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claumschiff · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Wen Kexing redraw and some explorations, god his character is so fun to draw...
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lumosandnoxwriting · a year ago
Cat and Mouse Game - Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Title: Cat and Mouse Game Pairing: Fred x fem!reader Warnings: NSFW, mentions of masturbation, semi-public sex, fingerfucking, unprotected sex A/N: I have a lot of feelings about Fred Weasley and very few of them are innocent. This is like 95% filth with some fluff thrown in at the end because I love Fred Weasley and he’s my only source of serotonin.
Tags: @tonksichu​
They’ve been playing the same game of cat and mouse since their Hogwarts days. They’d take turns leaving flirty notes for the other to find, grabbing the other’s hand under the table at dinner, pulling the other into a dark corridor for a few minutes of stolen kisses. Not much has changed between them since then, although their games are far less innocent.
“Mail’s here!” Verity calls from somewhere in the shop.
Fred doesn’t move a muscle, his focus completely taken up by the potion he’s stirring in front of him. He and George have been working on a new product for weeks, a candy infused with truth serum that only lasts for one question – the perfect addition to any game of truth or dare. They had planned on launching it next week, but they’re still having problems getting the formula of the truth serum just right.
“For fucks sake,” he mutters to himself when a puff of black smoke rises out of the cauldron. “Too much dandelion root.” He shoves himself away from his desk, stalking over to the sink so he can start over again. He’s so focused on scrubbing that he doesn’t hear George come in.
“Not going well, eh?” George asks, chuckling when Fred drops the cauldron, clearly startled by his brother’s sudden presence.
“I’m going to make you wear a bell for Merlin’s sake. You scared the shit out of me,” Fred groans, picking the cauldron back up. He rinses it one more time before stalking back to his desk. He’s about to start working again, when he notices that George is still standing in front of him. “Did you need something? Or are you just gonna stand there to annoy me?”
George smiles at his brother. Partially because he finds his frustrated demeanor amusing, but mostly because it’ll annoy Fred further. “Oh, I just popped in to bring you your mail.”
Fred rolls his eyes, getting back to work. “Just put it in the tray, I’ll get to it later.” He gestures lazily to the incoming work tray on the corner of his desk, which has started to pile up. He’s going over his notes so he can adjust the amount of dandelion root for the fifth time, when George shoves a letter into his line of vision.
“Actually, dear brother of mine I think you’ll notice that this particular letter requires your immediate attention,” George snickers. He drops the letter on the desk, and with a waggle of his fingers he’s gone.
Fred had only gotten a glimpse of the envelope, but as soon as George has closed the door behind him he pushes his work aside to pick it up. He recognized Y/N’s delicate writing immediately, he had become quite familiar with it during their time together at school.
In fact, he’s been waiting for this letter for the past three weeks. That’s how it is with them. One of them is the aggressor while the other waits for the next letter, waits for the details of their next meeting. It had been Fred’s turn to wait, and wait he had. Most nights he found himself laying in bed, hand around his hard cock thinking about the things he and Y/N had gotten up to during their last rendezvous.
That’s the one thing he truly misses about his days back in school, how easy it was for him to force her hand when he was tired of waiting. He knew her too well, knew how to get under her skin. Whenever he missed the feeling of her hand in his, or when he had nearly forgotten what the inside of her mouth tastes like it was all too easy to get her to make her move. All it took was some innocent flirting during breakfast, usually with Angelina Johnson, and by lunch time there would be a note in Y/N’s delicate scrawl detailing their next meeting time and place on his pillow.
But now he truly has to wait for Y/N to need him. They had gone longer than three weeks before, but that had been during the war, when it was too dangerous to play their game. Fred knows that he could always break their little game, he could owl her any day and have her in his bed that night, but he enjoys the chase, it’s part of the fun.
His mind wanders as his fingers tear at the envelope, wondering which of their games Y/N had chosen for them, silently hoping she had chosen his favorite.
Sometimes their game was romantic. They’d meet at a fancy muggle restaurant, all dressed up. Fred would wine and dine her for hours before he’d take her back to his. Their sex was always slow and intimate. Fred would make sure she could feel all of him and wouldn’t stop until his name was dripping from her lips as she came. He’d kiss her slowly as he came insider her, wanting to feel as close to her as possible.
Other times, their game was quick and dirty. They’d meet at a hotel room in London and from the second the door was shut behind them they were all over each other. They’d both be naked in a matter of minutes, their hands roaming each other’s bodies and Fred’s mouth leaving marks on her wherever he can. Their sex was quick and hard, both of them usually on their lunch breaks. Often they came together, and Fred’s lips wouldn’t leave her skin until they were back on the bustling streets of London and parting ways to go back to their lives.
Fred’s favorite game by far was the perfect mix of the others. They’d meet at a muggle club, just a few minutes apart from each other. Fred would arrive first and grab a drink from the bar before settling at a table. When Y/N would enter they’d lock eyes, and the game would truly begin. Y/N would spend the evening doing as she pleases: drinking, dancing, and most importantly, flirting. Fred would watch her from his spot, jealousy and arousal building up in his stomach. He’d let her push it and just as some unsuspecting muggle is trying to get her to leave with him, Fred would swoop in and remind her just who she belongs too. Their first round is quick and dirty, usually in the toilets of whatever club they happen to be at. Then he’d apperate them back to hers, and they’d spend the rest of the evening tangled in the sheets of her bed, kissing softly as he ruined her.
Fred fumbles with the envelope as he pulls the piece of parchment out, too excited to be careful. A grin spreads across his face as he eyes scan over the few words written down. She had chosen his favorite game, and he couldn’t wait to play.
Malibu. Tonight. 10:30.
Y/N stands in front of her open closet in nothing but a dressing gown, nervous butterflies in her stomach as she contemplates what to wear. Upscale muggle clubs are not her usual stomping ground and she wants to look perfect, so she’s at a loss for what to wear.
Of course, she could have picked one of their other games. She had plenty of dresses she felt confident in that would have been perfect for a night at a muggle restaurant, but it had already been three weeks since she’d seen Fred last, and she didn’t want to wait any longer for a reservation to open up. A lunch time meet up would have been perfect as well, since her and Fred managed to get naked in under 10 seconds her clothes wouldn’t matter, but she needed longer than an hour with him.
Plus, this particular game is Fred’s favorite, and she needs him nice and riled up for the night she has planned. They’ve only played out this game two other times, but both times Y/N was barely able to walk the next day.
She decides to go with something white, for a few different reasons. For one, Y/N had bought a white silk dress that hugs her curves perfectly last weekend and seeing her in something new and tight will rile Fred up even more.
But mostly, she knows that seeing her in white awakens something carnal in Fred. Y/N had once made the mistake of wearing a brand new set of matching white bra and panties to one of their meetings, and after Fred had ripped her panties off he fucked her hard, growling in her ear about how innocent she looked in white, but that they both knew what a dirty slut she was for him. He had made her cum so many times that she cried from the overstimulation, the only downside was that she had to replace her ruined panties and they had been quite expensive.
Y/N grabs the new white dress out of her closet, a shiver running down her spine at the memory. Three weeks is far too long to go without having Fred both in her bed and just in her life generally. She makes a mental note not to wait that long next time as she heads over to her dresser. She opens the top drawer, trying to decide which pair of panties would really get Fred going.
“Well, if I’m being honest with myself,” Y/N thinks out loud, quietly. With a wicked smile she slams the drawer shut. “No panties it is.”
Fred is already nursing a whiskey sour at a table when Y/N strolls into the main room of the club. Their eyes lock across the crowded room, and after sending her a sly wink his eyes trail down her body.
“Holy hell,” he groans, the grip he has on his glass tightening. He can already feel himself getting hard in his trousers just from the outfit Y/N is wearing alone. Fred can tell by the way the lights reflect off of it that the tight piece of fabric clinging to her every curve is made out of silk, his absolute favorite. The fact that it’s white drives him even crazier and he quickly downs his drink, needing to calm himself down.
From where Y/N is standing at the bar Fred has the perfect view of her bum. He absent mindedly signals for a waitress to bring him another drink, his eyes trained on Y/N. Fred has to stifle a groan when her dress rides up the back of her thighs as she leans forward to shout her order to the bartender. He’s fully hard in his trousers now as he thinks about how badly he wants to feel those thighs wrapped around his head.
Just as a waitress sets another drink down on Fred’s table a young man with tousled blonde hair comes up behind Y/N, blocking his view.
He takes a sip of his drink. “Let the games begin.”
Y/N feels someone come up behind her, and a moment later she can feel them press up against her. “You come here alone?”
She smiles to herself before turning to the stranger. There’s no doubt that he’s attractive, and Y/N knows that she had positioned herself directly in Fred’s line of sight, so she knows that he’s watching their exchange.
“I did actually,” she drawls, her hand running down the length of the glass the bartender had just set in front on her. “Was hoping to find someone that piques my interest here.”
The man’s eyes follow the languid movement of her hand on her glass for a moment, before he looks into her eyes with a smirk. “Oh really? Any luck so far?”
Y/N takes a sip of her drink, willing herself to keep her eyes on the man in front of her instead of searching for Fred’s. The alcohol burns her throat as arousal begins to build in her stomach. She knows Fred is out there, watching her intently as she flirts with someone who isn’t him. But they both know who she’ll be going home with, and that though alone has her pussy aching.
“I think so,” Y/N responds, her voice dripping with arousal. It’s not due to the man standing in front of her, but he doesn’t need to know that. She looks him up and down, taking notice of his strong hands and long legs. She nods to herself, almost saying ‘yeah, he’ll do.’ She downs the rest of her drink quickly and slaps some muggle money down on the bar. “Care to dance?”
Fred’s eyes are trained on the dance floor, his second drink abandoned on the table next to him.  He’s too focused on Y/N, watching her hips sway to the beat of whatever muggle song is playing. Her back is pressed up against the front of the bloke that approached her at the bar, and his hands are gripping her hips. They’ve been dancing like that for at least 30 minutes and Fred feels like he hasn’t even blinked, he’s too entranced by Y/N.
His cock has been aching in his trousers for what feels like hours, and his stomach is a pit full of arousal and jealousy. On one hand he finds Y/N’s actions downright dirty, and he knows he’ll be thinking of how good she looks tonight next time he’s alone in bed and desperate for her touch. On the other hand, he wants to be the one dancing behind her, gripping her hips so tightly he leaves bruises to remind her of him for days after.
Fred clenches his fist, his eyes trailing up Y/N’s body to her face to try and calm himself down. They’ve only been at it for 45 minutes and Fred already wants to storm over and claim Y/N. The first time they had played this particular game Y/N had been shy, and Fred had watched her flirt with a few different guys before she had settled on the dance floor with one. He watched her with him for the better part of two hours before he intervened, no longer able to stand the fact that it wasn’t his hands gripping her bum.
The second time Y/N was bolder. She had spent only 30 minutes at the bar talking to a bloke before they moved to the dance floor. Fred had managed to watch for over an hour that time before his hands ached to touch her and he sent the muggle man Y/N had been with away.
When he first entered the club that evening he had planned on waiting longer. Y/N had made him wait three weeks, and he planned on punishing her by making her wait for him. But now that he’s standing there, watching her move in that sinful white dress against someone who isn’t him he can barely stop himself from stomping over there and taking her right in the middle of the dance floor.
Usually he can contain himself. She’s always driven him mad, but he enjoys their little game too much to break the rules. He loves the uncertainty of the chase, it’s what had drawn him in all those years ago at Hogwarts. Not knowing what the next note would contain, not knowing how long she would make him wait, not knowing what wicked plans she had made for them. Y/N was just as unpredictable as Fred and that usually drove him crazy in a good way. But now, as Fred watches her grind up against some stranger he would give anything to know what’s going on in her mind. Fred isn’t sure if it’s because it’s been three weeks since he last saw her or because she looks absolutely ethereal tonight but he’s ready to end their game early and take his woman home.
Luckily for Fred the song Y/N and her partner had been dancing to fades into another, and the pair head back towards the bar. Fred adjusts himself in his trousers so his arousal isn’t so obvious, before he throws some money on his table.
“Time to end this game.”
A light line of sweat has begun to drip down Y/N’s back and she can feel the wetness of her pussy coating her thighs. Her and Darren, she had managed to remember to at least ask the name of the poor bloke she planned on blue balling, had been dancing right in the middle of the dance floor where Y/N knew Fred could see. She could feel his gaze on her as she moved her hips to the beat which did nothing but heighten her arousal.
“So, what are you drinking?” Darren asks as they reach the bar once again. Y/N had suggested they get another drink, needing to take a break from Fred’s stare.
Y/N can smell Fred before she feels him. He’s always smelled the same, like cinnamon, fireworks and something Y/N can only describe as home. She’s about to respond to the question when she feels someone press up against her back. Fred grabs her hips tightly and Y/N has to bite her lip to keep from moaning.
“Actually, I think she’s had enough to drink,” Fred answers for her as he pulls her even tighter against his chest. His voice sends waves of pleasure through Y/N’s body, and she tries to subtly rub her thighs together to try and get some relief on her aching pussy.
Darren glares at Fred, and if Y/N wasn’t so turned on she probably would have laughed. “Oi, mate, d’you mind? We’re having a good time together.”
