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birazsenhastasii · 2 days ago
"Yıkılmak binaya mahsus bir şey değil ki Züleyha. Bir insanın, bir cümle ile yıkıldığını gördüm ben."
Cahit Zarifoğlu
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slasher-lovers-blog · 19 hours ago
What if Bo had an S/O who was shy when first meeting him but after spending time with him they say pickup lines generally just flirting with him?
That sounds interesting and cool, that I'll make a lil fic of it! :)
Tumblr media
Bo never thought that he would find someone to love. To keep for himself.
Only when he met his s/o, that his world changed.
They were very shy around him, it was cute. Bo teased many times about it, flirting with them.
His s/o started to hang out with him. They both had fun untill they started to flirt back to Bo.
That suprised him and he had a grin, it looked like his s/o likes him back.
Tumblr media
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littlevideo · 9 months ago
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miraichann · 3 months ago
૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა
૮₍´。ᵔ ꈊ ᵔ。₎ა
૮₍。 •᎔• 。₎ა
૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა
₍ᐢ˶• ˔ กᐢ₎
૮ ⁄ ⁄ ⁄ก ა
૮๑ˊ˘ ˋ๑ა
₍ᐢ˵• ࿁ กᐢ₎︎
(๑•́ ᎔ ก̀๑)
૮ ˊ͈ . ˋ͈ ა
₍ᐢ⸝⸝› ‹⸝⸝ᐢ₎
૮Ꮚ ´͈  ⁄ ⁄   '͈꒱ა
૮ ◞ ﻌ ◟ ა
૮₍ ˃ ⤙ ˂ ₎ა
૮₍ ⸝⸝´ `⸝⸝ ₎ა
૮⑅ › ᴗ ก ⑅ა
૮ ⑅ ˊ ◠ ˋ ⑅ ა
૮₍'˶• . • ⑅ ₎ა
૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა
૮₍ ⸝⸝' ꒳ '⸝⸝ ₎ა
ʚ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎ɞ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mykieekyuuxxo · a year ago
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥 𝐍𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐌𝐞𝐚𝐧🤍
000 -  The universe is letting you know that new beginnings will help you elevate your vibration and connect with your full potential 
111 - You’re on the right path to abundance, alignment, and creating your dream reality. You’re manifesting things with ease. 
222 - Trust you are on the right path. Stay focused on the things you want in your life rather than what you don’t want. 
333 - The Universe is working with you on making your dreams a reality. Belive in yourself and trust your intuition.
444 - Your being guided and supported through whatever you’re focusing on at the moment. Don’t stop, continue and keep going.
555 - A quantum leap is ahead, Embrace yourself for massive shifts. Be open to new opportunities in all areas of your life. 
666 - You’re distracted and need refocusing on your goals. The Universe is telling you to wake up to your higher self
777 - You’re in the frequency of manifesting your dreams. Good things are coming your way, let it flow your way. 
888 - Financial abundance is on it’s way to you. The Universe is letting you know you’re successful.
999 - You’re being told to embrace change and step into alignment with your soul purpose and higher self 
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shinpaimamii · a year ago
Could really go for a crisp 56 degree October day with fall scented candles burning, wearing my favorite sweatshirt, && cookies baking in the oven right now.
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meyuskartanesi · a day ago
yazdım yazdım sildim, nasıl bu hale geldim?
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whataloadofmalarkey · 2 months ago
BESTIE PLEASE rick flag x reader where she doesnt know how to swim either (like weasel) and blackguard pushes her off the plane thinking she was joking?? or sum like that thank u bff
BESTIE I LOVE THIS REQUEST!! thank you, I had a blast with this one and got carried away! I hope you enjoy this almost 4k creation of madness I whipped together in about an hour!
Tumblr media
“And then I sold Bernie for $20. $20, Y/N! Do you know what I can do with that kind of money? Five breakfast sandwiches. Five!” Harley squeals beside you, gripping onto your arm excitedly.
You wince, nodding non-committedly as you turn back to the front of the aircraft where the Colonel points to varying areas on a map of the island approaching below. He turns back to the group, folding his arms over his broad chest.
“Is that clear?” he asks the band of misfits in front of him, a variety of nods, grunts and hollers shared in response, “Ok, good. Gear up. We drop in four minutes.”
There was a burst of movement throughout the aircraft, with members of the new team scrambling for their various weapons to check over. You sigh from where you are strapped into the seat, frustrated that the plan was not in fact clear for you, having been subjected to Harley's nonsensical rambling for the past ten minutes. You had hoped Flag would have said something, told her to shut up (you not quite having the heart to) but he seemed to be so used to her ignoring him to blabber after so many years.
You decide to follow the lead of the others and pat yourself down, despite not having any equipment on your person. Why have weapons when you have your abilities? You didn't know how to use guns or arrows or katana-swords or - javelins? (You frown, noticing the odd choice of equipment belonging to the bright blue-cladded blonde beside you.) Besides, your powers have served you well in the past. Flag had even commented to Waller once that the squad would not have had half the successful missions you all had if not for your abilities. And that's high-praise from the usually assured, stubborn soldier.
You had blushed under the weight of his statement, your cheeks burning rather humiliatingly - an impressive and overwhelming sensation that you decide not to give any thought to on the very often occasion you recall Flag's praise (the small smile on his face and genuine gleam in his eye as he said it, in particular, also burning behind your eyelids).
