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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Like a lighthouse on a dark night, may your love for one another always shine brightly.

Congratulations on your wedding day. 👰🏻🤵🏻

What a romantic wedding party under the sky of lights!✨✨✨

Fairy lights as the decoration of the venue is the most perfect thing ever.

We do provide transparent canopy + fairy lights for all types of party.

Photo taken during RMCO period.🌹


( Villa Mutiara Hill Homes Genting )





#cateringkl #canopykl


#weddingbentong #otkbentong

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📼🎥 VHS-Effect CORPSE  🎥 📼

Since I thought it would be fitting, I decided to add a glitch-effect to my latest drawing. I really like that it glitches in the same main colors as the drawing! I think it looks pretty cool like that, so maybe I’ll experiment more with my art in the future as well!

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Originally posted by ncvastark

Word Count - 1782

“Sirius You have to talk to me sometime, I have apology so many times, how many more apologies do you want?” I asked looking at Sirius who had his back to him standing in my house.

“You let us thought you were dead now, you know how heartbroken is was to hear that my best friend was dead, Marlene and then you, I was so broke and then you just come back and act like nothing,” Sirius shouted turning around to look at me. “I have the right to be mad,” He stomped making me feel guilty.

“I left because I was scared okay, just scared and there is nothing more I can say, what I did was wrong and I know your mad, I will do whatever you want to get my best friend back,” I cried out walking towards Sirius who couldn’t look at me anymore.

“I don’t want you to leave again, no matter what, it’s what I want and everyone else wants, please,” Sirius said looking at me. “I don’t wanna loose you again, your my only family,” Sirius whispred wrapping his arms around me.

“Sirius who is this?” A boy said making me lift my head up, a boy standing as tall as me, around fourteen years old, he had shagging long dark brown hair and a scar just a little above his eye, a lightning bolt.

“Hey I think you should go upstairs and find James,” Sirius said pointing to the stairs. “We can talk later,” Sirius whipsred shooing the boy away.

“Who was that?” I asked looking at Sirius who looked white as a ghost. “Did you have a kid when I was gone,” I said with a smile but Sirius didn’t smile back. “Who’s kid is that?” I asked letting go of him.

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Previsões astrológicas de 26/10 a 01/11 no meu canal no YouTube Jake Astróloga. 🌟Semana de conclusões e “colheitas”. Dia 31, 🌒 cheia Power. E neste dia, rola o Workshop Benção da Casa. Eu com Astrología, é @monliu10 com Feng Shui. Temas apenas 02 vagas. Vem! #fullmoon #lunallena #luacheiatouro #esoterissimainspira #workshop (em São Paulo, Brazil)

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✨  The duality of Corpse is a part of his charme ✨

But the most important factors definitely are his personality and his humour! He deserves all the support he is getting currently and even more! I love seeing him succeed and getting the recognition he deserves! He also inspired me to take my artwork more seriously, so I’m hoping to be improving my skills in the future! This guy really is inspiring! 

(And his community is the best! Everyone is so nice and talented! I’m truly happy to be a part of it all!)

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The Blue Moon ♉️

Part 3 with Mr. Pumpkin


During our tea party, Mr. Pumpkin rotated towards me with a serious look on his face in addition, he asked me a question, why do you think that I brought you here? I sat my teacup in its saucer then I gazed my eyes upward at the apex of the ceiling. My lips unconsciously puckered and slanted to the right side of my cheek then I placed my right hand on the bottom of my chin to contemplate my answer. However, before I could let out a word Mr. Pumpkin stopped me and requested that I answered, why do humans do what I just did? He stated that it was unnecessary because we are fully capable of answering a question without having to complete those actions. I glared at the table for a moment unable to answer his recent question so after that I laid my eyes on him and continued to answer his first question.

