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my piece for @gojozine. i drew this like a year ago... wao
leftover sales are still going! they’re at low stock on a lot of the items so don’t miss your chance to grab some gojo goodies
my maki fanbook also incorporates part of this scene, find out more here (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
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nibeul · 2 days ago
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updated profile for Suguru since I like this style better and also bonus Fushiguro! Hopefully more to come
[id: it’s two character profiles. The first is of a first year Geto Suguru. He’s wearing a large sweater and dark pants which his hands are shoved into. His hair is shorter, reaching just past his chin and styled in a messy, uneven cut. In addition to his usual gauges, he has an additional bridge piercing. His name is written next to his head. On the right is his name and a couple of facts written out. The bullet points read: "He's about 168-170cm tall, which is shorter than Gojo though he's still growing. He only started growing his hair out recently so it's not very long. His immediate family is all non-sorcerers, however he is not the first sorcerer in his line. He likes spicy food. He wanted to get more piercings than the gauges and the bridge, but his parents said no."
The second is of Fushiguro Megumi who’s an adult. He’s wearing a black sweater, black pants which his hands are shoved into, and a silver locket. He also has 6 visible piercings. Text next to him reads: “FUSHIGURO MEGUMI (28 YEARS OLD), He's 183 centimeters tall though his slouching makes him look shorter. He has glasses but he prefers wearing contacts. Despite his background, he does not associate with the Zen'in Clan. He's actually a known ally of the Gojo Clan as he was employed by them when he was younger. He has seven piercings in total: two lobe, one eyebrow, and one tongue. He also has a streak of pink hair but it's almost never visible. He only became a teacher because of a promise he made to a friend but he tries to do the best for his students anyway. HIS LOCKET HAS 2 PEOPLE HE CARES ABOUT A LOT” /end id]
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kxisuke · 17 hours ago
thought: megumi doing anything really... he's just so attractive i don't even know what to say. but imagine if he was helping you with schoolwork and it ends in... y'know 😏 the thought has been in my head FOREVER and i'm excited to see what you do with it 💖
have a great day!
oh wow... this... 🛐🛐🛐
(reposting because of shadowban)
The problems you were working on were completely forgotten to him. Megumi's heart was already practically beating out of his chest when you sat yourself in his lap to do your schoolwork, but every little shift of your weight has him struggling to keep his composure. He'd nuzzle his head into your neck, voicing his need with his sweet voice. You're surprised at first, of course, but you quickly accept, letting Megumi do with your body as he pleases.
His hands would travel under your short skirt, slender fingers pushing your panties aside, lifting your hips up ever so slightly. You wouldn't be able to hold back your gasp as he buries his cock in you, trying so hard to stay focused on your work. His face is beet red and you can feel his quick breaths against your neck, moving his hips every now and then. He's so quiet, whimpering in your ear as he bucks his hips up into yours, slowly coming undone from your soft walls squeezing around him.
Your own composure is slowly breaking, the spark he lit in your core growing with his increased movements. Dropping the pencil in your hand, you grip onto his thighs for support, letting out a breathy moan as you allow him to pick up the pace, practically bouncing in his lap.
"Megumi..." The sound of your angelic voice is enough to send him over the edge, spilling his load inside of you while he moans into the fabric on your shoulder to try and keep quiet. You follow shortly afterwards, a jumbled mess of words leaving your mouth as you grip on the edge of your desk, seeing stars. You feel him let out a breath, and his arms circle around your waist, keeping you in place. His voice is quiet in your ear, but it still sends butterflies raging in your stomach.
"Those problems aren't going to solve themselves, love."
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megumi’s backstory is honestly wild. what do you mean you were a precious heir from a prepotent wizarding family, but then you left with your broke deadbeat dad and he couldn’t pay rent so he tried to sell you, but instead he got killed by a high school student who was granted full custody of you and is now your legal guardian and sorcery teacher?????
