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#fusion time

im kinda bored but ima do this i guess.

Um please only principals and baldis um.. I may not do all of em cause if its too big or complicated ill probably improvise and make it a half body so not all of em will probably be full bodies because that takes a lot of time and i just don’t have the energy for it. Don’t take it personally if i make it lazily or a half sketch and not full body it was probably cause it would of been too much for me. 

But send em in i guess not too many please this time last time there was a lot be gentle and careful this time. ;w; I apologies if it takes awhile it could be that i was busy that time around but ill do the fusions thing.

It’ll probably be a slow pace of school days mainly but don’t be afraid to send em in! please don’t send me too many at once if you have more than one baldi or principal. But dont be afraid trust me im more scared than you!

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so from September 8th to October the 8th I will be doing fusion requests

its simple just say {gem name} + {gem name} = ???????

you can have as many pluses as you like but don’t go over 5

if you would like you can also ask for a fusion of one of my hetalia gems and your gemsona. (send link to picture)

anyway I’ve been bored for a bit and having a little trouble finishing answers for asks and I love designing characters (why I love sunstone so much) and fusion is a cool way of doing it.

this doesn’t mean that I won’t be answering asks or doing random drawings

so I’ll be waiting (vuv) 

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