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#full disclosure

Also - as of monday - had a late night that day - due to him usually working from 4-9 pm our time. as his work. but due to problems with the delivery truck, which not only had some flat tires, but delivered late, he ended up, having to leave work at 6:30 pm and going back at midnight. due my anxiety and such, which gets triggered especially when he;s at work - and such, we didn’t go to sleep until after he got done on tuesday morning, when he finished work around 3 am. but also cause i have partial insomnia, we didn’t end up sleeping until probably closer till 5 AM, AND We ended up getting up at 7 am, because he also had to work the next morning. we woke up so we could make him food and he ’d have time for a shower - he then worked from 9 am till 4pm. but we were up so long at that point we didn;t sleep till closer till 1am. then we finally slept, and got up around our usual 8 am on wednesday. because it’s our errands day. to do groceries and the like. then we finally slept later that night. till today around 10 am. sorry for not posting more but i was understandably exhausted, and i was also fighting a headache till this morning, cause i also had a migraine from monday till this morning.

Just like to be honest with ya’ll

I also plan to be more open with what’s going on going forward and all.

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Ok - question for my fellow Tolkien rp and fanfic folks. Is there a specific source for the idea that Melkor and Sauron can stop someone’s fea from getting to the Halls?

I swear I read that in a fic a long time ago but I have no idea which one. I think it was either Maedhros or Celebrimbor whose soul was trapped? Also idk if this idea is general fanon or was specific to that fic. Any help/knowledge would be appreciated!

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I only ever made it through one season of Game of Thrones (and yes, random guy at work, it really was because I found it boring as fuck and not because I wasn’t smart enough to understand it), and I’ve seen maybe an episode and a half of The 100, so while I am vaguely intrigued by the highly unsatisfying series finales (assuming the writers of The 100 won’t be pulling their heads out of their asses for last couple of episodes) and the accompanying fandom backlash, I don’t really have a dog in either of those fights. I’m getting increasingly nervous, however, about the Supernatural series finale. Yeah, I have a wish list. I’m sure many viewers do. I’m not even holding out much hope for an unambiguous canonization of the Dean and Castiel pine-fest that’s been dragging on for eleven years, but I do want an ending that makes sense. One that doesn’t shit all over the characters and narrative simply for shock value. I want to wake up on November 20th to see #supernatural trending for happy reasons (I’d also like that day to include a good foot of snow and the continuation of a weeks-long celebration of an upcoming Biden/Harris presidency, but it is 2020, so I’ll try not to be greedy). Don’t let me down, Supernatural. Pretty please.

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Happy music monday… HOW HAVE I NEVER COVERED FULL DISCLOSURE UNTIL NOW??!! Also who still misses Steven Universe? I have to rewatch but I feel like it’ll still hurt 😅  I really hope you enjoy- I think I’m covering a tiktok song next week (Mad at Disney) buuuut let me know what you want to see next!


Originally posted by giffing-su

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ppl into the dark academic aesthetic be like “oh how i wish i lived in new england so i could be my aesthetic all the time” as if the whole region resembles harvard square and not just a place full of white guys wearing basketball shorts, patriots hoodies, and red sox hats drinking gigantic dunkin iced coffees with way too much sugar.

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I’ve gotten a fair amount of compliments on my voice and manner of speaking over the years but I think tonight marks the first time anyone’s ever told me that my laugh is sexy.

Which is strange because the laugh that got this reaction was ugly as hell. I haven’t laughed that hard in years. I was in tears and physical pain afterwards. They were entirely sincere about it, too. Spent the rest of the group call trying to flirt and make it happen again, then switched to DMs after someone mentioned them doing it.

Not weird in a bad way, but surprising.

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