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Someone makes a post like this basically every year but in case they haven't: if you're going to a haunted house this Halloween, please remember to be respectful to scare actors. If you know you tend to act violently and impulsively when you're scared, don't go to a haunted house. Don't try to harass us, even if you think it's just joking around. A lot of us get paid minimum wage (or are students not being paid at all), working in cold, dark conditions without a break for 6 hours, so... Please don't be a dick.
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good morning everybody im learning to code im going to be unstoppable and also so hot to all of u
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Age Of Consent [part three]
Summary: Dustin’s older sister thinks Eddie Munson could be a bad influence on her younger brother due to their history. Can he change her mind?
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Henderson!Reader
Word Count: 1,784
What you’ll find in this series: big angst, wholesome fluff, sexual content, and a lot of profanity.
A/N: When you write an entire chapter and then it doesnt save so you have to write it again from memory. Anyways, how about a little Eddie POV? Pretty sure we can categorize this as a slow burn. Thank you so much for sticking with this little story. Enjoy this next part and if you would like to be tagged, please let me know!
Read Part Two || Read Part Four
Tumblr media
Eddie couldn't stop thinking about you.
He was hopeless, unable to concentrate on anything else. After two years, he thought that he had managed to get over it, but the moment he heard your voice that scar on his heart split right open into a festering wound, once more.
His fingers tapped against the lunchroom table as he waited for Dustin, wanting an explanation. Why were you there? What did you want from him? Was this some sort of sick joke? Did you just want to torment him? Make fun of him for still being in high school like a fucking loser?
He eyed your brother as he approached the lunch table.
The moment that Dustin had sat his tray down, Eddie grabbed him by the shirt collar and pulled him away from the crowd. The younger boy was absolutely terrified at this point, having not a single idea of what was about to happen. He liked Eddie, but he didn't really know Eddie, and he did not want to be punched in the face over a misunderstanding that was most likely your fault.
Eddie's eyes were menacing, squinting at his curly-haired friend before he address him, "Henderson," he almost growled.
"Eddie." Dustin gulped.
"You want to tell me what your goddamn sister was doing here last night after Hellfire?" Dustin's mouth gaped open, his mind desperately trying to find the words. "Now, Henderson!"
"S-She uh, she said that she d-didn't want me to be a part of the club!" He stuttered. "So I uh- I invited her to come out and meet you and see that you weren't as bad as some people say, b-because you're a totally nice guy."
Eddie sighed. Reality had hit him like a brick as he realized that you still hadn't told your family that the two of you had dated. Hell, you hadn't even told them that you knew him. Not even after Dustin had told you that he was part of the Hellfire Club, which, to Eddie, would have been the perfect opportunity, even if it was two years too late.
"She really never told you," he muttered quietly. "Figures."
"Told me what?" Dustin asked.
Should he out your secret? God, did he want to, if only just to annoy you; cause an issue in your otherwise perfect little life and force you to confront the past that you so desperately tried to run from. You had your reasons, you made them clear, but Eddie still carried this smoldering torch that he just wouldn't let burn out. He always would.
"Oh my God," a realization washed over Dustin's face as he figured it out. "You dated my sister, didn't you?"
Eddie said nothing, but it was all over his face.
"Gross!" Dustin shrieked. "Ew, you dated my sister."
"Yeah, and she broke my goddamn heart." Eddie ushered his younger friend back to the table. "In fact, she was very clear that she never wanted to see me again, ever, so imagine my surprise last night when she just- just showed up like it was the good ol' days."
"Dude, I had no idea."
Eddie's expression softened. This wasn't Dustin's fault, at all. "I know, man. I know you were just trying to advocate for me. I appreciate it."
"What happened between the two of you?"
"That depends on who you're asking, I'm sure."
"I'm asking you," Dustin replied curtly.
Eddie knew that offloading all of his pent-up emotions was probably super inappropriate, but it's not like he had anyone else to talk to about it. Except for Wayne, but his uncle had already heard him crying in his pillow enough times to get the gist of what had happened. The countless sad songs that Eddie had written, and practiced out of his bedroom, basically told the entire story from start to finish so Wayne never needed to ask.
"For starters, she didn't want to tell anyone we were together," He began. "Which, let me be clear, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy; the feeling that you're not good enough, but you're just so fucking in love you're like- whatever, babe, whatever you want. You know?"
Dustin nodded his head despite the fact that he most certainly did not know.
"She said it had something to do with my 'life choices', but that is such bullshit, man. I know that the real reason is that I wasn't able to graduate and she didn't want to be with some lame asshole who was stuck in high school. Whatever, it was inevitable. She was going to go off to college and meet some normal dude who she could take home to the family and wouldn't hold her back."
He knew he sounded pathetic.
"It doesn't matter, dude." He waved a hand in the air. "It was years ago. Shit's in the past. Just, for my heart's sake, please keep her away from me. No more surprise visits, okay? Shit almost killed me."
"What!? No." Dustin exclaimed dramatically.
"What do you mean, no?"
"You're obviously still in love with her." The younger boy accurately noted. "As gross as that is, you totally are."
Eddie hated how a fourteen-year-old kid could see right through him like he was made of glass. He hated it and at the same time was mildly impressed. How is it that this kid- this child- who didn't know a goddamn thing about love, have it all figured out? No matter how much of a facade he tried to put on, it was just that painstakingly obvious that he just wasn't over you.
"So?" Eddie said, his voice small.
"So, get her back."
"I'm sorry, what?"
"Get. Her. Back." Dustin emphasized, shrugging his shoulders like it was no big deal whatsoever. "It's simple."
"I don't think you really understand, Henderson. Your sister made it very clear that she never wanted to see me again, let alone be with me again."
"So why'd she agree to come to Hellfire?" The younger boy asked innocently. "Maybe she's still in love with you, too."
Eddie laughed dryly, "No, no- see, that's where she and I are different. She never loved me. Not really, anyways."
Dustin sighed and sat his sandwich down on the tray in front of him before placing a hand on Eddie's shoulder. "Listen, Munson." He said frankly. Eddie was incredibly confused. "What I'm about to offer is for a limited time only, so if you're interested, I suggest you take me up on it. I can help you get her back."
Fuck, he hated your brother's confidence. It gave him hope. He was a pessimist by nature, so he knew that it was most likely false hope, but it was hope nonetheless. If there was even the slightest chance that Dustin was right, Eddie had to take it. He was already a fool, but not taking a chance on the one thing that he wanted more than anything- that would just make him plain stupid.
That was all Dustin needed to hear. He spent the rest of their lunch block calculating ways to put you and Eddie in the same place at the same time. He rambled off a schedule of your day-to-day activities; your work schedule, when you usually took lunch, what stores you liked to shop at, your jogging route, and what you did on the weekends.
"We go to Antonio's for pizza every Wednesday night around 6:00," Dustin mentioned. "You could conveniently be picking up dinner for you and your uncle around that time."
Sure, it sounded a lot like stalking, but Dustin was confident that they would be able to chalk it up to coincidence and you'd be none the wiser. Eddie wasn't really convinced, but he figured he might as well trust the process and see if Dustin might be able to work his magic. After all, he said that he had experience with this sort of thing.
It took everything in you not to accost your brother the moment that he got home from school. You had practically been sitting in the same spot all day, waiting for him to arrive, knowing that the first thing he did this morning was seek out Eddie to find out what had happened last night.
From your room you heard his backpack hit the floor in the kitchen, followed by the sounds of the refrigerator opening and closing. You gave him ten minutes before you tip-toed down the stairs, stopping just around the corner to assess his mood and demeanor.
"I know you're there," you heard him say without even looking up from his textbook.
You sighed and cut right to the chase, "what'd Eddie have to say?"
"Not much," Dustin answered and you thought for a moment that maybe Eddie didn't say anything at all. "Just that you two dated and then you broke up with him because he didn't pass the 12th grade the first time around."
There it is.
"Of course that's how he remembers it," you muttered.
"Kind of shitty, if you ask me."
"Well, I didn't." You spat. "It's a lot more complicated than the fact that he didn't graduate, Dustin." It was just like Eddie to make himself out to be the victim. "Actually, that wasn't even an issue."
"So what was the issue?" He asked. "And why didn't you ever tell us?"
You combed a hand through your hair and sighed. "Because it was right when dad had just died, okay? Mom was already going through so much, I- I didn't want her to think that she had to worry about me lashing out because I was dating Eddie 'The Freak' Munson. You and I both know that sometimes it's just better if she doesn't know things."
Dustin could only nod in agreement.
"And it's not like it was a secret from everyone. The whole school knew we were dating." You argued. "And yeah, I broke up with him and it sucked. But you can't just pinpoint it to one thing, there were multiple things over time and I just finally decided that I had to do what was best for me."
"D'you miss him?" Dustin asked and the question surprised you.
"No!" You replied a little too quickly. "No. Absolutely not. The only reason that I agreed to go last night was because of you. I definitely do not miss him, that would be absurd."
You could tell that he wasn't buying it.
"Anyways, this conversation is over." You declared. "Keep going to your little club, I don't care, just- no more talk about Eddie Munson, deal?"
"Deal," Dustin replied with a smirk. "It'll be like he doesn't even exist."
Tags: @fangirling-4-ever, @nojamsonmytoast, @munson-burner, @slvdsjjk, @kiszkawagnerwhore, @bitterplacebrokendreamsmaegan, @katxn15, @itswormtrain, @itsallnonsens3, @aashy723, @buginktsworld, @in-this-minute, @animexholic, @colbychu
let me know if you would like to be added!
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Schoolgirl fantasy |N. Romanoff
Tumblr media
Summary: Natasha has a reputation for being quite the player on campus. Her being the classic frat boy didn’t clash well with y/n’s all-round good behaviour. Natasha enjoys teasing her but takes it a little further once after class.
Pairing: g!p mean fuckboy!natasha x fem!reader (college AU)
Warnings: smut, g!p Natasha, unprotected sex, oral (both receiving), face-fucking, dirty talk, degrading, mocking, slapping, hair pulling, begging kink, size kink, belly bulge kink, innocence kink, slight form of masturbation, pet names (princess)
Word count: 2580
“Come on, y/n.” Carol smirked before taking a sip of her beer. “Don’t be a pussy.”
“I’m not participating.” I answered sternly.
“You’re at a party, let loose, have some fun.”
I sighed and rolled my eyes. “A drinking game doesn’t sound that fun considering we have class tomorrow.”
Natasha shook her head. “Just forget it, Danvers. Don’t waste your time on a goodie two-shoes.”
“Yes, excuse me for caring about my grades.” I said sarcastically.
“You’re also a tease, you know.” Natasha said while leaning back against the couch.
I furrowed my eyebrows as I looked at her. “How am I a tease?”
She shrugged her shoulders before finishing off her drink. “You dress like a porn school girl but wont fuck anyone.”
“So I'm a tease for not letting someone get in my pants that easily?” I scoffed. “Bitch…”
She tilted her head a little while giving me a glare. “Wanna repeat that?”
I leaned forwards, returning her glare. “Bitch.”
She chuckled ironically while shaking her head. “That’s brave.”
“What? You gonna beat me up?” I smirked.
A hand laid on my shoulders and I turned around to look at who it was. Kate leaned down a little to speak into my ear. “Maybe we should head out.”
“Yeah, we wouldn't want your grades to suffer because you didn't get your sleepy time.” Natasha said in a baby voice while fake pouting.
I stared angrily before taking a deep breath, standing up to follow my friend out of the house. We started to walk over the campus to head to our dorms, the fresh air feeling soothing. The dark sky was almost relaxing, everything so peaceful and quiet.
“Are you ok?” Kate broke the silence.
I nodded while keeping my gaze up at the sky. “Yeah. Natasha just pisses me off.”
“I get that. She can definitely be annoying.”
“Plus she has slept with pretty much every girl in school.” I looked at my friend.
“I think it’s some sort of game they’re playing. Like whoever gets the highest body count wins a fucking beer keg or whatever frat people are into.” She chuckled.
I laughed as we kept walking, a bed and sleep coming closer and closer. “Makes sense.”
“We’re too good for that shit.”
“Absolutely.” I agreed.
After the bell rang I found a seat in the back of the class, hopefully avoiding the frat guys and their endless annoying banter. I took out my notebook and started to draw a little, just mindlessly moving my pencil around as a way to kill time. The teacher was late, not that it was such a bad thing as it would mean less time in class for the students.
I cared about my grades but I didn't like actually being at school. My grades were accomplishments, a way for me to feel good about myself. I enjoyed the praise and approval from my teachers, but the school part wasn't all that ideal, spending hours a day just waiting for it to end so I could leave. But then again, this wasn't exactly a unique viewpoint.
I snapped out of my thoughts as a pencil hit my head, landing on the floor below with a clang. I breathed in through my nose while slowly turning to look at the person besides me. Natasha smirked at me, tilting her head mockingly.
“What do you want?” I said exasperated.
“What’s got you in such a bad mood, princess?” she teased.
“God…” I groaned. “Maybe the fact that it’s 9 am and you’re throwing pencils at me like a child having a tantrum.”
“Ouch.” she chuckled.
“Fuck off and let me focus on class.”
“What are you supposed to focus on? There’s no teacher.”
“Well just simply fuck off then.” I said, giving her a fake smile.
Finally as the teacher arrived she left me alone. The class went by slowly, meaningless information I knew wouldn't come up again went in one ear and out the other. Like a robot I started to pack up my things as the bell rang, having done the same action millions of times now.
Life was on another level of uneventfulness. Movies definitely lied to us all about what college would be like. An arm wrapped around my shoulders and pulled me in, the familiar red hair that fell on my shoulder made me loudly sigh.
“What about fuck off do you not understand?”
“The fuck off part.” Natasha grinned at me.
“Why do you keep following me?”
“I’m trying to be friends here.”
“Oh yeah? You wanna be friends now? I thought I was a goody two-shoes and a tease.” I said irritated.
In the blink of an eye I was dragged into a room, the door locking behind us before she was pushing me up against the wall next to it. Her hands caged my head in as she stared down at me, her mouth slightly agape while her gaze was on my lips.
“Why can’t you just shut up for a second.” she spoke, moving her eyes between my own and my mouth.
“What are you doing?” I looked up at her, our height difference clearer now from our close proximity.
“Why is it that you’re the only one who doesn’t beg me to fuck them?” she questioned, lust clear in her voice.
“The playboy act isn't that appealing to me.” I answered, keeping my face blank and voice monotone.
Her hand cupped my cheek, dragging my bottom lip down before sighing. “Bet I could put that pretty mouth to some good use. You’ve been talking back a little too much lately, princess.”
I gave a sarcastic chuckle. “Oh really?”
She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees, holding my chin to lift my head up. “Don’t be a brat.”
I smirked up at her. “You seem pretty needy for me.”
She returned my smirk, raising her eyebrows suggestively while shrugging. “Or maybe I’m just doing everyone a favour by fucking the uptightness out of you.”
“You think I’ll just let you fuck me?”
She bent down a little, moving my head higher up so she could look closely at my face. “Oh princess, you’ll be begging me to do so.”
She stood back up, moving her hands onto her jeans to unzip them. She took her cock out of her underwear without removing her pants, stroking it with one hand while wrapping her other one into my hair. “Open up.”
I kept my mouth closed with a teasing smile, raising my eyebrows in a ‘whatcha gonna do now?’ way. She tugged my hair harshly, my head being forced back as I let out a surprised sound at the action. She took the opportunity of my open mouth to press the tip of her cock in between my lips.
“You could’ve just acted like a good girl.” she shook her head mockingly.
She moved my head back and forth onto her cock, using my mouth to get herself off. I placed my hands on her thighs while she fucked my mouth, just tugging on my hair to move me. She hit the back of my throat and I gagged, her response was a teasing chuckle. “What, can you barely take my cock in that mouth of yours?”
Tears filled my eyes before running down my cheeks, her movements speeding up quickly. My nails raked onto her thighs, trying to grip on harder to steady myself as she fucked my throat. She wiped away my tears with one of her hands while the other moved me further down onto her cock. 
“Is my princess having a hard time with my big cock stuffed in her mouth?” she fake pouted. “Maybe you just want me to fill that mouth with my cum?”
My scalp stung from her hold, my throat hurt but I couldn't deny that I was extremely turned on. I managed to kick off one of my shoes and moved my heel under me, sitting down on it to get some friction. I started to grind my hips back and forth, getting some much needed relief.
“Look at that… What a slut trying to get yourself off. You’re that horny for me?” Natasha said before pulling me off of her cock, holding my hair down to look up at her painfully by my hair. I groaned at the sudden movement, gasping as I could finally get some air.
“Fuck-” I coughed.
“I don’t remember telling you to do that.” She looked at me with a strict expression.
“S-sorry.” I got out as I tried to slow down my breathing.
She tugged my head back again, a wince falling from my lips. “You don’t do anything without my fucking permission, got it?”
I gave her a nod, my eyes wide as I looked at her angry face.
Her hand made sharp contact with my face, my head being forced to the side the most I could with her still having a grip on my hair. “Use your words, princess.”
She tapped my cheek lightly before letting go of me. “Good girl.”
She put her cock back into her underwear before pulling me up and dragging me to a desk. I stumbled before reaching out to steady myself on it, standing up to fix my stance. She pushed me around before lifting me up on the desk, immediately parting my legs so my skirt pooled around my waist.
“Of course you would have white panties. An innocent little princess like yourself needs to be pure and tidy, huh?” she talked while looking between my thighs. She crouched down onto the floor before moving my panties down my legs, stuffing them into her pocket. “I’m keeping those.”
She leaned forward and bit down on my thigh before licking up to my pussy. She moved my legs to lie over her shoulders while she held them down. Her tongue shot out and nudged my clit, a tiny sound was forced out of me before she did the movement again. She circled her tongue around the nub, teasing me slowly to make me break.
“Beg for it.” she said before brushing her lips against my clit.
“No? So you don’t want me to eat you out?” she asked with fake innocence.
“Fuck, come on.” I groaned.
Her nails dug into my thighs as she tightened her grip. “Beg me for it and I’ll do it.”
I rolled my eyes and huffed, leaning back onto my palms behind me. “Fuck you.”
She gave a small shake of her head before humming. She let her spit drop down onto my clit and smirked as I let out a moan. “You’re fucking throbbing, just admit you want it and beg me.”
Another huff left me and I scrunched up my face. “Fine…please just do it already.”
“That’s the best you can do?” she raised her eyebrow.
“Fuck- just go down on me!” I whined. “I need it so fucking bad, just lick me, anything, litterally just do anyth- AH~”
My sentence was cut off as she wrapped her lips around my clit, sucking hard before licking. She flicked her tongue over and over again, not letting up once.
“Too much- fuck~”
“You asked for it.” she smirked against me before continuing.
My hips moved against her face, a feeling starting to build in my lower stomach. “K-keep going~”
She lightly bit me before moving down to my hole, slipping her tongue into me while bringing her thumb to my clit. “Knew you would taste good.”
I was moaning loudly, my hand quickly slapping over my mouth to avoid someone hearing us. “Shit-” came out as a muffled noise.
“Are you getting close?”
I nodded, bringing my hand to her hair to hold her against me. “Holy fuck!”
She suddenly stopped before standing up, moving her underwear down enough for her cock to pop out. She dragged me further to the end of the desk before thrusting her cock into me in one stroke. “Fuck yes!” she moaned out.
I gasped and had to hold myself up better to not fall back. “Oh god…”
“S-shit you’re fucking pulsing around me.” She held my thighs up before moving, bucking her hips to force her cock in and out of me.
“Oh- just like that~”
She was breathing hard, fucking me faster with each second passing. “See how much better you are when you don’t go all smart-mouth all the time?” My mouth was wide agape, silent moans spilling out but not heard.
She adjusted her hold on me so she could thrust better up into me, hitting all the right spots each time. “Such a fucking whore~” she moaned. “You needed some cock to fix your attitude, huh?”
My hand covered my mouth again to stop my moans. I bit down on it to not scream as she hit just right. “Fucking hell~”
“This is a fucking fantasy… fucking the school’s ‘good girl’ in a classroom. God, the fuck do you think is gonna happen when you wear that short ass skirt and those thigh high socks- begging to be fucked like the little slut that you are~”
“Oh god!” I let out a muffled moan.
She lifted up my blouse, pressing her palm down onto my stomach. “Look at that fucking bulge… can see how deep inside of that little pussy I am. How can you even take me that fucking deep…”
“Holy shit- fuck me just like that!” I squealed.
“Needy little girl.” she breathed out. “You’re just my fucking cum-slut. Gonna use you whenever I fucking want.”
“I’m gonna cum!”
She let out a breathless chuckle. “Yeah? I’m making you cum, huh? The little whore is gonna cum all over my cock?”
I nodded quickly, my eyes shut tightly as I reached out to grab onto the side of the desk. “Fuck- fuck!”
“Fucking do it then.” she groaned.
I let out a scream-like moan and leaned forwards, gripping the desk so hard I was sure I could break it. I felt myself tighten up as I reached my orgasm, having experienced nothing as big as this one yet. I could feel my pussy pulsing hard, not even my vibrator could make me cum this hard.
I felt Natasha pull out of me, my eyes opening to see her fist her cock until she came onto my pussy. Her cum hit all over the insides of my thighs as well and I watched as it dripped onto the desk slowly.
We were both breathing hard and I looked at her as she stuffed her cock back into her pants before zipping them up. She grabbed her bag from the floor before turning around by the door, giving me a wink and a smirk. “That was fun, princess. You should probably fix that mess before getting to class. I know you have that test…good luck focusing after this.”
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mrsswaino · 5 months ago
fuck it up.
frank castle x f!reader .
Tumblr media
warnings : 18+, smut, unprotected sex, penetration, choking.
i’m just now noticing y'all don't even know my name?? hi! im jay. and a fun fact about me is i cant write smut without overthinking unless im high (and it usually turns out so much better?). i listened to f it up by tank while writing this - hence the name. anyways i'm gonna kinda try to work on dialogue? so ofc that means talkative frank. i hope it goes well for your sake. and are we surprised to see another self-indulgent fic? no? didn't think so. its only 624 words but - enjoy babes.
“c’mon, ya’ got it princess” frank states, looking down at where you’re sinking onto his cock.
and all you can do in response is drag your nails down his pec, because god, do you feel so full. and you can't help the little whimper that tumbles out of your mouth once all of his cock is inside you. you don't bother giving yourself anytime to adjust though, no you cant help yourself.
“attagirl” frank groans, hands raking the side of your torso.
and you also can't resist the temptation to wrap your hand around his neck. it just looks so, so pretty covered in the marks you left not too long ago. you can't help making a few more with how good he feels inside you, so soon enough you're digging your nails in his neck. and he cant help but let you. you thinking you're in control is just so cute. you just look so pretty like this - and he already knows there's no way you can keep it up for long.
so he finds himself revelling in the grip you have around his neck. how pretty you look using that grip for leverage to bounce on his cock. how pretty you look thinking that grip on his neck makes you in control.
just like he expected though, you can't keep it up long. you're breathing heavier, you're slowing down, and most importantly you've got that needy look on your face - and hes letting a groan out at it all.
“y’need help, baby?” he questions, but it comes out a bit (a lot) like a statement.
“please.” you can't help but shamelessly whimper.
before you can even realize what's happening his hands are on your hips, and in an instant he’s bouncing you up and down by himself. and you can't find anywhere with a steady grip, well at least not until you're grabbing your own tits. truly, frank loves the sight. and he's sure you're making crescent shaped dents into your own skin.
but he ruins the sight himself. the sight of you beneath him was just too alluring not to. but now instead of grabbing your boobs - youre grabbing him. and while both are great, he’s pretty sure he prefers the latter.
“feel good, sweetheart?”
since you’re biting your lip quite hard, you just find yourself whimpering and nodding at the question.
and then you hear frank grunting in your ear “why can’t i hear ya’?”, right before he’s gripping your jaw.
“let m’hear those pretty noises,” he starts “don't get shy now, princess.”
not like you really had much choice. the grip on your face basically had your mouth wide open, and you were practically drooling by the time he let go.then he’s hitting that spot, and at the moan you let out he’s holding in a chuckle.
“take m’cock so well,” he groans mainly to himself “like ya’ were made for me.”
with the way youre squeezing him though, he feels so close. franks a prideful guy though, and he takes pride in making you cum first. so while your heads back, and your eyes are squeezed shut from how good hes plowing you, hes sneaking his hand in between your thighs.
and almost as soon as he starts making circles on your clit you're shaking. you're exactly where he wants you.
“not yet, baby.”
“pleas-” you dont even get to finish, before his lips are smashing onto yours.
and everything is just so precise. the way hes hitting that spot inside you, his thumb making circles on your clit, and even the needy rushed kiss is. and youre sure you cant hold it for long. and frank really cant either - you just feel too good.
“g’head princess.”
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cinnajun · a month ago
ᵕ̈ ೫˚∗: a kiss on the cheek | lhc
Tumblr media
summary | you’ve only been dating haechan for a month now, and you haven’t even considered the chance of your first kiss happening yet. until one of your boyfriend’s friends mentions how much he likes kisses.
genre | lee haechan x fem! reader, high school! au, fluff
wc | 1.4k
a/n: here’s a lil something as i work on other stuff! i wrote it as i was really tired so it might suck, but i hope you enjoy nevertheless <3
Tumblr media
SPENDING TIME WITH your boyfriend and his friends was still a new thing for you, but you couldn’t say you didn’t like it. They were a fun group of people, and always had a new experience to recount or game to play.
Plus, they were very good at including you in the conversation, most likely at Haechan’s request.
Most of your time with them was spent at a little alcove in town, a little clearing surrounded by evergreen trees and overgrown grass. Hidden in the grove was a small, abandoned park, which your boyfriend said they visited the most. Today was no different, except for a little fact.
“So, one month?” Jaemin asked you, tugging at the uniform tie that was secured around his neck. Once it was adequately loosened, he lifted himself onto the edge of the flimsy bridge that connected one side of the play structure to the other. Jeno hopped on after, taking a spot next to his friend.
You and Haechan shared a spot on the center of the teeter-totter, balancing it out so it would stay perfectly straight. It was something you both had grown pretty good at over the past month; in a way, you considered it to be a token of your relationship.
“One month,” Jeno affirmed, taking a clean bite off the popsicle he’d bought from the corner store. “Wanna know how I know?”
“How do you know, Lee Jeno?” Jaemin asked, raising his eyebrow. Haechan seemed to pick up on what they were going to say, because he instantly dropped his happy attitude, opting for a more annoyed one.
“Guys, don’t—”
“It has been one month,” Jeno cut Haechan off, spreading his arms out. “Since Lee Haechan has tried to kiss me, or Jaemin, or anybody else!”
Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, and you were quick to snap your head in Haechan’s direction. You felt a bit embarrassed, mostly because Jaemin and Jeno didn’t know that you and Haechan hadn’t kissed yet; nevertheless, here they were, acting like you had filled up his kissing quota.
You were a bit embarrassed, and heat was quick to pool on your cheeks. You could only hope Jaemin and Jeno wouldn’t notice your embarrassment, but, judging by how their attention was on Haechan right now, you didn’t think they would.
“Shut up,” Haechan grumbled, summoning a pencil from his pocket and chucking it at Jeno. It hit his chest, falling somewhere into the grass, and Jeno didn’t seem to care too much. Instead, he just laughed, taking another bite of his popsicle.
“Aw, so embarrassed,” Jeno teased. In response, you just scoffed, crossing your legs.
“Why the hell are you biting the popsicle? What’s the point of a popsicle if you’re going to bite it?” you asked, derailing the conversation completely. The faster you could stop thinking of the prospect of your first kiss, the better; too much time spent and you’d be giggling in your bedroom tonight, thinking about Haechan rather than doing your math homework.
Haechan agreed, sticking his tongue out at Jeno. He just waved you off, taking another entire bite from the popsicle. “I’m not in the mood to let it melt today.”
“But you’re in the mood to let your teeth freeze off?” Haechan quipped. Before Jeno could respond, though, the sound of Mark yelling at you four distantly caught your attention. Haechan looked over at where the sound was coming from, which (coincidentally) happened to be in your direction.
On the other hand, you stared at him, catching his gaze. For a moment, you both simply stared at each other, but you broke off your quasi-staring-contest with a small smile and the turning of your head in Mark’s direction.
As always, you and Haechan were the last people on your route home. Usually, he’d be one of the first off, but he didn’t want you to walk home alone when it was dark out. So, he’d taken to skipping his street, walking all the way to your home with you before turning back.
It was endearing, cute, and very unHaechanlike. You liked it a lot.
Now that you were close to your home, though, you had a little mouse on your shoulder, telling you to bring up what Jeno had said earlier. Before you began dating, you were vaguely aware of how touchy he was with his friends, but you hadn’t been aware of the whole kissing thing. You both had never even gotten close to a kiss on the cheek, let alone anywhere else, so to hear he was fond of it was almost shocking.
You felt like tonight would be a good night to kiss him One month of dating, one month of poorly planned dates, two weeks of holding hands, and one week of hugs and linked arms. Things weren’t developing too fast, not like some of your friends’ current-and-past relationships, and now would be as good a time as ever.
It would make things more special, too.
When your house came into sight, just down the street from where you were, Haechan squeezed your hand, sighing.
“It sucks our one-month was on a Tuesday,” he said, now swinging your hands back and forth as you walked. “We couldn’t do anything fun or embarrassing. Not when everything is so hard right now.”
“I get it. I don’t mind at all,” you hummed, taking a few steps in front of him and pivoting to face him. You stood in front of your house, now, which was all lit up from the bright, fluorescent lightbulbs your dad had installed a couple of days ago. “I’m just glad we spent time together.”
“Yeah, with my idiot friends,” he grumbled. Haechan seemed pretty upset by your lack of anniversary date, as well, which made the shoulder-mouse’s squeaking even worse. Awkwardly, you both stared at each other, all while you went back and forth between the options in your mind. 
To kiss or not to kiss, that was the question.
As far as you were concerned, none of your family members were near the windows, and nobody was out right now. It was just you two and the empty neighborhood, with the occasional dog bark or tree rustle. It was the perfect setting for a first kiss, right in the dead of May, when the temperatures were beginning to pick up and summer rain was preparing to fall.
Why not? What’s stopping you? It’s not like a full-on kiss, just a kiss on the cheek. Nothing serious, nothing stressful, only a simple kiss on the cheek.
Placing a hand on his shoulders, you lifted yourself onto your tip-toes, planting a small peck on his left cheek. A huge smile blossomed on his face at the action, which you took pleasure in seeing as you returned to your normal height.
“You’re cute,” he giggled, which was also very unHaechanlike. Nevertheless, you enjoyed it, returning his smile with your own stupid one. Once again, it went quiet, and neither of you moved to leave or say goodbye.
“Can I kiss you?” Haechan not-so-suddenly asked, draping his hands around your waist. You raised your eyebrows in feigned shock, forming a small ‘O’ shape with your lips.
“Why, of course, you can.”
So, he leaned in, leaving a quick peck on your lips. You were the one to giggle this time, enjoying his warmth under the moon. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Haechan smiled, bringing you into a full hug. You returned it happily, squeezing him with everything you had.
“Same here.”
And, Haechan pulled away, giving you a small wave before he turned around and began his trek back to his street, leaving you to spend the rest of the night kicking your legs in delight and calling all of your friends to tell them about your silly, meaningless relationship developments.
Tumblr media
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so it goes | park jongseong
Tumblr media
pairing  ‣  brother's best friend+ racer!jay x it girl + best friend's sister! fem reader ft enhypen's hyung line , wooyoung & san (ateez) , yeonjun (txt) , seeun (stayc) , karina (aespa)
genre  ‣  brother's best friend trope , childhood friends to lovers , fluff , slight angst
warnings  ‣  profanities , arguing (not much) , not proofread , mentions of alcohol , jay getting a black eye (slight violence) , illegal racing (idk help) , lots of flirting + maybe slow burn , lots of getting cock blocked , sunghoon being a dick at times , hookup scene , reading is rushed (i was dying to get this fic off my wip list im so sorry).
rating  ‣  16+
wc  ‣  46k
a/n  ‣  HI LMAO. starting off with a very big apology for delaying this fic n starving y'all.. like this was due since april. it's been four months working on this fic n to make it up to y'all, here's a whooping 46k fic lolll! AND ALSO , thank you so so so so so so so so so much on 1k+ notes for chasing you ㅠㅠ!! truly im so greatful for it, so so grateful fr like i was so happy i was beaming the entire day when i found out we hit 1k+ on chasing you!!!!!!!!! as a thank you gift for making chasing you (y'all know i always go ALL out on jay fics) a hit, i gift y'all so it goes, volume 2 of the swift project, a whooping 46k (again!) fic!!!!!!! hope u guys have fun n enjoy reading!
playlist  ‣  so it goes...  - taylor swift , love me harder - the weeknd & ariana grande , chateau - blackbear , out of time - the weeknd , don't blame me - taylor swift , dancing with our hands tied - taylor swift , collide - justine skye & tyga , say it - tony lanez , or nah - ty dolla $ign & the weeknd , into you - ariana grande , trust issues - drake , slow down - chase atlantic , maps - maroon 5 , kiss & make up - blackpink & dua lipa , if i - seventeen , heartless - the weeknd , fallin all in you - shawn mendes, lily of the valley - daniel.
Tumblr media
BEING IN THE SPOTLIGHT had always been the park's sibling thing. you and sunghoon had always been the top of everything, never second or last. 
whether it was in terms of popularity, looks, style, personalities, academics, sports, curriculum, etc— you both never lacked. 
and there were just never any flaws found in the both of you, the both of you were just perfect. 
so perfect that almost everyone wanted to be you, that even when sunghoon graduated everyone was truly so bummed that the school had lost their gem. 
not too sad because you were still left, another gem was still there. and with all the popularity that came, everyone wanted to be you. 
it was just something that's normal, every girl wanted you, every girl wanted you and every guy wanted you, every guy needed a chance with you. 
some would even go telling around that they did get you, rumors like that would often be heard once and then but you never bothered about it. 
because if it's not a real fact, and it's not something you did— it's not a problem, you couldn't care less. 
in the end, you're you and they're them, a bunch of losers and fans that want to be you so bad. it was something you've gotten so used to that it's old news and you don't bother about anymore. 
surely to the reputation, you also live up to your standards. you're strong on your beliefs wherein anything that isn't related to your academics, school, friends, family and curriculum, it's not important.
even if you did like someone, it's just some celebrity crush you'll get over in a week. it wasn't because you're not attracted to anyone, you already had someone else in mind. but that's besides the point. 
because, that didn't seem to convince sunghoon enough considering his stupid little brother agenda had always annoyed you where he has this overprotective thing over you when a guy enters the conversation they can kiss the chances with you goodbye. 
every single time a guy approaches your radar, sunghoon is in your business telling them to fuck off or he'll make their life a living hell. and sunghoon is definitely a man of his words. 
on time this kid in your grade just approached you to ask about something related to the class you both take together and it seemed like it just had to be the worst timing, sunghoon was just right with you. 
the kid literally almost pissed himself from the daggers sunghoon was shooting at him for looking at you more than 5 seconds and you genuinely just wanted to die from how embarrassing it was. 
the fact it happened more than just once just proves how sunghoon overprotective over his sister agenda wasn't leaving anytime soon. 
but now that he's finally out of high school and busy with college and his lifestyle there, you thought you would finally be free from his torment. 
read : you thought. 
sunghoon was regardless on your back no matter what, so you pretty much gave up on trying to get sunghoon snap out of it even though it was annoying. 
what else was even more annoying is that sunghoon didn't seem to trust his own friends around you. 
it would've been less annoying if he had just kept that whole overprotective agenda with random guys but his own friends were just ridiculous. 
perhaps it was because he knew how his friends were, the type of guys that he's always warned you about, the type of guys you had to stay away from no matter what. 
you could agree with that if it came to jake since his natural habitat is being deep inches into different girls every weekend and playing with every single female he could spot. 
but jay? you didn't think so. you knew jay hanging out with jake and your brother would have influenced him in a sort of way, which it did but he was still different from them.
he had his fair amount of hookups, flings and one night stands but you knew he was famous for never being tied down to a relationship. you figured it was probably because he doesn't do commitments and whatnot but maybe he's just less of an asshole compared to your brother when it comes to girls. 
you just find jay somehow more interesting than jake— jake is a great guy but jay just keeps you attracted to him in an unexplainable way. 
you're sure you don't have feelings for him, you don't do all these feelings stuff but, jay has something on you and you like to think it's just probably him being fine. 
besides they're all away in college now so it wouldn't matter, you'll get over it in no time (that's what you've been telling yourself ever since you were 11 but whatever that helps you sleep at night). 
it's been about a year and half now ever since you've seen them and ever since they've moved away for college. other than all the parties and mess they made when they were back home— you couldn't deny that you indeed missed their presence. 
you loved your friends and everything but being around your brother and his friends felt more like home to you.
so you were beyond overjoyed when your mom broke the news that they boys are finally coming back home for summer break. so overjoyed that you couldn't sleep at night, just few hours away from reconciling with your brother and his friends again. 
the entire time you were at school you couldn't wait for each period to end, you were so excited that you couldn't stop talking about the news to your friends. 
"god i can't remember the last time i went to a good party— like, all the parties i went to after the 02z left was literal trash and so lame, " wooyoung sighs, rolling his eyes and continuing to sip his chocolate milk. 
"right? so glad they're finally back in town, summer this time is gonna be the best." karina agrees, shaking her head cheerfully and turns to face you, who's already looking at her with a big smile. 
chuckling at your friends being so hyped and cheerful now that summer break is finally here and senior year is coming to an end— and, the 02z being back in town.
"you guys seem to be more excited than me at this rate."
seeun shoves your shoulder and gives you a mischievous smirk. 
"yeah and you, young lady," she says, narrowing her eyes at you. "you have no excuses now to bail out on us when we're going to parties— school's out, we don't want to hear anymore lame shit coming out of that pretty mouth, y/n."
the only difference between sunghoon and you is that, despite being in the centre of spotlight, you had always been more of a homebody and sunghoon was always the life of the party. 
so when it came to large gatherings like parties and stuff, you were always too occupied with academics to bother about those parties sunghoon threw. 
and the part where sunghoon and his friends are dying of hungover the next morning, you're not a big fan of it, at all. 
"seeun's right, it's finally summer babe! we need to set loose, it's the final year of high school are you seriously gonna choose to leave out all of the fun?" wooyoung asks as he shrugs so exaggeratedly. 
karina nods along, and smiles at you with the very well known smile of hers, the one that just makes you agree to everything she says. 
the rina charm, and unfortunately it works on you. 
"you're already always missing out on the race matches we go to, the ones that your brother and his friends are always at too!" karina whines, at this point she's begging you with pleading eyes.
"i just don't see the point in racing, the hype is too exaggerated." 
"girl, have you seen choi yeonjun?" wooyoung gasps at your statement, crossing his arms across his chest. 
"what? he's back in town again, too?" karina asks as she faces wooyoung with her jaw wide open. 