Y/N can feel Fred’s chest rumble against her back as he laughs, clearly unphased by what Darren had said. She feels Fred lean down, and a shiver runs down her spine as his lips lightly caress her earlobe.
“Is that true, baby? Were you having a good time with him?” Fred whispers in Y/N’s ear before he begins to press light kisses to the side of her neck.
“I was, yes,” she admits, with a nod, her voice shaking with arousal.
Darren looks like he’s about to tell Fred off, but Fred’s lips stop their movements on her neck so he can whisper in her ear again. “But what about me, baby? Are you ready to have a good time with me?”
Y/N is barely able to nod before Fred is spinning her in his arms and kissing her deeply. She can hear Darren say something rude as he stalks off, but her mind is too full of Fred to register it. Fred trails one of his hands down to Y/N’s bum, giving it a tight squeeze, and when she parts her lips to let out a soft moan he takes the opportunity to lick into her mouth.
When Fred breaks their kiss a few moments later Y/N is breathless, her cheeks tinted pink. She chases after his lips, desperate for more but Fred grabs her chin. Her eyes flick up to meet his gaze, and a tingle of pleasure runs through her pussy at how dark Fred’s eyes are.
“You drive me so fucking crazy, Y/N,” he growls into her ear. “You show up here in this,” he pauses so his fingers can tug at the bottom hem of her dress before he continues. “Knowing that I can’t touch you.” Fred trails off for a moment, letting his lips press slow kisses up and down the column of her throat. “Such a naughty girl, aren’t you?”
Y/N lets out a whine, letting her head fall back so Fred’s lips have more skin to kiss. “Just wanted to look pretty for you is all,” she gasps. Fred’s mouth had found her sweet spot and started to slowly suck at it.
Fred hums against her neck, his hands wrapping around her waist. He pulls her body flush against his, slowly rolling his hips forward so Y/N can feel his hard cock press up against her. “You look so pretty baby. And so, fucking dirty. Grinding against some random bloke while I watch, putting on a show for me.”
Y/N is soaking wet at this point, Fred’s words and actions only turning her on further. She pulls his face away from her neck, unable to contain herself anymore. She presses their lips together messily, moaning as Fred’s soft lips move with hers. Their kiss is uncoordinated, but Y/N doesn’t care. “Need you, Freddie. Need you so bad,” she whines into his mouth.
Fred kisses her for a moment longer before he forces himself to pull away. Y/N’s mouth is intoxicating, and he could spend hours just standing there and kissing her. But his cock is aching and Y/N needs him and he can’t deny her anything.
In the blink of an eye Fred has lead them away from the bar and is pushing Y/N up against the closed door of the women’s toilets. He presses their lips together hungrily as he grabs her thigh, hitching it around his waist to give him access to her core.
Y/N moans into Fred’s mouth as they kiss, his right hand gripping her thigh tightly while the other trails up her other leg towards her pussy. A smirk forms on her lips as Fred’s hand inches closer to where she needs him most, knowing that he’s about to discover her little secret.
“You dirty little slut,” Fred growls as he breaks their kiss. He had planned on teasing Y/N by softly rubbing her clit through her panties, but when he finally reached her folds he was met with her dripping entrance. He rubs her exposed clit with his thumb, causing Y/N to let out a long whine. “Look at you. Trying to fool everyone in your little white dress. Pretending you’re so innocent while your pussy is bare, anyone able to get a glance.”
Y/N is barely able to speak, her breath coming out in hard pants as Fred toys with her clit, his index finger beginning to slowly circle her entrance, just barely letting the tip of his finger enter her heat. She opens her mouth to respond, but a moan comes out instead as Fred finally lets his index finger sink fully into her.
“Is that what you were hoping for? Hm?” Fred asks as he curls his finger, smiling when Y/N clenches around him. “Hoping someone else would get a flash of your sweet pussy? Hoping someone else would notice and get a turn with you before me?”
Y/N shakes her head wildly, her mouth running dry as Fred adds another finger. Her fingers dig into Fred’s shoulders to try and steady herself as his thumb starts to rub her clit harder. “N-no,” she manages to stutter out a few seconds later when she remembers how to speak. “Did it for you. Only for you. Only want you.”
Fred buries his face in Y/N’s neck to hide the blush that has started to tint his cheeks. Even though they’ve never defined their relationship Fred knows that Y/N doesn’t see anyone else while they’re apart and he doesn’t either. But hearing that she only wants him makes him want to say things he’s felt since he was 15 years old. So he presses kisses into the hot skin of her neck instead, because it’s not appropriate to tell someone you love them for the first time while you fingerfuck them in the bathroom of a club.
“’M close,” Y/N breaths, one of her hands leaving Fred’s shoulder to tangle in the hair at the base of his neck. She can feel her climax approaching quickly, and with one more curl of Fred’s fingers against her sweet spot she’s tumbling over the edge, Fred’s name falling from her mouth.
Fred fingers continue their movements, his touch much lighter and slower to help her through her climax. When Y/N’s breathing has somewhat returned to normal Fred slowly removes his fingers and presses one more kiss to her neck so he can look at her face. Her cheeks are flushed red and her lips are swollen.
“God you’re so beautiful,” Fred whispers, kissing her deeply once again. He pulls away a moment later, pressing their foreheads together. He’s painfully aware of how hard he is in his trousers and he grinds against Y/N’s bum, trying to get some kind of relief.
Y/N giggles at Fred’s actions, bumping their foreheads together lightly. “You gonna take me home and fuck me? Or should I go find that bloke from earlier and see if he’ll give it to me?” she teases.
Without another word Fred is gripping her tightly and apperating them away.
As soon as they land in Y/N’s flat Fred reattaches their lips, keeping it slow and intimate. Now that the rushed part of their evening is over Fred wants to take his time with her. He moves them to her bedroom slowly, Y/N’s fingers working at the buttons of his shirt.
They reach her bed just as Y/N has worked the last button of Fred’s shirt, and he breaks their kiss so he can lightly push her back onto the bed. He rids himself of his shirt before he crawls over Y/N and reattaches their lips in a heated kiss. He grabs one of her knees and pulls her legs apart, settling in between them.
“Take this off,” Fred demands, his hands tugging at the hem of her dress. “ I wanna see all of you.” As Y/N takes of her dress Fred fumbles with his belt, quickly undoing it before moving on to his trousers. He falls back onto the bed so he can kick the rest of his clothing off, his cock finally getting some relief from its tight confines.
Before Fred can crawl back on top of Y/N she’s straddling his waist. She acts as if she’s going to kiss him, but at the last second she turns her attention to his neck and starts peppering kisses along the exposed skin.
Fred’s hands come up and grip Y/N’s hips tightly. “You’re such a tease.”
Y/N laughs into Fred’s neck as she kisses it, causing Fred to chuckle as well. While there are many parts of a healthy sex life Fred loves and enjoys, kissing is certainly in his top 3; which Y/N is fully aware of. They had once spent over an hour in one of Hogwarts’ secret passageways with Y/N pressed up against the wall as their lips moved together. It was one of the first times they had met in secret, and Fred still gets butterflies in his stomach when he thinks about it. Which he does far more often than he’d like to admit.
Fred lets her kiss and suck at his neck for a few moments longer before he flips them over, causing Y/N to squeal both in delight and surprise. Fred bites at her shoulder momentarily before he starts to peck her lips several times.
“I was gonna ride you ya know,” Y/N says with a soft laugh in between kisses. Fred laughs as well, one of his hands coming up to cup Y/N’s cheek while the other starts to massage one of her breasts, his thumb teasing her nipple. “Fuck, Freddie. Feels so good,” she moans.
Fred pulls away from her slightly so he can look Y/N in the eyes. “You do look exceptionally pretty when you sit on my cock, my love.” Fred pauses, his thumb rubbing her cheek as a pink blush spreads across it. “But tonight, I want- no I need.” Fred’s sentence is cut short as Y/N grabs him by the neck and brings their lips together.
She kisses him slow, letting Fred take the lead and lick into her mouth. Y/N doesn’t need Fred to finish his sentence, she already knows what he was trying to say, because she feels the same way. After an evening full of teasing and putting on a show for each other there’s nothing either of them want more than to be close to one and other.
“Please, Freddie,” Y/N begs as Fred’s fingers begin to pinch at her other nipple.
Without another word Fred hitches Y/N’s left leg up on his hip and lines himself up with her entrance. He pushes in slowly with a roll of his hips, both of them letting out low moans. Fred doesn’t stop moving until he’s fully buried inside her, his lips coming up to suck at the skin just below her earlobe.
“Feel so good, baby. Always feel so good. Oh God-,” Fred’s words cut off with a groan as Y/N clenches around him. Fred rests his forehead against hers so he can look her in the eyes. He pulls out of Y/N halfway before he pushes back in, slowly starting to fuck her. “God I love you.”
Before Fred has a chance to regret what he’s said Y/N is kissing him hungrily, her hips moving to meet Fred’s thrusts. She breaks their kiss to let out a whine as Fred’s thumb starts to rub slow circles on her clit in time with his thrusts.
“Merlin that feels good,” she breaths, tilting her chin up to kiss Fred briefly. “Not gonna last much longer,” she moans.
Fred speeds up his thrusts as he hitches Y/N’s leg higher on his hip so that he’s hitting her sweet spot with every thrust. “Me either, love. Come for me baby.”
With a few more thrusts, Y/N is coming, her toes curling and nails scratching down Fred’s back from the pleasure as she moans his name. Her walls spasm and clench against Fred’s cock, helping him to reach his climax. Her moans are cut off by Fred kissing her deeply as he reaches his own high, emptying himself into Y/N.
Fred slows his thrusts down, helping them both come down from their highs, his mouth still moving against Y/N’s softly. After a few final thrusts he slowly pulls out, and rolls onto his back, his hands gripping Y/N’s waist so that she rolls with him and their kiss doesn’t break.
They just lay there kissing for a few minutes, Y/N’s hands tangled in Fred’s hair while his hands rub circles on her hips. Y/N pulls away first, her breathing heavy and her cheeks flushed red. Fred smiles at her and brings one of his hands up to stroke her hair.
They sit there for a few moments in silence, just looking at each other. Fred feels like his heart is about to beat out of his chest as he studies Y/N’s familiar features. After tonight he’s more sure than he’s ever been, he doesn’t want to spend another moment with out her in his life.
“I meant what I said, you know,” Fred says quietly, not wanting to disturb their peaceful moment.
Y/N kisses him briefly. “That I look pretty sitting on your cock? ‘Cause I’ve known that for ages,” she teases.
“Well yes I did mean that,” Fred says with a chuckle before kissing her again. “But that’s not what I was talking about. And it’s okay if you-”
He’s about to say something else, when Y/N lurches forward to kiss him. “I love you too you idiot. Always have.”
When Y/N wakes up the next morning and turns over she’s disappointed that Fred isn’t in bed next to her. While they never usually spent the night together, last night had been different and she had fallen asleep last night dreaming of what round three would consist of in the morning.
Y/N is halfway through cursing Fred out in her head when she notices an envelope sitting on the pillow Fred’s head had been cradled against only a few hours ago. She grabs it, letting her finger trace over her name written in Fred’s messy scrawl on the outside before she tears it open.
My flat. Tonight, tomorrow, the day after that and every single day for the rest of forever. 6 pm.
Love you forever and always.
Y/N scans her eyes over the words several times, letting Fred’s message sink in. She smiles to herself as she falls back against her pillows, her hear swelling with more love than she ever thought possible. “Game over.”
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doctorsiren · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1 + 2. Ariana Griande
3 + 4. FW!Grian but Ariana Griande
5. GRIaNDOS (Paradox) but Ariana Griande
6-8. Griandroid gets confused by all of the Grian alter egos in brain and has an identity crisis
9. Griandroid put the cat ears on Clockwork
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wedding-affair · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Galia Lahav | Bridal Fall 2021
GALA Collection X
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angelblacksmith · 2 months ago
Dating Fred Weasley and being an artist would include
Pairing: Fred Weasley x fem!reader
Warning: fluff, my English (isn't my native language)
Tumblr media
You and Fred have been dating for a year now.
And he knows about your artistic abilities.
And about how all your notebooks and sketchbooks are literally painted.
"You draw so many portraits but you still haven't drawn mine?"
"Fred, I draw portraits from photos. Admit it you couldn't sit in one position for an hour."
These are just excuses.
Of course, you drew portraits of Fred.
But he doesn't have to know about it.
Fred likes to watch you create.
It literally calms him down.
Sometimes he even falls asleep on your shoulder.
But when he wakes up, he always apologizes for falling asleep.
"Princess, I'm sorry that I missed how your next masterpiece was created."
"You praise my works too much."
"But they are really wonderful! Just like their creator."
Fred winks at you and smiles.
Sometimes you get very involved in this process.
Completely forgetting about the dream.
"Dear, how long have you been painting this landscape?"
"I think about a couple of hours."
"Honey, you've been painting this picture since last night, you haven't slept all night."
From now on, Fred monitors your regime and makes sure that you go to bed on time.
Also, let's admit it.
Sooner or later, he will discover one of his portraits.
You definitely have a lot of them.
And maybe you didn't follow one of them.
"Is this my portrait?"
He is so flattered.
Because it's so beautiful.
And he will definitely ask you for this drawing.
