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closed stands
Mamiya 645
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çünkü bende kaçarken ardımda kalanları yakıyorum.
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Tumblr media
Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.
-- Julian Barnes
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Funfairs - Tom Hiddleston X Reader
A/n : Hello! This has become a routine of mine. Anyways...Enjoy :D
Pairing : Tom Hiddleston X Reader
Warnings : fluff, mentions of nausea and throwing up, big merry-go rounds, candy floss, popcorns, being super stars, and a power couple, fangirling, security, and a massive teddy bear :)
Tumblr media
"Hope you're ready to have fun tonight, Y/n." Tom called out to you, spinning you around into his arms kissing the top of your head, making you giggle and playfully smack his chest.
Tonight, you both were out to a fair that was taking place in your area. It had been so long since you just could be yourselves, without having to worry about the paparazzies being on your tails. You know, just being a normal couple, not the famous 'power couple', as everyone liked to call you both. It felt nice to have some normalcy every once in a while.
"Ready as I'll ever be, my love." winking you replied to him. You were wearing a soft knitted sweater with skinny blue jeans, Tom dressing in a black skin fit jeans and a turtle neck, both of you throwing on your coats around your shoulders.
The distance of the fair was a one that was walkable, but Tom decided to call a cab because he 'didn't want to tire you out, before even starting to have fun'. The cab came in like ten minutes, pulling up in your shared driveway. Tom went ahead and grabbed the door for you before sliding in himself beside you.
The car ride was filled with you laying your head on Tom's shoulder, him telling you some cute stuff, and rubbing your thumb with his. Typical Tom Hiddleston.
The ride was not, but 25 minutes, and you were thankful Tom didn't listened to you and booked a cab, for you cannot have possibly walked that mush length. Tom got out himself first and held a hand for you, closing the door behind you, the driver already been paid, took off. You stood just outside the midway, eyes shinning with pure adoration. Tom hooked an arm around your waist, pecked your cheeks and led you in.
Entering the fair, you were greeted with the aroma of popcorn. All the childhood memories came flooding back, making you smile widely. When your eyes met the candy floss machine, you couldn't help yourself but drag Tom along you to the stall. Reaching at the stall, you started to jump and look around trying to choose which one you'll have.
Tom belly laughed at your behavior, making you glare at him for a moment before bursting out laughing yourself. After you were done choosing, you began to go for your purse, only to be stopped midway by Tom's large and soft hands. Looking at him confusedly, "What? let me pay, Tom." you asked. Tom bent a little to place another kiss to your forehead, yet again. Tom shook his head, "No, this ones on me, Love. We haven't had date for quite sometime. So, just enjoy yourself today, Darling." he added with a wide grin.
That was true. It had been a long time. Regardless, after giving Tom a bite of the candy floss, now comes the fun part. Rides. To be honest? rides were never your thing. From school days, if you and a your buddies decided to go on fairs, you'd be the only one that could be seen throwing up after coming back down from a ride. But that was a long time ago. Now you were grown up, and most importantly, had a lovely boyfriend. Now, nothing could stop you, apart from your nausea, of course.
"Which one you'd like to go to first, Love?" Tom asked as he looked around all the rides in the carnival. "I don't know. You choose, Baby." you said while eating another chunk of the candy floss. Tom's eyes met with the merry-go round. It his desire from teen age to kiss the girl he loves the most in the world, at the top of a bif merry-go round. And it so happened that both the things required for his wish, were present right before him, the girl he loves the most in entire universe, and a big enough merry-go round.
"What do you say about the mery-go round, Dearest?" he called out. This piqued your interest heavily. You looked at him through your lashes, wobbled your head and started to jump around, confirming for him your answer was a positive one.
He grinned widely before taking your hand and pulled you infront of the ride. He bought two tickets, and held out a hand for you to climb in the large-enough chair of the merry-go round. The ride started soon after. You both were at the top within five minutes. Little did you know, Tom had already asked the conductor of the rirde to stop it when you both reached the very top, the man was kind enough to follow his wish.
So, when you both arrived at the top,and the chair shook a little as it stopped, made you squeak and jump ringht into the arms of your lover, Tom holding you while chuckling.