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tempenensis · 2 days ago
Itadori: "Fushiguro, before we begin, can I say one thing?"
Fushiguro: "Huh, what?"
Itadori: "Ah, but if I say this now, the excitement may go down."
Fushiguro: "You will just make me curious, so just say it."
Itadori: "Really? Then... *whispering* This studio does not allow pets."
Fushiguro: "Jade dogs are not pets!!"
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gumilac · 20 hours ago
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— ; 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐈𝐈. bear with me
⁍ pairings. fushiguro megumi x reader
⁍ genre. royal au, contractual marriage, angst, hurt/comfort
aki's notes. fushiguro's mom actually doesn't have a name, i just gave her one for the sake of the fic dsskslskj
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Tumblr media
— ; 𝐚 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠.
it has been a month after sealing the marriage with the crown prince of edo'in. you had thought it'll be different, maybe he would be more open with you now that you're married. but, to your dismay, nothing has changed. he was still cold, an air of apathy around him whenever he was with you.
great sorrow falls over you, missing your father, nobara, your bedroom — since your shared bedroom seemed all too big despite it being bigger than your room before. it feels like there's a huge rift in it whenever you enter… like something is so far from your reach — and the overall energy of your kingdom.
while you do love the calm aura of edo'in, you didn't like how lonely you felt inside its walls. so unfamiliar, so foreign. it also did not help that your husband was barely around, always on the field with his men fighting for god knows what.
his company was no good either, for he always had a say. always clashing with your ideas, disregarding your concern, and blatantly avoiding you in the halls — seriously, did he see you as the plauge? how rude. today, however, was a surprise, as megumi approached you, seated on the table of your shared bedroom. he clears his throat, and you look up from what you were writing.
“father wishes to know if you’d like to go horse riding with us today.”
“horse riding?”
he nods his head once and walks over to the coat rack to grab — what you only assume is his navy shadbelly. he puts it on, swift fingers buttoning his coat as he turns to look at you.
“it is tradition for us zen’in’s to go horseback riding every 10th of may. reason being why, i do not know myself.”
“or you prefer not to tell me.”
“maybe i do,” he retorts and you roll your eyes at him, closing your journal. “so, are you coming?”
“it does not feel like you want me there,” lacing your hands together atop the notebook, “you only ask out of duty.”
he stays quiet, navy eyes observing you from when you sit. after a minute of silence and considering his offer, sighing, you get up, walking over to where he was to grab your coat. 
“but, i certainly can not refuse if it is your father who requested me to be there, no?”
gazing up at him through your lashes, megumi clears his throat. and, unbeknownst to him, something flutters in his chest with the way you’re looking at him right now. he looks away, irritated. and, fixes his collar, furrowing his brows.
—; 𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐩𝐮𝐭𝐞.
“ah, if it is not the most beautiful woman here,” megumi’s mother cups your cheeks as she sees you and her son walking to the field, meeting you halfway.
“please, queen ai,” you laugh, tucking a hair behind your ear, “you flatter me too much. i believe it is you who are the most beautiful.” 
she laughs, a bright smile adorning her features, and queen ai takes your hand and walks with you to the horses. megumi falls into step with his father who was behind you both. fushiguro watches your back, your laughter ringing in the air, and he swears the only time you were ever happy was when you were with his mother. 
it is true.
and, he cannot once again stop the fluttering in his chest as he imagines making you happy. you in his arms, holding you so delicately like fine porcelain. bullshit, he thinks. you’d never allow him to. as you reach the stables, you pick the horse near the end, making megumi’s father release a low whistle and chuckle as he picks his horse.
“great choice, darling!” queen ai says, and as you turn to face them, the scowl on megumi’s face says otherwise. 
“i do not think it is, dear,” toji replies, already seated on his. looking at them innocently, you tilt your head, “is this someone else’s?”
maki suddenly comes in the stable with her sister, laughing as she walks past your displeased husband, “that is megumi’s horse.”
