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#full legend
localwitchash · 17 hours ago
the Legend of Zelda: A Song of Fox and Wolf (prologue and chapter one)
The offroader kicks up dust as it tears through the desert. The driver is a young man with pale blonde hair which is pulled up in a ponytail, his face is obscured but he is smiling brightly. In the passenger's seat is a little girl with  medium length blonde hair the same colour as the young man, they look like siblings. Much like the boy, her face was also obscured yet seems to be smiling. 
The radio blasts an upbeat song about saying hello and the siblings are singing to the radio, though their voices can’t be heard. In the girl’s hands appears to be a working sheikah slate, which she fiddled with. 
The offroader hits a bump which jostles the kids inside, making them silently giggle. Flying around the vehicle is a green translucent figure, the figure is femenine and looks motherly. She smiles at the offroader, at the siblings. The ghostly woman raises her hand and a golden light emits out, filling my entire field of vision.
 When the light dies back, the world around me is black. Floating in the darkness is the triforce. The piece of wisdom begins to resonate and glow. The world around me erupts in a brilliant light. 
My eyes snapped open. I glanced over at the clock.
“Time to get up already?” I asked myself. I slipped out of bed and quickly dressed. A simple white shirt, navy pencil skirt and royal blue suit jacket. White socks and navy ballet flats. I was humming a song, when I stopped.
It was the song I'd heard in my dream, I shook my head. Rubbing my face, I turned and grabbed my work bag. I left my apartment and made my way to my small corolla. I drove to the museum where I worked.
The day passed in a blur and before I knew it, my watch read 15:37. I was looking at the gerudo exhibit, minding my own business.
“Excuse me, Miss.” a young man tapped my shoulder, and I looked up at him. I got a pretty good look at him.
His face was covered by a black hospital mask, dark aviator sunglasses and a blue scarf. He wore a black suit with a navy vest and a black baseball cap. His hands were gloved, though he constantly rubbed the back of his right hand as if experiencing pins and needles.
There were 3 small hoop earrings in each ear, which were long and pointed indicating the youth was a Hylian. From what I could see of his hair it was slightly waved, shoulder length, and a pale blonde. From the sound of his voice he couldn’t have been older than myself, I'd say he was in his early 20s if not younger. 
“Yes? How can I help you today?” I smiled at him, though he merely hummed back. 
‘Great he’s one of those people.’ I bemoaned internally, when he spoke again.
“Yeah, I have a few questions,” he paused, looking up at the stained glass portrait of the founding of Hyrule. The hero of the sky and the first incarnation of Hylia stood atop a goddess statue, holding aloft the sacred Master Sword and Goddess Harp. “Ones you might be able to help me with.” 
“Well I’ll do my best to help sir.” I remained cheerful but his cryptic responses were grating on me. He hummed again and it was clear his mind was elsewhere as he absently stared at the glass. 
“What can you tell me about the Sheikah Slate?” he said dead serious, abruptly turning to look me in the eye. I blinked at him, shocked at his sudden change of tone.
“Oh.. um not much I’m afraid. Only what’s in the Legend of the Hylian Champion as no working copies have been found.” he dropped his gaze and I heard him mutter a curse in Sheikah under his breath. I recognised the swear, it was Sheik’s favorite one to use. Kola-bradii, in Hylian, fucking damnit. 
“No one does, no one ever does.” he muttered to himself. “Alright,” he faced me again. “What about the sword? The blade of evil’s bane.” 
“Again only what’s in the legends sir. Sorry. Perhaps you should head to the cathedral? They might be able to help with holy artifacts.” the young man seemed to recoil at that, as if the thought of going was repulsive to him. He heaved a dramatic sigh and spoke again.
“Forget it, I’ll figure it out myself. Thanks for your help Miss… uh…?”  he paused, waiting for my name. I blinked at him before processing what he said.
“Oh, Zelda.” he nodded.
“Miss Zelda.” he hesitated for a second, as if my name troubled him somehow. “I’ll remember that.” he dipped his head before walking off, continuing to mutter to himself. I watched his slipped out of view into another gallery, rerunning the whole interaction 
‘Forget it, I’ll figure it out myself.’ he’d said. But what in the name of the golden goddesses did he mean by it?
“I’m sure it’s nothing.” I assured myself. I once again busied myself with the notes on my clipboard, notes on new exhibits and discoveries. 
