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Happy FFWF! My first multi-chapter fic broke 2,000 hits today, which is a big deal for this baby FFW. In celebration, here are the two scenes that I wrote the whole fic for:

Scene One:

Steve hauled himself upward, ignoring a new string of profanities from Tony, who moved quickly to brace Steve’s shoulder and hold him upright. Steve ran his eyes quickly around the room. Luckily, HYDRA’s hideout was not up to code, because the overhead lighting was connected to a circuit breaker through cables of exposed wiring. Steve gestured toward the wall.

“How fast could you rig those up to electrocute me?”

“You did not just ask me that, Rogers, I swear to God –”

“Tony! How fast?”

“30 seconds.”

“Do it. Tony! Listen to me.” He clenched his jaw around a fresh wave of agony. “We just need enough of a current to fry the explosive without cooking my brain. The device could blow any second, and then I won’t be able to get you out.”

“Get me out?! Get yourself out, you bastard –” Tony tried to interject, but Steve kept talking over him determinedly.

“We’re both going to get out. You’re going to shock me, you’ll short out the chip, and then you’ll bring me back.”

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Hey! Happy FFWF!

I’ve participated in a few fic exchanges for both Hunger Games and Marvel, and I’m currently racing to finish my fic for the Reylo Fanfic Anthology, so yes 😎. They are something that I usually really enjoy 💖

As for Hamilton, my family will be watching it tomorrow evening. I can’t wait!!

Thank you so much for the ask @joyful-soul-collector 💖

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Hey! Happy FFWF!

How much research I do depends a lot on what I’m writing. If it’s anything canon-based then I usually will reread or rewatch any related books or movies so I’m not contradicting anything unintentionally. I also will do a quick google search if I’m unfamiliar with a certain area that I’m trying to depict, or to make sure my terms are correct. For example, the story I’m currently writing has a few scenes where Steve is flying an aircraft. Using the proper terminology for him while he’s flying is important to me, so I did a fair bit of research for it.

I do try to stick a lot with what I already know, as I’m more comfortable writing stuff that I know 😉, but research can be a lot of fun as well 💖.

Thanks so much for the ask @joyful-soul-collector 💖

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An interesting theory, anon. I think Zoya would like to believe that she wouldn’t do something like that, but do any of us really know what we would do for power!

Nothing in the story is there by accident, I’ll say that. 😉

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