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<div> —  me </div><span>I have nothing in Miiiiind…</span>
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Being super close to me is basically like having the worlds dumbest crow adopt you. I find and collect generally useless shit because it was shiny and made me think of you. So now you have a pile of rocks and paper clips you don’t know what to do with. You also really want this lackluster bird to leave you the fuck alone.

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[caption :

Person A: yes but… but ;-;

Person B: I don’t understand the emotion sorry

Person B: me no speak tumblr

Person A: it’s a face with the ; as eyes and tears

Person B: cryyyyyyyy plz]

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MY Mom
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<div> Deaf </div>
im ugly
wait what? im confused
yeah im ugly you deaf or something??
yes our eyes are deaf
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Pandora’s box

I feel a sense of childish freedom running through me. Let me tell you about Pandora’s box = my phone’s memo app

I will list some thing i wrote down (probably at 3am)

“How do you spell advantages but said like advant ayy ges” (advantageous)

“How do blind people dream”

“A story where the villain understand comedy and uses it to manipulate society” (Like joker but people actually like him)

“A story about a shapeshifter, the last of his species, but he forgot what he looks like and must go on a journey of self discovery”

“Media should be reviewd by enjoyability/10 + Craftsmenship/10” It can be well made but boring and vice versea

“Ghosts should be naked”

“Andy Warhol said geting shot felt less real than watching tv, probably because there was no character arc and badass music to denote the mood. If someone shoots me he better play badass music”

“A game where you have to actually learn the language system to use magic, dragon language from skyrim isn’t it. Grammar improves spells and stuff”

“Make a buzzfeed style quiz but in reality it’s a poll to harvest information e.g What your tax bracket says about your personality ” Unemployed , definitely infp

“If you get your tounge split in half (like the body modification) can you say letters that were previously impossible with the inferior flat mono tongue”

“A hero that’s so unlucky that he has to come ridiculously prepared questing, like he’s got a potion for everything and expect the worse thing to happen every time because he knows shit will happen.”

“Rick roll but rick doesn’t show up” I think this is actually a thing

New idea from the last quote, “Rick roll but it’s actually pickle rick rolling off into the sewers.

"Story idea where… normal guy is the hero he seems op but everyone else is just incompetent ”

“Story: A boy learns a martial art style from his dojo sensei and they have a wonderful father son relationship then the dojo master dies but before he dies he tells his student that the fighting style was made up. It was never used historically or is it very effective. But the boy strives to make it works and he then becomes the strongest fighter in the tournament through sheer determination and by making tweaks to the style. ”

“Politician’s need theme music that’s super identifiable and relates to their character and values” i think i’m part of the problem

“Warfare should be quick and efficient”

“Just put AI in charge of government” Might be quite effective and might actually make communism somewhat viable

“What music do aliens listen to, would they like our music” probably

“Pod” good name for a character from modest upbringings

“Villain who keeps doing good on accident” Not very inspired now that i look at it.

“Funny 2 panel comic: 1.) Picture of the moon, beautiful 2,) Picture of the moon through my phones camera and it looks like a blurry golf ball”

“Moto Moto workout meme photoshop thumbnail” This is verbatim and to this day makes zero sense to me

“Your days of … are coming to a middle (insult)” I plagiarized this don’t think i’m original

“Story where Adolf Hitler realizes what he did was wrong and get isekai’d back in time where he decides to become a role model for young Hitler(himself). Young Hitler even get’s a Jewish girlfriend with a phat ass. Old Hitler tries to get him into art school” Big yikes. I wonder what Hitler’s theme song would be though

“Isekai hero where the main character has no powers in a world of very over powered magic, but he wins battles anyway because he doesn’t fuck around with flashy magic and sticks to the conventional”

There’s kind of more but these are the highlights

These tags make me feel very try hard, i swear i’m not. Will i get into trouble for misleading tags. I suppose we will find out

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<div> SAVAGE💦 </div>
say nine
will you be my valentine?
say four
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