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fromcenotaphy · a day ago
only archangel to come anywhere near castiel’s level is raphael. the absolute petty girlboss energy of simply saying well what if we restarted the apocalypse...raphael really went ‘alright y’all averted the end of the world let’s see you do it twice. roll credits return to menu hit new game no saves let’s go motherfuckers’
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radioactivepeasant · 4 days ago
Fic Prompts: Free Day Thursday
(Bit of an au I more doodled than wrote, in which a Ganondorf raised with no knowledge of usual dark magics, and a Zelda who is not Hylia's avatar -- because I headcanon that skips a generation -- met as teenagers and developed a close friendship while helping Zelda "Zel" LXXVI overthrow her despotic mother, Zelda LXXV. This eventually leads to Zelda LXXVII being born about eight years later, both the avatar of Hylia and the firstborn princess of the Gerudo desert)
Kakariko village had never been particularly large, but its position between the great plateaus and Death Mountain had made it a successful trading post for quite some time. Raw ore, bombflower seeds, and crafting tools were commonly sold by Goron merchants, and Hylian merchants filled in the gaps with everything from Lon Lon milk to Korok dolls. The market was full of Hylians and Gorons perusing the stalls.
It was also, unfortunately, full of Sheikah.
Ganon pulled his hood a little lower over his face. As long as no one got a good look at his face, he could pass for one of them in a pinch. It would be far simpler to disguise himself with magic -- he could take any form he wanted, couldn't he? -- but Ganon shoved the thought aside resolutely.
The whispers grew louder whenever he used magic. Dreams of fire and darkness and endless rage would haunt him for days afterward. That was the last thing he needed before visiting Zel.
His sky blue cloak shifted, almost imperceptibly. Faster than Hylian eyes could track, Ganondorf whirled and clamped his hand around the arm of a would-be pickpocket.
The bread he'd been saving for his lunch was already halfway out of his rucksack, in the grubby hand of a very small boy. He didn't look much older than Little Zelda. (Bless his poor daughter: if it hadn't been a royal decree that firstborn princesses share a name, they would've called her Tetra.)
Ganondorf knelt to scowl at the boy. "Were you that hungry?" he asked.
The child scowled right back, but reluctantly nodded.
Ganon believed him.
His baggy green shirt hung so loosely on his skinny frame that he'd tied a rope around the middle to make it into a tunic of sorts. His hair was tangled and dirty -- it could have been blonde or brown and it was impossible to tell the difference under the dust of the street -- and hung down over his eyes.
"Don't your parents have food for you?" Ganondorf asked.
"No, not any." The boy's words flew across quick, nimble fingers.
"No food? Or no parents?"
Don't get involved, Gan. You're on a schedule, Gan.
With a sigh, Ganondorf pulled the loaf the rest of the way out of his bag and handed it to the child.
"Do you live with anybody?"
Well, at least he wasn't completely alone.
"And where is your grandmother?" Ganondorf asked.
"Sick in her chair," the boy answered, mimicking a rocking motion with the sign for chair. He frowned. "Why does red potion cost so much?"
Well. So much for getting across the Field before nightfall.
Ganondorf stood and sighed.
"Boy, if I help you, will you promise not to pick any more pockets? Not everyone will react like me."
The boy brightened. "Okay! How will you help?"
After digging through his wallet a moment, Ganon came up with a purple rupee. "This should cover a few bottles of potion. Let's make sure you have a bag to put them in."
He ended up buying four potions, a little carrying bag, a box of salted cucco, and a child's fishing pole. His little tagalong pointed at the fishing pole in confusion.
"A toy?" the hand not pointing asked, "Why?"
"Not a toy," Ganondorf corrected him, "A tool."
He handed over the items. "Sometimes, food is expensive or scarce at market. But fish are in almost every pond and creek in the Plateau. Your grandmother should be able to make a fish last a day or two."
Abruptly, the boy threw his arms around Ganon's waist. He sniffled once, then smiled up with teary eyes and a missing tooth.
The next time Ganondorf saw that face, it was standing between him and the Sage of the Forest, clutching the Master Sword in shaking hands.
