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#funny obey me
obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Texts You’d Receive From Brothers & Undateables [Part 2]
Lucifer to Asmodeus: You said MC would instantly notice my hair but it’s been 53 seconds already and they haven’t said anything yet. I regret saying that but I doubt your styling abilities.
Mammon to Solomon: Hey, asking for a friend... Is der a spell to make a person madly love ya? It’s for a friend, I SWEAR!!
Leviathan to Diavolo: k be there @ 8. PREPARE FOR ANOTHER LOST MATCH BUAHAHAHA
Satan to Belphegor: Noticed MC talking to Lucifer and smiling. Maybe we should go with Plan C instead of Plan B?
Asmodeus to Simeon: Heeeeey love :))) Remember what I told you back in the Celestial Realm? I was DEAD serious ;))) xxx
Beelzebub (in drafts): MC, will you marry me?
Belphegor to Levithan: Can I sleep in your room while you playing? Hate sleeping alone and Beel got practice.
Barbatos to Asmodeus: Sorry but I decline your offer. I am flattered though.
Solomon to Mammon: no
Simeon to Lucifer: Maybe I can come to the HoL tonight and we can cuddle and watch movies and play with each other’s hair?
Luke to Beelzebub: Are you 100000% sure push-ups will help me grow?
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kitsune-oji · 2 months ago
could you write headcanons for the brothers reacting to MC whose nose squeals when they sleep? mine does that and everyone who has slept in the same room as me always mentions it the next morning xD
Bros reacting to gn!Mc whose nose squeals when asleep
This was actually quite fun to write! Thank you for requesting :D I put them in order of when they found out, so Satan and Lucifer share a point >.> also I dunno how loud those squeals get but I took some creative liberties there to make it a bit funny~ I hope you enjoy!
Warnings: spoilers for season 1
He's the first one to find out when you have to sleep in his room with him.
At first he gets worried because is that normal for humans? Belphie is usually quiet when he sleeps so it was just very unexpected
He knows what snoring is of course but the squealing noise startled him
Might wake you up the first time just to make sure you're alright but won't bother you after you tell him that's normal for you
Has no trouble sleeping because of it so no worries there
His mind always goes back to that first night in his room with you whenever he hears your nose squeal now and he can't help smiling at the nice memory
Mammon, Beel and you all fell asleep together while binging TSL for your tournament with Levi
Mammon woke up in the night and had to go to the bathroom
As he tried to not step on anyone as he got off the bed, your nose squealed loudly, startling him so badly that he lost balance and fell right on top of Beel
Then ensuing chaos woke you up right with Beel and you almost couldn't stop laughing while Mammon made something up about you making the weirdest, loudest noise imaginable because there was "no way The Great Mammon would get startled by some squealing nose"
Funnily enough, he doesn't usually notice unless it's a very loud squeal, at which he jumps every time if he's awake to hear it
Leviathan was used to going through nights without sleep so he won't miss events, new releases, new episodes being dropped and whatever else he all looked forward to
You however, who was forced to go to RAD five days a week and do well lest you want to face Lucifer's Wrath, were not
So, you fell asleep during an anime marathon in Levi's room
The climax was about to hit, holding you two Levi in suspense. It got quiet and Levi leaned towards the screen, unwanting to miss anything at all
Right when your nose squealed
Levi didn't so much get scared as he just dispaired at the sound ruining the tension and of course finding out you had actually fallen asleep
Have fun listening to him complain. You will have to tell him what the last thing you remember was so he can go back and make you watch everything you just missed as revenge
When you ask him what he thought about the squealing, he just looks at you confused. Is that something that should worry him or what?
Secretly things it's a charming quirk though he will never tell you
Remember that sleepover at Diavolo's Castle? You were roomed with Asmo and Simeon
Now, Asmodeus is a demon who cares a lot about his beauty sleep, except his sleep itself isn't actually that beautiful to look at most of the time
Sleeping in a room with others always makes him tense because he worries that side will show but that rigidness just makes him sleep less deeply
In comes your squeal nose and Asmo thought he was dying because as soon as he dozed off again, another squeal would shock him awake
Whines about it but he knows you can't do anything about it so he's not exactly angry
It won't be a problem anymore when you two get closer and he forgets to worry about looking weird in front of you, making him sleep through any squeals your nose might make
Satan + Lucifer
Satan found out alongside Lucifer when those two changed bodies
They were still bickering when you fell asleep, drowning out their thankfully lowered voices
One of your squeals interrupts their argument and they both stared at you, snapping out of it when it happened again
Both find it kind of endearing and Lucifer teased Satan for losing his anger so quickly just because your nose made a little noise in your sleep but before it could escalate another squeal interrupted them and Satan just sighed instead
They both went to sleep, not bothered by the sound in the slightest and neither will mention it unless someone else speaks of it first
Belphie was incredibly jealous everyone got more time with you than him, since he had been locked up for so long
To him, this just meant you had to make up for all that lost time by spending as much together as possible
This included naps with him, featuring you as a human pillow he can hug and never let go
For the first few times Belphie never noticed your nose squeals when you sleep, until one day he wakes up before you by some miracle
First he's surprised, then amused and he proceeds to tease you about it when you wake up
But the more he hears it, he realizes it's actually kind of cute. Something specific to you only and maybe he liked to listen to the noise sometimes, just to revel in the fact that you were here with him, trusting him enough to sleep by his side
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etcrow · a month ago
Mammon: hooooooooooooooman
MC: Maaaaammoooooon
Mammon: HoooooOOOOOOOooooman
MC: MaaaaammoooOOOOOoooooon
Mammon: *wheeze*
Belphegor: get a fucking roooOOOOOoooom
MC: soooOOOOoooorry
Belphegor: I hate you, boooOOOOooooth
Satan: let me read in peace oooOOOOOoookay?