"yeah, he's back for summer break too which means races are gonna be held more frequently now." 
you just sigh loudly at karina and wooyoung conversing about the races they cannot get enough of, especially with whatever drama that goes on in there. 
one thing you know for sure is that sunghoon did not like choi yeonjun at all, even the sight of him gets the blood boiling. you personally never had any experience with him so you're not sure about what's the hype with him or what's the beef your brother has going on with him. 
whatever it is, you hope he just doesn't get into any messy trouble with yeonjun and ruin the summer for himself and everyone else. 
"so, i was saying— y/n you can't miss out on any fun and i mean it." wooyoung demands, pushing karina aside and ignoring her as she begs wooyoung for more news about yeonjun. 
her massive crush on choi yeonjun was showing, but that was every other girl in belift high, you guess. 
"fine, whatever you guys say." you nod, agreeing to wooyoung and the rest. 
"seriously girl, just let loose and have the best fun you can, you only live once as a teenager, high school will never happen again." wooyoung says and pouts at you with his hand plastered on his chest so dramatically. 
"you need to shut the fuck up, that was so corny." seeun says and bursts into laughter with karina. 
well she wasn't wrong entirely, wooyoung has quite a knack for being so dramatic for no reason at all. 
"seriously, y/n? you too?" he sulks, seeing you joining karina and seeun laughing at him. 
"wait! no, wooyoung—" you call out the half blonde half black haired boy as he gets up and leaves, sulking. 
"you better go after him, you started this!" karina says, slapping seeun's arm and pushing her off the bench. 
you just wave seeun a goodbye when she leaves whining after wooyoung, in hopes he'd get over it. 
"you should get going," karina chuckles, and gets up with her bag slinged over her shoulder. 
you completely forget your brother and his friends arrival, too engulfed into the conversation with your friends. 
"oh yeah, i almost forgot." jumping over the bench, you grip onto your bag and walk the opposite way as you wave at karina.
"see you rina!" 
the walk back home was quite nervous for some reason. you found it weird you were feeling this way, it was really just the same three people you practically grew up with, so being nervous shouldn't even be in your system. 
somehow the closer you got to your residence, your heart was beating against your rib cage in nervousness. 
the familiar car parked in front of the front yard gave you the chills and the excitement being mixed with nervousness was making you light-headed. 
entering your home you see your mother walking down the stairs with a big smile at you. 
"are they back already?" you ask and take off your bag in a rush before heading into the living room right away. 
"what? were you hoping we weren't gonna come back?" a voice pops up from the corner and there was the cocky tone in the voice that your recognized all too well. 
"hoon!" you gasp, engulfing him into a hug with big smiles plastered on each other's faces. sunghoon chuckles and gasps for air jokingly when you wrap your arms around him so tightly. 
"you're gonna kill me, y/n!" sunghoon whines, tapping your arm when you pull away with a scowl. 
"what a way to greet your sister that you haven't seen in a year and plus right? the best brother award must belong to you." you say, scoffing and rolling your eyes when he smirks with a proud expression on his face. 
"that award has always been mine, you're just too late to acknowledge that." he says, cocking his eyebrow as he smiles at you. 
yeah, you definitely missed him so much. 
"seriously? not even a second after the sibling reunion, you guys are already fighting." 
you turn around to see jake coming out from the kitchen, striding his way towards you with a big smile.
pulling you into a hug, you melted into his embrace and taking in the feeling you missed oh so much. 
"cut it out now," sunghoon interrupts, pulling you apart from him making you and jake whine in annoyance. 
what was sunghoon without keeping you off limits from his friends right?
"dude im finally seeing her after more than a year— are you serious right now?" jake scoffs jokingly, whining at his best friend. 
"well you can see her," sunghoon says, nodding his head towards you. "but keep your hands off her." 
"even if your hair changed, that overprotective brother in you definitely didn't." you grunt, tearing your gaze away from jake and hoon to the figure standing by the kitchen, a small smirk on his face as he watches the ongoing quarrel. 
eyes scanning you up and down, he pushes himself off the wall and walks over to you and the rest, hands in pocket and smug expression plastered on his pretty face. 
you're stunned, you weren't going to lie. 
natural black did wonders on him, and wonders as in making you feel so giddy the moment your eyes laid on him. 
you didn't ever know how gorgeous someone could look like in jet-black hair, jay pulled it off so effortlessly— he looked even more better than he was in blonde. 
if that wasn't enough to hold you back from almost letting your jaw hit the floor from seeing him, jay has gotten a lot more broader and you wonder if he's been hitting the gym in the past year because the outlines of his biceps and muscles looked more defined. 
your eyes just couldn't leave his just as his couldn't leave yours. 
you looked just like he could remember but more— breathtaking. senior year has definitely played a big part on how much you've matured over the year, you look more pretty and hot. 
"hi, jay." 
your voice has gotten deeper than he remembers, the high pitchy voice now replaced with an alluring voice that was truly taking everything in him to not get weak in his knees. 
nevertheless, pushing all the thoughts behind, jay just gives you a small smile and then faces away from you. 
you're not sure why the lack of attention or interaction with him gave you a small pang in the heart, not that it shouldn't have mattered. 
you paused to think, no way in hell did you consider wanting anything to do with him that isn't platonic— just because suddenly he showed up after a year and half being gone, looking a lot more fine and handsome, didn't mean he could be your summer fling. 
but you couldn't help but think about the possibilities of it happening, it seemed fun and thrilling. 
the mere thought of sneaking behind your brother's back and fooling around with his best friend didn't seem like too much of a bad idea at all— pretty much the thought of it gave you a sudden adrenaline rush although that could be such a betrayal to your brother from two people he trusted, his sister and his best friend.
with the sudden tension between you two and summer break starting, having a small fun can't possibly go wrong, _right_?
just a summer fling can't possibly be more than just a summer fling, and your friends were telling you to let loose, this could be your chance. 
if jay was down for it and you were, as long as you both are being discreet enough, not a single soul knowing about it besides the two of you (and maybe your friends), nothing can go wrong.
"we're gonna head out for a moment, it's been awhile— we'll probably go around the town for a few hours," sunghoon tells your mother as he picks up the car keys with jake hot on his trail. 
"we'll be back before dinner, mrs.park!" jake agrees along with his friend, giving your parents his sweet cheshire cat smile. 
your parents could never not give in, especially when it comes to jake. how could they not, especially when the boys are finally back after a long time, they deserved to have some fun.
"alright i guess," she says before pointing at the jake and sunghoon. "be back home before dinner, you promised and be safe, boys." 
nodding like a bobbleheads, jake and sunghoon giving each other high-fives, they rush out the door. 
"dude, let's go!" 
you glance at jay, seeing him give a small bow at your parents before looking back at you and leaving with his friends to whatever mess they're about to create. 
the look he gave put few thoughts into your head, one being the one-million dollar question; 
he can be your summer fling, right?_
Tumblr media
HOURS HAS passed by and your brother and his friends were still not home yet, although it was inching closer to dinner time in a few minutes. 
even your friends had stopped for 'checking on you' when in reality they were actually just here to catch a glimpse of the 02z. just too bad, their timing was wrong. 
helping your mom with taking the dishes to the dining table, as soon as you place it down on the table, the front door opens and you hear shuffling down the hallway. 
"we're home!" 
sunghoon enters the kitchen first, and immediately sits down at the table but your mom slaps his hands when he reaches for the food.
"has college ruined your manners? go wash your hands, sunghoon!" your mom glare at him, immediately making him get up, sulking as he disappears into the kitchen to wash his hands. 
you stifle your laugh when you follow him into the kitchen to get more plates. 
"i'll knock off your teeth, stop laughing." sunghoon scowls, glaring at you in annoyance. 
sibling fights used to be the one thing you dreaded the most, but when sunghoon was away, it was the thing you missed the most although you had your peace. 
"yeah yeah as if hoon," you stick out your tongue at him. "how do you have no manners in your fossil age?" 
without a warning, sunghoon flicks off the water from his wet hands into your face making you shriek in surprise— and well, now your skin damp.
"PARK SUNGHOON!" you scream, taking water into your hands and flicking it on to him. 
"Y/N WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!" he whines back, and chases you around the kitchen to flick more water onto you. 
you're both fully drenched by the time your mother heads into the kitchen at the sudden commotion and screaming. 
"are you both serious right now?" she sighs loudly, slamming her hand against the cabinet on her left, stopping you both in tracks. 
"you both need to grow up, are you guys seriously gonna fight? sunghoon you're an adult, y/n you're old enough to think!" 
you stare silently at your mom, suddenly feeling embarrassed when jake peeks his head into the kitchen, behind your mom. 
"she started it first, you're always blaming me…" sunghoon trails off making you gasp at his audacity to blame you. 
"me?! he's lying, mom!" 
"both of you cut it out, i don't want to hear anything— get changed i don't want to see you both drenched AND CLEAN THIS MESS!" she scoffs, glaring at the both of you and then leaving the kitchen to attend to the guests. 
you both stand in silence before bursting out into laughter. 
"you're so annoying, gosh." sunghoon chuckles, as he kneels down to wipe the wet patches on the floor from flicking water at you earlier. 
"if anything you're the annoying one here, hoon." you retort back, chuckling when you kneel down next to him. 
you both clean up the mess in silence, before one of you speak up again. 
"i missed this," 
you look up at sunghoon and see him smiling at you softly. "the saying, you don't miss something until you can't have it anymore, it's true." 
"i was really homesick most of the time more than i was having fun back there— sure partying was always my thing, but i missed two among the most important things in my life." he continues but halts his actions when he  looks at you. 
you hum at him to go on, with a small smile.
"home and racing." 
"why was i expecting you to say it was me or something?" you snort, shaking your head a sunghoon being dramatic. 
"are you not my home, y/n?" 
you pause, looking at sunghoon whose face is now flustered, and eyes slightly glossy. 
"i missed my sister the most, you know you mean the world to me more than anything— family will always come first to me." 
you stay silent, letting sunghoon pull you into a hug, and sigh. 
sunghoon was barely the one to express his affection towards you in this brother and sister relationship, it had always been you. 
so seeing sunghoon breakdown from being homesick after being away, you realize that the empty spot in your heart is filled the moment you fall into sunghoon's arms. 
it's so reassuringly comforting that when teardrops falling from your eyes surprised you. 
"i missed you too, hoon." you whisper, and close your eyes, letting the hug make up for all the moments you stood in front of his room when he was away, hoping he'd be behind it, waiting to yell at you for disturbing him. 
or when the days you'd come back home to a empty house when your parents were frequently out of town for business, you secretly hoped the house would've been filled with random people from school with sunghoon in the kitchen or upstairs chugging down his beer from beer pong, ready to be yelled at you for holding a party when you needed to study for s test you'd ace regardless. 
"we look so dumb right now." sunghoon laughs, pulling away from you and rubs his eyes and sticky cheeks from the tears. 
"it's alright, we're dumb and dumber." you say, chuckling when sunghoon agrues that he's just dumb and you're dumber. 
whatever that made him happy you figured. 
after cleaning up the mess and catching up, your mom was already scolding you guys for missing out on the entire dinner which resulted to you and sunghoon having a late night dinner as you both catched up on each others lives while the rest were already in their designated rooms for the night. 
when you slipped into bed that night, there was a lingering guilt feeling in your chest after the interaction with jay from the day and sunghoon's confession from earlier. 
sunghoon said you were one of the most important people in his life, and if you were to betray him and his trust, you'd never forgive yourself for it. 
but liking someone isn't a crime, if you were attracted to jay and if you were to have a fling with him regardless, there was nothing you could do about it
to say the least, you were lost in confusion and absolutely clueless before you drifted off into your slumber.
Tumblr media
MAYBE SPRING was a better season compared to summer because you were drenched in sweat the second you stepped out of your house just to wait for wooyoung to pick you up. 
you and your friends finally decided to make plans for the first week of summer. ever since that night, you and the 02z barely met apart from seeing each other for a few seconds in the morning, so you figured they were busy for the time being, hence hanging out with your friends seemed to be much of an better idea than just staying home and rewatching the same series you've been watching for months now. 
but now that you're practically damp and sticky, staying home didn't seem much of a bad idea anymore. before you could head in, the familiar red mercedes stops in front of your yard, honking at you. 
"i can see you're here, there was absolutely no reason to honk, woo." you say, rolling your eyes when he winks at you. 
"my baby sounds hot when he's talking," wooyoung says when you close the door after getting in. 
you hear karina and seeun gag at wooyoung's over exaggeration about his car. 
"it's about fucking time you're finally obsessed with something that isn't choi san." seeun says without batting an eye at wooyoung as she continues to scroll on her phone. 
the silence wooyoung gave was loud enough to make the three of you look at him and gasp. 
"don't tell me….." 
"why else would i want to volunteer to take you guys to the pool party choi yeonjun is hosting?" he asks, leaning his arm on the armrest and puckering his lips out. 
"CHOI YEONJUN?" karina shrieks, well practically screams at the name of her crush being mentioned. 
seeun gives her a sigh, mentally regretting what she agreed to when wooyoung had texted in the group chat earlier if anyone wanted to hang out at a pool party. 
she thought he meant a personal one where it was just them, the thought of wooyoung taking his friends to a pool party where his crush was definitely not on her thoughts radar. 
"okay so we're going to a pool party hosted by choi yeonjun?" you ask as you take off your sunnies and point it at wooyoung. 
he nods. 
"see you guys tomorrow, i'm leaving!" you chuckle and turn around to leave but wooyoung is quick to lock the doors. you attempt to open it again but seeun sighing loudly again just made you give up. 
"y/n, don't be a party pooper!" 
"wooyoung do you not know how much trouble i can get into if sunghoon finds out?" you whine loudly, and let your head hit against the cool leather seat you're on. 
"it's about time you stop walking on eggshells around your brother," he says, and you give him a glare. 
"and—" he stops you before you could argue further, "i heard your brother and his friends are there so, it's probably not a big deal. maybe yeonjun and your brother are finally civil again or not why else would he be there?" 
wooyoung's right but your gut tells you to not trust him, he's always the root of the problem when the rest of you get into a mess. so speaking from you experience you don't want to trust him, but the sudden reminder that jay would be there somehow makes you cave in. 
besides, you did see the boys leaving a few hours prior to this in summer wear, so wooyoung also isn't wrong. 
karina gives you her pleading eyes and you sigh, nodding after a while. 
the two cheers while you and seeun sigh in worry and bored. 
you don't know what you signed up for, but you have a feeling it's about to be eventful for sure.
Tumblr media
PEOPLE LEARN FROM THEIR mistakes all the time, some do after committing mistakes once more and some don't at all. you and your friends belong in the last category as for now and as long as you guys continue to be friends with jung wooyoung. 
trusting wooyoung was always a bad idea, even when it came to skipping out on classes, it was always the three of you getting caught and woyoung somehow getting away or when you accidentally got wasted as fuck and got an earful from your parents while wooyoung stayed back like a cat after being the one who brought you into the mess.
even if you guys ever managed to not get into a trouble it was by sheer luck and once in a blue moon.
however, now wasn't any different either— you, karina and seeun are contemplating on why did you guys think trusting wooyoung when he said a bomb ass pool party that's hosted by choi yeonjun was a good idea. 
the four of you stood stranded in the middle of the party house, glaring at wooyoung after he 'found out' that it wasn't actually choi yeonjun hosting the pool party, it was actually some other kid with a choi too— him mishearing now has lead to the four of you to be clueless in a random stranger's house pool party. 
"what do we do now?" you ask and receive no responses back except for karina still looking around hoping for a choi yeonjun to show up, wooyoung bored out of his mind and seeun being emotionless and annoyed. 
this wasn't what you would see at a pool party but your friend group has issues. 
"oh my," 
the three of you turn towards karina who's gawking at the backyard with her jaw slacked on her floor. 
"oh my god y/n the 02z are here!" 
"what?" you shriek. you did expect something from karina but that definitely was not it. wooyoung gasps when he sees jake entering the house, wet and damp head to toe, like he had just come out from the pool. 
by the obvious looks of it, he definitely did— water trailing down his toned chest and his blonde but now light brown hair sticking to his forehead. from the opposite of the room, with everyone's eyes on him, his gaze meets yours. 
jake smiles when he sees you and immediately strides over as he continues to wipe his hair with the towel in his hand. 
"yo y/n, didn't know you were coming!"
"oh, uh me too." you laugh awkwardly, glancing at wooyoung who just gave you a small smirk before you looked back at jake again. "we just happened to be here, by mistake." 
jake just laughs in response as he looks at you, while karina is staring at him with two big hearts popped out of her eye sockets. 
"don't know what you mean but hope you guys have fun," he says, and looks around at your friend group. "i'm gonna go hop in the shower, see you around, yeah?" 
"yeah, cool, bye!" you wave at him and immediately turn back to your friends. 
"y/n be honest, do your brother's friends get a free pass to you that others don't?" 
"what the fuck is that supposed to mean?" you shriek at the sudden comment by wooyoung who's giving you the most mischievous shit-eating grin ever.
"you know, like, does jake sim have the hots for you or something because he could not stop staring at you, the whole entire time he was here." 
karina gasps, agreeing along with wooyoung as if she wasn't drooling at the sight of a shirtless, wet glistering jake sim which she probably could have developed a crush on a while ago. 
"karina i thought you were better than this, why are you even agreeing with whatever nonsense wooyoung just brews?" you ask, and scrunch your nose in disbelief when she sighs and reasons. 
"wooyoung is not wrong, the entire time i was staring at him, his eyes did not leave yours and those skimpy shorts of yours," she says, giggling at the way your face reddened. 
"you made a good choice today, love the shorts babe." 
you sigh disappointedly at your friends' delusions, "i hope i never hear that again because one, it's not true." 
"and two, on the worst case scenario— sunghoon will murder jake," you pause and point at yourself with your thumb facing tour way. "and me." 
karina sighs exasperatedly, "how is it any of your brother's business if you get bitches or not?" 
"yeah like at this rate your life companion is about to be your right hand flicking the bean, and you'll die a bitchless virgin." 
wooyoung nods, and gives you a mocking pout. 
"that's the worst that can happen to you, y/n. we mean it." he says, scanning your stunned state. 
"you guys worry too much about her, she's a grown woman that can fend for herself, neither you guys or her brother should even be this controlling and way too worried for her." 
the three of you look toward seeun who finally spoke up and staring back clearly annoyed which makes wooyoung scoff obnoxiously loud, as if it was on purpose. 
"forget about y/n for a second," he pauses for an instant. "what's up with you all day, all up in your feels and shit?" 
seeun furrows her eyebrows, confused why wooyoung was suddenly up her ass with an annoying question. 
but before she could retort back at wooyoung, you cut her off. "i think we should chill!" 
"yeah yeah! y/n, let's go by the pool!" karina cheers, grabbing you by the first and dragging you away from the two annoyed hotheads. 
"wooyoung's right though, seeun hasn't been in the best mood all day. she's been sighing and sulking," karina says as you follow her , hot on her trail. 
when you don't say anything and just hum, karina continues on, "especially when jake was eye fucking you earlier—" 
"he wasn't eye fucking me!" you gasp at her illicit way of expressing jake looking at you as he spoke, it was proper speaking courtesy (or perhaps your friends were right and you just didn't notice it!). 
karina gave you a lopsided smile and then continued as you caught up to her by her side while you guys made your way out of the sweaty bodies in the crowd.
"i was saying, especially when he was 'looking' at you earlier," she says, "seeun was literally shooting daggers at him." 
"are you serious?" you ask her, chuckling at the way she was over exaggerating it. maybe seeun is on the time of the month and wasn't feeling too well, or perhaps she didn't enjoy jake interrupting you four.
karina shakes her head at you, denying. 
"my gut and rina instincts says that……" she trails off with her index finger tapping into her chin while she pretends to think knowing damn well the answer is already in her head. 
"just say it!" 
"that seeun got jealous because jake was talking to you and not her!" 
you halt your steps, immediately tugging karina back due to you two holding hands and you stare at her, completely stunned. 
"i don't know if your speciality is being dense or— there's no way in hell that's possible," you say to karina, shaking your head at her statement. 
"what do you mean? you know she's always hyped when 02z hold parties and— and… you know!" karina whines, trying to justify her guess but she only gives it up when you laugh. 
"although you and i both know that's not true— but if it's actually true, then good for her, i'll keep my limits with jake for her sake, if that helps." you say and walk away last karina when you spot a vacant beach lounge. 
karina's instincts tingle again, but this time it indicates something's wrong, nevertheless she just pushes it to the back of her mind and heads over to you, deciding that minding her own business as of now seemed like a better option. 
as soon as you both settle down, you take off your clothes and now, in your bathing suit, ready to sunbathe due to the weather being just perfect for it. 
you turn to ask karina to give the sunblock moisturizer, but she's already somehow dozed off with a book on top of her face, covering her sleeping state. 
sighing, you pick it up yourself and sit back down to apply it on, but just as you were about to, your attention is caught by a person at the opposite of you in the pool, surrounded by a flock of girls. 
although you're sitting on the chair, you couldn't help but feel your knees weak when you see his skin glistering under the sun from the water and his hair just slicked back, a few strands sticking onto his forehead just like jake from before. 
jay's gaze remains on you despite the girls practically pushing themselves on him and you weren't going to lie, that definitely gave you quite an ego boost and made you feel some type of way. 
as if he's only focused on you even if the most charming girl wants him.
lips curling up into a smirk, you let out a breathy laugh when one of the girls slides her hand up his chest, pulling him onto her shoulder, like a hug but she's practically lying on him. 
nevertheless the gaze of the boy doesn't leave yours and somehow you feel like you're entitled to retort back, in a way.
two can play at this game, for sure. 
squirting the liquid from the bottle, you drop the bottle and spread the liquid on your skin, all while making sure you're doing it in the most sensual way possible. applying the moisture on your legs, slowly while remaining eye contact with him and a growing smirk in your face. 
what you didn't expect out of that action is for jay to push off the girls and swim his way towards you. that's was quick, you thought and pushed your hair forward onto your right side. 
"what do you think you're doing?" is the first thing he says and your smirk is immediately replaced with a scowl. 
"well, hello to you too jay!" you scoff, though that doesn't really seem to phase jay. 
"you're not answering my question," he says, leaning into the tiles and squinting his eyes at you. if he definitely wasn't being rudely annoying, you would've gave him a compliment or two because holy hell, was this boy fine as fuck.
"i asked what do you think you're doing?" he asks, cutting you off. you're starting to wonder if he had always been this annoying before. 
too bad as far as you could, he wasn't even this rude before, jay seemed to have a knack for it now. college must've changed him.
"why does it matter to you what i do?" you ask, rolling your eyes at him. jay glares at you sharply before, he jabs his tongue against his inner cheek. 
truth to be told, your heart wasn't the only thing pulsing. 
"well it does. don't do that again, especially to just anyone, y/n, im serious." he says, getting out from the pool with water just dripping down his body and it was truly taking everything in you to not gawk at him, shamelessly. 
"and i'm serious jay, there's nothing wrong with what happened, i was just applying sunscreen." you justify with the growing smile in your face that makes jay snap. 
"just applying sunscreen?" he asks, even copying the tone you used. "i don't think so y/n, looks like you were trying to do something else there."
"huh, really? and what would that be then?" you ask, gasping at the end to add a little bit of attitude as you laid back in your chair, looking up at him. 
"are you kidding me right now?" 
"oh, no! i'm not, why would i?" you gasp, faking a shock in surprise when he asks you the obvious. "i mean, you said i was trying to do something else and i have no idea what i was trying to do like you said, so please, enlighten me, jay?" 
jay bends down, leaning over close to you so he's on the same eye level as you. pressing down on your thigh, making your stomach do flips, he sighs. 
"don't press my buttons, y/n, i know what you're trying to do, don't." he says, with a small nonchalant smirk. 
"y/n." you never knew your name sounded so good before, and jay saying it has you tongue tied.
 "you'll tempt me too then." 
if that didn't leave you speechless, you certainly don't know what would and with that being plastered on your entire face, jay's smirk grows bigger and he just walks off, leaving you flustered. 
"f-fuck." you breathe out, bringing your hand to your face to feel so hot it was getting. your face was hotter than the weather itself, and that spoke for itself. 
when you got back home, you were glad the boys weren't back yet because you didn't know what to do if you ever saw jay again. you just didn't know how to react if you saw him again and the only thing that'll flash through your mind is the scene from the pool party before. 
how could something so meaningless like that affect you this much? you didn't know the answer yourself. 
after escaping from your friends, jay, your brother and coming back home, you just rushed to take shower and shut yourself in your room. 
only after a few hours did the boys finally come back home and you made sure to avoid jay every way possible, though you were already locking yourself inside your room. 
and the scene from the pool earlier just couldn't stop playing in your head like a broken cassette tape. 
like what the fuck was "you'll tempt me too then," even meant, because that was something that definitely had thinking about all night, not a single blink of sleep did you have tonight. 
you glance over at the clock on your nightstand for the 100th time tonight, showing it's just past three a.m. and your stomach starts rumbling. 
you missed dinner from trying to hide from jay, though your mom insisted on sending it to you upstairs, you figured you'd be fine just missing one meal. seems like it's not. 
slipping out of your sheets, you walked out of bed and headed downstairs when you were sure it was pitch black and eerie silent in the dark hours of the night. you see all the rooms were closed so that probably meant everyone was asleep, at least you hope they were. 
cause as soon as you walked into the kitchen, your soul almost left your body when you see a tall figure leaning against the cabinets, scrolling through his phone. 
"oh my fucking god," you gasp, holding onto your chest as your other hand flicks on the light switch, revealing jay looking at you with his eyebrows furrowed. "you scared me!" 
no reaction is on his face even when you approach him with another gasp from staring at his forehead. 
"were you at the tracks? what happened!" shrieking, you move his hand out of the way and examine the wound on his head. it was a cut, but it looked like it wasn't treated yet, that would lead to an infection. 
when he doesn't answer even when you move back, you gasp, once more time. 
"did you get into a fight?!" 
"it wasn't a fight, y/n." he replies, and puts his palm against the wound to hide it but only winces in pain when his hand makes contact with the wound. 
"then what the hell happened?" 
"why are you worrying?" he asks, shutting his phone off and placing it on the table, right next to you and turns his focus into you. 
you should be asking yourself the same question too, why exactly are you worried about him. sure you should worry, but worrying in this way, that wasn't necessary. 
but you still find yourself worrying as soon as you see the wound in his pretty face though you can just go on with your day, just gasping at first sight, telling him to treat it and a get well soon, would've been fine but— worrying up close, doesn't seem like what a normal person would do. 
"i'm not worrying! but the wound isn't treated, it can turn out worse, jay." you say, and turn around to go take the first aid kit but a hand wrapping around your arm pulls you back. 
"there's no need for that, it's just a minor injury." 
"did you get into a fight? there's no way a minor injury can look like this?" you ask him, looking up at his wound then back to his face. it annoys you that he's looking at you with a relaxed smile because you would be crying your ass out for that shit hurting like hell. 
"no— no, not a fight, again." he says, and lets go of your arm. "i just kind of fell," 
"y/n, it's not that deep, i'm fine." he says, stopping you from saying anything more. "really— and you said you're not worrying, to me this definitely looks like you're worrying." 
your mouth opens and closes when no words seem to come out of it, immediately embarrassing yourself. you hate yourself for getting easily flustered by him. 
you move away and awkwardly look away, avoiding his gaze that's burning into your back. you can practically feel his eyes on your entire body, and damn right you just had to wear the most skin showing nightwear. 
"what are you so late for?" he asks, breaking the tense atmosphere created in so little time. you turn around to look at him, and he's leaning against the counter, now with his elbows propped up as he looks at you. 
does this man know how fine he is?
"couldn't sleep," you replied and then remembered the reason why you even came downstairs in the first place. 
you walk past him to the opposite side of the kitchen, and tiptoe to reach the upper shelf to get the ramen packet you hid just a few days ago, from sunghoon just in case he tries to steal it all. 
too bad, that didn't end well for you because now you're struggling to reach the upper part of the cabinet and the fact jay is just watching you was making you embarrassed. 
you're not short— you have the average height for every teen your age, it's just the cabinet in the house is just way too high for you. and right now just had to be when your little stool is missing. 
jay is trying so hard to not stare at the way your thighs just keep on showing from how your dress is riding up each time you tiptoe more to reach the upper shelf. 
pushing himself off the counter, he strides to you and opens the cabinet above you catching you off the guard. his back against yours, and your back against his, you almost passed out at the feeling of his toned chest against your back the only thing separating your bodies are the thin clothings of yours and his. 
grabbing the packet, he doesn't move back yet instead he places the packet next to you, on the table making sure his skin is on yours as he places it down. it's making you light-headed, he knows what's he doing and you're liking it. 
"you could've just asked for help if you needed it." he says, but almost like an whisper to how close he is next to you. 
turning around, his arms traps you in between both arms on each side. the height difference was killing you but the way you're both looking at each other, it's filled with so much of tension. 
but two can play at this game, right? again. 
your lips turn upwards into a smile and your widened pupils turn into lazier ones, battling your eyelashes at him from underneath. you trail your hand up his firm chest, the ones that were on your back earlier.
and you lean closer, "very thoughtful of you," you say, smiling. "thank you, jay." 
with that, you push him aside and take the ramyeon packet with you to the stove area, leaving him completely flustered this time. if he thinks he can play you, you've done this million times before, you're definitely a pro. 
a scoff leaves jay before he crosses his arms and goes back to the counter and takes a seat on the lined up stools. 
just right before you put the noodles into the water in the pot, under the fire, you turn around to look back at the boy looking just right at you. 
"do you want to have ramyeon with me?" 
very crucial question that holds various of meanings. 
"only on one condition." you cut him off. "get that wound treated." 
jay looks at you for a second and then takes off the leather jacket he has on. before replying, his lips curve into a smile as well.
Tumblr media
A WOMAN AND A MAN eating ramyeon meant two things as far as you were concerned. one, just two normal friends or mutuals having a talk over ramyeon, just a simple thing!
another is two people on a date because person a asking person b to eat ramyeon with them means they're asking the other out, and if they say yes, then they're both going out. 
but what happened when you asked jay to eat ramyeon with him was really neither. because one, you're both not friends, nor are you two mutuals. you're both just— unlabeled, cause you both do not act like you're just friends. 
friends don't say things that keep them awake the entire night thinking about it, friends don't make each other feel things, giddy, and get butterflies. friends certainly don't just lean up to each other and flirt tremendously. 
jay is just your brother's best friend and you are just jay's best friend's sister. 
nothing more or nothing less, and that was killing you. 
the night you both are ramyeon together, nothing much even happened after that though you were secretly hoping for something to happen. 
apart from you both having a mild conversation on how life was after being away from home for college and how's senior life, nothing even happened. not even skinship, that's how it was. 
when you asked jay about his social life and dating stuffs, everything he replied seemed so new. you were expecting some type of 'oh nothing new, just sunghoon type of shit'. 
but instead you were stunned by his replies. 
" so how's college life? sunghoon hasn't mentioned any girlfriend yet," you ask, ignoring the small pang at the mention of jay having a girlfriend. sometimes you just be doing the damage to yourself.
"oh, well— i'm really not into that anymore." 
"you're gay?!" 
"y/n, no?" jay laughs at your sudden outburst, wishing he could capture the moment when your face is already puffy and the noodles halfway stopped between your pouty lips as you stare at him with big eyes. "i'm not gay, i'm just not interested in commitments at the moment." 
"why? are you disappointed?" 
"what? that you're not gay?" 
"no, that i'm not committed." 
"why would i be disappointed about that?" you laugh, waving him off and continue chewing on the noodles. 
but his next question makes you choke. 
"so you're glad i'm not seeing anyone?" 
jay laughs out loud but you smack the table and he lowers down his wheezing, to the point where he almost falls from the chair he's sitting on. 
"it's not funny, stop making fun of me." 
"okay, okay." 
"so, then you're not into dating and stuff and all?" you ask him, deciding to snoop in more. 
"not exactly, i just— don't want to date the wrong person, if that person is not who i want to spend my everything with then dating them is really not worth the time, though college is the time of your life where you just go crazy and have fun because you'll never experience the same thing again but to me, i want this part of my life to be as meaningful as the rest, so i want the right person to do it with." 
"did you steal that off a movie?" 
"geez i was joking— but uh wow, that's great. i hope you get what you want, and be happy." 
"so you're also saying your only partner at the moment is your hand?" 
"why do you want to know about that!" 
"because you said you're not in—" 
"that doesn't mean i don't get laid now or then?" 
"oh i see….." 
"i have my fair amount of one night stands and you know.. but, i meant romantically when i meant committed." 
"wait so—" 
jay stuffs the poached egg into your mouth right when you open it to speak. your words become muffled and his giggles at you getting angrily cute, according to him!
"no more questions unless you want to get your little crush on me gone."
whatever jay was thinking when he said that night definitely has succeeded into having him invade your mind and staying there, rent free. he hasn't left your mind ever since, even when you're hanging out with your friends all you can think of is him. 
if you haven't realized it by now, jay has a charm for making girls starstruck on him. maybe now you can relate to all those girls that literally look at him with big heart eyes. 
"y/n!" seeun shoves your shoulder, snapping you out of your dilemma. 
"ah yes, you were saying?" 
"were you not listening?" 
you look away, remaining silent and seeun just sighs really loud. 
"you've been distracted ever since i came here!" she says, sulking into her seat and you turn to look at her. 
"i'm sorry, i just— something's on my mind and i can't get it out.." you trail off, pouting at her in an attempt to make her stop sulking. 
"so what is it?" 
"what's what?" 
"what's got you thinking like that, that you can't get it out of your mind?" 
seeun's question has you sighing as you fall back onto your bed. "im in confusion." 
"what's the confusion you're in?" she asks, leaning forward, eyebrows furrowed. 
"i think i'm attracted to jay, and i think I want him to be the summer fling i mentioned." when summer started, and when you guys all went on break, you and the rest had a conversation about
"what? y/n, what?" 
"i said i think i'm attracted to jay and i want him to be the summer fling." 
"are you serious right now?" 
"yeah? you already know i'm barely ever interested in anyone else and jay seems to be the only guy that has me feeling stuff and it's summer, like you said, a summer fling. he's a perfect candidate for that." 
"no y/n, why jay?" seeun asks, with a weird tone in her question that doesn't sit right with you for some reason. 
"why not jay?" you ask her, furrowing your eyebrows, confused as why it can't be jay. 
"you know better than anyone else that anyone related to your brother and his friends, or even his friends, is seriously bad news." she reasons. "jay is bad news, y/n, you know it." 
"at least he isn't as bad as hoon and jake, seeun…" 
"men are men, y/n. you know how they play girls, especially the 02z, things do not end well at all." 
"seeun i don't even like him romantically so i don't know what isn't going to 'not end well'." you say, shrugging. 
"sooner or later you will y/n, I'm warning you now, there's plenty of other people that can be your summer fling why does it have to be park jay?" she asks, shaking her head at you trying to justify your choice. 
"i won't seeun, i know it. it's just summer, it'll be over before you know it, and i'll be going to college after that, it could be great to get any experience before that too— and jay, doesn't seem like too much of a bad idea at all." 
"seeun! it's gonna be fine, you know how i am— why don't you trust me with this? you guys told me to let loose and have fun!" 
seeun sighs, knowing she can't talk you out of this especially when you're already hard on your summer fling being jay. she just doesn't get why it has to be him. 
"it's that i don't trust you, i just don't trust him." 
you chuckle at her, placing your hand on hers, and give her a reassuring smile. 
"just— just don't get into any trouble and when the damage is done, don't say i didn't say so…." 
after the talk with seeun, you both ended up just watching a movie and when dinner time came around, seeun left before the boys got back home. you didn't understand why she was so worked up over you wanting to have a summer fling with jay, although she was the most hyped when the news of the boys being back in town was mentioned. 
you figured it's probably because she's worried that you wouldn't be having much time to spend with the rest during the break because you'd be with jay— that seemed to be the only logical reason as to why she reacted like that earlier.
"you smell like tar, and smoke." 
sunghoon scrunches up his nose at the smell radiating off his clothes when he brought his jacket near his nose at your comment. 
"oh, i do." he coughs, shaking his head. 
"go and shower, it stinks!" you groan, pushing him towards the stairs when he threatens to come near you. "we can watch a movie after dinner!" 
"you can't bail out okay? I don't want to hear that you're sleepy—" 
"yes sunghoon, yes okay! just get rid of the smell!" you sigh, and he finally leaves without any other argument. you guess they might have been at the racing track from the smell and how exhausted they looked. 
as soon as they all got back, jake and jay rushed upstairs to shower and get ready for dinner while as sunghoon lingered around the kitchen where your mom and you were complaining that he smelt like tar and smoke. 
it always surprised you how your mom was okay with sunghoon racing, although it's dangerous and not safe at all. perhaps maybe because your dad used to be a racer back when he was in his young adult phase before he tied the knot with your mom and then decided to become an engineer.
you guess maybe your mom thinks he could turn out like your dad, that racing is just a phase in his life before he figured out that it's just a waste of time that he has potential for something else. 
you don't know, but whenever sunghoon does racing, your anxiety is always through the roof, hoping he comes back home safe and sound, not a single scratch on his body although that was impossible. accidents always came along with racing, this always gave you and your parents the scare of their lives. 
"let's eat!" your mother chirps, calling you to the table as soon as the boys get back downstairs to eat. 
dinner went by pretty much fine, except for the most parts you and jay's stares just couldn't leave each other, not that anyone noticed. everyone was too engulfed in your mother's cooking and the conversation going on to care about sunghoon's little sister and his best friend stealing glances too often..
"i'll pick the movie!" sunghoon says, rushing to the living room as soon as everyone's done with dinner. you help your mom with the dishes along with jake while jay and sunghoon went over to pick a movie. 
your parents excused themselves, saying they were too tired to join you guys for movie time, which you guys didn't mind at all. if anything, you guys preferred it that way. 
sunghoon ended up picking a basic rom-com,, he reasoned his choice with how this girl he hooked up with would not stop talking about the show, so he wanted to see what's the hype with it. 
you, jay and jake just agreed with his choice knowing if you guys were to disagree there wouldn't be any other choices to pick from. jake takes the longer couch, laying down almost immediately after winning a scissor, paper, stone with sunghoon. 
your brother sprawls out on the floor, with his blanket wrapped around his body and about four pillows surrounding him, including the one under his head too. 
that leaves you and jay, standing awkwardly having to choose but to settle down on the smaller yet regular couch. the couch isn't too bad, you can fall asleep on it, the only downside (pro)  about it is the limited space. 
it's like the couch is perfectly built for two people squished up together. you just sigh quietly and take a seat on one end while jay takes a seat on the other end. you two don't say anything for the most part when the movie starts. 
the basic storyline of the movie already has you zoning out, and staring at other objects around the living room halfway into the movie. when you turn to your right you see jay's side profile, and you're starstruck. 
you've seen his side profile before but the view you have now is just astonishing. somehow under the dim light of the living room, the only source of light coming from the large hd smart TV in your living room, he looks gorgeous to say the least. 
you notice his faint birthmark on his neck, realising how pretty and how perfect it described him. his relaxed yet clenched jaw from focusing on the movie you find yourself smiling at how pretty he looked with his hair down.
