Hire me?
Alright, my three biggest worries right now are the phone bill ($390), the car insurance ($190) and the title loan ($129). I need all three of these paid off ASAP to continue DoorDashing when the struts come in next week.
I have very little to do for the next week until then. Does anyone need to hire me for anything? I don't have anything useful to pawn, or I'd go that route. Even my dad's guitars - which I have panick attacks about pawing - would bring me MAYBE $200, and then I wouldn't be able to pay it off.
Email me at tashabot at gmail if you can think of anything you want to hire me for. I also have a PayPal.me, a Ko-Fi, a cashapp ($tashabot) and a PayPal (the same email as above), if you're inclined to donate towards the cause of me not losing these services.
Once I start DoorDashing again I can worry about everything else (except tires and an alignment, but I'll worry about that when I get there).
Things I can do:
Essay writing
Copy writing and article work
DBT skills work
Tarot readings
Fiction writing, although I warn you, that can take a while
Ebook formatting
Minor graphic design and editing
Writing tutoring
Presentation work
Voice work, although I'm by no means a professional
Help with resumes and cover letters
And any of the other things you've seen me discuss here!
Pleeeease consider hiring me or helping me out. I've been trying to get a job since November and hit a wall every time because of my physical disabilities, but I was doing okayish when we were DoorDashing and Spark delivering (Although I was exhausted all the time). But now I'm just sitting here not doing anything and broke as a joke.
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melseol · 5 months ago
My dearest friend of over two years needs your help escaping from her extremist parents!!
She's looking to plan her escape from the country but lacks the funds. Read above for more information. This is life or death for her, so EVERY PENNY COUNTS.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She's been struggling with an immense amount of mental issues, and if she doesn't manage to get out of there, or someone in her family catches onto the fact she's trans, I genuinely fear for her life.
For any questions or if you simply want to show your support but lack the money, you can PM @lunar-eclipse03. She's lovely and willing to explain things if you have any concerns.
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kiran-wears-science-blues · 3 months ago
Help bring Indigenous horses home!
Hi all!
My friend is Ojibwe and a dedicated Indigenous researcher and activist. She recently has discovered a number of Ojibwe ponies (also known as the Lac La Croix pony) for sale by a white-owned farm. 
This is really important because these ponies are very important to the Ojibwe -- these ponies are also the only known Indigenous-developed breed of horse in Canada, and there are only 200 left in the world. 
Tumblr media
[Image: A girl sitting on an Ojibwe pony and hugging its neck. Image credit to Broadview.]
The fact that there are 200 left at all is incredible at all, because in 1977, Canada took the last known four ponies away to be destroyed, and they were rescued by an Ojibwe man living in Minnesota. 
Read more about the history here.
My friend is arranging to have five of these horses brought back home to the Ojibwe, and her elders are already planning a welcome ceremony for these horses. If anyone has anything to spare, it would be a huge help to bring them home. 
Donate here!
Alternately, you can get the horses a gift from their wishlist! 
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deepsouthdyke · 6 months ago
my last posts have stagnated and haven't gotten any donations in a couple days but ya friendly neighborhood lesbians still need help!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I need gas in my car to get to work the rest of the week (for my role as human resources to be so important you think i would get paid more) and also groceries and supplies for our cats! I have items for the cats on my wishlist if you would like a more tangible way to help!! I'll try and add a gas card and like a public gift card as well for groceries to the list!!
I have rent due by the 5th and only have $300 of it!
