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#funny quotes
lindatart · a year ago
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Batman is the greatest detective that ever lived (insp.)
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lizahasbrownhair · 2 years ago
shit i’ve heard chemistry majors say
- *student in a lab coat, cutting in the cafeteria line* YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND I DON’T HAVE A LOT OF TIME MY EXPERIMENT IS GOING TO CATCH FIREEEE
- *loud pop*    student, in very calm voice: well that was painful
- lab assistant, seeing me frantically pulling on gloves: oh no. what did you do now
- professor: come on guys, don’t hate on social sciences majors... it’s not their fault they were born this way
- so i was grading your tests last night. i wanted to kill someone.
- you have five minutes until the end of class to finish the test. but i want to go outside for a smoke, so three
- *section of lab report titled “applications of compound”* i heard that a drug cartel used it to dissolve bodies, should i list that?
- “i’m synthesizing this compound in my next lab class, what kind of stuff effects the success rate and yield?” “dunno man, it depends on your karma”
- based on my recent lab assignments, i have come to the conclusion that the professor wants me to get killed
- dude, Fehling’s solution contains glucose, what if it tastes like lemonade?   *proceeds to dip finger in and lick it*   well that was a disappointment. the potassium hydroxide makes it kinda bitter.
- professor: you’ll understand this concept in your fifth year   student: sir, this is a four-year program   professor: oh, then never
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