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#fulfilment by Amazon
drafthearse · 2 years ago
the year is 2039. i step outside my tenement in order to catch the TeslaBus shuttle that ferries me to my Amazon fulfillment center job. the chip in my hand beeps, reminding me to drink my SkinnyGurlLivin(tm) meal shake before the window for optimal nutrient absorption passes. it tastes like astroturf but i can feel my bowels rioting in response, so i know it must be working to help me be my best self. on my way to the shuttle stop ten blocks away i pass twelve holo-adverts of fast food gijinka mascots. the Burger King hologram has hamburger buns for breasts and attempts to seduce me, flashing her panties and following me for a full block until her holo-tether reaches the end of its broadcasting field and she blinks out of existence. “dude, you know you crave those burgs like i crave the sweet release of death, asdfghkld” are her last words. i dont know how she said a keysmash out loud. when she disappears i am briefly saddened by the abrupt feeling that once again, i am alone. her brightly colored buxom form may have been nothing but an illusion, but it was the only humanoid interaction i have had this morning. the heel of my vegan leather boot suddenly catches on a sidewalk crack and peels off from the sole. i sigh. that’s the third pair of boots i’ve had to buy this month. now limping awkwardly, i pull out my AmazonPhone Ozymandias and place another order for boots. finally i am at the TeslaBus stop. twenty five of us huddle under the heat lamp for warmth. the sides of the shelter are screens broadcasting advertisements for the new PowyrWomyn Labial Lipstick. “nothing makes me feel like i have rights more than applying Melon Pink to my nether region to make the boys go craaaaazy” the spokesmodel says. "men love empowered pussies.” the screen shifts to a newsreel and everyone at the shuttle stop immediately begins to zone out. “we’re very proud of the brave work our Freedom Drones are doing out on the battlefield. support your robo-troops today.” i can’t remember what battlefield the newsman is referring to. there are so many wars right now, it’s hard to keep track. after an hour, the TeslaBus finally arrives. this is actually pretty good time. usually it’s two hours. we all scramble to get onto the shuttle, pushing and shoving and clawing at each other. the Amazon Center only has so many available jobs per day, so we have to literally battle each other for the right to work there. with minimal damage (only a bloody nose and a small bite on my forearm) i manage to secure a seat near the front of the TeslaBus. an older woman eyes me, and i bare my teeth and hiss at her to signify that i am young, virile, and will defend my prime seat to the death. she drops her gaze. satisfied, i carefully crack open the tiny strongbox that houses my Model XVII AirPods. each one is the size and shape of a grain of rice. the audio quality is terrible, but it’s a long commute, and if i am unable to drown out the moans and groans of my fellow prospective Amazon workers, i may succumb to Shuttle Fever and attempt to throw myself out a window. 
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diycraftsnmore · 2 years ago
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Meiwo 7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden Wall Planter ($10.99)
Fulfilled by Amazon | Same-Day Delivery Available in Select Areas
‘Amazon’s Choice’ for “vertical garden wall planter”
To buy on Amazon:
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A group of Amazon warehouse workers are planning to strike next week, during one of the company’s largest sales events of the year.
Workers who package and ship items for Amazon in Shakopee, Minnesota, are planning a six-hour work stoppage during two shifts on July 15, the first day of Prime Day, Bloomberg reports.
Warehouse employees, who have long complained about punishing work conditions at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, are upset about the company’s recent decision to offer one-day shipping to Prime customers — putting unrealistic pressure on warehouse workers.
“Amazon is going to be telling one story about itself, which is they can ship a Kindle to your house in one day, isn’t that wonderful,” William Stolz, one of the Shakopee employees organizing the strike, told Bloomberg’s Josh Eidelson and Spencer Soper. “We want to take the opportunity to talk about what it takes to make that work happen and put pressure on Amazon to protect us and provide safe, reliable jobs.”
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therandomninjakitty · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
this lady deadass came dressed for her job at the amazon fulfillment center dressed like she was about to drop on the runway 
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apricitystudies · 5 months ago
what i read in feb 2021:
a collection of opinion pieces, commentaries, articles, and essays!
