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Mole with lavender fur. They are tall, chubby and delicate. Their tail is short. Their hair is gray, long and straight. Their eyes are aquamarine and they wear small rainbow glasses. Their most interesting features are their sapphire beans, their magical powers and their very small infodumps.

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Sheep with harlequin wool. They are very tall and thin. On their back they have champagne insect wings. Their tail is short. Their hair is jade, short and has frosted tips. Their eyes are black.

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I was slightly unsure if I wanted to post this, but if this gets some positivity… then I might just keep it up… so…


Here’s my Fursona, Twister

She’s gone through a LOT of name and design changes over the years. Her most recent change is her horn is more angular than it used to be. I also changed her tongue from a forked tongue to a worm tongue (cause it’s easier)

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Gorilla with bronze fur. They are small, fat and weak. Their tail is very thin and has wavy fur. Their hair is lilac and short. Their eyes are blue. Their most interesting features are their evil singing and their enormous gray claws.

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Sergal with bi flag colored and asexual flag colored fur with pear socks. They are tall and very thin. Their tail is very long and cerulean. Their hair is maroon, very long and has brown tips. Their eyes are indigo and they wear blush sunglasses.

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