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#fuck you 2021

Took my phone to the shop, it’s fixed and my pictures saved, which is good because i nearly had a breakdown in the office of the IT guy at work when he said i might not be able to get them back

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Oh and also I somehow managed to misplace/lose both copies of my scooter keys and whule it’s not exactly hard to replace here the one place i know that does that is a solid 30mn walk away, while pushing the scooter

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I think my phone might be dead in which case I’ve just lost most pictures I took of Pouet

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maybe things will get better but at least we’ve got each other

and if you don’t have anyone now you have me :)

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okay so i’m taking a class on gender in religions right. and for the first third of the semester we’re learning about women in oglala culture right. and for my midterm, today, i have to write an essay on a quote from our main reading. and i have to read 100 pages of this text and the more i read, the more i’m PRETTY sure (completely sure) someone tried to slip 1970′s white american second-wave feminism into their reporting on oglala cultural norms and so i google the author and, sure enough. white woman. and on the FIRST PAGE of the google search there’s an article cowritten by an oglala woman activist criticizing the author for being unable to separate her white feminist perspective from her research so now that’s what i’m writing about xoxo get fucked

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This happened to my BFF yesterday/today. Feb. 2021.


Tl;dr: Adult woman tries to get estimate on siding, contractor refuses to give information without husband present.

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got a rant about how the same coworker who endorses “get out and take a walk on your lunch if you can!” (something I would not enjoy at the moment and would actually make me feel worse) messaging said “oh, that’s a lot of exposure” to me when I mentioned being able to swim & start rehabbing my foot more. thank you yes I have a traumatic injury and have been agonizing over the best way to deal with it during a pandemic, if I’ve decided on this please trust me that I’m doing it as safely as I can and that it’s this or nothing (because hey! it is!).

(I stopped leaving the house at all. No corner grocery store/bodega runs, no short walks, nothing. I have to continue to heal and this ain’t the way.)

same coworker misunderstood something I spelled out for her three times, confusing everyone involved until I was finally allowed to actually speak for my damn self and explain it.

but I’m saving the full rant because I won a huge victory yesterday (cleared up the misunderstanding and guess what I was right) and I’m so vindicated over it that I can kind of let it slide.

kind of.

long story short, people 1) really think they know what’s best for you, and yet 2) do not take anything into your situation into account, even the most blatantly obvious shit, when they give ~suggestions and ~feedback.

I don’t want this to consume anyone else’s life as much as it consumes mine but like. god damn.

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Its so fucking weird seeing people justify productions resuming filming and shit and having their reasoning be “people are stuck at home!! They need content or else they will die!!! They need entertainment!!!!!!!!!!”

First of all there is welllllllll over enough content in this vast digital Blockbuster-esque world we live in today. You’re telling me you can’t find anythinggggg at all to watch?! The Criterion Channel has shit from the early 1900s to now and you can’t find ANYTHING?! Give me a break.

And even if by some unseen force all of the watchable content were to disappear you know what else you can do? Go outside. Read a book. Play games. Talk to people. You know, shit people did before the internet and TV?!

And never have I ever heard of someone actually dying of boredom or lack of content but you know what 500,000 people in this country alone have died of in the past year with the help of inconsiderate pieces of shit who refuse to follow safety regulations because they’re “bored”?


And how do you spread covid?

By being in large groups of people.

And whats it take to make a production???


People are really dramatic acting like life is just so *hand on forhead* !UGH insufferable! without their second season of Euphoria or whatever the fuck.

Fuck off.

I never thought I’d be living in a world where someone’s fucking fictional content had a higher rank in priority than the lives of real living, breathing, human beings.

I’ll say it once and I’ll say it a hundred thousand times: get me the actual fuckity fuck off this planet.

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for someone that writes 1000 word fics pretty regularly I sure am bad at coming up with captions for instagram

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BEST MEN: jung taeyong & xiao dejun (@tcevong & @xicojvn).
MAID OF HONOR: ten’s sister, kulisara leechaiyapornkul (tern).
GROOMSMAID: dove cameron (@dovescamrns)


BEST MEN: henry cheung, lucas wong (@yxkhei), jackson’s brother winston, & kim namjoon (@rapmonsterjoonie).


the wedding party enters first to an instrumental version of “I Love You 3000″ by Stephanie Poetri.
Jackson’s niece Aimee is the ring bearer / flower girl.
ten’s walking down the aisle with both his mother and father to “I Love You 3000 II” by 88rising, Stephanie Poetri & Jackson Wang.

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Hoo boy my fingers are cold. Happy Ice Day! I hope y’all are staying chilly, and here’s to more pain! And as for this one…it’s a lot of pain (⊙ˍ⊙)

Oh also because I don’t have a place for this information but I feel like you should know before you read so when it comes up you get what I mean: I imagine a Quibhassian accent sounds quite similar to an Icelandic one.

Castys Masterlist

Ingredients: self-amputation, suicide for convenience (immortal), self-harm to escape danger, stabbing, body horror, implied suffocation

Why was Castys somehow always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Seriously, he had the worst luck. Unless you counted accidentally witnessing a murder as lucky. Well, maybe it was lucky for the person getting murdered because then they could get justice or whatever. Except Castys didn’t really care about justice and never reported that sort of thing to the authorities. So, in conclusion, Castys witnessing your murder was unlucky for you and for him. Unlucky for you because he wasn’t going to tattle on the murderer, and unlucky for him because he was currently being chased through a forest by some murderer lady.

He was never a fan of running, and certainly not running through the snow while all bundled up because it was cold but running makes you hot so there’s no temperature happiness there. He was debating just giving up and trying to reason with the lady when he tripped over some hidden mystery object and landed face first in the snow, making that decision for him. A boot kicked his shoulder and turned him over before planting itself firmly on his chest. The woman attached to it was glaring down at him, holding a large icy spear-type-thing to his neck, which would be threatening if he could actually die. Well, maybe he could talk his way out before she decided to hurt him. Because he’d rather she didn’t.

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