“the last time i rode his, he threate–,” he bites back, glaring at mai — maki’s twin. “you are making things up.”
you give a guile smile his way, “does he not perform well if he is not on familiar grounds?” – and he huffs, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. “by grounds, i mean his horse?”
“i do well, whatever horse it may be.”
he pulls on his coat, turning on his heel to walk toward another stallion, and gets on swiftly. snickering, you get on the horse, slowly guiding it out of the stables as you follow the zen’in family. the air is nice, cool, and the perfect temperature for feeling the air on your skin as you ride the horse, galloping through fields of flowers and rows of trees.
megumi stays close by, just right behind you. there it is again. the unfamiliar thumping of his heart as he watches your gleeful figure, smiling at whoever overtook you. your laughter ringing in his ears. he shakes his head and curses himself. get a grip. averting his eyes back on the trail, he kicks his horse to run faster to overtake you. to get rid of the view that causes his arrhythmia. but alas, he does not even reach your side for it is not his horse he is on, because you had used his. the swiftest in the herd. 
he gives up trying to overtake you and decides to just focus on the road before him. but, every now and then his eyes drift over to yours, unaware that a small smile forms on his lips. only to catch himself and back is the scowl that is always on his face. amidst the feeling of the breeze blowing at your hair, someone shouts, and a horse neighs. pulling the reins, you look back to see megumi’s horse leaning up in the air.
“woah! easy boy, easy!” his horse looses balance and he falls on the ground hard, making you get off yours hastily, running up to him. he rubs his forehead and gets up to catch his horse but, he is long gone as he runs for the stables. he groans in frustration and rubs his temples, putting a hand on his waist. 
walking up to him, megumi takes a step back as you reach out to hold his face, making you retract your hands. and, a pang of guilt hits his chest when he sees an expression of hurt flash quickly across your eyes only to be replaced with indifference.
“you’re bleeding…” you quietly say, hands clasped together. “please… let me.”
pulling out a napkin, you take a step toward him, and he suddenly feels stuffy in his suit as he averts his eyes away from yours, taking another step back. sighing at his stubbornness, you grab his hand — to which he snaps his head to look at you, shocked — and placed the napkin on his palm. looking down, hiding the hurt swimming in your eyes, ai and toji make their way to you.
“what happened?”
“fushiguro fell, queen ai.”
“great heavens! you’re bleeding, dear!” megumi hesitantly uses the napkin you gave him, wiping off the crimson on his forehead. he clears his throat and fixes his coat, toji asking, “where’s your horse?”
“ran off,” he says flatly.
“ride with the princess,” he suggests and megumi quickly looks at his father, a knowing smile present on his face. “what? she is your wife after all.”
the king and queen begin to trot away with their horses and you both stand there awkwardly before you walk back to your stallion. he looks away and mutters a curse under his breath — unfortunately, to which you heard — as he releases a heavy sigh. without turning around to face him, you place a delicate hand on the neck of megumi’s horse.
“i know you do not like me,” you quietly say, biting back tears, “but you do not have to blatantly show your disinterest in me.”
one hand on his waist as the other hovers above his forehead with the napkin you gave him. and, he is left stunned by your hushed observation.
“i do not want to share as much as you do, but i would rather have you with me than let you walk back to the stables.”
his eyes ever so slightly widen, taken aback by your words. he does not know what to say so he stays silent, watching your back as you stroke the horse’s neck. unknown to him, he grips the napkin harder with every word that falls off your lips.