"Y/n, look at me." He demanded, with a soft tone. You quickly followed out his orders and stared at those baby blues, resembling the vast and beautiful ocean. He grasped your cheeks and slowly pulled you in for a long and passionate kiss. It was sweet, making you melt agaist his soft lips, the effect being same on him, too.
After parting from the kiss, and both blushing profusely, he rested his forehead agaist yours. Talking in a sushed tone, "I had this wish from my teen-days to kiss the girl I love most in the world at the very top of a big merry-go round. And it finally became true, all cause you're mine, my sweet girl", he declared. He held you close to him after.
The ride started soon and you both were meet with the ground again. This time, your eyes caught the sight of a 'cork-shooting' stall. The game was simple but the real thing that interested you was the massive teddy bear that was a prize for the game. It was really big and looked real fluffy.
Before you could even say anything to your dear Tom, he knew what you wanted. So, he was the one guiding you towards the stall.
Upon reaching the stall, he asked the man for the 'gun'. When the man turned to look at his customer, shock was written all over his face. He just couldn't believe that THE TOM HIDDLESTON AND HIS GIRLFRIEND Y/N Y/L/N WERE INFRONT OF HIM. It was a rare sight, yes, it was. You both being Hollywood's big stars, it was indeed a rare sight to see.
Anyhow, the man gave Tom the gun. Tom had a lot of practice to shoot at the aims while filming "Kong Skull: Island", it wasn't a hard job for him.
He got the teddy for you. The moment you got the massive teddy in your hands, you hugged him tightly wrapping your arms around the back of his neck, filling his face with kisses. Tom left chuckling.
The man, let's just say he began to fanboy and that became the center of attention of the fair, people who before walked past you, came rushing back for autographs, and that caused the security come and escort you to a cab.
Apart from the last bit, the night was spent perfect. Getting back home, and after both taking a bath, Tom changed you to a pair of your ahorts and one of his shirt. He changed himself after you were ready for bed. Both got into bed, cuddling.
While caressing your back with his hands, Tom realised no matter how old he got, he would do anything to see a smile on your face.
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Ferris wheel, Toulouse by sir20
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Paris Funfair
Photo: Dieter Krehbiel
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Ghost Train, Hampton Court funfair, 1980s - Roger Clark.
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greaser!biker!jj x good girl!fem!reader
1.5k words
I was getting ready for bed, pulling on my babydoll nightie and putting my curlers in. I heard the sound of gravel hitting the window softly. Grabbing a kerchief to secure the rollers in place and padding over to the window looking out.
Eyes finding JJ leaning against his bike, smiling up at me. “Hey doll face”
“Hi J, what are you doing here?”
“I just wanted to see you” he says getting up from his bike. “Coming down?”
“I just wanted to see you” he says getting up from his bike. “Coming down?”
“Where are we going?” I ask cautiously.
“For a drive, what do you think love?”
“Give me two seconds I’ll put on more appropriate attire.”
I bring my head back inside and go to my wardrobe looking for trousers, riding a bike in a day dress (or any dress for that matter) seemed like a recipe for disaster. Finding a pair of capri ones and slipping them on. I grabbed a blouse removing my nightwear carefully as to not disturb my hair. buttoning it up, placing a belt around my waist and grabbing my saddle shoes. sneaking down the stairs quietly as to not disturb my parents. sneaking out was one thing but sneaking out to see a greaser was another.
I slipped out the door and across the gravel towards his bike smiling widely placing a quick kiss on his lips.
“Hey doll, where you wanna go?”
“Maybe the creek by the meadow?”
“That sounds good baby, hop on okay?”
I clamber on wrapping my arms around his waist simultaneously pressing my face to the back of his shoulders.
Speeding round the corners of silent back roads. I should have been scared but I trusted JJ with my life. Soon enough we arrived at the meadow. JJ gets off his bike, I swing my leg over to slip off but he grabs my hips standing in between my thighs.
“Hi” I say shyly.
“Hey sugar.” JJ replies with a smile.
What are you doing?” I say a teasing lilt graces my tone.
