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jaylaxies · 21 hours ago
what the actual fuck
this is rich boy!jay trying to seduce you while you teach him
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ashartstuff · 2 days ago
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something something ronance
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oci-moje-lepe · 2 days ago
Ima ljudi koji su sretno oženjeni, imaju djecu, poštuju i vole svoju ženu. A postoji i neka daleka, davna, jedina, ona koja je zauvjek u srcu ostala. Ona o kojoj ne pričaju, na koju samo ponekad misle, čije su slike spalili, Živi u nekom tajnom pretincu za koga niko ne zna. Izgubljena, a vječna. Zapisana u zvijezdama i vjetrovima.
Nura Bazdulj Hubijar
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marsipain · 2 months ago
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faithblob-says-things · a year ago
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Fuck you Butch Hartman
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can we stop mocking queer people who are really excited and decked out in rainbow and crazy at pride events? why is there a stigma around "baby gays"? it's good that someone's excited and proud of who they are. celebrate that. hype them up. at the very least let them just be happy without your snotty ass commentary.
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clownsarenothuman · 10 months ago
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principledpropo · 5 days ago
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Does she… hate her children? Despise having to be involved in any way - does the action of simply discussing Damian piss this woman off?
Because if so, then god damn I love it, because we get to see the truly perfect antithesis to Loid and Yor.
The Forgers aren’t perfect, but the way they involve themselves in Anya’s life is beautiful. It’s warm and loving while teaching her to make and respect boundaries (that’s difficult for a telepath lmao), but their walls almost always come crashing down the second they find themselves alone in each other’s company. Loid may be strict and Yor may be a little too enthusiastic, but every action they take for Anya is for her sake, and every mistake they make is an experience they immediately learn from to better raise Anya.
The Desmonds aren’t physically abusive, nor do they scream nor degrade their kids. Both Desmond scions are clearly well-off, having wealth and service in spades. Everything they could ever want, at the snap of their fingers. Except their parent’s love and attention. Donovan sees his sons as tools to further his name and goals, while Melinda (and this is just conjecture) shows shades of a woman who never wanted children and is searching for ways to live and enjoy her life free of their burden.
(Little tangent, but people, women especially, shouldn’t be saddled with kids if they do not wish to. Their body, their choice, and no one should ever say otherwise. That being said, when the child is born, the parent has a lifelong responsibility to that child, and regret is no longer an option. I see so many parents who practically begged to have kids, but ended up resenting them, and in turn their kids grow and feel the same way to them. You can never let your children feel like they are a mistake. Never.)
To Donovan, his children are materials that can be shaped into weapons for his political gain and clout. To Melinda, (again, just a hunch), they are nuisances she can’t be bothered to deal with.
But Loid and Yor, who don’t share a single drop of blood with Anya? Who created and joined their family for self-protection? They can’t stop themselves - they shower Anya with love. They can’t spoil her with gifts like Becky and Damien get, but they never starve Anya of what matters most: their love, their time, and their energy. Anya is an esper - if she grew up with people like Desmonds, she’d know immediately she was unloved. Hell, she has! Returned to foster homes again and again. So it is beautiful that a girl who can read her parent’s anxieties and fears has never once heard them think she was a mistake (well other than that first episode with Loid lol). They have had every opportunity to grow resentful of Anya, but they never have. They think the world of her. Mr. “It’s for the mission” Twilight bends over backwards on a whim for his daughter. Yor “I won’t let my daughter die in school” Forger would commit war crimes if she even thought her precious child got a boo boo.
The Desmonds, at best, see their children as investments and at worst mistakes. But no matter what Anya does, good or bad, it doesn’t ever change their perspective of her.
She isn’t just a cover child to them. She’s their daughter, and they’d shake heaven and earth for her when the Desmonds can’t even be bothered to attend their son’s orientation day.
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rainybyday · a month ago
Wayne Spirit Au (now)
So, if the Infinite Realms is basically a connection for many many many dimensions do you think Danny would go to the dc dimension after realizing what this means
Like imagine dc is also a fandom in the ‘Danny Phantom’ universe that Danny is a big fan of. He would never think that such a world exists but the idea of it is so cool, and he wish he can go to a world such as that. 
But that was before he kind-of-sort-of-possibly-died-and-is-now-currently-half-dead-and-would-you-look-at-that-he-became-ghost-king-what-a-small-world-we-live-in
well, it’s about to get smaller
Now when he finds out that the Infinite Realms is a connection to other realms, he doesn’t think much of it because he thinks it’s like worlds that have a boy Sam or Mr. Lance as president kind of thing. He doesn’t think much of it until he realizes the extent of what “dimensions” means
Finding out that one of your childhood heroes are real in a different world literally blew his mind
So, imagine this young teenage Ghost King DC nerd willingly going to the dc universe to geek out and possible spook his heroes for the heck of it
Oh! IDEA!!!!!
What if he goes to the dc!universe back and forth where to him it would be like a day and it would be weeks or even years in the dc!universe so he would be young even if years pass by. The heroes are being haunted by this weird ghost kids for years!
What if the Bats were his favorite heroes? 
