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#fukui kensuke

I hope I did it right! Thanks for the request 💕💕

Okamura Kenichi

  • Okamura’s height is enough to scare anyone and his face adds to his intimidating aura so expect that no one will bother you or try to hit on you while you and Okamura are together
  • But unlike his looks, he’s very sweet and always ready to do things for his s/o
  • He’s always yearned for a girlfriend so you’ll be treated like a princess, even if you try to tell him to not to push himself too hard, he’s always going to make sure your properly taken care of
  • But at the same time he’s also very sensitive, especially when he receives the comments that you could do better than him, how he’s too ugly and so on
  • So you have to reassure him that you love him for who he is, tell him what you love about him and how much of a great partner he is. Who cares if people doesn’t find him attractive? He’s the most handsome man in your eyes
  • Yes man, he’s no boy but a man
  • Your first kiss with him was awkward, he had to lean/move down so he could reach your lips and even when you kissed, he couldn’t even figure out where to place his hands and how he should kiss back
  • So you had to take the lead, until he got used to it
  • When you go out, you find it somehow amusing how people would mistaken him as your father or older brother and how he reacts
  • But you always make sure to set things straight to whoever thinks that way and let’s them know you’re the proud girlfriend of that man who led Yosen high basketball team to the Winter Cup

Fukui Kensuke

  • He’s generally very teasing and won’t be against on having a diss battle between the two of you
  • Of course everything’s just said in a joking manner without actually hurting each other
  • But you two would also have those inside jokes only the two of you have, the kind where other people always gives you two weird looks whenever you two laugh about it in public
  • This guy isn’t afraid to show you off, even going as far as kissing you- just light pecks- in front of the team
  • He never says it out loud but he enjoys hearing Okamura crying about not having a girlfriend
  • Dates with him are very spontaneous, you could be in the park for the first hour and at the arcade the next or you’ll be at the library having a study date and soon in your bedroom and watching a movie
  • He never fails to surprise you whenever you watch him play in the court, it was completely different from your dorky and teasing boyfriend and was exchanged with someone cooler on the court
  • But once a game finishes, and he sees you, he’s back to his normal self and even asking for a congratulatory kiss from you but when he loses, he just falls in your arms and apologizes for not looking cool out there
  • You have to reassure him that he did his best and he’s always going to make you feel proud from always doing his best on and off court

Himuro Tatsuya

  • Okay listen, you’re going to get so much gossips and whispers behind your back once you get into a relationship with Himuro
  • Not only was he one of the most handsome guy in Yosen High but he’s also a great basketball player so it’s not a surprise that he has a decent following in your school and maybe even in other schools
  • But they only see the facade of the guy he lets on
  • You’re the one who sees him in his worse and the person he trusts to tell his problems and worries to
  • You’re the person he’s willing to show his vulnerable side to
  • But you just have to comfort him in times where he feels like it’s his lowest and stay by his side until he’s feeling much better
  • Himuro also tends to get jealous easily, but that isn’t because he doesn’t trust you, it’s just that there’s a fear within him that fears that you might find a better person than him and leave him
  • But he’s not the type to restrict your actions, no. He understand that even you need your own freedom and independence
  • But once he does notice someone hitting on you and making you feel uncomfortable, well….that might be some of the only times you could see him all angry
  • But his anger never reaches you because he immediately softens once his eyes catches yours
  • He’s very appreciative of the support you give him, whether be it in training or in actual games, he’s always going to be looking for you amidst the crowd of people

Liu Wei

  • This guy seems like the type to unconsciously get you flustered, like he’s going to compliment you and tell you so many nice things without even knowing it’s effect on you
  • Not that much into pda, although he will always enjoy holding your hands, be it in public or private but that’s as far as he’s going to go. Unless you initiate it, that is
  • But as much as he loves you, he has this belief where things like kissing or cuddling should be done in private
  • But when you are in private, I don’t know why but I see him as someone who likes having his s/o inbetween his legs or sitting on his lap
  • He just likes how close you feel during those moments
  • You’ve tried helping him improve his Japanese but somehow he learns something so random that you have to go back to the basics
  • Fukui, it’s definitely Fukui
  • Just like Okamura, he’s a gentleman. He would open the doors for you and always insist on moving down so you could reach him when the two of you are kissing
  • In the first few weeks of your relationship, he’s actually a bit innocent and he doesn’t know how to act as your boyfriend but after a while he finally gets it and begins to relax in the relationship

