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Finally updated my comm sheet; prices are exactly the same, just have some fresh examples this time around.

Just as before, when commissioning me, you’ll receive updates on your piece as often as you ask for them, and you can make any major change you want in the sketch stage free of charge. However, if you want anything largely changed after it’s lined, there will probably be a small fee. Minor tweaks are fine, though, and edits can be made throughout the entire process.

I also now do small animations! I cant give a solid price range simply because I wont know how to price until you tell me what you want. If you’re interested, dm me for some examples and we can get something figured out.

Prices are also estimates; they may be changed depending on the complexity of what you’re asking for. Extra characters are half of what the base price is.

I will do mostly anything so long as it isnt bigoted, nsfw, or mecha.

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A patron reward from three months ago! This is a book illustration, to go into a collection of short stories written by Robert Murray!

Always a pleasure working with you my dude, and the book is coming along great! 🌙

Support this and more art on my patreon

#blackline #blacklines #linework #thicklines #blackwork #blackworkart #blackworkartist #swordandcrown #sword #swords #crown #crowns #bookillustration #bookart

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i would totally unironically post furry art on here if i could draw furry shit but i would. lose so many followers and that’s upsetting 💔

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I’ve seen shit goin round so here’s another psa!!

Stop bullying furries. That’s it. Stop bullying furries.

Kids playing dress up. You’re making fun of kids playing dress up. Do you do the same thing to cosplayers? Probably not. There’s literally no difference.

Like what is it? Is it the porn side of the fandom? Cuz if that’s the case I could harass pretty much any fandom (looking at you boku no hero).

Stop bullying furries. They’re not hurting you, they’re just having fun.

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Continuing on a recent conversation between Magilla Gorilla and Scooby-Doo's crew:
MAGILLA GORILLA: At any rate, my apologies for having caused you such confusion and harm ... besides, I assume you know that I am a genuine simian, formerly of Peebles' Pet Shop!
FREDDIE JONES, ever the curious one: And I assume you must have had similar misadventures not unlike this one in past, Magilla, did you not?
MAGILLA GORILLA: Have I ever mentioned the time when, back in my Peebles' Pet Shop days, some fursuiter had the idea of "borrowing" me for a stunt at a "furry" convention to see if those in attendance would figure out that I was a real animal?
VELMA DINKLEY, with obvious accuity and accumen: I do recall hearing something along those lines somewhere, yet I have to wonder whether such was real or Urban Legend when the dust settled.
NORVILLE "SHAGGY" ROGERS: Like, honestly, who wouldn't try to pull off such a stunt in the first place, to begin with?
SCOOBY-DOO: Roo raid rt, Raggy!!
MAGILLA GORILLA: Even more bizarre was the time I was loaned out for a sasparilla commercial--Niedermeyr's; I believe you recall it--
DAPHNE BLAKE: At least I did; it was rather schmaltzy--
VELMA DINKLEY: And who wouldn't agree more?
MAGILLA GORILLA: And for some reason, my delivery and tone was such that stores quickly sold out of the Niedermeyr's brand, forcing them to go on double shifts just to keep up with the demand--
FREDDIE JONES: And I believe that within a week, Magilla, the campaign was suddenly changed.
MAGILLA GORILLA: All because my presence made Niedermeyr's Sasparilla a little TOO successful and TOO popular, to begin with--but not before an arm-wrestling match with The Banana Splits' Bingo at a supermarket appearence....
NORVILLE "SHAGGY" ROGERS: And, like, was the video rather hilarious!
VELMA DINKLEY: I think I vaguely recall the fallout somewhat.
MAGILLA GORILLA: Oh, and did I ever tell you about the time I was in a roadside dinner seeking out some banana cream pie and coffee, only to have the waitress trying to serve me collapse at the very sight of me in sheerest fright!
FREDDIE JONES: I certainly hope the diner had smelling salts on hand.
MAGILLA GORILLA: They certainly did, Freddie. But at least I did have some pie and coffee before it was all said and done!
VELMA DINKLEY, somewhat dismissively: Well, at least we're sure of one thing: Magilla is the real McCoy.
DAPHNE BLAKE: And so much for all those "Bigfoot" sightings we've exposed as hoaxes!
MAGILLA GORILLA: I appreciate your presence today, folksies ... and I hope we can meet again soon!
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