And hang it on the wall in his room.
George will claim that he is more similar and the picture shows him.
When you have a crisis.
And you absolutely do not want and do not know what to draw.
Fred will definitely support you.
And he is also looking for activities that will distract you.
And to cheer you up when the drawing is "ugly", in your opinion.
Because Fred thinks all your drawings are amazing.
After all, his girlfriend is so talented.
Fred draws with you.
And he is so proud of his painting.
And if you have a terrible mood and you will get a "not beautiful enough" picture.
You always have support in the form of Fred and his hugs.
He just loves you and everything you do.
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piecesofem · 6 months ago
Heeey can request a Fred smut? About him suddenly falling in love with Ron his best friend, he knew her since she was 11 and he was 13. And years later he realises she is actually A WOMAN NOW and she is so sexy and stuff and after years they finally find out: they have a big sexual tension
Kisses x Thanks :)
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Pretty heavy smut, slight choking, spanking, slight mentions of cursing, that’s about it!
Word Count: 3.6k
A/N: Oh man, there’s nothing I welcome more than Fred smut. I’ve never actually written smut, so here is my crappy attempt at that. There’s not too much I have to say except that I kept the smut a little more vanilla just because I wasn’t sure what you wanted specifically. It’s definitely the reader getting railed by Fred, but just not with all the added kinky aspects. I hope you enjoy it and would love your feedback!!
Y/n/n = your nickname
Y/e/c = your eye color
Being around the Weasleys was nothing new to you. After meeting the trio at the beginning of your first year at Hogwarts, you four had been practically inseparable which ultimately led to becoming yet another one of Molly’s multitude of children. You had grown particularly close to Ron in the beginning year leading to a friendship you wouldn’t trade for anything. The two of you were essentially two peas in a pod at almost all times of the day. 
That said, Ron was all too excited to bring you back to his routy childhood home. The following summer after you had completed your first year at Hogwarts, Ron practically begged you to come to visit him over the summer. Seeing as how you couldn’t say no to the pleading boy, you found yourself in the midst of the burrow’s chaos for the last couple of weeks of summer. This had later come to be a tradition for every holiday away from Hogwarts. You would see your family for a bit during the initial break and then spend the rest of your time with your best friends at the burrow. 
While Fred had always been used to and quite enjoyed your company it wasn’t until your fifth year that he had begun to see you in a new light. The way your cheeks heated up at the slightest flirtatious comment, the way your hair bounced when you walked, and especially the way that your body had seemingly grown vivacious curves that seemed to fit your body perfectly had the young boy entranced, to say the least.
Although Fred has every opportunity to mention the way he felt and the attraction that was so very evident in his eyes, he never wanted to make you or Ron uncomfortable which ultimately led to him keeping his thoughts and feelings to himself for the remainder of his time at Hogwarts. 
While you saw one another quite frequently after graduating, with everything going on in the wizarding world, the last thing on anyone’s mind was confessing mutual attraction. That said, he’d spent so many years watching you grow together into a newly found joy and each time he saw you made it harder and harder to ignore those protruding thoughts overcoming his mind. It wasn’t until the winter holiday after the war that made Fred realize how much you had grown into a beautiful zestful woman right before his very eyes. 
While you still spent time at the burrow in the months following the war, due to your obligations at work, you hadn’t had as much time to spare between your hectic schedule which led to Fred constantly missing your company when your visits didn’t align with his schedule either. That said, Fred was surprised to see just how much you’d changed since the last time he saw you. His jaw nearly dropped at the sight of you the night he walked through the door of his childhood home to see you wearing one of his old Christmas sweaters which fell just below the mid of your thighs with shorts just tiny enough to creep out under the hem of the top. You were standing in the kitchen in fuzzy socks with a mug of what he assumed to be cocoa basking in the holiday spirit, furthermore going on a tangent about something with Ginny. While you had the intentions of comfort behind your outfit, Fred couldn’t help but stare as your thighs seemingly rubbed against one another each time you moved during your conversation. 
Quickly snapping out of his thoughts after greeting the rest of his scattered family members, he walked into the kitchen with nothing less than a cheeky smirk on his face. 
“That’s a great top you got there, y/n/n. Seems a bit familiar,” he grins walking up, engulfing his sister in a tight hug before turning his attention to greet you with the same act. 
“Oh gosh, sorry. Your mum found it for me. Seems I was in too much of a hurry to pack properly for the weather,” you explain as a slight blush creeps up to the rounds of your cheeks. 
“No need. Looks much more fitting on you than it ever did on me,” he replies with a cheeky wink as he subtly allows himself to look you up and down. As his gaze lands on your face, he can’t help but let himself examine all of your features after unknowingly missing them for so long. While surely he thought you were beautiful before, he can’t help but feel a deep burning in the pit of his stomach as he looks at your well-aged face. The war did a number on everyone, but you had come out of it looking more cold-cut and piercing than ever. All of the delicate and dainty features he had begun to take in interest in all those years ago, while still there, have been glossed over with a more toned and mature layer. 
“Why don't you take a picture. It’ll last longer,” you say snapping him out of his thoughts while turning slightly as if to pose for him. You giggle as you see a slight red-tint to his usually so confident face. 
“Oh, darling, I think I’d like much more than a quick picture,” he shoots back, cocking a bold eyebrow at you. 
You hear Ginny groan from her place in front of you. “Get a room you two,” she states with a small laugh before taking her exit towards her stalky boyfriend on the other side of the room. 
The both of you laugh as you exchange a bit of small talk while catching up with one another. You shared many stories about your position at the ministry while Fred caught you up with all of their newest products and ideas for the shop. As the conversation went on, the two of you couldn’t help but feel the radiance of one another between the two of your chests, the glint of desire hiding behind the politeness of the genuine small talk being exchanged and the subtle grazes of your eyes from his lips to his hands to his neck. It’s as if your bodies were speaking an entirely different conversation than the ones you were having at that moment. You each took a few steps apart from one another as Ron found himself intruding on the disclosed seductive moment the two of you had been sharing. 
“If you two are done properly faffing over here, dad wants to watch one of ‘Moine’s muggle holiday movies. ‘Parrently participating’s not really an option on this one,” he says as he nods to his mum and dad excitedly motioning the trio over to the living room. 
You giggle at the two slightly, “Let’s go before they wave their hands off,” Fred comments at his eager parents before making his way to the living room. You watch him walk away before your lingering thoughts are being interrupted, yet again, by Ron’s slight groan. 
“You might as well just take him right here in the kitchen if you’re so bloody eager,” Ron jokes as you playfully slap the side of his arm leading to your face painted with a deep red matching the holiday decorations around you. The two of you laugh, as Ron knows about your little crush on his older brother, and collect yourselves for a moment before joining the rest of the family in the living room. 
Fred subtly catches your gaze and looks down at the empty place on the couch next to him as to direct you to take your place next to him. You walk over the bundle of the rest of the family and plop down onto the couch, grabbing a blanket to wrap over yourself from its place of hanging over the back of the couch. Fred nonchalantly rests his arm on the back of the couch directly behind you as Molly brings the brightness in the room down to nothing but a cozy glow from the candles on the mantle with the flick of her wand. 
As the movie continues, many have fallen asleep on the floor along with George on the opposite side of the couch. You feel yourself relaxing into a state combined with a mixture of boredom and tiredness as you find yourself leaning back into the couch. Seeing as how Hermoine has made you watch this movie almost every single holiday break, you find your mind lingering in the thick air between yourself and the redhead next to you. You think back to the energy in the kitchen while the two of you were speaking earlier, only making the pit in your stomach grow deep with a need to be close to him. You couldn’t help but think about the way his lips protrude when talking about something he was passionate about, or the way his neck strained each time he let out a laugh. Everything he did made you want him more and more, and little did you know his thoughts were leading to the exact same conclusion. 
Fred sat there, while initially focused on the film playing in front of him, he had unknowingly begun staring at your knee subtly resting against his own. You had plopped down criss-cross right next to him at the beginning of the film and had gradually relaxed to where you were leaning against his arm on the back of the couch. The closer you were to him, the more he could feel the heat radiating off of your skin, the dainty floral scent of your shampoo. It all stirred the urge growing more by the minute inside of him to take you right then and there. Seeing your unattentive gaze, Fred moves his hand from its position on the couch under the blanket to gently rest it just above your knee on the middle of your thigh. 
Snapping you out of your thoughts, you gave him a confused look back with utter and burning desire. You each felt your hearts beating so hard that you were certain you could each hear the others. He gently started grazing the smoothness of your skin with the thumb of his hand, slightly squeezing the inside of your thigh when he could. Feeling the heat growing between your legs, you turned to look him in the eyes and motioned towards the stairs to indicate your request. He gave you a sly smirk and gently removed himself from the couch telling his half-asleep mum that he was retiring to unpack his things in his childhood room. After a couple of minutes, you looked at Molly uttering the excuse of tiredness to which she quickly nodded and urged you to sleep. 
While you typically found yourself sleeping on the couch or in Ginny’s room, as you made your way up the stairs your feet took you outside of Fred and George’s closed door. Just as you were about to knock, Fred opened the door swiftly to peer down at your glistening y/e/c eyes big and filled with hopefulness. In one sudden movement, Fred wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you into his room while crashing his lips down onto yours. He shuts the door behind you and pushes you up against the cold hard surface as his hands freely roam your body. 
Breathing heavily he pulls back for a split second looking into your eyes with a dark lust-filled gaze as if to ask for permission, “Do you want this?” he questions as his hands come to rest on either side of your waist. You nod your head frantically, letting go of all previous notions to not let yourself seem too desperate for him. 
“Words darling,” he says in a stern mocking tone contradicting the gentle phrase in which left his lips moments ago. 
“Yes please,” you say just after letting out a needy moan from the redness of your lips. With that, he dove into your neck leaving open-mouthed kisses down your jawline to the base of your collar bone. He swiftly lifts his old sweater over your body and tosses it to the side as his calloused hands dance across the smoothness of your skin on your waist. Your hands fall to grip his ginger locks between your fingers, giving them a slight tug as Fred cups your breasts from the outside of your bra. He quickly brings his hands around your backside, one with a sturdy grip on your ass giving it a quick slap and the other swiftly unclasping your bra before throwing it to the side on the floor. 
His lips momentarily leave the softness of your skin as he quickly discards his shirt over the top of his head to further slip a large hand under the brim of your waistband to gently palm you over the thin fabric of your panties. Feeling your damp-heat through the fabric, he gives you a sly smirk as he towers over your smaller frame. 
“So wet for me and I’ve barely touched you yet,” he laughs out as you nod replying with nothing but a pathetically desperate whimper. Gently moving your panties to the side, Fred uses his middle finger to swipe through your folds at an infuriatingly slow pace. You let out a breathy whine and buck your hips at him in an attempt to cause the slightest friction between the two of you, to which he takes his other hand and swiftly clasps it over your mouth while tsking slightly.
“Now now, you don’t want anyone to hear just how needy you are for me, do you?” he questions with a mocking tone. With that, he pushes a finger into you slightly curling it within you drawing out a muffled moan of an answer from your lips. 
You feel yourself bucking your hips in rhythm with his motions while bringing one of your own hands to slightly palm him through the fabric of his jeans feeling him grow under your touch. You use your free hands to play with the buckle of the belt clasped around his waist. Upon getting it undone, you unbutton his pants to push them down his long longs as much as you can, leaving him in almost nothing with a rock-hard erection just lying beneath his underwear. With a groan emerging from his lips, he pulls his hand out from beneath you to slide your shorts and panties down with one swift motion. 
He takes a step back to strip himself down to nothing, letting his bulging cock spring free from his boxers. You feel the insides of your mouth instantly watering at the sight of his girth in front of you as you watch him stand back up with a smirk. 
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,’’ he says in regards to your comment from the beginning of the night. 
“Oh shut up,” you spit back as you feel the warm reddening tint of a blush creep to your cheeks. 
He smirks at you with dark lust-filled eyes and instantly fills the space between you two by grabbing you by the neck in order to crash his lips to yours once more. You let your hands roam freely against his chest down to grip the girth of his length in one hand. Feeling your petite hand around him, he can’t help but let out a throaty groan into your mouth as he begins to gently grind himself into your hand. 
He lets his hands fall down your body to gently slap the backs of your thighs, “Jump,” he harshly commands. 
You instantly follow and jump slightly into the boy’s toned arms wrapping your legs around his waist as he grabs you from beneath your thighs to balance you against the back of the door, all while still keeping your lips intertwined. He wraps one of his arms around your waist as you grind your hips into his own. Using his free hand, he tucks it between your legs once more wetting the brim of his fingers just enough to where he can further wrap his hand around his length to prep himself for you. 
Pulling away slightly he looks into your eyes once more, while still lust-filled, to ask permission once more just in case. You slide your fingers up his arms to gently rest your hands on each of his shoulders giving him the same burning look back with a rapid nod. With that, he uses one hand to guide himself in pushing his tip inside of you. You let out a small gasp as he slowly pushes himself inside of you inch by inch filling you up in ways you’ve never felt before. His eyes squeeze shut as he throws his head back at the feeling of you wrapping around him. 
“So tight Y/N. Merling, been waiting for this for so long,” he moans as he brings his head back to face yours, intently searching for any signs of discomfort or pain only to be met with your pleading eyes silently telling him to move. 