Murasakibara Atsushi

I’ve already written something for Murasakibara right here  

9 notes

Okamura Kenichi

  • Okumura would probably ask you for advice on how to get girls or atleast be popular with them and of course he would try them out, it’s up to you if you want to pull a Fukui or not
  • Honestly, he’s always looking out for you, even if he doesn’t mean to. Especially when it comes to guys, he could scare all those guys who are just trying to play with you
  • He’s also really attentive. I don’t know why but he just seems like the type of friend who would be immediately at your front door when you call him that something happened. Yes even if it’s in the middle of a rainy night
  • He’s also very soft. He couldn’t stand seeing you, his friend, upset. So he always tries his best to make you happy, whether it’s by taking you out or just listening to you as you talk about what happened to you. He wouldn’t judge you and he wouldn’t force himself to give an advice when he knows he knows nothing about the topic but he’s always there to support you and help you back up

Fukui Kensuke

  • Upon first meeting you must have thought that ‘oh he seems like a very calm and smart guy.’ but how wrong you were. You found that out after a few days of being with him
  • He’s going to be really teasing, he’s merciless in that area. He’s that friend who points out how mismatched your clothes are, how you’ll never find someone, how you really need to fix your hair and maybe put on some makeup and the likes
  • But despite his teasing nature, he’s always looking out for you, maybe he’s going to mix in some mocking but after knowing him for some time you already figured out his personality
  • He also seems like that friend who would be really passive aggressive comments about people flirting with you or when you’re already with someone, he’s that friend who would pretend to gag whenever you and your s/o acts lovey dovey

Murasakibara Atsushi

  • You will be the one who’s going to be looking out for him, you and Himuro might as well be considered his parental figure with how much you two team up to make sure this big baby is safe and healthy
  • Often, you and Murasakibara tend to stay indoors, just snacking on some sweets, sleeping or just talking. This is an advantage if you prefer to stay indoors but a disadvantage if you’re one to go out and enjoy the sunlight, you’ll have to find various ways to make Murasakibara go with you
  • He just also tends to go with the flow, trusting you to make the decisions about your plans for the day. The only time he complains is when he gets to tired.
  • He also has trouble focusing, specially in classes so you might have to poke him to listen to the teacher or if he wouldn’t budge, you have to go to the library with him and help him with studying

Lui Wei

  • Another one who looks intimidating, you most likely got scared upon first meeting him, aside from his large stature, I’m fairly sure he tends to stay quiet most of the time
  • But he’s actually pure, he did believe Fukui about his prank about speaking in an old fashion way. But you did not have the heart to tell him that it was a lie so you’re left with him always talking in such manner
  • Look out for him please, he believed Fukui in his prank so who knows what other things he would believe in or what kind of person he ends up trusting
  • It’s also canon that he’s bad in Japanese, so help him in studying more about the language and culture so he could feel more at home in the country

Himuro Tatsuya

  • First of all, I think Himuro has an inferiority complex (well it is kinda canon) so as his friend, even if he doesn’t like voicing out his insecurities, be there for him, cheer for him and reassure him of his worth and remind him of how much of a great player he is
  • He’s also very popular among the ladies, so expect that you’ll receive glares from others and jealous remarks, especially when you spend too much time with him
  • Well, it’s not like you’re always alone with Himuro, most of the time Murasakibara is with the two of you, causing you three to become a trio
  • He appreciates every support you give him, Whether it’s by staying with him until evening when he’s still practicing, buying and bringing him food and drinks or just watching and cheering on him during games
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He protecc
He attacc
But most importantly
He ate all my snacc
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Team Yosen have found their crush's notebook... And discover it has a well drawn sketch of them with little hearts around them. What do they do next?

Kenichi Okamura

He’s a blushing mess that suddenly stops functioning and working all together. He’s stammering, trying to find words, but not one comes out the right way it should until his crush comes in and oh boy, he’s at loss. He doesn’t know how to function as he keeps staring at them, his cheeks only growing darker before realization actually sits in. His crush likes him. His crush likes him. Before his crush or anyone for that matter, do or say anything, he’d confess to them. It certainly wouldn’t be the way he wanted to confess, but he’s puzzled by their sketches because not only do they have hearts–hearts!!!–but their skills are just…whoaly amazing.

