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Ayyyyy new illustration I did for fun experimenting with a new style. I rarely do backgrounds! 😅

**Both of these original characters belong to me!!**

Story behind this: Kamau was on his coffee break and Zuri (Kamau’s dad) had been in town that day and saw him leaving the shop. Unfortunately, Zuri gave Kamau a friendly slap on the back and caused him to spill his coffee on his shirt.

To learn more about these OCs, check out my Instagram: jazzfinesse1 ~or feel free to ask a question

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Furry/Furries/Fursona/Fursonas/Fursuit/Fursuits Be Like.

‪~ Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. DJ Baron/Autism Man/Autism High Functional/Rainbow Man/Fox Man/Fox Black/Fox Foxy/Foxy Fox/Baron Fox/Baron Tremayne Fox/Husky Man/Husky Black/Hyena Man/Hyena Black/Raccoon Man/Raccoon Black 🦊‬

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