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#funny bnha

Todoroki: *phone rings*

Bakugo: *looks at who is calling* HA! You call for father “daddy” still?

Todoroki: *answers phone without breaking eye contact*

Todoroki: Hey Midorya

Bakugo: *chokes on drink*

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Kirishima: *Opening Bakugou’s bedroom door* Hey, Bakugou! It’s time to swap our gifts down in the common area for—

Bakugou: *Laying in bed, wearing nothing but a bow*

Kirishima: *Blushing* Wh-what are you doing?

Bakugou: *Smriking* Waiting for you to open your Sexy Santa present~

Kirishima: Sexy San-? It’s Secret Santa, Man.

Bakugou: No, it’s Sexy Santa! That’s what stupid insomniac demon said-


Bakugou: *Realizes he was played*

Bakugou: Shit…



Bakugou: So, are you gonna…?

Kirishima: *tossing his gift aside, closing the door and ripping his shirt off* Yeah, totally.

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Imagine Sceptic casually entering the room and finding Dabi and Geten fight over which is better- cold soba or hot soba. Dabi has cold constitution while Geten has warm.

It’s Sceptic’s duty to calm them down since he claims that he never failed at anything. The two were always his biggest challenge whenever they bicker over trivial things.

It’s a regular day.

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What if when they get to the redacted scene in the anime, Dabi gets a censor bleep every time he tries to say his name. But he can still curse just fine

Hawks: Who are you?

Dabi: I am *beeeeeeeeeep*

Dabi, frowning: The fuck? Did you hear that? Well, anyway. As I was saying, I’m *beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Dabi: oh come on, for fuck’s sake. Is this for fucking real? I waited for 266 godforsaken chapters for this damned moment. 

Dabi: My name is *beeep*. 

Dabi, burning the 4th wall and cussing his way out of the manga to punch Horikoshi into the sun: I swear to god, you motherfucker–

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