Kensuke Fukui

Fukui is “trying” to not say anything. Keyword: trying. He’ll put the notebook back to where it belongs and just leave, trying to forget that his crush drew him with hearts–I mean, hearts? Fukui? Fukui and hearts? His mind wouldn’t exactly process that his crush is currently standing right in front of him, but he certainly does hear himself asking if they have a crush on him. Cue lots of awkward silence. As much as he’s trying to be funny and trying to play it off cool, it doesn’t happen in this case.

Atsushi Murasakibara

In the beginning Atsushi doesn’t really draw pieces together. He thinks maybe it’s just their hobby to draw hearts beside people, but then again when he saw sketches of Himuro and Fukui without hearts, he started wondering. He asked Himuro about it, but instead of getting an answer all he received was a smile–unnerving smile that made him uncomfortable whenever they ended up talking about his crush. Atsushi may be a bit slow, but he certainly can draw pieces together and when he does, he certainly will try to impress them more even if by just getting their favourite snacks and dessert.

Tatsuya Himuro

Himuro isn’t a fool. He’s someone who observes and when he finds out his crush acting just a bit differently, he knows something is up. He doesn’t try to find out right away, but when he sees the chance, he’s not a fool to not take it. But seeing their sketches of him–be it during practice or in library or hallway, anyway in general–he doesn’t exactly know what to do. Despite being sure, he still wants to be 100% sure least. So when he approaches them with their notebook in his hand and seeing the way they’re trying not to react, he only smiles. He doesn’t say anything that would make them uncomfortable, but is making sure that sooner or later they’ll be his.

Wei Liu

Liu…Liu is someone, I believe, would know. He’d know his crush likes him as he’s much more observant, but luckily his apathetic personality doesn’t let him show how embarrassed he actually is. When he saw those sketches, he felt his heart miss a beat before it paced up and almost skyrocketed. Who knew his crush would actually like him? He certainly would use this chance to get closer to his crush and to get them know better.

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Hey, can I have the last of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Do you wanna get Cinnamon Toast Punched?
No, you don’t.
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I’m ready to murder.
What is it this time?
I don’t wanna talk about it.
The cafeteria is closed and he wants grilled cheese.
I said I didn’t wanna talk about it!
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fukui using liu wei as a tree to shade himself

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I hope I didn’t miss this ;-; I’d like a ship please! I’m 5ft4 with long brown hair, toned legs+body along with a peachy booty. My personality is sweet with a cherry on top, protective over the ones I care about, could careless if it’s someone I don’t know, i can be quite the smart ass(funny though), along with sabotaging, I love it lmao! I enjoy art, anime, reading, snowboarding, board games(the one who sabotages), video games, working out, surfing, eating, penny boarding. I’m a Taurus :) thx❤️

I ship you with Fukui Kensuke (from Yosen) OR Hanamiya Makoto! Okay the reason for me not being able to choose is because as soon as I saw snowboarding I thought of Fukui because he loves to snowboard but then I saw smart ass and I thought of Hanamiya and UGH you’re perfect for them both. Let us discuss.

for Fukui, he absolutely loves the fact that you enjoy snowboarding, let alone even being able to snowboard. he thought that finding a girl who could snowboard and enjoyed it was just a thing of his dreams, but here you were, perfect in all your dazzling beauty. and that’s one other thing: Fukui thanks the heavens above for your stunning looks – he truly doesn’t know how he got so lucky. and you’re the sweetest girl he’s ever met?? please marry him. Fukui appreciates your love for being so active, he’s an active person himself, so whenever the two of you are bored, he always suggests to get up and get out of the house. you two always have so much fun together.

for Hanamiya, you guys are literal peas in a pod. sabotaging, playing pranks, devising evil schemes, it’s all in your list of activities for any given day. he loves your mind and the way it works and he feels that you two should stick together for a very long time (possibly till death do you part) so the two greatest minds in history can always be together. Hanamiya loovessss your ass. you always find that his hands are on it like a (insert cute simile) Hanamiya can relate to you in the aspect that you’re protective over those you care about, since he’s a huge momma’s boy and he’d literally die for her. also, he resents the fact that you got him into watching anime. he used to try and deny it up and down, but one day when you were visiting him, his mom let it slip that he had been binge watching one of your favorite shows all night. 


