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I’m not a furry but- Legoshi is great, I used to wear a collar everywhere from ages 9-11, have mostly half animal or anthropomorphic OCs, legit made a half animal persona for myself, unironically say UwU and OwO, what furry youtubers, and last but not least am actively involved in furry spaces

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A few weeks ago I had a dream about royal cat enemies?? And the Princess gave me some heavy Allura vibes, so that’s the name I’m giving her.

And then I gave her a gf because I can! Void gf’s name is still undecided

Also posted on Instagram and Twitter!

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Ref Sheet for @FoxRunTime! I tried combining my two styles to see what I could come up with and I quite like the outcome of it. I had a lot of fun drawing this as well. Still trying to get ahold of a style so we’ll see where this one goes :)

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Some sockpaw bottoms for one of our next commissions! Lots of pink!
Aren’t they just super soft looking?

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I took one of my doodles and made a BG for it :]

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opening some icon commissions babyyyy

i’ll do: ocs, fursonas, yourself, friends, fanart, etc… just ask!

won’t do: mecha, complicated backgrounds, anything too complicated, and any other problematic content (i have the right to refuse any certain commissions)

paypal only!!

dm if interested !! consider reblogging to help !! thank u <3

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Six Things Saturday: Mini-Interview with Author/Musician Ben Fitts

Six Things Saturday: Mini-Interview with Author/Musician Ben Fitts

I switched things up a bit this week! Enjoy the awesome “Six Things Saturday” interview with author and musician Ben Fitts!
Ben Fitts’ Website:
Willow Croft: Bizarro as a literary genre is still…

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