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// corn liquor tastes sweeter in this town

could it be it’s the same as the last

I swear I’ve seen ya face elsewhere before

just as familiar as a bottle and a glass //

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// y’all are just trying to get likes on your comments

googling quotes that are socially conscious 

and sayin’ you’re woke doesn’t make you a prophet

it makes you a liar and stupid obnoxious //

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// I never claimed to be holy but I got angel’s protection 

I got a barbed wire halo and devil horns I don’t mention 

yeah the Lord is my savior but shit, revenge is so tempting

I don’t expect to see heaven, if that’s the case I respect it //

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Btw I hope y'all know that post that got popular about rubber bullets used for crowd control are just normal bullets with rubber coating is bullshit. They use baton rounds which are either plastic, rubber, or wooden pucks as well as pepper balls and beanbag rounds. 


These are rubber bullets which aren’t normal lead bullets coated in rubber. They’re just rubber and have usually three quarters or half has much powder as normal ammo.

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// it’s just your fate, this isn’t just a phase

I’m drawn to you and you belong to me

I hope you see that now you’re stuck with me

the voice inside your head, I am the poison in your veins

I toy with your emotions, I take pleasure in your pain and I will make you

just another fallen angel //

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// sun down, day turns to night

angels singin’, sounds just right

demons playin’, there ain’t no fight

you pray, this music will go away

you pure old heart //

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// y'all are so addicted to bein’ hopeless victims y'all could crash a plane and blame the road conditions

and your only sickness is your social vision, makes you scared of choices but you’re pro-decision

so you march a lot but never go the distance, yellin’ way too loud until no one listens //

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// y’all don’t wanna fuck with me

cuz I don’t feel the pressure, no I will not be censored

I’m not afraid that’s why they fuck with me

my name will be remembered and I will live forever

I bet y’all hate that y’all are stuck with me //

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// my bad, I forgot you were fragile

I forgot someone who doesn’t even know me told you I am an asshole

I forgot that I’m the villain 

I forgot that I’ve always spread positivity but you think I didn’t

I forgot that hatred stems from people who hate their own existence

I forgot I’m better off alone

I forgot I care for everyone’s happiness but forget about my own //

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