Originally posted by pyunsukee


Originally posted by curvyshadesofknb

9 notes

May i have Fukui fell for Liu's cousin or something? Aside from their eyes, both have no similarities as she is really short unlike Liu and speaks Japanese fluently. All in all, she's pretty normal but the way her eyes squinted as she talks somehow caught his attention because she looks scary. I hope it's clear enough

OO i don’t write Fukui too often… ;; He’s my favourite from Yosen.. Of course I can write this for you ^^ I hope it’s to your satisfaction :D

The connection was magnetic..

There was something about your demeanor that caught Fukui’s attention. You were.. normal… Considering you were Liu’s cousin.. He thought for sure everyone would be super tall..

But you were short, spoke fluently, and got along well with most of the students at Yosen.. 

Fukui was awestruck.

Maybe it was the way you held yourself, so composed and calm. He witnessed the scene, shortly after a game, where you had been surrounded by men. Although they were swarming around, not once had you paid any attention to them. It was as if you were searching for someone, and Fukui wonders if it was your cousin you were trying to find.

He was stunned when you ran towards him, grabbing him by the hand.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Fukui-kun…” you smile, though there’s a hint of irritation from the previous interaction, “Let’s go get dinner!”

He opens his mouth, wanting to say… well.. Anything.. But the way the other men continued to stare made him pause.. And with a smile, he nods, tightening his hold on your hand, and starts to walk away.

It’s only when you get a few blocks down does he try to pull his hand away, only to be startled at your grip. He looks down at your hands, before meeting your gaze, and swallows…

So pretty.

“I want to keep holding your hand…” you mutter, trying not to blush, “Can we?”

His heart races, and finding himself unable to talk, nods his head. 


He’s back to being breathless when you smile at him, fingers grasping his tightly as you continue to walk, unaware of his dilemma.

Crap… He was falling in love with you.. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Fukui #18

Do they like to be called pet names?

Fukui does not like being called anything but his name. If you were to call him something else, he probably wouldn’t say anything and will smile because it came from you, but really, he likes hearing his name. He feels like pet names are unnecessary, he will still know you love him because he judges by the acts and not only words.

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Kuroko No Basuke - Tadatoshi Fujimaki

Aperire ostium - t41g4

Please understand, if: Character in this fanfic could be very OOC, my grammar is very bad, errors of writing everywhere, plot is not clear and confusing, and various other mistakes.


Fukui’s experience in using the Aperire Ostium (fiction) website.


It’s been more than two months since Fukui decided to sign up for a site called Aperire Ostium.

It is a new site where members can do anything. When Fukui first signed up, there was a brief hint that pointed out the advantages of this site, where the Aperire Ostium can be a wonderful way of connecting, sharing, and posting anything.

The interesting thing about this site is that you do not need to follow each other or add friends to talk, post messages, or anything else, because the program says if you can connect all users without any frills-unless he blocks you.

Fukui itself as a new user has never experienced any complaints while using it. This is possible also because Aperire Ostium itself is very easy to use. Not to mention Aperire Ostium is also available in various languages, where when entered into the site will be given the choice of which language will be used.

In fact Fukui himself found this site due to his inadvertence.

Given if the social networking twitter and tumblr much more global in Japan. Even Murasakibara itself also has a twitter account.

Then, accidentally when he decided to surf the virtual world, he also found the site Aperire Ostium, he thought it would be a magical site or something like that-because the background color of the site dominant black and red, but apparently not.

It’s a site where everyone can make friends and do whatever they want, without fear of being-unless it’s outrageous and violating the rules set by the Aperire Ostium.

Fukui himself did not do a lot of posts in his Aperire Ostium, most of which he did only read a few stories that someone posted and commented on, the rest he did was watch other user uploaded videos.

According to Fukui’s experience as a user, Aperire Ostium itself is more like a mix of some famous sites.

But, even so, what Fukui sees is the Aperire Ostium user of no more than a few million people, with most users from Thailand and China. A bit advantageous, because the laptop browser is equipped with a translator, which will automatically translate any language into Japanese.

But, even so, that does not mean there is not a single person known by Fukui on the Aperire Ostium site, there are some people that Fukui knows to be a permanent resident of the site.