"is it interesting?" 
you blink and jay's looking at you with a small smirk as he leans in to whisper-ask you. 
"you don't seem to find the movie much more interesting compared to my face," 
"uh— what, i wasn't looking," you say, clearing your throat from being caught red handed. "i just happened to turn to my right side and…" 
"and.. nothing, why are you staring at me?" you ask, turning to face him. 
"me? staring at you?"
"yeah, how would you know i'm staring at you then?" 
"what? i just felt like someone was staring, i turned and loo—"
"see? you were looking!" 
the two of you are stopped by a sleepy jake who groans at the two of you quarreling. 
"if you guys are going to argue, keep it down a little…." he slurs before falling back onto the couch and snoring away in his sleep. 
jay sighs at his friend and then turns back his attention to the TV while you're left looking between jay and a sleeping jake. guessing he's probably past the argument seeing that his eyes are glued to the tv, you just decided to do the same, continue watching the show although your mind was all about jay. 
however as soon as you turn your attention to the tv, your eyes almost widen at the scene ongoing. it just really had to be a steamy scene, especially with the boy beside you, this is a hard take.
taking your bottom lip under your top teeth, you bite on it when the main leads are practically on top of each other, hands all over each other and you try to hide the flustered smile when the actors make out with each other. 
your mind was going frenzy at the way the scene was unfolding with your things clasped against the other, trying to hold in the feeling pooling in the pit of your stomach. 
something about the scene was making you feel stuff, with the boy next to you, there was no way in your mind you had another image playing. 
all unbeknownst to you that jay was watching all along, a smirk placed on his lips at how you were reacting to the scene. he found it— interesting. 
jay couldn't help but think about how mature you've gotten over the time he's been away with your brother at college. he wonders if you're even into this type of stuff considering how famous you are among boys at school and whenever you go. 
he remembers back to the moment he saw you as soon as you got home on the day they arrived back in town, he couldn't stop looking at you. somehow over the months you had gotten taller, your curves perfectly complemented you, your hair has gotten longer, your voice made him so weak in the knees— everything about you changed. 
you are just so gorgeous now he's baffled everytime he sees you. even when you're in your nightwear, face natural— he can't help but think how beautiful you are.
for the better, you've grown into a pretty woman now and that definitely has a totally big effect on him. 
jay knows he's wrong for even thinking and seeing you that way, especially when your brother has been his lifelong best friend, so the betrayment sunghoon would feel if he ever found how jay thinks of you would be awful.
but something in him just can't stop seeing you that way, he's been seeing you as the y/n rather than sunghoon's little sister for the longest time ever.
"you're really looking at me now." 
jay snaps out of this thoughts at you leaning towards him this time, chuckling at his zoned out expression. 
"you should take a picture, it'll last longer." you say, looking away back to the movie where the heated scene is still going on. you're thanking every deity out there that sunghoon is also passed out because he would freak out and change the show asap, saying how you're too innocent to watch it all and stuff.
you're a virgin, it's true but— it's not like you didn't know anything of that. all the fanfics you stayed up reading played a big part in that.
"oh i wish i can, y/n." jay replies, leaning backwards onto the couch and pushes his lower half forward which makes your grip on your thigh harder. 
god, you just really had to find that attractive. 
and you process what he just said. 
"but my phone is charging, too bad right?" 
another statement that makes your jaw drop, immediately amusing jay. you don't find anything to say, absolutely starstruck at his way of making you speechless. 
it's a talent, really. 
"are you enjoying the movie?" 
i guess, but the movie in my head where the maincast playing that scene is the both of us is so much better though, you wish you could say that, but that can end in two ways. 
him agreeing to make it a reality and him storming off calling you a weirdo for seeing him that way. 
"uh, yeah, i guess so…" you say instead. 
"really? how would you rate it?" you're stunned, you don't know if he's playing with you or not because you're too tongue tied to say anything. 
"what are you so flustered for y/n, i'm just asking what do you think about the movie?" 
"we're not done with the movie yet so i—" you're cut off the guard and halfway when jay all of a sudden leans in so close to you, making you shut your eyes in reflex, thinking he's coming in for a kiss. 
it only takes you a few seconds to realize you're probably the biggest idiot on earth right now when you open your eyes and jay is a few inches away from your lips to collide before he pulls away with something in his hand. 
"i can't hear you over the sound," he smirks, shaking the remote in his hand, knowing damn well he's clearly messing with you. 
you scoff and cover your lips with your palm, shaking your head in disbelief. you really didn't think he wasn't going to kiss you at the speed he came at. 
"were you expecting something else?" 
"what? you're being ridiculous— i'm not!" 
"is that so? then why'd you close your eyes?" 
"i didn't—" 
"you're a bad liar," jay sighs, smiling at you being so restless trying to escape whatever he's trying to trap you into. 
"you're so annoying." you scoff, and push the pillow of your lap and get off the couch. however just before you could take a step further, you're being tugged back by your hand and you fall back onto the couch— not really the couch, you sure fell onto someone, something.
"a—" you slap your hand against your mouth, shielding a loud yelp from escaping your mouth incase you'd wake up your brother and his friend. 
you personally don't think it's a very appropriate and friendly sight for your brother to wake up to his best friend and little sister on top of each other, inches away from their lips colliding. 
"what are—" 
"shh," jay places his index finger on top of your lips and his finger relaxes at the plump flesh of it, so soft and tender. 
you don't say anything except for staying on top of him, with his one arm around your waist, holding you in place and his other against your lips, keeping you silent from waking up the rest when jake starts to move around in his place. 
hearts beating against the cages, you both finally sigh of relief when jake's slight snores are heard again. your head falls against jay's slowly and his eyes flicker up to match yours. 
jay's grip against your waist becomes firm making butterflies erupt in the pit of your stomach and if you were being honest, it was turning you on at the hand placement and the sudden change in the atmosphere from playful to something more tense. 
your mouth opens but closes back when you find words to say, to address the situation before you embarrass yourself again though from the way he's looking at you it's making you dizzy. 
"may i touch you?" 
"yes," you breathe out.
"you can close your eyes this time." 
your heart flutters at his words before a smile takes upon your lips and his when your eyes closed shut and you feel jay pull you closer for a kiss.
it was finally happening. 
or was it?
"OH MY GOD!" your eyes snaps open at the sudden scream from a voice that sounded like sunghoon's before you practically fly off the couch and land into the ground with the loudest thud. 
so loud that jake himself jolts awake in shock and you're groaning from the sharp pain in your ass while jay jumps off the couch himself. 
"dude what the fuck!" jake gasps, rubbing his face from the sudden thud and scream. 
sunghoon blinks and looks around, realizing that he woke up the entire living room and perhaps your parents too by the way they're rushing down the stairs, worriedly. 
"are you kids alright?! what was that sound!" your mom shrieks, and her gaze immediately falls onto you who's on the ground, rubbing your ass trying to soothe the pain. 
"y/n?! what happened?" 
you sigh, shaking your head at how fucking embarassing this is. first you think jay was gonna kiss you and you got teased for it when he purposely was messing with you, then you both are actually about to kiss and sunghoon screams like there's no tomorrow in his sleep and then you fall to the floor straight on your ass? 
couldn't get any worse to be honest. 
"oh— uh i accidentally fell…" you trail off, grabbing onto your mom that helps you to get onto the couch. 
"what? did you have a nightmare or something!" 
"no, it's sunghoon!" you scoff, pointing to the bleached haired boy who's clearly still in daze, not completely awake from his slumber. 
"park sunghoon? why did you scream like you were getting robbed!" 
"ah mum…." his voice cracks, rubbing his eyes. "i had a nightmare.." 
"you kids are going to be the death of me one day," your mom sighs, shaking her head at the two of her kids, disappointing her even in the middle of the night. 
at least you were saving both yours and jay's ass, except your ass is currently in pain. 
you look over to jay who's staring back at you with a worried look which makes you sigh. 
gosh, you couldn't even get mad at him— how is it fair for him to look cute in a situation where your ass is busted because of him.
"sorry," he mouths to you and you shake your head, looking away and trying to get up but wince in pain.
your parents eventually told you guys to pack it up for the night and head upstairs to sleep, which you guys abided by. jay was clearly trying to apologize to you, hoping you aren't too hurt because he really wasn't trying to hurt you by pushing you away so hard. 
if only it wasn't for his best friend to wake up from a nightmare, he would've finally bagged the kiss from the girl he's been crushing on for a lifetime. 
rolling into your bed, you couldn't help but place yours finger in your lips, ghosting over the place where jay's lips could've been at. 
if only your brother hadn't woken up from a nightmare, you could've kissed the boy you've been trying to court for the summer. 
Tumblr media
THIN LINE, that's what you're on at the moment and you think you might go insane from how things are for you and jay. it shouldn't even be this much of a big deal to you but the opposite is what it seems like. 
after the whole almost kissing and you falling right on your ass fiasco, you don't know if things got better or for the worse between you and the boy you have heart eyes bulging out of your eye sockets for. 
what you can definitely say is, whatever tension you both have between the two of you has only gotten more thicker, and stronger. even the slightest eye contact has you biting on your lips to not get swayed by him, and it's the vice versa for him as well. 
jay's trying to keep his cool whenever he's around you, and especially in front of sunghoon. the guilt in him only has been building up the more he wants you. 
it's a few days into the summer and you've barely gotten it together. even wooyoung has tried to help you by 'just get into a room with him and get freaky!' which you think is totally the entire point of it but you barely even kissed— so that's a miss. 
"no seriously, what are you even going to do then?" wooyoung shrikes shaking your shoulder while you just sigh, letting your head fall forward onto his chest. "i'm starting to think this summer will end and you will move out by the time you even get into his pants." 
"and i'm starting to think you aren't into choi san anymore," 
you push yourself off wooyoung softly to look up at karina who's chewing on her gum as she walks into the living room, with a glass of cold iced water in her hand.
you think you might need one too at this point. 
"that's," wooyoung scoffs, crossing his arms together. "never going to happen. i will get that man and w—" 
"i don't want to hear the rest." karina shoves a new piece of gum into his mouth, shutting him up immediately. wooyoung slaps her hand on his face and rolls his face. 
"so, y/n?" 
you look at the two of them, back and forth as they stare back at you. 
"i don't know!" you whine, falling back onto the couch, next to wooyoung who's chewing on his gum loudly that you wish you had a mute button for. 
"girl if you really don't do anything any time soon, you can just kiss your chance with his goodbye!" karina says, shrugging. "you know how popular jay is here, and girls are practically lined up for him— YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING!" 
you sigh once again, this time looking out the large sliding door which leads outside to the pool and bbq area in your backyard. 
"how do i just go up to him and be like 'hey jay, uhm let's kiss! okay, so now uh do you wanna be my summer fling with no attachments like yes let's fuck around for the entire and not catch feelings because im kinda only attracted to you like in that way but like not being mean but catching feelings isn't going to end well in the long run' is that what you want me to say?" 
karina and wooyoung just blink profusely, utterly in shock at your long ass reply— totally stunned. 
"aren't you lying, what do you mean 'im kinda only attracted to you like in that way' what happened to 'hes the only guy that makes me feel things that other guys don't'?" wooyoung leans forward, putting his index finger up to explain his point.
"yeah, don't you like him already? isn't that why you want to fuck him?" 
"you guys make me sound like a whore." you deadpanned. 
"that's besides the point," karina tsks, shaking her head. "y/n, don't you like him already?" 
"i don't." you actually don't know, you think you don't. feeling stuff like these is common when you're attracted to someone, it doesn't specifically have to be romantically. although somewhere in you is saying you're wrong for that.
wooyoung gives karina a look when you deny her question. "so what, are you gonna like him or something?" 
"no," you pause. "i won't, yeah i won't like him in that way. i told you guys, catching feelings for him is not going to end well in the long run." 
"when summer is over, leaving is going to be really bad for us, if we catch feelings for each other— and i don't want that mess, so no." 
wooyoung shakes his head, unsure of you. he knows you're not the type to catch feelings so easily and commit, in fact, you don't ever date anyone. the last time you dated someone it was in eight grade and it only lasted for a matter of time until park sunghoon found out and made you dump him. that's probably where he developed the whole overprotective of my baby sister agenda. 
"okay. if that's what you want, then we won't stop you. but you know, we'll always be here when summer ends and you get your heart broken by accidentally catching feelings for the jay park and having to break off." 
"fuck you that's not going to happen, woo." 
"GUYS." karina stops you both from going into an argument, putting her hands between the two of you. "if y/n is confident she wants this fling without any attachments then let her be so, that's a later thing to worry about. what's important now is," 
"how will you court him?" 
before you could answer her, the front door opens and your brother walks in, taking off his jacket while he's on the phone. 
"alright dude, see you soon."
when he ends the call, you're intrigued by what he's so smiley at. 
"what's the news, you seem to be so happy about it?" you ask, standing up and looking over at your brother whole looks at you with s grin. 
"mom and dad aren't going to be home tonight." 
"everyone's about to experience the best party in town after the longest time." 
your jaw drops slack and you stare at him with wide eyes along with the two idiots behind you. 
"you're hosting a party?" 
"yeah. it's gonna be so sick," 
sunghoon says and rushed upstairs in a blink of an eye. karina pulls you around and back onto the couch, a big smile like your brother's on her face. 
"guess what this means?" 
"if san is coming i'm gonna look breedable ton—"
"geez okay, so what does this mean?" wooyoung scoffs, rolling his eyes at the both of you cutting him hallway about his little fantasy of getting fucked by his crush. 
"it's time to court jay park, y/n." 
Tumblr media
"WHAT THE FUCK?" jake gasps, almost dropping his beer in the red solo cup he has his fingers wrapped around. 
sunghoon bursts into laughter at his friend being shocked by the results he got from a random tarot reading that a random kid decided to do for free in exchange of a blunt. the boys don't question why the random carried around a deck of cards however, as long as it was entertaining. 
"dude, why are you so surprised your sex drive is so high? as if you're not self aware?" sunghoon asks, laughing at his friend in utter shock. 
"shut the fuck up bro," he whines, shaking his head trying to beat the allegations that's unfortunately true. 
"god i don't even want to think about it, you must be going at it like fuckin' rabbits!" 
"DUDE SHUT UP!" jake shrieks, standing up from the seat and pushing off sunghoon who seems to be having a hard time with trying to hold back his loud laughter over the music. 
"jay, you're not even gonna defend me?" 
the mentioned boy looks at his friends after taking a sip from the beer in his hand as well. "no, you can't deny what's true, right jake?" 
"you guys suck," he scoffs playfully, and walks off leaving the two to themselves surrounded by wasted people and it hasn't even been two hours since the party started. 
sunghoon laughing finally dies down and he takes a deep breath before taking a sip from his cup too, next to his friend. 
"jake's ridiculous man," he sighs, smiling at the scene from before that makes him chuckle again before jay gives him up and he shuts up. 
"alright fine, i'll stop laughing about it!" sunghoon says, putting his hand up in defense which makes jay shake his head, disappointed when sunghoon slaps his hand against his mouth to hold back a laugh. 
"i gotta tell y/n about this, it's so funny like the way he.." sunghoon's words mix along with the blasting music as jay dazes off into a corner when you're mentioned. 
come to think of it, he hasn't seen you around for the night and to be honest, it made him a little bummed about being at the party where you aren't. don't get him wrong, he loves his friends and all, but just drinking and talking to his friend gets boring overtime. 
he wonders if you're in your room, he didn't see you when he got back home earlier, he figured you're out with your friends. but seeing that there's no sight of you walking into the house from the front door, he thinks you're in your room, preferring to stay away from the crowd. 
"dude, you listening?" 
"ah, yeah, yeah…" jay replies, trailing off when he sees sunghoon raise his eyebrows up, a look he gave when he doesn't believe what the other is saying.
"really, man?" 
"sorry, my bad—" 
"you're so out of it ever since we got back in town," sunghoon says, nudging jay's shoulder. "is this really the effect of no pussy?" 
"hoon," jay whines, leaning his head back hoping his friend would leave him alone about him not getting laid. it's the topic he dreaded the most with his friends. 
"nah man, you really need to get laid. seriously, hasn't it been awhile?" 
"get laid dude, tonight. this party is a perfect chance, get with anyone seriously, i saw a hot chick just now, she seemed like your type—" 
"do you even know what my type is?" your  sister.
"uh, it doesn't matter dude if she can get the job done then it's not a big deal!" 
"this sounds like it's a talk for jake," jay says, chuckling when he waits for sunghoon to retort back with a laugh but when he gets no response, he leans back forward to see sunghoon, jaw slacked on the floor staring right into the crowd.
"what's she doing here?" 
jay stares back and forth between his friend and the one and only, first love of his. he didn't know she was going to be here, perhaps she was in town too but if she was gonna be here then the boys would've gotten the news earlier. 
it must've been a last minute plan, he figures. 
"fuck." sunghoon breathes out when the girls walks over him. sunghoon takes a swing on the beer, chugging it all down before hastily shoving the solo cup into jay's hand and gets up. 
he grabs the girl's wrist by her hand and disappears into the crowd somewhere. now jay's alone, one probably deep into a random girl adding numbers to his body count and another reconciling with his first love. 
and jay well, he's stranded alone— actually not, because with his gaze falling on you almost immediately as soon as he spots you, it makes him drop the two cups, beer spilling onto the ground. 
that didn't seem to be his priority when you're making your way towards him now.
"hey," jay says, taking in your presence next to him. sunghoon's right, he's been out of it ever since he got back in town. it wasn't because he wasn't getting laid, it was because of you. 
you're making him feel all sorts of things recently,  all these past he's had nothing but just a crush on you. a crush where you see your crush and it makes you feel all giddy and on cloud 9. but recently, it's something different.
something that makes him want you, so bad that he can't imagine you being someone else's. someone that irks up something in his when he sees you, wanting to push you against the wall and take you just right there. 
"i didn't know you'd be here tonight," 
"is it not my house?" 
"yeah but— you know i didn't mean it that way, obviously it's you—" 
"jay, i'm just messing with you, relax," you giggle, waving your hand at his face and jay thinks it's the prettiest sound he's ever heard. he's so whipped and it isn't going to end well, especially if sunghoon finds out his own friend knowing how he is with guys around his sister. 
jay gives you a smile and gets up from his seat before putting his hand out. 
"let's go get drinks." 
"I just got here!" you whine, leaning back onto the couch and your dress hikes up your thigh, exposing more skin and he looks away, trying to not do the one thing he promised himself to not do.
get hard because of you and it's really hard for him right now because you really just had to wear the prettiest dress showing off all your curves so perfectly, and the way your legs looked in it, god you're making him go crazy. 
"come on," he says, taking your hand in his and pulling you on your feet, you hold onto him with a smile and head over to the kitchen with him. 
the both of you walked into the kitchen and passed through the crowd of people and you were secretly glad you couldn't find sunghoon in sight because he'd so crazy at the sight of you and jay holding hands.
"anything in mind?" 
you shake your head as you look over the drinks on the aisle. most of them were alcohol, and you weren't really that big fan of it. it's just, okay. 
"is coke okay?"
jay pours coke for you and him, and then hands you the cup. you take a sip from it and the fuzzy feelings send chills down your throat. 
"i like your dress." 
his comment makes your cheeks flushed and your heart skip. right, good thing he did because you spent about hours to find the perfect dress, just for him.
"thank you, jay." 
he gives you a smile, and moves closer. "your hair too, and your eye makeup, it's pretty." 
internally screaming WHAT THE FUCKKKKSNDNFMF while keeping your cool with just blushing crazily if the lights weren't dim, you'd look as red as a tomato. 
"thank you, again, jay." you chuckle, and give him the smile you try to hold back from how flustered he was making you with his compliments..
"you got so pretty over the months, you've always been pretty but, today, you're so gorgeous."
"gosh—" you breathe out, giggling as you lean in and place your head on his shoulder, hiding away the really flustered expression you had on. "thank you for the compliments, i appreciate it, jay, really." 
he doesn't say anything except for just chuckling and then drinking his coke. with the last swing of coke, he places the cup down when you're done as well. 
you both just look around in silence, the loud music blasting through the entire house silencing out the chatting in the crowd. 
"do—" you speak up, looking at up. he looks back at you curiously, pupils dilated with his eyebrows furrowed and god, he was making you nervous. "do you wanna go somewhere else?" 
"are you uncomfortable, is eve—" 
"ah, uhm, i just— it's too loud in here, i can't focus on you." 
jay tries to not gasp at your words that make his heart skip and mind go frenzy. 
"oh, uh, sure." he says and you give him a smile before taking his hand in yours, fingers intertwined and pulling him away. your brother was still nowhere in sight and you couldn't thank him enough for that. 
hands in each other, you both go up the stairs and jay figures you're taking him to your room when you make a swift left through the corridor and he's right when you unlock the door to your room. 
he walks in behind you and when you shut the door and lock it, he just stares at you confused. he doesn't have any plans for anything, but it's good if sunghoon just barges in out of nowhere. in his entirety of being sunghoon's best friend and being over at your house, he sure knows sunghoon has a habit for not knocking when he walks into your room.
you turn around to see jay looking over you, with a small smile and a confused look. 
"oh, you should take a seat!" 
you say, and push him towards the edge of your bed by your desk. he takes a seat and you sit infront of him on your chair from your desk.
it's a little awkward at first but jay clears the air by looking around your room. he barely comes in here, it's a restricted zone in your home, sunghoon never allows anyone in here, and you don't allow anyone except for your friends. 
he examines the room and it's not that different from what he had imagined, it just screams you. other than the interiors and your room in white, there's a few decos that attract him attention. the wall of pictures and polaroids of you and your friends and family. 
there's childhood pictures of you and sunghoon on the wall where you both are dressed up as a lion and tiger, smiling brightly at the camera in complete cuteness.
jay smiles at how cute you are and how ridiculous sunghoon looks, if he ever got a hold of this, sunghoon would never hear the end of jay teasing him. 
then he notices a poster— of Jungkook from BTS. and then a few albums stacked under it and a lightstick, then a cooky pillow on your bed. wow, he figures you might be a fan of BTS by the looks of it.
"so, you like jungkook?" 
you look up almost immediately at the mention of the love of your life. "yes?! is that even a question?"
jay smiles at how cute you are when you're so interested in the topic he's discussing. 
"wow, so much?" 
"he's literally my lover, it's a given that i like him that much." you say, giggling as you slump back into your seat. "do you, like him?" 
"i guess you can say so, i have a few of their songs in my playlist," jay says, chuckling when you gasp. "do you have a few suggestions that you think i can add to my playlist?" 
"thanks for asking, i indeed do!" you say, smiling and jay laughs, lensing forward. he pulls the chair closer to the bed catching you by surprise, but you're flustered at how close you both are now, knees against each other and giggling. 
"should we get started then?" you ask, smirking at jay who gives you an ecstatic laugh and then continues to hear you out. 
and you both spent the rest of the night, talking about the things you both enjoy, and find out that you two have a lot in common. the thought of courting him honestly just disappears into the back of your mind, goes forgotten.
by the end of it, jay says he should leave, sunghoon would be finding for him (which he didn't because he was missing), and you heavy heartedly had to say goodbye, and a see you later. 
but before he left you gave him a small peck on his cheek that neither of you expected to happen but the small peck made the entire night for the both of you that even then next morning when your friends were crying why weren't you both deep inches in each other, you couldn't get the blushing away because of the peck. 
Tumblr media
"the way these two could have been finally kissing but they were talking about y/n's stupid attraction for jungkook." wooyoung sighs, shaking his head.
you slam his head with a knock that has him screaming back at you for knocking him but you scoff, "fuck you, my love for jungkook is not stupid!" 
"okay can you both calm down—" you cut off karina but give her an attitude as well. 
"you guys shouldn't even be having this tantrum, when you guys promised to show up but y'all weren't even there!"
the rest of them go silent at your statement, clearly making him feel guilty. 
"uhm so anyways!" wooyoung says, putting his hand up. "there's a party tonight, again."
"im not going anywhere—"
"i never said we're going" 
"you were about to rig—" 
"oh my god, you guys need to stop fighting!" seeun yells, putting her hands out to stop both karina and wooyoung fighting. you slump into the couch, shaking your head at your friends. 
"so what now? what are we going to do about her, at this rate summer is gonna end." wooyoung says, shrugging. 
"nothing, i'll figure out something or fuck that— you guys should probably leave, didn't you say you're heading out for dinner?" you ask, looking over at karina. she gasp when she realises it's time for her dinner with her parents, so she hurries out of the door with a goodbye to everyone. 
not long after karina's departure, wooyoung and seeun also leave, bidding you goodbye and leaving you alone in your house, sweaty from the heatwave outside. 
it's so unbelievably hot, a thin layer of sweat covered on your skin despite wearing a spaghetti strap and shorts. you opted for the outifts that would help you with the heatwave, but the warmth is still the same, you're still sweating. 
and at times like this, ice cream will always be a saviour. you head over into your kitchen, opening the refrigerator and then the freezer to get out the ice cream container, feeling it heavy and your fingers getting numb at the coldness. 
setting it on the aisle, you open the cover and heart eyes basically bulge out of your eye sockets at how glorifying the ice cream looked like in this hot weather. nothing more can you ask for. 
you grab a spoon and stab it into the ice cream, ready to dig in but the spoon falls out of your hand and a faint crescent mark is formed on the top layer of the ice cream.
"fuck…." you sigh, realising it's going to take awhile to defrost. regardless you just kept on poking the ice cream with the steel spoon, grunting when your hand freezes and wrist hurts. 
"ah…" you whine, frustrated and tired, and most importantly sweaty. 
"uhm, am i interrupting something…?" 
you look up from the ice cream tub to see jake peeking into the kitchen, looking at you confused and a sly smirk on his lips. 
"no?" you reply, gripping onto the spoon again when your hand is ready to stab the ice cream once again. 
"it sounded like something," he says, shrugging as he approaches you. "like what, jake?" you ask, furrowing your eyebrows. 
"you wanna know, y/n?" 
"she doesn't," a voice speaks up and you see jay leaning against the door frame, staring at the two of you like he wants to knock jake's head. "pretty sunghoon doesn't want to either if he finds out what you're doing,"
jake rolls his eyes at jay for cockblocking him. "chill out dude, it's just a joke." 
before jay could do anything, you cut the two of them off and asked jake, "are you gonna tell me what's something or do i need to knock you out with this spoon?" 
"it sounded like you were finally getting dicked down." 
"WHAT?" you shriek and slap your hand against your mouth, looking back and forth at the double Js. 
jay kicks jake in his calf, making the poor boy cry out in agony at the pain. "dude what the fuck!"
"it's just a joke!" he says, smirking at the other and a smile grows on your lips when you see the bigger picture.
is he really….?
jake puts up a middle finger at his friend before turning to you. "but if you ever want to get dicked down, you have my n— okay fine! for god's fucking sake dude!" jake's sentence is short lived when jay threatens to kick him in the exact spot one more time to make him leave. 
limping off to the living room to wait for sunghoon to be back from his disappearance, the two of you are the only ones in the kitchen. 
the smile you're holding back so much grows even more when jay turns to you, taking the spoon out from your hand and then scoops the now melting ice cream, and pushes you aside. 
"what are you doing?" you ask him, with a sly smile on your face as you lean forward on the aisle, looking at him while he does the ice cream scooping. 
"scooping the ice cream for you?" 
"why? i can do it myself," 
"i know you can," jay says, and puts the spoon down when he's done. "i just don't want jake to say that shit again." 
"what? that i sound like i'm getting dicked down?" jay's stare immediately meets yours when you ask him the question, sending chills down your spine.
"yes," he admits. "is that a problem?" 
"why does it bother you if jake thinks i'm getting dicked down? or if he's the one fucking me down— in fact he even said 'finally getting dicked down?' what's that supposed to mean, i've been dicked down before, i have been touched before so why does it bother you two!" 
"because it does." 
"exactly, who does it bother you, jay?" you ask him, straightening your back and moving closer to jay who's staring at you with the most annoyed expression. he doesn't ever look like this unless he's jealous. 
unless he is….
"it bothers me because i don't like people taking what's mine," 
you don't know how to react, you've only ever read this in those smutty heated romance novels and movies, now that it's happening to you, you finally understand why those main leads go frozen.
though you have one thing to say.
"i'm not yours, jay." 
"you've been mine since day one," he says, pushing backwards towards the wall. "and i don't want to hear about anyone that has ever touched you before me, if it isn't clear yet." 
trapping you between the wall, he grips on your waist, and another on the side of your head while he looks down on you. if he wasn't so annoyed right now, he would've just called you unbelievably cute from how you're staring up at him with those starry eyes. 
"the moment you've let me touch you, you were mine." he says, and you were silently thanking every deity out there jay got jealous because of jake and you've finally gotten this chance. 
but on a normal day, if this wasn't jay saying this, you would've gagged at the cheesy line, so extremely corny as if it's out of some fanfiction that someone in their young adult phase write.
you take his hand off the wall next to you and place it on your waist, and then look up at him. 
"touch me." 
that was all it took for jay to pull you in and connect his lips with yours. he doesn't know what he was expecting but what you gave him was beyond the expectations. 
it was truly amazing. fireworks erupting, butterflies going crazy in the pit of your stomachs, funny feelings in your check and minds frenzy, the kiss was fucking hot. 
you're pressing against him with your back on the wall as your back arched slightly when your hips rut against his at your submission. if someone had told you this would've happened to you a long time ago, you would've never believed them. 
before you could slip your hands under his shirt, his hand beats you to it when you feel his warm hand against your skin under the back of your top which makes you gasp slightly. jay takes that opportunity to bite your bottom slightly, causing you to accidentally moan.  
"dude, have you seen my sister?" 
"she's in the kitchen with jay," 
your eyes snap open at the footsteps nearing the kitchen making you push jay away as quick as you could, catching him by surprise. 
"fuck," you pant, both from shock, panic and out of breath from kissing jay. "s-sunghoon!" you gasp, pointing at the kitchen and jay finally realises what's going on. 
standing across from you in the opposite of the kitchen, jay and you both fix your hair, straightening out your clothes and trying to make sure your faces don't look too flustered from the make out session. 
sunghoon finally walks into the kitchen and looks at you wide eyed as if he'd actually caught the two of you red handed. he points his finger at you and it makes your soul leave your body just at the thought of him catching you both, until he speaks up. 
"y/n." he says, and stares at you. "what do girls like on their actual first dates?" 
jay and you let out a sigh of relief when sunghoon asks something else that isn't related to what you both had feared for. 
"sunghoon, are you kidding me?" 
"what? i'm asking you a question what do g—" 
"is that why you ran all the way here for?" you scoff, crossing your arms and annoyed at the thought of how you and jay could've gone further than just a kiss. 
"what's wrong with that? you're acting like i caught you my best friend smooching off each others face," sunghoon deadpans you swore you never froze so quickly ever. good thing, sunghoon was always never a quick witted child, so your reactions wasn't too obvious for him though it would've been for any normal person. 
"so what do girls like on actual first dates?" 
before you could say anything, sunghoon cuts you off real quick. 
"wait," he stops, and clutches his crotch which makes you glare at him in disgust. "i need to piss, don't go anywhere, stay here" 
with that, he leaves you and jay in the kitchen and you turn to look at him, cheeks flustered and hearts beating again. 
"i'm not done with you yet," jay says and leaves the kitchen after giving you a eyebrow raise which makes you want to fall to the ground if it wasn't the wall you were leaning into. 
the ice cream he scooped for you long forgotten in the kitchen when you're touching your lips again, this time, with a bright smile and a heartwarming feeling lingering in the air only before your brother came back. 
Tumblr media
yup, those were the very expected reactions you expected from your friends when you told them the big news! 
"so is this like a joke or are you actually being for real?" wooyoung asks, again but this time after spitting out his drink and gaining weird looks from the other people around you guys in the diner. 
"yes wooyoung. i am being for real, what does it take for you to believe me?" you ask, sighing at him for asking you the same question again and again out of disbelief. 
honestly you couldn't blame him, when you woke up the next morning, you were so dazed that you thought you were dreaming until you got a smirk from jay when you caught him walking out of the bathroom in the hallway shirtless with a towel around his neck. 
and god did it make your pussy throb, maybe you just had issues. 
"i don't know, maybe demonstrate it again with your lover boy?" you gasp at wooyoung's absurd comment, shooting him a glare. 
"so, where do you guys go from here? any talking or just straight up heated sex?" karina asks and you're speechless. 
sometimes you wished your friends had filters whenever something came out of their mouths. 
"uhm, i don't know. we just kissed and he said he's not done with me yet so that question, the answer is only with him." you say, shaking your head before taking a sip from your smoothie. 
"well, i'm hoping you get dicked down finally. like it's been years." 
you roll your eyes at wooyoung, "now you sound like jake and," you pause. "it hasn't been years, seriously the last time was like two years ago?" 
"and it wasn't even a proper dicked down, y/n" wooyoung chuckles but stops himself when you glare at him, again!
"i was still dicked down." 
"uhm, the most you guys did was him getting his dick in you but freaking out because he literally pulled out and came even before he moved— so, sure if that counts." 
karina and you stare at wooyoung in absolute disgust and awe. 
"why the fuck do you even remember that?" karina asks, gagging at the memory of you telling them with tears streaming down your face two years ago, when the guy that liked you, which you decided to give a chance to. 
worst mistake of your life, if you had to admit.
"stop, he's so weird for that i'm glad i cut him off and sunghoon literally got detention and a black eye for almost beating the shit out of him." you say, rubbing your temple at the memory.
you remember how fuelled your brother was when he found out the kid made you cry, now you're thinking how he's going to react if he ever finds out that you and jay made out. 
his own sister and bestfriend going behind his back— but again, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?
"talking about sunghoon, i heard a thing about jay." karina speaks up, which perks your attention from your thoughts. 
"what does y/n’s loverboy has to do with her brother?" 
"is he not his bestfriend, you fucking idiot?" 
"oh yeah, damn sorry my bad!" 
"rina, what did you hear about him?" you ask, ignoring the small quarreling between the both of them which makes the two bite their lips and throw a look at each other. 
"guys," you whine, a smile taking over your lips when you realize they're teasing you for being so eager to know about jay. 
"fine, i was saying i heard a thing from someone where they said," karina says, leaning in. "they said that only jay out of the 02z has never let anyone into his racing car," 
"what type of rumor is that?" wooyoung asks, shaking his head, confused why would that be an issue in the first place. 
"i guess it means, no one has ever been in there so it probably means none of his flings or any romantic relationship he has ever had with anyone is that serious, considering even any of his past exes have even been in his car?" 
"oh," wooyoung replies, leaning backwards. "what about the 02z?" 
"i don't know, maybe they have maybe they haven't either, but i heard that he doesn't let anyone into his car." she says, and you nod, realizing that sunghoon has once mentioned it but you've never been interested in it. 
"y/n, you think you can beat that rumor?" 
"what?" you laugh, "what does that have to do with me?" 
"uhm, everything? sometimes you're just so dense." 
"you're the one that's stupid here?" you scoff, glaring at wooyoung which he glares back at for because you called him stupid. 
"god, do you guys EVER stop fighting?" you look at seeun next to you, and shut up immediately. you're only realizing she's been silent the entire time you guys got here. 
you don't ask her anything though, after her scolding you guys, the two of them went back to teasing you about jay and the night just ended like that which led to you coming back home late, after karina dropped you off. 
when you got back, the house was quite silent except for the small bickering coming from sunghoon's room. you just decided to slip back into your room but just before you could, you stopped when you heated something that irked you up.
"dude, she just texted me that she's back in town," you heard jake say, but you couldn't see anything which you chose to assume that he was showing his phone when they all went silent. 
"oh my god!" you hear sunghoon gasp, and there's a small silence before you hear jake and sunghoon cheer. 
"dude holy shit, it's been awhile, we should all like— gather up and have a reunion or something." jake says. "what about a party after the next race." 
jay groans and disagrees with the rest. 
"are you guys not sick of these parties, the entire summer is gonna be wasted away with just parties, i gotta go visit my parents soon. " he says and you hear shuffling. 
"summer is all about partying and having fun man— are you not excited to see mai again? it's been like a few years." 
"why should i be exited to see her, again?"
mai, it sounds familiar but you don't choose to ponder about it until jake asks jay something.
"dude, why aren't you? your hot first love is finally back in town again and you're not even existed for a possible best fuck again?" 
for some reason, your heart sinks at the question. you know it shouldn't but it does and it makes you feel so— weird. like a disappointed feeling grows in you. 
"she's not my first love, i never even liked her. "
"you dated her, does that not mean anything? and even if she wasn't yours, you were still his. you guys are still the talk of the town!" 
you don't listen to the conversation anymore, having a small feeling in you that if you listened further the weird feeling in you would even get worse.
you're not sure why such a feeling is even hurried in you and why you're so sad about it when the most you've both done is just make out. it can totally mean nothing, and a summer fling is not even that big of a deal. 
so just taking a quick shower and then falling asleep seemed to be a better option than to overthink and hurt your own feelings. 
the next morning was quite tiring since you couldn't really get much sleep the night before. you headed down for breakfast and got back upstairs before you could bump into anyone after remembering the conversation between the boys from the night earlier. 
the rest of the day went by after you proceed to occupy yourself with catching up on jungkook updates than worry about jay and whoever mai was.
and then more days went by and it's been a complete week since you even saw any of them which made the entire conversation thing go forgotten by you. 
so when wooyoung, karina and seeun dragged you to a party where you absolutely didn't know jay and his friends were at, you were stunned to see him in the circle of the room everyone was gathered in to play hide and seek. 
and of course, you just had to get a seat next to him after wooyoung and karina forcefully pushed you to the absolute opposite of where they sat. 
you turn to look at him, a smile already on your lips sure that it's mostly the alcohol in your system that's working. you didn't know what convinced you to get drunk tonight, maybe it was wooyoung's influence or anything but you were glad you're still sober enough to absorb everything that's going on. 
"hey," you reply back and jay smiles at you, moving closer to you. 
"sunghoon is right next to you." he is three seats away. 
you don't reply anything back when the host announces that sunghoon is the seeker along with another girl who seemed to be overjoyed she was going to be the seeker which sunghoon. 
"you will be given approximately two to three minutes to hide before sunghoon and seri starts seeking!" the host announces and everyone gets up from their seats, leaving their cups in the room by their seats. 
you mouth at wooyoung and karina to wait for you but they both turned away, pretending to have not seen that. you couldn't resort to seeun either, she wasn't even in the game, because she said she'd rather just talk to someone else than join the fun.
"and the game starts…… now!" 
you rush out of the room along with everyone, most of them chose to hide downstairs so you chose upstairs would be easier to hide since a few spots would be vacant. 
"why are you following me?" 
you turn around with your arms crossed, looking at a jay who obviously seemed to be following behind you but with his nonchalant look and hands tucked in his leather jacket, it was too obvious. 
"i'm not." 
"you are!" 
"i'm not, y/n." 
