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Due to the COVID-19 health precautions, my sisters (K: 21 years old and L: 16 years old) and I (R:23 years old) are in the same house for the first time since Christmas. The conversations have been riveting.

L: *complaining about cleaning the counters*

K: You just said “clean the counters off” five times in one sentence

L: Were it not for the laws of this land, I would have slain you

K: Bold of you to assume that I can be killed

R: *eavesdroppong from the bathroom* This shit is totally going on tumblr

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LMAO!!!! spaghetti and home made chocolate chip cookie cereal 

in the bath hehehehahehaheaheaheaheh  

cant get more relaxing than this LOL  

all i’m missing is a tray to set the dishes down on. rather than the side of the tub :D 

it’s not breaking the rules rather than bending them LOL!! 

it’s multi - tasking LMAO!!!!! 

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