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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Hello hello! ⭐️

Niko here at last! Though with some little art! Sorry for no posting much , I’m still busy with work but I’ll try to post! ;w; This simple art is just a fusion between me and my buddy! @perble-hearts ! Who is an amazing friend ! Thank you for everything buddy! :””3 💕

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I can’t be the only person who wants an SPN + a Parks and Recreation or the Office type fusion fic.  (Does this exist?  Because…)  Except with just the angels.

“Gabriel, you can’t just put someone’s stapler in jello,” Michael says.  He gives Gabriel a stern look, mostly to appease Cas, standing behind him stiff and angry, his arms locked against his sides.  

Gabriel only smiles.  "Sorry, Mike,“ he says, his eyes on his computer screen where he’s been tweeting false rumors about celebrities for the past two hours in the completely justifiable hope of riling up their fans.  So far two publications have decided to run stories on what he’s said and he’s seen about three hundred angry blog posts - but the day is still young so he hasn’t given up yet.

Michael sighs and raises his hand to his temple.  He closes his eyes and smooths one dark eyebrow down with the pad of his finger.  "Do not apologize for that to me,” he says slowly.  He glances at Gabriel’s computer screen and his mouth tightens.  There are a lot of other things he thinks Gabriel should apologize for.  "Apologize to Castiel.  It was his stapler.“

"Sorry.”  Gabriel shrugs.  He turns to Castiel and gives him a broad, toothy grin.  "I’ll put your stapler in something else next time.“

Castiel sputters and Gabriel’s flushed with a predatory gleam, ready for Cas to take the bait, but Michael dismisses Gabriel with a curt nod and pushes Castiel back away from Gabriel’s desk.  It’s not a busy day and nearly time for Castiel’s break; Michael decides to let Anna deal with him.

"He’s completely unprofessional,” Castiel says, looking at the floor with the expression of a petulant child.

Michael nods.  "I agree.“

"I can’t work with him.”

Michael looks at his watch.  "Yes, I understand he can be very difficult.“

Castiel’s mouth twists into a deeper frown.  "He put video of a Japanese game show on loop on my computer and I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop.”  He looks up at Michael, crossing his arms over his chest.  "When a contestant got a question incorrect, they got hit.  In the testicles.“

Michael thinks about the conference call he has with Chuck and Joshua soon and tries to remember patience.  "I’m very sorry.  You’re welcome to ask someone to trade desks with you.”

Castiel knows as well as he does that no one ever will, but decides arguing that point would be pointless.  He looks away and uncrosses his arms.  His shoulders slump.

Michael smiles.  "Let’s get back to work, Castiel.“  He straightens Cas’s crooked tie.  "And try to take better care of your appearance, hmm?”

“Yes, sir,” Castiel says, watching Michael walk back into his office.  He looks over at Anna, who gives him a quick smile.  He looks at the clock behind her.  Only two hours until lunch.

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