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supersshe · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
“A meta on powers and gender and all that good alien kryptonian stuff” - @delusionland
ok, first of all, i think it’s interesting how DIFFERENT the takes on Superman’s kids having powers is between medias? Comics has Jonathan basically having all of Clark’s powers plus a little extra. (Where did solar flaring come from? Is it because of Crisis? Is it because he’s a hybrid?) Whereas in DC/TV, he has none so far, and his parents weren’t even sure if either of the twins would inherit them. (But Jordan Does have them and he didn’t exist pre-crisis so is it a case of them being split? Will they only get half of their dads powers? Will they ever have the same?) which makes me Really curious what the movies will do if they ever bring them in.
So in terms of Lara’s powerset, it’s very much balanced by the constraints each media gives (or doesn’t give re: comics). At the very least, she will ALWAYS have super hearing and freeze breath, because they can be ‘lowkey’ enough and also just provide some funky character development. Also flight because she’s a gremlin who’s constantly scaling trees and tall buildings and at least this way, Clark won’t have to worry she’ll pancake herself if she slips. I probably won’t give her solar flare for comic stuff but she can have it in dceu verses, as a treat, y’know?
Also i think it can be very interesting if she DOESN’T have invunerability in every world because then it’s a game of balancing out what powers she’s using and what drawbacks that has, and gives her family like a Million grey hairs when she’s still throwing herself into danger.
What even IS gender when it comes to alien races? personally i think the comics are Cowards for not exploring it more and just making kryptonians essentially smart humans on their home planet and Powerful As Fuck anywhere with a yellow sun but NO distinction between kryptonian genders/sexes and humans? Really??
These are a whole ass alien race who scienced their way out of having to give birth and carry children to term? The potential for trans and nonbinary kryptonians when they’re Not horribly msognystic patriarchal bastards is off the charts!
We’re just putting human terms on someone that Isn’t human, just because Lara’s seen as a cis girl by human society, doesn’t mean she is? And honestly, with Conner as an older brother/uncle depending on what dc has decided that day, there’s no way she Isn’t gonna explore even just a little and discover that, maybe, she Doesn’t have to be seen like that and experiment with pronouns.
(The idea of nonbinary presentation on Krypton and what kind of pronouns they mgiht’ve had? Will haunt me to the end of my days. Please let someone not straight/cis write something for it!)
look, i know most medias have Clark keeping the whole ‘being an alien’ thing on the hush-hush with his kids until they’re like at least 10 but the idea of him teaching them to speak Kryptonese and actually getting to war with what he keeps of Kryptons culture and what he throws away, what he decides to change is so interesting! Him and Kara are the Last of their people, how do they choose what lives on? What’s better being forgotten or left behind?
like Naming conventions! Krypton used Patronymics, and so do some places on Earth - Does he keep using them? How does it make him feel? Does his decision change if Argo or Kandor are around? How does Lois feel about it?
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gardenofdescendants · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Introducing my fifteenth character in my Disney Descendants Full Rewrite…
𝕱𝖗𝖊𝖉𝖗𝖎𝖈𝖐 𝕮𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖊 — 𝕾𝖔𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝕴𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖉 𝕮𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖊
Tumblr media
Fredrick Crane, son and only child of Ichabod Crane. People were surprised to find out his father had survived the attack by the Headless Horseman, Ichabod survived on a freakish level of luck. Fredrick never really knew his mother, she left him and his father for unknown reasons. He is close with his dad, against people’s expectations Ichabod did a decent job raising him. He has brown hair and has brown eyes, he wears glasses. He is 5′9 tall and weighs 155 lbs. He was born on August 16th and is currently 17 years old. Fredrick is a natural teacher, he loves to help out students and commonly assists teacher’s in class. He is decently social and friendly, most of the times he’s able to befriend whatever student he’s tutoring. While he doesn’t like to show it he is very easily scared of things, any ghost story is enough to make him physically ill. He is very focused on school and gets consistent good grades, he wants to succeed in school so much that the time he got a C+ he was on the verge of tears. He is not in any clubs so he can focus on tutoring others in all kinds of subjects. He wants to be the principal of Pendragon Academy when he is older. Fredrick has a crush on Beatrice, daughter of Belle and Adam but he’s too afraid to approach her, commonly getting nervous when she is in the same room. The only person who knows about this crush is Charles Radcliffe, son of Roger and Anita, he caught Fredrick staring at her while he was tutoring him. He tries to encourage Fredrick to at least say hi to her but he’s too scared to do so.  
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading this! Please tell me what you think about Fredrick and feel free to ask any question you have about him!
