cant say it enough, its ok to not be able to care right now, take care of you first.
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antifainternational · a year ago
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In case you were looking for something to do today.
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radicalgraff · 11 months ago
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"No good cops / No good presidents" 
Seen in Minneapolis
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luvdsaturnn · 11 months ago
my predictions for the next major event of 2020
she-ra movie announced
trump and pence exposed as gay lovers
and then pence goes to super hell
jojo siwa comes out as a lesbian
alien invasion
hatsune miku becomes sentient and takes over the world
trish cosplays dabi
steven universe: future future
jjba gets another season animated
taylor swift drops a death metal album
danganronpa 4th game
or sdr2 anime
trump gets covid, again
john mulaney does a new stand up special
deku’s dad reveal
yellowstone volcano
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spideyyeet · 9 months ago
BLM protesters, peaceful, wearing masks and isn’t storming the US Capitol: beaten and tear gassed
Trump supporter extremists, violent, not wearing masks and storming the US Capitol: is asked to remain peaceful
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mirandathemoon · 12 months ago
october 28th, 2020
Rioting is happening in philadelphia for Walter Wallace. He was shot 10+ times by police while his mother stood by and begged them not to shoot. Witnesses say he had a knife but he was not near police nor was he coming near them. There was no attempt to de-escalate the situation before he was murdered.
Police have lost control of the city, and at least 12 police are in the hospital after altercations with protesters.
No one is talking about the situation. It is not trending. There is barely any media coverage for the situation, all information I have received has come straight from people living in Philly.
Raise awareness, look into the situation, speak up. Philly is in the midst of a revolution and we are hearing nothing about it.
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notyourmamasspoons · 11 months ago
oh oh! idea! instead of secret service escorting trump out of the white house, we get Gritty to beat the shit out of him on the white house lawn for all to see
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