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Sola/Nox fusion - Buckler snippet

@secret-engima because the recent one-shot motivated me to type this up. First meeting between Axis and Sola!


Tredd knew getting Axis in to see Nox - who Axis hadn’t just adopted, but adopted as his Chief, what in the name of Ifrit’s Pyre - would be tricky, even with Nyx knowing all the back hallways and timing everything so that both the King and his Shield would be busy in meetings with one of the Councilors. They’d probably manage an hour, before they had to sneak Axis back out or risk discovery. At best.

But right after getting Axis to Nox, right after seeing the far too skinny kid cling to Axis like he was the only anchor the kid had outside the freaking Chancellor of Niflheim, magic had suddenly flared, hot and bright and furiously protective, making everyone freeze for the brief moment it took for the angry magic to fade.

Axis had looked bewildered and wary, even as Nox relaxed and Luche sighed. Tredd buried his face in his hands. “Ramuh, dammit. Who pissed off the Shortstack now?”

The Chancellor snorted.

Nox had answered Axis’ silent question with a shrug and a helpless smile. “Sola has a temper.”

Axis glanced at Tredd, gaze far too knowing. “Did you pick a fight?”

“Yes.” Luche said. Tredd squawked in protest. Shortstack had been looking for a fight! He did not start that one! “And the Crown Princess gives as good as she gets. We’ll leave you to catch up, Axis, Highness.”

Tredd did not want to leave Axis alone with the Chancellor of Niflheim, but Luche had all but dragged him out of the room, throwing him a look when he opened his mouth to protest.

Leading to four hours later, and still no sign of either King or Shield or even the Marshal.

Not until the off-key humming that precedes the arrival of the Crown Princess. Who is grinning far too cheerfully for someone who blew her top mere hours ago.

She doesn’t give either of them the chance to come up with an excuse for their presence - and how the hell did she get past Nyx and Libertus because Tredd refuses to think they wouldn’t try to deflect her - just fixes them with a raised brow. “Just here to warn Little Brother that he’s got about thirty minutes if he wants to keep Papa in the dark about his guest.”

Wait, what- “You knew?” Tredd sputters. How?! No one saw them-

Luche regards her thoughtfully. “You distracted the King.”

The Princess grins that smug grin again. “Upsetting Lord Egestas makes for a convenient distraction.”

The Councilor meeting with the King today. Tredd puts two and two together and gapes. “You helped us?”

“Of course.”


Shortstack gives him a look, like she can’t tell if he’s seriously asking that question. “The man you snuck in is important to my brother.” She says slowly.

Well, yeah, seeing Nox latch onto Axis killed any of Tredd’s remaining doubts about the kid returning Axis’ loyalty.

The door opens behind them, and Tredd turns to see Axis in the doorway. Words die in his throat however, as Axis and the Crown Princess eye each other with equally sharp, measured stares, and suddenly Tredd feels like he’s been caught between two predators on the brink of violence.

Then Shorstack smiles, and just like that, she softens, like a wave washing over her. She sticks a hand out. “Sola Lucis Caelum.”

Axis cautiously takes it. “Axis Arra, Your Highness.” Shortstack’s smile turns sad and knowing, but for what Tredd cannot fathom. But the tension in Axis’s shoulders finally fades.

“Just Sola.” Shortstack insists, still mind-bogglingly soft - Tredd has never seen Shortstack this gentle, ever, it’s always fiery temper and furious snarls - but a firm note enters her voice. “You are Nox’s brother.”

Tredd wonders when the world stopped making sense. The Crown Princess helping refugee soldiers sneak around behind the King’s back? Treating a refugee civilian stranger not only as an equal, but as family? Sure, in Galahd it wouldn’t be so strange, Axis and Nox are beaded brothers and every Galahdian understood that. But Shortstack is Lucian. She doesn’t know that, so why is she calling Axis Nox’s brother?

Axis must know, because Axis smiles, a small quirk of the lips but it’s a genuine smile all the same, and Tredd is so grilling him for answers later. “Sola then. Thanks for looking after him the past few days.”

“I should be thanking you.” Sola counters, expression twisting with something Tredd cannot name. “For being there. For staying.”

And before them, she bows, so deep she’s parallel to the floor. “Thank you, Axis Arra.”

Tredd has to pick his jaw off the floor. Luche’s not much better.

Shortstack straightens. “You’ve got about twenty minutes, if you want to avoid Papa and Uncle Clarus. If you ever need another distraction, let me know.”

