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Makoto: EXCUSE ME!? Our team is both professional and mature. For starters, we've-
Futaba: Is lunch ready yet?
Makoto: Yes, it's ready upstairs. I also brought juice boxes for everyone-
Makoto, hurrying upstairs: Be careful, both of you! They're still hot-
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I’ll be honest. When I first came into the persona 5 fandom I was like “hey, this is like KHR except there’s fucking levels.” So. Here it is.

Persona 5:Flame Au.

  • Akiren is a sky. He’s lonely, kinda broken, and left alone. And that’s never good. He has no guardians.
  • The first time he meets Ryuji, he feels the kinship. They’re compatible.
  • When Kamoshida tries to execute the blond, all he can feel is the rage at that dirty fucking man touching his sun; hishishishishis-
  • -and awakens.
  • Ann is so, so tired. She needs harmony, and Kamoshida’s discorded flames just keep getting closer and bringing her into discord as well. Akira fixes that.
  • Yusuke’s flames have been surpressed for so long, he’s had trouble adjusting. Fortunately, he has his sky to help him through.
  • Makoto…she was already near discord. Had Akira not reached out to her, she would’ve drowned. She did unconsciously seek him out, so he’d give her props for that.
  • Futaba, poor girl, knows she should reach out. She was already in discord. At least she was trying.

I’m too tired from life and I’m like halfway buried into my my pile of pillows and blankets so here’s the gist:

  • Ann is his first storm, a sun secondary. Bright and cheerful as she might be, she’ll burn and burn and disintegrate anything on her warpath.
  • Yusuke is his Mist, with a small cloud secondary. His art is full of emotions, and illusions even more so. Terrifying creatures can burst from his imagination, no alert needed.
  • Makoto is his Storm. The never resting storm which runs over anything needed via her persona, or destroying via her flames.
  • Futaba is his Lightning; a Inverted one at that. Technology is her playground, and she’s conquered it already.
  • Haru, sweet caring Haru, is a rain. Her anger is tranquil, and her fighting is refined.
  • Akechi, who’s been courting and courted, is a cloud, a strong mist minor. Dunno who initiated it, but the sky is courting him.
  • Akechi probably involuntarily issued a courting thing, and unknowingly, he became part of the sky. Akira knows of his deeds, knows of his sins, knows of the blood that stained black gloves red, and yet, he’ll give his life over and over for his cloud.
  • Being in Discord was hard, and when Akira reached out to him, a kinship was formed, slowly bringing Akechi into Akira’s harmony.
  • The “corruption” is just discord, and changing hearts would just bring them back near harmony.
  • Yaldy is just a being made of discord and desires.
  • The personas and shit would stay the same.
  • A sky’s harmony is just the frequency they’re comfortable with, and their guardians have either a similar or same frequency, which is why they were bound together.
  • Discorded people have a irregular frequency, and they’re hard people to be around. They can spread when you’re around too long.
  • Akechi was actually Akiren’s first element; or at least first courting. He was there when he walked into the cafe. He was in temporary discord for a while when he died. He wasn’t able to accept another cloud, nor stay around one for a while until the wound soothed over.
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*PRE-ORDER* Persona 5 Royal Dual Attack Sticker Set

I’ll be opening pre-orders for my P5R Dual Attack Stickers (set only) as the individuals are really low in stock and are popular! This will be the last time in 2020 I will be restocking these stickers and the next time I will sell these will be at a Doujinma 2021! Each set is priced at 15 SGD. Link to my Etsy is in my bio (will not add any links to the post due to Tumblr’s algorithmn)

*Pre-orders close on 9 November 2020 @ 1200 SGT* For Local orders please PM me!

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Ryuji: Creeper!
Futaba: Aww Man!
Mii Brawler: *Pull off his Creeper Mask.* Man, there really is coventing.
Makoto: Wait, Brawl? Is that you.
Mii Brawler: Yep, It me, Just trying out the Creeper Outfit. Gotter say, I look really cool.
Ryuji: But how? How are able to move those feets.
Futaba: Yeah, they like flowing, limbless block, how can you able to move them.
Mii Brawler: You guy do know I'm a Mii right?
Mii Brawler: We just head that able to control the body under us.
Futaba: That actually makes sense...
Ryuji: Wait, you aren't Human?!
Makoto: *Smack Ryuji.* Of course they aren't really Human, they face are like egg cup. How can you think they was Human at all?
Futaba: I've always those it was a gameplay thing.
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Guess who finally beat Persona 5 Royal! To celebrate my triumph, I wanted to share some Futaba Sakura on here tonight. The midnight hour may be over, but the Phantom Thieves are always ready to fight for justice! 🌻

The other weekend was actually the first time I’ve ever the chance to do a sunflower photoshoot. A big thank you to Sunfloradesuu on Instagram for letting me know about this location! I’ve been wanting to take some photos as my Halloween version of Futaba, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. 🎃

Photography is by @porkrindsthinkalike!

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Lavenza: What is “bonkin’”?

Ryuji: When something’s dope, it’s bonkin’.

Lavenza: And… for something to be dope?

Futaba: Something’s dope if it’s lit.

Lavenza, about to cry: Trickster…

Joker: Bonkin’ means cool.

Lavenza: Phew. Thank you. For a moment, I worried my ability to communicate with humans was beginning to wane.

Futaba: Moooood!

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