He slowly begins to rock his hips into yours as you let out a breathy moan before grinding yourself into him. It's’ not long before Fred is absolutely pounding into you chasing his orgasm as beads of sweat form on the sides of his face along with the crevices of his strained neck. At this point, there are animalistic sounds escaping from each of your mouths with little regard as to who might be able to hear them outside of the room. Digging your nails into his shoulders as he attacks your neck leaving deep bruises in short trails all the way down to your breasts, you feel one of your hands glide up to the back of his head gripping his hair to tilt his head back. Feeling this, Fred lets out a loud groan which is shortly swallowed by your lips as you pull him in for a deep and sloppy kiss. 
Moving your free hand down to the sensitive bud between your glistening folds, you begin moving it in a rapid circular motion chasing your own high. Feeling you tighten around him, Fred quickens his pace even faster than it was before banging your two bodies against the back of the cold, now slightly damp, door behind you. 
“Fred, I-I’m” you desperately sputter out as you feel the wave of an orgasm building within the pit of your stomach.
“Gonna cum for me, hmm? Go on,” he breaths out digging his nails into your hips, surely leaving bruises, as he harshly slams himself into you hitting the back of your walls with each and every thrust. 
Almost instantly you feel yourself clenching around him causing a mixture of curse words and groans to emit from the boy’s mouth as you feel the sweet bliss of release overcome you. Fred keeps his ungodly pace up as he works you through your orgasm feeling his own getting closer than ever with the feeling of you pulsating around him. After a few quick and deep thrusts, Fred buries his head in the side of your neck as you wrap your arms around his shoulders in an attempt to be as close as you possibly can. He lets out a girthy moan as he harshly plunges into you one last time to spurt his warm liquid inside of you. 
You bring your hands to the side of his shoulders as he slowly lifts his head back up to look you in the eyes with that infamous sly smirk of his. You instantly feel your face burn with a deep flush as you playfully slap the side of his arm. He smiles a bit chuckling before slowly sliding himself out of you to gently place your feet back on the ground. 
“So, you’d been waiting for that huh?” you ask with a slight smirk remembering his comment from earlier. 
You watch him flush a slight pink tint before shaking his head slightly, “Been wanting to do that since your seventh year,” he admits slightly embarrassed by his sudden confession. 
You feel a small giggle escape your lips and lean up to give him a gentle kiss on his lips. Not like the ones from just moments ago, this time protruding a feeling of genuine sweetness between one another. He leans into your touch to tenderly grab your face in the palms of his hands deepening the kiss even further. Pulling back slowly, you look him in the eyes as you share a look of mutual admiration before moving to clean yourselves up. 
After properly dressing in your previous cozy attires, Fred retires to the comfortableness of his childhood bed before motioning you towards him. 
“You ought to just stay with me tonight,” he says with a cheeky smile looking up at you from the pillow he’s lying on to which you take a second to pretend as if you’re considering the thought,
“Hmm, I reckon that’s something I could do,” you say with a giggle before quickly pouncing on the other side of the bed to ultimately curl your small frame into his larger one before lying your head on his chest. 
He lets the arm underneath you come to gradually stroke the side of your arm as you intertwine your legs under the thick warmth of the comforter. Feeling your steady breaths adapt to one another, you start to doze off on the boy to the sound of the thumping of his heartbeat just below your ears. Fred continues to lazily stroke the side of your arm as content thoughts of subtle accomplishment run through his mind which is evident through the smirk plastered on his half-asleep face. 
The attraction to one another had finally come out as mutual and he now held high hopes of seeing where these feelings would eventually lead the two of you. 
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sunny-bunnny · 6 months ago
Pinching and Prodding
Word count: idk, under 1k
Pairing: Fred weasley x reader
Warnings/content: daddy kink, smut, soft dom!Fred, Hickeys, thigh riding, sexy time in an empty classroom, mild sadism (Fred pinches and prods at readers bruises aggressively), fem!reader, denied orgasm, let me know if there as any more (also any typos I wrote this on my phone)
Summary: After covering your inner thighs in bruises and hickeys the night before fred presses down on them throughout the day.
A/N: just a smutty little soft dom Freddie blurb, soft dom Fred being kind but also mean gives me butterflies so here (also this is definitely shit because it’s not edited and I’m very tired)
Charms; his hand on your thigh prying your legs open slightly so he can press his fingers down on each specific bruise and watch you try to stifle the noises and reactions his actions pull from you. The pain and the memories it beings cause you to lose focus so easily.
Later and dinner Fred does the same thing again only higher up. His hand is under your uniform skirt touching the skin that is far more sensitive and tender. The presses down sharply, in contrast to the slow pressure he’d put on the bruises during class, causing you to tense and squeak in surprise. Being the teasing jerk he is Fred turns to you and asks
‘Is everything alright love?’ You nod and focus back on your food, trying to keep quiet as Fred meticulously presses at each of the bruises he left with his soft lips, nipping teeth, and pinching fingers.
At one point when the only reaction he gets from you is a hitch in your breath he retaliates by pinching the darkest, most painful looking bruise while you’re mid sentence. Your breath catches in your throat and tears rise in your eyes despite the fact that your mind is replaying the memory of Fred between your legs sucking diligently at the tender skin of your thighs while he waits for you to calm down before going back in pulling yet another orgasm from you.
‘You okay Y/N?’ George, who you were speaking to, asks kindly. You nod shakily and press your face into Fred’s arms. Fred chuckles softly, patting your inner thigh firmly (causing your to squeak), and caresses the exposed part of your face with his free hand as your breathing grows heavier and your body shakier with his ongoing assault of your bruises. The others simply assume your aren’t feeling well and respect your space as they assume Fred is comforting you.
On the way back to the griffindoor tower you pull him aside into an empty class room begging for him to be kinder.
‘I just love watching you squirm baby, the little noises you make are just so bloody cute. And your took it so well,’ he says seductively pulling you into his chest and rubbing your back to sooth your frustration.
‘It hurts freddie!’ You pout at him.
‘But your doing so good princess, taking everything I give you like the good little girl I trained you to be, hmm?’ He asks having pulled away and holding your chin in his hand forcing your to look him in the eye.
‘Yes daddy.’ You murmur.
‘Then how about you be a good bunny and ride my thigh, if you make yourself cum without my help then I’ll stop with the prodding and pinching, sound good?’ You nod vigorously at this proposition. ‘Gotta use your words princess, so let me ask again, sound good?’ Fred asks sternly,
‘Yes daddy,’ you reply with a smile ‘sounds good.’
But your excitement is quickly pushed away when you find Your self pushed against a stone wall with Fred’s muscled thigh shoved between your legs as he nips and sucks at your neck, urging you to prove yourself. This would be all well and good but everytime your clench your legs around his the bruises ache, and as time goes on it only gets harder to continue.
‘I can’t do it daddy,’ you whine as your pathetically rut against his thigh. He pulls his thigh from between your legs and your left feeling soaked with your arousal and disappointed at your failed attempt at something seemingly so simple and Fred doing nothing to help you. Fred caresses your face gently but your can see how happy he is by the smirk that graces his beautiful lips.
‘Then I guess you’ll just have to let me keep pinching and prodding you as I please,’ you pout at his words, and Fred softly kisses your pouted lips, ‘if your keep being good for me I’ll make you cum okay?’
‘Okay freddie,’ You whine with a hopefull lilt as he leads you out of the dark classroom and into the hall hand in hand.
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lumosandnoxwriting · 11 months ago
Photoshoot Fantasies - Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Title: Photoshoot Fantasies Pairing: Fred x Fem!Reader Warnings: NSFW!!! Dom!Fred, daddy kink, spanking, masturbation (male and female) oral (male receiving), unprotected sex, choking, begging, dirty talk Summary: Fred doesn’t like it when his girlfriend gets naughty without his permission A/N: this is….pure filth. For the anon who wanted some smut with dom!fred. this is literally like 3% plot and 97% smut lmao so I hope you enjoy!! Requests are open and feedback is always welcomed!!
“Oi, lover boy! You’ve got a letter from your girlfriend,” George calls teasingly from the kitchen.
Fred groans as he rolls over in bed, his hands coming up to rub the last bits of sleep from his eyes. He squints as he opens his eyes, due to the bright streaks of sunlight coming in from the break in his curtains. Fred takes a moment to mentally prepare himself for the day before he heaves himself out of bed, and shuffles into the kitchen.
“Good morning dear brother of mine,” George greets far too cheerily for the early hour.
Fred grunts in response and takes a seat across from George, waving his wand so a cup of coffee lands in front of him. He usually isn’t one to need caffeine in the morning, his own natural energy is usually enough to clear the sleep induced fog from his head, but he’s been having trouble sleeping lately since Y/N hasn’t been by his side.
After graduation, Y/N landed her dream job in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures at the Ministry. Fred had been so proud of her, and he loved how excited she was each night as she told him about her day over dinner. Unfortunately, her job had one huge drawback: traveling. Every so often Y/N would travel to different parts of the UK and Europe to get updates on the population of certain magical creatures or to help develop and implement conservation plans. A week ago, she left for her longest trip yet, an entire month, and Fred hasn’t been able to sleep well since.
“Where’s this letter then?” Fred asks after he has a few sips of coffee. He can feel the caffeine working its’ magic, and his brain is finally clear enough to string a sentence together.
George rolls his eyes and tosses a thick envelope at Fred. “You two are sickening, you know that? I think she wrote you a bloody novel about how much she loves you and misses you,” George says, pretending to throw up.
Fred flips George off, trying to contain the blush forming on his face. “Don’t act like you didn’t stand in the doorway for 15 minutes last night kissing Angelina goodbye, git.” Fred can feel George’s eyes on him as he fiddles with the envelope. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” he bites.
“Someone is feeling feisty,” George retorts with a laugh. “Come on then, open the damn letter. Let’s see how long it takes her to start waxing poetically about your eyes.”
Fred glares at George as his fingers quickly rip open the envelope. Normally he would wait for George to go and busy himself with something else or he’d retreat to his room so he could bask in Y/N’s words by himself, but it’s been far too long since he’s seen her and Fred thinks he might explode if he waits any longer to read her letter. “Oh,” he says softly in surprise, when he only pulls out one piece of parchment. The envelope hadn’t been bulky from the lovely letter she wrote him, but the half a dozen photographs she had included. His eyes scan over the short note, a small smile appearing on his face.
To my dearest Freddie Eddie Spaghetti,
Things are going well up in Scotland, Niffler birth rates are through the roof thanks to the plan we implemented last year. We’ve spent the last few days prepping a large cohort of them to send off to Egypt to assist the rune breakers Gringotts has out there. I’ll be off to France in a day or so to check up on some of the Thestrals we brought to a conservatory outside of Nice a few months ago, hopefully they’ve acclimated well.
I’ve been missing you like crazy, Freddie. You’re all I seem to think about these days, it’s been quite hard to focus on my work. I don’t know how I’m going to manage going three more weeks without seeing your face or being held in your arms. You better rest up, because you won’t be getting any sleep for days once I’m finally back home with you.
I’ve included a few photos that will hopefully keep you company while I’m still away.
Love you lots and lots and lots, Y/N
“That’s it? One stinky piece of parchment?” George asks, clearly annoyed. “There’s my day, ruined. Thought I’d get a nice laugh at least since you’ve been so miserable. What else is in the envelope then?”
Fred’s eyes are still scanning the letter, trying to commit the words to memory and he absentmindedly grabs the stack of photos to show George. “She sent photos,” he responds, finally putting the letter to the side. “Probably of all the baby Nifflers,” he adds with a chuckle.
“Let me see, then,” George says excitedly, reaching his hand out. “Remember when she sent those photos of the baby dragons dressed up in onesies? That was jokes. Bet she put hats on them this time.”
As Fred goes to hand George the stack of photos he gets a glimpse of the one on top. His eyes widen and he quickly pulls his arm back, cradling the photos against his chest. “Nope, sorry. You can’t see them.”
“What? Why not?” George watches as Fred starts to fidget in his seat and a red flush starts to take over his face. “Oh my god!” he says suddenly with a laugh, realization hitting him. “She sent you nudes! What a little minx. You two are far more disgusting than I ever could have imagined.”
Fred clears his throat, choosing to ignore George. “Well I’m going to go back to my room and uh, respond to this letter. See you later.” Fred tries to act as normal as possible as he heads back to his room, desperately trying to ignore George’s cackling. He breathes a sigh of relief as he shuts his door behind him, leaning on it for a moment.
Fred rids himself of his T-shirt and climbs back onto his bed in nothing but his boxers. This isn’t how he planned on spending his morning, but Fred is more than happy to change his plans. He sits up in bed, his back pressed up against his cold wall and his legs splayed out. While Fred would consider himself adventurous in the bedroom, this is the first time Y/N has ever done anything like this, and he can feel himself getting aroused already.
“Merlin,” he groans as he allows himself to look at the first photo. Y/N is laying in the middle of a bed wearing nothing but a lacy red bra and the matching pair of panties, a set Fred is all too familiar with.  Her whole face isn’t visible, just her mouth, and as the photo moves her tongue comes out to lick her bottom lip and her hand lightly trails down her torso to her thigh.