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Tyson (OC)

So, I made a new OC. It’s based off of a pic I saw of a bear fused with a gator.. It was running in the water, and it was TERRIFYING.. So I made a squishy GatorBear..💕 His name is Tyson.. He’s a fat, lazy bastard, but I love him.. He loves snuggles and snacking.. Cause he gets all warm and toasty. Physically and mentally.💕

Anyways, I hope you guys like this, and tell me what you think!🖤⭐️

Art is by me.

Character belongs to me.

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“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 22 November

1. Manuals - Mpg
2. Janet Dubois - Queen Of The Highway
3. The Soul Children - Who Is She (And What Is She To You)
4. Deep Heat - Do It Again
5. Deja-Move Feat. MsJames - Bring it Back
6. Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
7. Veronique Sanson - Bernard’s Song (Il N'est De Nulle Part)
8. Marcio Alexandre - Eu Nao Passo Sem Dinheiro
9. Joe Bataan - Keep The Change
10. The Herbaliser - Takedown (The Gaff Salt Popcorn Remix)
11. Elektrons - Sunshine Love
12. Barry White - You’re The One I Need (Remix)
13. Josh Milan - Your Body (Louie Vega Eol Mix)
14. DJ Mitsu - The Beats Hope (DJ Mitsu Remix)
15. Lauryn Hill - Lost Ones (Dj Inko Remix)
16. Womack & Womack - M.P.B. (Missing Persons Bureau)
17. Mr President - Bike Riding
18. Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing (Dj “S” Remix)
19. The Soul Motivators - Throw The Bones
20. Chocolate Milk - Time Machine
21. Afternoons In Stereo - Saarinen In Dub
22. Jim Snidero - A Doll (Satin Doll)
23. Brother Mister & Christian McBride - Inside Straight
24. Ruby Turner - Love Was Here
25. Billy Jones - Here With You
26. Charlie Mars - How I Roll
27. Roachford - Ride The Storm
28. Me'Shell Ndegeocello - Call Me
29. Soulive Feat. Chaka Khan - Back Again
30. Angel Lo Verde - Freedom

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

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I tried doing a fusion between google and i and we look like thing biggest motherfucker

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I’m calling this short one Hedgehogs in Hell. 🤣🤣🤣

Maybe I should write this into a full song?

The tab is up on my Patreon, if you’re into that kind of thing!

#guitar #guitars #guitarist #guitarlife #music #shredguitar #guitarlicks #progrock #metal #progmetal ##guitare #guitarsarebetter #fusion #zappa #sonic #frankzappa #sonicthehedgehog #sega #videogames #videogamemusic #lickwars #lickoftheday #jacksonguitars #jacksonguitarsofficial #seymourduncanpickups #tsunamicables #fractalaudiosystems #fractalaudio #sitstrings #seymourduncan (at Las Vegas, Nevada)

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🍪- Frappe and Insula - 🌸

The fusion duo that protects Sugarteara and is on the lookout for a certain cookie.

E, finally finished this, and on my way to do some fusion doodles or something.

Also gonna go and do some Secret Santa stuff from Discord.

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Stay #tuned for an unique #fusion with @studnitzky & @jazzrauschbigband ! Tomorrow #livestream starting at 21:05 on #brsweetspot #youtubechannel & #facebook . Links to watch will follow! #bernstein #abernsteinstory #abernsteintrip #stevereich #igorstrawinsky #music #clarinet #clarinetplayer #crossover #techno #technomusic #jazz #classicalmusic thank you, @sweetspot_brklassik ! (hier: BR - Bayerischer Rundfunk)

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Cemjra Hyskarjs - Small Shirogane - Mateus / Crystal - W23 P4. - Parlor & Partitions

Upper level bar only designed by VP.

Interior and Exterior designed by the owner.

The upper level bar is meant to have warm colors and muted tones while maintaining and eastern feel. For some reason I thought adding some of the factory elements would capture this and overall it turned out quite nicely! I’m actually very proud of this bar.

Did I mention I only had 100 items to work with? I think I completed this room with 99 items. It has wonderful ambient lighting around the bar and personal seatings. The owner wanted a bar with interpersonal spacing so patrons could sit and drink and a space she could show off her new creations. I asked how big and she said enough for 6-8 people. Undoubtedly the bar seats 8 max but you can fit twice that with the small lofts!

I really wanted to show off the bar behind the counter and leave that as a featured display since it’s what she does and I think I captured that! She was in near tears when she walked in on the finished product!

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