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mynotsohealthyobsession · 3 months ago
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When the two apps you play the most, disappointed you almost at the same time...
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leondaltons · 5 months ago
Hey so, I personally have never played Love Island The Game but this popped up on my Twitter feed:
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I know I follow some folks in here who have played the game and I haven't seen anything regarding this.
I highly recommend that if you guys can go to Twitter and boost the devs who are looking for a new job here
Original tweet
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ariendiel · 3 months ago
To no one's surprise, turns out fusebox really is quite a shitty company.
This article in the Independent ( finally gives us some insights into what happened to cause the staff to leave en masse earlier this summer, and it's pretty damn bad...
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Matchmaker and the restructure really did cause the main rift is seems, although the management sounds like it was already pretty shitty.
"[A matchmaker] storyline caused great distress among a number of Fusebox’s staff, many of whom are part of the LGBT+ community, employees told The Independent. They said they had been told their concerns were taken on board and the storyline would be removed, only for it then to be available on an international version of the game.
An open letter sent 24 May and signed by 31 members of Fusebox staff, warned of “problematic content” on Matchmaker: Puzzles and Stories despite issues being raised with bosses, while they described the decisions of management as “destructive” to their teams and fostering “confusion, worry and fear, and … risk of burnout”."
So yeah, not great, and I very much recommend everyone to read the whole thing. It's the creators that were the ones to give us the game we love(d), and it honestly feels a bit like a wonder that despite a rancid upper management we got a game and consequently fandom that's so fun and lovely – and we can thank the writers and game developers for that.
They deserve our support, while fb can go fuck right off.
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rennell · 2 months ago
Fusebox Lames, y'all better make a formal apology for everyone you've wronged behind the scenes or my wallet will remain shut—I don't care how h🔥t these season 4 characters may be
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mango-dragonfruit · 21 days ago
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Isn't Bobby one of the most popular LITG LIs? I'm surprised that Fusebox left him in the corner where the wheel can cover his face! 🙄
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hpowellsmith · 2 months ago
Will there be a love island season 4?
I'm not in a position to say. Partly because I need to be very careful about discussing this, but also because I genuinely don't know what my former workplace's content and scheduling plans are.
You can find statements online from my old workplace about Season 4 plans - as of 8th September they've said Season 4 development is ongoing and there is not a fixed release date. As for what the co-developed content will look like, and how it'll relate to the work my colleagues and I created, your guess is as good as mine. You'd have to ask the company.
There's not a lot I can say about unreleased Love Island/Fusebox content. Partly for contractual reasons, and partly because the mass layoffs this summer have been very painful and difficult. I really loved my job, I planned to stay for the long term, and my colleagues who were also laid off are fantastically talented, and were amazing to work with. Supporting them, looking after my health and family, and working on new things are what I'm focusing on right now.
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Sent by anonymous:
“People out here saying that Hope is awful because she was trying to hold on to Noah. Your MC is awful for being a behind-the-scenes side piece.”
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ravenadottir · 5 months ago
which s2 islanders do you think didn’t like each other?
oooooh i like this one! a lot! i think i've answered this before but can't be sure, there's over 3000 posts i wrote about litg (slowly realizing it)
in my head there's lots of dynamics going around the villa even though very little evidence to prove... however, it's there, and that's all i can base these on:
hope and jo. i don't think hope likes jo at all, especially after the whole drama that was caused because of her. in hope's head communication is everything, and the fact that rahim and jo hid the kiss from everyone else, and caused that huge stir in the villa, was reason enough for her to keep her distance. you don't see hope and jo getting close ever despite their partners being best friends in there and sharing the same opinion on a lot of things.
noah and lucas. while lucas is decisive and blunt, noah is afraid of showing his true feelings. i think while operation nope happened, lucas was extremely annoyed at noah for not coming forward about his feelings towards priya or mc. the whole point of the show is also to be honest about about your next move, if that implies hitting on a person who's already cracking on with someone. noah not giving hope a heads up before talking to priya surely made lucas' blood boil. (and you can add in the fact that lucas still had a little crush on her back then).
gary and lucas. it's blatanly obvious but worth mentioning. gary immediately becomes defensive and closes off for lucas. he doesn't do with henrik and i think it's because there's a lot of himself he sees in mountain boy. i think the main difference between them is how posh lucas comes across, compared to how gary is seen. they clearly don't share the same upbringing and that might be the root of some trauma for gary. my guesses are either he was made fun of for being poor back in school, or someone chose a richer boy over him and he's still bitter about it. it's clear it has something to do with how lucas presents himself.
jo and lottie. i don't think jo ever had a soft spot for lottie. they're really different and their concerns don't meet halfway. while jo was afraid of speaking up and admitting her mistake, lottie would try to shift the blame on other people. jo didn't need to stay up rahim's ass 24/7 to get picked, while lottie only does that ever, and asserts herself quite brutally multiple times. jo might've thought lottie was too intense and lottie might've thought jo was too much of a wuss. (EVEN THOUGH LOTTIE MADE THE EXACT SAME MISTAKE, BUT THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT A TWEET REVEALED IT, AND NOT AN ISLANDER).
hannah and marisol. it's quite obvious but hear me out. toughening someone up to make them realize they're making a mistake is definitely marisol''s definition of being a friend, but it doesn't meet hannah's expectations. tough love is definitely not how the redhead likes her friends to alert or warn her. i don't think their friendship would surpass the villa gates if they had one in there.
