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Blessed Full Strawberry Moon! The Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius is a fiery one calling us to not only to focus on our dreams, but to see the truth in all things. Let’s use this time to see the truth within ourselves and with all that is going on in the world today. There’s a virus out there that is reeking havoc and we need to be on guard, raising healing energy and doing the right thing to protect ourselves and our neighbors. That being said there’s a second virus in the United States that is killing our black brothers and sisters. The virus of systemic racism, racism in general. As a cis white male, gay yes, but very cis, I owe my freedoms (at the very least in part) to black men and women (specifically African and African American) who have fought for, and continue to fight for, freedom with their blood. My Full Moon ritual is spent raising energy of protection, healing, justice, love, for and awareness of the plight of my black friends, family, neighbors, and fellow Americans. Together, and only together, can we change the course of history. To my lgbtq+ family please keep in mind that the first pride was a riot. To my white brothers and sisters please stop misappropriating and whitesplaning Dr. Martin Luther King Jr quotes. I know this is a lot (it’s really not) but we have to do better. We can do better. Nobody is free until we all are free. End Racism! Black Lives Matter. My views on racism are not up for debate so don’t come on this thread with your ignorant views of the non existent white struggle. Let’s use this time of the Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius to take off our blindfolds and see the truth. Let’s end systemic racism. Let’s end racism. The fact of the matter is that all lives will never matter until black lives matter too. As Witches, Wiccans, Druids, Pagans, Occultist, Humans, Etc, we owe it to each other to raise energy and our voices to end this. I love, hope, and pray for all of you. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I know it’s long. As always, Blessed Be!

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It is chilly outside. Unusual but not unwelcome.

Beautiful full moon as well.

Wide awake but feeling a little safer and assured than 20 hours ago.

This distinct chill and calm of the witching hour brings back memories.

Warm moments spent with loved ones in this very same distinct chill and calm of the dark hour. Warm lights, warm foods, warm hugs, talks on menial things, all the while being gently tugged towards the future. Times of being alone and just enjoying the present, too.

Funny how horrible memories have sprung up to me in a torrent, and at seemingly the most unopportune time, very frequently this year.

But tonight, I treasure this little peace.

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゜・。 ・゜🌙 ゜   ・。      . * ・ 🌙 °  . 。               💫      🍓゜・。 ・゜✨ ゜   ・。      . * ・ ✨ °  . 。               ✨      。・゜    ゜・。 ・゜⭐️ ゜   ・。      . * ・ 🌟 °  . 。          🍓     ✨      。・゜              🌙           💫 。・゜              ✨ ゜・。 ・゜. ゜   ・。      . * ・ ✨ °  . 。   happy strawberry 🍓 moon !             ✨      ゜・。 ・゜🌙 ゜   ・。      . * ・ ✨ °  . 。               ✨      。・゜              ⭐️ 。・゜              ✨ ゜・。 ・゜⭐️ ゜   ・。      . * ・ 🌙 °  . 。               🌙      。・゜              ゜・。 ・゜🌟 ゜   ・。      . * ・ 💫 °  . 。               🍓 ✨.      。・゜              . ⭐️

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A new portal opens.

We are in the midst ofa powerful transformation. It can feel scary and uncertain. Trust that on the other side there is more unity, deeper connection, and love.

This Full Moon Eclipse is inviting you to rise up! To rise into your power. To rise into love. To rise above fear & old paradigm thinking. We are entering a new world. You are part of its creation. How will you choose to show up? How will you use your voice?

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The moon is currently full! Happy Full Moon! Emotions may feel intense right now. Especially considering the eclipse. Now is the time to finish up things you’ve been working on these past few weeks. Also, now is the time to release! Release any emotions that are not helping you get things in order. Send an affirmation up into the universe of you letting go of any pain you’ve been enduring. Take this time to reflect on what you’ve completed recently. What has manifested for you recently? Was it something big or minimal? Does it really matter? Always ensure you’re showing gratitude regardless so you continue to receive good news and more importantly, blessings.

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As we enter this eclipse season, there is a strong encouragement towards fighting for causes we feel bring alignment with a higher way of being. This is reflected on a major scale within society as there has been an enormous push and pull towards justice and the curtailing of those things which have wreaked of a foul kind of legitimacy. As with all things, we are encouraged to view the world and its landscape through a much narrower portal—through the lens of the self. How might such events reflect on a smaller scale within our own lives? How might we find ourselves wrapped up in dynamics which have foundations built upon unjust methodologies which have been consistent with a type of obstinacy? These are all questions to reflect upon as this eclipse places a direct emphasis on such things.

The season’s full moon lunar eclipse takes place in the constellation of Jyestha. This section of the sky spans from 16:40 - 29:59 degrees—falling at the very end of Scorpio. Jyestha encapsulates the energies of Lord Indra, the deity here, who has been referred to as the King of the Gods. There is a kind of seniority in emphasis here and the courage that goes along with showmanship and the command of respect. There is a determination to fight for those who are less aware and vulnerable—to stand in place, or in support of those whose voices have not been heard. 


Jyestha means “The Eldest” or “Senior-most”, and has been symbolized as an umbrella or disc-shape that can be seen as a means of protecting that which is exposed. As much as we find much power and protection towards gain or winning such endeavors, there is also a caution to yield with regards to taking extreme measures. 

This is a time where matters of relationship come into focus. Lunar eclipses have a way of placing a brighter light upon our tendencies and the tendencies in those around us. With the eclipse taking place in the fixed sign of Scorpio, we will see issues emerge that bring out or heighten darker more intricate, and subtle ways of being. Also, taking into consideration the status of retrograding Venus—we may become distastefully aware of necessary changes that emerge through abrupt endings of various kinds. This may be referred to as “the sting” of the Scorpion, which serves to wake us from complacencies. The battle of the mind is strongly emphasized in this space. 

May self-doubt give way to an increased ability to focus in on what it is we truly desire. Closed doors may present within us a means of moving more steadily to that which has been our aim. Be watchful now. Any crossroads that come forward during this cycle, gives us the opportunity to cleanse and bring balance to what is needful.

Be safe. Utilize wisdom in your actions now. Use your voice for that which empowers and uplifts the righteous cause. Blessed Full Moon!

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