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execdysfunction · a year ago
Y’all I just learned that unusually high sugar and carb cravings are a symptom of dopamine deficiency
If you’re adhd and experience a deep and all-encompassing urge to eat cake at least five times a day boy do I have news for you
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Loki: I guess you could say I’ve … fallen for you *winks*
Sylvie: You literally just rolled down a flight of stairs, how are you even alive-
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street-of-mercy · 2 months ago
Moebius: We've lost Loki. Sylvie: Let me handle this. Sylvie: *takes a deep breath* LOVE IS A WAFFLE! Loki, appearing out of nowhere: Bloody hell, Sylvie, it's DAGGER, LOVE IS A DAGGER! Sylvie: Found him.
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useless-dyke · 8 months ago
can someone explain how we went from kanye west and jeffree starr hooking up to a civil war within the span of a few hours?
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lolmemez · a year ago
Tumblr media
It's always the purple people that go first.
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B-15, watching Loki and Sylvie yell at each other: Do they get along?
Sylvie: *tries to slice Loki with her sword*
Mobius: …..
Mobius: They’re crazy about each other.
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textsfrommittens · a month ago
Tumblr media
NEW Daily Mittens: The Fierce Edition
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drgrcngrl · 7 months ago
Donatello: I just watched an awesome movie!
Raphael: What is it about?
D: The wife’s brutally killed by a cold-blooded killer and the son gets really hurt. Then there’s a twist and the son is kidnapped
D: The father then begins a quest to find and save his son, with the help of a mentally ill female
R: Wow, I wanna watch that. What’s the movie called?
D: Finding Nemo
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fantasyandromancelover · 3 months ago
Sir Pentious describing a day at the hotel.
Sir Pentious: First Charlie hung her hideous poster for her stupid hotel.
Charlie: Hey!
Sir Pentious: Then Alastor stalked up, smiling at her love struck as usual.
Alastor: Hey!
Sir Pentious: Next Angel Dust walked by wearing unseemly clothes like a minger.
Angel Dust: What’s a minger? (Someone whispers the definition to him) Hey!
Sir Pentious: Then Husk spilled a bottle of cheap booze looking quite old.
Husk: Hey!
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