“so please,” you pause, “at least bear with me until we’re back at the castle, then you can return to ignoring me to your heart’s content.”
struggling to get on the horse because a lack of a stool is not there to assist you, megumi’s presence suddenly looms behind your back. hesitant hands reach out to hold your waist, and your breath hitches as you feel hot puffs of air fanning your neck. he gently lifts you off the ground, and your leg swings over to sit on the saddle. heat creeps up on your face as you feel megumi mount himself, settling himself behind you, his chest brushing yours as he makes himself comfortable.
slowly, he leans forward to take the reins from your hands, his arms gently slipping under yours to almost — but, not quite — cage your waist. his head just hovering above your shoulder. this was the closest you two have ever been, for even in bed there was a barrier separating you both. you take deep calculated breaths as megumi guides the horse to turn around. 
he too, controls his breathing, cursing the way his heart is beating so quickly and he wishes you do not hear. megumi leads his horse on the path to the castle and the ride back was shared in silence.
he fell off a horse that day, but oblivious to his own feelings, it seems something else has fallen.
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Tumblr media
Like father like son.
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a sweet accident. [01] — encounters.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
๑.pairings: fushiguro megumi x fem!reader
๑.genre: angst, fluff, crack, second year au, timeskip au, sorcery au + sfw!!
๑.synopsis: in which, megumi happens to meet you after mistaking your room in his sisters' room.
๑.wc: 2.0k
๑.warnings: some minor jjk spoilers, violent words, anything mentioned in a hospital cause i think someone will get triggered by this, time almost doesn't exist here [slow updates!!]
๑.links: navigation | jjk.masterlist | taglist form (general)
๑.series taglist | series masterlist | next
— ^^ limited to 15 slots!! [ 0/15 ]
Tumblr media
— In a world full of misery, your life wasn't that bad. Ups and downs have happened many times before, failing grades, sneaking out, having a pet, winning a competition, and being stuck in a hospital, sitting in a wheelchair with your crochet project in progress. You pushed yourself as you rode in your wheelchair on your way to your room, you wouldn't call this walking but rather riding? If you weren't so sure. Seeing the nurses that knew you had a little greeting to you.
"Good morning y/n!" Miss Tachibana greeted you with a small wave from the nurse's lobby. You waved back to her and greeted her with a smile on your face, "good morning to you too!"
You stopped pushing yourself and gave her a sweet greeting, "Busy today aren't 'cha?"
"Yeah, we got emergencies a lot more frequently…but nothing too serious though,"
"Oh, well, See you later!"
"See you!"
You continued pushing yourself towards your room, you passed along the doors of your so-called neighbors, one who was dying, one who was only temporary, the other were chill with you, and lastly one was sleeping for a long time. The neighbors you had are kind and have an interesting life. You share jokes and even teas. An example of an affair, wrong child, and even unprofessional business around the hospital. Your phone rang to see your sister, yumi. You answered the call, “hello?”
“Where are you? You’re not in your room!”
“Oh, I went outside though, I got bored.”
“You should’ve told me that you’re going out for god sake!”
“Aw come one, at least let me be independent?” You pleaded.
A groaning sound came from the phone and you chuckled, “don’t worry, I’m in the hospital. It’s not like someone will push me off-“
“And you know about ghosts right?”
“Fine, fine, I’ll tell you next time,” you groaned.
“Oh, by the way, I bought your favorite snack,” Just when yumi was about to say something, the call ended, with you rushing on your way back to your room. You slid open the door and went inside to see no one. “Is this a joke or something?!”
And then you noticed something. The heart monitor was beeping, you scanned the room, yours is much more different since your table was very messy with the tangled yarns and stitch markers that you didn’t bother to clean up. You turned your head to the bed to see someone probably sleeping. Oh my god.
The Girl who was probably older than you has a weird mark on her head, probably some symbol in some ritual. You shivered at the looks of it. Then it made you wonder if you mistook the room, which means… The room you went into was your neighbor, Tsumiki…Tsumiki Fushiguro!
The door slid to see a boy in a questionable sea urchin hairstyle. Aside from the hair, he has these pretty eyelashes that most girls are jealous of because of it, and his dark blue orbs met yours. You immediately moved and turned the wheelchair. Seeing a pretty guy is good, but he looks mad!
