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#fushiguro megumi

Originally posted by jujutsukaisen-net


a/n: Ok ok ok I’m sorry I initially read it wrong (Megumi and his s/o going at it and Yuji hearing them) but then I was like- FUCK- I was literally JUST talking to my wife about getting caught fucking and leading to a threesome with these two and apparently y’all share my same brain cell bc like, Megumi/Yuji superiority got me needing to be in the middle of that 

major nsfw under the cut » » »

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✿ Scenarios ✿

Part 1: Nobara Kugisaki / Itadori Yuji / Fushiguro Megumi / Inumaki Toge / Zenin Maki / Okkotsu Yuuta // (Next Part)

✿ Things they do in a relationship to show appreciation

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