My work insurance isn't that great and so that $104 out of pocket appt with my trauma therapist last week rly set me back since it overdrafted me by over $130 but i have to have the appointments or be hospitalized again therefore missing work and pay
WE FINALLY FINISHED OUR $185 WATER BILL PAYMENTS!! it was 6 months with a bill that high! Now this coming bill is only $117!! To go more in depth, our apartment complex failed to fix a leak that we input 4 maintenance requests for to the point it caused us a $700+ water and sewage bill, the water board does not make adjustments for toilet leaks and our apartment complex won't pay the bill for us so our final option was a monthly $185 payment whereas a normal bill in this area would be no more than $70
also I have my phone bill ($107) and Power bill ($149) coming due and those things will be turned off if not paid this time!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My paylinks are:
venmo: Serena-Manning
cashapp: $sailorsylvie
Thank y'all so so much for the constant support in helping a mentally ill black lesbian and her trans lesbian gf survive! community aid and care is the way we will heal our society and you're all like our guardian angels!
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chocmarss · 5 months ago
Several states in Malaysia are suffering through flash floods after days of endless heavy rain. Houses, apartments, vehicles, and properties alike have been submerged or destroyed, leaving the citizens with little to nothing to salvage. Some of them are stuck in highways for two days. Some of them are stranded on their roofs for more than 3 days with no food, clean water, electricity, and all the basic necessities they need to survive. Roads are closing and are disintegrating. Landslides are rampant.
Here’s what’s happening:
Instagram: (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The government has done nothing significant to help the people. The fire fighters are only making their way into affected towns after the flood has slowed down a bit, and what they found is the missing people, who did not survive this tragedy. They’re not properly equipped with this, even if some of the senators have warned about how bad this was gonna get back in 26/7/2021. (LINK)
The Malaysians are doing their best they can for others, hundreds of volunteers taking it into their own hands to send over food, clothing, diapers, menstruation pads, soap and shampoos, and all the required necessities to the effected towns in bulks by boats and trucks. They’re saving stranded animals who their owners, with a broken heart, are forced to leave them or did not have the chance to save them.
Here are what the Malaysians are doing:
Instagram: (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK) (LINK)
Tumblr media
#DaruratBanjir (translation: Flood Emergency) is the main hashtag on twitter that the people have used to reach out for everyone and anyone when flash floods are still on going. This is where you’ll be able to see just how disastrous everything is, just how much people are suffering. But, in the light that is the darkness, the people are doing everything they can for others, there will always be an ear or two to hear their needs and are more than happy to take action.
#KitaJagaKita (translation: We Help Us) is a hashtag for Malaysians who require help, those who want to help hands-on, or to just spread information on twitter. It’s been used since the pandemic started back in 2020, where the people have lend a helping hand to those who are in poverty and couldn’t—can’t— provide for their families, and it has also using it for the flash floods as well.
But, it’s not enough. The people are doing everything they can, and they’re not giving up. They’e still pushing through every obstacle in their paths, only exhaustion is starting to weight on them despite how hard they try to fight it. Malaysians need your help, our international friends, to participate if you can.
Here are some donations that non-Malaysians can do:
1) Mercy Malaysia
Tumblr media
The person below can help if you have any problems with geo/legal restrictions, he’ll be the bridge for your donations.
(TWITTER HANDLE: @/penatsetan)
Tumblr media
2) The Hope Branch
The Hope Branch is making donations of MYR500,000 to help the citizens throughout the COVID-19 AND flash floods, and has already reached MYR483,051. Their goal started on 13/1/2021 and is ending by 31/12/2021. Every penny counts!
Tumblr media
3) Reimena Notion Site
@reimenaashelyee has done a Flood Relief Hub where Malaysian artists are coordinating donation drives for international followers to the flood relief.
Tumblr media
4) gogetfunding.com
Ceddy Ang has set up a fundraising page for non-Malaysians. To quote him,
“I do not and will not take a single cent, I will keep everyone updated through the page. Currently capping the goal at USD $1,500 because I'm trying out this site for the first time. GoFundMe wouldn't allow a Malaysian to withdraw. :)”
Be sure to check it out!
Tumblr media
5) Thread of local hotlines
Hanna Alkaf, the Malaysian author to 1) The Weight of Our Sky and 2) The Girl and the Ghost has done a thread of hotline services to help with the reliefs. It contains everything you need to donate and help the people. If you have a twitter account, be sure to retweet the thread to help spread awareness!