“What i’ve wanted to do since I saw you looking so cute.” He says pressing his lips to mine. My hands migrate to the hair at the back of his neck pulling him closer. His hands still on my hips rubbing circles gently. Tongue pushing against my lips gently asking for entrance, I let him. His hands move to my arse and over the pockets of my capris. Pulling away my lips red and bruised from his.
I took JJ’s hand interlocking our fingers together and pulling him along to the stream.
Slipping off my shoes and sitting on the bank dipping my feet in the cool water. Too soon it was time to leave. “We should get going soon baby, don’t want your parents to realise you’re gone”
“I guess you’re right.” Kissing him again and standing up slowly and putting my shoes on and walking slowly back to his bike.
“Will i see you tomorrow?” I ask as he walks me to the door.
“I hope so doll” he says as he places a sweet kiss to my lips.
“I’ll see you then” I breathe out his forehead on mine. Pulling away I open the door sliding behind it and closing it silently. Taking off my shoes and moving silently up the stairs and up to my room closing the door behind me.
It’s Saturday and I am going to the funfair that had popped up in town. My friend Sarah and I had devised a plan you see. We were going together so we could meet up with our boyfriends she’s also dating a greaser his name is John B. Our parents would never approve therefore we have devised a plan to avoid suspicion. I’m getting dressed and putting on frankly too many undergarments in my opinion. I have chosen a short sleeved white blouse, a lilac cardigan, a white skirt dotted with lilac flowers, white belt and white heeled sandals. Finally taking my hair out of its rollers and pin curls, brushing, teasing and pinning until it looked to my liking. I then began on my make up matching my eyeshadow to the colour of the flowers on my skirt and cardigan. Just then I heard the doorbell, picking up by bag and shoes I went to answer it. Opening the door I saw Sarah. “You look lovely, I love your dress” I compliment her.
“Thank you, your cardigan is so cute.”
“Thank you so much.” I reply walking into the kitchen to say goodbye to my mother. “Bye mother, Sarah and I should be back around 7:00 we are planning on going to Molly’s for dinner.” I give her a hug as I leave.
I walk outside and across the gravel driveway. Sliding into Sarah’s father’s Chevy. “Are you excited?” I ask. As Sarah pulls out of the driveway turning left towards the fair.
“Absolutely, I haven’t been able to see John B in a while.”
“Aww that sucks but you’ll see him soon.” I comfort, adjusting my kerchief which was tied around my neck as the windows were up and my hair shouldn’t move.
“What about you and JJ?” Sarah then asks.
“He came to the house the other day.”
“No he didn’t.” She gasps.
“Yes he did, under the cover of darkness, neither of us got caught there’s no need to worry.” We pull into the car park outside the fun fair.
Linking arms and walking inside looking for John B and JJ as we do so. We spot them quickly due to their usual jeans, white tees and black leather jackets. Making our way over.
“Hi girls.” JJ greets us smiling.
“Hey you two” John B says greeting us too. I place a kiss on JJ’s cheek and take his hand.
“Hello love, hi John B.” I reply smiling too.
“Hi baby, JJ” Sarah responds.
“Okay meet you back here at 5:30 so we can all go for dinner at Molly’s.” Sarah and I give the boys the money that our parents gave us (so they wouldn’t be suspicious if we returned with all the money) With that we separate.
“What do you want to do first baby?” JJ asks me as we wander further into the fair.
“Can we go on the carousel?” I ask excitedly.
“Of course babydoll, whatever you want.” We wander over hands still intertwined. We paid our 10c each and picked our horses. Mine a dapple grey called Stormy and JJ’s a chestnut called Blaze. I carefully collected my skirts to sit upon the horse. The ride began as we went around and around I could hear the screams of happy children enjoying themselves. Parents waving as they spun. As we got off I stumbled a little, still a bit dizzy. JJ caught me his arm around my waist. “Careful doll we wouldn’t want to mess up your pretty skirt now would we?” Once i’m stable again his arm moves across my shoulders, my arm coming to rest at his waist.
“Your turn.”
“Your turn to pick, what ride do you want to go on next?”