“Well, I believe you brought me here because in the beginning of the month, October 1, 2020 we celebrated the Harvest Moon and at the end of the month, October 31, 2020 we will do the same with the Blue Moon. The last full moon that was on Halloween while visible in the United States was in the year 1944 and the next one will be in 2039. I guess you can say this situation occurs every once in a blue moon. This month has brought us a ton of energy and it is flowing through our veins as we speak. This full moon will be in the sign Taurus which is a very loving and grounded sign often taking its time and making sure everything is complete within its secured environment. But this full moon wants us to expand our horizons, create or break our routines, set free from traditions, and escape our comfort zones. Since this will be the second full moon of the month we are being pushed towards inner power and energy. Expand your spiritual boundaries both mentally and physically. Do not be afraid to entertain the exploration of the self because the year 2020 is all about tapping into and becoming a higher you.”

Mr. Pumpkin took a loud sip of his tea and stuttered, “well actually yes… that is why I brought you here well uh uh um would you like somee more… tea?” I smiled and rushed my cup toward his direction to allow him to refill my drink.


“What? Where am I now???! And where is Mr. Pumpkin and why am I in a graveyard!!?”

I turned around and saw a beautiful golden styled grave. It was obvious it was meant to catch my attention, so I approached it. I read it aloud and it riddled:

“The old you is dead.

The new you is reborn.

While your time continues to tick

you are to live life like as you should.

By unlearning your toxicity and society-based habits

And reopening yourself to who you truly are and providing the world with your happiness.”

Things you can do for the Blue Moon:

Connect with your ancestors/angels.

  • This could be a great time for you to ask for assistance because they are always there for you and willing to help. Try getting in touch with your ancestors and culture or diving deeper into your traditions.

Charge your crystals

  • Since the Blue Moon is approaching try to meditate and use your blue crystals before and after it takes place. Some great crystals you can use are: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Agate, Aquamarine, Apatite, Larimar, and any other blue crystals that you have. Blue crystals help awaken your spirituality and embrace the presence of tranquility. The throat chakra symbolizes the color, blue. If you have a blocked throat chakra you may suffer from clear communication, self-expression, emotional health, and free speech. This is the perfect opportunity to balance those energies and get rid of those difficulties.

Be someone else

  • Try doing something that is completely opposite of what you would usually do. Having 2 full moon’s in the same month and one of them on Halloween is extremely abnormal and this moon wants you to realize that it’s okay to get out of character. You might enjoy your opposite personality or actions. If you would like to do shadow work or become a better or different version of yourself, you have to be someone else in order to accomplish that outcome. How can you change if you do not change?

What do you value?

  • Make sure to arrange time for things and people that you value and love. Send a text or make a phone call. Let that person know how you feel about them. Then after you do that ask yourself what don’t you value anymore? If something is no longer serving you it’s time to let go. Loyalty is beautiful but not when it is damaging your spirit. Do what is best for you.

Focus on the arts

  • Taurus is ruled by the planet, Venus which represents beauty and art. Continue your studies or projects that you did not finish. Find a hobby or maintain one. Put your artwork out to the public or show the real you to the public. Do things that you usually would not do. You would be surprised how positive, wonderful, and relieving the outcome will be.
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Who doesn’t love stickers? Stick ‘em here. Stick ‘em there. Stick ‘em everywhere! Easily our best sellers so far (and coincidentally the cheapest, let’s not be silly)! So far we’ve had very positive feedback from these products with the quality and delivery (thanks Redbubble ya beaut! 😘). Cover up that boring laptop, get creative on your own items (don’t want to buy a water bottle with our design? Sticker.  Boom. Sorted (just being realistic 🤷)). 

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Happy Halloween, “Now I Wanna Be Your Dog”. Rehearsal for Halloween Night Show. #Acoustic …it’s gonna be #Scary ….. #Halloween #music #party #fullmoon #iggypop #punk #scary #jackolantern #magic #rock #ShannonNavarro #MichaelMitchell #normansrareguitars #eaglesofdeathmetal

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