(insp) (jan ed.) (bold = favourite)
zimbabwe elite forced to confront crippled healthcare system
facial analysis ai is being used in job interviews – it will probably reinforce inequality
amazon has transformed the geography of wealth and power (usa)
First Nations people cannot celebrate while australia is locking up our children
the tie that binds: unravelling the knotty issue of political sideshows and Māori cultural identity (new zealand)
they’ve left south asia, but they can't escape the discrimination and division of its caste system (australia)
this lunar new year, i'm choosing to celebrate my heritage more than ever — because the us never will (usa)
'men's world': the sexual harassment video that shook germany
why we use women’s professional titles less than men’s
hunting the men who kill women: mexico’s femicide detective
japan's ruling party invites women to 'look not talk' at key meetings
politics & climate change
navalny and the russians: it’s complicated
transnational repression: the long arm of the authoritarian state
'we can't accept it': myanmar's public sector workers strike for democracy
climate change needs better storytelling to address severe threats
covid 19
better days will come – despite what the covid doom-mongers say
2020 felt like a “wasted year” for many young adults
don't mock people for following cny home visit guidelines
how 'vaccine nationalism' could prolong the covid-19 pandemic
culture, film, & media
the queen’s gambit beauty debate, explained
framing britney spears exposes the contradictions of american womanhood
singapore’s iconic, but endangered, street food now has unesco status
the death of the department store and a dwindling middle class
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that-weird-art-girl · 2 years ago
My husband works for Amazon Fulfillment and they have begun preparing to ship out copies of KH3.
He literally held KH3 in his hands...
On the bright side: My hands have held hands that have held KH3.
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babygruenwald · 2 years ago
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Visitors to Big Squirts National Park in Red Lodge, Montana came to see (and smell) the many and varied geysers that dotted the rustic landscape. Though more famous, Yellowstone National Park’s geysers couldn’t hold a candle to those of Big Squirts, coming off as little more than sad bubbly puddles of disappointment.
And while Yellowstone’s thermal spouts gave off that distinctive rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide, the geysers of Big Squirts are said to have smelled of Blueberry Scones and Real Maple Syrup and Christmas at the Beach.
The aromatic geysers are all just a memory now, as a one million square foot Amazon Fulfillment Center sits where the park used to vent hints of Banana Nut Bread and Cozy Sweater.
Some of the more sensitive Amazon “associates” who work the warehouse, claim that while taking a highly discouraged and closely timed bathroom break, they are sometimes surprised by a gentle whiff of Orange Dreamsicle, Country Linen or Cherries on Snow.
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fineinteriors · 2 years ago
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Sauder Bar Cart North Avenue Craftsman Oak
List Price: $84.99
Your Price: $66.99 (Save $18.00 ~ 21%)
FREE Shipping | Fulfilled by Amazon
International Shipping Available
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allthecanadianpolitics · a month ago
Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Gila Martow’s most recent filings indicates that she held and holds shares in Amazon while the government faced criticism for not closing the company’s facilities during outbreaks.
As COVID-19 outbreaks spiked in Ontario’s hardest hit regions, health authorities in Peel and Toronto took it upon themselves to close hazardous workplaces while the Ford government faced criticism for its inaction. Those closures included at least three Amazon fulfillment centres.
Throughout this time, however, it appears Thornhill Progressive Conservative MPP and past assistant labour minister Gila Martow held on to her shares in Amazon.
Martow was elected in 2014. After that, she served as Assistant Labour Minister between June and November 2018, while the government prepared the Making Ontario Open For Business Act. That act, introduced on October 23, 2018 and which received assent soon after her tenure ended, scrapped the minimum wage, paid sick days and a host of health and safety measures.
Continue Reading.
Tagging: @politicsofcanada @onpoli
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dailytechnologynews · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
US cracks down on “Fulfilled by Amazon,” citing sale of 400,000+ hazardous items
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enchantedto · a month ago
an amaz*n commercial about how great it is to work for them playing on a tv in the break room of an amazon fulfillment center during prime week where everyone is working 54.5-60 hours for no reason seems like a cruel joke
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