He balances the stack of photos on his lap for a moment, his right hand pushing his boxers down to his thighs. Fred had planned on drawing out the experience, but he’s already rock hard from the first photo. He throws the first photo on the bed beside him as he wraps his hand around himself, and he picks the stack back up.
Fred starts to slowly stroke himself as his eyes rake over the next photograph, his mouth running dry. Y/N is laying in the same position as before, but the bra she was wearing in the first photo has been discarded, and as the photo moves her hands massage her breasts and she bites her lip.
“Oh fuck,” he moans, as he moves onto the next photo. Y/N is now completely naked, and as the photo moves one of her hands trails down her front from her breast to her core while her other hand pinches and toys with one of her nipples.
Fred starts to stroke himself faster and is unable to contain the grunts that fall from his mouth as he moves to the next photo. His thumb rubs the sensitive tip of his cock, spreading around the precum that has started to accumulate, helping his hand glide easier as he strokes. In the next photo, Y/N’s mouth is open, and Fred is sure a breathy moan is leaving her lips, as the movement of the photo shows Y/N starting to slowly rub her clit as her other hand fists in the sheets underneath her.
“Oh, fucking shit,” Fred groans as he looks at the second to last photo, his hand stilling on his cock to stop himself from finishing just yet. Y/N’s feet are now flat against the bed, her knees bent and open wide. As the photo moves Fred can clearly see Y/N sink two fingers into herself as her thumb rubs at her clit. Her other hand tugs at the sheets and her bottom lip is caught between her teeth, a telltale sign that she’s on the brink of her release.
Fred starts to stroke himself again as he reveals the last photo, his orgasm quickly approaching. Y/N’s entire body is flushed red and as the photo moves her back arches, her toes curl, and her whole body trembles as she reaches her orgasm.
Fred’s thumb teases the sensitive head of his cock as his eyes wander over all of the photos. He focuses on the last one, and as Y/N once again reaches her climax Fred does as well. His head tips back and he lets out a low moan as he releases all over his stomach, his cock twitching in his hand. Fred continues to lightly stroke himself as he comes down from his high, his breath coming out in hard pants.
When he gets to be too sensitive he releases himself, letting his cock lay against his stomach. He reaches for his wand so he can clean himself off with a simple spell. But an even better idea pops into his head.
“Accio, camera,” he casts, watching as the top drawer of their dresser opens and his camera starts to fly over to him. He grips the camera and points it at himself, so his body from his torso to the tops of his thighs are in shot. Fred makes sure that his limp cock and the come on his stomach is the center of the photo, and once he’s pleased with the shot he clicks the shutter button.
Fred places the camera on his bed as the photo prints and develops, grabbing his wand and cleaning himself off with a spell. He pulls his boxers back up and gets out of bed, rummaging around for some parchment and a quill. Once he finds what he needs he writes out a quick letter to Y/N.
To my dearest Y/N,
I’m glad to hear everything is going well with work. I’m so proud of you and the things you do. Things at the shop are going well, the new range of whiz-bangs sold out in just a few days. I’m missing you like mad, I can’t wait for you to get home.
Those photos you sent me were very naughty. How dare you pleasure yourself like that without Daddy’s permission. I think Daddy’s going to have to punish you when he finally gets his hands on you. 10 spanks sounds fair, doesn’t it princess? I think you deserve it, after the mess you caused Daddy to make all over himself.
Love you lots and lots and lots and lots, Freddie Eddie Spaghetti
Fred grabs the now developed photo from his bed as he reads over the letter, a satisfied smile on his face. He folds up the letter and tucks it into an envelope along with the photo before he seals it and addresses it to Y/N. As he goes to leave his room he spots a piece of folded up parchment on his floor and he grabs it, opening it up as he heads towards the window in the kitchen.
I’m going to Angelina’s. Use a silencing charm next time you perv.
Fred laughs at George’s note as he sends their owl away with his letter, already thinking about taking advantage of his brother’s absence.
“Someone is in a good mood this morning,” George muses as Fred saunters down into the shop just before opening.
Fred adjusts his tie as he joins his brother at the till, a huge smile on his face. Just like last week, a letter had arrived from Y/N this morning with another filthy set of photos. This time she was in a lingerie set that Fred didn’t recognize, and she brought herself to her climax using one of the toys Fred had purchased for her as a Valentine’s Day present earlier in the year. Fred had just enough time to bring himself to his own orgasm and write her back before he had to get dressed and head down to work.
“And why wouldn’t I be?” Fred asks as he unlocks the door and turns the open sign on with a wave of his wand. “The sun is shining, the birds are chirping. It’s a beautiful day, Georgie.”
George looks Fred over before he scrunches his face up in disgust. “Y/N sent you another letter today didn’t she?” When Fred sends George a wink he gags. “Bloody disgusting. I hope you washed your hands.”
“And why would Fred need to be washing his hands?” Verity asks as she comes back from the storeroom with some more love potions to be stocked.
Fred’s face flushes red as George start to laugh. “No reason in particular,” he stutters out. Fred turns to George and glares at him. “You’re such an arse.” Fred moves to hit George upside the head, but he ducks his brother’s advance and heads over to help the two customers that have just walked in the door.
“You lot don’t pay me enough to deal with this,” Verity says as she chuckles and shakes her head.
Fred sighs to himself as he sits up in bed, his eyes scanning over some of his notes. He and George are in the early days of developing some new products, and he’s working out some of the initial bugs before they start production next week. At least that’s what he’s supposed to be doing, but his mind is definitely elsewhere. Y/N’s third letter had arrived a few days ago, and he can’t help but let his mind wander to the new photoset sitting in his bedside drawer. It seems that his threats of punishment have fallen on deaf ears, because the photos Y/N has sent have been dirtier each time, and he can’t help but imagine what will be waiting for him in the envelope when her final letter arrives in a few days.
“What do you want?” Fred asks dully when there’s a knock at his door, not bothering to look up at George.
“That’s an awfully rude way to greet your girlfriend after you haven’t seen her for nearly a month,” Y/N says, the smile evident in her voice.
Fred’s head snaps up immediately, a smile taking over his face. “Y/N? What are you doing here?” He immediately climbs off the bed and heads over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist.
Y/N drops her bag on the ground and wraps her arms around Fred’s neck, pulling him down so she can kiss him sweetly. “We finished everything up a few days early. Figured I’d come home and surprise you.”
Fred presses their lips together again hotly, his hands moving down to Y/N’s thighs. He lifts her up, his hands gripping her tightly and moves her over to the bed. “God I missed you,” he murmurs into their kiss, before he tosses her onto the bed.
“Couldn’t have missed me too much, not with all the photos I sent you,” Y/N giggles as she lays back on the bed.
Fred’s eyes darken and he can’t help but let out a groan as he thinks about those pictures. He can feel himself start to get aroused, and he grabs his wand, waving it so that his door slams shut, and locks and a silencing charm falls around his room.
“Such a naughty girl you were, Y/N. Taking those photos without Daddy’s permission,” he scolds, his voice low and rough.
Y/N squirms on the bed, looking up at Fred as innocent as possible. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I just wanted to make you feel good while I was gone,” she explains sweetly. “And clearly it worked, that photo you sent me made me so wet, Daddy.”
Fred bites his lip as he watches her squirm on the bed, taking pride in the fact that he can see a blush forming on her cheeks. “Oh, you made Daddy feel very good, princess. But you were still being a little brat. And you know what happens to brats? Don’t you?”
Y/N can feel herself getting wet as arousal starts to build in her stomach. She’s been waiting for this moment since Fred mentioned spanking her in his first letter. “They get punished,” she responds airily, fists clenching to keep from touching herself.
“That’s right princess, they get punished.” Fred pauses, letting his eyes roam up and down Y/N’s body. “Daddy think 30 swats is good, 15 on each cheek. Don’t you think, princess?” Fred smirks when Y/N lets out a whine as she nods wildly. “What should I use, hm? My hand? Or should I get the paddle?”
“Your hand, please,” Y/N begs. As much as she loves the paddle, she craves the feeling of Fred’s hand on her ass.
Fred smirks down at her. “Normally brats don’t get what they want. But you asked so nicely, princess.” Fred tears his gaze away from Y/N and takes seat on the end of their bed. “Get naked for Daddy and come stand in front of me.”
Y/N immediately gets off of the bed and rids herself of all of her clothing. Normally when they play this game she loves to drag it out and tease Fred endlessly. But she’s been on the edge for nearly 4 weeks and Fred has already been preparing to punish her, and she doesn’t want to find out what he’ll do if she’s even more naughty now that they’re finally back together. Y/N comes to stand in front of Fred, feeling shy under his intense gaze.
“God you are so gorgeous, princess,” Fred compliments, his hand reaching out to lightly grip her hip. He rubs circles into the bare skin, reassuring her. “Come on then. Get in Daddy’s lap.” Fred helps Y/N get situated across his lap, laying on her front. “Such a good girl,” he whispers, letting his hand run down her back, over her bum and to her thigh. “Do you have anything to say to Daddy? Before he gives you your punishment,” he drawls, his hand pushing in between her legs to rub at her wet folds.
Y/N gasps at his touch, her eyes falling closed. “I’m sorry for being a naughty girl, Daddy,” she moans out as Fred rubs her clit ever so slightly.
“Thank you princess,” he says softly, removing his hand from her core. He places it on her bum instead, lightly massaging one of her cheeks. “Daddy’s not mad at you, princess. But you still have to be punished, do you understand?” When Y/N nods he smiles. “Good girl. I want you to count for me, okay?”
“Yes Daddy,” Y/N responds, getting comfortable in Fred’s lap. A squeak leaves her mouth as Fred lands the first slap to her ass. “One,” she counts breathily. Before she has a chance to recover from the first hit, Fred is landing another hit to her cheek causing her to moan. “Two.”
Fred smirks down at the writhing mess Y/N has turned into after her first 15 spanks. Her right bum cheek is bright red, and Fred resists his urge to lean down to kiss it. “Are you doing alright, Princess? Can you take 15 more?” Fred asks quietly, reaching up to stroke Y/N’s hair. As much as he loves being rough with her, he never wants to hurt her or make her uncomfortable in any way. He’s rock hard in his trousers already, and he wants to make sure she’s getting as much pleasure from this as he is.
“Yes, Daddy. Need more. ‘M a naughty girl, I need to be punished,” she responds desperately. Y/N is soaking wet and her stomach is a pool of arousal. A few tears have snuck out of her eyes from how turned on she is, and she’s basking in the warmth left behind on her bum from Fred’s hand.
“Good girl,” Fred praises, leaning down to press a few kisses to Y/N’s shoulder. “You can use your safe word at any time, you know that right?” When Y/N nods he presses another kiss to her shoulder and starts to massage the bum cheek he hasn’t hit yet. “Count for me again, princess, okay?”
Y/N nods, letting out a moan a Fred lands the first hit to her cheek. “One,” she whines, lifting her hips up to encourage him to spank her again. Fred suddenly lands three hits in a row, causing a few more tears to leak out of her eyes as she moans. “Two, three, four,” she stutters out.
By the time Fred lands the last hit to her ass, Y/N is desperate for release. She’s slowly moving her hips forward, desperate for any kind of friction against her clit. “Daddy please,” she begs.
“Look at my desperate little baby,” he coos, moving Y/N’s hair out of her face so he can see the desperation on it. “Such a good girl you were, princess. Such a good girl for Daddy. C’mere let me kiss you.”
Fred helps Y/N straddle his waist and tucks a few stray hairs behind her ear. He kisses her deeply, his tongue immediately licking into her mouth. Y/N moans into the kiss, rolling her hips against the rough fabric of Fred’s trousers. Fred groans at the contact on his clothed cock, his hips rolling up to meet hers. “God, so fucking desperate for it aren’t you, princess?” he asks as his lips start to trail kisses down her neck.
Y/N nods, tipping her head back to give Fred more room to kiss. “Need you so bad, Daddy. Missed your cock. That’s what I was thinkin’ about in all those photos. Thinkin’ about how much I love your cock and how good it feels inside of me.”
Fred groans into Y/N’s neck and pulls away so he can look at her. “That’s so fucking hot, princess. Imagining you lying in bed, touching yourself and thinking of me.” Fred kisses Y/N again. “Go on and show Daddy how you touch yourself, princess. Get in bed and pleasure yourself for me.”
Y/N crawls off of Fred’s lap and onto the bed, settling down in the middle of it. One of her hands starts to pinch and twist her nipple, while the other runs down her body and settles at her core. She watches as Fred stands up and starts to undress himself, her index finger starting to rub small circles on her clit. “Oh fuck,” she moans, tilting her head back.
Once Fred is fully nude he kneels on the bed next to Y/N’s head and takes himself in his hand. He starts to slowly stroke his cock, his eyes crawling over every inch of Y/N’s body. There’s a flush that creeps up her chest, over her neck and to her cheeks and her hips are slowly rocking as she teases her clit.
“So pretty, princess. You look so pretty touching yourself for Daddy,” Fred praises.
Y/N turns her head to look at Fred as she feels her orgasm approaching. She opens her mouth, silently asking Fred to let her suck him off. When he doesn’t immediately give in, she whines. “Please let me suck your cock, Daddy. Please.”
Fred reaches down with his free hand to cup Y/N’s cheek. “Fucking hell you’re desperate for it princess.” He pushes his hips forward just enough so Y/N can wrap her lips around the head of his cock.