"whatever," you shrug off and run off into a room when jay chases after you. when you guess he isn't catching up with you anymore, you run into an empty room which you assume it's someone's bedroom. 
obviously hiding under the bed would be a stupid idea, but when you glanced at the watch on your wrist, you realise the three minutes were about to be over. 
so you took an even more stupid idea, you hid yourself inside the closet but it was hidden in the back of the room, so if the seeker wasn't too stupid, like your brother— then you'd be safe. 
as soon as you shut the door close, the door opens back and someone jumps into the closet next to you, shutting it close. 
"don't yell at me!" you realise it's jay and you calm down, but still mad that he followed you to your hiding spot. now you're both gonna be found.
"why are you here! this is my hiding spot!" you hiss a him, a pout on your lips but it was too dim to be noticed. 
"you don't own this spot! i'm allowed to hide here too!" jay hisses back, frowning at you yelling at him. whisper-yelling more likely. 
"i came here first!" 
"okay and?" 
"fine i'll leave then!" you move to open the door but jay stops you with holding your wrist, catching you for the guard. 
"what are you doing! you'll get caught if you leave now and when you do you'll have to do the punishment, you'll black out y/n!" 
"h—" you stop your sentence midway when you hear a loud yell echo throughout the house. 
you both freeze in your spot and jay moves in closer so when the seeker opens the closet door, he isn't the first thing they find. 
so close that he is practically on top of you. if he looked down, he could see your entire cleavage from the low cut of the top you had on. 
which he did when he accidentally looked down but your head fell against his chest as you were heaving for breath from the running earlier. biting his lips he prays you don't feel the growing hardness between his thighs in the tight space. 
you're not too oblivious either, it's clear to you that you're both hidden in the tight space where you're both practically on top of each other. and when your head falls against his chest, you could feel his abdomen that you try so hard to not make another heartbeat happen that isn't your heart. 
the same situation reminds you of the situation when you and jay ate ramen together, in the kitchen, that night. 
you try to find something to focus on in the darkness that now you can see around in after your eyes adjusted to the darkness, to distract yourself from the fact you're basically inches close to the guy you just made out with a week ago. 
before you could do anything else, the room door bursts open and you hear footsteps around the room which makes you and jay look at each other frightened. 
"god, where the fuck is everyone?" 
fuck, why does it have to be sunghoon?
jay holds you closer to hide further, afraid sunghoon might open the closet door and be welcomed with his best friend and sister hugging like there's no tomorrow if he looked more in. 
"ugh, i'm already wasted enough—" his voice is cut when the door shuts which you both assume that he left the room when his footsteps also faded away.
you've never been more relieved that sunghoon is drunk for once, glad that it didn't occur to him that he should check the closet before he left. 
"you can let go of me, now" you say, but it sounded more like a whisper at how small it came out than you intended to. 
but just as you said that your head fell back and almost hit the closet's wall if it wasn't for jay having his hand behind your head, protecting it than your head hitting it. 
your heart for some reason flutters when you realise he must've had it there for a while now since you didn't feel his arm move when you leaned back. 
"i think it's better if i hold you until the game is over," he says, and you could feel his breath fanning over your neck when he spoke. "it's pretty small here, you could hurt yourself again." 
you bite your lips, holding back a squeal. he probably watches dramas or reads romance novels, where the fuck did he learn to speak like this, gosh!
and luck didn't seem to be on your side when you try to lean back, again but a hanger in the box behind your back pokes you right on your lower back, just right below where jay was holding you at. 
"fuck!" you whine out, unexpectedly loud which catches jay by surprise. 
"shit, did you hurt yourself?" you didn't hear the 'i told you so' tone when he asked you that, instead you sensed he was actually worried from the tone he asked you in. 
"uhm— yeah," you admit, embarrassed that you just had to hurt yourself as soon as jay said that. 
"just stay still," he whispers and his hand goes down to where you got jabbed at. "does it hurt here?" 
your eyes widen when his hand accidentally slides past the slope of your ass but still lands right above it, perfectly on the hurting spot. 
"yeah," you say, nodding slowly and jay just rubs over it, soothing out the pain for you. eventually it leaves sooner than you expected but you don't say anything, you just liked the feeling of jay touching you so you just left that at it. 
a few minutes go by and you're both bored out of your mind, wondering if anyone was ever even found but too scared to leave the tiny spot in case you'd both lose.
the space was already small to begin with so sticking against each other wasn't really helping with the tenparture too. at this rate you were beginning to sweat and it was bothering you.
"ugh, it's so fucking hot in here— im sweating." you whine, softly making sure to not make too much sound as you turn around but jay stops you by clutching you around your waist. 
"don't move." 
"what? why?" 
"just don't move!" he hisses at you, leaving you confused as to why he isn't letting you move. 
"jay, it's hot i'm literally sweating," 
"i know— just, just don't move." he says, holding you in place but you're too stubborn for that. sighing, you move around anyway which makes your back meet his front and you immediately find out why he stopped you from moving. 
you hear jay mutter a string of cuss words under his breath when something hard practically pokes at your lower back, just right next to the spot where you got jabbed earlier. 
"i told you not to move, y/n. you never listen," 
"uhm, sorry i— i didn't know," you say, unsure of how to address the situation. was he seriously hard over the fact you're practically sticking on him, or because of how small the closet is. 
you're not sure, but what's clear is he's definitely hard because of you and boy, were you having a field day because of it. 
deciding to run with it, you purposely throw your head back, onto his shoulder and then shoot a short smirk his way which he's too distracted on his hardness to realise. you were already slightly intoxicated, but if you were to blame what made you act up now it'll definitely do wonders. 
the intoxicating thoughts just made things worse in your case, the lewd thoughts of how your ass was practically in between jay's crotch is beyond you, it honestly felt like you were dreaming. 
you shift slightly which jay immediately holds you back for, "stop moving y/n, please " 
oh, he was willing to beg? that's great!
you move your body backwards even more, urging to push him to his limits. exactly what you needed and wanted from him, is to snap. 
"y/n, stop it." 
"i'm not doing anything!" 
"you know what you're doing, you're not dumb." 
"i don't know what you're talk—" 
he spins you around in a swift, and holds you tightly, that you're unable to move around in. 
"do it one more time, and i won't be able to hold myself back." 
a smirk grows on your lips when you realize you've pushed the right button indeed, he's finally snapped. 
"i'm not asking you to." 
none of you have to say anything anymore for him to pull you in and your both lips colliding onto each other's, moving against each other. jay licked your bottom lip, humming at the taste of your lip balm, cherry, good choice. 
you wrap your arms around his neck as he slides his arm around your waist and another explores your body, shamelessly. you weren't going to lie if you say your panties weren't soaked. 
whatever effect jay had on you seemed to be sickening because of how bad you're down for him. 
he pulls away by surprise, bursting the closet door open and dragging you out by your arm. lips swollen, hair messed up and dazed looks on your faces, he pushes you against the door, making sure to not hurt you. 
trapping you between his hold, jay locks the door in a swift and then turns to focus on you. 
"i said i wouldn't be able to hold myself back," he breathes and if it wasn't for your self control, you would've come there itself from the way he's looking at you while catching his breath. 
"and, i told you i wasn't done with you yet." 
you open your mouth to say something, to finalize it all and pull jay by shirt back into the kiss again, until the door bursts open despite the fact you both thought jay had locked it. 
in a second, jay pushes you behind the door and stands before it when the person who walked in sees him standing there. 
"dude what the fuck, we thought you left!" 
you sigh in relief when you hear jake's voice, thanking the god's it wasn't your brother again. but the annoyed feeling takes over when you realiszd he just fucked up your chance of getting railed by his bestfriend, after all the pent up tension and the movie material scenes— all to waste, just like that!
"oh, uhm— no, i didn't! what? so is the game over?" jay stutters and you smile at the thought of him getting flustered and caught red handed. 
"yeah b— why are you flustered?" 
jay starts to laugh, shaking his head. "nothing dude, just surprised you walked in when i was about to head out." 
you see jay's gaze fall on you and then back to jake, who you couldn't really see from the door blocking your sight. 
"nah, that's too….. fishy— oh my god. wait, don't tell me," jake gasps, and then looks around frantically. your eyes widens and you immediately cover your mouth from any sound escaping as your heart rate picks up. "don't tell me you got someone in here," 
jay immediately pushes him out the door, and laughs in the most awkward way you've ever heard someone laugh in, "you're tripping, let's get outta here. at least we didn't lose hahahaha!" 
shoving his best friend out of the door, jay mouths a 'sorry' at you and then leaves in a second. you scoff at what had just happened, raging the inner demon in you. 
this is the second time you've both got cockblocked, you're starting to wonder when were you both ever going to even get together, but by the looks of it— it's probably never going to happen. 
"fuck," you sigh, shaking your head in dissapointment before walking out. you head down the stairs and spot jay with sunghoon and jake, too engulfed in their conversations to even bother about their surroundings. 
you look around for your friends but no one is nowhere to be found, you're guessing either they are passed out somewhere or already back home, enjoying peace instead of this crowded place smelling like sex in the air and pure alcohol. 
you try to pass by a group of people, sweaty bodies against each other and you try to not scrunch up your face in disgust, but in the midst of that, you accidentally bump past someone, immediately making them knock over their drink. 
"holy shit, oh my god— i'm sorry!" you gasp, immediately crouching down to pick up the cup and bite your lip as you examine the carpeted floor being coated in whatever the drink they had previously in the now emptied cup. 
"wait, no it's my fault, i'm sorry i wasn't watching where i was going!" 
for some reason you recognized the voice all too well, and then you look up and you're completely lost at words. 
what the fuck was lee heeseung doing here?
your mouth falls open and so does his. 
"o-oh my god, Y/N?" he chuckles, furrowing his eyebrows as he points his finger at you in confusion. 
"heeseung? what are you doing here?" you ask, still staring at him in shock. no, but you were actually stunned because what's he doing here instead of being at NYU with his girlfriend? 
"that's an interesting way to ask how have you been? thanks for asking, i'm great!" he laughs, shaking his head slightly. 
"oh uh— my bad!" you grimace, and immediately apologizing at your rude manners. the alcohol in your system isn't doing wonders anymore, not much justice either. 
heeseung chuckles at your mistake, giving you a bright smile that complimented his perfect 32's, the braces he had back then showing the results so greatly. 
"oh my, where are my manners? here," heeseung says, realizing you're both still on the ground before he puts out his hand for you and you gladly take it as you both get up. 
"i'm so sorry— for the drink. i wasn't seeing where i was going, a little tipsy too, so it was completely my fault." you blabber which heeseung finds cute for his liking. 
"no y/n, don't dwell on it. it's my fault as well for being too careless, so don't sweat it!" 
you smile at him, and then the both of you laugh at the silence being too awkward all of a sudden. 
"you should get a refill, if you'd like?" you say, pointing at the cup he's now holding, and then to the kitchen behind your back. 
"yeah, sure!" 
the two of you walk over to the kitchen and you help heeseung with his drink as an apology for spilling it which he reassures you is really fine. 
"so, you're back in town for the semester as well?" you ask heeseung, watching him gulp down the first sip and then he gives you a short smile before answering. 
"actually, i just graduated." 
"oh my god, really? that's great news, congrats!" 
"thanks, y/n." he says, smiling at you sheepishly. "i'll be starting my first residency in about a month at a university hospital back in New York." 
"oh i see, that's really great." you say, nodding. 
"and what about your girlfriend? i haven't gotten a marriage invitation from you guys, still waiting for it!" you laugh jokingly but heeseung deadpans in your face making you stop almost in a heartbeat. 
"we're not seeing each other anymore." 
your silence happens to be too deafening so heeseung chuckles in order to break it. he puts his hand over yours, rubbing his thumb on your hand to assure you not to worry about it. 
"it's fine, we never really saw it coming as well, so it's pretty much a shock to everyone who found out…." 
you just nod, chuckling awkwardly like jay did earlier. "i'm sorry for.." you trail off not knowing to show your condolences. 
it wasn't like she or heeseung lost feelings for him or something, both of them would be fucking crazy to do that. 
"it's fine. things fell out between us, i think she lost feelings along the w—" 
your loud gasp cuts heeseung halfway, leaving him hanging staring at you in shock. your eyes widens when you realize you gasped out loudly, which you gasp at once again. 
"oh my god— fuck," you sigh, apologizing profusely at heeseung. you were _really_ embarrassing yourself at this point, you didn't know how worse it was going to get after this. 
"i'm guessing you're really….. shocked huh?" heeseung laughs and you shake your head in embarrassment. 
how would you have known that your guess would've been true. so, heeseung's ex is indeed fucking crazy. 
"how can she? i mean, you're everyone's dream guy so how did she even…" you ask, feeling sorry for heeseung who's before you. 
you're right however, heeseung had always been everyone's dream guy. an old friend of yours and your brother's, an ex senior from your school as well. 
it's no surprise that everyone loved him, the same type of love that everyone loves your brother like, but more. heeseung was and has always been the blueprint, everyone's it boy. 
he lacks almost nothing, gorgeous looks, a smart brain that got him into NYU with a scholarship, he's loaded enough to afford a Porsche each month, and all other stuff that everyone admires him so much for. 
you did admire him at one point too, maybe even had a teeny tiny crush on him for the time he danced with you at a birthday party when your supposed partner was supposed to but he was too busy smashing his face in another girl's face.
he stepped up to you and told you he'd dance with you, with the dreamiest smile on his face and the most charming persona enough to have hooked under his spell. 
until she came into the picture and they hit off like a perfect match. the high school sweethearts that moved to college together and everyone was expecting them to get married. 
"it happens, when you're too used to someone you eventually get tired of them, no matter how much you love them— it gets boring and it doesn't give you the very same spark it does when it's fresh and brand new."
"but then again, i don't think i can ever move on from something that was never supposed to end."  
his voice sounds dull, you feel sorry for him. the sigh he lets out is filled with so much agony and heartbreak you're guessing he's not over it. who would be, decades worth of love and time all wasted over his past lover losing feelings for him, such a loss. 
"heeseung… i'm sorry for that, really. you deserve so much better than that." you say, this time you rub your finger over his hand, comforting him. 
"she had always been the better, but i guess— for her to lose feelings, i was probably never the better for her." 
you sigh at his misery, just hoping he doesn't feel too down for the rest of the night. 
"it's in the past, things will get better for you heeseung, it's not the end of the world. you're still young, there's still more beautiful things waiting to bloom for you!" 
heeseung chuckles slightly, smiling at you as he looks up at you with the same dreamy eyes he gave you the first time he had you hooked. 
"you're so wise. it's lovely." he smiles. "i almost forgot, you look great tonight! it's really been awhile, you've gotten more beautiful over the years." 
you giggle, shaking your head. "thank you heeseung, the same goes for you too!" 
heeseung himself had definitely gotten more handsome over the years, the only downside is medical school must've played a big role in the eye bags under his eyes but it's really not too noticeable.
"oh, _i_ almost forgot, does sunghoon know you're back?" 
"how can he not? he was so overjoyed to see me back, i missed him more than i thought," heeseung says, and then looking over past the crowd to the 02z, they're still not moved, still talking but the only difference is jay is seated in the middle staring right back at the two of you with daggers. 
you're caught by surprise, but you don't say anything, enjoying the building tension once again. 
"and met the boys again too, they've grown up alot than the last time, i saw them." heeseung says and his words just turn into another one of the background noises when your gaze stays put on jay's. 
he must've been watching it all this while then. 
"i should leave now, it's getting quite late. got a few plans tomorrow," 
you turn to face heeseung again when he gets up, and your hold in his doesn't depart as you get up from your seat as well. 
"i see," you say, smiling at him back. "if you're free anytime over the summer, i'm one call away. i still use the old number. 
"sure, im one call away too, if you wanna hang anytime." he says, and then pulls you in for a goodbye hug. you take this chance to look over his shoulder, at jay but it surprises you when you see jay walking over with the most annoyed look. 
you must've pushed the right button then. 
"oh yes, i'm driving home, do you need a ride, i can dr—" 
"heeseung hyung," 
you both look over to the younger male joining the conversation. jay gives heeseung a smile when heeseung gives him a joyful one. 
"jay, what's up?" 
"nothing much, sunghoon just wanted you over, real quick too! i'm afraid you need to cut the conversation with y/n short," he says, then swiftly glancing between your hands and then back at heeseung's face. 
"i see," heeseung says and turns back to you. "sorry y/n, i'll drive you home, another time, alright?" he says, and then leans in closer to you, catching you by surprise. 
"see you around, yeah?" he says and then places a small kiss right on the corner of your lips, completely catching you by surprise and only intriguing a wave of jealousy. 
winking at you he leaves but you don't have any time to wave back at him before jay takes you by your wrist and leads you into the back of the kitchen, to the hidden corner, where no one can see the two of you.
"what are you doing, jay?" you ask when he lets go of your hand. "is everything okay?" 
"don't is everything okay me, y/n," he sighs, shaking his head as he looks down at you before he leans down to your level like heeseung had done before. "you got my attention, don't you think you have to deal with the consequences now?" 
your lips full apart to answer him but instead jay takes this as a chance to continue what had been discontinued earlier, this time hoping no one would cockblock the two of you, again. 
"drive me home tonight." you say, eyelashes fluttering as you look up at him, pulling away to catch your breath. 
"i can do more than just drive you home tonight, y/n." 
and so he did, proved you right. you didn't have a thing to complain about by the end of the night. when you tiptoed back to your room after jay had driven you back home in sunghoon car, after leaving the boys back, you were absolutely tired out and dazed.
and sore, and tired. laying down on your bed, you pulled the duvet over yourself, too tired to hop in the shower and shower. 
afraid his scent on your skin from the previous hours would go missing. his cologne, the taste of his lips, the ghost of his touches on your skin, all the memories come flashing back into your mind as you fall into dreamland with the biggest smile plastered on your face. 
when you woke in the morning you had immediately rushed to shower and the night before memory came rushing back as the water trickled down your body. 
you walked out of the shower, wrapped in your towel ready to lotion your skin until you saw yourself in the mirror, eyes widened. 
"holy shit," 
you trail your fingers over the marks in between the valley of your chest and all the way up to the collarbone, gasping at how sick it looked. 
you didn't know whether to be scared that if anyone saw your entire collarbone area covered in hickeys is terrifying or the fact these marks were lowkey hot. 
and then you remembered what jay had said the night before. 
"don't leave too obvious marks," 
he shifts in his place before smiling and then pulling you into a kiss again, then onto your neck, nibbling on the skin, making a hickey. 
"sure," and then he pulls you into another kiss, this time purposely missing your lips and kissing the spot heeseung had kissed you at just before, a few hours prior to this. 
when he pulls away there's a small red mark on the spot both of them had kissed at. 
"my mark as my girl," he says, chuckling and you swear your heart truly skipped a beat, making you feel all the things you should've felt with heeseung earlier. "i've told you before, i don't like people having what's mine already."
you bite your bottom lip before your lips grow upwards into a smile, and you try to not blush at the memory. 
"gosh, what the hell.." you sigh, shaking your head. you're pretty sure a hookup shouldn't have you giggling this way, but for some reason it did and it doesn't feel wrong at all. 
you then examine the marks, sighing at how obvious it looked. you're just hoping enough foundation and concealer can fix it. 
a few minutes later, after a lot of effort into hiding the hickeys, you then look into the mirror, hoping it's hidden pretty well. it was, but if anyone were to look closer into it, you can tell something's hidden behind the makeup. 
giving up, you just resorted into getting dressed and just heading downstairs for a late breakfast considering how your stomach hasn't stopped grumbling. 
you see jake by the stairs, putting on his jacket in the hot weather and you wave back at him.
"it's 1 in the afternoon, are you heading out somewhere?" 
jake smirks at you, "i know, it's called sarcasm baby," you roll your eyes at the pet name, looking away. "and yes, you wanna come along?" 
"where are you going? where's the rest by the way?" 
"heading over to the tracks for rehearsal, there's a race tonight." jake replies, following right behind you, hot on your trail. "the rest are already there." 
"oh," you nod, and then take the cereal box but jake stops you. 
"let's go," 
"go where?" 
"to the tracks," 
"no? i'm lazy."
you scoff at him, slapping his hand away from your arm. "it's scorching hot jake, i'm too lazy for that." 
"not even a free McDonalds can convince you?" 
you pause, and that gets a reaction out of jake. he immediately smiles when he realises he might have gotten you in his grip, "what do you say?" 
"only if we can get the combo sets." 
"SETS?" he gasps, and then wonders how much he has left in his wallet. 
"take it or leave it, jakey." 
jake ponders on it for a few seconds before signing, and giving in. "okay fine," he whines, and then points at you. "let's go." 
you excused yourself to change into a more appropriate outfit rather than showing up in an oversized shirt and shorts, which doesn't seem right for the venue at all. 
after you changed, you and jake drove off to the nearest McDonald's and after a lot of fighting, jake indeed got you combo sets and within minutes finished it all, leaving jake absolutely stunned.
"i know you didn't just finish ALL of that," he says, glaring at you as he reverses into the parking lot. 
"and i didn't even have any of the fries!" 
"you didn't even ask for any, that's not my fault," you say, laughing as jake parks the car and finally turn to you. 
"i did, you're just saying things now!" 
"uhm if so I didn't hear anything so," you say, shrugging and then jake leans into you and then smirks..
you start to panic, is he going to kiss you? you really seemed to be very kissing material these days, there's just a never ending list of guys leaning in to kiss you.
"i'll make you hear it then," 
you smile, feeling the rushing feeling going up through your chest and then up your throat. before jake could lean in any closer, you burp so loud in his face making him fall back into his seat in absolute horror. 
"oh god— uh i did not MEAN FOR THAT TO HAPPEN…." you gasp, feeling sorry for him all of sudden. 
"i— i, i think i saw god for a second…….. y/n.." he trails off, and closes his eyes, trying to not pass out from the shock. 
fast forward a few minutes later jake finally recovers from the trauma, you think so. you try to not laugh in his face even more while jake glares at you for pulling that shit on him earlier as you two make your way into the arena. 
as soon as you enter you spot sunghoon immediately and he's shocked to see you there as well. 
"are you really y/n? what are you doing here?" he asks, placing his hand to his heart, looking at you in awe. 
"shut up," you whine, rolling your eyes at your brother. 
"no for real, what has you coming here for?" 
"jake bribed me with McDonalds," you say, and then pointing to Jake who's glaring at you with a scoff. 
"yeah i wish i didn't, she almost killed me with that deadly ass burp— fuck i'm gonna throw up," he slaps his hand against his mouth and wanders off into somewhere, trying to not embarrass himself and throw up in the middle of the arena. 
"did you seriously do that to him, that's fucking nasty," sunghoon gasps, scrunching his face up in disgust at your actions, and gasping again when you laugh to confirm his guesses. 
you don't tell him jake tried to kiss you though, only dismissing it because jake would have a black eye when sunghoon finds out. you figured that would work as an apology for burping in his face.
your chat with sunghoon is interrupted when jay walks up to the two of you, taking of his helmet and wiping off the sweat on his forehead, then swiping his hair back as he looks at sunghoon. 
"you're up next." 
sunghoon nods and then pats your head. 
"i gotta go, see you later." 
you nod, giving him a thumbs up, "goodluck." 
you watch as sunghoon disappears into the group of people and then you realise how passionate he looked like, about racing. 
"i didn't know you would come down here," jay says as he looks down at you. 
"i don't," you say, smiling at him. "jake bribed me with McDonalds so, that speaks for itself," you laugh and try to not wheeze at burping in jake's face for him trying to kiss you. 
but then again, you don't mention it either. 
"it's gone?" 
"what's gone?" 
jay traces his hand on your collarbone, and then nods when he sees it's hidden by your concealer. you glare at him, immediately remembering the trouble you had to go through to hide the hickeys. 
"i told you to not make it too obvious jay," 
"yeah, you only said to not make it too obvious?" he says, chuckling. "you never said i couldn't make any at all," 
"it's the same thing." you scoff, squirting your eyes at him. "it's not baby," 
you bite the insides of your cheek, trying to not blush at the pet name except when jake used it on you earlier, it didn't give you the same effects as now. 
jay seems to find that you do like being called baby so he takes notes and then smiles at how cute you were.
"shut up," 
"i don't think you were saying that last night when i was—" 
"JAY!" you gasp, shutting him up with your hand over his mouth, staring at him wide eyed. he tears your hand away, laughing. 
"what? are you embarrassed now?" 
"no— i just— why are you saying this stuff in public!" 
"you didn't have a problem with screaming my name in public yesterday though," 
"jay shut up, oh my god," you whine, cheeks turning red, flustered only making jay chuckle. 
"the only one who'll be shutting up is you," he says, slipping his hand right underneath your waist, catching you by surprise. "right?" 
he's right, that immediately shuts you up and also the pulsing between your legs returns in broad daylight. it's immaculate how down bad you were for him.
"am i interrupting something?" 
you turn to your right to see heeseung in his racing attire as well, surprising you immediately when you push jay away. 
"yeah, we were in the middle of something, hyung." 
you widen your eyes staring at jay and then back at heeseung. 
"oh, i see, if so then—" 
"what? no ,he's just kidding!" you laugh awkwardly, waving your hands at him. "he's gonna go back to the tracks, right jay hahahaha!" you say, and then raise your eyebrows only to get a glare from him. 
"oh uhm.." heeseung trails off, rubbing the back of his neck, smiling at you and jay awkwardly. "i didn't expect to see you here, just wanted to say hi!" 
"i could say the same for you as well, you're back into racing again?" you ask, confused to see him here as well, in his racing attire too. 
"uh, yeah, in the meantime while waiting for the residency to start, you know." 
"oh i see," you nod, giggling at heeseung. 
"anyway, i'm free later in the evening, do you want to go out for dinner, if you're free—" 
"oh sur—" 
"no she's not." jay speaks up, crossing his arms against his chest, surprising the two of you. 
"uh excuse me?" you ask jay, widening your eyes at him signalling what the hell he's doing. 
you look back at heeseung, laughing again to clear out the awkward tension between them. "he's just joking! gosh, jay you're such a jokester today hahahahahahahah!" 
the two of them just stare at each other with you in the middle, not a word being exchanged. 
"uh— yeah, hee i'm free later, just text me for the details." 
hee? jay stares at you in disbelief at the nickname, for a reason it infuriates him. 
"that's great then. see you around, y/n?" he says, giving you a shy smile which you return back with a bigger smile at before he leaves. 
when heeseung leaves, there's smoke coming out of jay's nostrils so when you turn back to look at him you're stunned. 
"hee," jay mutters under his breath in a mocking way, making you chuckle at his jealousy. 
"what? is there something wrong with that?" you ask, looking up at the fuelled jay park.
"i didn't say anything," 
"do you want a nickname too?" you ask, smiling at him, sulking. "jay? jey? jayjay?" 
"you can make as many as you want," he says, glancing over at you with a smirk before he leans down to your level, to face your eye to eye. 
"nothing turns me on as much as the way you say my name though."
Tumblr media
IN DILEMMA as you stare at yourself in the mirror. you place down the gloss, and sigh loudly. you're not sure why the guilt is building up in you when you're not supposed to be feeling guilty at all. 
it's not a crime to go out for just a dinner with an old friend (cut out crush), it's simply just a reunion over a small dinner, nothing extravagant like a date. 
but you're not sure why the one on your mind is jay, the boy you've been hooked on for weeks now, the one who's lips taste is still lingering on yours despite the cherry lip gloss coated on it. when all you're supposed to be thinking about is the man you're going to be out with in a few minutes, lee heeseung. 
"y/n!" you slap yourself, staring into the mirror. "get it together for god's sake," you sigh, slapping your cheeks again. 
you can do it, it's no big deal. just ignore the guilt in you and go on a date with heeseung, it's all fine, _no big deal_!
you get a text from heeseung that he's outside, making you get up and frantically rush around the room to get your clutch, and a few other things. after rushing to spray on your perfume, you head out to find heeseung waiting for you by the porch. 
"oh, wow." 
heeseung smiles at you, as he compliments your looks for the night. "you look simply gorgeous tonight, y/n." 
you smile back at him, thanking him as you compliment him back on the navy blue but black tux he has on, perfectly suiting him in every inch. 
"you look amazing too, heeseung." 
"shall we?" he asks, and takes your hand in his, leading to his Mercedes, and closing the door after you get into the passenger seat. 
heeseung joins you in the driver's seat and the rest of the drive is accompanied by a small talk between you two, until you guys reach the restaurant. 
and you have to say, lee heeseung went all out on this. you're wondering how his ex could have ever gotten tired of this, quite materialistic of you. 
"the food here is great, i hope you love the cuisines," heeseung says as he helps you out of the car and then locks it before walking into the restaurant with you. 
"good evening, mr.lee. great to see you again!" the waitress at the front greets heeseung and then gives you a brief smile before attending to him. 
"i have a reservation under my name," 
"yes sir, let's get you checked in." she says and then leads you and heeseung inside of the restaurant and all you could say about the place was it screamed rich, rich, rich. 
not your usual cup of tea, but enjoying a good dinner like this once in awhile is a good thing you suppose. 
"alright, here's your seat, i'll be right back to attend to you with your menus." she says as she stops the two of you inside a private room, you're guessing it must be a VIP spot considering how glamorous the spacious room looked for only a table for two. 
"thank you," he thanks the waitress and then walks over to you when she leaves. he pulls out the chair for you, helping you into your seat before he gets in for himself. 
you look around the room, awkwardly not knowing what to say until heeseung speaks up. 
"so, uh, you're with jay?" 
you're not sure how to answer the question, you're not sure yourself what the two of you even were. 
you hooked up, one time. three failed hookup times, but every kiss was amazing, you couldn't ask for better. you don't know if you like him, you know he doesn't like you that's for sure, in a romantical way. 
sure he makes you feel all the type of way every girl would feel from someone she likes but, do you like him, romantically?
you're guessing he's not more than just a summer fling, right?
but how were you supposed to explain it to heeseung? much to your dismay, fortunately you don't have to because the waitress walks in with the menus as she promised.
"here are your menus," she says and you both order your meals but yours is just recommend by both heeseung and the waitress, a few more words are exchanged between each other until the waitress leaves and you're back to square one again with heeseung.
"i'm guessing it's a yes, then?"
you look up to look at him, and you blink, unsure of what to say. 
"i hope you don't mind me asking….. i just—"
"are you hitting on me, heeseung?" 
you know you may or may have not fucked up by the way heeseung almost choked on his water as he stares at you wide eyed. your reaction has him chuckling in no time, realising that you're actually being serious. 
"is that what it looks like?" 
"it's the only logical explanation i can think of," you say, shrugging slightly. 
"well, to answer you question." he pauses, laughing. "no, i'm not hitting on you." 
you're confused now, so why was he acting like he was trying to hit on you? "i was just testing the waters." 
"mind elaborating?" you urge, staring at him blankly. heeseung smiles at you, leaning back in his seat. 
"i was trying to see if jay has finally got you," 
heeseung just smiles at you again, sighing when he sees that you're clueless, so clearly jay hasn't made his move yet. "that, i don't think it's my place to tell you." 
you whine, sulking at heeseung. 
"how can you just say stuff and then leave me hanging by the thread like that! heeseung!" 
the older boy just chuckles, taking a sip from his glass seconds later. "you'll see, soon. "
"but, you know, jay's a great guy," heeseung continues, speaking for his brother who isn't blood related to him. "despite the whole reputation he has tainted on him, he's a gem." 
you nod, listening to heeseung, completely immersed in the topic as it's about jay.
"jay's a great guy, i give you my word for that. he's amazing, honestly— i can't stress it enough, i'm exaggerating because he's my homie or anything but, anyone would be lucky to have jay in their life." heeseung says, giving you a warm smile at it, as if he knows there's something going on between you and jay. 
"you're no stranger to him right y/n? so you know how his childhood has always been," heeseung says and you agree.
you really are no stranger to jay, you've known him ever since sunghoon barged through the house with jake, jay and heeseung behind him, excitedly cheering that he's a grown up boy and has friends now! especially one that is older than the rest of them. 
you remember him spending most of his time at your place rather than his own, for reasons of course. jay never really had a great relationship with his family, sure his parents were in his life, still living under a roof together. 
but does all of that even matter when there's not a single ounce of love or affection? all that has ever been for jay is his parent's main priority being too engulfed into their business world that caring for their one and only heir has never been on their radar. 
but you know, that the love he never found with his biological parents, he found it in your home. with sunghoon, jay has always been treated like his very own brother— it's as if you were sister too but considering neither of you ever saw each other like that, that's another story. 
sunghoon has never let jay feel left out, always sharing with him everything he's ever had, even if not with, he's always shared with jay everything. from his toys to his dreams. everything.
your parents are no exception too, always welcoming him into their warm arms like jay is their own son. treating him exactly like you and sunghoon were always treated, with so much of love and affection. a family love, a type of love every human out there yearns for. 
they had always included him in family vacations, family activities, every breakfast, lunch, dinner, hangout— everything, jay was always invited. your home was basically his very own home too at this point.
however although you're aware you family has treated him him like their very own son, the lingering feeling will always be in jay : where his own family doesn't even care this much for him when another family, who isn't even his own blood does. 
so when that happens, it plays a major part in his growing up phase, but jay had always best the stereotype. that kids from broken families always fucks up, and has a ruined reputation. 
no, jay had always been an elite student in school. active for almost all of his curricular, a teacher's pet, star student— and is even loved by the students! popular kid, prom king, another it boy, the list goes on and on. 
though neither of that compares to the love and affection he's never had, the one he yearns for, you hope at least he's happy and lives a good life. 
"deep in thoughts?" 
"oh," you chuckle, shaking your head as you break out from the immense train of thoughts. "yeah— thinking about what you said, it's true." 
"right? considering things have always been like for him, i hope at least. the love he never got from his own family, he gets it from someone he loves." heeseung says, continuing from earlier. 
"and someone he loves i don't mean it by you know, sunghoon and the boys, partying, fucking around— i mean if that gives him happiness then so it be, but," he pauses. "by someone he loves, i mean like his romantic life. i hope that goes well for him especially, he's the type that never forgets his day 1 girl for a 1 day girl." 
you ponder on what heeseung said, letting it sink in. most men leave their day 1 girl for a 1 day girl, and jay not being them, just makes your heart a small flip. 
although you are aware that you don't like him romantically, the thought of being his girl, somehow makes you feel so giddy and on cloud nine. 
"i agree, i hope the same for him too." you say, nodding, and just agreeing with heeseung so he doesn't suspect anything wrong. 
heeseung just laughs, and then shakes his head. 
"i don't think we're supposed to talk about others when we're having dinner together," heeseung says, making you look at him. "but, guilt killing me so much that i can't stop thinking about her while i'm here with you." 
you're not sure how to react to that, not that you liked heeseung romantically to feel offended by that statement, but— his heart still belongs to his past lover at the end of the day, even while being on a dinner with another girl amuses you. 
you wonder, when is it your turn for your heart to belong to someone like that and that even if you have the most wanted, charming guy in the room wrapped around your fingers, nothing would compare to the one that has your heart. 
sighing, you lean back in your seat. 
"it's fine, i'm here for the free meal anyway!' 
and dinner passed in a blink of an eye, after heeseung and your conversation about jay, the two of you had just drifted onto another topic and enjoyed the talk over the overpriced food. 
that didn't even taste as good as the diner by your place where you hang out with your friends at. 
heeseung opens the door for you and leads you out of the restaurant, as soon as you do, the chilly breeze hits your skin, making you shiver almost immediately. 
"oh, here," he says, taking off his jacket and putting it over you. you're stunned but you thank him nevertheless, realizing that if you had just gone on with the dress you have on, you'd just freeze to death, although it's in the middle of the summer. 
"thank you, hee." 
the drive back to your place was filled with a comfortable silence, heeseung changing the radio stations when it got boring, and you just leaning against the window of his car, staring into the outer view while your mind's completely occupied. 
by the boy you couldn't stop thinking about ever since the start of summer. 
when heeseung pulled into your driveway, he got out ahead of you to open the door for you. thanking him again, you bid him goodbyes and give him a goodbye hug then make your way up to your porch. 
just as heeseung drives off and you reach for your purse a loud thud in the darkness scares the absolute shit out of you. 
"FUCK!" you gasp, for a moment your soul leaving your body when you see a tall figure get up from the porch and walk towards you. 
under the dim light of the streetlight, you calm down when you're able to make out the figure, realizing it's just jay. 
"what are you doing here?" you ask and he just stared at you with a sulky, annoyed expression. 
"jay, h— have you been here since afternoon?" you gasp, taking in his outfit. it's the exact same as the one from earlier in the noon, except he has a leather jacket over him now. 
"what, no." he says, and rubs the back of his neck. you fight back the urge to smile when you realize it's a habit he has when he's not being honest, often when’s lying. 
"are you sure?" you ask again and jay just looks away, slightly scoffing which doesn't go unheard by you. it makes a small smirk grow on your lips almost immediately. 
he wasn't waiting for you… right? 
"uh stop asking me questions! h— how was your so-called date with heeseung?" jay asks, turning around almost immediately, looking at you with an unexplainable look plastered on his face. 
"it went well, i guess, why?" 
"nothing, you just seem to— like it so much," he says, and rolls his eyes. "smiling ear to ear and shit," he mutters under his breath as he looks down at his shoes, next to you. 
you chuckle, biting your lip to hold back a louder laugh as soon as jay turns to you to give you a glare for laughing at him. that's when he realizes what you have over your body, a coat he's never seen you own.
and then it strikes him, it's heeseung's! 
"huh? jay, what are you doing!" you gasp when jay pulls the coat off you, catching you by surprise. he doesn't say anything when he tosses heeseung's coat onto the bench and takes off his leather jacket, then puts it over you. 
"you'll be a lot warmer now," he says and then avoids eye contact when you smile up at him. "what does he think he's in, a kdrama?" jay scoffs when he looks over at the coat on the bench and you roll your eyes at his pettiness. 
"thank you so much jay, i would've frozen to death if i didn't wear yours instead of wearing heeseung's!" you say, exaggerating the way you say it as well, mocking the sulky jay park.
"yeah, you should be grateful i saved you," he says, huffing dramatically. "your prince charming is here, not the guy that took you out for like a expensive dinner once— even i can do that!" 
you laugh at him, pushing his shoulder. 
"yeah? then why don't you do that, jay? who knows, maybe i'll give you a chance too." 
jay just shrugs at you, acting cool and unbothered when you laugh at him.  
"whatever, just go in. you're gonna get sick." he says, and points over at the blowing wind, signaling there might be rain tonight. 
before you could say anything else, jay just opens the door for you and pushes you in, before he gives you a brief wave and starts to walk away. 
"jay!" you call out, and drop your purse on the ground before you walk after him. jay turns around in a heartbeat and your lips collide onto his lips, leaving a small peck that makes his cheeks flustered. 
"y/n?" he asks, when you pull away immediately after the small peck. 
you walk back to the door, and then lean against the doorframe, before closing it shut. 
"i'll be waiting for the dinner invitation, mr.prince charming!" 
you give him a quick wave and shut the door, leaving the boy with his heart doing flips and mind going crazy. god, you're the death of him. 
