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(7887 Words)

1/11 Wednesday (Shujin Academy Nurse’s Office)

Man, I’m hungry. I wonder how Lavenza is going to get into the school. Could she just make a Velvet Room doorway appear on the rooftop?

These thoughts occupy my thinking space as I throw a paper airplane out of the second-story window without Kawakami noticing, or her ignoring me if she had noticed.

The lunchtime bell tolls and I head into the hallway while Morgana adjusts himself onto my shoulder to speak, “You’ve been awfully busy lately - don’t forget to eat lunch.”

I smile at him, “Aw, concerned for me, my little kitty? Such a noble gentleman.”

Mona barks out a laugh, “If I don’t take care of you, who will? You lack basic self-care, (Y/N).”


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Anon!! You’re so kind. Thank you, I’m glad that I come off as sweet. I see some blogs where people appear quite rude and although that’s fine for them I guess, treating all my precious followers & readers with respect is a basic rule that should be followed.

Writing is my passion but I love interacting with people a lot.

Also be gay, do crime.

- Nexus.

Panther { Ann Takamaki }

✧ With this being her first relationship with a girl, Ann would also like to keep it quiet for a while. Not because she is ashamed of being with her, it is merely that she is not sure who will or will not be supportive of her. Though the Phantom Thieves would congratulate her if she were to come out, the rest of Japanese society may not feel the same.

✧ There is absolutely no PDA if she is not comfortable with it. Ann knows that keeping that kind of thing a secret requires them to be at a slight distance in public but that merely means that she turns up the affection dial in private. Once the two come home, she is likely to ask for a cuddle because there has been very little touching all day.

✧ Choosing to come out to anyone is a difficult thing. If she decides to do so, Ann will be there to support her all the way because they are both in this together. Even if someone is homophobic, they can move past it because they have each other. Though she would understand if she wants it to remain a secret for a while, her acting is not the best so it may accidentally slip out.

Queen { Makoto Niijima }

✧ With Makoto, her stance about keeping it a secret is the same. Although she knows that her current group of friends & her girlfriend would never abandon her, being rejected reminds her a lot of those times in which she was alone. It made her miserable & she never wants to go back to that kind of thing again. Especially because she does not know her sister’s views on the LGBTQ+ community. There is also the fact that she needs to act professional at school because of her high reputation.

✧ Quickly, they fall into a routine of ‘study’ dates. Even if Makoto was simply going over to her house to talk & cuddle, she would still use the pretence that they were going to study together. Sometimes they would actually study because grades are important but a lot of the time it is intelligent conversation.

✧ Actually one of the most daring of the four. Makoto does not hesitate to sneak a kiss around other people, especially when she knows that no one is looking. Even if it is merely on her cheek, it is still a win nonetheless. If she reacts positively, she tries to hide a secret smile the rest of the conversation.

Oracle { Futaba Sakura }

✧ Keeping it a secret from the general public is actually rather easy because Futaba does not go outside very often. However, keeping it from Sojiro is a bigger challenge. He would figure it out eventually because of the amount of time they spend together but would never directly ask, instead opting to wait for one of them to come out to him. He is super accepting!! Anyone that makes his daughter happy also makes him happy.

✧ She likes to secretly hold hands, even if it is a little risky. For some reason, it soothes the mind. Even if it is merely the intertwinement of the pinkies, she smiles whenever it happens. Although she is not an advocate of PDA, small things make her feel better amongst big groups of people.

✧ This is her first relationship, so please take care of her!! Futaba has a huge weakness for cuddling in her room when she knows that everyone is out of the house or they are fast asleep. She may even fall asleep herself but beware, as she shifts & mumbles a lot in her sleep.

Violet { Sumire Yoshizawa }

✧ Sumire is very fluttery about being in a relationship. She can get flustered quite quickly & that can cause a scene in public, make sure not to tease her! Keeping it a secret is perfectly fine for her even though she knows that her father would understand. Despite this, keeping the relationship a secret is quite difficult. A lot of her schedule is quite busy, so most of seeing her would come from hanging out together at Shujin Academy during lunch time or even through texting each other.

✧ However, there is a caveat. Lack of affection & validation can make Sumire feel insecure about herself, which leads to her wondering if she is a good partner for her girlfriend. Although she would disclose this secret only to herself, it would eventually be another thing that tears her down & prevents her from focusing on gymnastics.

✧ If she ever wanted to come out to anyone, she would like to talk to them & see what they think of the gay community in case there is a chance that they are homophobic because she would not want her significant other to experience any kind of hate, abandonment or violence. Deeming herself a good judge of character, Sumire does some investigation to see what their opinions are without having to directly ask any questions.

Word Count: 820

Publish Date: 16.10.20

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Hello Anon!! This was a cute ask!! Having the P5 girls as wingwomen would be really funny.

- Nexus.