Y/N whines around Fred’s cock, her head starting to move up and down. She lets her tongue wrap around the head on each pull back, wanting Fred to release into her mouth. When he starts to slowly fuck his hips forward she hums around him in encouragement. As her climax builds she starts to rub harder circles on her clit, desperate for release.
“Fuck princess, gonna make Daddy come,” Fred moans, his eyes watching his cock disappear into her mouth.
Y/N’s eyes flutter shut as she reaches her orgasm, her whole body trembling. She moans around Fred’s cock as pleasure flows through her, causing him to suddenly release into her mouth. Her motions on her clit slow down as Fred’s cock twitches in her mouth and she swallows his release. As Fred slowly pulls his cock out of her mouth Y/N stops her movement on her clit, bringing her hand up to clean off her finger.
“Holy fuck,” Fred pants, watching Y/N’s lips wrap around her finger. “You are so fucking amazing,” he says in awe. Fred’s cock which hadn’t even gone fully soft starts to harden again as Y/N looks up at him. “Look at what you do to Daddy, princess. His cock is already hard for you again.”
Y/N smiles as she gets up to her knees. She wraps one hand around his cock and starts to slowly stroke it, while her other goes to his neck so she can pull their lips together. Fred’s mouth immediately overpowers hers, and he forces his tongue into her mouth. Fred is fully hard in Y/N’s hand now, and as they kiss he maneuvers them so he’s sitting with his back up against the wall, and Y/N is sitting in his lap.
“Need your cock Daddy,” Y/N whines, pulling her mouth away from Fred’s. “Fuck me Daddy, please.”
Fred chuckles, his hands falling onto Y/N’s hips. “Go on then, princess. Fuck yourself on my cock since you’re so desperate for it.” Fred suppresses a groan as Y/N grinds down against him. Fred and Y/N have tried nearly every sexual position either of them could think of, and they both know that being on top is low on Y/N’s list of favorites; she much prefers it when Fred holds her down and fucks her into the mattress.
“Daddy,” she pouts, grinding down against him again.
Fred narrows his eyes at her and resists his urge to kiss her. “Princess,” he warns. “If you wanna be a desperate cock slut, then be a desperate cock slut and fuck yourself on Daddy’s cock. Maybe if you’re a good girl and you come on Daddy’s cock he’ll give you what you want.”
Y/N perks up at that, and she leans forward to kiss Fred slowly as she rises to her knees. One of her hands’ rests on his shoulder, while the other reaches back to grasp the base of his cock.
Fred breaks their kiss so he can watch as Y/N lines him up with her entrance. Y/N whines as she sinks down, her eyes fluttering shut at how full she feels. She sinks down until their hips meet and Fred is fully inside of her.
“Fuck you’re tight, princess. Always so tight for Daddy,” he praises. He groans as Y/N starts to roll her hips, his grip on her tightening. “Go on, baby,” he encourages. “Get yourself off on my cock.”
“Oh,” Y/N moans, her hands gripping Fred’s shoulders tightly. She starts to slowly pick herself up, stopping when Fred is only halfway inside her, before she slams herself back down. “So good, Daddy,” she pants.
Y/N fucks herself on Fred’s cock like that for a few minutes, growing frustrated when she fails to hit the spot inside of her that will bring her to her orgasm. “Daddy please,” she whines.
“Come on, princess. You know how to fuck yourself on Daddy’s cock. Come around Daddy’s cock and he’ll give you what you want,” he encourages.
Y/N leans back, placing a hand on each of Fred’s thighs and uses the leverage to lift herself up. “Oh fuck,” she gasps as she sinks back down, the tip of Fred’s cock finally brushing her sweet spot.
“You look so pretty, princess. Getting yourself off on my cock,” Fred praises, helping Y/N to lift her hips off of him. “Such a good girl.”
Y/N moans as she fucks herself on Fred’s cock, already feeling her orgasm approaching. She starts to move her hips desperately, searching for her release. “So close, Daddy. Touch me Daddy please,” she pleads.
Fred smirks before he leans forward to press an open-mouthed kiss to Y/N’s lips. “Come on, Princess, come on Daddy’s cock,” he encourages, one of his hands leaving her hip so he can rub circles on her clit.
With one more downwards movement of her hips Y/N’s walls tighten around Fred as she comes, her body shaking as her orgasm rolls through her. “That’s it, princess. Such a good girl,” Fred coos quietly, his thumb slowing its motion and his hips rocking slightly to help her through her orgasm.
Fred kisses Y/N slowly as her breathing starts to return to normal. She shifts around on his cock as their lips move together and it takes everything in Fred to not come right there. “You’ve been such a good girl for me tonight, princess. Doing so well,” he says, breaking their kiss. “Can you take more, baby? D’you want Daddy to fuck you into the mattress?” Fred pecks Y/N’s lips. “It’s okay if you don’t baby. Daddy just wants to take care of you.”
“Want you to come inside me Daddy,” Y/N tells him, looking into Fred’s eyes. “Want you to pin me down and fuck me into the mattress.”
Fred doesn’t need to be told twice. He kisses Y/N hard and flips them over so her back is on the bed and he’s hovering over her. He throws both of her legs over his shoulders, pinning her to the mattress with his hips. He braces himself with one hand as his other comes up to grip Y/N’s throat and he pulls all the way out before he slams back into her.
“Oh fuck, Daddy,” Y/N moans as Fred starts to fuck into her relentlessly. The tip of his cock is brushing the spot inside of her and she’s already so sensitive from her previous two orgasms, and with the way Fred is gripping the side of her neck she knows she won’t last long.
“God, princess,” Fred grunts as Y/N’s walls clench around him. “Such a good pussy. You always feel go good wrapped around Daddy.” Fred lands a particularly hard slam as Y/N moves to touch herself. “Hands off, princess. Want you to come just from my cock. Can you do that for Daddy?”
Y/N nods, too busy moaning and whining to answer Fred verbally. Her body feels like it’s on fire, her toes curling and her back arching as she reaches her climax. “Daddy,” she moans lowly, as she comes around Fred’s cock, a few stray tears falling from the corners of her eyes.
“Fuck princess,” Fred moans. Y/N’s walls tighten and twitch around him, bringing him to his own release. His hips still as he empties himself inside of her and he crashes their lips together. Fred slows their kiss down as they both recover, unable to stop the smirk that forms on his mouth when Y/N whines as he slowly pulls out of her. Fred collapses on the bed next to Y/N and she immediately cuddles into his side as he wraps his arm around her.
“I love you,” she murmurs, pressing a kiss to the side of his mouth.  
Fred turns his head so he can kiss her properly, not pulling away until they both need to breathe. “I love you too, Y/N,” he says softly. “Are you alright? Did I go too far?”
Y/N shakes her head, chuckling at Fred’s concern. “Not at all, love. It was incredible.” She pauses so she can press a kiss to his neck. “I’m glad I have the next few days off, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to walk tomorrow.”
Fred laughs and presses a kiss to the top of her head. “Good thing I have you all to myself because I have quite a few plans for us.”
Y/N looks up at him, a gleam of mischief in her eyes. “Oh yeah? What might those be?”
“Let’s just say our cameras are definitely going to need more film when I’m done with you.”
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gredandforgesmischief · 3 months ago
long story short - f.w
title: long story short
pairing: fred x female slytherin reader
summary: fred has been in love with y/n since they were fifteen, but the universe was never really on their side. (idk i'm bad at writing summaries but basically best friends to lovers. this takes place during gof in the spring.) this is also vaguely inspired by "long story short" by taylor swift bc i'm obsessed w her (see if you can find the lyrics)
other characters/pairings mentioned: adrian pucey/y/n, fred/angelina, george weasley, harry potter, ron weasley, neville longbottom
content warnings: its all fluff, some parts can be construed as angsty?? maybe probably not. sad fred at some point. sad y/n at some point. fred and y/n are both clueless all the time for no reason.
a/n: i wrote this with my Head Empty, but I hope you enjoy (feedback welcomed) also this wasn't proof read so ignore any grammatical errors
“... right Fred?”
“Yeah that’s cool, whatever,” Fred grumbled as a very irritated George hit his side.
The pair were having breakfast at the Gryffindor table, and the two were supposed to be brainstorming shop ideas, but it was apparent that Fred’s mind was off somewhere else.
Regardless of how hard he tried, Fred’s mind was often clouded with his feelings about Y/N. The two had been best friends since third year, and it took him a long time to realize that he wanted to be much more than just her best friend. But just as expected, right as Fred realized, Y/N had gotten into a relationship.
“Dude, Y/N is with Adrian now, you need to get over it,” George said. While he did feel bad for his twin, there wasn’t much that either of them could do about it.
Fred nodded, but just as he was about to respond to his brother, he noticed a flustered Y/N get up from the Slytherin table. In all honesty, if Fred hadn’t been staring at her he wouldn’t have noticed how distraught she was. Without another thought, the ginger boy got up from his seat and followed her into the corridor.
“Y/N, wait up!” Fred called out, not quite sure what he was going to say to her. The Slytherin girl slowed down, waiting for her friend to catch up.
When it came to his and Y/N’s relationship, there wasn’t a lot they wouldn’t talk about, but Y/N’s relationship with Adrian was a conversation that was often avoided. Y/N knew how Fred felt about Adrian, so she made an effort to keep the two as separate portions of her life.
“Hi, Fred,” Y/N’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes glossy.
Fred winced. Up until she had started dating Adrian, Y/N always called Fred by his nickname. When Y/N started dating Adrian she pulled away from Fred quickly. He could tell she tried to make everything seem normal, but it wasn’t.
“Is everything alright? You walked out of the Great Hall a bit fast.” Fred said. The pair were now sitting on a bench in the courtyard.
“Just… some stuff with Adrian.” Y/N said, knowing that there was no way that Fred would allow her to leave it at that. There was an ever growing vendetta that Fred had against Adrian, and him hurting Y/N would probably be the worst thing that the Slytherin could do.
“Listen, I know I’m not Adrian’s number one fan, but I’m still your best friend.” Fred said, hoping that Y/N would talk to him. It had been months since the two had chatted about anything of substance and he feared their friendship would fall apart if they kept avoiding each other.
Y/N went silent for a moment, weighing her options in her head. After a short while she looked at Fred and started, “Have you ever been in love?”
The question completely caught Fred off guard. He wasn’t exactly sure what he expected Y/N to say, but that wasn’t a question he was prepared to think about.
Sure, Fred had dated around during his time at Hogwarts, but the only person he had ever really loved was Y/N. It wasn’t something he had ever wanted to talk about with her, particularly because he didn’t know how great he would be at concealing his emotions. How terrible would it be for him to confess it to her while she was in a relationship?
Fred nodded, “Yeah, I’ve been in love before.”
“How did you know? What did it feel like?” Y/N asked, looking genuinely curious. Was Y/N truly asking him about this?
Fred looked at her incredulously, speaking once more, “Honestly, love, I think it's different for everyone,” The look on Y/N’s face was unreadable as Fred continued, “for me, I just knew.”
Y/N let out a deep sigh, “I feel like it’s all moving too fast.” There she goes again without any elaboration.
As Fred continued to give her terse answers, Y/N decided she had to describe what she meant. She had never really been great at putting her feelings into words, but she’d try.
“Adrian told me he loved me last night,” Fred’s face faltered, “and I didn’t say a word back.”
Fred wasn’t shocked by the idea that Adrian loved Y/N. The pair had been together for nearly five months, and Fred knew from experience how easy it was to fall in love with Y/N. If anything, it was more of a shock to him that Y/N didn’t say it back.
“But you do love him, right?” Once again, Fred hoped that Y/N would say what he wanted to hear. It was cruel of him to wish that Adrian and Y/N wouldn’t work out, but he couldn’t help it.
“I do,” Dammit. Y/N continued, “but I don’t think I’m in love with him. You know?”
Fred understood completely. He had loved a few of the girls he had dated, but he never felt in love. There was always some sort of hesitation that he had.
“I... just feel like I’m trying to force something that isn’t there,” The frustration was evident in Y/N’s voice. “And I thought that maybe I just needed more time, maybe we were moving too fast, but honestly I just can’t feel the way that I want to about Adrian.”
“Do you think there’s a reason why you can’t love him? You wouldn’t stop talking about him during Christmas break.” Fred said, recalling Y/N’s happiness after Adrian had asked her to the Yule Ball.
“What do you mean? I don’t think I acted any differently about Adrian during break.” Y/N was confused. If anything, Fred was the one who had acted strangely during Christmas break.
“No, I definitely recall you acting funny,” Fred said as Y/N shot him a glare.”You ignored me for two weeks Y/N.” Y/N frowned, shaking her head.
Fred remembered the two weeks in vivid detail. Up until six months ago, Fred and Y/N were attached at the hip. That’s why Y/N’s sudden absence in his life stung. In some way it felt like Y/N had picked Adrian over Fred, but he didn’t know why.
“Fred, I did ignore you, but do you really not know why?” Y/N said.
Once more, Fred tried to remember the events leading up to Y/N and Adrian’s relationship, but everything seemed normal. Adrian and Y/N had always been friends. It wasn’t strange for friends to date.
Fred shook his head, prompting Y/N to tell him what had happened.
