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#funny tiktok
Get you one who can do both 馃槏
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tiktokblockbuster6 months ago
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pinkmanthedog9 months ago
I have the two dumbest horses alive
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dappermancer8 months ago
ghosthoney is peak comedy
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jesuscrab16 days ago
Tumblr media
This person has been shamelessly stealing my partner's hard work and presenting it as their own. In some cases, it's tracing, like with their profile picture.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(traced/stolen left, real on the right)
They also reposted her ENTIRE ANIMATIC, witch has only 200 views on youtube. and ofc, the stolen version has 200k views becuse it's tiktok. <- the real video <- stolen tiktok version. mind the dates.
All the other art has been stolen from them too, literally whole acc is stolen art from them, too much to post all the examples and screenshots becuse i want this fucker gone ASAP.
If you doubt me, look at her da to crossreference yourself.
I dont know how tiktok's report function works but please do something!!! thank you!!! I dont want this fucker to take credit for literal months of work and making clout of it.
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pinkmanthedog8 months ago
If I am on Squid鈥檚 back it is only because she allows me to be there
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flamingbluepanda5 months ago
Tumblr media
Aight tumblr, y鈥檏now this guy?? He鈥檚 gone a little viral for being hilarious while making weird baked goods?
Well as someone who found him so enjoyable I went through his entire tiktok, let me tell you a few things about this man
- his name is Dylan, he鈥檚 a weird dude who claims wyoming exists
- he plays the accordion and the piano and he does it well
- he bakes. He bakes. He bakes
- he is from Bermuda and loves it there (who wouldnt)
- he drives - I shit you not - a classic 60s Cadillac
- and also a giant truck
- he has so many cars man
- he has a full wood shop where he occasionally modernizes lamps
- he sometimes posts videos of himself ragtiming on the piano
- 馃彸锔忊嶐煂堭煆筹笍鈥嶐煂堭煆筹笍鈥嶐煂
- he鈥檚 so charming and hilarious and his tiktok is @bdylanhollis PLEASE go follow him
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injuries-in-dust16 days ago
This takes a while to come out.
Don't worry, I did too.
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jinx13gxaa month ago
I normally wouldn't cross post my tiktoks to tumblr but please listen to me absolutely die laughing as I process that my new tic (Tourettes syndrome) sounds like the Grinder notification and realize how many guys I have accidentally made absolutely panic in public this week.
(Also my wonderful handsome amazing partner is in this video and I love them)
Here's the link to the video on the app too
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