Panther { Ann Takamaki }

✧ Despite the fact that Ann is not the most knowledgeable educationally, she picks up on some of the signs of her friend having a crush. Though she does tease her a little bit for being obvious, she is incredibly helpful about everything.

✧ Her advice… Is not that helpful. A lot of her ideas come from romanticised novels or traditional tropes.

✧ They go shopping together for some fancy clothes to impress Akira & talk about date ideas because she knows him pretty well. He prefers quiet places where he can get to know someone, is what she tells them.

✧ Would absolutely do her makeup for a date if she allowed Ann to. She does so brilliantly & makes the entire outfit pop. Although it does end up taking quite a while because she suddenly becomes a perfectionist & restarts three times…

✧ Once Akira confides in Ann that he likes her, she layers on the encouragement for her to ask him on a date thick. She always has some kind of knowing smile & although she is a terrible actor, eventually manages to pull the strings together so that they get together { once they are together, Ann remarks about how it was soooo obvious they liked each other }.

Queen { Makoto Niijima }

✧ Makoto would not know about her crush until she tells her about it. She never teases & is very serious about getting Akira to reciprocate, since she wants the both of them to be happy together.

✧ Strangely enough, Makoto actually gives decent advice. Instead of telling her to go straight to the confession, she talks about slowly showing affection. Giving gifts that he might like or a lingering touch that lasts slightly too long.

✧ Tries her best to get the two of them into situations where they are alone together. Even if it means having to drag Ryuji along with her because he has yet to quite understand.

✧ When Akira tells Makoto that he likes her, she visibly sighs in relief. It would be horrible to have to tell her friend that he was not interested. Although she does not push the two together, she gives subtle hints to each other.

Oracle { Futaba Sakura }

✧ Telling Futaba is not the best idea in the world. She immediately freaks out & is super teasing about it, even around the other Phantom Thieves. Becomes totally invested into the budding romance going on. Eventually, it becomes obvious to the other Phantom Thieves what is going on & they all join in on it, even Haru.

✧ Her advice is just to tell him before Futaba tells him. Whenever she goes to chicken out of some sort of date or moment alone, she hangs the threat over her head.

✧ Despite everything, she knows what Akira likes & offers to help out. For example, she will set up some kind of outing for the three of them & then disappear, using a different excuse each time that is probably not even that well put together.

✧ Akira’s confession to Futaba is unsurprising & she does a very obvious gremlin laugh. Setting the two of them up was all too easy. Once it is confirmed that they like each other, she pushes them both into it because she knows they both struggle with making the first move.

Noir { Haru Okumura }

✧ Although she had some suspicions, Haru did not want to assume until her friend confirms the clues. She ends up sitting with her over a cup of tea & discussing it. Throughout the experience, she makes a few remarks but never fully teases them because she knows how frustrating it is to have a crush.

✧ She is unafraid to spend money in order to bring the two of them together, though she does believe that homemade gifts & such are more precious. As well as quaint dates, Akira melts at the idea of personal gifts.

✧ For some reason, most of her advice is about flirting? Perhaps it it because Haru has unrealistic standards of expectations due to everything with Sugimura. { Speaking of gone wrong relationships, when the two get together, Haru tells Akira to take care of her friend or face the bite of her axe. }

Violet { Sumire Yoshizawa }

✧ It is quite obvious to Sumire by the way they act around each other. She has never seen Akira so… Expressive before unless he was talking about the Phantom Theives or justice.

✧ She is super sneaky about getting the two together because she is actually a rather good actor. Mentioning good date spots in passing conversation, talking about couples & what they would do. Very casual things.

✧ Confiding in her is super sweet because she wants both Akira and her friend to be happy. They both saved her from a dark moment in her life & they deserve to be happy together.

✧ Probably accidentally blurts it out in front of Akira when he talks about having a crush. Although it speeds the relationship along, Sumire is rather embarrassed & apologises multiple times because she wanted them to get together in their own time.

Word Count: 820

Publish Date: 11.10.20

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(8061 Words)

1/9 Monday Daytime (Seaside Park Stadium Construction Site)

The train ride to the stadium was quicker than I remember it being. Immediately, I notice Goro playing on his phone standing outside the construction site where Maruki’s Palace resides.

“So, you came. Based on the look in your eyes, I’m guessing your friends aren’t going to be of any use to us.” He says to me mockingly.

I sigh in frustration, pinching the bridge of my nose, “Got a problem with that?”

“We need as much manpower as possible right now. I was hoping at least some of them would avoid being useless…But that seems to be beyond their capabilities.” Goro deadpans.

“I just mean we’re strong enough together. Just me and you.” I sigh, “We’d be okay. Anyways, I’m sure they’ll come around.”

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Anon, this request is really creative! I don’t know how you all keep coming up with such unique stuff but I love to write it.

My character limit { I don’t really have one anymore, haha. } is 5, so I don’t mind writing all of the girls, I think they’re all amazing in different ways.