Like imagine an excited Danny going to Gotham expecting to see Batman but came during the time when Bruce was still a child and was disappointed, like, he wanted to see big bad batman not a child >:0
But every time he comes back, he would just like watch over Bruce thinking like how this kid couldn’t possibly be Batman while also getting attached to the child Bruce. Durning the night he would tuck him in tighter, hum a tone when their alone or blowing cold air his way when its summertime. The little things. 
Bruce thinks it’s his imaginary friend or like the spirit of Gotham
(shot i made another idea in an idea but i’ll come back to that later)
Danny comes back one day to find out it’s been days since the murder of the Wayne’s, and he’s excited to see how the Batman comes to life only to see a devastated crying and depressed Bruce.
that’s when he realized he was waiting for a murder in order to have a child-like enjoyment of seeing one of his childhood heroes for the price of a child to lose their parents
he made a mistake
he wants to fix it but Clockwork refused point blank that he can’t change the past, however, he won’t stop him from taking any action after as whatever he does will affect this universes even more, 
After that Danny made it his mission to bring Bruce comfort and protect him from any types of threats from greedy rich higher ups to thieves coming to steal from the Wayne Mannor. He comes back and forth to his world and this world to look after Bruce and learns how the character in his comic book pages became a person he cares for. 
He watches him leave to train
He watches him come back
He watches him become Batman
He watches him become a father
 (From there I don’t know if Danny would change major things like Jason’s death or even Bruce’s journey through time, but I’ll like to think he does something when it comes to find Damian or even bring in Tim earlier rather than letting him go through that rollercoaster ride he had called a ‘personal life’)
(And yes through this all Danny is still a teenager but he can be around 17-19ish by the time Damian’s 14 or so)
Danny became something of a Wayne protector and Bruce knows that something/someone is keeping him safe as both Bruce and Batman and just let it be. This spirit or thing was there since his childhood so he has a certain attachment to whatever good will this spirit was providing him and pass down the knowledge to Dick and then his children when he notices that the spirit was protecting or helping his children as well
“B, I didn’t know you have a great singing voice!”
Bruce paused from his newspaper and looked up. “What do you mean?”
Dick pop a piece of bacon in his mouth before talking again, food flying everywhere. “You were humming me to sleep before your patrol!” 
“Mouth close Master Dick,” Alfried wiped the counter. He looked at Bruce with a raised eyebrow. “I wasn’t aware Master Bruce had to time to see the young master to bed.”
Bruce took only a second to understand. “Ah. No that wasn’t me. It seems our littler friend likes you chum.”
“There are many things you must learn when living in the Wayne Manor Master Dick. Learning to find a little help now and again without one of us at present is also one of the number of things you will expecting while at your stay.”
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bananonbinary · a year ago
i will never forgive the internet for what it did to the word “mansplain”
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moondoposting · 3 months ago
fuck you fuck you nothing bad happened on that boat. nothing bad at all. they spent the whole time tossing watermelons at taweret and watching her obliterate them mid air with her huge fucking hippo mouth. fuck you
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literatureandshit · a month ago
ok i feel like i need to make some sort of post about this because if i don’t i’m going to start eating my walls
billy hargrove is a racist
no matter what way you try to spin it, defend it, or tell his story, he’s a blatant racist. and the reason i know this is because i’m black and i watched the show. and frankly, i’m tired of seeing posts about how hot he is and how misunderstood he was when he sacrificed himself and how he was just an angsty teenager who didn’t know how to express himself after he lost his mom
billy tormented max to the point where she was terrified to be in the same close vicinity to him. both dustin and lucas were pursuing max, but who was the one that got threatened? who was the one billy told max to stay away from? who was the one that was called “the type of person you shouldn’t associate yourself with”? the black boy. lucas sinclair.
lucas was a 13 year old boy. billy was 17 or 18. if dacre had let the original script go through, lucas would have been clearly hate crimed. he would have been called racial slurs by billy, he would have been putting his hands on him. but a part of me thinks that even if that happened, so many of y’all would still be all over billy’s dick
he didn’t make up for anything when he sacrificed himself to save the others and that’s the issue with characters like him. they do nothing but horrible things, sometimes unforgivable shit, but they die for the greater good and that makes up for everything? i don’t fucking think so…
this is why it’s so funny to me when people have been saying eddie is a knock-off billy because how exactly is he a knock-off? eddie doesn’t terrify his friends. eddie doesn’t target black people. eddie didn’t put a broken bottle to steve’s throat just because he could, but because he needed to defend himself. he didn’t attack steve for fucking fun
and so many non white people have been telling white people this from day one, that hargrove is a racist abuser. but you don’t listen to us because you don’t care about us. you don’t actually give a shit about us, do you? and those same people will scream about standing with black people and listen to their stories, but when push comes to shove as long as the racism is with a fictional character, well who gives a shit? the racism within the stranger things fandom is so telling because no matter how many posts black people make, no matter how many posts i make, there will be people in my reblogs and my comments calling me a billy anti because i continue to spread the information that he’s a racist bigot
i’m not just a billy anti im an anti racist
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melangedmess · 7 months ago
i hate when people say, "you need to forgive to heal/move on". no I do not. that motherfucker doesn't deserve my forgiveness + you can't forgive someone who's not sorry. they were supposed to protect me but instead they permanently damaged me. they do not deserve my forgiveness.
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rhett-rhodes · 7 months ago
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source: archbudzar
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