It was a week before the Yule Ball, and the cheeriness around the castle was gleaming. The Great Hall was decked out with garlands of tinsel. Mistletoe was hanging in all of the corridors. It was nearly impossible to be unhappy with how much light was around., but as Y/N had watched what felt like the fiftieth person get asked to the Yule Ball, she was feeling less than cheerful.
“Y/N!” Fred greeted, earning an adoring smile from the girl in front of him. She was sitting in the Gryffindor common room, as she had just been working on an herbology project with Neville.
“Hiya, Freddie, what’s up?” Y/N was excited. She and Fred had been spending a lot more time together recently, and she was convinced that he was going to finally ask her out.
Fred smiled, “I need advice. ” Y/N nodded, encouraging the ginger boy to continue, “if you were to get asked to say, a ball, how would you want to be asked?”
Y/N was practically exploding with joy at this point, but alas, Fred still needed an answer.
“Well, for me personally, I’m not fond of the huge gestures. I feel like if you really like someone then you should just… ask? I know that’s a bit boring, but I wouldn’t want everyone to be involved in my business, so public gestures aren’t for me.” Y/N was getting rambly, a clear sign of her nerves.
Before Y/N could ramble anymore, Fred was marching up the dormitory stairs, calling out a short, “Thanks, Y/N!” over his shoulder.
Although Fred’s behavior was strange, Y/N brushed it off as Fred being, well, Fred. The boy often did things that were unexplainable. It wasn’t until dinner that day that Y/N had realized why Fred had asked her about the ball.
“Y/N, c’mon what’s on your mind?” Adrian asked, poking his friend in the side. Y/N was staring down her plate, pushing around peas with her fork. After her encounter with Fred earlier in the day, she had been on edge. The ball was coming up quick, and at this point it was now or never.
“It’s nothing important, don’t worry about me.” Y/N had finally put her fork down, flashing a sad smile at the boy. Adrian looked suspicious, but as he opened his mouth to talk, the pair noticed commotion at the Gryffindor table.
George was ruffling Fred’s hair, and Ron and Harry were laughing. Fred had a smirk on his face, his cheeks tinged a pink color. Just as Y/N was about to approach Fred to ask what the deal was, Fred walked out of the dining hall.
“I’ll be right back,” Y/N told Adrian, before walking to the Gryffindor table to ask George about what was up.
“Hey, George, what was that all about?” Y/N asked as she sat.
“Oh, Freddie boy just asked Angelina to the Yule Ball!” George replied, causing the two other boys to start to laugh again.
Y/N muttered a “thanks” to George before heading out of the Great Hall. She nearly sprinted to the Slytherin common room, not wanting to have a meltdown in the middle of the hall. Y/N was convinced that Fred would ask her to the ball, and it stung like hell to know that he had asked someone that wasn’t her.
When she arrived outside the common room, Adrian was waiting outside for her. Without any question, Adrian outstretched his arms, embracing the teary-eyed girl.
“You wanted me to ask you to the ball!?” Fred asked, mentally slapping himself for being so clueless.
Y/N nodded her head yes, clasping her hands together. She thought she had been very obvious about how she felt about Fred, but it was clear he truly didn’t know.
“I’m sorry, Y/N, I never meant to make you upset. Angie and I went as friends anyway.” Fred apologized. He hated seeing Y/N cry, and to think that he was the reason made his insides churn.
While Y/N had cleared up her pre-Yule Ball behavior, there were still a few questions that Fred had.
“Okay, but what does any of that have to do with Adrian? If you wanted me to ask you out, why did you start dating Adrian?” Fred asked, despite knowing how forward all of those questions were.
Y/N sighed, this wasn’t the part of the story that she was particularly proud of.
“Other than you and George, Adrian is probably my closest guy friend. After I heard about you and Angie, Adrian was the person who comforted me while I was crying. I think somewhere along the lines I got my feelings for him all confused…” Y/N trailed off.
“Adrian was sort of an escape from everything. I thought that if you were dating Angie it would stop whatever friendship we had going. It felt like I got knocked off of some weird pedestal.” Y/N’s explanation made some sense, but it didn’t explain why she wouldn’t just talk to him.
“Why didn’t you just talk to me, Y/N? We’re best friends.”
Y/N let out a soft laugh, “I sort of went down a rabbit hole when I stopped talking to you. I was embarrassed, and Adrian was sweet. But after it all, I think I was trying to emulate whatever feelings I had for you with him. I thought clinging to another person would stop my feelings. Clearly it didn’t work. It was just a bad time.”
From what Y/N was saying, Fred was hoping that this meant something for the two of them. But right now, Y/N was still with Adrian, and neither of them would ever do that to them.
“Y/N, you need to tell Adrian how you feel.” If the two were going to date, it had to be proper. Fred didn’t want to be some sort of secret.
“I did, that’s why I ran off actually. We broke it off yesterday, it was just a lot for me to be sitting with him today…” Y/N was slightly embarrassed.
“There goes your excellent communication skills again, why didn’t you start with that?” Fred teased, earning a groan from Y/N.
“Hey, the knife cuts both ways. If you had just said that you were asking Angie to the ball I would have never gotten my hopes up!” Y/N quipped back, intertwining her hands with Fred’s.
Fred sighed happily, “Is there any chance that you still feel the same way about me?” Fred was sure he knew what she’d say, but this situation had proved the two needed to talk more.
Y/N laughed, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, “I’m all about you, Freddie.”
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Sunflower Vol. 6 // f.w.
– “I couldn’t want you anymore.”
summary / fred weasley is hopelessly in love with his best friend and stays behind from a Hogsmeade trip to prove it to her.
word count / 2.7k
warnings / food, a playful slap to the thigh. 
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley leaned against the stonewall of the castle as he waited, right across from the transfiguration classroom. It was a Saturday, he had plans to attend Hogsmeade with George and their mates, Lee, Angelina, Alicia, and Y/N. He waited patiently, as Y/N finished her make-up test after skipping class one day as she laid sick in her dorm bed. 
Fred had been worried, bombarding her with soup and potions from Madam Pompfrey, despite the infinite protests from Y/N telling him it was just a cold. He was by her side the entire day. After her recovery he was quick to drag her along in their normal festivities, today’s being Hogsmeade. 
As he spotted Y/N exiting the classroom, his eyes lit up. He smiled as she approached him, feeling the excitement bubble up in his stomach. His head was spinning at the thought of getting to spend the entire day with her. But as she reached him, he noticed the way her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes, and before Fred could ask her what was wrong, she wrapped herself in his arms and buried her face in his chest. 
She exhaled softly, feeling tears pooling in her eyes as she finally released the stress that had built up. Being in Fred’s arms, inhaling his scent and feeling his hold around her had her sinking into him. She felt bad, barely giving him a warning before she curled into him, but judging by how quickly his arms reached out to wrap around her, he didn’t seem to mind. 
Fred sighed as he felt the wetness of tears falling from her eyes and onto his skin. His heart broke and he held her tightly, resting his chin on her head as she cried quietly into his chest. A few passerby students furrowed their brows as they walked by, but Fred was quick to shoo them off. 
He held her tightly in his arms, rubbing her back to calm her down. She snuggled in closer to him, her arms around his middle and clasping her hands together around his back. As much as it hurt to see her so upset in his arms, it made his heart swell to hold her so closely. That was a trap Fred fell into months ago, falling for his best friend so easily that it happened right under his nose. 
“I’m sorry, Freddie.” She sniffled as she pulled back to look at him. 
“Hey,” He cupped her face, “No need to apologize, darling, I just wanna make sure you’re alright. What happened?” 
Y/N huffed, “Well for starters, I think I failed that bloody test. I was up all night studying and barely got any rest, and to top things off I got a letter from my Mum this morning saying that she’ll be away during holiday.” 
Fred bit his lower lip as he watched her, her eyes that were normally filled with glee and mischief were clouded with stress and pain. He wished he could take it away, more than anything. He sat there in silence for a moment, knowing that was probably what she needed most. He kept his arm around her waist, keeping a tight hold in case she needed him again. 
“Well,” Fred exhaled softly, “‘M sure Mcgonagall will let you retake the test if you need to. And plus, you know you’re always welcome to spend holiday with us.” 
She nodded against his chest, quietly mumbling a ‘thank you’ before she let her eyes flutter closed momentarily. She felt the tension release, just slightly, just by being in Fred’s presence. He was her rock, her safe space, somewhere she always returned to. When she was in trouble he was always the first person she wanted to call. 
As she let her tears dry and breathed deeply to let no more fall, she wiped her eyes and stood up straightly, looking up at Fred with as much courage as she could muster up. 
“Right,” She sighed, “To Hogsmeade then, shall we?” 
Fred’s brows furrowed, knowing her so well allowed him to see right past her faux cheer. Her joy wasn’t genuine, and he could see the way she was trying so desperately to keep her heartache bottled up and tucked away. As she turned to take a step, Fred grabbed her arm, pulling her gently back against his chest. 
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, love.” He reached up, slowly tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. 
Her brows furrowed, “What do you mean?”
“You’ve just come to me crying,” Fred lightly scoffed, “I don’t wanna see you pretending to have a good day just to make everyone else happy, when what you really wanna do is lay in your dorm and rest.” 
Her mouth opened as if to protest, but he looked down at her with his brows raised and she knew he’d bested her. She chewed on her bottom lip, mulling over the thought of arguing with him as she thought of Angelina and Alicia wondering where she was, but Fred disregarded her thoughts as he reached down and grabbed her legs, tossing her over his shoulder as he took off towards the gryffindor common room. 
“What the hell?” She gasped, humor in her tone. 
“I’ll tell everyone you’re still not feeling well,” Fred shrugged, “And stay with you all day to make sure you rest.” 
Y/N giggled, “If you wanted to spend all day with me, Freddie, you could’ve just said so.” 
Fred bit his lip to contain his own laughter, shaking his head fondly before he playfully slapped the back of her thigh, eliciting a bark of laughter from her lips behind him. 
He set her down as they reached the common room. She protested all the way up to her dorm, despite the fact that Fred had already won her over, she liked to push his buttons, playfully arguing with him just to see him care about her so fiercely. As they reached her empty dorm, she plopped down onto her bed and kicked off her shoes. Fred leaned in her doorway, watching as she got comfortable until something seemingly clicked in his mind. 
He excused himself, leaving Y/N confused as she finished dressing into more comfortable clothing. But a grin etched on her lips as Fred returned, a grey hoodie in hand. He smiled once he saw her eyeing it, knowing well it was her favorite. 
“Merlin, it’s cold out here.” Y/N stomped, trying to return some heat to her body. 
She stood next to George and Fred, overlooking the black lake as they waited for Harry to return to the surface. They were watching the Triwizard Tournament, and despite the water based task, it was cold that day. 
Fred chuckled from beside Y/N, holding his hands up in surrender when she flashed him a glare. He shook his head and dug through his bag until he pulled out a grey sweatshirt. 
“Here.” He handed it to her. 
She eyed him curiously, it wasn’t often Fred Weasley committed an act of pure kindness without some prank involved. She took the hoodie with caution, fully expecting a swarm of bugs to fly at her face as soon as she opened it. Fred watched her with furrowed brows. 
“You said you were cold,” He snorted, “Just put the bloody jumper on.” 
She rolled her eyes and tugged it over her head, her senses immediately flooded with the scent of sweets and campfires. She swallowed thickly as she snuggled into it, pushing the thought of how much she liked it deep, deep down. 
Fred stepped towards her and slipped the hoodie over her head, giggling softly when her head came out the top. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her forehead as she pulled her arms through the sleeves. She turned to settle in her bed after that, grabbing an extra blanket to throw on top of her and grabbing her box of sweets out from underneath her bed. 
Fred watched, raising his brows at her as she wiggled a chocolate frog in his direction. He stood with his back to her wall, his foot kicked up behind him. 
“What are you doing, you goof?” She laughed, “Come on.” 
Fred blushed as she waved him over, kicking off his shoes and slipping into bed next to her. It wasn’t the first time they’d shared a bed, they’d fallen asleep next to each other plenty of times at the burrow or in the common room. It also wasn’t unusual for her to seek Fred’s comfort in the middle of the night when she tossed and turned, the only way to find sleep being tucked into his side. 
They indulged in her box of sweets, devouring chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties until their stomachs ached. She laid her head down on his chest as they sat there together, Fred’s fingers mindlessly combed through the ends of her hair. 
She smiled to herself as she thought of how she’d protested this very idea and yet Fred knew her well enough to know it was exactly what she needed. Sitting there in her dorm with him, tucked into his side, she felt the butterflies swarm in her stomach as she listened to his steady breathing, and thought to herself that the way she felt about her best friend was far from platonic. 
She’d been quick to dismiss those feelings when they arrived their sixth year. Every flirty comment Fred threw towards a Beauxbatons girl, she’d let roll off her back. The rage she felt when Fred took Angelina to the yule ball, she dismissed. Until all those feelings were packed away nice and neatly in a box that she’d never open. But it opened on its own, everytime their hands brushed together and with every kiss he pressed to her cheek. She hated to admit that she thought about him more than she should. 
“You didn’t have to do this, Freddie.” She broke the silence, speaking up softly. 
