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#fucked up
jessafer94 · a day ago
You’re telling me Brian Laundrie is now missing too ????????? How the fuck do you let your main suspect IN YOUR CASE JUST UP AND DISAPPEAR?????
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Tumblr media
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imanothingslag · 2 days ago
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momowho34 · 7 months ago
Does anyone remember Guardians of Ga’Hoole???? This movie/book series:
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This movie FUCKED ME UP as a kid. It’s like “oh cute owl movie with cartoon owls and pretty animation” and then you watch it and it’s like “all of the main characters are child kidnapping victims of an evil cannibal nazi owl cult bent on racial supremacy known as The Pure Ones that regularly kidnaps and brainwashes child owls to work for them and/or holds other owls family’s hostage to enlist them in the evil cults plan to take over the owl world. The plot is for a few of these child kidnapping owlet’s to go find a big ole tree full of legendary owls that will go to war with the owl cult. Also the main emotional storyline is that the main owlet’s brother is successfully indoctrinated into the cult before he can escape and has to face off against his own brother who can’t turn him to the side of good so he’s forced to set him on fire instead” like WHAT THE FUCK?? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
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I cannot fucking stress how terrifying this movie was for me when I was a child. This is not a fucking kids movie, do not show it to your children for the love of god. Like these are the bad guys
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brb I’m gonna go scream into the void. To truly understand the visceral horror that was this fucking movie, I advise you to watch the moon blinking scene and then pretend you’re a seven year old seeing it for the first time. Kathryn Lasky you’re a genius and absolutely batshit fucking terrifying oh my god
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meatmoiselle · 9 days ago
Yeah ill post this here too wghatever lore fancam
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ratspleen · 3 months ago
Since the human error Wilbur design’s legs are angled backwards, his feet would’ve had to be super long and his legs would be pretty strong lmao
Kangaroo Chameleon Alien Wilbur Soot
You're gonna get kicked to death by a skinny alien with a british accent
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nibeul · a month ago
god, thinking about pod brothers determined to make it through the war together only to lose one of their own halfway there
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elucidentrpy · 6 months ago
I've always been the fat girl, my whole life.
Now, I go clothing shopping after losing more then 116 lbs and I find out that I'm wearing S.
Fucking S that I've never thought in my whole life it would fit my fat arms is now the size of my pants.
It's terrifying how effective this illness is.
It's addictive
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