“Sorry, i- mistook this room as my room since uh- we’re... Neighbors?”
A head popped out from the door frame to see your sister. “y/n! You!— come here!- Sorry for the inconvenience but my sister thinks this is her room, we are deeply sorry for that.”
The guy who has this neutral face just nodded. “It’s alright. But next time, please do be aware next time,” he replied. Even his voice was pretty.
You left the room, completely embarrassed while your sister was scolding you for being careless enough to mistake your room. It was your fault, and you admitted to that. She helped you on the bed and put down the food beside your table. “Come on, eat up. Your project can wait you know,”
You put down the project and grabbed the food from the table, “thanks.”
Yumi just hummed and went to the bathroom to wash her hands to join eating with you. The sounds of the water from the faucet and she came out from the bathroom. “Say, when do I get my treatment?” you slowly asked while she paused. “Around three months, The doctors said, it’ll take time for the medicine to arrive since it’s from overseas.”
“Is there something wrong?”
Clenching on the pillow sheets on your lap, slowly saying, “It’s just that… I wanna walk again. I don’t wanna be a burden for mom and dad, working their asses off just to cover the bills for me, I hate it being someone who pulls others down just because of my inconvenience.”
Your sister sat on the bed with you and hugged you. “You are not a burden y/n, mom and dad are happy enough that you are alive and energetic.”
“Thanks, for the pep talk.”
She patted your head lightly, “No problem, come on, eat up. You gotta teach me how to do crocheting.”
You cracked a smile and chuckled. “Sure, just bear with me. I’m not that good of a teacher.”
Tumblr media
Your sister left due to her school schedule, and now you are alone in the hospital room. You’re too bummed out to open the tv, and even to do your project. You attempted to sleep but it didn’t work. You looked at the wall clock to see how long you wasted from your boredom.
She even suggested if your mom or dad will look out for you. But you said taht it's alright and you won't do anything stupid.
You slowly moved onto your wheelchair, and after you succeeded, you grabbed your phone and your crochet kit just in case you’ll be bored in the Hospital’s Garden. Sliding the door open, you got out and closed it again. As you moved along the lonely hallway, you took a glance at your neighbor, tsumiki. You immediately looked in front and went along. 
The Garden was peaceful like always. You just sometimes hope that something dramatic will happen but not life-threatening, but just some drama like someone getting slapped or something else. A couple of nurses passed by and gave you a small wave and continued with their work.
“Excuse me.”
The familiar voice you heard earlier was much closer than earlier. You turned around to see the guy earlier. “Uhm, do you... Need anything?” you asked. He went closer to you and pulled out something in his pocket. It was your crochet hook. “You dropped this earlier. I was hoping I could give this back to you but I heard a couple of loud voices.”
You shook your head. “Yeah, my sister scolded me though. But, thank you. And sorry again for earlier.  I rushed out of my own accord, hopefully, I could go back to my room faster,” he gave you the hook and so you happened to brush his and your hands as you tried to get the hook. 
“Say, I never get to know your name, I'm l/n y/n.”
“Fushiguro Megumi."
Silence took over between the two of you. You didn’t mind it if he left since there’s nothing to talk about. Plus, you have never talked to a person who has the same age as you. “So… uh, is Tsumiki a family relative? I don’t mean to pry but, avoid the question if you’re uncomfortable.”
He was sitting down on a solo seat bench while conversing with you. “Yeah, she’s my sister.”
Silence once again took over. You have no words to say, it was awkward enough. But a good question popped into your head. “Uh, Fushiguro-san,” he looked at you, waiting for your question, “what does the place from the outside look like?”
“Have you ever gone out from the hospital?”
You shook your head. “No, especially these days, since my treatment will be arriving in a couple of months, they need to look after me.”
He nodded at your answer. “The outside is crowded. But still okay though. I can’t say much about things.”
“Is it fun?”
“It depends on the person you’re with, I guess.”
“So you have a girlfriend?”
