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i’ve been struggling so hard in college for the last year, but the only good thing is i know i’m gonna be so much more considerate, understanding, and patient with my future students. life can be a bitch. personal/family issues, social issues, mental health issues, physical health issues…. majority of the time those situations are out of our control, and all we can do is think, overthink, and lose focus of anything else. how can i hold a student accountable for their academic life when they’re already drowning in all other aspects of their life?? it’s not right. a student isn’t JUST a student. they have families and friends and relationships and bullies and enemies, heck, sometimes they’re their OWN enemy! but i don’t want to be like every other teacher, like any teacher i’ve had. i’m not going to close the door in their face and yell at them about tests and deadlines. i’m going to do everything in my power to preserve and protect their mental and physical well-being, and if i feel like they have too much on their plate, i’m not gonna pile on more shit that i know they can’t handle atm! now instead of being discouraged about getting my degree, i’m motivated to push through as best as i can so i can quickly become the teacher that i know so many students, just like me, need. <3

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My dream is to be an elementary school teacher. I think I have wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a child! I used to pretend to teach my sister and next-door neighbor and create “homework” for them when we would play together. When I was in middle school I was finally old enough to volunteer at my churches daycare to help teach the little kids. Then, in high school I signed up for an Early Childhood Education class where I would learn more about child development and get to volunteer at preschools and daycares during school. I loved volunteering and learning more about children and how they learn! I knew that teaching was what I was always meant to do.

However, as much as I wanted to be a teacher I knew I probably would never get the chance. My parents didn’t have to money to send me to college and I figured I didn’t have good enough grades to get any scholarships. So, I let my dream go and got a job just to pay the bills, that I really didn’t love. I ended up moving to Florida with my husband a few years after I graduated highscool and I got to see him graduate from UCF and pursue his dream. He knew that my dream was to be a teacher and that I had always wished I would’ve went to college. We started saving money and once we had a good savings account he encouraged me to finally purse my dream! So, now here we are, I started my first semester at Valencia this past August and am on my way to finally on my way to becoming a teacher! I’m so thankful that my husband encouraged me to start this journey even though it’s a little later than I had imagined.

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For years, I kept waiting for my life to happen. My future was a distant thing, my dream career was far away. I opened my mind and my heart, stopped and rested and listened. I switched my major and changed course and suddenly my life isn’t a million miles away and seeming to get further away with each tentative step I take towards it; finally, my dreams are within reach, and as I sprint towards them with open arms, I can already see the distance closing and my heart is swelling with joy. I’m almost there.

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I’m finally keeping a journal. I’ve had it for years, never knew what to write in it. I figured now is as good a time as ever to start making progress towards a new and better me.

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🎡- i had my first therapy appointment since last year. i hope i can get used to this new therapist. maybe she’ll help me manage my school stress? here are some philosophy notes! - 🎡

🎧: bury a friend by billie eilish

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Aly Leigh | 24 | She/Her
English Major & Future Teacher

Simple About Me:

  • Feminist.
  • I love stationary and planners.
  • Currently an administrative assistant.
  • Autistic, but bad at math. 
  • I should probably be studying right now.
  • Baby boy and husband at home. Love them.
  • Two dogs and two cats.
  • My life is chaos.

Current Goals:

  • Finish associates at local school.
  • Transfer to CU Denver for teaching degree/licensing program.
  • Teach middle school English.
  • Get a masters degree. 
  • Go into administration. 
  • Get PhD (? I get mixed advice on if I need this)
  • Go into Principal role/county administration.
  • Teach. Some. Kids.

Current Classes:

  • Math for Liberal Arts
  • English Composition II

(I’ll be taking more next semester but I have a bad history with math so I decided to take it easy this first semester. My plan for next semester will be two more core classes and creative writing, once again to ease into this.)

Annnnyway… I made this account to connect with other studyblrs so please reach out! :D 

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🍃 - i’m on week 4 of school and i am already feeling a bit hopeless. i’m sure we’ll make it through, though. here are my introduction to critical thinking notes. - 🍃

🎧: saturn by sleeping at last

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The same woman (my supervisor) who said homophobic shit yesterday: “[in order to make up for the shortage of teachers needed to cover classes due to COVID] the school will just have to use the teachers who aren’t doing anything with their certification. You know, like the art teachers and the Spanish teachers”

Me, a sapphic-leaning bisexual woman who literally took the custodian job to save for tuition payments to become a Spanish teacher:


Originally posted by shunknee

I need the money, so I can’t say anything. But I don’t know if I can handle another MONTH of this woman shitting on my entire existence.

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I swear that I will never favor my kids. I promise you that every kid that comes through my door as a future teacher will be given the same love and care and attention that every kid before them got, and every kid after will. I will never be like my own teachers who bullied the children they were supposed to protect. Who made them hate the thing they love, who made them feel worthless, or invisible. Who didn’t care. And if I ever do, I will quit on the spot. Because I know then that I’m not meant to teach anymore if I can’t love all kids the same.

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