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zymstarz · 9 days ago
Hear me out: I know the last Zelda cartoon was.... rough, but what if each game was made into its own animated show. It's purely hypothetical bc the budget on that would be insane but can you imagine skyward sword or twilight princess or wind waker or literally any game in an animated cartoon medium?? That would be SO COOOOL OH MY GOD
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harristops · 10 days ago
No but the 😳 emoji really is Sloane. Lol.
she really is!! my fav is the signature eyebrow raise at anything Ash does or says to her and i wonder who she learned it from *side eye* it was probably Ali
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zeverz · 10 days ago
The legend of zelda games a tales. There legends. Explains a lot more than the timeline does
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colinfarrelldaily · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BELOVED SAKSHI!!! @robert-deniro 💕💕💕 we’re so thankful to have you as our friend, because you are talented, supportive, funny, sweet and have great taste in men ;) we hope you’re doing well and have had a wonderful birthday today, filled with lots of fun. sending all our love, Nastya + Constance @billy-crudup @ewan-mcgregor
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izzyizumi · 14 days ago
Just DigiAdvs Things
Ppl you can kinda tell haven't been ... really keeping up with Adv 2020... which normally wouldn't actually be a problem that is people can always catch up and that's fine (but then you get things like): Wow I have /no idea/ what's going to happen with a final arc / these last eps. If [x] gets defeated then who's coming /next/?? Who's REALLY the BIG BAD. They're really just going to end it on [x]???
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ladybugsimblr · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the blackburn gang is all set for their temporary move to san myshuno. kris went a day earlier to make sure the penthouse was ready, but also to spend a little time with that special sim she’s been chatting with. bailey wouldn’t leave her alone about her little secret so unfortunately she had to spill the beans before she really wanted to. if this works out, b will 100% add matchmaker to her official bio.
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madpotatodisease · 17 days ago
New Flying Lotus dropped yesterday!
And he got Thundercat on the first track 😭
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pathetic-gamer · 18 days ago
Offensive to me that I am expected to work when I could be doing hot guy shit*
*lying on the kitchen floor in front of an open window listening to the botw/aoc soundtracks and crying a little bit
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rasnak2 · 19 days ago
AU where Lin had adopted Bolin and Mako but kept it secret cuz she didn't want them to be taken advantage of. No one aside from a few people from the RCPD knows at this point.
"Mom, do you want to tell Su about us?" Bolin asked in the privacy of their room. Yes, walls had ears but the advantage of having two earth benders was the fact that they could keep an eye on who is on the other side.
“No. Not right now."
"But why?"
"I don’t want the same thing to happen to you when you’re used as leverage for me. It is not that I don't trust my sister but right now, these are trying times. It is getting more dangerous each day, with the Red Lotus and the Earth kingdom problems. I am proud of you guys and I want to shout it out to the world. But I am also scared of losing both of you. I will tell them when the right time comes.”
“But there is no right time mom. Problems always come and go. And it's not like we’ve never been captured before. We are already public figures. This will make no difference.” Bolin had pointed out.
“But, we will respect your wishes" Mako interjected. "You can tell everyone on your own terms. To be honest with you, I don't think I am ready for the reveal personally though. Not because I am ashamed of being related to you, more of the fact that people can state that you are being partial and go on about nepotism and favouritism. And you claiming us right now might aggravate this all the more. Our co-workers who know are loyal to us and we know they won’t leak it but… the others might feel resentful or discouraged or things like that” Mako elaborated and Lin just gave him a sharp nod.
Suyin would have to wait a while before she comes to know she has nephews. It was a good decision too because that night Red Lotus had attacked. And the next day Mako proved that Aiwei was a traitor... disaster averted. Now to just wait for the day they actually get to reveal the truth...
The reveal... It will probably come soon :) I actually had 3 parts planned - one where Lin adopts the two, this drabble and another long ass reveal where Lin is being sadistic and wants to draw out the reveal but her mom forces her hand anyways. But the one where Lin adopts them on the other hand... it might take a while.
Part 3 can be found here.
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dormantchrysalis · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Legend of Fei ~
Cloud-Raising Ravine, Lone Goose Saber, Sect Leader of the Little Medicine Valley, Yang Jin!
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elayneofshalott · 27 days ago
loving monty python as a kid and then later getting into arthurian legend is all fun and games until you realise that every single time you read "knights of the round table", without fail, your brain sings ♫ we're knights of the round table / we dance when ere we're able ♫
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