Hope you’re doing alright, honey.

- Nexus.

Panther { Ann Takamaki }

Encountering the shadow self of the person Ann loved in Mementos was a shock to be sure. Although Morgana had mentioned an unusual presence on the floor, she thought it would have been someone who was a criminal, who needed to be set back on the path of justice.

Seeing them even suggesting that they were not worthy to be her significant other was heartbreaking. As all the self-deprecating words spilled, she felt like crying. Steeling her resolve, Akira told her that it was up to her what the Phantom Thieves did with the shadow. He knew the two of them were together.

In the end, she decided to confront them in reality. Beating up their shadow self did not sit right with her, especially when they simply just needed some comfort & reassurance. Letting them form a Palace much like Futaba did would make her feel incredibly guilty.

Going directly over to their house after school the next day, Ann knocked on the door. They had not attended school today & she was beginning to be even more worried.

Eventually, the door opens & they look almost normal in that casual outfit but there is something about the look in their eyes telling her that not everything is quite alright. She essentially forces her way in & hugs them tight, telling them that they are worth more to her than they could ever believe.

There is a lot of crying on both ends & talking but it is established that they love each other a lot. With no comprehensible reason for Ann to leave, she ends up staying for most of the evening as they decide to put terrible movies on & spend some time together.

Queen { Makoto Niijima }

Much like with her sister, Makoto is insistent on changing their heart. She does not believe her words can change the cognition of someone who already has distorted desires, even if they have yet to develop a Palace. However, she tells Akira that she cannot fight on the front lines for this battle.

After the shadow is defeated, she insists on heading home for the night & confronting them in the morning. Very anxiously, she paces around her room at home until sleep overtook her. She is almost late for school for the first time ever.

Using her position as Student Council President, she calls for them to come to the Council room & Makoto asks why they have seemed to upset recently. After a few minutes of gentle prodding, they confess they felt inadequate as a partner to them but that they were alright now.

She does her best to reassure them that if they did not love them, they would break up & that since that has yet to happen, she still quite obviously loves them. There are a few tender touches of affection & before they leave, she kisses them on the cheek.

Oracle { Futaba Sakura }

Futaba immediately refuses to fight their shadow & wants to talk to them. Although the others are scared of their navigator getting hurt, it is Ryuji of all people that insists that she should talk to them. It reminds her all too much of her own Palace, where she received help. Someone held a hand out for her, so she will hold a hand out to the person she loves the most.

At first, she is shocked about the words that come out of their mouth. Her significant other feeling worthless or insecure in their love is a total shocker, as she thought it was going to be something about their personal life.

After taking her mask off, she goes over to their shadow & gives them a hug. Despite the fact they thrash around at first, they eventually hug back & begin to sob into her shoulder. Aceepting her comfort, their shadow slowly began to disappear as they realised that in the end, Futaba truly did love them.

She texts them the next morning to ask how they are, since they had been avoiding her for a while. They respond with a huge paragraph about how they felt insecure & she was going to break up with them but that they are alright now. Smiling in relief, Futaba ends up planning another date with them.

Noir { Haru Okumura }

Haru does not take the news that her significant other has a shadow very well. She immediately demands to go into Mementos & take care of the problem quickly before they develop a Palace.

Throughout the entirety of the trip to Mementos, her cheery nature is gone & she focuses on massacring any shadows that even think about touching the Mona Car. No one can seem to stop her aside from Akira, who she only listens to because he is dishing out the orders.

After finding the floor they are on, she immediately requests to be placed on the front lines to change the cognition of her significant other. There is no refusing her, no matter how anyone tries to dissuade her.

The shadow is eventually defeated & Haru immediately returns to her normal self after dealing with their shadow. She assists with the rest of the requests in Mementos then immediately heads home to sleep because she found the day rather mentally exhausting.

Unlike the others, Haru waits for her significant other to contact her. If they need the space in order to work out their problems then she is more than happy to give it to them. Once they text her or meet her in the school corridors, she is more than happy to embrace them & ask what is going on.

Violet { Sumire Yoshizawa }

They had been avoiding Sumire for a number of weeks & although she was not a Phantom Thief, she had been particularly worried. Things had never been so distant in the relationship. So she decided to type their name into the MetaNav. Her stomach dropped when it was a hit in Mementos.

Working up the courage to contact Akira was nerve wracking but she did it for them. She essentially wrote that she needed some help in the Metaverse & that she would still not be joining the Phantom Thieves but that she needed to change the cognition of someone important.

Once they agreed to meet up & reached the correct floor, their shadow was there, hands covering their face. Sumire tried to talk some sense into them but eventually it began a confrontation. Although they won, she still felt awful about having to battle the cognition of her significant other.

In reality, the two met up at a café the next day after school & went around Shibuya together. It was a wonderful afternoon despite all that had happened in Mementos. Everything was alright once again.

Word Count: 1.1k

Publish Date: 04.10.20

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