Levi: guys wtf
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lunar-mammon · a year ago
diavolo: like, you know... nyah!
lucifer: what??
diavolo, making a paw gesture: like nyah, you know??
lucifer: who taught you that?
earlier that day:
MC: wanna hear an ancient human phrase?
diavolo, smiling from ear to ear: do i!
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astrablossom · a year ago
MC: *on her period and in pain*
Beel: aw *hugs her* it's okay.
Beel: *whispers and squeezes her sides lovingly* my lil' ketchup packet.
MC: what-
Alternative Ending:
MC: I better be Heinz.
Beel: the absolute best.
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rayne-kruspe · a year ago
Tumblr media
Another meme made by yours truly! I cannot get over these and I simply ADORE Lord Diavolo's Tomfoolery, to no end!! Keep it up, Dia! <3
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obeymeislove · 3 days ago
Funny clip from Otaku FM Anime and Chill with voice actors Shinya Sumi (Satan) and Satoshi Kada (Levi). 
Link to original video; timestamp 17:56
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Incorrect obey me quotes
Lucifer: I’m not going to get mad, just tell me why you have a fake ID
Beel: *mumbles*
Lucifer: What was that?
Beel: You need to be 18 to hold the puppies at Petco...
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obeymefictionwriting · 3 months ago
Can I request head cannons of the Brothers reacting to an Mc that looks really good in glasses? They normally wear contacts but every now and then, they’ll pull out their glasses while working or reading. They just never told the Bros they wear glasses since it didn’t seem that important because they wear contacts so often
When he enters your room and you look up at him, he is surprised because something seems off but he can't figure out what it is.
Oh, the glasses. Wow. They really suit you.
"I never knew you are wearing glasses but they make you look really classy, you know".
Is excited about your glasses because it's one more thing you can bond over.
Thinks about how well you two look together when wearing glasses (the Avatar of Pride, duh).
"Maybe you want to go shopping and we can buy a few more pairs for you?"
Glasses on you turn him on but shhh - it's a secret.
"Where did they come from?!"
He reacts like that because he is really stunned but is too shy to admit that.
"Well, they kinda look good. I dunno, don't ask me, I'm not a nerd!"
Will start considering if he needs a pair too.
Like, he always has his sunglasses on, but hey - real glasses look good as well!
Maybe he can even look as suave as Lucifer... Maybe he can STEAL his glasses!
"Brb I have sum things to do!"
Oh wow. Wow.
You totally look like one of his favorite anime characters with these glasses on!
Will quickly scribble something on the paper and hand it to you.
"Can you maybe say this out loud?"
Of course, it's his favorite line from that anime character.
*melts inside*
"Can you maybe wear them more often?"
Will definitely hold your hand and touch you more often than he usually does.
"Well, look at you!"
He is melting inside but won't show it... for now.
"You look stunning. They suit you so much".
Be sure that he is imagining all sort of nasty things in his head.
"Wanna study in the library together after classes?"
And no, he doesn't intend to study /hehe
"Why don't you wear them more often?"
"Huuuh? You wearing glasses? How cute is that!"
"Maybe I can buy a matching pair!"
"Wanna know a secret? I have glasses too!"
Yup, that's the truth. When he is alone in his room, he often uses reading glasses but doesn't show it.
But now that he knows you wear them too, he will be more open as well!
"Sweetheart, you inspire me to rediscover myself".
"I didn't want to be compared to Lucifer so I didn't wear the, that's why".
The ultimate supportive/admiring boyfriend!
At first, he doesn't even notice because you always look beautiful and these are minor details.
Only after some time, he realizes there is something new in the way you look.
Oh, the glasses! Wow. They look so...natural on you.
"MC, I really like your glasses".
He will ask you to go shopping for more glasses with him.
"These look like candy. They are perfect for you. I'm buying them".
From now on, will ask you to read all small captions in cafeterias to learn whether there are any special deals or discounts.