Fred shuffled behind her, grabbing her waist and pulling her to turn around and face him. He kept his hand on her waist once she turned, his brown eyes flitting between her own and he searched for the things going on in her pretty, little head. 
“I know that,” He shrugged, “But I wanted to… you’d do it for me.” 
“You think I’d give up Hogsmeade for you?” She snorted, sarcastically, “You might need to get your thoughts straight, Weasley, I don’t love you that much.” 
Fred rolled his eyes, scoffing dramatically as if she’d wounded him. But his eyes fell soft as they returned to look at her, an etch of a smile still evident on her face. 
“But you do love me though.” He winked. 
She sighed dramatically, “I guess I do.” 
As Fred shook his head in response, Y/N laughed quietly, watching his ginger locks fall into his eyes. She reached up, and delicately swiped a strand of hair from his face. His eyes closed softly at her touch, melting into her comfort and the feeling of her committing such a small, intimate act had his heart swelling. 
He wanted to just say it, tell her he loved her and always had. He wanted to tell her that he yearned to hold her close to him and talk about their future. He wanted to kiss her perfect lips and lay his head in her lap while she read muggle books in their shared flat. It was a life he had unintentionally dreamed up, and now that it was there it was all he could think about. 
“You’re sweet.” She sighed, pulling him from his thoughts. 
His eyes remained closed, and his mind slowed to rest. He didn’t quite process the words he spoke until they came out of his mouth. 
“You’re beautiful.” 
Y/N paused, blinking at Fred. She felt her heart rate rising in her chest, thumping against her ribcage as her heart yearned to be joined with the man before her. She’d never felt her feelings as strong as they were right now. Leaning forward slowly, she hovered over Fred and pressed a soft, delicate kiss to his cheek. 
He smiled as she pulled back, his nose and cheeks dusted with a pink hue. His eyes opened at last, lashes fluttering as he looked up at her.
“What was that for?” He perked up. 
She settled back down against her pillow, letting her head rest as her hair fell around her head like a crown. 
“For calling me beautiful.” 
“‘S only the truth, darling.” He exhaled. 
Her mind was running faster than she could keep up with, throwing loving thoughts and intimate feelings from all directions. There was nothing more she wanted in that moment than him, she feared that if she moved too quickly the moment would slip through her fingers. Fred seemed to read her mind, reaching his hand out to lazily intertwine their fingers, silently reassuring her that he wasn’t going anywhere. 
She spoke softly, afraid to say the words out loud as they fell quietly from her lips, “You can’t say stuff like that and expect me not to fall for you.” 
Fred chuckled softly, feeling his own heart rate pick up. He knew he was testing his luck at this moment, pushing his limits and wearing his heart on his sleeve. What he hadn’t anticipated was that she would return the feelings. 
“That would make it a hell of a lot easier for me, considering I’ve been in love with you since last year.” 
He watched her walls crumble right before his eyes, her eyes lit up, a soft glint shining in them as she looked at him that Fred hoped was love. He had said it, uttered the words he dreamt of saying and was blessed enough to watch it sink into her mind there before him. 
She shuffled closer to him, close enough to rest her forehead on his. She waded in dangerously close waters, letting her lips brush his and feeling her eyes flutter closed at the contact. Fred pushed forward, fully pressing his lips to hers in a moment of final relief. 
It was like all the pieces of his puzzle made since, it felt right to sit there with her, holding her and kissing her. He felt his stomach flip when she sighed into him, as he slowly sucked on her bottom lip. He bit down gently, eliciting a quiet moan from her and kissed her harsher, desperate to hear how much she enjoyed the feeling of his lips on hers. 
He snaked his arm around her waist, resting his hand on the small of her back and tugged her towards him quickly. She gasped, allowing Fred access to slip his tongue past her lips. She immediately followed suit, her tongue grazing his until she had to pull back for air, leaving Fred to pepper kisses to the corner of her mouth. 
Fred had a triumphant smile on his lips as she pulled away. She chuckled and playfully hit his chest before leaning down to bury her face into his neck. He stopped her before she could, holding her chin in between his thumb and forefinger and bringing her back up to face him so that he could plant a slow, soft kiss on her lips. He hummed against her, melting into the feeling of her before he pulled back, opening his arms for her to crawl into. 
Y/N chewed her bottom lip, “What does this mean for us?” 
Fred chuckled softly, “It means, I want you to be mine, princess.” 
She giggled as he pressed a kiss to her forehead. 
“Good,” She sighed, happily, “Just wanted to hear you say it.” 
Fred snorted, tugging her closely to him as they got comfortable. The slow lull of her breathing into his neck sent him into a state of pure bliss. And while his mind ran a mile a minute, overwhelmed with joy that he had just snogged his best friend, his heart was peaceful and happy. 
“And Freddie?” She spoke up. 
“Yes, love?” 
“I would give up Hogsmeade for you.”
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Tumblr media
Galia Lahav | Bridal Fall 2021
GALA Collection X
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Second Best
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley X Reader
Word Count: 1.4k
A/N: inspired by champagne problems by taylor. this is pretty minimal fred weasley x reader. it’s also very angsty. sorry it’s been forever since I’ve written anything. I ended up working everyday during summer and kinda going through a writers block. plus I recently just went through a break up which is kinda inspiring some of this angst so my bad. hope y'all enjoy though.
You loved him. You wanted to marry him. To make a family with him. To grow old and be buried next to each other one day. Or at least you tried to want that. And now you’re sitting wondering how you could’ve ever lied to yourself.
Your head fell into your hands as sobs shook your frame. But no tears left your eyes, which made everything that much more frustrating. You wanted to cry. You wanted to scream. You wanted to feel some sort of regret or hurt but all you felt was…free.
The music was drifting in from way down the hall, reminding you what you left behind. Soft notes and slow melodies that could’ve been upbeat in celebration. But now it just seemed like they were holding tune for the rest of the guests and the ruined mood. The mood you had ruined.
You stood to your feet sucking in a deep breath as you heard footsteps approaching down the hall. You felt your body clench as you apparated away to the only place you could find peace.
The lake.
Seemingly in the middle of nowhere.
It was dark out. The stars seemed to be sympathetic as they glimmered in the sky above you. You walked to the edge of the water that reflected everything, including the view of you in your wine stained ball gown. You sank to your knees in the mud and just sat there. Thinking.
“You look beautiful,” He whispered in your ear as he guided you along. You looked up at him and smiled. Anthony Goldstein was a handsome man. Once a Ravenclaw prefect and now one of the most renowned Wizards of your generation. He was coveted by many and adored by everyone.
Even you.
Or at least, you tried to.
Somewhere along the way of your three year relationship, something changed. Sometimes for a brief second, Anthony’s hair lightened to a familiar red and his blue eyes darkened until they resembled a warm brown. His height lengthened and his frame grew. Until he looked like someone you actually loved. And whenever that split second ended your heart broke all over again. Feeling just as crushed as it did the day-
“You okay?” You startled and blinked. You looked up at Anthony who was looking at you with soft and concerned eyes. You swallowed. You didn’t deserve him.
“Yeah-” You cleared your throat. “Just nervous.”
“Don’t be. I got you.”
You forced a smile on your face but nodded anyway.
Anthony led you into the ballroom gracefully. It was some sort of anniversary gala for the Ministry. Everyone was in full regalia. Everywhere you looked, champagne and silk, fake smiles and hor d'oeuvres. You tried desperately not to think about the Yule Ball. Where calloused hands held you more gently than you’d ever been-
“Let’s dance.” Anthony pulled you out onto the floor and wrapped his arm around your waist. And for a gesture that once felt safe, it felt wrong. It felt constricting. “What’s going through that beautiful head of yours?”
You looked up at him and hated how you wished he was someone else. “Nothing. Just admiring the general splendor.”
A laugh bubbled from his lips as he spun the both of you. “It is quite beautiful isn’t it?”
You nodded.
“You know, my love, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. But I really feel like right now is the right time.”
He stopped you both in the middle of the floor. You looked up at him with a question in your eyes.
And then he knelt to the ground.
And your heart stopped.
His hands smoothly reached into his jacket pocket to pull out a velvet royal blue box that fit in his palm. The box opened seemingly on its own revealing a large emerald between two smaller diamonds.
“Y/N Y/L/N, I have had the honor of being with you for the past three years. We’ve survived so much together. You are the most beautiful and strong witch I know. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you be my wife?”
The words seemed filtered through water. Your head was ringing. You couldn’t breathe.
Your head spun looking around the room. Those fake smiles were turned in your direction now. Everyone waiting for the inevitable yes. The inevitable celebration.
You looked back down at Anthony, whose smile was faltering.
You took a step back. Shook your head.
“No.” A wine glass that had been hovering next to you for a toast of celebration fell to the floor and shattered, staining your cream colored gown.
You turned and ran from the room as gasps and shouts began to echo throughout the room. It was only as the doors magically opened in front of you that you looked back, seeing Anthony gazing at the ring in his hand still kneeling on the floor with a broken look you would never forget.
“Thought I’d find you here.”
You looked up seeing none other than Molly Weasley. Still in her ball gown. Holding a cup of tea. The steam was rising into the cold night making you remember just how chilly it was in the middle of March.
She slowly sank to sit beside you, disregarding the mud on her dress.
You looked back over to the pond as she pushed the cup of tea in your hand. “How?”
“This is where you always came when you needed to think. You act like you haven’t spent nearly every summer at my house for all your years at Hogwarts.”
A small smile slipped onto your face. “Yeah.”
It was quiet for a moment. The only sound was the crickets and quiet hum of the night.
“Talk to me.”
You took a sip of tea before letting out a breath. “I can’t marry him.”
“Why is that?” Her voice was gentle and kind. There wasn’t an ounce of judgement.
“I don’t love him-” You looked up. “Maybe I never did. Maybe I just thought I should and figured eventually I would love him without feeling like it was an obligation. But he’s such an incredible guy. He’s a brilliant wizard with a kind heart and everyone who meets him absolutely adores him.”
“But not you?”
You nodded. “But not me.”
You saw Molly nod out of the corner of your eye before she sipped her tea. You brought your own warm cup to your lips letting it warm you from the inside out.
“Why not.”
At those two words your heart leapt into your throat. She didn’t phrase it like a question. She knew there was a reason. You had a feeling she knew what the reason was. The real question was if you were going to lie or be honest.
You looked at her straight on. “He’s not the one I want.”
Red hair and warm brown eyes. Smile lines and hearty laughs.
Molly reached out and pulled you into her embrace as tears began to pour for the both of you.
“But I can’t have the one I want.” You sobbed into her shoulder as the words you’d been holding back had finally poured out of you.
All you ever wanted was Fred Weasley. And that opportunity was gone. He was gone. And all that was left for you was second best. And second best still wasn’t enough.
“He would’ve wanted you to be happy,” Molly whispered through her own tears.
“I don’t know how to be. It’s been years and I-” You crumbled. “I can’t stop loving him.”
Molly pulled back enough to look you in the eye. “I don’t think you ever will. It’s not about stopping, it’s about moving forward. There will never be anyone else you will love like you loved Fred and how Fred loved you, but there might be someone you can love differently. It’s not Anthony. But who knows, dear? You’ll always be a daughter of mine whatever happens.”
As she wrapped you back in a hug, a small piece of the pain you’d been feeling for years lifted. Like for once there was hope. That perhaps one day, you’d be okay.
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masterlist (requests currently OPEN)
here’s a new link to my newly made requesting rules!
please ensure that you’re looking over these rules before requesting, my dears! that said, feel free to send in anything when requests open up!
here’s a little guide for the fics:
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<3 : fluff
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harry potter
Lightning Era
Marauders Era
marvel (coming soon)
Bucky Barnes (coming soon)
Steve Rogers (coming soon)
Loki Odinson (coming soon)
mafia au 
Draco Malfoy 
Bucky Barnes 
Steve Rogers (coming soon)
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le-immorte · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sunny-bunnny · 6 months ago
Fred Weasley smutty headcanons
Warning/Content: smut, fluff, dom!Fred, edging teasing, soft dom!Fred, Fred being a dick (but in a cute way)
Word count: 283
so many thoughts...
Fred definitely loves watching you ride him, especially after he’s been edging you.
He’s been edging and teasing you for days, no particular reason for it except that he finds it immensely entertaining.
And the only explanation he’ll give you when you beg for more is “you just keep being a good girl for me and letting me have my fun and you’ll get a nice reward, okay baby?”
Only for you to nod pathetically.
At meals and in classes he has his hands on your exposed thigh slowly inching upwards causing you to clutch his arm in desperation as he ignores you in favor of conversing with his other friends or for once laying attention in class.
When you drag him back to your dorm you are quite literally begging for him to fuck you. “Uh-uh bunny, good girls take what’s given to them”
you whine at this but stay silent while he unbuttons your blouse and removes you bra as he tells you about his next idea for a prank.
You both kick off your shoes and socks and Fred begins to undress. “Panties off, love, keep the skirt on”
After you change you rock from foot to foot as you wait for Fred to make the next move
Then he’ll have you straddle him and slowly sink down of his length. As he groans and throws his head back you moan loudly taking so much pleasure in what you’ve been denied for days.
You try to set a steady pace but fail miserably due to your over-sensitivity
Having to take multiple breaks, your rhythm stuttering, panting heavily while Fred nearly mocks you for being so pathetic
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