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#full moon in aries

5. Is there anything I am considering that I could perhaps make a better decision on later?


The Devil

Denotes a greedy, materialistic, selfish person. Disregard for others. Beware of someone who tries to control you. You are caught in an unhealthy situation. The card of sexual perversity and dark secrets. Sexual addiction. Overspending. Substance abuse. Compulsions. Judge people by their values, not their outside appearance.

Bonus Oracle Card - Full Moon in Aries

A fiery climax approaches!

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I went up to the attic, crawled up the ladder and opened the window wider to stare at the moon. I found myself reciting in my heart that I want a lover who makes love like they are separating salt from water, a line I read somewhere, some time ago. Without warning tears well up in my eyes. I want someone whose soul burns as timidly bright as mine. My tears spill over.

- aries full moon ponderings

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Full Moon in Aries and Month of October ‘Pick a Card’ Reading

Hi guys! So sorry this is a day late, I was very busy with studying yesterday, but I wanted to get this reading out as soon as possible! Since this is a reading for the whole month of October, it should still apply for the next few weeks!

This is going to be my first ‘Pick a Card’ reading and I’m very excited for it, but let’s see how this goes!

Basically if you’ve never tried one of these before, this is a reading where you get to choose the cards that you resonate the most with right now. I have set up 4 different piles of cards that you get to choose between in order to determine what your energy will be like for the month of October as well as this Full Moon in Aries. I have also placed a crystal with each reading, one representing each of the four elements, in order to help you make your decision of which pile to choose. Although you may choose a certain crystal, that does not necessarily mean that it will be the predominant element in your reading, it just means you may be more drawn to that energy right now. Once you’ve made your decision, you can scroll down to the correct pile to find your reading!

Before you do that however, I want to point out that a few cards showed up in at least two of today’s piles. We had quite a bit of overlap, therefore a lot of these readings may have similar messages as they have similar cards. However this can actually be a good thing as it means that these are more overarching energies of this month. There may be some cards mentioned in the reading that are not in the image, these are cards that fell out afterwards as I was shuffling, and therefore I have not included a picture of those, but if you want an image of a specific card, feel free to send me a message! I also want to point out that some readings may seem a little shorter than others, this could mean that there are less cards or that there are just more similar meanings that can be talked about in less sentences, so don’t worry if yours seems a little shorter, they are all what you need to hear right now. 

Overall it seems like this is really a time of transformation, which is what the fall season is about. You are being called to think about what you can release; some big things being stress, worry, burdens, fears etc. This is really a time where things may need to get worse before they can get better, but I promise, things will get better. Everything you are going through right now, is teaching you necessary lessons for your journey forward, and someday you will look back at how far you’ve come and know that everything was worth it! I will not do an official outro today, so I’ll just leave it here, but I do want you guys to remember to take care of yourselves, especially as we are entering into the colder months of the year. Stay safe, stay healthy, and most importantly, let yourself have a little fun - within reason of course : )

Now let’s get started!

Here are the four piles you can chose from. Once you’ve made your decision, scroll down to the correct pile!


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May everything and everyone who doesn’t match your energy be manifested out of your life. I sure as hell started cutting people out of my life. I give second chances. Not 3. 💁🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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For all my witchy people here you go, expert from the book

“moon power; lunar rituals for connecting with your inner goddess” by Simone Butler

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