You and he looked from behind to see the pink-haired guy and the ginger-haired girl in the same uniforms. “Are those your friends?” you asked, He got up from the bench and stood up. “Yeah,”
“Oh, they seem nice.”
“They are.”
“Hm, by the way, thanks again.”
“No problem."
Tumblr media
Fushiguro left with his friends. You smiled at the thought of talking to someone at a rare time. You were kind of hoping to see him again and have a little pep talk. Even though from his stoic, and blunt attitude, he never failed to have a little conversation with you.
The ravenette walked with his two friends back to jujutsu tech. With his two friends bickering on what to eat for today's dinner, he was scrolling through his phone from behind. Especially, the sidewalk is only good for 2 persons to walk through, someone has to go behind, and he doesn't mind it.
The pink-haired friend of his, turned around to see his friend scrolling through his phone. "Fushiguro, where do you wanna eat for dinner?" he asked. Fushiguro looked up and replied, "anywhere is fine."
"Steak it is!"
"But it's good!"
His pink-haired friend pouted at his reply and began to ask about earlier, "fushiguro?" the ravenette raised his head, "what?" The pink-haired friend of his, put his hand on his chin and began to attempt to remember what he was about to ask, "that girl earlier, do you know her?"
He remembered your face as soon as he heard the question. "No, I just recently knew her," he answered. They soon arrived at a fast-food restaurant. He couldn't argue since the two pulled out their persuasion skills to convince him. The three sat down on the chairs beside the big window panel where you can see the cars and people passing by the streets.
"Ne, on the weekends, you two tag along with me shopping," Nobara said. Itadori looked at her and gave a reply, "we've done that last week!"
Nobara scoffed at itadori's reply, "tch. As if you have a girlfriend to begin with."
"Hey! That's mean!"
"I'm just stating the facts."
Itadori turned his head on to the ravenette, "Say fushiguro, what are you gonna do on the weekends?" He asked and took a bite on his hamburger. 
He gulped after taking a small sip from his drink, "probably back to the hospital and train. Depends," he answered. 
Nobara stopped eating upon hearing his answer, "are you sure you're not attracted to that girl earlier?" She asked. He irked at the question thrown at him. "That's not it idiot," he commented.
She sighed, "Whatever floats on your boat I guess. But don't forget we'll be at the sister event again. Maki-senpai will drag out our butts again this time."
"I know that."
This time, itadori sighed loudly, making his two friends look at him. "I can't believe we'll be doing the sister event, todo will come at me again!"
"Sucks to be you, I guess."
Tumblr media
The ravennette lays down on his bed. It was currently 10:30 in the evening. He turns on the other side of his bed, looking for a comfortable position to sleep in. 
For some reason, he couldn't get to sleep.
He turned around once again, attempting to sleep.
“What does the place from the outside look like?”
Such a simple question yet so complex to answer. What does the place from the outside look like?
It has a lot of good places to go. New and nostalgic scenarios to see. But why does it feel like the answer is wrong? Is there something that you wanted to hear? Besides from the places. What will he say to you back then? The outside is so cruel even the kindest person gets to be cursed? 
He sighed once again, "why am I overthinking this?" Soon, for about 20 minutes or so, he slowly drifts off to sleep for the night.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
thoughts on the 1st part? :))
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Slow Mornings- Megumi x gn!reader
387 words
Genre: fluff, sfw
Tumblr media
Yesterday was a long day for both you and megumi, so you were surprised when he came knocking on your door at 6 am. It isn’t unlike him, he is a morning person after all but you had just figured he would sleep in today. 
“hey,” he says while letting himself in so you don't have to get out of bed, “how are you feeling”? 
“sleepy,” you grumble out while rolling over to see him. “mind if i join you?” he asks as he's already getting under the blankets with you. He places a soft kiss on your forehead and you begin to ramble on about nothing really, but megumi listens anyways because there is nothing he would rather listen to. 