Tumblr media
Please reblog this post to spread more awareness!!
It breaks my heart that I don’t see tumblr making an effort to help the Malaysians, we need everyone we can with this!
If you have any more fundraising links, you can just reblog and add on here.
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buginacup · 3 months ago
My game Tynk! and the Final Phonorecord is officially LIVE on Indiegogo! Sharing your art has never been so tough!
You can also play the demo for free on the Tynk! website. The first few days of a campaign are most important, so if you can back it it'd mean the world to me! ^_^
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punktoads · a month ago
help ukrainian women in crisis
марш жінок (women's march) - direct aid, including psychological, https://linktr.ee/Marshzhinok
БІЛКІС - helping women in kharkiv, https://bilkisdonate.tumblr.com/
феміністична майстерня (feminist workshop) - providing women in lviv and all around ukraine with shelter, basic needs, healthcare etc, https://linktr.ee/FeministWorkshop
BYSOL - funding aid for ukrainian women who faced sexual violence, https://bysol.org/en/initiatives/helptowomen/ (no longer open; see update in reblogs)
gender stream - evacuation and support for trans people, https://linktr.ee/gender_stream
Tumblr media
id: the logo of марш жінок (women's march). it looks like a painting of three hands, raising up clenched fists, the hands are colored yellow, purple and red. the hand in the middle is holding a red rose.
huge thanks to antilashden on twitter for compiling these in a thread!
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gayscifi · 2 months ago
help a trans jew with medical bills and housing expenses
hey, I'm tal and I really need some help. I have severe ptsd(I'm also autistic/have adhd) that has kept me out of work since December and I'm currently recovering from top surgery. I have another surgery planned next week for a medically necessary hysterectomy but I do not have the money for it. I need this surgery. I'm a trans man living in Texas where abortions are banned. I had money saved up for both my top surgery and this surgery but all of its gone to emergency psychiatric care.
pls consider donating to my gofundme that I set up for top surgery or you can message me for my venmo. im really fucking desperate. please help.
Tumblr media
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diehardblm · 5 months ago
Yo! What’s up my fellow humans? My names Robbie Lee.. I’m currently in a possibly life shattering predicament… My PayPal is insanely in the negative because I’ve devastatingly fallen so far behind financially. I’ve ignored/dealt with my PayPal account sustaining an undesirably continuous negative balance, solely based on the fact that my hands are tied, financially speaking precisely. I’m only reaching out for financial relief now because this critically unideal situation has grown into such a catastrophically uncontrollable disaster.. leaving my PayPal account in the negative by almost $3,000.. we’ve been unable to even remotely attempt to try to pay our bills or rent, let alone be able to afford some very much needed groceries.. we also need some basic everyday essentials.. very direly need some diapers and such for my daughter.. my and my partners medications. My partners testosterone.. I’m fairly new to this ‘e-begging’ ordeal so I don’t quite know how to conclude this post correctly.. but please if ANYONE could attempt to alleviate even the slightest bit of our diabolically, detrimentally financial turmoil, please we seriously wouldn’t even know where to begin to thank you..
Also here’s some pictures of myself, my beautiful family & a picture of the current excessively negative balance in my paypal account. I literally wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.. I’m truly blessed, even through all of this life shattering crisis..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
***UPDATE as of 5/21/22***
we desperately are in need of groceries & other necessities like toiletries & supplies like diapers, baby wipes & baby powder for our daughter, our daughters prescription medications, assistance taking care of our utilities that are off atm; so currently we have no water, electricity or gas, which means no stove, no showers, unable to wash clothes or dishes, or even drinking water.. and to top it all off, our June rent is due in less than a week and a half. We currently need about $168-$200 for the groceries, toiletries, other basic necessities & our daughters meds. Then we need about $280 altogether for all the utilities so they can be turned on immediately. & we need about $785 for Junes rent coming up on June 3rd. So altogether we need about $500 URGENTLY ASAP, excluding the rent for June. Now the sum of everything listed above, also including June’s rent; then we’d need ALTOGETHER about $1285 ASAP!!!
