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#fw 2020

Well well well, if it isn’t bakugou’s toes enthusiast: 🍭 anon! i missed your presence hoe, but anyways let’s get into this ASK.

FIRST OFF I send my gratitude to Best Jeanist, had it not been for him we wouldn’t have gotten to see Bakugou in skinny jeans. A true blessing

Now in regards to Bakugou’s mammoth ass, there will never not be a time where he chewed his S/O out in regards to them slapping his ass. He gets all defensive when you slap his but there doesn’t seem to be a problem when he slaps yours. He’d probably have to wrestle your wandering hands away from his butt at least two times a day (have you seen his cake, my goodness)

And for the pegging? I don’t think he’d be against it, but his S/O would have to do hands-down the best convincing in order for him to jump on board with the idea. Bakugou is one stubborn fucker and takes his “top” position very seriously (for whatever reason), but convince him to push his pride out of the way and that you should take the reigns for the night and he just might 

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I’m close to 200 followers. Thank you, thank you, you guys really shouldn’t have. Like really…..

Im aggressively annoying lmao. 

But 170 of y'all niggas fw the kid so that what’s uppppppppppp

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