You spend hours like this, in his arms, peppering kisses on each other, just on the cusp of sleep with the feeling that you are melting together. Every once in a while he feigns readjusting his position, but he simply wants to hold you a little bit tighter. He wants to make sure you are warm enough and comfortable enough. 
After a few hours, you finally begin to fully wake up and megumi cracks open the window to let the fresh air in and then gets back in bed with you. There is a twinge of cold air leftover from winter in the early spring air. You can hear a few birds flying around, along with yuji and nobara training somewhere in the distance. 
“what would you like to do today,” you glance over at him and asks. “We could bake something?” you say. As more ideas flood your brain and you begin to plan out the whole day, “OH and then we could go for a walk while it cools off, and then when we come back we can watch a movie or binge a new show, and-” 
You continue to ramble on about the possibilities of the day until you realize megumi hasn't said anything yet. Then he turns to look at you and says, “what if..” he pauses, “what if I go get us some breakfast and when I come back we can just stay in bed for however long you want?” surprised you took a second to reply but finally you smile and say, “yeah, that sounds like a great idea.”
Tumblr media
AN: thank you for reading, i really enjoyed writing this and i hope you like it :)
reblogs are always appreciated <3
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hannya-writes · 2 days ago
The sorcerer and The Misfortune's Child
Title: The sorcerer and The Misfortune's Child Part I
Fandom: Jujutsu Kaisen
Pairing: Megumi Fushiguro x Reader
Other characters: Nobara Kugisaki, Yuuji Itsdori, Yuuta Okkotsu.
Category: romance, angst
Author's note: I take no responsibility for broken hearts (?) This took me like 4 days to write because I have a lot of work, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
You had been in love with Fushiguro Megumi since highschool and he had loved you back, no matter the circumstances, no matter that he was a sorcerer and you a mere human. He had protected you from bullies, his own fan club and curses. He loved you, so why was he breaking up with you?
— I'm tired — he explained and you looked at him perplexed, feeling a heavy lump on your throat. — I'm falling behind and I need to catch up — you didn't believe him.
— liar — you accused him coldly looking directly at his eyes, he wasn't looking at you, he was just looking in your general direction — you love me, tell me the truth — you demanded even if your voice trembled.
— you are right — he admitted and you almost felt that dark cloud over you disappear — I'm tired of you — his words hit you like a lightening — I thought it will be good to have you around since you attract curses but they are too weak, there's no point — every word hurts you, but your expression was blank.
You were used to that kind of words, people have always hated you, called you a child of misfortune or a cursed kid because of all the bad luck you attracted. However, you weren't cursed, the professionals said so.
Inside you see all of your memories with Megumi under a new light, his annoyed, angry and bored expression suddenly felt real, his general disgust is more obvious, his embarrassment over you. It made sense, all the pieces matched perfectly with what he just confessed.
— thank you — your voice doesn't sound like your own when you say those two words — Thank you for putting up with all my nonsense — you bow respectfully — I hope you never have to deal with me again — your words are formal, cold and professional as if you are reading statistics from a book. You should never show your weak side to the predator.
Megumi found your cold demeanour unsettling, he wondered why were you not crying, you had always been so expressive and full of vitality. You cried easily, laughed hard and loud. You were kind and caring, soft but strong. You had melted his ice cold heart. That wasn't you. He had expected tears, curses, a slap or pleading words, he had expected a big reaction, not that calm and collected way to accept the fact that he didn't love you.
He broke you. He felt dread through his veins as you turned around and walked away. He didn't just break up with you, he had broken you and all he wanted was to tell you the truth, the real reason why he did that: To keep you safe, because you meant so much to him. He wanted to say out loud that he was terrified of losing you. He wanted to say "if you stay with me, Special grade curses may notice you and I can't keep you safe. This is the only way I can protect you". If only he was stronger…
— uh? Y/l/n-san! — Nobara smiled when she saw you walking to the exit and waved at you. Her smile was infectious.