Tumblr media
you and wooyoung gasp at karina who seemed to be occupied with her college hunt on her laptop. summer is ending soon, and you've barely got your shit together. all that's ever been going on is partying, getting wasted, fucking around with your loverboy endlessly and nothing else. 
though wooyoung just sighed it off saying he'd worry about it later and you both should go back to playing mario cart, you couldn't help but ignore the worry in you. 
it hasn't hit you yet that high school is finally over and that you'll be graduating less in a month! 
and then college comes, the young adult phase where all you can think about is assignments and deadlines, no more fun. what makes you want to tear up is the fact that the four of you, wooyoung, karina, seeun and you won't be together anymore. 
"can't believe you're like this," seeun sighs, and she lays on your bed, scrolling on your phone. 
"that's rich coming from you— scrolling on tiktok isn't going to help you apply for college either, seeun." wooyoung retorts, rolling his eyes at her. 
they're back at it again. 
you tell wooyoung to continue with the game as you rush out of your room to get your laptop and sit down with karina, getting down to work which you ignore wooyoung's pleas for not being brainwashed by her.
"huh, where are you going?"
you stop in your tracks when you see your brother rush out of his room, dressed up with his keys jingling in his hand. 
"oh, a few of my old friends are back in town, gonna fetch them." he says and you nod, getting an unsettling feeling about it. "and heads up, since mom and dad are gone for the weekend, they'll be residing here for two days."
you open your mouth to not agree with him but sunghoon cuts you off. 
"yeah and before you go on and off about it, i'll make sure we don't disturb you, geez!" 
yeah that's a lie.
with that, the older boy just rushes off with a brief bye to you, and you're just standing in the corridor, sighing loudly. 
you head into your room and just pick up your laptop as that's what you came originally for until you're stopped by a thought crossing your mind.
were the friends he was talking about are the people he, jay and jake were having a conversation about, a few nights ago. 
you hoped it wasn't, because the mention of the girl sunghoon couldn't stop associating jay with was already make you feel nauseous, and seeing her— you don't think you could do it. 
despite the obvious fact that you both are merely just fuck buddies and besides the fact you've both never addressed the relationship between each other, so that's what you've opted to.
just fuck buddies with no feelings attached. 
but you're getting a feeling that isn't going to stay forever like that. 
a knock on your door is heard and you turn around to see seeun peeking from the door slightly ajar. 
"you were taking so long, wooyoung said you might have passed out and some shit so i came to check," she says and you let out a small laugh. 
inviting her in, you both sat in your bed and you sigh loudly at the heavy feeling in your chest again. you hated when this happened, you don't even like jay romantically so you don't know why you're always so down the moment you hear him being with someone else. 
"is everything okay, you look sad?" 
you sigh even more, and then just decide to tell seeun about it. 
"i don't think i ever told you about it but, i've been into….. with jay for a while now." you admit and seeun just nods, the atmosphere suddenly getting heavier. 
"yeah, i figured— i hear those two talking about it sometimes and i see, " she points at your skin, which is slightly tainted with the older hickeys that you told jay again and again to not make it so obvious. "that," 
"oh, uh," you bite your lips, unsure of how to respond to her statement. you're not sure why she has a gloomy expression on her face when she mentions the hickeys and jay. 
"y/n, you know it's still not too late right?" 
"to stop yourself from getting involved in his mess," she says, frowning. "he's not good news, y/n." 
"seeun, he's really not that bad— trust me," you emphasize with her, defending jay as she nitpicks about him. 
"y/n you just don't see it right? he's not good for you, i'm telling you because i don't want you to get hurt by him!" she whines frustratedly when you're still defending the boy she loathes. 
"what do you know about him, seeun— this habit of yours, talking shit about just anyone has to go." you argue, sighing experatedly when she gets up from the bed and stands before you. 
"okay, so what do you know about him then, y/n? what do you know so much about the boy that just wants to fuck and leave you in the end, that you're defending him so much like this?" 
you're shocked, you don't know why is seeun so heated up about this argument that she's saying shit at this point. 
"what the fuck? are you serious right now?" you scoff, placing your laptop aside as you stare at her with a glare. 
"what did you expect then? i'm telling you that i know his fucking tactics so bad— i'm saving you from the hurt y/n! why can't you just listen when i'm telling you what's good for you?" 
"who are you to tell me what's good and what's bad for me, seeun?" you ask, genuinely confused where she's coming from. you know about jay's reputation, and if anything you've only learned more about him over the weeks. you know he's famous for fucking and leaving but you're the one who wanted this so you have to experience the consequences. 
"fuck, why are you like this, oh my god!" she grunts, gripping onto her hair as she stares at you in disbelief. "he isn't worth this argument, y/n." 
"why are you deciding that seeun— i don't even know why are you so fucking pissed about this, it's ridiculous," you pause. "do you like him, is that it?" 
seeun sighs, deciding that this is the only time she could bring it up, picking to go big or go home. 
"how dense can you be?" she asks, and you snap at her, with an annoyed expression painted on your face.
"being dense is your speciality seeun, because there's literally no any other logical explanation as to why you're so fucking against me liking j—" 
"GOD Y/N FOR FUCKS SAKE— I LIKE YOU!" and as soon as she said that the door bursts open and karina and wooyoung are staring at the two of you in shock. 
you open your mouth and close it back, completely stunned that you were expecting something but seeun confessing that she likes you definitely wasn't what you expected. 
"fuck jay, i don't like him— the one i like is you, and— you're so oblivious to that….." she trails off, tears streaming down her face at this point. you felt guilty all of a sudden at the sight of her crying, but when you reach for her she backs away. 
"i— i'll get going." she says and storms off past you and through karina and wooyoung. when seeun leaves, wooyoung rushes after her to comfort her as karina walks over to comfort you. 
"i didn't even know…." you trail off, falling back onto your bed with a slump, sighing. karina assures you that it isn't your fault, that neither of you guys ever expected that. 
"y/n, don't blame it on yourself— it's not your fault, none of us expected this. if anything we just thought the same as you," she pauses. "that she liked jay… or jake."
you sigh, shaking your head in confusion. you had no idea as to why everyone seemed to be putting you into a tight spot right now, everything pulled up on you. 
"y/n….. don't worry, you can talk it out with her soon.. when she calms down." she paused. "or at least when you both have everything figured out, she basically just confessed to you." 
then she looks at you when your gaze falls onto karina. 
"you have to give her an answer." 
Tumblr media
UPON HEARING jake's departure back to gongjin for the rest of summer, you already knew your brother was going to throw a goodbye party. 
he just needed a reason to party. 
and you weren't in the mood for it, not after how things has been going downhill for you after seeun's confession. 
you hadn't seen her in awhile, after the whole fiasco and neither did you make any moves to give her an answer. 
you knew you didn't like her, in a romantic way. seeun has always been nothing more than just a great friend, so when she confessed you just realised and saw the bigger picture later on. 
how she always stuck to you, how she always wanted to hang out just by yourselves, just the two of you, how she knew everything about you from what you liked to what you had an ick for— even the things that karina or wooyoung couldn't care less to bother about. 
and the most obvious clue that gave it all away was how she always reacted when jay's name got brought up in the conversation. how she had always fell silent when the conversation was about the boy you're currently in daze with, and how she'd be annoyed and not interested whenever you spoke about him. 
and how she was totally against the idea of you having jay as your summer fling. 
you wouldn't have guessed a thing even back then, you'd just think she preferred to hang out with you better as she probably would have felt more comfortable than having you hanging out with a guy who has the golden title for fuck and leave. 
so even now, your feelings and how you view seeun hasn't changed a bit. you still love her very much as a friend.
it's clear as day that you don't have feelings for her, at all. what you're not sure of is, why you feel like your heart is already entitled for somebody else, and you're having suspicions that it might be the person you have in mind exactly. 
"is everything okay?" 
you look up at the boy hovering over you as he takes a seat next to you. you spot sunghoon and jake fighting over a gelato flavour by the counter at the front of the store. 
"uh yeah," you reply, smiling at him briefly and then going back to poking at your gelato as it slowly melts due to the hot weather outside the air conditioned store. 
"you don't sound too sure, and that doesn't sound assuring at all." he says, giving you a small squeeze on your hand. 
you sigh at him, feeling your heart beat increase when he flashes you a small smile that gives you a tiny serotonin boost. gosh, at this point you wouldn't be surprised if you were lovestuck and mad in love with him.
just saying…
"something came up— with my friend. it was shocking and my mind is just all over the place…" you say, frowning and jay rubs his thumb over your hand. 
"you can tell me if you want to— it'll help you clear out your mind and i can help if possible?" 
you contemplate for a moment and then shark your head. 
"it's alright, i don't want to burden you jay." you say, and give him a small smile. what happened between you and seeun should stay between you two only, considering how she came out to you by mistake through the confession, you figured it's not your place to be telling everyone her privacy. 
and— you indeed didn't want to burden jay, although he's an amazing listener and you can tell him all your worries in the world and he surely can help you out, if possible like he had said so— speaking from past experience. 
"if that's the case, then sure." he says, and then pats your head lightly, caressing your hair for a second with heart eyes. "don't mind me," 
your eyes widens when he pecks a quick kiss on your lips, igniting a short gasp from you in shock. 
"jay!" you clasp your mouth with your hand, staring at him in shock. "that's risky! what if they co—" 
and he pecks you again after pulling your hand away from your lips. 
"okay? and i'll do it again," he shrugs and you opted to say something before he kissed you again, making you flustered. 
"i'll kiss my baby if i want to," 
"y-your what!" you ask, flabbergasted at the sudden pet name. jay has never used any of those ever before, not even during your intimate moments with him. 
so him using baby casually in you definitely caught you off guard— especially when it rolls of his tongue so easily as if he's used to it, and as if it's meant for you. 
"i said, my baby." he says, taking a bite of his gelato and grinning at you foolishly, as if he's in love. "you're my baby, can't i call my girl that?" 
you take a deep breath, turning around and screaming silently as you tried to keep your cool. 
just like that, but in your head where your inner mind is threatening to burst and your cheeks hurt from smiling too bright and your heart beating faster than usual and your stomach doing insane flips. 
the symptoms of being in love. 
"you know it's going to be easy to fall for you if you keep on doing that, jay." you say, with the most toned down tone, but your smile beating you to it as soon as you turn around to see jay leaning over the table as he looks at you with the most adored smile. 
the one that has every girl starstruck at first sight. 
"yeah? that's the point. because i'm already head over heels for you," he says, grinning. 
for some reason his sentence gives you a sudden hope, and also a tiny pang that you chose to ignore because right now, fuck getting fake hope, you just want to enjoy this moment. 
"really? that's quick, i guess i'm pretty irresistible after all," 
"that has always been the case for me y/n," 
"jay," you say, sighing at him with a smile. now you'll draw the line and stop the conversation from going further because if it did, then you'd be having an entire procrastination session with yourself and debating if he likes you or not. 
though that shouldn't be the case if you didn't like him, romantically— right?
"shut up or i'll kiss you." 
"then k—" 
and you do, you lean in and place a quick kiss and then pull away giggling when jay is caught off the guard. he smiles at your brighter and pecks you. 
and then you peck him again, and he pecks you and you peck him and he— 
"we're gonna get caught." you say, stopping him which disappointed him a little. 
how much he wished you both would get caught and when sunghoon gives you both his blessings and jay finally makes a move, he can kiss you anytime and anywhere he wants to. 
but he doesn't have that privilege yet. 
"okay, last one." he says and pecks you for the last time before you both see jake running over to the table.
"god sunghoon is such a menace, he has such a bad taste i can't believe you have a brother like that, y/n." he says, catching his breath and sunghoon finally joins beside him and nudges jake's arm, scoffing at him. 
"i got to praise you for keeping up with him, really." jake says, shaking his head and then yelping when sunghoon knocks his head for mocking him. "dude at this rate i'm about to go back with a bump on my head!"
"you're asking for it!"
"not that deep, really sunghoon!"
"so are you guys gonna cut it out or…" jay speaks up, and then looks back and forth between his two brothers like friends. 
"dude? you too! looks like you guys can't wait to just send me off," jake scoffs and bites a spoonful of gelato with an offended glare. 
"sunghoon probably can't wait for sure so he can have all of your bitches," you say, shurgging with a mischievous smile when sunghoon glares at you. "other than that, i'm feeling sad that you won't be here for the rest of the summer." 
"thank you for your appreciation y/n, you're the best, do you want a kiss?" 
you're rolling your eyes at the question when sunghoon goes on and off again, about how you're off limits and how jake is an asshole and how he also doesn't want his bitches because he already has his girl. 
which you opted to ask him about later, seeing how she was back in town as well. 
while on the other hand, you feel a warmth on your thigh which catches you off the guard. 
"what are you doing?" you whisper to jay, who's already looking at you with a small smirk before he leans in by your ear. 
"do you want to?" 
"huh?" eyebrows furrowed, you're confused. 
"jake," he says, and you see him glare at jake for a second and then back to you. "do you want to kiss him?" 
"would that be a problem?" 
"i don't know, just that jake would never the light of the day if he kissed you," 
you give him a shy laugh, before shaking your head. "then i don't want to kiss him," 
"why? cause he'll never see the light of the day?" 
"no," you deny. "it's because then you'll be fuming with jealousy and i won't get a break from wanting to be kissed by everyone, it's a struggle, really." 
jay nudges his elbow at you while his hand is still plastered on your thigh, rubbing it up and down slowly underneath the table where the action is hidden from your brother and his friend. 
"what are you two doing?" 
you both look up at sunghoon like deer caught in headlights, blinking as if you've both caught red handed. 
"don't tell me you guys are planning to ditch me when he leaves?" 
a breath you were holding had let go when you realized he didn't really realize what you two were doing. with a look of relief you try to move away, to put distance between you two but jay holds your thigh still while talking to sunghoon.
"guess you caught us red handed," 
"fuck you three, can't have shit i'm telling you." 
the three of you burst into laughter and your head falls back which jay realizes is too close to the wall so he puts a hand behind your head to prevent you from bumping into the wall. 
an action that's unnoticed by you but noticed by someone else. 
"anyway, i'm really so annoyed that the girls are coming back right when i'm away— i swear gongjin better be worth it." 
"girls?" you ask, furrowing your eyebrows when jake speaks. 
"yeah, our old friends from high school, they're gonna be back in town." sunghoon adds on and a small twisted feeling grows in the pit of your stomach. "some friends that jay might enjoy …" he snickers but the two of you don't. 
and then sunghoon mentions her. 
"dude, seriously it's gonna be crazy like you and mai reconciling— don't gotta worry about being bitchless anymore, won't you?" 
your gaze falls onto the gelato cup, and then suddenly feel like jay's hand is making you uncomfortable in the midst of s conversation about him and another girl, that isn't you. 
it was so unsettling. 
"hoon, i told you i don't have anything to do with her anymore— i don't even… i don't even fuck with her anymore." jay says, indirectly saying he doesn't give a shit about another girl when all he ever needs is you who's slouching next to him with a frown.
"isn't that the point of her coming back though," sunghoon laughs, "like you guys getting back together and reviving what you both left back in highschool?" 
you remove jay's hand off your thigh and leave a gap between you two almost immediately when the air in the store suddenly gets down. jay turns to look at you but you're looking out the window trying to not be bothered by the conversation between your brother and jay. 
in fact, it shouldn't bother you at all. all this while it's been pretty clear to the two of you that the two of you are nothing more than just fuck buddies, so getting jealous and upset at the mention of each other being with another person shouldn't even occur. 
so why exactly where you drowning in jealousy and suddenly out of mood at the mention of mai and jay having history— at the mention of jay finally seeing her again.
countless questions run through your head and it's truly killing jay alive, he knows what's running through your mind and he's unable to stop you with sunghoon at the scene. 
"hoon, i think he's pretty serious bout' this— he's hard on not wanting to fuck with mai again, so drop it." jake says, nudging sunghoon when he's totally dense enough to not read the atmosphere in the room.
"yeah yeah, you say this all the time man," sunghoon points his spoon at jay. "in the end, you're deep into mai just like the old times." 
the conversation alone is enough to make you want to throw up so you abruptly stand up, catching everyone's attention. 
"i'm gonna head home first, i feel unwell." you say and walk past jay while sunghoon calls after you. 
pushing past the door, you exit the store and feel like your face was about to explode. 
"fuck," you sigh, not knowing why exactly why it's even this serious.
you don't even turn around to know who it is, from the tone and voice it already has you intrigued.
"why are you after me?" 
"i don't want her y/n," 
"why are you telling me that?" you ask him, turning around with a sigh. 
"because you're upset…. sunghoon is just— you know him, i, i don't miss her or want to f—" 
"jay," you say, trying to fight back the urge to cry. "it shouldn't matter whether you miss her, or if you want to….." you trail off, not being able to bring the words out of your mouth about him fucking her. 
"i am not upset, i'm just not feeling well, really," you say, shaking your head and then jay walks to you and places his hand on your forehead which you move backwards away from. 
and that undeniably breaks this heart. 
"y/n w—" 
"jay don't worry about me. i'm being serious, you just…. spend the rest of your day with them, you don't have to come over later." you say, and move to leave but jay holds your hand in his, stopping you in tracks. 
"i want to worry about you, i can't just leave you like this?" 
"y/n, i'm sorry. please? i'll get sunghoon to stop talking about her if it makes you uncomfortable…" 
"why would you do that? it shouldn't matter if your— if, mai bothers me, which doesn't so," you deny. 
"you're lying, y/n." 
"i'm not, jay—" you frown. "you don't even know me," oh, he really did know you well. 
"then i want to, know you. whatever that makes you feel better, okay? i want to make it better for you so, don't leave like this." 
you sigh, again. unable to slip away from his grasp, you massage your temple as you look at the boy before you. 
"jay, i want to leave, please i don't feel good." 
jay sighs, frowning as he buries the disappointment in his heart deep down as he nods slowly, giving in. 
"okay— let me help you catch a cab at least, please. " you agree, letting him do that before you're leaving the store leaving a sad jay behind. 
he tries to not walk in and just punch sunghoon right in face for never shutting up about mai, like he could literally care less about his past fling, when YOU, the girl he always needed, he's finally got. 
but now sunghoon just had to run his mouth and make you upset, and have you leave the place with things fucked between jay and you. 
groaning, he heads back into the store, trying to not punch sunghoon all the way and after a lot of persuading from jake, he calmed down and spoke to sunghoon, whilst you were on his mind for the most part. 
when you got back home, you were confused while jay's words rang in your head as you collected yourself from the mess.
why did he apologize to you? he didn't have the need to do that, even if you got offended by the mention of mai and jay. it shouldn't have bothered the two of you, jay shouldn't have even had a reason to explain it to you, yet alone ran after you just because you seemed like you were offended. 
you actually were but still.
"fuck," you gasp, cheeks heating up and your stomach churning in, suddenly feeling an unexplainable feeling that you always feel when you're around jay. 
is it possible……… that you…. like …..
Tumblr media
CROWDEDNESS has never been your scene, and your friends very well knew it. if anything, the entire summer proved that you preferred being with one person or even alone, away from the sweaty bodies and alcohol smell lingering in the air. 
but jake's farewell party is just as important to you as it is for the rest, including your friends. so it wouldn't have been right to skip it just for the sake of avoiding jay and their new friends joining tonight..
though you were intrigued to see mai and understand sunghoon's hype about her being back. she really can't be all that, right?
"did you hear?" 
you turn around to see wooyoung giggling, and pulling you and karina in to whisper. 
"hear what?" karina asks, but wooyoung shushes her, glaring at her as if it's a secret that's forbidden to be spoken out about. 
"apparently," he says, and then looks at you. "jay's here with his car?" 
"okay and, what about it?" you ask, rolling your eyes at the irrelevant information wooyoung says. 
"what about it? did you forget?" 
karina gasps and then looks at wooyoung, "oh my god," 
at this point you're the only one who's oblivious to what's the deal about jay's car until you remember what wooyoung had told you before. about jay's car. 
"well what am i supposed to do about it? go and talk to him while he's engulfed with mai and get into his car, so i can be the first person to ride it?" 
"well thats possible considering you've ridden other things—" you slap wooyoung's arm with a scoff. 
"dude shut the fuck up," you say, shaking your head at him. "he probably brought his car for mai or whatever, it doesn't matter." you pause. "why are even talking about that anyway," 
karina and wooyoung sigh, and then brings up another topic, before dragging you to the drinks counter to grab drinks. 
"you need to chill, so" karina says, handing you a red solo cup with an unidentified liquid in it. "yes it's alcohol, just drink it." 
"i was not planning to get wasted tonight," 
"yeah but we are so, you can't refuse." wooyoung says, and nudges you. 
"just let loose y/n, summer is ending soon, we won't ever get to go to parties and get shit faced after this, senior year summer only comes one time sooooo!" 
you laugh at karina slurring away, already wasted so quickly and then grab the drink out of her hand and chug it down as the two cheer for you. 
"fuck! that was—" you clear your throat, scrunching your nose when you swallow the last bit of the drink, head frenzy at the sudden rush. "so good, get me another one." 
and the night went on, you successfully avoided your brother and his friends, just dancing and drinking the night away with your two other shit faced friends. 
trying out beer pong, flip cup, drunk jenga, avalanche, never have i ever, truth or dare, and alot more that consisted of getting absolutely wasted— you finally chose to get a break from how your head was pounding already. 
"rina," you giggle at your friend who's taking a shot. she places the glass down and then turns to you with a big smile. 
"y/n my babyyyyyy!" 
you both giggle as you slur, and pinching each others cheeks. 
"i need to shhhhhhhhh" you imitate a pissing sound and she nods, giving you a thumbs up. 
"do you want me to follow you?" 
"no, noooo!" you decline her offer, letting her have fun and you would be fine on your own, not a big deal. "wooyoung will throw a tantrum if he finds out we're gone, stayy!" 
with a nod, you escape the crowded room and make your way upstairs in the not so familiar house. to your surprise, you found out earlier that sunghoon wasn't throwing the party in your house instead at his friend's house which is the current one you're in, though you have no idea who this friend was. 
one thing you know he's gonna dread letting sunghoon throw a party in his house, because the next morning is gonna be ass, and the entire town is invited when sunghoon throws a party.
you finally found the bathroom, and then head in quickly locking the door in case someone decides to walk in and throw up all over you while you're pissing all the liquid you had consumed from earlier. 
you were still tipsy after the quick bathroom trip, considering how much you've been drinking the entire evening. it's actually the most you've ever drank, a new record set. 
when you opened the door, to exit you stopped in tracks of the boy you've been secretly earning to see for the longest time, but your ego was up as an obstacle. 
"y/n," he says, not that he was expecting to see you cheeks flustered and almost no self stability. 
"jaaayyyyeee!" you gasp, wrapping your arms around his neck, catching him by surprise. 
"y/n? what are you doing? somebody might see us—" he's cut off short when you drag him into the nearest room and lock the door behind him before you lean backwards on the wall, looking up at jay. 
you're not sober enough to realise your actions, because clearly if you were sober, you would have sprinted the other way the moment you saw jay and instead of arms locked around him, erotic level skyrocketing through the roof at the sight of him so hot in his iconic leather jacket. 
"it's such a sad thing you're not mine, jay," you sigh, but then chuckle when a hiccup leaves your mouth by surprise. "but im yours right?" 
"yes, always y/n b—" 
"kiss me," 
"y/n wh—" 
"kiss me, jay." you say, and don't wait a second longer before pulling him in and closing the gap between you two, lips locking onto each other as the two of your lips move against each other, like a puzzle piece that was meant to be put together.
jay's hand stays on your waist, it irks you but you're too drunk to bother about it as your hand trails down his chest, and then fingertips touch the silver lining of his skin before he's pulling away.
"y/n, we can't."
"what?" you ask, confused as to why he's saying no— not that it has ever been an issue before for the two of you, and by how he's breathing and the painfully obvious tent in his pants, you're sure he wants it. so what's the issue?
"i don't want you to regret this," 
"jay, this has never been a problem before, what's the issue?" you scoff, crossing your arms as he moves backwards. 
"you're drunk, i'm not going to take advantage of you while you're drunk, y/n…." 
"im not drunk," jay looks at you with a knowing glare and it throws you off. "fine, but i'm sober enough to sleep with you so i don't see a problem here." 
"we're not even on good terms, let's talk it out first," he says, and you sigh, shaking your head. 
"what's there to talk about? you shouldn't even care, jay. we're not even that serious to talk things out between us," you say, but it just sounds like you're slurring words and the way jay is looking at you says it all. 
"you're just saying anything now— forget it, let's talk about it when you're sober y/n." 
you push jay's hand off when he comes to hold yours, "are you serious right now?" 
"no, jay. why can't you just fuck and leave like you always do, after all, aren't we just fuck buddies? there shouldn't be anything between us like this. all we should be doing is fu—" 
"what the fuck y/n." jay scoffs, in disbelief at the words straight coming out of your mouth. "are YOU for real right now?" 
"well does it look like im joking? I don't get why it's such a big deal to you now, just d—"
a knock interrupts you both and the voice that speaks from the other side of the door, has you enraged.
that seemed to definitely sober you up, worse than an advil on a hangover morning. 
"jay? are you in there? someone said they saw you go in there, you left me all alone." 
it's mai, the infamous mai. 
"so that's why it's an problem now, right?" you ask, pushing his hand away and turning around to leave but jay holds you back, which you yank it off yourself. 
"don't touch me," you scoff and open the door to a ginger, staring at the two of you confused but smiles when she sees jay. then the smile drops when she sees you, with him. 
"y/n w—" 
without a second of letting him continue what he was saying, you storm out of the room leaving both jay and mai behind staring at you. 
mai attempts to grab jay who's running after you but the annoyed look he gives her when she shoves her is enough to has her lips shut.
"ah, what the fuck? who even is she?" mai whines, holding in her annoyance at the boy she has been head over heels for. 
"his," she turns around to see jake, looking at her with a smug smirk. "first love." 
"what? that's not possible? i'm his first love?" 
"that's what you think," jake shurgs. "but she's the one he's gonna leave his one day girl for his day one girl— the one that jay has always liked, so you're pretty much not even in the story mai." 
mai scoff at what she thinks jake's being a dick of, though that's the plain truth and he's right. jake watches her storm off before he finally goes back to sunghoon, hoping jay finally gets it right this time. 
when he arrived at the front yard, he realized you're nowhere to be found and his heart starts beating in anxiousness. the what if's running in his head as he's looking around for has him wanting to pass out. 
he knows you're not in the frat house anymore because clearly you're smart enough to not stay there and he saw you leaving the house anyway. 
taking out his keys, he immediately runs over to his car and pulls it out of the driveway, earning curious looks from the attendees in the front. 
sighing, you rub your head. it feels like you woke up from a nap that cleared the drunkenness up in you and you're sober enough to feel the embarrassment and heartbreak you just went through.
you should have known it was always mai, whether or not you came along first or later and the embarrassment of his declining to fuck you was even worse than the time you accidentally moaned out too loud and jay held onto that to tease you for a straight week. 
the weather wasn't helping either, wearing a dress wasn't exactly ideal for tonight. seeing how chilly it was, it looked like it was about to rain too from how cloudy the sky was.
and then the first drop falls, then the next, then it starts drizzling and before you know it, it's literally pouring and you're just walking in the rain, being the most pathetic person in the planet at the moment while the guy you have grown fond and like is blocks away, probably legs tangled in sheets with another girl. 
a honk surprises you when a pair of headlights come into view, making you turn around. 
maybe you were wrong. 
the car stops right behind you and your heart stops when he steps out of it, running towards you as he gets soaked in the rain. 
he grabs your arm and tries to shield you from the rain but you yank his grip off you.
"what the fuck are you doing? it's raining, y/n are you insane?" he asks, and reaches to hold you again but step back. 
"why are you after me? since when whether or not i'm insane mattered to you jay? go back to mai or something," you say turning around to go the other way but jay stops you by moving in front of you.
"let's talk this out, inside. you're gonna catch a cold, y/n." 
"god, why do you even care! you're not even my brother!" 
jay's chest heaves, and you watch him sigh before shaking his head. 
"trust me y/n, when it comes to you— i'm most definitely not thinking like a brother would." 
"leave me alone, jay— which part of that do you not get?" you scoff, letting the words you don't mean leave your mouth out of anger when you meant none of it. 
and then he snaps. 
"FOR GOD'S FUCKIN' SAKE— GET IN!" his voice echoes through the rain and you stare at him in absolute shock. you absolutely pushed the wrong button when you see the pissed off expression he has on his face. 
realizing you weren't going to move anytime soon, jay grabs your hand, leading you into his car and letting you into the passenger seat. 
the immediate air conditioning in the car sends chills down your spine, right after getting soaked in the rain. jay gets in not long after, and lowers down the air-conditioning then he reaches behind and grabs, what you examine is a jacket. 
you lock eyes with him as he puts his jacket over you as he locks you in with the seatbelt, and in a swift he looks away before changing the gear and speeding down the road. 
you both don't say anything pretty much for the most part, especially when he's practically speeding— you don't wish to push his limits even more than you already shouldn't have. 
and you know you shouldn't be shameless, but the situation had you in a tight spot. pissed off jay is…… something. 
you know wooyoung would have knocked some sense into you for being absolutely ridiculous at the worst moment but you couldn't help it. 
jay drives into your neighborhood and you've never been more glad to escape jay when you see your house come into view. 
when he parks, you hold onto the door handle but when you pull it, you realize the lock isn't unlocked. 
"can you unlock?" 
"no— not until we sort this out." 
"i don't want to talk or sort this out jay, there's nothing to address."
he turns to face you and your heart stops because one, he was insanely gorgeous under the streetlights and the led light in his Mercedes making him look so fucking hot, and expensive. 
even after getting soaked in the rain. 
"nothing to address? are you being dense on purpose or what— it's bothering me." 
you remain lip-tight shut, staring at him in silence before he speaks up again. 
"you didn't even hear me you, you just left like that do you know i felt? i was so fucking scared something might have happened to you—"
"when did you even care?" you laugh, and then turn to look at him. "why do you care? like i said, aren't we just friends with benefits, considering how all we've ever done is just fuck?" 
jay looks at you, hurt displayed all over his face but you go on.
"the fact you're acting like you care, it's giving me hope jay. you need to stop doing that and just tell right, what am i to you and what we are." you pause, "you— you're just, a summer fling." 
before you could sigh, your lips are taken by jay, catching you by surprise, but as always, like it always has been that way, you kiss him back. this time like it's your last kiss, like you're never going to kiss him ever again. 
jay slips his hand onto your cheek, holding your face as he moves his lips against yours, a tear slipping past your eyes, coating the previous rain water on your face. 
you both pull away, catching from each other's breath, foreheads leaning against each other. you look into his eyes and he's already looking at you, and your eyes get glossy as your heart breaks. 
you didn't quite understand what he was trying to tell, you didn't know if what you were doing was right as well. 
"look me in the eyes, y/n." he says, almost like a whisper in the defeating silence, the only sound is the sound of the raindrops hitting his car outside. "and tell me if what we had was nothing to you."
"and, if i really am— just a summer fling?" 
you go silent, your gaze falls to your hands and you nibble on your lower lip, trying to find words to tell him wrong but none comes into your mind. 
because everything you did with him was never, nothing. and jay, is simply not just a summer fling anymore.
maybe at the beginning he was, but overtime when time went on, everything between the two of you changed. 
because summer flings who fuck each other don't get butterflies from just holding hands, or do you come all the way to your home just because you said you're not feeling too well instead of just wishing a get well soon. 
summer flings who fuck who's hearts don't flip when they kiss each other, or get all giddy when one calls another by a sweet pet name.
nor do they get jealous when a third person comes into the relationship, nor to they find themselves explaining when not even needed, especially when all the other person to them is just a summer fling. 
"because to me you're not— just a summer fling, y/n. i've liked you since day one, ever since the day you spoke to me when sunghoon brought me back to your home for the first time ever." 
the feeling you're feeling right now making you want to pull in jay and kiss him, making all ends meet just to get him as yours— but, is that really how it is supposed to be? 
"w—we can't…" you trail off, sighing as you pull away your forehead from jay's. jay holds your hand, not letting you go, keeping you in his warmth on the cold rainy night. 
"is this because of sunghoon?" 
it's always been because of sunghoon. whenever it came to your private love life it had always been because of sunghoon. 
to the point where'd you think he just didn't want you to have a pleasant life, where you'd have a boyfriend in. but you understand where he's coming from, as a brother it's only natural he'd want to protect his sister from all those sleazy guys out there. 
but constantly wrecking every single chance you had? that's not it. 
and the fact jay is sunghoon's best friend doesn't help any better. 
your expression plastered on your face just says it all for jay, he sighs and pressed your hands together, giving you reassurance. 
"i'll take care of it, don't worry." 
"that's not it, jay. it's sunghoon…. i can't betray him like this.." 
"then what about you?" 
"what?" you blink, looking back up at him. 
"then what about yourself? it's always been like this, you've never actually done anything in favor for yourself, either sunghoon always held you back from it or you don't do it because of him." he says, "when will you start doing what your heart wants, y/n? sunghoon can't hold you back forever."  
"chose to do what your heart wants, y/n. it'll be worth it— like who you want to like, date who you want to date, go out with who you want to, kiss who you want to—" he pauses, then looks at you with a small smile. "only if that person is me or i'll side with sunghoon for this one." 
you let out a laugh, slapping jay's arm, heart fluttering at his words. he smiles when you do, his heart flutters when he heard your laugh after a while, giving him a sort of assurance. 
you look out the window, and see it's stopped pouring already, just light drizzling but safe enough to walk out in. 
"i should go now, it's getting late." you say, sighing as you go back into your dilemma. you place your hand on the handle, this time a whole different emotion that before. "i'll think about….. what you said, jay." 
he gives you a short smile before unlocking the door and getting out before you, then opening the door for you to step out on right after he ends the engine. when you step out, it's almost so chilly that you get goosebumps despite having jay's jacket around you.
he walks you up all the way to your doorstep, you give him a small look before heading in and a huge sigh leaves you. 
he's right, you should do what your heart desires, and you did either way this happening at some point in you two's relationship throughout summer. 
back then it was just a small thing, like— what sunghoon doesn't know wouldn't hurt him but things have changed. 
you two no longer are just two people who fool around, fucking. you're both now aware of the feelings towards each other, and if jay was ready to give it up, why couldn't you?
sunghoon is to worry about later, but now— if you don't make your move now, then you might just end up losing jay forever. 
you know what you want now, what your heart wants now— more than anything, for once & for all.
it's more than clear that he's not just a summer fling anymore, you turn around, fingertips wrapped around the door handle once again, before you pull it open and step out. 
jay's jacket falling off your shoulders, onto the floor before you step down the porch and run back to jay. 
your chest collides with his back as you wrap your arms around him, taking in his warmth again. 
caught by surprise jay turns around to see you, looking down at you in shock as to why you're hugging him just right after he sent you off. 
"this is my answer." in a swift, you pull him by his shirt, connecting your lips with his, eyes fluttering shut while your hearts fluttered like butterflies had been set free in you. 
jay's lips turn upwards, smiling against yours, arms wrapping around your waist as he tilts his head for more access. jay pulls away first, letting his forehead rest against yours like moments from before, as you both catch your breaths. 
"i promise it'll be worth it." he says, muttering against your lips and looking up at you. 
"then," you say, pausing before you slip your hand under his shirt briefly, making him look down and then back at you. "prove it." 
smirking, he gives you a small kiss, before letting you take his hand in yours and lead you back into your house. 
maybe this once, you're grateful that your parents were away and sunghoon was nowhere to be found.
hands in each others grasp, you both head up the stairs, giggles heard as you both get into your room and jay locks the door behind you as soon as your back hits the wall. 
his lips immediately latch onto your neck while your hands trail up his chest then lock your hands behind your neck, gripping the hair on the nape of his neck.
jay holds your waist on one, the other on your neck. the moment you feel his touch on you, your body feels electrified with love and lust. the air is getting thick with tension and immediate lust. 
you've never felt more alive now, and so does jay now. he feels even more alive now, with his lips on your skin, hands around your body— he's never felt more alive ever, not even when he's on the tracks in his second most prized possession. 
but nothing can compare to you, for him, you're his number one priority and prized possession.
the both of you pull away and stare at each other when you two realise it's time you need more. but this time, it's more than just fucking— you're both making love, a genuine one. 
"up," jay mutters against your lips, before connecting it back again when you jump a little and he catches you. carrying you to the bed, he lays you down without breaking the kiss. 
the moment you do, jay only pulls away to practically tear his shirt off, leaning towards you on top of you.
"i'm yours to keep, and i'm yours to lose, y/n." he says, sighing in relief before placing his lips onto yours, again. "i'm— yours." 
Tumblr media
SUNLIGHT BLOOMING INTO your room to through the seeps of your curtains seemed to be the first thing you see when you blink awake. you don't recall a good night's sleep like the one you just woke up from. 
for a moment you almost regret waking up from such a magnificent sleep, but when you shift to your right and met with what seemed to be hard as a walk of bricks, your regret is washed away almost immediately. 
rubbing your eyes, you blink a few more times to realize finally what it was. toned chest? a naked one too…. 
then it hits you. the memories from the night before.
"you're awake," 
your eyes widens and your heart beats like crazy at how raspy jay's morning voice was— so fucking hot. the wetness from last night almost came back between your thighs. 
"oh— uhm, yeah." you say, looking up at him, with a smile. he greets you with a small smile, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear before sighing. 
"what?" you ask him, but he just shakes his head only to intrigued you more. "jay!" you tap his arm, but he shakes his head again. 
you sit up, pulling the sheets up with you to cover your chest as you're not dressed yet after last night's event. 
"you're telling me now or i'll kick you out." you say, with a pout which has jay almost kicking the air at, from how cute you looked like. 
"it's just— i'm a little jealous of people." 
"please elaborate jay," you say, eyebrows furrowed together. 
"how can they get to see your beauty for free— seriously, everyone should be paying to see you." he says, and a smile creeps up his face when your face heats up at the compliment.
you hit your pillow on him, laughing at the way he blocks it. "you're so corny!" 
"what! I'm just telling you the truth," he says, putting his hands up to defend himself before he sits up on the bed, the sheets covering up to his v line. 
you try to not lose your shit at how gorgeous he looked as well, the bed hair doing more than enough to make you want to punch your first in the air, fangirling about him. 
"well is it not true then?" he asks, smiling at you. "i'm pretty sure i can compliment my girl if i want to, and because she deserves it too." he shrugs. 
my girl. god, that only makes you want to kiss him so bad even more. 
but that makes you wonder— where do you both stand now, what exactly were you two now. 
"i can already tell what you're thinking, y/n." he says, pulling you towards him, making you sit on his lap as you look at him with those starry eyes. 
"you're like an open book, easy to read." he says, caressing your cheeks. "but, this is not the way i wanted to ask you out— i wanna do it in a more perfect way, not in the morning after i fucked your brains out." 
you push his arm slightly rolling your eyes at the mention of both of your actions last night. 
"but, to me," you pause. "anything is perfect when it's with you, jay." 
he smiles at you, his other hand holding your hand in his, thumb rubbing over your hand. 
"everything is perfect because you're already perfect, y/n." 
"i said stop being corny." 
"i'll be corny if i want to—cause no matter how corny it is, i mean every single one of it, love." he says, giggling. 
