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MSBY Headcanon

Not sure if you know this but Akaashi ends up being an editor after the time skip. Not only that, but it’s canon that he edits manga written by the tiny giant himself. Upon learning this Hinata constantly bugs Akaashi about being able to meet him. He normally replies no, but he almost said yes after waking up one morning at 0500 to Hinata at his front door under the guise of he was supposed to go on a run with Bokuto-San, but then asked about it since he was there.

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break up ;; haikyuu ♡

in which suna, kuroo, oikawa and bokuto help you get through a break up 

warnings: none 


suna ♡ ; 

  • not the best with words (when it comes to comforting) but he’s surely the best at comforting and calming you with his actions. i mean, if suna notices you are feeling down he’ll drag you to the nearest bed and cuddle you until you feel better, stroking your hair as he presses his lips against your temple. i don’t need to say you’re his soft spot and that he doesn’t mind physical contact with you
  • are you looking for someone to vent to ??? you are in the correct place !! suna is the best at listening and giving advice, he’s a pretty mature guy and has experience with relationships, so you can be sure he’ll try his best to keep you down to earth even if he has to tell you something that you’re not going to like (he does it in the softer way possible tho)
  • first thing he told you was that you could stop by his house whenever you felt like it, even if was 3am. so it’s not necessary to say that suna and you are practically glued to each other for the next months, hanging out at each other’s houses all the time. you feel so happy knowing that suna always finds time for you, you feel that someone truly cares about you 
  • he’s always looking for new things to do together, so rin will probably teach you how to skate if you want to learn, if not, he’ll bring you to the skatepark with his friends to make sure you meet new people. suna will also text you “im here” randomly and pick you up at any hour of the day to have an ice cream together 

kuroo ♡ ;

  • worries a lot about your mental health and makes sure you keep “functioning” as a person, which means he’ll bring food to you and help you take care of yourself when you’re not at your best, showing up in your house to check on you when you less expect it and dragging you out of the bed
  • kuroo won’t let you be bored for a second, he’s always taking you out to the arcade or the cinema so you are distracted from your thoughts. also, he always has a interesting topic to talk about so you can be talking to him constantly without getting tired 
  • if you’re next to him and you’re raging about your ex, expect kuroo to rage along with you because he hates that mf. it’s a sure thing that rooster head will end up making you laugh at the things he says about your ex, he always finds the most original and funny ways of insulting him/her
  • if needed, kuroo will have a serious talk with you to make you realize there’s more after your ex and you can’t let this bring you down. all in all, he wants you to know your own worth, and he’d do anything to make you feel better 

oikawa ♡ ;

  • the most attentive person ever, he’s always thinking of ways to brighten up your days, even if it’s by bringing you a small gift that reminded him of you when he saw it or by having nice words for you such as “you look so pretty today y/n-chan” while you’re out there looking like a dead rat that has been crying all night
  • i’m sure this mf makes the best plans out of them all, such as going shopping with you (if you use the puppy eyes strategy he might even buy some clothes for you), doing face masks together or taking you out to have dinner on a friday night. due to this everyone thinks you are dating oikawa, and ngl the boy might even say it’s true but wathever
  • won’t bring the issue up unless you want to talk about it, and believe me oikawa is a whole different man when it comes to this. he’ll fix his eyes on you as you talk, listening thoughtfully and holding your hand in his as he nods at everything you say, trying to show you that he really cares about what you’ve got to say
  • oikawa will try his best to be a good friend and leave his self-centered personality apart when he’s with you, what i mean is that he’ll make it all about you. this is something that may surprise others when they see it, but it shows how much of a good friend he is

bokuto ♡ ;

  • literally the sweetest baby, it’s heart warming to see how much he cares about you. bokuto is constantly checking up on you and texting you sweet words that could bright up your mood in a matter of seconds 
  • a lot, and when i say a lot, i mean A LOT of physical affection. random hugs, head pats, cuddles and kisses on your cheeks or forehead, he just wants you to feel loved and cherished because you truly deserve it (if you’re comfortable with it ofc)
  • always joking around just to make you laugh, he wants to make sure that he hears you laughing at least once a day and even if it looks like a silly thing, it’s very important for bokuto 
  • babies you a lot, he even calls you baby owl when you’re feeling down. if you need him you just gotta text him, he’ll be at your house in a heartbeat with your fav snacks 
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Happy birthday to my dear setter, Akaashi Keiji.

Gotta say that although Akaashi’s not my bias, he’s the character I sympathize the most in the whole HQ series cuz I kinda see myself in him, especially after vol 37-38. He on his own is a great character - responsible, calm and collected, talented as a setter (heck, he got into Fukurodani through a sport recommendation, that’s how freaking good he was) and so caring, so trustworthy. I really admire him not only as somebody who’s capable of handling an X factor like Bokuto but also, as an individual human being.

For his 25th birthday, I wish he’ll get into the literature deparment so he can finally do something he love!! Being an editor is hard work and can be incredibly stressful due to sales and deadlines, so please take care of yourself more as well.

Many loves to the birthday boy (人*´∀`)。*゚+

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Happy birthday Keiji🌸

Akaashi is 25 today! god its so hard to put into words how much his character means to me. he may not be real, but the love I have for him is undeniable. I won’t ever be able to explain what he means to me, so maybe this poem will the closest i get. enjoy lovies. 


beautiful again and again

the only word suitable for those analytical teal eyes

for the hands larger than the captains 

for the number five you wear so proudly

the only word able to convey your focus on your own hands

for your connection to every number sported on the court

your precision in every set 

for your intelligence on the court, and in class six

the only word that matches every part of you 

beautiful, again and again i will say it 

a word for your dramatic hair 

the only word able to describe your passion 

beautiful as in the faith you have in Kou 

the word to describe why i feel like i’m floating right now 

the only way to describe your 120% 

you’re beautiful keiji akaashi 

again and again 


happy birthday to my favorite number 5. 

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