lucas and rocco. lucas does - not - like - rocco. their ideals are different, the way they talk about love, life, respect, family. they have nothing in common at all, and to throw some log into the fire i'll go even further and say lucas might've been the only boy who spoke against rocco, instead of pretending everything was fine like the others did. it's not about the spotlight here, it's about others brushing it off because it didn't happen to them, ESPECIALLY THE BOYS. they should've had mc or lottie's back to say the least.
elisa and jo. not because of the secret per se, but jo might've thought "elisa says she's so fierce and tough but didn't have the courage to tell shannon directly. instead, she's now focusing on chelsea spreading the gossip even though she's the one who started it." usually, in the show, when two girls come in together they try to have each other's backs. even though what jo did was wrong, elisa meddled and didn't give rahim or jo the chance to come clean about it. that's how i think jo saw the whole affair anyway.
lottie and felix. while it's understandable why she doesn't like him, i think the opposite is just as true. felix might think she's too intense and uptight, as much as they have some things in common. his energy is much higher and lottie might use astrology to explain why she despises the guy. and while listening to the girl talk about tea leaves or astrological signs, felix might say something like "nah, that's all bullshit girls tell themselves to make them feel better about their shitty personality." i honestly would love watching lottie roundhouse kick felix in the teeth after that.
everyone x jakub. we know it. he might end up being the butt of the joke without realizing because he's so incredibly dense. and while the boys are "drama free" they wouldn't waste the opportunity of continuing to mess with him. if mc got with jakub she would also become a target for jokes, except she's aware of it. still, they don't like the boy at all. the girls found him hot but not a single one of them went after him. priya volunteered for the date but i think she told the girls how it went, and how dumb he comes across.
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kassamgate · 4 days ago
An actual footage of kassam trying to escape from felix (very emotional and sad)
(posted this on reddit too)
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itsrealityboo · 6 months ago
Me: *chooses MC to marry Bobby without an open relationship *
Noah: Hi
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rennell · 3 months ago
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codename-mango · 4 months ago
Fusebox sir you're trash but we need Season 4 because there's only so much overanalyzation we can do for Season 2 before coming to the same 5 conclusions. Some legitimately engaging and interesting characters please. Even if they're all assholes, make them at least fun to hate. I want some "I can change him" and "I would make her worse" in this fandom
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Sent by anonymous:
“All I want is to have the opportunity to call Noah “daddy”. Is that weird?”
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ravenadottir · 5 months ago
❝casa amor girls❞
so, a while ago i made brief profiles for the casa amor girls, and since "hold the line" is getting to those days, i thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce them again, with more details.
i took inspiration on this post to use faceclaims and more. so here they are:
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emily, 23, new castle, fashion designer, “wants to find a pin for her pin cushion”
emily has a really bright personality, always making fun of things with the boys and girls. she really has an easy way to make friends, and adapted pretty easily to the villa.
the public immediately liked her, and will ship her and bobby right away.
canon: the boys hoped she would be picked at the 'stick or switch' ceremony, but unfortunately that didn't happen. cat person, started sharing the bed with jakub, after spending the night with him, proceeding to go with a different boy after the body builder dumped her for siobhan.
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laura, 21, liverpool, guitar player in a band, “i know when to drop the beat’
laura has some trouble to connect with people right away, and despite having a good sense of humor and being open to new things, it's still hard to not overthink some situations.
she doesn't have much patience for stupidity and that's why she and erica will have an instant connection. also, she'll have a huge crush on one of the boys, and even share the bed with him. he might be as receptive once they spend more time together.
hitting the villa is basically for herself. she wants to find someone, and still holds hope something good will come out of this experience.
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siobhan, s23, from cork, med student, ‘has heard all types of ‘playing doctor’ pick up lines
siobhan was into jakub since day 1, but still waited for him to share the bed with emily. she's really sweet and patient, especially when it comes to love.
with the help from gary and bobby, she was able to chat with jakub and let her feelings show.
very dedicated to her studies and dreams of becoming a pediatrician. her style is definitely on the glam side and she loves some heels, even though her feet only see trainers during most of the school year.
in the villa she didn't have much faith she would find someone that would spin her head, but still went for it. she's persistent and doesn't wait too long to go after what she wants.
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erica, 22, from cardiff, business major, ‘known to run away from a date that asked her ‘why not just printing more money?’
erica is looking for someone that can keep up with her. in a way, she reminded the boys of marisol a little, regarding her future occupation.
she joined forces with gary and bobby to make fun of jakub at all times, which was very unexpected but just as welcomed.
immediately interested in rahim and his shy ways, but he was already smitten for shannon, so she'll find someone else to share a bed, and hopefully a connection.
practical, cat person, good sense of humor, loves math pick up lines and jokes, playing games involving logic are one of her number one hobbies.
Tumblr media
shannon, 24, from dublin, professional poker player, ‘that girl who loves true crime podcasts’
at first her eyes were set on lucas, but given blake had a thing for him on the first day she invested on rahim, who didn't make any effort to hide how much he was already into her.
attraction was there, for sure! she fancied the shorts off him and vice versa. once the challenges had to be done, the ice was broken for good and they were able to be comfortable with each other.
she has a lot of respect for priya and sophia, and that will be a plus once the girls are back.
Tumblr media
blake, 22, from kensington, graduate student, “i’ve got the brains, i’ve got the looks…”
immediately had her eye on lucas, and will give it a try. blake is not very tolerant, and will lose her temper easily.
she's currently a grad student, and doesn't quite know where to go from there.
gary and bobby will have a lot to say about her, and even more once casa amor days progress.
she'll spend the whole time glued to shannon's side. they became friends right away, and admired each other's strategy.
lucas will also have something to say about noah and blake getting friendly.
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gossip-sneezer · 5 months ago
me at 4am, trying to sleep: is gary technically a himbo
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