You can cashapp us @ $m1597
Or use the paypal money pool link (listed below), or send directly to the phone number (preferred, also listed below) of my partners, Maddison their account is attached to the phone number -
My partner’s, Maddison’s Paypal phone number is 2168251011
Were currently using my partner’s PayPal account due to the excessive negative balance on my paypal account, i obviously cant have money sent to that account since we will not be able to access it!(picture of my current excessive negative balance is depicted above)
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passioninblue · 3 months ago
Hey, my name is Lark, you might know me as the co-writer for rhyme and reason (@rar-archive ), or more infamously, as one of the original posters of the horse plinko incinerator meme:
Tumblr media
(via Know Your Meme)
But today, I'm asking for something a little bit different. A couple days ago, a very close friend of mine lost their uncle to a sudden accident, which no one was rightfully prepared for. I'm reaching out for help in hopes that we can raise enough funds to cover his funeral costs, so that my friend's family can rest easy as they grieve. Anything you can give is appreciated, even if it's just sharing to help spread the word.
As of right now, February 11th, 2022, the fundraiser is at $3,000 already. Thank you again for your time, anything you can do is deeply appreciated.
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drosophilamelanogasterpie · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
(The gif is just a placeholder until I figure out how the hecks to get the photo of makana's dog out of the gofundme, cause if you don't have photos it's not eye-catching and thats. Very counterintuitive.)
I know this is a little bit out of the ordinary for me, but this is serious. An online friend of mine, Makana, needs help paying for a lawyer to keep her service dog. She has severe mental health complications that would make it extremely difficult for her to function without Buddy, who she's had for over 5 years now. She's currently preparing for a nasty court case between her and her mother over the custody of Buddy. (See site for more details) Anything you give goes towards her lawyer. If you can donate any margin of money, whether that be 20 dollars or just mere cents, it would be greatly appreciated. If you can't donate, it's fine, that's okay, but PLEASE reblog for reach, or make your own post if you must. I don't care what you do, as long as it's something.
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stitch-n-time · 19 days ago
Yep. Time to swallow pride.
Tumblr media
So this is my current situation. I go in for surgery tomorrow morning (5 May 2022) for the orthopedic specialists to try to add pins, screws, plates, silverware, glassware, maybe a kitchen sink, etc. to try to keep my ankle rather ankle-shaped.
I registered for the surgery online. You have to make some sort of payment prior to treatment if it’s been scheduled like this, and this is what popped up:
Tumblr media
Not that this is just the cost of the surgery.
It does not include the ten hours in the ER, will not include any medications, or follow up appointments, or therapies, or mobility aids, or anything else of that nature. I’m also expecting to be out of work for at least 6 more weeks... after missing this whole week.
I set up a gofundme to get some help. More of the “how it happened” is available through the link. The goal for the crowdfunding is only enough to cover the surgery and (approximately) the time off work.
I would really appreciate any help y’all can give - even if it’s only spreading the word around.
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sunscones · 13 days ago
hi everyone, my friend’s mom was diagnosed with cancer last week and they really need financial help - here’s a link for the fundraiser. even if you can’t donate please reblog, spreading the word helps out a lot! i really want it to reach as many people as it possibly can to help out my friend and her family ):
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arondn · 6 months ago
Happy native american heritage month, white people pay your reparations.
I'm mohawk (kanienkéha:ka) and need some financial help this month. I managed a bit of groceries yesterday but I barely got anything, and our car needs a new windshield. I'd really like to be able to replace the windshield so my mother's bf can continue to get to work, as he's the main source of our income right now.