He will pretend he didn't notice anything just to see your reaction.
Will also secretly observe you and he must admit, these glasses suit you really well.
In fact, they make him feel all sorts of feels.
Will grab you in his arms and whisper "I love how these glasses look on you" in your ear.
"Not that I care much though".
Maybe he should buy a pair too? He can also make impressions of Lucifer and to think about that, it can be a perfect prank...
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kitsune-oji · 2 months ago
9 or 10 with Solomon pwease
After the Party
9. One person fixing the others clothes, accessories, hair
10. Slow dancing to soft music
*squints at your uwu speak* 🔫
Jk jk, just don't overdo it with me please ':) hope you like it! It's meant to be funny, fluffy and light-hearted 💙
Pairing: Solomon x gn!Mc
Warnings: slight intoxication of reader and Solomon
As much fun as Diavolo's parties, no, balls at the castle were, a weight fell from you shoulders when you opened the doors to Solomon's room. You were laughing from the drinks they served there, stumbling through his door with him in tow.
"Hmm", the sorcerer hummed into your hair, hugging you from the side on a way that was only slightly awkward.
You chuckled at his antics, asking, "What's got you like this?" To which he merely grumbled until you managed to get his face out of your hair and look at his small pout. It looked so adorable on him, you could've sworn you would've fallen even more for him if it weren't for the fact that there's no possible way for you to love him any more than you already do.
"I didn't get to dance with you after all", he huffed and tugged you further into his arms. He was right, you conceded. You two had said you would dance at least once tonight at the ball but in the end both of you got caught up with everything and everyone else again. Solomon was a prominent figure in the devildom, well known for his longlivity, 72 pacts and success as a sorcerer. Not to mention his self proclaimed title as the guardian of humanity towards the other two realms and his participation in the exchange program. Similarly, in your time in the devildom you went from regular human without magic to the second human exchange student who managed to get pacts with the Seven Lords of Hell and subsequently became an apprentice of Solomon the Wise.
It made sense that demons wanted your attention left and right, leaving you with little time to actually spend with each other. However, you knew how much Solomon had been looking forward to dancing with you at the ball, both to show off what an amazing partner he had, his words not yours, and just to share the experience with you.
Now you hummed, though it was in thought as you pushed him back slightly and fiddled with the collar of his robes absentmindedly. "You're a mess", you commented affectionately and gave him a small kiss on the tip of his nose when you were satisfied with the results of your little task. "We can still dance now, Sol."
He looked at you at the offer and then proceeded to smile so warmly, it caught you off guard. It was still so wondrous to you how unguarded he was around you. Even tipsy like now, he had kept a dignified if cheeky front up around the guests of the ball but here with you behind closed doors, Solomon could let that front fall away. He was still cheeky and mischievous of course but also oh so soft with you that it made you all gooey inside.
"I'd like that", came his answer and he immediately went to hold your waist and hand to sway with you. To a beat that wasn't there. You laughed at his enthusiasm and tried to stop him from just dragging you with him into a clumsy dance. If you could even call it that.
"We didn't put the music on yet! Sol! C'mon", you still laughed, most likely partially because of your own intoxication.
"Yeah yeah, my dear", he said cheerfully and snapped his fingers towards one corner of the room, where a record floated over to the record player and gently took its place to be spun around and played. The needle lowered onto it but instead of the classical music you expected, the sudden loudness of heavy metal made you jump.
Solomon didn't expect it either apparently, because he startled just as much, frantically trying to stop the record player again. As soon as he managed, he came back and let his head fall onto your shoulder. "I borrowed that one from Barbatos a while ago. I forgot I still had that."
Another laugh bubbled up from your throat and you ruffled his hair consolingly. "It's alright, Sol. Come, I'm sure you actually have some soft classical music among those records."
He agreed and this time, the needle dropped and soft tunes played instead, both of your shoulders relaxing in response. Solomon tugged you back into his arms again and you rested your head against your shoulder while you swayed gently to the music. The song ended way too fast, you thought, and so did the next. Until the lights in the hallway started glowing again, signaling the beginning of dawn.
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etcrow · a month ago
Belphegor: *sleeping in MC's arms*
MC: *Delighted MC noises*
Mammon: how did you managed to do that
MC: patience, I suppose
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lunar-mammon · a year ago
MC: i have things i need to do today.
satan: so why don’t you do them?
MC: there’s a cat in my lap.
satan: i see, so you’re just stuck for the time being.
MC: satan, just lie somewhere else.
satan: no.
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devildomqueen · a month ago
Obey Me Brothers As Cat Pictures I Have Saved on My Phone Part 7
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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devildomqueen · a month ago
Shirtless Luci
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Literal sparkles
Lucifer keeping an innocent face like he didn’t deliberately wear three layers just to take it off at the end only after Mammon’s camera broke
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