Kuroko Tetsuya and Mayuzumi Cihihiro for example, the two shadows decided to make Aperire Ostium a means of channeling their ability to write, Kuroko Tetsuya in the horror novel and Mayuzumi Cihihiro in the field of teenage novels & daily life.

And the more Fukui does not believe is the Kuroko beta-reader, he is the ace of Yosen. Yep, your guess is right, it’s Murasakibara Atsushi. Fukui would not believe if it was not Kuroko who said it when they sent a message.

Fukui also finds out if Wei Liu, is a member of Aperire Ostium when he opened the site via a library computer. Fukui himself was quite surprised to find out if his teammates were a professional user of the site. Wei Liu who came from China mostly posted stories of legends from his country, or the surrounding countries.

In addition Fukui also found Takao Kazunari, a joyful young man with black hair split it is one of the many monitors remains an online sale and purchase account in Aperire Ostium.

Fukui’s own Aperire Ostium activity was not much before. However, since the twitter account of his idol artist on twitter is closed, Fukui decided to go online more at Aperire Ostium.

Watching some tasty cooking videos is certainly not a bad idea. What else if he did it at nightfall. It will be very helpful when he is so hungry but also so lazy to move from his room.

Not to mention the recent his insomnia increasingly become-so. Makes him almost fall asleep when him fierce teacher’s time is underway.

And unfortunately, either because of bad weather since yesterday or what, users who usually upload cooking videos have not posted anything since yesterday. So even with a sweet female user from South Korea who usually broadcast live food.

Fukui breathed in exasperation while his fingers scrolled the mouse.

The clock had shown one o'clock in the morning, and he still had no sign of wanting to sleep.

He chating friend has been off since two hours ago, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Fukui sighed again, before his dark eye’s was interested in staring at a notification at the end of his desktop. Unlike how other notifications come in, the notification is not inside the bar but outside. The shape is a small box with an inverted triangle in the middle, while the outer end there is a red round sign.

His notifications flickered trying to attract Fukui’s attention. Fukui himself, however, was silent.

Takao Kazunari had several times exchanged messages with him saying that it would be a good idea to ignore the strange notification that emerged instead of the usual notification bar-which is incorporated with Aperire Ostium’s main features. Because according to Takao it is a bug or some kind of strange links that will lead to other strange links.

Kuroko Tetsuya and Mayuzumi Cihihiro once revealed that their data quota was drained to almost exhaust after opening the strange notation.

In contrast to Takao, Kuroko, and Mayuzumi, Wei Liu never even experienced anything unpleasant related to the strange notification during his time as a regular user of Aperire Ostium.

And now, the weird notification is flickering tempting Fukui to open it !!


His cell phone kept vibrating under his desk, while he was sweating cold. Afraid the math teacher knows his cell phone.

Fortunately his thick books were able to disguise the harsh and repetitive vibrations of his cell phone.

Fukui glanced at the clock in front of his classroom timidly, while his hands held his thick mathematical book to cover half his face.

He sighs as he sees less than five minutes remaining to be free from his teacher. He wants to cry. Why was the rest time so long when he expected to come.


In the end Fukui opened his cell phone back home from school. Call it his captain who casually drags him to the nearest cafeteria to help him in irritating tasks. Although Fukui could have refused, he could not bring himself to do so, given that Wei Liu had done so. After all, if you think again, if the value of the captain is ugly, then the whole team can be hit by the death of his coach.

The first thing a young man with light brown hair does is check his email inbox, there are quite a lot of incoming emails there. Most is the notification of the accounts that he participated on youtube, though there are also some notices from Aperire Ostium about new posts of accounts he often open.
In addition it is an email from Aperire Ostium own, which announced if they have launched Aperire Ostium app for iOS & Android. Then there are also from Takao, Kuroko, Mayuzumi, Wei Liu & other Aperire Ostium users he knows, which almost all contain email notices that they’ve tried Aperire Ostium app for iOS & Android and are satisfied with the result, plus Fukui’s invitation .

After Fukui thought about walking home, he finally chose not to install it. Besides the internet connection is quite stable, so even with the browser he uses, which is able to compress data up to half of the original and make the experience of surfing the virtual world becomes faster and easier. So there was nothing to worry about.After all, it looks like he prefers the desktop version of the mobile version.


After Fukui confirmed that if all his homework was done, he immediately rushed his computer to connect to the internet, to open Aperire Ostium.