"but, i don't think i want to be just friends, or fuck buddies with you anymore, if it's not obvious yet." he says, smiling up at you as he speaks. "i want to be more than that. i want to do everything with you, even if i'm not your first, i want to be your last and forever y/n." 
you nod, tears brimming up in your eyes at his words, it's all perfectly overwhelming, just what you loved. 
"i'll promise to treat you right, i'll make you happy, and i promise to make every single moment with you worth it." he says, connecting his fingers between yours. "and you know, i always keep my words." 
"i know." you say, smiling back at him. 
"so what do you say, y/n y/l/n— will you, go out with me?" he asks, "a date you'll never forget, i swear." 
you blink away the tears, realizing perhaps maybe you're overreacting but truly, you've never felt this way towards anyone else before so it's only natural you're feeling this way at the moment. 
"my answer is…….." you trail off, looking at him before placing your hand on top of his chest, and then kissing him on the cheek. "yes." 
jay breaks out into a big smile, the one that makes your heartbeat faster and flutter. 
he couldn't ask for more than this moment. 
Tumblr media
COUNTLESS OF DILEMMA have you encountered but nothing like the one you're having at the moment. 
which dress should you wear? 
jay told you he'd pick you up in the evening and you had barely even two hours left to get ready but you're having a dress crisis right now and you have no idea how to solve it. 
sure red complimented your skin tone but it's too bold for just a night out. but if you picked the white flowy one, it's too casual if he pulls up to a fancy restaurant which you'd feel too underdressed to. 
even after asking jay for the theme, he told you to dress whichever made you comfortable and not to worry much about the date.
but here you were, close to ripping your hair out because you needed to look gorgeous tonight. it's your first ever date with him.
eventually after a lot of procrastinating and debating with yourself, you decided to just go for the white sundress the simple choice is always the best— besides, it's broad daylight so you figured to not stress much about it, and even if jay took you to an expensive restaurant, it wouldn't matter, as long you're with him. 
by the time you were done, jay had arrived at your place and sunghoon was out again, so it just made sneaking out with jay easier. 
"holy…." jay gasps, hand flying to his mouth as he stares at you when he gets off leaning against his car. 
you immediately start to panic by how he's staring at you— were you not dressed for the occasion?
"what? am i in the wrong dress code?" you ask, your heart dropping at the thought of ruining the date already. 
"no…." jay finally speaks up, as his hand falls to his side and the other one holds a bouquet you hadn't noticed. "y/n, you're gorgeous." 
your lips curve up into a smile as your heart beats against its cage, so fast you're afraid it might burst out of you. 
"thank you, jay." you say, thanking him and then you take in his appearance. it's a surprise to you why he hasn't agreed to being a model at this rate despite being scouted by countless companies.
he seemed to look absolutely gorgeous as well in the white shirt with sleeves he had rolled up his arms showing off the hard work of him hitting the gym often with his black hair slicked back, one strand hanging out yet making him drop dead handsome. 
"you look amazing too," you say, coming up to him and pecking him softly on the lips before you two giggle at the adorableness. 
"here, i got this just for you, my beautiful girl." he says, handing you the bouquet of white roses, and god, did it make you feel like you were on cloud 9. 
"these are really pretty." you say, staring at them in awe, like it's the prettiest flowers you have ever seen in the entire planet earth. while on the other hand, jay was looking at you as if you were the most prettiest in the entire planet earth. 
"i know, but— nothing beats your beauty." 
"stop!!" you whine, getting embarrassed as you hide your face behind the bouquet, giggling when jay takes your hand in his. 
"god, you're so cute." he says, smiling at you before he ushers you into his car and you both set off for your date. 
you two stop by a bakery first, for a light breakfast because according to jay, you'd two be walking a lot and when you arrived at the destination, you finally understood why. 
you didn't know if he was aware of it, but he probably had no idea how long you desired a date like this, and how long it's been in your bucket list for. 
an aquarium date. 
you think you can gladly pass out in peace after the date. 
"huh?" you ask, looking at jay when he slings a small bag that seemed to be tiny and fitting for a camera— a camera case/bag?
"i brought it with me today, just for you, " he says, pointing at the camera with a smile. 
"oh, it looks really old though." you say, noticing how ancient it looked. perhaps it was passed down in his family? must be it, or he could've gotten a limited edition, antique one— it wasn't entire impossible. 
"yeah, it's my family's— a tradition actually." he says, and you nod along as jay proceeds to explain further. 
"in my family, there's this thing where for every first date moment, the guy in our family takes this camera along to capture the moment. at first i thought it was pretty much just a thing we had going on, but like— i heard it was also like a good luck item so, everyone who bought this along during their dates eventually got together in the end." 
"oooooh," you say, amazed at his explanation. "that sounds great! and very cute but—" you stop, and turn to look at him just as you both were about to enter the aquarium. 
"everyone really got together at the end?" 
jay smiles at you, then pats your head softly with love. 
"i see you in my future, so i hope that gives you an answer." he says, and the  takes your hand in his before taking you into the aquarium while hearts were practically flying around the two of you with big smiles plastered on each other's face. 
jay couldn't help but admire you the entire time, how cute you looked, staring at the sea life animals in awe with your starry eyes. the blue light radiating off the water in the dim made you look absolutely gorgeous. 
taking his camera up to his face to capture the moment, his heart dwells when you turn around in time with a big smile. 
"hey! that's enough for me, let me take some of you!" you say, and practically forcing jay to give you the camera when he finally gave in, you made him stand right before the giant thick glass, just right behind a group of fish swimming back. 
such a perfect moment to be captured. 
and in that moment, when he flashes his pretty smile, your heart skips a beat, and you realize that— you see jay in your future as well.
Tumblr media
BY THE END OF THE DATE, you two were practically worn out, but by the sound of how loud your stomachs were growing, you two decided to bail out on a reservation jay made and quickly head to a nearby restaurant. 
good for the two of you, the place seemed to be good enough and it wasn't rush hour yet so you both immediately settled down in there. 
the waiter had successfully ushered you two to a table where you both sat down and enjoyed your meal for the most. 
"we got enough time," jay says, after chugging down his water. 
"enough time for?" you ask, staring at him and cheeks filled of food that jay finds undeniably adorable.
right after dinner, getting into his car, jay drove you to somewhere really far off the coast. you enjoyed the majority of the ride there, songs blasting as you both sang along to the lyrics and laughing each other's ass off at the wrong lyrics and broken high notes. 
"we're here." 
getting out of the car, you slip off your shoes and leave in his car before running off to the beach. jay follows behind you, with a smile on his face as he watches how gorgeous you looked so carefree, your hair caressed by the wind and your silhouette absolutely gorgeous.
beach trips at almost midnight might not be the most ideal but jay had remembered how you had it in your bucket list, so here he was with you, fulfilling it for you. 
he doesn't say anything when he catches up next to you, instead he just watched how you admire the ocean with sparkly eyes and how beautiful you looked at the moment wherein the moonlight reflecting on your face, brightening up the night.
"it's so beautiful," you say, taking in how beautiful the ocean looked in the eerie hours of the night. 
"yeah," he says. 
you turn to agree with him on the view but when you do, you're shocked to see him just looking at you with awe, instead of looking at the ocean. 
in midst of the sound of the waves moving around and water crashing off the shores, jay speaks up. and in that moment, everything else blocks out and all you hear is him, like it's only the two of you in the entire world. 
flashing him a smile, you take his hand in yours, and the other cup his cheeks before you lean in and place your lips onto his. jay intertwined his fingers in yours, pulling you by your waist closer to him.
the adrenaline from your near fall is pumped through your system, pushing your heart rate into unhealthy territory. each movement is equivalent to the more your feelings get more in the moment.
you pull away first from out of breath but the way jay places a single kiss on your cheek and then pulling you into a hug convinced you that you'd continue the kiss if oxygen didn't matter. 
"i never want to lose you, y/n. i mean it." he says, and you wrap your arms around him. 
"i never want to lose you either, jay nor do i want to give you up in any circumstances." 
he pulls away and then looks at you. 
"even if sunghoon is in the way?" 
you give him a small squeeze on his arm before placing a small kiss on his cheek in return. 
"even if sunghoon is in the way." you say, and he pats your head softly, like he's caressing the world's best treasure. 
for some reason, the look he gives at the time, it gives you reassurance and hope that he truly means it, from the bottom of his. deciding to not say anything further you just give him a small smile.
turning around, he keeps his arms locked around your waist while you both stared off into the ocean, letting silence overtake the two of you. 
the night couldn't have ended any better. 
Tumblr media
EVEN JAKE'S DEPARTURE hadn't hurt you as much as the news you had received from karina. that had only been the tip of the iceberg in the summer. 
"like it's supposed to be the time of our lives but leaving high school sounds unreal to me," wooyoung says, sighing against his seat in the diner. 
you twirl the straw in your smoothie cup with another sigh to accompany it.
"no for real, cause what are we actually gonna do when high school ends….. like grad and then!" he continues, mumbling in misery. 
you agree with wooyoung, the past few years had been so repetitive you're not sure if ending high school is a joyful experience or leaving you in a dilemma. 
perhaps back a few months ago when you were studying your ass off for finals, you might've been glad to end it for once and for all. 
but now that you're here, with your friends in a diner that had always been your local hangout spot, enjoying the very few last moments of you guys together. 
without, seeun. 
you've successfully avoided her for about a week now, and since you hit off with jay— but you do feel sad whenever she's not around whenever you guys would hang out at times. 
"uhm," you hear someone clear their throat and when you look up, your jaw almost drops to the floor. but you can't exactly blame yourself, wooyoung and karina had the exact same reactions as well.
as if the universe has been listening to your thoughts, you couldn't quite believe she was actually here after what had happened. and to be honest, the look she had plastered on her face, it was giving you mixed feelings. 
"sorry for showing up." .
"why are you sorry?" you ask, looking up at her as the other two stare at you, in shock. "you shouldn't be sorry for coming to hang out with your friends." 
"if anything, we should be sorry for not calling you along whenever y/n is with us…." karina says, finally popping the secret. she nudges wooyoung and he speaks up as well. 
"yeah, we just felt like you two needed time apart from each other…… after, what happened?" 
seeun just smiles at wooyoung and nods, not having any hard feelings. as rebellious as these two can be, seeun understands where wooyoung and karina are coming from. 
"i know, what you guys mean and where you guys are coming from.." she says, nodding. 
karina gives you a look you couldn't quite comprehend before she drags wooyoung to stand up with her and moves out of the booth before pushing seeun down to sit before you. 
"well, it seems like you guys need to have something to talk out, so we'll get going! just let us know when you guys are home!" karina says, and pulls wooyoung away after waving at you and seeun. 
"RINA NO I WANNA KNOW THE TEA—" wooyoung's screams are muffled as he gets further away from the booth leaving you two alone. 
sudden silence takes over you two as you both try to say something but nothing is leaving your mouths. when you decide to address the issue while picking at your nail, seeun seems to beat you to it. 
"i'm sorry." 
"no y/n, i just— hear me out first alright?" she says, and you just nod along as you listen to her before leaning back in your seat. 
"i am sorry, for what happened. i shouldn't have been selfish and just thought of myself and prioritized my feelings— i should have taken your feelings into consideration. and after, reflecting on what happened, i apologize for still bursting out at you, and still— growing feelings for you despite you making it clear that you were into jay, and getting mad at you for not acknowledging my feelings was just immature…" 
you two fall into another silence again before you understand that she's ready for you to response and say something back. 
"i, first of all— seeun, you shouldn't invalidate your feelings. your feelings must be an priority, of course to you, what i feel comes next— but i admit, i was offended at the fact you just bursted out at me like that but, still— saying you were selfish for liking me is unreasonable." you pause, giving her a small smile before continuing. 
"you can't help who you like, your heart wants what it wants, and you can't stop that. but just because you like someone, it doesn't necessarily mean they'd like you back." 
"you just said the most brutal thing in the most calm way, it helps with my heartbreak." seeun says, chuckling and you give her a sympathetic smile before putting your hand over the table and giving her a small squeeze. 
"i, will need some time. to move on from you, but you're a really great person, y/n— anyone would be beyond lucky to have you." 
you nod, smiling at her a little bit brighter. you just know jay would go frenzy to see you smiling like this at the moment. 
"and so are you, anyone would be blessed to have you as their partner— you're really amazing, but i'm sorry that person can't be me…" you say, whispering the last part but it doesn't go unnoticed by seeun. 
"cause that person for you, is already jay."
you look up, stunned at how she found out but she just laughs it off. 
"it's the talk of the town, even if you didn't tell me— i would've known either way, wooyoung has a big chatterbox mouth." 
you laugh at her commentary, before screaming your soul out when the mentioned boy jumps from behind your seat, scaring you in the process. 
"you're talking shit about me? really seeun, in my opinion you shouldn't be saying that when y—" 
karina walks up behind him, slapping his arm making him wince in pain. 
"tell me she isn't right, seeun you're so correct about that so ignore this menace." she says, and sitting next to seeun while wooyoung slips next to you in the booth. 
"were you eavesdropping wooyoung?" 
"what no!" 
"yes he was." 
you four burst into laughter when wooyoung's lie is immediately shut down by karina's truth. 
"ugh! you're just so!" 
"yeah yeah shut up!!!" 
"anyway, summer is ending soon," you say, cutting the two bickering friends off and they immediately turn their attention to you. "grad is soon, how do we feel about that?" 
"im sad," 
"no shit sherlock." 
and the conversation goes on for the rest of the day as you four catch up on all the missed contents and stuff you guys would usually catch up on, that you and seeun are finally on good terms again. 
however when you head back home and immediately receive a call from jay, you were definitely not expecting to see him showing up at your doorstep with a legit black eye in the middle of the night.
jay walks into your house without a single explanation while you keep asking him on and on about what happened but he didn't budge until you got into your room, door locked. 
"are you not gonna say a thing? or do i have to figure it out myself before i lose my shit." you scoff, patience on this line and your heart aching when you see your boyfriend with a black eye clearly hurting.
jay sighs, and then takes your hand in his as he looks at you. 
with one eye. 
because it's really that severe. 
"just promise me you won't get mad." 
"just fucking tell me already!" 
he pauses, and then sighs before just deciding to pop the secret. "it's, sunghoon. he found out." 
"what the fuck? are you serious right now?" you ask, in absolute shock that your brother would do this. 
"y/n, just calm down first— it's a given he got mad and—" 
"NO? IM NOT CALMING DOWN?" you scoff, yanking your hand off his grasp, stunned at how he's telling you to calm down. 
"no, jay— listen, i am not calming down. that doesn't exist in my vocabulary at the moment because you can't fucking serious right now. sunghoon just gave you a fucking black eye and you're chill about it?" 
"well, at least you can brag that i took a swing for you." 
you sigh, running your fingers through your hair as you look back at him, not sure whether to get annoyed or to feel sorry that your brother gave him a black eye just because he found his best friend was fucking his little sister for an entirety of this summer. 
"I can't believe you're not being serious right now, i'm losing my mind jay— what if something else had happened? what if you got seriously hurt, like actually hurt? god, jay…" you whine, unable to look at him and the injury any longer so your eyes starts tearing him for him, it's as if the pain from the black eye he's feeling, you're feeling it too. 
"y/n," jay chuckles lightly, pulling you into a hug and rubbing his hand over your back, calming you down. "i'm sorry for making you worry, baby."
you hit his chest as you collected your tears, trying to not lose it even more that he's considerate of you, and making this about you instead of him, the one who got hurt in the first place. 
jay's light laugh vibrates through his chest making you pull away your head from his chest while still being in his hold with his arms around your body as you look up at him.
"don't worry, i'm really fine. it was expected for sunghoon to take a swing at me the moment he saw me at the arena, after hearing the news." jay, explains as he pats your head softly with a small smile. 
you sigh, the urge of crying finally leaves but rage takes over when you think of the audacity your brother has to do this. 
"im gonna fucking kill park sunghoon." 
jay pulls you back into a hug, laughing as he runs his fingers through your freshly washed hair. perhaps his fingers would smell like cherry and blossoms because of your conditioner, but he wouldn't mind when he smells like you. 
"you're so cute when you're mad." 
"don't get me started on you jay park, why didn't you punch him back! don't say you did, because i know damn well you didn't," your gaze flicks to his knuckles to find bruises but it was squeaky clean, and when you looked back jay is already looking at you dumb foundedly. 
"im not gonna punch sunghoon, y/n. not now, or ever." 
"will you just lose an eye to him then?" 
"if it means i can have his blessings to date his gorgeous sister." you glare at him with a slight pinch in his bicep that freaks him out. 
"you're so…" sighing you just decided to drop it, knowing jay and how he is, he'd probably figure a way outta this. "just, let's get you cleaned up AND THEN, we talk about this." 
you rush over to your bathroom and get the first aid kit under your sink, making your way back to jay. you make him sit on the edge of your bed as you get between his legs while he man spreads. 
the way his lips are turning upwards already makes you know what he's trying to do. 
"no funny business, park." you warn him, "or else your dick will be the one getting the first aid next." 
when you lean down towards him to treat his black eye, jay pecks you in a swift, catching you off guard.
"i said no funny business!" 
"this isn't funny business to me, i'm just kissing my girlfriend, is that funny to you?" 
it was gonna be long night, for sure. 
Tumblr media
WHEN SUNGHOON CAME HOME the next day, all you could see was red but sunghoon saw worse than red to see jay leaving your room right when was back home. 
"no fucking way— you're ridiculous." 
you and two turn around to find sunghoon staring at the two of you, baffled with his arms crossed. and that's when your blood starts boiling. 
"keep," sunghoon pauses, looking directly at jay and his treated wound, before turning to you with a scoff. "my s— your girlfriend out of this." 
"jay, no." 
sunghoon just laughs dryly, shaking his head.
“a fucking lovers quarrel, this gotta be a dream." 
"sunghoon i'll fucking kill you if you say another word." 
"go ahead, kill me y/n. go and kill me, for your boyfriend that i clearly reminded you about thousands of times to stay away from— but sure, you chose to be an fucking idiot and still go against my words." 
"why should i listen to you!" 
"because im your fucking brother for god's sake and i know how my friends are that's why i told you to stay the fuck away from them!" sunghoon yells, throwing his helmet to the ground, making a loud thud echo through the house and jay pulling you behind him. 
sunghoon couldn't believe his eyes, did jay just shield you away from your brother. must be a sick ass joke he thinks you two are pulling.
"dude, keep it down." 
"keep it down? how do i keep it down seeing my own bestfriend go behind my back and date my sister that i clearly told him multiple times that she's off-limits?" sunghoon scoffs in disbelief, not seeming to calm down anytime soon either. "and my sister, betraying my trust and fucking around with my bestfriend? seriously?" 
"for god sake it's not a big deal, hoon! what's a big deal is the fact you gave jay a black eye, over this?" 
sunghoon rolls his eyes, and then glares at you and then jay. "surely it's not a big deal, you must've had so much fun making me a fool all this while right y/n? jay?" 
you open your mouth to speak up but jay beats you to it. 
"fucking hell dude, the only reason i'm holding back right now is her— stop being such an asshole and see the bigger picture, you're being an idiot." 
"an idiot? you wanna lose another eye, park?" 
"both of you, cut it out." you say, tears brimming up in your eye. 
"jay, just don't— and sunghoon, i'm speechless. you're being absolutely selfish right now, like you're not even thinking of me? about how i feel, about what i want— how is it just what you feel and what needs to go your way?" 
"you've never once thought about me, what i actually want— and the one time i can finally have it, you're out to ruin it? god, how much worse can this get? how far will you go to ensure i’m never happy, hoon?"
sunghoon immediately goes silent as he stares at you, heartbreaking in the process at tears streaming down your face. 
"at least, this time— just let me be it. whether i get my heart broken, or whatever that happens, i'll be glad i was happy even if it's for  a moment in summer. " you say, and wipe away your tears. you see sunghoon flinch to comfort you but he stops himself when he senses you not wanting to be near him anytime soon. 
moving aside from sunghoon, you take jay in your hand and lead him out of your house. when you head back to your room after bidding jay goodbye and convincing him you'd be fine after a lot of "are you sure?" and "i can stay, or you can come with me", he finally left. 
by the time you did, sunghoon was longer by the door anymore, you guess he had gone back to his room probably deciding to collect on his thoughts after the burst out. 
although it's supposed you make you feel relieved now that the cat is out of the bag, you somehow feel anxious about the outcome and how you're gonna have to cope with it by the time summer ends and you have to leave for college. 
Tumblr media
sunghoon stares at his friend who's looking back with shock and well, disappointment and the vague of tiredness shown on his face. 
well, who wouldn't be tired when they're woken up in the middle of the night by their friend showing up at their doorstep, looking like he had just murdered someone..
"yeah, i wasn't in the right state of mind." 
"no shit sherlock bro," jake  says, rubbing his hands over his face and then let's out another sigh. 
"well, my only advice is to accept it, hoon." he says, pausing, making sunghoon sit up from his laid down state. "i get where you're coming from and all with your brother instincts, and stuff— but on the brighter side, shouldn't you be grateful it's jay and not some other guy who you don't know?"  jake says, shrugging.
"like if you see, it's better that it's jay. you know him, he's your brother sunghoon— and you know you can count on him."
"you're not wrong." 
"i know, and besides, you can tell how much jay likes her, he doesn't seem to be letting go of y/n anytime soon, and most definitely not ever." jake says. "you gotta give him a chance, hoon— he's a great guy and y/n doesn't have a better option other than him, she truly likes him alot too." 
"wait—" sunghoon says, furrowing his eyebrows when it hits him. "YOU KNEW? ABOUT THEM?" 
jake blinks and before he could defend himself, he just decides to hear an earful from his friend, after all it's now or never.
"you were the only one oblivious to it— even heeseung knew something was up between the two." 
sunghoon groans, falling back onto jake's bed. 
"ah really? i feel like a total asshole now." 
"that's cause you are, now go talk it about with y/n. knowing her, she's probably contemplating to make it up with you as well, unless she's completely thrown off about you and this matter." 
sunghoon rolls over to the end of jake's bed and sighs. "you're right… i should've known better than to react like that." 
"oh yeah, and better make it up to jay too— for giving him an black eye." 
sunghoon looks up at jake and lets out a soft murmur that jake didn't bother to catch on knowing he complained about having to let go of his ego and speak to jay.  
"also, what are you doing up awake at 3 am in the morning?" sunghoon asks, furrowing his eyebrows at jake and jake only sighs in disappointment.
"i understand why you never caught onto y/n and jay." jake says, glaring at his friend with drowsy eyes. "you're a complete idiot." 
Tumblr media
HEARING SUNGHOON come back home, you immediately rushed up to your room, nothing to hears thing from him— it's too soon to cave in, knowing how you've always forgiven sunghoon after fighting almost immediately, it won't be the same this time. 
not after assaulting jay and being a complete asshole about you wanting to be happy on your own. 
sunghoon 's hope flows down the drain when he hears your room door shut as soon as he enters the house, the frown on his face deepening. 
however just before he could go up the stairs he catches his friend in the kitchen, going to go up the stairs as well but stopping in his tracks when he spots sunghoon. 
the two stare at each other, in a awkward silence where jay wants to confront sunghoon but sunghoon contemplates whether he should speak first or not.
so he does. 
"can you spare me a second?" 
Tumblr media
in his entire lifetime, this had to be the most awkward and silent situation he has ever been in with jay. usually he and jay would go on and off about just anything, they clicked like magnets but today— there was a different shift in the air considering the recent incidents. 
the two look at each other and immediately burst into laughs, stunned at how they both spoke up at the same time. 
"it's fine, you can have the first word dude." 
sunghoon feels the pile of guilt  in his stack up even more at how forgiving jay had sounded already. nodding, he sighs before speaking up. 
"i'm sorry. to start off, i'm sorry for everything, the other day." sunghoon says and jay nods, giving him a small comforting smile. 
"it was totally wrong on my side, for getting mad at you and… y/n. i didn't have a single right to be mad at what you guys wanted— and especially for….. that.." sunghoon says, scratching the back of his next awkwardly as he points at jay's healing bruised eye. 
jay just chucked, shaking his head at sunghoon's awkwardness in addressing the issue. 
"i understand why you guys his everything form me, seeing how i reacted that day, even if you guys told me i would've reacted the same— it's just, it's y/n." sunghoon explains, his heart aching at the same time. 
"she's just, i don't want her to end up hurt, by making the wrong choices— i care for her, i love her so much i just don't think i'll be sane if i ever see her hurting, hence the overprotectiveness over her had always been there, it's still there, but i'm putting down my ego this time." 
"i want y/n to be happy, and if this is what makes her happy, then that's what it is. i won't be oppressed to it— y/n's a smart girl, she knows what to do— but if, you hurt her man, consider us done, and you'll be receiving a gift from me, again." 
jay just stares at sunghoon and sunghoon cracks a smile. 
"just kidding, that's not gonna happen but, still— keep in mind if you ever hurt her, you'll face the consequences man." sunghoon says and jay just nod along, taking notes mentally to never hurt you, not that he intends to anyway. 
"on the other hand, i want you to have the best as well man, i want you to be happy and if my sister makes you the happiest man in the world then i wish you the best of luck!" 
jay laughs, patting sunghoon's back before he speaks up with a short smile as you get on his mind. 
"you're right, she does indeed make the happiest man ever— if happiness was a person, it'll be her anyday. " jay says and catches on sunghoon trying to not gag at the sappy shit his friend was spewing, as they both laugh it off. 
"and thanks, for understanding hoon. i'm sorry for going behind your back and having this all happened, it's wrong on my side too." 
the two of the just nod, finally taking in that now that the air is cleared, "so, we good now?" 
jay asks sunghoon, immediately being welcomed with a smile and huge hug, taking his homie into his arms. 
"congrats man, for bagging  the best girl out there for you." 
"thanks dude, now" jay pulls away, looking at sunghoon. "y/n's turn, talk it out with her." 
Tumblr media
SUMMER WENT BY QUICKLY as quick as it started, because it surely felt like it was yesterday you and your friends were out of school and sunghoon, jay and jake being back in town. 
speaking of sunghoon, it's also been approximately a few weeks since he made up with you and like the saying goes, blood is always thicker than water. 
but, you didn't cave in as easily and quickly, but it was still quick and you missed your best friend and brother. 
when you turn around to see your brother, your heart sinks and you move out of his way, walking out of the living room but he holds you back. 
"please, stop ignoring me." 
you scoff, looking at him and the guilt and regret is just plastered on his face that the hatred and pain in your just decreases. 
"what do you want?" 
"i want to talk it out, and apologize." 
you look at him for a moment before agreeing, having no choice but to settle it now. you didn't want sunghoon to go back to uni with unsolved and hard feelings between you both, and you parents were also telling you guys to sort it out as it was making every family meal time awkward and it was definitely making them frustrated. 
settling down in the living room, sunghoon speaks up. from a to z, he apologizes full heartedly and you hear him out until the end, not saying anything nor showing at sort of reaction until he was done.
"i don't expect you to forgive me soon y/n, but at least—" 
"im not forgiving you anytime soon— but i'm sorry as well." you say, looking down onto your hands on your lap. sweaty from the nervousness. "it was wrong on my side too, for going behind your back to screw around with jay and hiding everything from you despite knowing i was betraying you the whole time." 
sunghoon pulls you into an hug almost immediately, catching you by surprise but nevertheless you wrap your arms around him. 
feeling at ease almost immediately, this felt like home and you had missed it so, so much. 
"as you're happy y/n," sunghoon says, smiling as he hugs you tighter, finally making up with his sister, or so he thought. 
"im not forgiving you yet—if you're genuine, you can start with, getting me any of the jungkook pc's on my wishlist." 
"do you want to be forgiven or not, hoon?" 
"fine…. i'll think about it." 
the hug from sunghoon seemed to have helped with how rough some parts of the summer has been and how rough it's gonna get in the following final week. 
the worst part of the summer has always been the ending. 
you had your graduation later on the week and at the same time, the boys were going back to campus the day after. 
as much as it sucks, life goes on and it shows how only in the end only memories are left behind, to be remembered. 
"are you okay?" jay comes up behind you, pulling you into a hug from the back. only a few minutes ago, the boy behind you had sneaked into your room in the eerie hours of the night where you hoped only the two of you were awake. 
because it was gonna be a hassle for jay to rush out just in case one of your parents or sunghoon walks in. 
and you didn't want him to leave either, you wanted to make up the rest of the summer spending the best quality time with jay. 
because the thought of losing him the moment summer ends, it just simply scares you. 
"you've been spacing out for awhile now," 
you turn around with a small smile that jay immediately realizes is not genuine, so he takes your hand in his. 
"something's up, what is it baby?" 
you bite your lip before you speak up, holding his hands in yours. 
"i was just thinking of what's gonna happen when this week ends." you say, sighing by the end of it.
"you're graduating."
"that's not it," 
"then? you're finally out of that hell hole?" 
"no, that's not it too…." 
"it's you. you're leaving." 
jay looks at you, blinking when he remembers that he's leaving by the end of the week as well. that's when he also realized how he won't get to hold you like this anymore, or kiss you whenever he wants to, or touch you, or have you underneath him, or take you out on dates, or hear your laugh, or see you. 
perhaps for the time being, you both don't know what the future has in store for the two of you. 
however, despite that, jay knows that you still can't help but think of cons of the summer ending. 
you blink, looking at jay in confusion, not sure if he heard what you had said or not. 
"you're leaving jay," 
"okay, and? that's not going to change anything between us baby." he says, leaning down to your level, with a sweet smile. 
"i'm still going to love you like i always have, my feelings for you will never change, if anything— it'll grow even more, because i'm never going to ever stop loving you," he says. 
"but i get your point, we're gonna be apart, i’m gonna go back to campus and you're gonna start applying for university, we'll get busy and you're worried about falling off? right?" 
it's like he can read you like an open book, you nod at your boyfriend. 
"don't worry, we're not gonna fall off." he says, patting your head. "i'm gonna make it work, we'll make it work. even if i’m a million miles away from you— you'll forever be my favorite girl, the one i wanna hear my good mornings from and the one i wanna hear good job you did well, all my goodnight from  and most importantly," he pauses to kiss faintly on your forehead. 
"the only one i want to get i love you's from." 
you smile shyly, trying to not blush at his sweet talking. but it's true, what he said it's vice versa. he's the one you need at the end of the way, he's the one you want to kiss in the summer rain, he's the one you want to capture so much of memories with, he's the one you want to give a victory kiss to and most importantly, he's the one you want to tell all your i love you's to. 
with a small kiss back on his lips, you pull him into a hug, taking in his warmth as it radiates comfort and peace. 
"i'm gonna miss you so, so much, jay." 
"and im gonna miss and love you all the way from there, y/n." 
just like that, days went by and here you were, on standby in the dress jay had gifted you and the graduation robe in top as you try to not pass out from the nervousness. 
this was the moment you waited for your entire high school life, the times when you were sobbing over math work and wished how you wanted to graduate and leave the hell hole soon.
it was finally happening. 
"Y/N, Y/L/N." 
going up the stage, you saw your entire high school life flash before you as you were greeted by the principal and he handed you the certificate and scroll with congratulations. 
when you got off the stage you were immediately greeted by your parents, pulling you into a hug and cheering congratulations you finally did it. 
"save some for us!" you pull away and see wooyoung running towards you with his arms in the air as karina and seeun chasing behind him. 
your bodies collide as you guys do a group hug, congratulating each other while wooyoung was full on sobbing his eyes out from you're not sure either not scoring choi san or if he was proud of himself for getting through the entire hell of a high school. 
"bitchless and graduated!" 
"that's both a W and L but me too," seeing agrees with wooyoung and those two pull each other into a hug as they cry on each other's shoulders. 
karina and you laugh at those two, heart warm and fuzzy from the overwhelming emotions taking over. 
"we're finally done huh?" 
"yup, don't and over with." you agree, smiling at her. 
"you don't have to cry about the pending assignments anymore."
"and you don't have to cry about getting the worst partner for projects and having to do all the work." 
karina gasps and cheers. "FUCKING FINALLY  IM FREE FROM THAT SHIT!" 
you laugh at her overjoyed state, too indulge in it to not acknowledge the figure next to you, pulling you in a side hug. 
"congratulations loser." he says, and pulls you into a full hug this time, catching karina waving at you before she disappears into the crowd. 
"thanks," you say, pinching his bicep making him wince but he smiles at you in pure proudness. 
"you're all grown up now, time flies fast." 
"you sound like a hag hoon, and we're barely a few years apart…" you grimace, shaking your head at how sappy he was, but deep down it made you happy.
"still, my little menace is all grown up now.." he says, and smiles at you. patting your head he says, "im so proud of you, you made it y/n."
you two just smile, and hug once more before your parents call sunghoon leaving you in the crowd alone as your eyes look around for a pair of eyes you wanted to meet so bad. 
and when you do, you feel like your entire world just froze, and it was only the two of you, a moment only of the two of you, and only for you two. 
jay walks towards you, looking like the most beautiful person you have ever seen, a bouquet in his hand that anyone would scream in awe at how gorgeous it looked— but to you, nothing was as gorgeous as the way he was looking at you with so much love and the pretty smile on his lips. 
"i hope im not too late." 
you smile, giggling as you shake your head. "no, you are not. you're just in time, if anything." 
jay smiles back at you, and then looks at the bouquet in his hand, handing it to you. 
"congratulations, my beautiful love." 
you look at the bouquet, close up it looked breathtaking, but the one handing it to you was even more breathtaking. 
"thank you," you smile, taking the bouquet from him. 
"you look gorgeous today, y/n." he says taking your hand in his, smiling at you ear to ear as he admired your beauty. 
he knew his choice has never gone wrong, but seeing you in a dress he had gifted you, you made the dress look like the most beautiful dress in the world worn by the most beautiful girl ever.
"thank you— you look amazing as well." 
"well, it's to impress my beautiful girlfriend that i very much love wholeheartedly."
"oh really? she must be really grateful then," you pause, pulling him closer by his wrist. "for having the most beautiful boyfriend in the world as well." 
closing the remaining gap between you two, jay slips his arm around your waist, pulling you into a kiss where the two of your lips move against each others gracefully. 
connecting your fingers between his, as the two of you kiss is making the butterflies in your tummy grow ten times more. 
pulling away as you two catch after your  breaths, forehead leaning against each other.
"I'm so proud of you, your congratulatory gift is after the match tonight," 
"any hints?" 
"you and i both are gonna love it and have so much fun." 
Tumblr media
jay gives sunghoon a tight lipped smile, nodding as his best friend encourages him. 
"and aim straight for the finish line."  
"you know me man, i never miss." jay replies, chuckling dryly while his eyes still wanders around the stadium, feeling anxiously nervous. 
"you seem like you're gonna miss tonight though," sunghoon says, crossing his arms displeased. jay looks back at him and then sighs. 
"if you're looking for y/n i think she's prolly wasted— she and her friends are out partying and i d—"
"found her." jay says, a smile immediately growing on his lips. he winks at sunghoon before heading over to you. "catch ya later hoon." 
he had been worried all night, worried you wouldn't had make it in time for the match he wanted you to be at. after all, it's the final one for the summer, and it's the first ever match he's had a girl wanting to cheer him on for. 
you rush over to your boyfriend, cheeks flushed and hair bit of a mess from all the head bopping back at wooyoung's house, getting wasted from the after party. 
you were drunk, but sober enough to be aware of your surrounding yet still drunk enough to wanting to sob over how gorgeous of a man, jay is. 
with his disheveled hair blowing slightly in the wind, and cheeks flushed probably from the chill breeze of the summer, and how fucking hot he looked in his racing attire with an helmet held around his waist. 
"hey baby, i thought you were gonna miss out on me." jay greets, smiling brightly at you, his cheeks starting to ache already. 
you seemed to look so beautiful under the lights in the stadium, making you look as gorgeous as ever. with the way your cheeks were flushed, jay figured you were probably wasted, but cutely.
"i'd never, im sorry im a little late though," you giggle, "if i reek of alcohol im sorry, again— the after-party was crazy, i wasn't gonna get wasted but im not too drunk ei—" 
"you're so cute." 
"you're so cute my heart can burst," jay says, chuckling at you as he ruffles your hair and then cups your cheek in his hand. "it's fine baby, no worries. as long you're here, it's all that matters." 
"ahhh you're so!" you whine, hiding your face from how he was making you blush. jay laughs, pulling away your hand. 
"stop hiding your face," he says, giggling when your try to fight him back but it was to no avail. 
"jay, you're on next!" sunghoon calls for jay, waving at him and the pointing onto the tracks which jay nods and then turns back to you. 
"i gotta go," he says, and then leans down to your level, looking into your bright eyes. "cheer me on?" 
you smile, nodding and then lean forward and place a peck on his lips. 
"you got this, goodluck my baby." 
placing another peck back, jay pulls away and puts on his helmet, does some adjustment and heads over to sunghoon before getting into his car. 
you watch him for a second before heading over to the VIP section where jay said he had a sport reserved for you at. however when you got there, you weren't really expecting to see someone. 
"y/n!" he smiles, standing up and giving you a brief hug, then leading you to your spot next to him. 
"i wasn't really expecting to see you here," you say, chuckling as you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear as it was getting your view. 
"me neither, but hoon forced me to be here and i figured why not— it's my final night here, im leaving next morning back to the town." 
you nod, oohing him and then focus back onto the game when you hear the announcement of the race starting.
"1, 2, 3!" 
the entire arena lights up and going crazy, cheering for their choice when the racers are off the starting line, onto the tracks. you keep your gaze focused on jay's car, cheering him on along side with heeseung in the cube. 
sunghoon was cheering jay on even more, standing by the front with his arms crossed like he's the boy's coach. 
"are you cold?" 
y/n turns to face heeseung who's already taking off his jacket for you, catching you by surprise, not knowing heeseung had realized how you've been shivering slightly from the AC in the tube. 
"oh, uhm—" 
"just take it, you're shaking." heeseung says, and drapes the jacket over your body and you just give him a short smile and nod before the two of you are startled by the crowd groaning and sunghoon scoffing. 
"shit! man keep your head fucking straight! you're all over the place!" he grunts, displeased at the turn jay just took that erupted his fans and your brother. 
clearly he wouldn't have if he didn't catch heeseung putting his fucking jacket over his girl. it somehow seemed to have piss him off although he's truly aware that heeseung has no intentions of hitting on you, but you can never actually trust men. 
"fuck," jay breathes, taking a sharp turn overtaking the rest of the racers and the way his lips curved up into a smirk when he neared the end of the straightaway. 
the cheers in the arena got louder and you along with the rest were on the edge when another racer catches up to jay. 
"fuck he's gotta make it," you say, worried as the two seem to be on their extreme speed. nibbling on your lips, you watch the race, chest heaving up and down anxiously. 
jay's steps on the fuel, overtaking the other racer speeding past the finish line, his adrenaline fueling his heart to beat rapidly and on cue, the announcers announce the win as the entire arena cheer and fireworks in the arena go off. 
jay's grip loosens on the steering wheel as he waits for the voice to come in through his helmet headset. 