“Oh Dodgems. If that’s okay with you doll.”
“Yeah that’s fine love.” I reply with a smile. We make our way over pay our tickets. I take my kerchief from around my neck to keep my hair in place as I don’t want to mess up the curls that have carefully been sprayed and pinned in place. JJ looks amused at my decision.
“Nothing baby, you look very cute.”
We went on a few more rides after that, ate some candy floss, toffee apples and funnel cakes. JJ insisted on showing me how strong he was by going on the strength o’metre. He even won me a little teddy. It’s now about five we said we’d meet Sarah and John B in half an hour but that still gave us enough time to go on ferris wheel.
We slowly made our way over to the ferris wheel paying our fare and climbing into the seats. We were clipped in safely and moved backwards in short busts until it was full and we began moving properly. I held JJ’s hand and leant into his side. A soft smile graced my features, looking up at him smiling down at me. We stopped at the top (cliché i know). JJ’s calloused hands held my face tilting it towards his, looking into his baby blue’s. “You know I love you so much right?”
“Yeah, and I love you too.”
“Good.” He leans forward pressing his lips to mine. I smiled into the kiss, my fingers tangling in his hair. His hands were still on my face. Suddenly we were moving again. We got off and went to find John B and Sarah by the entrance.
Walking to the car Sarah and I got in. The boys got on their bikes.
“See you soon love.” I say.
“See ya babydoll.” JJ replies.
We turned out of the fairground towards Molly’s, the boys in front. “So did you have fun?” Sarah questions.
“Yes I did. How about you?”
“It was so lovely.”
“I’m so glad you had a nice time.”
Pulling into Molly’s car park we picked up our bags, finding the boys who were sat on their bikes waiting for us.
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Tumblr media
“Help me believe in something~~”
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Super Skooter
Mamiya M645 / Fuji Provia 400h
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içinde her şey çiçek pıhtılarına dönüşecek / bir gün gelecek hiç ağlamayacaksın.
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prompt: mulder & scully at a carnival :)
Thank you so much!
Fun fact: growing up I hated going to the carnival my village held each year - it was too busy and too loud and I'd always have to be on one of the parade floats and the straw bales we had to sit on were always itchy. I don't enjoy fairground rides because I don't like heights and I get motion sick. I dreaded it every year. However, I love the concept and aesthetic of carnivals and funfairs.
1155 words, read here on AO3
‘Come on, Scully, it will be fun!’
‘Mulder, no. We’ve got an early flight in the morning and it’s been a long week. We should go back to the motel, pack our bags, and get some sleep.’
Mulder pouted, face lit by the strings of rainbow bulbs hung everywhere in the dusk, ‘y’know, we’re never going to be able to sleep with this music. You can hear it halfway across town. Just half an hour, Scully? Please?’
She sighed, rolled her eyes. If she said no he’d just dig his heels in, go alone and walk back to the motel, calling her when he got lost. And he was right, the music was obnoxiously loud.
The carnival had popped up overnight, making their missing persons case harder to work as they navigated around streets closed for the parade and sought out witnesses and suspects when the whole town had apparently been joining in with the festivities.
Ellingbrow wasn’t a big place, a small farming community in west Ohio of 2,978 residents, and every single one of them could, at one point or another throughout the day, have been found at the funfair or taking part in the parade.
‘Fine,’ she huffed, shaking her head, ‘half an hour. But only half an hour.’
In truth, part of her was relieved they weren’t going straight back to the muggy heat of their unairconditioned motel rooms, and she watched as her partner shed his jacket, swallowing thickly as he loosened his tie and undid his top buttons.
Averting her eyes and shucking off her own blazer, she tried to cool the heat in her cheeks. Briefcases and outerwear were deposited in their rental.
‘So,’ she cleared her throat, ‘what first?’
‘First, cotton candy!’ a grin split across his face, eyes lighting up as he grabbed her hand and dragged her onto the field crowded full of attractions and people, weaving in and out between laughing teenagers and drunk twenty-somethings to find the stall and join the short queue, releasing her hand.
‘You know this is pure sugar, don’t you, Mulder?’ she grinned when he handed her a stick of candy floss, accepting one for himself and handing over a couple of dollars.