The first he opened was a mukbang channel, luckily he still had time to watch the Korean girl sweet food broadcasts-though only a few minutes.

After that he moved to check his favorite account that often posting cooking videos. And luckily, he found four new uploads. After watching and commenting, Fukui went to see something else.


One o'clock in the morning, and Fukui is still in front of his computer while trying to find something to read or watch in Aperire Ostium.

A few minutes ago he had checked the account tumblr and twitternya. And unfortunately, nothing was really good enough for him to see, except for the exaggerated news he saw on the website, about the grandmothers who forced a boy to do dirty things.

After that there was nothing else to attract him. Even Aperire Ostium too. Some site members have not posted anything in this week, and some others have not posted in the last three days. The author of his favorite horror story too, he has not even posted a new story since four months ago.
And that’s pretty annoying. Although he can not blame the user for not posting yet. Yet it is also his fault, for not making things and just being a bunch of annoying creatures with high hopes for someone to bring something new.

Not long after, the notifications flickered back. Cornered desktop, not dibar notification like other Aperire Ostium features.

Fukui stared at the sign for a long time, before deciding to try to open it. Even if it really will drain his quota, at least he can a little sigh of relief, because he uses home wifi.


After he clicked on it using the mouse, the first one appeared was a small dialog box in the middle of the desktop containing short questions.

- Hello, are you bored?

And that really made her laugh deep inside, meaning how can a message as familiar as this is a torjan or something that can drain its quota. Fukui prefers the option if this strange notification is a bug-like Takao said.

So, with enthusiasm he typed in reply.


Afterwards he hit the send button and waited for his reply, and the screen returned to its original state before he clicked on the odd notification.

Not yet Fukui was about to return to the original activity the strange notification was flashing again. And of course Fukui immediately opened it again.

- If so, would you kah answer some questions that we asked?

Fukui considered what he had to answer, and a blank line to pour the answer flickered. In the end Fukui wrote ‘Yes’ because he was bored and was not about to go to sleep.

- Have you ever been bullied?

[Hem … no]

- Did you ever feel suicidal?

[Not really I guess]

-Did you ever feel like killing someone?

Fukui paused as he saw the question appear on the screen. His intuition started to feel something wrong.

[No, not even in a dream]

-Even if you paid millions of Yen for it?

[Of course]

After that strange question a new dialogue box reappears for a bit longer.

-Please tell us what you want to do to them.

Underneath there are some strange images. One looks like a turtle’s picture, the other one looks like an oil-painted eagle, one of which is a black, blurred picture with gray smoke, and lastly a white background. Below each picture there is a point that can be filled.

Fukui thought for a moment before deciding to write something down. He had never actually taken any animals before, so he was not exactly sure what he was going to write.

The first is the tortoise, because that Fukui knows it is a rare animal, he just wrote to release it. Then to eagle he wrote did not know, and for two strange ghostly images afterwards he wrote beaten.

-Thank you for taking the time to answer ^^

After her nothing else came up, so Fukui decided to go to sleep because the hour was two o'clock in the morning.


A few days later, Fukui heard from her kouhai-Murasakibara, if Kuroko and Mayuzumi had to be hospitalized after being beaten by people who do not know. Even though it was unrelated, Fukui began to feel if it was her fault.

Fukui himself was afraid to open the Aperire Ostium site again from his computer after the incident, but seeing how Wei Liu was still so on the site, Fukui decided not to blame the site for what happened, yet there is no evidence either that what happened to the two shadows It’s because of him.

So after going through various considerations. Fukui finally decided to download the Aperire Ostium app for his cell phone.

And he was back to activity again as usual through his cell phone.

Watch live mukbang video, watch videos thoroughly, read stories, and more.


A strange notification flickered back at the screen of his cell phone, making Fukui staring at him for a long time.

Hey ~ hey ~ it could be the ones who beat Kuroko and Mayuzumi are the ones who get hurt because their team loses to Seirin and Rakuzan. Anyway abroad such a thing often happens.

Fukui touches his notification after assuring himself if it is just a coincidence.
But it did not last long.

When he gets to the weird questions like yesterday, things get clearer. If the weird notification is really weird.

- We will not divulge your answer to anyone, so please let us know, from the people below, who want to get rid forever?

And after that, Fukui promised never to touch any strange notifications again In Aperire Ostium for the rest of his life.




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