"thirty six seconds," catching onto that jay finishes a few cool-down laps and then gets off the track after stopping his car. as soon as he gets down he finds you running out of the cube, heeseung's jacket falling off your shoulders and for some reason it makes his ego inflate. 
jay takes off his helmet and tosses it off to a extremely happy sunghoon who's too busy to worry about his sister and his best friend about to make up right Infront of him. 
"YOU DID IT!" you cheer, running towards him and collapsing right into his arms, gripped right around your body as he twirls you around. 
time stands still and it feels like it's only the two of you, hearts eating against your ribcages, cheeks aching from how hard you two were smiling, adrenaline rushing through your veins, the night couldn't feel anymore alive and better. 
pulling away, jay is still holding onto you as you two giggle, looking into each others eyes. 
with a smile, you cup jay's face and pull him into the sweetest kiss of the entire summer. a kiss filled with so much of young love, so much of happiness, proudness, so much of joy— a kiss that's for sure to be remembered. 
with your foreheads leaning against each other, you smile at the extremely happy and smile jay. 
"the victory kiss. you did so well baby," you say, and place a kiss on his forehead, arms locked around his neck. 
"god i'm so in love with you." he says, and leaning in, kissing you with his arms wrapped around your waist, dress flowing in the breeze and the warmth radiating of your skin, this is home for him. 
"are you two gonna cut it out or?" 
"we're not," jay says, looking at sunghoon who's clearly not amused with the two of sucking off each others face as if he wasn't just jumping off the ground, too joyfull from his best friend's win. 
"give me the box." 
"what box?" 
"the one i gave you earlier, idiot!" jay hisses and sunghoon nods in realization, fishing out the tiny box from his pocket and handing it to jay. 
jay takes it from him and opens it up, revealing a carved necklace with the two of your names and stars decorated around it. so simple yet so meaningful that it's starting to bring up tears in your eyes and you feel like you're completely sober now. 
"may i?" he asks, taking out the necklace and then you nod, fisting your hair and letting him put the necklace around your neck. 
"it's… beautiful." 
"yeah, like you." 
you smile looking up at him. 
"i got you this, cause i 'm leaving for now— but i'm always gonna be here with you." he says, touching the necklace around your neckline. "always." 
"im gonna make us work, im never going to stop loving you because like i said, im gonna love you till the end. there's nothing that's impossible for us, and i need you y/n." he says, rubbing his thumb against your cheek when he cups your face once again. 
"if the multiverse is real, i want to be with you in every each of it. and love you to the fullest in every each of it, i'll prove it." 
closing your eyes, tears fall down your cheeks. holding in your sob, you nod profusely, smiling at jay, the absolute love of your entire life. 
"i love you." 
"i love you too, and more." 
giggling, the two of your kiss once more and pull into a big hug. 
"so it's final?" heeseung judges sunghoon who seemed up have teared up as well, from how happy his both sister and best friend were in the moment, absolutely admiring them. 
"yup, it's final." 
and like jay said, you too— hoped that if the multiverse is real, you want to be with him, and love him to the fullest in every each of it. because you'll always chose him. 
your summer fling. 
you couldn't have asked for a better summer, and this one, has yet to be best so far. best memories with the best friends of yours, the best brother you could ever ask for— 
and again, the best summer fling— the best boy you love wholeheartedly, you could ever ask for. 
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dontbesoweirdkira · 2 months ago
I'm gonna need O for rooster, babe. I'm actually gonna need all of them but let's start with O
A/N: You got it, babe! There was another person who requested all of the characters for O but I cannot find it so I’m just respond to you. Thank you guys so much for all your requests. I swear I’m getting to them as fast as possible. I’ve just been sorting through all of them these past few days so sorry it’s been slow! O was my most requested prompt so I’m super excited!! I literally just ordered pizza so I’m both hungry and thirsty so this better be a hit lmao!
Warnings: sexual implications 18+
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Requests: open! If it’s an alphabet request please state the letter(s) and character(s) you’d like!
Alphabet list
Characters: Rooster, Hangman, Phoenix and Bob ( i know someone requested Fanboy and Payback but I’ll do it separately once I find your ask again)
Tumblr media
-pretty sure I’ve mentioned about his oral before so I wont go deep. If I haven’t just let me know and I’ll redo his lmao
-I can definitely see him preferring to give you oral.
-In fact, one of his favorite things to do after a hard work week is to prop you up on the counter and eat you out for an hour or so.
-I wouldn’t say he doesn’t like to receive, he loves watching you work on his dick but his pleasure majority comes from bending you over. Like I’ve said, he doesn’t like to waste his cum on simple pleasures. He wants that shit inside of you. It’s fun to gamble.
-You can’t complain, more fun for you! This man’s tongue is wicked , he is very skilled in this category. Maybe because he practices for hours on end?💀
-If he had other partners, he might’ve attempted to do it but didn’t really enjoy it as much? Oral does happen in casual sex but hes someone that likes to take his time when being intimate and he probably wouldn’t of gotten much time to try. I feel like you’d be the first person he could actually experiment on and learn to love it as much as he does.
-He likes to use both his hands and fingers when he does it.
-Please destroy him by sitting on his face. He deserves that torture. Use that mustache as a chair girl!
-OKAY BUT HIS MUSTACHE. THAT SHIT TICKLES SM😭 like you’re so conflicted because on one hand you’re edging but on the next you’re trying not to blurt out laughing.
-Much more of a receiver than a giver. I know I crushed your dreams but this man is a bitch.
-He has such a superiority complex, he absolutely loves to have you kneeling before him, devouring his cock.
-He is very very messy when releasing. You want you covered in his cum. He will even hold his climax for as long as possible just so his release can be bigger.
-I told y’all this man will go through crazy lengths for his own pleasure.
-Now I’ll be nice and say he will give head, on occasion. I can see him rewarding you with it after being good for him. You’ll have to beg for it though. He’s not just going to give you that shit for free.
-Oh but the begging is so so worth it. Trust me. You’ll be holding onto your sheets for dear life, he will not stop until you’re screaming his name.
-Please, torture him by holding back moans and orgasms. Make him believe he’s doing a crappy job, it’s going to tear apart his ego and make him work so much harder. Be prepared.
-He’s more of a hands behind his back kind of guy while he’s eating you out. He doesn’t feel like he needs any help from toys or his hands. If you try to touch yourself while he’s working, I can see him getting upset and slapping your hand away.
-Ugh this man.
-Both giver and receiver but I can imagine her leaning more towards being a dom. I believe she’s all about your pleasure. It’s her job to take care of you.
-She’s not above including toys or her hands in an oral session. She really wants you to have the most out of the experience. Foreplay is a must, Phoenix wants to prep you because baby when she goes in…ugh it’s heaven and hell
-She likes to look up at you a lot, make sure you’re taking it okay. Don’t be afraid to tell her your exact wants! She doesn’t mind.
-She always allows you to play with yourself while she’s eating you out. She doesn’t take that as a negative. To her it’s just that you’re enjoying your time with her.
-The only time she’s moving your hand is if she’s in the zone~.
-She loves it when you release on her face while she’s downstairs. She pokes fun at you then cleans up every drop with her tongue.
-She has absolutely no shame, your taste is so good.
-When you’re giving she likes to sit back and enjoy. She doesn’t do too much talking, she likes for you to do whatever the hell you want. If you’ve never given before. She doesn’t mind walking you through it. She doesn’t want you to feel nervous or uncomfortable. You’re her partner, she wants you to be able to freely experiment with her!
-Okay so I don’t think before you he’s ever given oral.
-Maybe he has gotten a very awkward blowjob from a fellow cadet when he was training. But that was years ago and he didn’t really like the person all that much lmao.
-I’m not even trying to stereotype but I think he’s never really experimented much with sex which isn’t a bad thing!
-He was so pumped for you to go down on him but when he realized you were actually serious he was sweating so damn hard. Was he allowed to moan? Is he supposed to do something? Does he just sit back? When do we stop?
-Don’t worry all of that went away the second you started sucking. This man quite literally fell back in his seat and was gone. You’d think he was high😭
-He really loves when you go down on him, like so much. He feels bad randomly cumming in your mouth but he’d be lying if he said he doesn’t enjoy it.
-Bob will apologize and then continue to do it a second later with a small smirk on his face.
-Oh he’s secretly a little shit. He’s not afraid to get dirty and kiss you afterwards, he does not give a fuck that he’s just released in your mouth.
-Now, he’s okay at giving head. (When I say “okay” he’s actually a beastly man ) He knows he can do so much better but he doesn’t know when or what the limit is. Safe is better than sorry, for him…
-He’s like over explaining and saying how he’s scared but you know that’s full of shit. Yes he’s awkward but you just know he has a dark side.
-You’re literally just going to have to take this man’s head and press it up against your clitter. Trust me he’ll get the fucking hint and get to work.
-Oh man, he thinks it’s so hot when you do that. He is working his ass off to pleasure you now. The majority of the time uses his tongue, that thing can move. It’s literally so fast you’re like “hold on now, you got too much dip on your chip.”
-He absolutely loves the curses you say to him. It just keeps feeding him more and more and more. You’re going to need a safe word because there is no human that can handle his tongue in one sitting 😩
-He absolutely loves your releases. He wears your squirt like it’s a fucking badge, he’s so greedy. Once he gets the first taste, this mf needs more. He’s like a kid in candy land.
-Oh and he’s the type of guy who will put his fingers in you after he’s released and then make you taste yourself. He lives for that.
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accelys · a month ago
your lips on my red cheeks || my goodbye
words: 4,263 Previous Part || Ending No.1 Ending No.2
note: VOLUME 2 SPOILERS AHEAD. sorry for the, uh, wait. hope the length makes up for it? although, i was planning for this to be the last chapter. guess not considering i left y’all on a cliffhanger. also, this took so long bro. i kept rewriting the end part because it felt too weird and fast paced, tell me if it still is so i can change it! fun fact: i have notifs on for tumblr, right? and sometimes i use it to calculate how long y’all take to read the chapters. i’m guessing 2 to 4 mins to be honest. welp, anyways, enjoy and the italics and indented stuff is y’know...
tags: @milkiane @gojosrug @ifeeluncomfortableallthetime @simp4natasha @badwolf00593 @splatashadeadmanoff @astroponyo @alonezz @part-timetraveller @73vyn @sadiesgf69 @eunkooked @tsukishimawhore @frankoceanphobic
Tumblr media
Dear [Y/N], Hi. This is the letter I wanted to write first because your you’re always on my mind.
Your eyes stayed on the window as Steve drove the RV past the many houses and trees on the way to the Creel house. You didn’t want to confront the mission at hand yet, but you should. Something in you just forced you in your spot. It was like your feet turned into solid cement. Stuck. What was there to not worry about? The group decided to split into three groups: the older three were going to kill Vecna during his trance, Dustin and Eddie were going to distract the monsters in the Upside Down, while the rest of you were going to accompany Max. Nothing ever went well when people split up. Someone always dies; you were just hoping this group was an outlier. The past proved otherwise, but maybe the fourth time’s the charm?
You were soon brought out of the pool of your own thoughts by the one and only Maxine Mayfield. She “gently” hit your shoulder and motioned for you to come with her. You would be lying if you said you didn’t take a moment to admire the redhead. Despite the rough few days, the girl still managed to look ethereal. You’ve read so many books about mythology, ones about romance and others about tragedy. Even so, you’d take upon Atlas’s burden if it meant she was okay because, if an artist were to see this girl, they’d paint her out to be Aphrodite. She was simply... magnificent. From her personality and flaws to the way she looked. 
You allowed the girl to take your hand and pull you towards the door of the vehicle, a lantern in your other hand. But, despite the redhead guiding you, something made you pause at the steps. Eddie. His eyes were already on you when you turned your head. You could only define three emotions on his face: pride, concern, and fear. They were all reasonable emotions; he and Dustin were going on one of the dangerous missions. You pitied them and wished you could join them. Why didn’t you? The boy was always there for you. You should be there for him. Still, you were put into the group with Max, Lucas, and Erica with nothing but a lantern, a notepad, a marker, and a dull knife you found in the vehicle. 
I’m scared. You always seemed to make that feeling go away or made it okay for me to feel that way. But I have a feeling you can’t do it now. I can practically feel the concern radiating off you when I write this, even if you’re sleeping. 
You felt the delicate yet rough hand retract from yours as if she sensed you wanted to talk to the older boy. She usually was right about how you felt in certain situations. This wasn’t any different; you wished it was, though. So, you turned on the step to face the metalhead. You knew what to say. It was just hard. It was like saying goodbye forever. Too early to say that.
“Eddie,” You began.
“[Y/L/N],” He responded with a grin, but the emotion that was supposed to be hidden was clear to you. The whole situation was starting to get to the guy.
“Just this once, be serious,” You advised, your voice slightly wavering. “This time, it’s okay to run. Don’t be a hero.”
“Look at me. I’m not a hero,” The boy joked, causing you to internally groan. “I’m going to let Henderson, over there, be that.”
“I’m being serious, Eddie. If you’re stuck, just run.”
“I’ve been running my whole- “
“This is different. You can die.”
“[Y/N].” You heard Max call out, causing you to slightly turn your head. You were wasting time you didn’t have much of, especially on a boy who wouldn’t listen because he wanted to change. However, this wasn’t a time to change because if he wanted to become a hero now, that would cost his life. You remember being like that, joining the group because you wanted to feel a rush and be someone that did something. It almost cost you your life numerous times. You already dragged Max into this, which led to this whole situation; you didn’t need Eddie on your list of lives you ruined.
“Just... I care about you, and I don’t need someone I care about to die. He doesn’t need someone he idolizes to die,” You urged, scanning the older boy’s face to spot sadness creeping on his face. He turned his head towards Dustin, then at you. The two of you just stayed there in silence that you couldn’t take any longer. The barrier that blocked you from leaving disappeared and allowed you to escape any more panic from resurfacing, but it was no use because, when you stepped out, your attention was brought to the girl that was the subject of most of your thoughts and admiration.
Criticize me if you want, but you don’t look good when you sleep. I’m not sorry. But, I am sorry because I’ve seen you staring at me in the halls while you talked to our friends. You never seem to look peaceful, even now. Something tells me it’s because of me. I’ve been ignoring you for so long, and that’s probably my top 5 regrets (don’t complain about not being part of the first). I regret so many things these days, but not a single one has been because of your actions.
She stood there with concern written on her face and headphones covering her ears as she played with the wire that connected it to the walkman. It wasn’t the coldhearted Max that you met, the MADMAX that always beat your high scores; it was Maxine. In the years you’ve known the girl, you learned the difference between Max and Maxine. You loved both because, obviously, they were still the same person. That’s because both were outgoing, both loved to skateboard and dogs, and both would argue for what they believed in. Max just happened to have a harsher tone because she didn’t trust someone, while Maxine allowed herself to feel every single emotion in the world and show it with little to no care. This was Maxine.
The redhead seemed to observe your every move, almost like you were the one who was bait. The only time her eyes drifted away from your body was when the RV drove off to Eddie’s trailer. You didn’t know if it made you scared or at peace because you were just standing there like some weirdo, and she knew that. The girl slipped her hand into yours, caressing the back of your hand with her thumb, as she guided you to the open door where Lucas and Erica had already entered. It was simple yet... It was something that made you weak in the knees. Something that you thought could only happen in romance stories because such touches wouldn’t cause people to feel that way, right? Still, this girl seemed to disprove all of your beliefs.
Maxine slowly became Max as you entered, her face becoming guarded as she looked back at you. Although, there was this look in her eyes that you couldn’t pinpoint. Her hand, which was holding yours, trailed up your arm and went to cup your cheek. The dreadful feeling that the old and slightly worn-down house brought was pushed down by the butterflies that seemed to fill your stomach. The thumb that stroked the back of your hand was now moving back and forth on your cheek as Max leaned in, your lips capturing hers in a kiss. Romantic, huh? You didn’t think you’d be the type to kiss during an Upside Down scenario, especially when you were in some creepy house; you usually left that to Mike and El. Strange... But it was nice, even if you could hear the song that you’ve listened to possibly a thousand times. Her lips were soft against yours like always, but something about this kiss felt sadder, like she was saying goodbye. The hand you were using to hold the lantern slowly began to loosen around the handle as the kiss continued, Max’s hand traveling to the back of your head to push you closer to her.
Then, just like that... The kiss was over. The lips that caught yours retracted only a smidge as her forehead rested on yours, her breathing was slightly labored, and you could feel it on your face. It didn’t feel like you were in some murder house. It felt like some kiss that happened on a grassy hill on a sunny day. It made you wish that none of this ever happened, that there was no such thing as the Upside Down. You’ve always felt that way, but never as strongly as now because this girl was right in front of you and was about to be bait for some creep that targeted traumatized teens. But, you didn’t have powers like Eleven, smarts like Dustin, guns like Nancy, or any of them. Maybe that’s why it felt like a final parting when Max stepped away from you with a grin on her face and traveled somewhere in the house with the blue light illuminating the path.
When I lie awake at night, sometimes, all I can think about is you. It’s not like when I think of Billy. You were always there for me, unlike him. I never told you this, but during the summer, I purposely injured myself to get your attention. I got it. You stayed by my side the whole time, doing absolutely anything for me. With or without an injury, you always were there. 
It wasn’t long before Erica “found” Vecna and alerted the rest of you. You almost screamed when you felt her tap your arm. Could you blame yourself? The house gave you the creeps, made you feel like you were watched, and had something crawling up the back of your neck. You could’ve sworn you saw the little girl laugh silently as she walked away to get the others while you went to find wherever the lantern was set down. Who the fuck decided to leave you alone? You could hardly tell your left from your right sometimes. Once you found it, you heard the three others approaching as well, the voice of Kate Bush reaching your ears. It was nice the first few times, but, hell, it was giving you a headache. However, if it protected the redhead, you’d gladly suffer through the song a million more times.
Your eyes trailed Max’s silhouette in the blue-lit room, the light only going brighter as she approached Erica’s lantern. Everything was too quiet, a clear sign that things would go haywire soon. Like the calm before the storm, right? The redhead moved over to sit down, her lantern going next to her while a hand went up to grasp at her face. She was clearly stressed. It was apparent when she looked over at you and mouthed the question that you wished you could say yes to: “Stay?”
Fuck, this girl was the death of you. The urge to stay became even stronger, yet you didn’t allow yourself because, beside you, the younger girl tugged on your shirt and showed you her notepad. Phase one was starting... With one last look at Max, who now had Lucas in front of her, you gave her a thumbs up and a horrible attempt at a reassuring smile. Now that you think about it, it slightly reminded you of the first time you met the redhead. It was when Lucas and Dustin kept hitting you to pay attention to them because they wanted you to give the girl a note since you were the closest. So you did, and all the girl gave you was an annoyed look, a stressed smile, and a thumbs up. Now, here you were, planning to do anything to save her and leaving the Creel House with a middle schooler. 
As you exited the building, you allowed yourself to let out a loud breath that you didn’t know you were holding in. The house felt way too small despite its big appearance on the outside. The scenery seemed too matchy? Dark clouds loomed over the area, and the blue light seeped through the windows and onto the grass. Then you spotted it: a man walking his dog. Should you be afraid? Maybe, but it didn’t hurt to be cautious at this time. So, weirdly enough, you stopped Erica in her run and pulled her behind a bush.
“What the hell?” She whisper-yelled, looking at you with a judging look. 
“Shut up,” You warned in a whisper, moving slowly to point over at the man. It only caused her to look at you harsher and you to roll your eyes. Who knew you’d be telling an eleven-year-old to shut up? It was slightly weird. You and Erica watched the man pause in his spot, observing the area like he could sense the presence of four kids doing something. Of course, your efforts didn’t go through because you spotted him go through some sense of realization. He saw the blue light, just like you did. Would probably go talk to Jason like the rest of the town would. Bunch of assholes...
It was weird to crouch behind a bush without Max in your sight. Even after she avoided everyone, you never grew used to her not being there. Now that you thought back, anyone could see that because, at moments, you would turn to your side at your desk and call the person “Max.” It was never her, and it was fucking embarrassing because the actual Max once heard you and looked over with a raised eyebrow. Nonetheless, you couldn’t dwell on the past and pushed on, running across the street with the younger girl. As soon as you arrived at the weird playground, if that’s what it was, you helped her up and shrugged off the bag you were carrying. It didn’t make sense why you were carrying one now that you thought of it. It only contained the dull knife, which you now held, and a walkie-talkie that you gave to Erica. It wasn’t the first time you held a knife as a weapon, but it never felt right. That was good, right? Meant that you still had your humanity. 
It’s weird, right? I used to be annoyed by you (you were a bit awkward), but I grew to actually like it. I know this is a death letter, but when I think of you, all I can do is smile. Ever since I joined the group, you always stood out. You weren’t like Lucas and Dustin, who were annoying in their attempts to get my attention, nor Mike, who hated me. You were there in an odd but nice way, do you understand?
You watched as Erica repeatedly turned her flashlight on and off, getting zero response from the pair in the house. Is it weird you were jealous at this time? Yes, definitely. But you couldn’t help it. Fuck, was Lucas asking her out now? He wouldn’t after the whole talk, right? You allowed yourself to let out an annoyed groan at the thought, gaining Erica’s attention.
“Don’t tell me you’re thinking about Max right now?” She questioned, her eyebrows raised as she gave you a look that you returned. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m just stating the facts. You like her.”
“I don’t need a middle schooler telling me that,” You stammered with a surprised expression. “Especially when your brother likes her too.”
“Oh, please. My brother can go like someone else.”
“Sorry, what? Are you rooting for me?”
“Yes!” She exclaimed, but her attention returned to the duo that finally responded. Erica quickly grasped at the walkie-talkie, speaking to those in the Upside Down. You really wished that everything was going okay for them and for Max and Lucas. One bright side to this plan was that the youngest would be safe unless the man reported you guys. The universe seemed to never go your way, did it? The past few years showed that. Even the past few days did. Something always happened with this group’s plans. So, if someone was watching over you guys, you hoped they’d at least grant you this one thing. Too much loss and trauma happens in this town nowadays. None of your efforts went well. Your eyes drifted to the attic window, remaining there from then on, only moving to look over at the younger girl to make sure she was okay. Gosh, why on Earth did this group involve someone so young? Was the end goal to traumatize the whole town?
Time seemed to move slowly as you leaned against the weird structure. Everyone else was too busy, and here you were with a knife in your hand. But you wished it remained that way because when it quickened, Erica’s panicked voice reached your ears. A warning was uttered, one about a speeding car coming towards the house. Fuck, you were in charge of this girl. Were you...? You really weren’t reliable in these situations, but you couldn’t let her get hurt. So, you tightened your grip on the knife while assisting the younger girl down with the other hand. 
“Go, hide.” You ordered, pushing her towards the trees when the car pulled up. 
“What?!” She argued, looking at you with an incredulous look.
“Go, Erica!” 
“Fine!” She conceded with her arms raised in surrender, soon running off with one last look at you. Fucking hell, what were you going to do alone? You turned your head towards the car, watching Jason and Andy exit the vehicle with simultaneous car door slams. Assholes...
“[Y/L/N]!” You heard Jason yell, accompanied by him pointing at you. What did he think he was doing? Did he think he was scared of some finger? Fucking hell, you hate life right now. “We won’t hurt you if you help us stop this!” The response only caused your eyebrows to shoot up in disbelief because, from the corner of your eye, you could spot the curly-headed athlete approaching you like he was some type of spy. All that ran through your head at the moment were curses and insults towards the two older teenagers.
“We won’t hurt you-” You mimicked, rolling your eyes. “Fuck you and dipshit over there!” They clearly didn’t like that response, considering the fact that Jason stomped over to Andy, like some toddler that didn’t get the toy he wanted, and whispered into the latter’s ear. From there, you watched Jason run towards the house. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Fuck. Now you were stuck with dumbass #2, and all that you could think of was why they always wore their varsity jackets. You observed as the boy steadily approached you, causing you to raise the dull knife in some form of a threat. You had nothing else you could do, and it wasn’t like he knew it was worn down. You never liked this part; the risk of hurting someone. It seemed a bit better when it was faceless creatures... 
The warning didn’t go as far as you thought because you watched the boy continue his pace towards you, his hands clenched into fists. “All you freaks like trying to murder people?” He challenged with no signs of backing down. Of fucking course he wouldn’t. It was weird. Did all of Jason’s teammates have this form of undying loyalty for him?
“All you jocks so self-righteous?” You replied, “Gosh, hop off Jason’s dick for once. He’s using your dumb ass. We don’t have to do this whole... fighting thing or whatever.”
I hope you do. You usually have your way of finding out things, even if you were last sometimes. Something in you always loved being the last one to give up. You never gave up on Will, on El, or me. It’s what’s making me spend what may be the last few hours of my life with you... Under a freaking table in Mike Wheeler’s basement.
You’d have to admit, these jocks of Jason were... resilient? You watched Andy run towards you, causing you to freeze and only brace for impact. The guy was significantly taller and stronger than you, you couldn’t do much, and you didn’t exactly want to stab the guy. Maybe slash, but not stab? In what seemed to be an instant, you fell onto the ground with the boy on top of you, gripping onto the collar of your shirt. When did that happen? You writhed beneath him, trying to escape his grasp. Your only option was to, well, take the beating or threaten him once more, and you weren’t exactly favoring the former... Who knew you’d be the type to raise a knife to the throat of a jock AND tell a middle schooler to shut up on the same day?
“Get off me, and nothing will happen,” You stammered. Your grip on the knife was beginning to feel too tight, and the world seemed to be closing in on you. But, you remained still, just like the older boy did. He didn’t let go; he was frozen, and his eyes drifted between the object and you.
“Hey! Get off of them, knucklehead!” Of course, the younger girl didn’t listen for long. Yet, you were glad this was the time Erica didn’t because there she was, rocks stuffed into her pockets with one in her hand that soon was launched to what you hoped was actually for Andy because it fucking hit you. You couldn’t be mad at the girl for long because the next finally hit the athlete in the forehead, allowing you the perfect opportunity to escape his grasp and hit him in the chest with the blunt side of the kitchen tool. It only caused him minor pain as he clutched onto his head and cried out in pain. For someone you expected to be tougher, it was strange. Things were never going to be normal for you, huh?
You took the guy’s moment of anguish as the chance to get Erica to safety, or at least some version of it. You quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the only moderately familiar place you knew: the Creel House. The home of Vecna and where Max was playing bait with Lucas protecting her. Shit, you forgot about Jason. The lackluster house became a worse place to be as you pushed the younger girl up to the second floor. From your spot, you could hear the yells of the blonde athlete and Lucas’s soft pleas. It wouldn’t work for long, and you knew that. The older boy was clearly not in the right state of mind after figuring out about Chrissy. To an extent, it was understandable. But the boy was going too far right now, which would risk Max being dead too. Looking down at the girl next to you, you couldn’t help but feel pride in what she did and concern for her safety.
“I’m going to need you to actually listen now, Erica,” You urged. Panic was slowly becoming your form of energy as you heard the rushed steps of Andy. “Hide. Please.”
You observed the hesitance in the girl’s face, which you weren’t familiar with. You were used to the Erica that insulted you when she thought you were being stupid and the Erica that pointed out all of your lies. This Erica looked afraid, but she understood. She was aware of the desperation in your voice and gave you a nod, running off to who knows where. As you ran towards the voices of Lucas and Jason, all you could hope was that both Sinclairs were okay and that things were going better for the crew in the Upside Down.
You didn’t know what you were going to expect when you arrived in the attic, but it wasn’t this. Jason freaking Carver with a shaky hold on a gun pointed at none other than Lucas Sinclair. You knew he was in a horrible state, though you didn’t think he’d go this far. His appearance was already a reflection of it, the sunken eyes and disheveled hair. Yet, all you could clearly see was that fucking green and white jacket he wore. His gaze soon fell on you, your loud and quick steps alerting him of your presence. If you were being honest, it was scary. Especially when he whipped the gun towards you. At least it wasn’t pointed towards Lucas? That was a bright side, right?
“Stay there, [Y/L/N]! Don’t move and drop the knife!” He screamed, bringing his other hand to the gun handle. You didn’t understand why, but it made you drop the knife. The sound of clattering that should be prominent and clear was distant. His voice was frightening, and, clearly, the gun was too. “You and that freak caused all of this! Chrissy! Patrick!”
“Fuck tha- !” You attempted to yell, stopping as you observed him step closer. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t scared. Your reply didn’t exactly help the situation, did it? At that moment, all you could see was him. It was as if the rest of the attic was gone, along with Max and Lucas. Was this the end?
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rinphoria · 6 months ago
how they tease you !
✸ ft. kuroo, osamu, matsukawa, suna, & akaashi
✸ info & warnings: fluff, a tad suggestive in mattsun’s
Tumblr media
✸ KUROO purposely puts your favorite snacks at the very top of the pantry so you have to ask him to grab them for you. it’s become an unconscious routine for him to take the bags and boxes of treats you requested and organize them on the highest shelf in the cabinet. he huffs out a laugh at the sight of you on your tippy-toes and the soft grunts you let out as you try to outstretch your already extended arm. grabbing a chair so that you’re able to reach them is much more trouble than just shouting for tetsu to come and help you out. he’s towering over you in no time, effortlessly taking hold of the snack you’ve been trying to acquire. but before he gives it to you, he keeps it dangling in the air and taps his lips with his free index finger, silently asking for a as for his payment.
✸ OSAMU playfully mimics and mocks you when you’re super giddy or really annoyed. it’s a habit he picked up on when he and atsumu would try and irritate each other, but he does it more to poke fun at you than to upset you. when you bust through the door telling him to guess what happened and that he won’t believe how crazy things played out, his voice raises a couple pitches to match yours and he parrots your exact tone in his response. “you have to tell me right now, i’m literally brimming with excitement.” you don’t know what’s more annoying—his terrible imitation of you or the fact that he does it so easily. it’s typical for you to pout at his antics, but he always kisses it away and urges you to continue; this time without his interruption, of course.
✸ MATSUKAWA embarrasses you in public by pretending the two of you aren’t dating. when you’re coming back from another aisle in the grocery store or meeting him in the line at the movie theater and place a hand on his shoulder or wrap him in a hug as you usually do, he looks down to you with a blank expression and claims he doesn’t know you. something along the lines of “oh my god, are you hitting on me?” or “that’s really inappropriate, touching me there.” his comments leave people turning their heads and giving you funny looks. they have no idea he’s kidding so you’re left to defend yourself while he stands by trying to conceal his laughter. he doesn’t even get upset when you repeatedly slap his arm after the fact because he finds the situation too hilarious to care about the joking assault.
✸ SUNA calls you dumb nicknames that he knows you hate just to get a rise out of you. he bounces between the overly affectionate ones like pookie and cuddlemuffin and more unconventional ones like booger and stink. they make their way into conversation at the most unexpected times—when you’re sharing good news or snuggling while watching a movie. if he’s feeling extra daring, the names are accompanied by cheek squishes and kissy faces. he knows it’s only going to end with his hand getting slapped away and an icy glare being sent in his direction, but that’s all part of the fun to rin. he finds it entertaining to see which names make you cringe the most. he really just wants to get a reaction out of you, so once you grow accustomed to a certain pet name, he starts calling you a new one.
✸ AKAASHI pokes fun at you for not knowing simple facts or making common errors. it’s fairly normal for you to approach keiji with questions, he’s a smart guy, after all. but if one ever comes along that most people know the answer to, he’ll answer you, but not without pointing out that it’s something you should already know. “you seriously never learned that? thank god you have me around.” any typos that you make are intentionally duplicated in every one of keiji’s texts after the initial occurrence. he won’t drop it until you give him a new one to use against you. if you mispronounce or stumble over a word he repeats it just as you said it with a smug smile on his lips. he always follows up with a kiss and apology so you know he’s only messing around with.
Tumblr media
thanks for reading! comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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erosso · a month ago
Hear me out, Eddie Munson with a Mommy kink trying to do a campaign while cock-warming a strap-on?
Just the way he tries not to move too much or else he won’t be able to stop himself. Little whimpers slipping past his lips as your arms wrap around his waist to cover the bare parts of his waist that his shirt couldn’t, not reaching his pants that are around his upper thighs.
The way he yells at himself internally for listening to your bet and assuming he could handle it. Since you’re getting bored of him being silent and stingy as he describes the current scene in detail from the game, you shift in your seat, somehow managing to push the strap deeper inside him.
It hits a spot in him that makes him freeze completely as he doubles over and covers his mouth, biting his fingers hard. Everyone stares at him and questions,
“What’s wrong?”
He just clears his throat,
“Sorry, jus’ gettin’ excited.”
He smiles and laughs to cover it up. Although, he wasn’t entirely lying, you wanted to have more fun with this, so you slipped your hand into his jeans and you can now feel his rock-hard erection in his pants. You palm it and feel him shiver, waiting until he stops talking to whisper,
“If you’re nice and quiet, Mommy can treat y’to a nice fuck when we’re home, ‘kay? Good boy.”
no bc he totally would!! the risk of him getting caught, he enjoys it.
it’s not uncommon for him to sit on your lap, so why would his club members think any different this time.
It’s also not unusual for him to set up his campaign before everyone else arriving, so when you decided to waltz in and give him a challenge he’s excited and determine to prove you wrong.
the fact that his club members are further away from him on the table, the light dimmed for effect, his binder just barely covering the sensation he feels in his ass, it makes him hot in the ears.
your hands making their way to his waist, lightly rubbing up and down the sides, you breathe a low moan against the back of his neck, “you like having a dick inside you huh, baby?” you kiss at his clothed back, you feel him shiver under the fabric, he can’t concentrate on his campaign.
his elbows grip the wood of the table, his head low trying to cover his flushed and dazed eyes from his friends.
“dude, you okay? you didn’t finish the scene,” gareth cocks a brow, confused on his sudden change of demeanor.
your hips slowly rock into him, the strap around the silicone cock tightening around you as you continue.
they’re slow movements, barely visible to anyone across the table in these low lights, but eddie feels like everyone can see, but he doesn’t care, he wants more friction.
moving his ass back against you, then shifting back to his position, he continues this movement back and forth, “fuck,” his breath shaky and rings almost cutting off circulation as he balls his fists.
“be a good boy for me. mommy will take care of you if you behave, hm?” you smile against his back, his fluffy hair tickling your nose.
you push his hips roughly down on your strap as you feel him try to get up, he lets out a whimper, one of his hand griping at his thigh, trying to steady himself.
“hello?” mike shakes his head, his voice irritated at eddie’s quiet and low demeanor, “dude, let’s go already.”
“shut up!” eddie blurts out, his other hand that was once balled into a first comes up to his mouth, his bangs still covering his fucked eyed expression, “just- just give me a minute,” he states, stammering in the process, he doesn’t dare face his club members’ gaze
you chuckle, your hand moving his hair aside from his neck, you kiss it softly, “just give him a sec, you guys,” you look over to them with an assuring look.
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watermelonsugacry · 2 months ago
Zane Lowe Interview
SUMMARY: Interview bits where 1dbandmember!reader is mentioned
GENRE: 1dbandmember!reader x harry, secret fiancé!harry
Since 2010 Masterlist
Tumblr media
“I was in a sushi restaurant in LA with YN and one of our songs came on from the last album, and I was like, ‘This is really strange music for a sushi restaurant.’”
“During the pandemic, you can’t do anything but be inside your house so you’re kind of forced to be a friend, a brother, a son, a boyfriend, all those things. And I’m really grateful to have been given some time to focus on being those things and not be just this musician guy for a bit.”
“Speaking of being all these roles, as you mentioned being a boyfriend as one of them, what’s it like to have YN with you during these times? Having her by your side must bring you some sense of comfort.”
“She definitely keeps me grounded, for sure.” Harry says, twisting the chunky rings on his fingers. “When the pandemic hit and isolation happened, we got stuck in LA for a couple of months and we stayed at her house.”
“This was also around the time where everyone found out you two were an item now, wasn’t it?”
“It was, yeah.”
“I don’t mean to pry too much into your personal life but given the way that your relationship was exposed in the way that it did, how did that feel like?”
Harry lets out a deep sigh as he thinks back at that time. They two were finally at a point in their relationship where everything seemed to be going smoothly, but it eventually became too good to be true.
“It wasn’t the best feeling in the world, if I’m honest. You know, you try to keep your private life private as much as you can and when it was all plastered all over social media, it left us feeling a little vulnerable. That was in January of 2020 and then we had to go in lockdown like two-three months later. It was kind of an interesting time in our lives because while in the back of our minds we knew that everyone knew we were together, we were kind of playing house. Like, we kind of got a taste of what it would have been like if we lived ‘normal’ lives; whatever you define ‘normal’ to be.”
Harry continues, “I’m just really lucky to have someone who just gets it. Like we’ve gone through this journey together—from being in the band to making our own music—that it really feels like she understands me without having to say anything. She gets our line of work, the things that come with it and all tha'. M'very grateful."
“I was so nervous for the first weekend of Coachella and before I went on stage, YN told me something like ‘just have fun out there’ and it was so simple yet effective. It helped me find my center again and focus back to what it’s all about.”
“That same night, you had mentioned that your song Late Night Talking was in fact about YN.”
“Yeah,” Harry rests his temple on his fist, his dimples digging into his cheeks as he lets out a bashful chuckle. “This whole album is really about and for her. She’s such a big part of my life, both personally and job-wise.”
“What’s it like to work with your girlfriend? I can’t imagine a lot of artists would feel comfortable with that level of intimacy.” 
Harry has to hold himself back from correcting Zane. The couple agreed once they got engaged that they wanted to keep their relationship status underwraps for as long as they possibly can. They’ve been extra careful whenever they go out together: making sure to disguise YN's ring amongst the others on her fingers or not wear it at all, making sure to keep referring to the other as their girlfriend/boyfriend in public.
Not to jinx themselves again, but they’re doing a pretty good job at keeping their secret away from the public eye so far.
“YN is my best friend.” Harry can’t help the smile tugging on his lips. “I mean like, when we work, we focus on the music. She’s not afraid to tell me I can do something better or be brutally honest with me when it comes to working. I’ve worked with her for almost 12 years now and I’ve always felt comfortable and free whenever we work together.”
“It took me a long time to realize that home wasn’t necessarily a geographical location but it can be a person,” Harry tries to cover up his smile with a cough. “Or it can be an internal thing.”
    “Is that a bit of blush I see?” Zane teases. Harry lets out a soft chuckle, rubbing his fingers down his cheeks and feels the heat beneath the skin. He lets out a playful groan, knowing that YN is going to tease him about being a sap when she watches the interview once it comes out.
    Harry tries to hide his smile with a drink of water. “Alright, let’s move on.” 
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divinegrey · 8 months ago
𝚠𝚑𝚒𝚜𝚔𝚎𝚢 𝚋𝚎𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚍 𝚋𝚊𝚛𝚜 / 𝚟𝚒 𝚡 𝚏!𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛
posted jinx lately, so here’s some vi to break it up! don’t worry, i’m working through all of the requests I got in my inbox. thank you all so much for the lovely words and requests. it makes me happy to know you enjoy my fics as much as i do. onward!
prompt: vi x reader cell mate au? 👀 [requested by anon]
words: 2005
warnings: violence, drinking, slight nsfw themes
Tumblr media
Being in solitary confinement is honestly not the worst thing to happen. 
