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Repost @ironside.hex
Man, Ruck was crazy. I miss that muthafucka.
Entire video on IG TV.
@duckdownmusic @bernadettealwayshumble @rocknessbcc @druha

#seanprice #duckdownrecords #duckdown #duckdownmusic #fuckchristmas #fuckxmas #capitalism #dickinabox #christmasmusic #christmasrap #boombap #hiphopjunkie #hiphophead #ripseanprice #undergroundhiphop #thegrinch #bahhumbug #imthegrinch #howthegrinchstolechristmas #illcamino #djillcamino #ihatechristmas #christmassucks (at Brownsville, Brooklyn)

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I fucking hate Christmas. It never fails, but I wind up ruining my life every year around this time.

Bah Fucking Humbug.

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Well it happened. It finally happened. After going only one complete #christmasseason without HAVING to save myself by watching the one movie that perfectly sums up my feelings for the season, this season broke me. I tired. I tried very hard, but the kid is sick with the flu, work has become just one big schedule conflict, attitude upon attitude from folks near and far, loved ones and strangers alike, it’s time to say FUCK IT. #ivebeenscrooged and not in an end of the movie kind a way #fuckchristmas

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Reasons I dont really like Christmas anymore.

1. I lost my grandfather 4 years ago around the holidays

2. I lost my grandmother last year around the holidays.

3. And now for the most recent one exactly a week before Christmas I got a suprise message from someone who hacked one of my best friends. Now I have some asshole hacker threatening to out me to my family.

So I’m spending the week before Christmas trying to figure out how to tell my family that I am trans. I guess there is no more trying to keep it a secret. I think I’m ready to come out and finaly be who I am instead of remaining in the closet which is stressful enough.

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I’m going to be making a new hashtag for this season

It’s going to be #fuckchristmas. I along with some other people am tired of this season being jolly and shit. I haven’t had a Christmas in 3 years. I have work and since I’m in the service industry I want to kill someone. I doubt anyone will see this and give a damn but at least this will mark the genesis of my cause. Fuck this time of year fuck all the shopping fuck all the people #fuckchristmas

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Family Tree

“Your DNA test offers you the powerful experience of discovering what makes you unique and learning where you really come from.”

“Learn more about your family.”

“Find new relatives.”

“Build a family tree.”

I know where I come from.

It’s cold and white and Protestant. It’s striving to be better while stepping on others. It’s alcoholism and asylums and generational lies.

It’s hypocrisy. It’s grandiosity. It’s empty.

Marital rape was recognised as a criminal act in 1991. Coercive control was recognised as an offence in 2015.

As soon as my memories began I recognised a sick feeling in my stomach, a tightness in my throat.

I recognised the smallest change in an adult’s mood. I recognised how the temperature in the room could slip.

Let me tell you some things I’ve learned about my family.

Marriage is not love. Home is not safe. Violence does not have to be physical. Silence can be a weapon. Find new relatives? I’m fighting my way out of the tigers’ cage.

I’m “personality disordered”. I have “poor coping mechanisms”. I “struggle with interpersonal relationships”. I’m the fucked up child of fucked up children.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I don’t need a test to show me how close I am to the canker-blackened branches.

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Bah Humbug

First my paycheck just fucking disapeard on payday so i have no money for another weekmy bank and my job dont communicate for some reason

Second my bank fucking sucks they had the check but nothing could be done until it kicks back at 12am wtf.

Third its a holiday all the ppl in payroll and direct deposit at my bank are off till tomorrow

Forth the sewer lines backed up in my house for the 3rd time in 6 weeks on Fucking christmas eve

Fifth alsmost 500 dollars to come and tell me they cant do anything

6th plummers wont be back till tomorrow also no guaruntee it will be done then

Seven did i mention i dont have a fucking paycheck

Eight Got a new dishwasher just to find out its too big and the guy didnt tell me

Nine got a new new dishwasher just to you know have my toilers not work for 3 fucking days

10 nothing for christmas

11 nobody could come over for christmas because no bathrooms

12 im fucking sober which i was not planning on at all

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