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sorrysomethingwentwrong · 4 months ago
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22-02-2022 - Twosday countdown!
Today is the only time in your life when there will be so many similar numbers in the date: 02 02 2022!
The 8-digit palindrome that hasn't happened for more than 900 years.
A palindrome is any sequence, phrase or word that reads the same backward as forward. And 02/02/2020 is considered a “universal palindrome” because it reads the same whether written as “Month/Day/Year" as the United States does, or “Day/Month/Year" as many other countries do.
The last universal palindrome occurred on 11/11/1111. The next one won't come until 12/12/2121.
Tuesday has nothing to do with 2. It originates from the oldest version of English from the middle ages, where week days were named after the gods, and the day was called Tiwesdag. 
Up to around 1500, it's name was Tewesday - the day of Tiw. Tiw was the god for law and justice.
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casologist · a year ago
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pupmkincake2000 · 4 months ago
Some funny facts about Hank. I zoomed as best as I could.  So, skin cream? Bath Habitat? Shower Soap? And that strange Mangon & Oliver thing? A lube? Hank not only washes, but also takes care of his skin!
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russianshavefun · 9 months ago
Why do they joke about zucchini in Russia?
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Do you have any idea why zucchini are so popular in Russia?
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angelkarafilli · 11 months ago
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chumpsland · 8 months ago
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Coincidentally, the sound that punch made was in the key of Hi-C 🥊🍍🐟🐙
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merrylifestyle · 2 months ago
ohh yeah kookie
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little-daisyyy · 4 months ago
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moonlady101 · 8 months ago
Random facts about the ancient world that make me smile every time:
The first steam machine was built by the ancient greeks
One of the most famous greek poet was a lesbian woman
The first science fiction novel was written by a greek man (it includes travelling to the moon)
Spartan women who died in childbirth were buried the same way as soldiers who died in battle.
The same man who wrote that science fiction novel wrote two plays making fun of absolutely everything and everyone and if you haven't already, please go read them (his name is Lucian and the plays are dialogue of the dead and philosophies for sale)
Alcibiades managed to play not only Athens, but Persia and Sparta too and he did it without even breaking a sweat.
Socrates job was to annoy anyone who passed by.
The Romans made up a myth to explain their origins and nobody dared to question anything about it until very recent times.
Let's not forget that behind almost every great ruler was an even greater wife.
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anonimasulsublime · 6 months ago
That moment when you are trying to set boundaries but the other person doesn't understand the point.
But you are a polyglot so you explain the point again in all your target languages.
Modern problems requires polyglot solutions
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screechingweasels · a month ago
Did you know humans actually eat more bananas than monkeys?
*whispering* I can't remember the last time I ate a monkey
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stickman-cartoons · 3 months ago
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homework is 100% dumb
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5factum · 4 months ago
Duchitzmark or Mark Thomas is an internet star and singer born in 2001. He rose to fame through the YouNow and Musical.ly apps, where he posts lip sync videos and other videos alone or with other young internet sensations.
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lady-amethyst18 · a year ago
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I had this funny idea that Balan bites/chews his pen when he's focusing or thinking. In lieu of a pen, however, he gingerly bites the tips of his fingers. (I do this too, actually.) I like to think that he doesn't even know he does it.
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chumpsland · 6 months ago
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Howl bout that? 🌕🐺
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yupthatexists · 2 years ago
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justdickingabout · a year ago
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Almost fact.
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moonlady101 · 7 months ago
Random facts about ancient history part 2:
Spartans did not get involve in the battle of Marathon because they said once they reached it the battle would be halfway through, so it was silly to go there once the fight had started.
Aeschylus died because an eagle dropped a turtle on his head.
Emperor Calligula fought the sea.
Brutus won the first battle of Philipi because he made a mistake (one of his flanks accidentally ended up wrapping Octavian's army)
When Alexander's men decided not to go on with the campaign further east, the great king sulked on his tent waiting for them to change their minds before finally giving in and turning back.
Porcia, Brutus' wife, cut her tight and bled for days so that his husband would trust her. (Roman women were badass).
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thejunkyardthings · a year ago
When you realise that we are closer to 2050 than 1970
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