‘That’s what makes it so good,’ he took a bite, looked around over the heads of others, gasping with joy, ‘there’s a ghost train over there! We’re going on it, come on!’ his hand found hers again as if it were second nature for them to be linked. If she weren’t being rushed through throngs of people by her long-legged partner, she would have taken the time to contemplate just how comfortable he seemed holding her hand.
One ghost train ride later, he was crowing with laughter and she was smiling indulgently up at him. Whilst she wouldn’t admit it on a later date, she was enjoying herself, if only through watching Mulder enjoy himself. Another thing she wouldn’t admit at a later date was how deep she was realising her feelings for her partner really went. Since the discovery and loss of her daughter, since her remission, since maybe even before her cancer diagnosis, she’d found herself falling more and more for him, and what had started as curiosity and lust had evolved to friendship, admiration and love. Time away from him was spent thinking about him. And when she was close to him, she felt it; wanted to be closer.
‘Hmm?’ she blinked up at him, shaking herself out of her reverie.
He laughed, shook his head and nodded over to the Ferris wheel, ‘wanna see the entire town?’
She smirked as he guided her over to it, ‘that’s not exactly hard.’
‘What is it you don’t like about small-town America, Scully?’
‘Who says I don’t like small-town America?’
He smiled and shrugged, holding out the carriage door for Scully to step into, ‘it’s just something I’ve noticed over the years, you never seem happy out in the sticks. I wondered why that is.’
‘I dunno. I guess I grew up a navy brat, so we always lived in base housing that...it was like we were in this isolated community. It wasn’t bad or anything, I just...as soon as I went to college, moved to the city-proper I decided that was what I wanted, where I wanted to live. I don’t like the idea of everyone knowing you, everyone knowing your business, you know? There’s an anonymity to the city that I like.’
‘I can understand that,’ he nodded slowly.
‘So, why do you like them?’
‘I like the sense of community. The idea that there’s always someone watching out for you, always someone to lend a jug of milk or a bag of flour.’
‘You taking up baking, Mulder?’
‘No, but you know what I mean.’
Scully nodded, rested her head on his shoulder as they looked out across the lights of the town, ‘I do know what you mean. I think that’s probably a myth, though. I mean, how many towns like this have we had cases in? Terrible, horrible cases?’
‘Point taken. But then, how many more towns never have even so much as a case of joyriding.’
‘I know you, Mulder. You’d get bored, restless.’
‘Hmm, maybe. Maybe not.’
By the time they disembarked, the speakers had dropped in volume just slightly and were now playing slow, soft Elvis.
‘Dance, Scully?’
‘Why not?’ she smiled, noticing his hand already in her own, trying to remember when exactly he had taken ahold of it again.
They stood out, somewhat, dancing slowly in their suits amongst the crowds of people in denim cutoffs and flannel shirts and graphic tees. But then, when didn’t they stand out?
‘When we were kids, living in San Diego, Missy and I used to catch a bus down to the boardwalk in the evenings sometimes. We’d spend the month saving up all the loose change we could for those evenings. We’d eat fairground food and both pretend not to like it, we’d go on the Ferris wheel and hang out in the arcade. She’d find a booth to get my palm read, or my cards, whatever there was. She was into that sort of stuff.’
‘I know. She had a lot of healing crystals with her when you were returned. Where’d she pick that up from?’
Scully shrugged, laid her head against his chest, ‘I don’t know. She was always the believer. When we were kids she believed in fairies and monsters and dragons. I never did.’
‘No. No, I don’t imagine you ever did,’ he smiled and pressed his lips to her crown. ‘You know I wouldn’t want you any other way though, right?’
‘You don’t wish I believed things more readily?’
‘Sometimes, in the moment, I do. But mostly? No. No, you wouldn’t be Scully if you didn’t challenge me.’
‘Thank you.’
‘For what?’
‘For tonight. And...for everything.’
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and it burns 🔥
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Photo: Dieter Krehbiel
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Tumblr media
Richmond funfair, 1980s  - Roger Clarke.
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Tumblr media
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