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I low key miss quarantine sometimes.

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Miss Pauling: I know. But we should have waited, or at least taught Jasper a few things before forcing them together. And don’t forget that it was the ask blog that made him so upset in the first place, which was my idea. No matter how many times Engineer tells me that it wasn’t my fault, I still feel personally responsible for this whole thing. I should have seen this from a mile away, like I usually do. I should have known this would happen. I should have known this was a horrible idea. [trembling] Seeing Spy like this…knowing I could have done something, anything to stop it from happening…it makes me feel like shit. Everyone else has moved on. Demo’s showing Scout swords, Medic’s working on Spy, Engineer is making more recorders…and what am I doing? Just sitting in this dusty, cold, damp back room, feeling sorry for myself.



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Ok so let’s try to add as many letters as we can, tell me if I’m missing any letters so I can add them to this monster of an acronym


L - Lesbian

G - Gay

B - Bisexual

T - Transgender

T - Transvestite

Q - Queer

Q - Questioning

I - Intersex

A - Asexual

A - Ally

P - Polyamorous/Pansexual

H - HIV - Affected

O - Other

IH - The hijra third gender, used in indian culture

2S - Two Spirit, used in native American culture

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Listen, I’m not saying that I would be a great bird owner, because routine is important to me and having a lot of loud screeches sounding off in my house would slowly drive me to insanity. However, I absolutely love birds.

I love birds in the wild, pet birds, animated birds, fictional bird hybrids, bird fursonas - and I think I know why.

See, when I was young, I watched a lot of cartoons. So my facial expressions, mannerisms, and phrases would usually come from them. Most of the cartoons I watched were about animals.

As a result, I’ve always had this weird thing where I “feel” my ears as longer than they are. If I make a certain face, I know exactly where these imaginary ears (which in my mind are kind of like a really, really long terrier’s ears) are in relation.

Because of this, I’ve always related to birds and their highly expressive crowns, as well as their excited movements and hopping about when they hear music.

I don’t know if I just watched way too many cartoons, or it’s an autistic thing…but whatever it is, it’s kind of cool.

Also, fun fact, I sometimes tap my left foot on the floor like Judy Hopps does when she’s angry because my aspie gremlin brain said, “yis…stiiiiiim…” and I know do it more frequently than I would like to admit.


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Here ears are also kinda like my imaginary ones, if you need a reference.

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