— oh, hello, Nobara-san! — you greeted her acting as normal as possible, as if Megumi had not just broken your heart — are you going to train? — you asked politely, noticing her tracker suit. — you look amazing, by the way — her smile grew bigger, her eyes twinkled.
— well thank you for noticing! — she said extremely happy, it made it so hard for you to act when all you wanted was to punch something and bawl your eyes out.
— good luck then! — you said but she gripped your hands in hers.
— why don't you come? Itadori and I will train with Okkotsu-kun, besides you will be able to see me more in this tracking suit — she winked and you tried to say something.
"I can't" you wanted to say but Nobara was already pulling you towards the training area. "It's fine, I'm fine" you lied to yourself as you sat down on the stairs and saw the sorcerers stretch.
— do you want to join in? — the soft voice of Okkotsu Yuta made you jump on your sit. You hadn't seen him getting closer.
— what? No… I'm not a sorcerer — you answered and he smiled kindly at you.
— It's just martial arts, Fushiguro-kun mentioned you used to practice — he said and you nodded. Maybe this was a good idea.
— Then sure — you answered standing up to get to the arena.
Okkotsu explained the basics of the movements, you don't recall the name of this martial art but you had learn about it a long time ago. Okkotsu was a good teacher unlike Maki, he took his time to correct your posture and praise your hability. He was speaking with you about certain movements when Nobara got angry, she questioned how it was possible that this is so easy to you.
— I know a little about martial arts — you said shrugging — I though I had told you — you add and she yells about how unfair it is, her words made you laugh buring your sadness and pain.
— how do you do that? — Itadori asked you surprised and you blinked not understanding his question, he pointed at your legs — how do you change that stance without losing your balance or getting dizzie? — you doubted but explained to him how in dancing class they taught you the correct way to give a lot of turns in a quick, gracious and effective way. Nobara paid attention and decided it was a challenge to do spins as graciously as you, Itadori mimicked you both and they started fighting.
What was a friendly challenge turned itself into a full contest where even Okkotsu was participating. That moment filled your heart with love, you were going to miss them. Without your relationship with Fushiguro you had no excuse to go there. You didn't belong in jujutsu tech. That conclusion only hit you when you were back home, alone and trying to sleep. Only then you cried, no one was there to judge you, no one was seeing, so you let yourself fall apart into the million shards you had been keeping together.
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Fushiguro Moronsexual Megumi
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leikeima · a month ago
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Meme redraw >:)
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imagine if someone told megumi that people make romantic edits and write sexual stories about him and the age-old cursed spirit that is constantly trying to murder him
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i always think megumi sees gojo as this unwanted older brother that is at times reliable but most of the time is just a pain in the ass
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There was a chapter - I think during Shibuya during the fight vs Mr Inverse - where Megumi thought coordinating with Yuji was difficult. I thought that was strange considering they’ve both been shown to be competent in working with others. Megumi with Maki, Yuji with Todo / Nobara. What was your take on this?
I think I have answered similar ask to this a while back.
Yes, Megumi thought that coordinating with others is pain in the ass. But when he train with Gojo, he also said that "isn't it important to work with others?" - so even if he thought it will be difficult, he will still try.
The thing is, even if Yuuji seems to be a typical Jump protag in the surface, he is actually quite perceptive of others. You can see with Ozawa's case where he recognizes her in an instant even though her looks has changed drastically, or when he "saves" Junpei from his teacher when they first met. Because he is very perceptive of his peers, he works with others in fight very well. His fight with Nanami vs Mahito, BROTHER Toudou vs Hanami, and of course Megumi in Shibuya are the testament of this.
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tastefully ignoring shibuya arc by drawing happy and healthy jjk 👍
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had a collection of drawings of these 3 snuggling and had to make a comic out of it
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gojo: this is my child i raised him
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why is he shaming people like this
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