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Some more stupid shit my friends said! Also the characters in an online class call.

Jirou: Kaminari join the class call Aizawa is pissed!!

Mina: He’s probs asleep

Bakugou: I think he’s dead

Kaminari: What??

Kaminari: Soz was making a Tik Tok. 😂✌🏻

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Person A: my house is haunted, and the ghost won’t let me sleep. it keeps turning on my lights and slamming my doors and i don’t know what to do

Person B: well, you just have to keep your head up high. hope that it will go away. if you need to, then you can move out. but you just have to look towards the future!

Person A: That’s the spirit!

Person B: you got it!

Person A: no, look behind you!

Person C: sup

Person A and B: *screaming*

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