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#fuck you

I hate you. I hate you so fucking much, yet I still love you. My entire life, you have been a weight on my shoulders. And yet, when you finally leave, I want it back. Do you know how messed up that is? The person who has held me back my entire life, the one who called me “useless” and “worthless” and “disgusting”. Who told me to “stop crying before I give you something to cry about”, who told me at the age of eight that I was a “slut” for putting on lip gloss. I wanted so fucking bad to make you proud, that I completely disregarded my own feelings.

And as many times as you said “worthless”, you also said “perfect”. I was your perfect little girl, the one who would flinch when you moved and the one who would do what you asked without any complaints. You molded me into who I am today, a perfect little monster. A monster who takes pride in the fear I make others feel, the one who walks as if I had the devil at my beck and call.

You ruined me. You ruined me and my childhood. While my siblings were out playing on the swing-set, I was inside our cold cold house, obedient to a fault. Anything you asked, I gave. All because I wanted to make you proud. I would’ve died for you, I would’ve lived for you, and all you did was curl your lip and spit the words “perfect little girl” like that wasn’t what you wanted.

So, when I snarl the words “ I hate you” know that I mean it with every single fibre of my body. And when I whisper the words “I love you” know that I am lying to myself and that all those words mean is that I wish that you were the person you said you would be. Fuck you, mom. Fuck you.

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I swear to god, as soon as someone asks for something, it becomes fucking rare. Marina wanted 3 sea bass from me and, the one time the useless fuckers could be useful for something, they don’t spawn. When I’m looking for a fucking coelacanth, the things flock to me like sheep get, when I could actually use them, they fuck off, I hate these stupid fucking fish

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I’m not here to complain or anything except that’s exactly what I’m here to do. Okay so in every chat I’m in with my course mates consists of them messaging and replying to each other, and then me messaging and getting zero replies. like they can send memes of three people fucking but I send one Odysseus meme and oh no I can’t get a reply? like we have a music rec chat and they reply almost instantly to each other, and then there’s me. Why? Did I do something to offend every single one of them? What was it? Anyways f*ck them, and I hope they all die in a ditch apart from ma boi Skye.

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An open letter to my ex-wife:

Get Fucked!!!!!!

And I mean that sincerely

I wish for you a handsome man for a boyfriend

With a very large dick

Whose dumb enough for you to be able to convince him your thorns are not poisonous

Whose stupid enough to believe you when you tell him your tongue is a letter opener despite how sharp it feels against his skin

Whose arms are big enough to pick up the pieces of himself after you’ve had a bad day

This is the first good poem I’ve ever written about you

Because I never wanted to give you access to the places inside of me that I had built after we ended

But to your credit

Not all of the wreckage is your fault

There was enough rubble lying around when we met that tripping and stumbling through life became second nature

So I wish for you a man Cold enough to survive your winters

Friends and family stable enough To survive your forever storms

I wish for you a teacher Fluent enough to train you how to use your sharpened wit for good

I wish for you enough dicks to last a lifetime

Or just one lifetime dick

My want for you

Is to get FUCKED

or to go FUCK yourself

Best regards

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i’m just thinking about how fun it would be to be friends with buttercup,, like he’s such a friendly person and he’s funny and he would pick flowers for you and make flower crowns and i just 🥺🥺🥺 i love him so much

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New way to create rare insults: Add trademarked to the central noun

You goat smelling ass of a motherfucker™

Fuck you and your whole scurvy™ infected family

Die in a pit of lubricated vampire stakes™, you fucking cunt

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