The deductible is about $500, and if I pass that then any additional money will be going towards bills + food. I also do commissions, and can DM my prices if asked. You can find my art examples (and an outdated commssion post) on @cipheraldraws. Nia:wen.
Dm for e-transfer.
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kiwi-gal-travels · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A small hike.
Dunedin, New Zealand
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mun-akoon · 5 months ago
My younger sister is soon graduating to be a civil engineer. One of their struggles during uni was the unavailability of clean and accessible drinking water supply and they really want to make a change for the students to come after.
She and her colleagues are planning build a clean drinking water tank system that will serve almost 6,000+ students and passers by who use the university's facilities (such as prayer areas, library etc).
They raised 50% of the required costs locally from generous donations in Sudan but with the recent political and economical issues in Sudan, they are trying to reach internationally through gofundme.
If you or someone you know is able to help, please spread the word. The prophet peace be upon him taught us that "there is a reward for every one with a moist liver" and that the best kind of charity is "providing drinking water".
I appreciate any help and may we all be rewarded for this. Do it for yourself and on behalf of your loved ones too.
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maemurray · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
An abortion. A haunting. Alien abduction. A sapphic love story. 
My novel will have it all, and you can be part of it. 
 Donate to the Kickstarter campaign today. For just $5, you can learn what goes in to writing, publishing, & promoting a self-published novel. 
Read more about me and the campaign HERE. 
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sleepy-bebby · 18 days ago
How do I know if this tumblr fundraiser is a scam?
Tumblr media
Look at the date the blog was created
Look at their reblogs, most will have happened within one day (usually the day they post their fundraiser), and then never again.
Search their name on tumblr, they would likely have spammed multiple blogs and some blogs tag usernames.
Tumblr media
Usually it’s a pet or transgender related surgery fundraiser (or whatever is “trendy at the time” i.e. someone supposedly from Ukraine, someone who was brutalised by cops etc.).
Now this is not to say that these fundraisers aren’t legit, but likely they either aren’t or are taken from legit fundraising sites and reposted without the original person’s knowledge.
They ask for PayPal donations, it’s quick, simple, all it needs is a bank account linked to an email address, and there is no way to check if it’s legit or to see how much has been donated.
These scams have been going on for many years and they raise funds, delete their blog, open a new one, raise funds, and the cycle goes on.
When you keep creating new accounts to get free shit. But instead of harmless free trials you milk people’s bleeding hearts for money.
Tumblr media
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bihet-dragonize · 7 months ago
Small update on my life
So for the past 4 years my mother has been on dialysis for stage 5 renal failure and has been on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. Last Monday (9/20) she finally got her kidney! This was really big news and is great for us! She can eat some of the food she couldn't before and she won't be confined to her room for 10 hours while she does her treatment!
The only "issue" is that I need to take off from work for at least 2 months to take her to the various doctor's visits she'll have once she is released from the hospital and to keep the house tidy (we have 2 cats) so she doesn't get sick. They estimate that she'll be released soon, but I don't have an exact date. This is a huge financial blow for me as I pay half of our rent and for the internet and will need gas money because the doctors are far away.
I applied and submitted the application and thankfully my job and managers have been nothing but accommodating, but I still need money to pay for bills. I make about $950 (give or take) a month, so for 2 months I'll need $1900.
Tl;dr My mom had a kidney transplant and I need $1900 to cover me taking 2 months off from work to care for her post-OP. I'd really appreciate it if I could get some financial help!
Rude comments will get you blocked with no reply.
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lechuza-rosado · 3 months ago
Help me get away from my abusive stepmom!
Decided I might as well give it a shot.
Hey guys! I’m Manny, im a trans gay man who is stuck in an abusive household and I really wanna move out and live with my partner who lives over 1,000 miles away.
Here's the GoFundMe link and the tweet I made about it.
Please give this a reblog! Every dollar helps!
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