How else are you supposed to get any sort of decent sleep? The deepest parts of Stillwater Prison means you’re in big trouble, but at least it’s quiet. You’re a light sleeper, and not just because years of being locked up behind bars has conditioned you to always have an eye out. You’ve always been that way, as far as you can tell. 
So when you hear the grinding of elevator gears coming closer, you roll your eyes. Someone else is getting the ol’ chum bucket treatment. It’s not all bad, once you learn to get past the smell of piss and the fact that you won’t have any daylight for a long, long time. 
But last you checked, all of the confinement cells down here were full up. So what gives? Well, technically speaking, there’s only two in your corridor, but the guy next to yours has been dead for a couple of days. You’re pretty sure. Maybe he just sleeps a lot. 
“Let go of me you fuckers—” comes the voice of a woman. Your head perks up. A woman? Finally, maybe you won’t be so damn lonely down here all the time if you’ve got another chick to chat with. The gentleman collapsed in the other cell is quite boring. One-sided conversations are never fun. 
To your surprise, the prison guards open your cell and toss the woman into it. She trips over her own foot and hits the ground like a sack of potatoes— you don’t restrain your laugh, because that was pretty funny. 
“Fuck you!” She jumps to her feet instantly, pointing a finger at the guards. They pull shut the heavy metal grates that separate them. The pink-haired woman tries to reach through the metal bars, but all they do is laugh and wiggle their fingers at her. “You assholes are going to regret doing that!” 
“Oh, I can’t wait to see whatever you do to those poor bastards from inside here,” you remark, resting your chin on your hand. You’re sitting on your bed, legs folded up in front of you. The other woman seems to realize she isn’t alone and faces you. You wave. “Welcome to solitary.” 
Her eyebrows narrow and she takes a few steps back from the metal bars and to you. She tilts her head to the side. “You look familiar. Aren’t you the chick who put a knife up a guy’s nose a few weeks ago?” 
“He asked for it,” you retort. The scar above her brow and the nose ring in her nostril tickles a part of your brain. You point at her, casually, “And aren’t you the gal who punched the line cook and then decked a guard with the slop on the tray a few months back?” 
She shrugs. “They asked for it.” 
With a laugh, you hold out your hand. “Y/N. A pleasure to meet you in this here hellhole.” 
The first thing you notice when the woman shakes your hand is the firm grip, and secondly, the bandages wrapped around her knuckles down to her forearm. She says, “Vi. Do you get in trouble often?” 
“The only way to get any peace of mind,” you reply. Vi inspects the holdings, checking every corner (including the one you pee in), and you take into account her stature— her broad shoulders and wide back are seriously impressive, and the horseshoe shape of her triceps is well defined. She looks like a fighter, that’s for damn sure. You click your tongue, catching Vi’s attention. “What’d you do to end up here again?” 
“Oh, you know,” Vi says, a smirk coming to her face. “Told an enforcer I fucked his wife last night and that she didn’t miss him.” 
You snort. “Classy. I love it.” 
“He didn’t,” Vi replies, clapping her hands together. “So I got thrown into here. Might be a few days before I see sunlight.” 
“Don’t I know it,” you say, pushing yourself off of the bed. “You like fighting?” 
“Depends. Are we about to duke it out right now?” Vi’s fingers curl into fists. 
“It never helps to have more practice, right?” You raise your hands, making a ‘come here’ gesture with your fingers. Vi’s eyebrow raises with amusement. You bounce on your feet, getting yourself loose and limber. “C’mon, what better way to pass the time?” 
Vi huffs and matches your posture. “Get ready to lose.” 
“Don’t count on it,” you retort. 
Somehow, that’s how your friendship with Vi begins. She spends her time in solitary with you practicing fighting— you learn that she has power over speed, and you’re the exact opposite. 
When it comes to the time that you’re both taken from solitary, Vi finds her way back to you. She sits with you during mealtime, you trade punches on the punching bag in the courtyard, and you learn things about her you wouldn’t have anticipated. She’s from Zaun, just like you. Always been a talker with her fists, never words. 
Over time, you tell her how you got thrown into Stillwater because of a murder out of self-defense. The courts of Piltover hadn’t agreed with your evidence, so here you are, rotting away for the rest of your life. Vi, on the other hand… got thrown behind bars because of Sheriff Marcus. 
You never ask why, at the start. You’re not about to lose the only friend you’ve ever made in Stillwater because of your curiosity. So, you withhold. Vi and you spend your days chatting— at one point, she gives you a tattoo on your forearm because somehow she got her hands on a tattoo gun, and you give her the backpiece she designed. You aren’t the greatest artist, but you do your damndest to make it look good. 
Everything comes full circle when she gets put into solitary for beating up a dickhead in the courtyard. A day after, you ‘mistakenly’ trip a prison guard while they walk past you. 
You’re grinning when you’re going down the elevator. You have to hide it from the guards, but when they throw you into the cell with Vi, you can’t help but start laughing. Vi stands over you. 
“You just had to copy me, didn’t you,” Vi asks, hands on her hips. You sit up. 
“I missed my friend. Can you blame me?” You walk to a corner in the cell. Silently, you make a gesture for Vi to check the guards; she does so and comes back with a thumbs up. With a smile, you pull out a loose brick from the bottom and reach into the space behind it. The silver coating of a flash flashes in the light, and you start talking to it, “I missed you so much, my favorite person in the whole wide world!” 
“Dickhead,” Vi comes closer to you, the room’s lack of lighting shadowing the both of you in darkness. You lean your back against the wall, unscrewing the flask to take a long pull. It’s whiskey, the worst kind, but it’s better than anything else you can get inside of Stillwater. This is your secret stash— you have a deal with the smuggler to beat up anyone the smuggler wants in exchange for something hard to drink. Hence, whiskey. 
You press the flash into Vi’s hand. She takes it, taking a quick shot of the liquid. Her face screws up. 
“You get used to it,” you say, taking it back to sip lightly. “Did you miss me?” 
“A little bit,” Vi admits softly, running a hand through her hair. She misses a strand, so you fix it with a gentle movement of your hand. She watches your fingers and you don’t fail to notice the way she moves closer, putting her arm against the wall near your head. With a barely hidden smile, you put the mouth of the flask on her lips. 
She humors you, tilting her neck back. The one thing about this whiskey that you always forget is how quickly it works. The slop they feed you does nothing to slow the quickness in which the alcohol works through your bloodstream. It only takes a few more sips for you to start feeling a little fuzzy. There’s definitely a blush on your cheeks, and Vi can’t stop smiling. 
You like that lopsided, crooked smile of hers. A little too much maybe, but that’s never stopped you before. 
The little corner of the solitary confinement cell becomes something of a paradise. Both of you whisper your words, pushing the flask back and forth until there is nothing left inside of it, and you’re both past the point of tipsy. It matters little, because you’re entranced with how her eyes look in the dim lighting. Is Vi closer than she was before? You can’t remember when or how her hand ended up on your waist, but you don’t mind. It’s a comforting presence. She’s taller than you by a few inches, and your entire body feels warm when she looks at you with that dopey smile. 
Maybe you should drink more often if it means you see Vi like this. Smiling without a care in the world. 
“Whatcha thinking about?” You ask, fiddling with the flask in your fingers. 
“How funny it is that we both put ourselves in solitary just to get some time together,” Vi says. Another step closer and she’s nearly chest to chest with you. She puts her arm on the wall above her shoulder. “If you were really that eager, you could’ve just asked.” 
“What makes you think that I’m so keen on getting your attention, pinky pie?” You tease, fumbling your fingers in the fabric of her shirt. Maybe intentionally, maybe just to see how she reacts. Vi huffs at the nickname you’ve given her. At first she rejected it, but after incessant use, she’s gotten used to it. Secretly, you think she likes it. 
She leans her head down. “Cause if you didn’t, then you wouldn’t let me do this.” 
This ultimately means kissing you. Oh, you let it happen, you let it happen with pure delight. The flask falls from your hand in order to pull Vi’s hips against yours. You’d been waiting for something like this, waiting for Vi to make the move because you weren’t about to schmooze your way into Vi’s pants. No way. You were willing to wait as long as it took in order for her to grow a pair and do it. 
Ten out of ten worth the wait. The smile on your face almost gets in the way of your kissing, if it weren’t for the heat of Vi’s body making you think about something else. You won’t dwell on it for too long— you don’t want to miss any of the action. Sure, you might be tipsy, but you’re going to remember every second of this for as long as it lasts. Vi smells like the whiskey you’ve been sharing plus shitty prison soap, and you can’t get over it. 
When she pulls away, you’re left breathing harsher than you expected. Vi raises a smug eyebrow at you. 
So, in turn, you grab her by the shirt and push her down onto the single bed of the cell. You climb onto her lap and before she can even try flipping you both over, you pin her by the wrists. If there’s one benefit to having Vi as your sparring partner, it’s that you’ve gotten stronger. Enough to keep her down long enough to kiss her again. 
Vi’s grumbling moan into your mouth will be the song of your dreams. 
Later, when the two of you are spent and laying cuddled up to each other, you hear the sound of guards coming down the hall. 
You shove her off the bed, letting her hit the ground with a rather loud “oof!” followed by a “what the fuck, Y/N!?” Your tipsy laughter rings into the night. 
A/N: what? you didn’t think I was going to give you smut that easily, did you? likes and reblogs are appreciated! requests are open if you have ideas ;)
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milkathedudz · 4 months ago
Be Quiet For Me
Pairing: Reader x Chris Evans
Warnings: NSFW SMUT 18+, dirty dirty sex and filth talk, public sex
Summary: You and Chris check sex in a boutique store off your list
Type: One shot
Tumblr media
“Shhh be quiet baby.” Chris whispered into your ear as he was pounding into you from behind.
Chris thought it would be a great idea to sneak into a closet while you two were out shopping. Stopping into a cute boutique seeing a closet, and him pulling you in there his intentions loud and clear.
Your ass cheeks clapping back against him. Both your hands on the wall bent over. Your legs already shaking close to your orgasm. His hands on both sides of your hip keeping a firm grip.
“Shit fucking take my cock like a good little whore.” He groaned as he watched his cock disappearing inside of you. “God pussy all mine.”
“Oh fuck.” You moaned out loud unable to contain yourself anymore.
Chris hearing your moans put his hand over your mouth. His thrusting didn’t slow down however. If anything they became deeper and harder. Each sharp hit touching your sweet spot.
“Don’t wanna anyone to hear us baby.” He mumbled to you trying his hardest to keep himself contained.
Your insides clenching down on his cock making his orgasm come closer. His hand moved to your through lightly gripping it pulling your head back towards him. Your eyes looking up at him, and seeing the absolute lust and desire behind them.
His cock thrusting in and out of you at a perfect pace. Your whole body felt like it was over heating, and the fact anyone could hear you guys or walk in somewhat turned you on.
Wondering if Chris would stop or simply keep going until the two of you reached your high. Honestly the thought of him not stopping even with someone watching kind of turned you on.
“Such a good girl.” He encouraged as his hands spread your cheeks apart. “Taking my cock so good.”
Both of your mouths wide open, and the two of you trying your hardest not to scream. The only sound that could be heard in the closet was the sound of his skin slapping against yours.
Sweat was forming on your forehead and chest. His lips attaching themselves to your neck sucking on the flesh. Feeling your blood rise to the surface surely leaving a mark.
“Pussy is so god damn tight.” He sneered through his teeth as he felt you squeeze him. “Could stay in you all day.”
Your orgasm quickly approaching the harder he was thrusting into you. Feeling that familiar tightening and burning feeling in your lower stomach. Your pussy walls squeezing around his cock, making his release approach him faster as well.
“Squeeze my cock baby.” Growling into your ear when he felt your walls in closing around him tightly. “Cum all over me.”
Once those words left his mouth it took a couple more thrusts before you felt your bodies release. Legs trembling with how hard your orgasm hit you. Leaning your head forward squealing as Chris held you tightly to him.
Taking a couple more thrusts for Chris before he was squirting his stream of cum inside you. The feeling warm and somewhat comforting. Feeling some of it leaking out of you as he stayed inside of you.
“Fuck.” His words groaned against your skin trying to really hold himself back. “Could never get tired of this pussy.”
Your head leaned forward again the both of you trying to catch your breath. His hands still on your hip. His cock lightly twitching inside of you as the last of his orgasm hit him. Your legs still shaking trying to recover.
Chris pulled his cock slowly out of you making you hiss. Feeling his cum rolling down your thighs making your cheeks heat up. Pulling his pants back up, before he grabbed a rag he saw, and wiped your legs cleaning you.
Pulling your dress back down and smoothing your hair down trying not to make it too obvious. Chris watched you and gave you a sly wink. The both of you laughing with each other realizing the two of you just had sex in a closet at a boutique.
“That was fun.” He joked making you giggle shaking your head.
Grabbing your hand leading you out and through the store. Both trying to leave the store before something was said. Turning your head you looked to the sales clerk who just shook her head at you in knowing.
“Guess we won’t be allowed back.” Chris joked and you playfully shoved him, and you two leaving the place.
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dear-my-honey · a month ago
even more charming when drunk~
Eddie Munson x GN!Reader
warnings: occasional cursing, gæy, drinking, mentions of smoking, the reader is referred to as prince charming like three times
description: You and Eddie are at a party but you're a bit worried that he had too much to drink.
extra note: This is my first time posting fanfics soo :)
also this is longer than it needs to be.
Tumblr media
For as long as anyone could remember it had always been you two.
No one is able to find Eddie without you or you without Eddie, and that's just how it was. Ever since you two were kids. When you slowly started to fall in love with him without realizing it and your parents made fun of you... well lets just say you are in complete denial at first.
However, over time you slowly caught yourself staring at him longer than usual. Daydreaming about you both in many many different ways. Even at times wondering if he would like what you wore for the day or if he liked the way you styled your hair. After a while of this happening day after day realization hit you like a train.
Upon this realization you ran to your room and cried for hours and didn't come out until your parents knocked on your door asking what was wrong. You explained everything to them and your mother practically jumped with joy about winning the bet she had with your father. After seeing this you were comforted by the fact that they accepted you.
Ever since then there were moments between you and the silly metal head. Sure you were both constantly interrupted by either a hellsfire club member coming in, your parents, and even at some point Eddie's uncle, but they were still moments.
Now in the present, when Eddie first asked you to come with him to a party you questioned it. You never were that much of a party person, but once you knew no one from Hawkins would be there then you felt fine going. Which made that crazy metalhead you'd call your first love very happy.
A fter you hopped out of the completely trashed van that you loved dearly with Eddie and noticed that no one really questioned it left you nearly ecstatic. No one questioning it because they were either already high, drunk, or both. It didn't matter though because you were still brought an odd sense of comfort from the fact that everyone there was just like you guys.
Every single one of them, and as you looked over to Eddie you could see he had the same feeling as you. Either that or he wanted to be fucking drunk. And with no time wasted he pulled you to the porch past a cloud of smoke created by a group of stoners and opened the door of the house with a smug grin.
Immediately as both of you walked in you got a whiff of sweaty people and alcohol. "Holy fuck this is gonna be fun." Eddie reckoned. "I hope so-" you replied, soon being cut off by Eddie dragging you to a bunch of drinks. "Could you be my prince charming for tonight, sweetheart and let me be the one to be shit-faced drunk." he beamed over at you as he opened a bottle of some random cheap beer. "Sure, I don't like drinking anyway." you smiled at him gods this man really had you on your knees already and you weren't even together.
"You really are an angel. Aren't you?" He leaned over to you once again opening another bottle. When had he even finished his first one? You didn't know, but what you did know is that he was really going to be out of it by the time you left. You just let your eyes scan the shit-hole around you. Everyone, and i mean everyone was completely out of it. Anywhere you could lay your eyes upon this house there was someone stumbling about, or in a entirely different universe, or even some singing whatever song was playing in the background.
You just chuckled and looked back over to where Eddie was standing, and he was no longer there. This kind of freaked you out because although he drinks a lot, Eddie is kind of a light weight. Which you find really funny most of the time until it's only you left to take care of him, although even then, it doesn't bother you.
So you practically ran everywhere around the whole house. Too scared to ask around, you just wandered aimlessly. After awhile of just wandering around aimlessly you found yourself on the second floor. People were in the halls just doing whatever the hell they wanted and then you heard crying. Just full on fucking weeping, that somehow sounded familiar. Your brows furrowed and you opened the door to what you think is a bathroom, and there he is. That goofball is on the floor sobbing.
This made you take a moment to process, because he is clearly very far from sober. However it didn't take you ling to kneel down next to him."What's wrong dear?"you asked him your voice seemed to comfort him because next thing you know he is in your arms sniffling. "My prince charming left me." he whined, "He left me here." You sighed, "Eddie..." you looked at him, "Yeah?" he replied wiping away tears. "I'm literally right here." With those simple words his whole face lit up, " I've been looking for you this whole time sweetheart." You smiled at him your voice still soft and comforting.
"Okay let's get you home." You then stood up helping Eddie stand up as well, and after a difficult journey down the stairs and out the house you finally made it to the van. After got him in the passenger seat finally and got him to behave you drove off to his trailer.
"I love... I love you...so much my prince." Eddie said while waving his limp hand towards you. "I want.. I want to hug you and.. and kiss you and fu-" Your eyes widened,"Okay I get the idea, thank you Eddie. I think it's time you rest that head of yours 'till we get home." Your face flushed still from what he was going to say. "Okay!" He grinned and not even a couple minutes latee you hear soft snores coming from him.
He really would be the fucking death of you but it will all be worth it because tomorrow you won't let him hear the end of it.
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dialovers-translations · 17 days ago
DIABOLIK LOVERS BLOODY BOUQUET Animate Tokuten Drama CD “The Secret Behind a Demon World’s Wedding Reception ~Vampires’ Hospitality~”
Tumblr media
Original title: 「魔界的披露宴の極意~ヴァンパイアのおもてなし~」
Source: Diabolik Lovers Bloody Bouquet Animate Tokuten Drama CD
Audio: Here
Seiyuu: Toriumi Kousuke, Kaji Yuki, Hirakawa Daisuke, Kimura Ryohei, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Morikawa Toshiyuki
Translator’s note: I found this CD to be incredibly informative and interesting because it really does teach us more about the Demon World and its traditions. I genuinely had a lot of fun hearing them talk about the three different household’s various customs when it comes to parties and ceremonies. :3 Rejet should definitely make more drama CDs like these which combine light-hearted comedy with lore.
Yuma: Ahー As if practical lessons for home economics aren’t a pain in the ass already, I just had to be put into a group together with these fuckers…I couldn’t have gotten any unluckier…Geez. (1)
Yuma: Damnit! I would totally skip this shit if Ruki wouldn’t be on my case for it…!!
Shuu: Calm down…This really is a drag. I’ll be over there snoozing in the corner so you guys do as you please. Pwaah…
Laito: I genuinely don’t care about my grades either, but I don’t want that guy to give me an earful. 
Laito: …But still. I wonder if the teacher wants us to fail by asking this group of people to come up with a menu for a wedding ceremony? Nfu~ 
Kou: My thoughts exactly! Yuma-kun’s still fine, but half of the Sakamaki’s and Carla-kun? That’s just outrageous! Haah…Ahー My motivation has hit rock bottom. Where is M-neko-chan…?
Carla: Hmph! I believe that would be my line. I do not understand why I - the King of Founders - must work in the same group as a bunch of filthy Vampires. I fail to comprehend. 
Carla walks towards the door. 
Kanato: Where are you going? We are supposed to do a brainstorm session, remember?
Carla: I will only go and give an official punishment to the teacher who came up with this ridiculous idea. 
Yuma: Ahーah. Be my guest. Go ahead and throw away yer points by arguin’ with the Teach! I bet Mr. ‘All and Mighty’ Founder over here doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck ‘bout grades anyway.
Carla: …!!
Kanato: …Hm? He froze in place.
Kou: Fufu…Fufufu~ Could it be, you’re scared of losing points? 
Carla: …Silence, you lowlives! It appears that you wish to experience the extent of my powers first-hand. 
He begins to charge up an attack. 
Laito: H-Hey…! What are you going to do here at school…!? 
Carla: …As you wish, I shall eradicate you off the face of this earth…!
Laito: …O-One second! If you do that, you’d cause a much bigger issue which will result in much more than losing a couple of points!
Carla: …Ugh…Che…
He ceases his actions. 
Kou: Seems like Carla-kun’s actually pretty desperate for points, huh? Maybe he’s just as much in danger of failing this class as we are?
Carla: …Did you say something?
Kou: Oh no~ Just talking to myself~
*Rustle rustle*
Shuu: Pwaah…God…You guys are all so noisy. Can’t you be a little more considerate towards the guy trying to sleep and lower your voices? 
Yuma: Haah…? Why would we be considerate? Towards a NEET like ya!?
Kanato: Exactly. Pull yourself together and participate in the discussion. I would like to get this uncomfortable situation over with as soon as possible. 
Shuu: Hm? …Kanato, do you have a fever, perhaps? 
Kanato: Haah? What nonsense are you spouting? That literally makes zero sense?
Shuu: Just the fact you actually said something reasonable for once…It’s kinda making me gag. 
Laito: Ahー Good point. Kanato-kun is known for being the ‘crazy’ one after all. 
Kanato: Haah…? What do you mean by that!?
Laito: Eh~? I mean, throwing unreasonable anger tantrums is basically your area of expertise at this point, no? So…Get it? Nfu~ 
Kanato: …
Kou: Ahー I think I get what you’re saying! When someone like that is actually willing to cooperate, it’s a little unsettling, isn’t it? Makes you wonder what happened for them to suddenly become so serious…Right? 
Kanato: Kuh…
Yuma: Oi…Aren’t we headin’ into dangerous waters right now?
Kou: Eeh~? But we’re only speaking the truth, right?
Carla: One does not change one’s inherited character and behavior so easily after all. Too late to try and deceive us now.
Kanato: …
Carla: Hmph…Just give up. 
Kanato: I never…meant it like that…
Yuma: …O-Oi!! Calm down, ‘kay? 
Kanato: …SHUT UP! I was only trying to be the voice of reason, wasn’t I!? Uuu…Uuu…!! So what exactly did I do wrong!? Uu…~~ Uuweeh…Uu…
Yuma: Ah, god…Ya guys really are a big pain in the ass!!
Shuu: You’ve only just noticed that now? 
Carla: You did not realize it at all? 
Yuma: Aah!? If you’re aware, then try and do somethin’ to better yerself, goddamnit! Ahー Fuck! We’re gettin’ nowhere like this…All of ya wants those damn points as well, right!? Then let’s stop wastin’ time on bullshit and just get on with it!
Carla: I do not like others telling me what to do. 
Yuma: Is that so? So you’re gonna take the role of moderator upon you?
Carla: I will kindly decline that offer. 
Yuma: …’Course…Anyway, imma hold the reins so all ya guys need to do is gimme yer input! Got it!? 
Kou: Ooh~ Look at you, Yuma-kun, actually showing us your best side for once!
Yuma: Che…Did ya really have to add the ‘for once’...? 
Laito: Well, I can’t wait to go home and do all sorts of things with Bitch-chan so I’ll cooperate. Nfu~ 
Shuu: Pwaah…So, what’s on the agenda? Hurry up.
Kanato: Uu…We’ve said it a million times by now…Haven’t we…? Uu…We have to come up with…a menu to be served at a wedding reception together…cook it…and then have somebody try it for us!!
Yuma: Why lash out at the very end!? 
Kanato: It’s your fault!!
Yuma: Ah!? Mine!? That must be some kind of misunderstandin’...?
Kanato: Shut up!!
Kanato continues to rage in the background. 
Kou: Oh well, leaving those two to do their own thing, you can always count on your quick-witted idol Kou-kun since I’ve actually thought ahead and invited over M-neko-chan to be our official taste tester! Oooi~~! M-neko-chan! Come on in!
You enter the room. 
Carla: …Oi, you. Weren’t you the one asking where she was earlier?
Kou: Oopsie~ (・ω<) (2) …I mean, where’d be the fun in spoiling the surprise beforehand? Besides, having me introduce her as my idol persona works way better from a commercial point of view! …I guess you could say that’s just how things work in this branch? 
Carla: …I do not understand. 
Laito: Well, Kou’s just shallow like that. It’s nothing for you to be worried about, Carla. …Well then, Bitch-chan, you can take a seat right next ・to・me~ Come here? Nfu~ 
Kou: Haah…? You’re the last person I want to hear that from. Also don’t you dare steal her from underneath my nose the very second she walks in!
Shuu: Oi…Both of you are getting way off-topic…
Kou: Ah…Whoops, my bad~ Slip of the tongue~ 
Yuma: …Ah, my bad. I guess I shouldn’t bother with this guy and just keep goーー Uwah!? Sow!? When did ya get here!? 
Kou: I called her over while the two of you were wasting your time arguing. 
Yuma: I guess you’re not wrong. …Anyway, let’s finally get to business. 
Carla: A menu centered around a wedding reception, was it? Well…In short, we should simply make something which you’d find served at the celebration? 
Shuu: And since this woman over here will be our taste-tester, we’ll have to base ourselves on this world’s standards. ーー Oi, you. What are wedding receptions like over here? 
You explain. 
Laito: Hmー So you gather around the table with close relatives? 
Kou: The food is often a mixture between traditional and Western cuisine!? W-What does that mean? 
You elaborate. 
Kanato: It has to be enjoyable to eat for the grandparents as well, you say? …So we actually have to make a wide variety of dishes? 
Carla: Scratch that.
Shuu: Agreed. 
Laito: Yeah…
Kou: I feel like trying to overachieve will only hurt us in the end. 
Yuma: Gotta agree that I don’t get the point of it. 
You frown. 
Kou: Hmー Now don’t look so troubled. For starters, we do have somewhat of a solid idea of what a wedding ceremony is like here in the human world. In short, what’s important is that the food conveys the feeling that you’re trying to please everyone to the best of your ability right? So if we manage to achieve that with our menu, it should leave you satisfied, right? 
Laito: Well, since we’ve got five Vampires and one Founder here, why don’t we try adding the element of human hospitality to our world’s dishes? 
Yuma: I mean, she’s the only one who’s gonna try it, so we can just make some minor adjustments to our cuisine to better suit her tastes, right?
Carla: Oi, please do not group us together simply because we both hail from the Demon World. Founders are their own distinct group. Obviously, our culture and customs are different as well. 
Yuma: Do ya founders even have wedding ceremonies? 
Carla: What do you take us for? Of course we do!
Kanato: Then teach us what kind of dishes are served at those. We only know the ways of our own family after all. 
Carla: Haah…While I do not like having to expose our culture to you fiends…It is for those sweet, sweet points. I have no other choice. Allow me to teach you. 
Kou: ‘Hooray’, thanks. 
Yuma: (mumbles) …Just tell us already instead of beatin’ ‘round the bush.
Carla: First of all, our celebration lasts three days and three nights in total. 
Kanato: …A whole three days and nights!? 
Carla: We congratulate the bride and groom through a ‘never-ending’ banquet!
Laito: No…But if it lasts three days and three nights, it isn’t endless, is it? It will end at some point.
Carla: …
Shuu: Laito…Keep those unnecessary remarks to yourself. 
Laito: Ah, sorry~ Couldn’t help myself~ Nfu~
Carla: Anyway, during those three days and nights, one must never have an empty plate. Once something has been eaten, it will immediately be replaced by a fresh batch. 
Kanato: So you could keep on eating, but the amount of food will never get less? 
Carla: Exactly. It is meant to symbolize that the celebrations will never come to an end. 
Kanato: That sounds wonderful…You can keep on eating and eating, yet never run out…Of course, that goes for the desserts as well, right!? 
Laito: Once again, it’s only for three days and three nights so it won’t last foreーー
Yuma covers his mouth. 
*Rustle rustle*
Laito: Mmphー!? Mmh…!!? 
Yuma: …You’re doin’ this on purpose, aren’t ya!? Keep yer damn mouth shut, seriously! You should know that guy is a tickin’ time bomb!
Kanato: What was that you said~? 
Yuma: Ahー Um…Well…Y-Ya know…T-There’s this legendary mushroom often referred to as ‘time bomb’ (3) which we found growing over at Karlheinz-sama’s castle, ya see!
Kanato: Oh, I see. That’s news to me. 
Carla: Oi, you two! If you refuse to take my story seriously, then…
Carla begins to charge an attack again.
Kou: C-Come on, calm down…! I-If not…You know, think about those points…!
Carla: …Tsk…Ugh! 
Yuma: …Anyway, we get the gist ‘bout it bein’ long with lots of food to feast on, but tell us somethin’ ‘bout the actual food itself! 
Carla: One of our traditional dishes is called the Founder’s special ‘Four Species Pudding’. 
Laito: F-Four species…? I’ve got a bad feeling about this…
Carla: We mince and combine wolf, snake, eagle and bat meat, bake it all together and then pour a special sauce on top.
Laito: …Bweh. 
Kou: Is that really good though…? Besides, don’t you have DNA of all of those four species yourself? 
Carla: That is exactly what makes it so delicious. It signifies the eternal bond with those four bloodlines. 
Shuu: Just having to listen to that made me sick to my stomach…
Carla: Also, ever since I came here to the human world, I’ve had this idea…
Laito: Yes…?
Carla: I believe the dish would work very well when paired with dry cured ham. 
Kanato: Dry cured ham…?
Carla: Of course, a luxurious kind such as Iberico ham. I’m sure they would go well together.
Kou: However, that’s something you came up with just now and not the traditional version, right?
Carla: …
Kou: Okay, let’s go to the next one!
Carla: You’ve heard enough already? We have plenty more traditional dishes. I would not mind telling you about them. 
Shuu: We’ve heard enough. 
Shuu: ーー Oi. Mr. Violent and Mr. Annoying. How about you guys?
Kou: Are you calling me annoying? Geez, how rude! …Oh well, I’ll let it slide. We’re half Vampires, so we’ve never had to organize such an event.
Kanato: No parties or such either…?
Yuma: Aah…? Party? Did we?
Kou: I don’t think we’ve ever held any official ones but you know…Remember how we held a potato party the other day because we harvested way too many from your garden? 
Yuma: Ahー When we made all sorts of potato dishes? That counts as a party as well? 
Kou: I’m not sure but I guess it kind of does when you think about it…?
Shuu: A potato party?
Kou: Exactly! All of dishes down to the dessert were made using fresh potatoes! Even though everything was made from the same main ingredient, it never felt repetitive thanks to Ruki-kun’s amazing cooking skills! Right, Yuma-kun?
Yuma: Yeah! I put blood, sweat and tears into growin’ those taters so seein’ others enjoy them really made me feel like it was worth it!
Carla: …Sounds shabby.
Yuma: Haah!?
Shuu: Exactly. Who serves potatoes at a party?
Kou: Hey, don’t say that! I guess rich kids wouldn’t know, but it’s common all around the world!
Laito: Hmー I mean, sure? No point in fussing over the small details. Let’s just say that’s how the cookie crumbles over at the Mukami’s. Nfu~ 
Kanato: I suppose there’s big differences even amongst fellow Vampires. At our house, parties are much more grand and lavish. 
Shuu: Thanks to the Old Man who loves imitating human traditions. 
Yuma: In other words, you don’t have yer own traditional dishes? 
Kanato: Hm…For us, it would be…No, we do. I remember. …You know, the one Mother would make at every party.
Laito: Ahー I just remembered…Now that you mention it, I guess that would be the Sakamaki Household representative dish. …Hehe.
Shuu: Ah…That thing.
Carla: …What was it? 
Laito: How should I put it…You wouldn’t really call it part of our culture. If I had to explain it, you could say it was specific to our house’s situation? 
Yuma: Oh come on! Just explain it to us already!? 
Carla: If you say A, you have to say B as well. Now stop beating around the bush and explain!
Kanato: At every party, our three mothers would compete over whoever could make the best dish. 
Laito: Yup, exactly. She had never once cooked in her life though, so she should have just given up.
Kanato: I don’t want to speak badly of Mother but…I’d rather not have to eat that dish ever again.
Laito: Ahー I feel like my mouth is sticking together just from remembering it. Hehe…
Kou: S-Stick together…?
Kanato: It was oddly slippery…and sometimes grainy… 
Yuma: Slippery? Grainy?
Shuu: Some parts were rock hard as well. Even though it barely tasted of anything overall, at times it’d suddenly hit you with a kick of spice…then at the end left you with a bitter aftertaste. 
Carla: What kind of dish was that…!? 
Laito: …Good question. 
Yuma: ‘Good question’!? But you ate it, right!? 
Kanato: We did not choose to eat it, we were forced to. 
Laito: Exactly! Besides, we wouldn’t have even realized it was food if we hadn’t been told to eat it!
Shuu: I was left wondering who had put their trash on the dinner plate. …Haah.
Kou: Ahー I’m kind of starting to feel bad for them.
Yuma: Yeah…I guess even rich kids…don’t always have it easy, huh? 
Shuu: I don’t need your pity. …So. What dish are we actually going to make now?
Kou: Hmー If we put together the traditional foods from all three of our households, we’ll end up with a dish which looks like trash, consists of four different types of meat accompanied by side of potatoes all of which have a slippery, grainy and sometimes rock hard texture with a kick of heat to it and bitter aftertaste…?  
Carla: Oi! You forgot about the dry cured ham!
Kou: Ah, right right. Add some dry cured ham in there as well. …The expensive kind made from iberico pork…
Carla: …Perfect!
Kanato: That sounds…revolting.
Shuu: Well, we need to ultimately make it appealing to this woman too. I guess we can just randomly put some flowers on top to make it look all bright and colorful? 
Laito: I didn’t expect such a well thought-out idea from you. Girls love everything cute and pretty after all! Nice thinking.
Shuu: …Being praised by you gives me the creeps. …Haah. 
Kanato: Yes…
Kou: Roger!
Carla: With that settled, I shall contact my Familiars right away to arrange the dry cured ham.
Carla: …Hm? What’s the matter? 
You protest.
Carla: You want us to reconsider? Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to? 
Yuma: What’s the problem? We’ll make sure it looks appealin’ to ya!
You explain.
Shuu: You want to know what wolf and eagle meat tastes like? …Laito, do you happen to know?
Laito: Nfu~ Not・a・clue~
Kanato: Carla knows, right? Teach us?
Carla: Why would you ask me? 
Yuma: I mean, you’re the one who brought it up.
Kou: Exactly! You introduced it to us brimming with confidence! 
Carla: …I never did such a thing. All I did was mention it as part of Founders’ traditional cuisine. 
Laito: In other words…You’ve never tried it?
Carla: That does not matter! …Besides, I do not need you lot to make remarks about my dietary choices! You are all getting way ahead of yourself!
Yuma: I guess so. …Anyway, ya heard the guy. All ya need to do is eat the food we serve ya.
You beg them to be considerate.
Laito: Nfu~ You want us to make it taste normal at least? …Then would you please teach us what you understand by ‘normal’~? 
You frown. 
Laito: The concept of ‘normal’ is a tricky one to grasp, you see? It highly depends on the individual after all. …For example, you could walk around the manor stark naked and I would think it’s the most normal thing in the world. However, you wouldn’t feel the same way, would you? Nfu~
Kou: Excuse me!? You better not try to abuse the situation to get your sticky hands all over M-neko-chan! She belongs to me after all!
Laito: Haah…?
Kou: Why are you getting mad over it now!? She’s been mine since forever, remember!? 
Yuma: …There they go ahead. 
Kanato: Ahー God…What is you guys’ problem!? I want to just get this farce over with already!
Yuma: Ahー I’m honestly ‘bout to lose my shit as well…Guys, cut it out alreaーー
Carla: I expected no less but I suppose that with this group of people, we will truly never get anywhere. …It cannot be helped. I believe we should fight it out after all. 
Yuma: How did a normal cookin’ class lead to all of this anyway!? 
*Rustle rustle* 
Laito: Bitch-chan obviously belongs to me…! I mean, we can easily find out by asking her body, right~? 
Kou: Haah…!? That’s what I said first though!
Yuma: Oh come on!!
Shuu: Oi, Yuma. Just give up. At this point, you’d just be wasting your time and energy. Pwaah…
Yuma: …Oi! Don’t be throwin’ in the towel and goin’ to sleep!
Shuu: You really think I’ll keep up with this? I realize that no matter what I say, it’ll just fall on deaf ears. Why don’t you take a nap too? Pwaah…What a drag…
Yuma: Oi…! Wake up!!
*Rustle rustle*
Shuu: Zzー... Zzー...
Yuma: He already fell asleep…!? 
Kanato: Uu…Hic…And what would you know…!? Uu…Just melon would obviously be better…than wrapping dry cured ham around it…Sniff…
Carla: Hmph! It’s the combination of the two flavors which makes it so sublime. That is a truth which has existed since the dawn of time!
Kanato: I prefer melon by itself, okay…!???
Yuma: Ahー This is a lost cause…For some reason those guys are on an entirely different topic now. I can’t follow at all…Okay, what ‘bout the other two?
Laito: Heeh? I assume you know the exact number of panties she owns then?
Kou: Seven~! …Right, M-neko-chan!?
Laito: Y-You’re right…How!? That information is only meant to be known by a true pervert such as myself!
Yuma: There’s no point tryin’ to reason with them…Ahー What a pain in the ass…
Kou: Isn’t that obvious? As I’ve been trying to make clear this whole time, she belongs to m…Wait, huh!? Where is M-neko-chan!?
Laito: Bitch-chan, where did you go!?
You run over to Yuma.
Yuma: Huh? Sow? When did ya get heーー
*Rustle rustle*
Yuma: Oi, don’t tug onto my arm! Where are you takin’ me!? Ah…Ya wanna make a run for it? Guess that makes sense. Gotcha. I was just ‘bout to dip as well. …Heh. 
Yuma: Come on, let’s get goin’.
The two of you run away.
Kou: Ah, Yuma! Wait!
Yuma: In yer dreams! Honestly, I don’t give a flyin’ fuck ‘bout my grades at this point! No way I’m stayin’ with this annoyin’ bunch any longer!
Kanato: Wait!
Laito: Bitch-chaaaan~ 
Carla: You are a hundred years too early to attempt to run from me!
Yuma: Shut up! You guys just fix this mess by yerself, goddamnit…!!
ーー THE END ーー
Translation notes 
(1) Yuma uses the term 貧乏くじ or ‘binbou-kuji’ which literally means ‘poor lottery’. I assume they used some kind of lottery system like drawing straws or numbers to decide which students would be in the same group together. 
(2) Kou says ‘てへぺろ’ or ‘tehe pero’, which is a typical comical expression often seen in cartoons and manga consisting of a character winking while sticking out their tongue. → (・ω<) It’s often used when someone makes a mistake and tries to kind of cover it up. (or as a way to feign innocence/ignorance)
(3) Yuma referred to Kanato as プチ切れボーヤ which literally means ‘young lad which is easily irked’. I translated this as ‘ticking time bomb’, not realizing that he would then later try and make up a whole story about it. I don’t know where the connection with mushrooms came from but let’s not question it. 
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