The occasional compliments and reassurances was one of the thing you noticed. That something about the man was changing from when you had met all those years ago, when he had first whisked you out of your cell and plunged you and the others into Waller’s wicked scheme. Task Force X - things had changed so much for the team since the battle in Medway. Only yourself, Harley, Harkness and Flag were left. Even then, you have all changed yourselves. Sure, Boomer is still… well, Boomer. Harley, since having finally broken up with that clown, seemed much more resolute and impossibly somehow more joyous (if not reckless). With you, your abilities have grown stronger, mostly down to the support of the man now sending you a quick glance from the other side of the helicopter as he checks over the gun in his arms.
Rick, he’s probably changed the most. His past threats and ridicule are now words of encouragement and kindness. Where he once viewed you as something less than human, he seems to see an ally now - as you do him. A friend, maybe? Where there was once a strained hostility, is now- well, you’re not too sure what it is. It’s still tense between you, very tense… And your stomach continues to twist whenever you are near him… And he makes your nerves feel as though they are on fire with the briefest brush of arms as you fight side-by-side… But, it doesn’t feel the same as before. No, things have definitely changed…
"Remember," said Colonel speaks up before you can ponder on ‘but how?’. He shouts over the whirring of the aircraft and chatter of the criminals, "No powers or weapons are to be used until we hit land. Don't give Waller a reason to get trigger-happy and you lose your head. We take cover, then wait for orders of our next move. This is all about the element of surprise."
You nod along with the others, though are unable to piece together the rest of the plan. You're sure it's simple enough, you'll catch on. Or you'll improvise, as the squad usually ends up doing anyway.
Flag passes you by as he heads for the opening ramp of the aircraft, shooting a quick, private smile you have become so reliant on to settle your nerves before these missions. You nod back, a small automatic grin tugging at your own lips as you unbuckle your harness and stand to follow after him. Cautiously side-stepping past the werewolf - no, weasel - you move to stand beside him, Blackguard also having moved to the ramp on your other side.
“On the green-signal above us, we jump,” he orders to the crowd behind you.
“Sure, boss,” Blackguard drawls, dripping with sarcasm.
As the ramp continues to open, a small slither of the island below being revealed to you, you turn to look at the soldier, that involuntary smile brightening your face as you catch his eye.
“You ready?” he smirks, voice low as to attain privacy between you both despite the crowd gathering behind.
“As always,” your heart hammers eagerly, tearing your gaze away from that infectious, adventuresome light in his eye, “Though, if we are jumping to land from the craft, shouldn’t we have some sort of parachute-?”
You almost choke on your words as the ramp fully opens, revealing the landscape below you - or rather, body of water below.
Your balance falters, stumbling a few steps backward away from the ramp edge and the deep ocean below you!! The backs of your legs hit the bench, you almost stumble into the seat - but Flag’s hand reaches out to grip your shoulder to steady you before you can fall.
You feel dizzy as you gaze down to the water - even dizzier as you turn to look up at the man who is shaking your shoulder, gently yet firmly enough to keep you standing. His brow is cut sharply by a frown, though his eyes are wide in concern.
“Y/N?” his voice echoes through the pounding in your ears, his evident apprehension biting at your already chilled nerves, “Are you OK? Y/N?”
Rick gives your shoulder a slight shake, his fingers digging near-desperately into your numb skin as he encourages a response.
Your gaze has turned beyond him again, away from the crowd of eyes you can feel burning into you from the rest of the squad - equally as confused as one another. You are fixated on the water, shuddering with every wave that crashes.
“Y/N?!” the soldier almost shouts this time, desperate for an explanation as to why you are almost faint beneath his hold.
You snap your head to him, eyes sore as they begin to sting with tears.
“We have to-?” you try, swallowing hard as you attempt to form the words around the ever-rising fear, “I can’t- I need to.. to swim?!”
The Colonel loosens his hold on your shoulder slightly in surprise, watching worriedly as you inhale sharply after stuttering out the word.
“Yeah, uh,” he tries, clearly unsure what exactly is happening and how to best resolve it,” didn’t you listen to the plan?”
“No! I couldn’t!” you shout, uncontrollably harsher than you mean to be, “Harl wouldn’t shut up about that damned taxidermied beaver and breakfast burritos!”
“Sandwiches,” the unmistakable accented voice speaks up from the crowd, Harley stepping forward with another excited squeal, “Breakfast sandwiches!”
Rick shakes his head, ignoring the other woman as he continues to study your panicked expression, “What’s the problem?”
You inhale again, sharper this time as your gaze drops from him to the floor. Your cheeks heat, as they have done so often under his stare, the blush embarrassingly violent against the terrified paleness of your skin.
“We can’t use our powers?” you squeak, remembering hearing that during the briefing you couldn’t concentrate on just a few moments ago.
“Not until Waller gives the word,” Rick reiterates, though shaken by the sudden change in your attitude, “Y/N, what is it?”
“I can’t-” you sigh, closing your eyes and shuddering as you feel his hand drop from your shoulder, “I can’t swim.”
Rick only frowns, his mouth dropping open slightly in surprise. He is not entirely sure he heard you correctly, your whisper almost going unmissed by most in the aircraft. Well, not all.
“HA!” the young bleach-blonde stood beside you screeches out a bellowing laugh, “You can’t swim?!”
You cringe as you hear murmurs from the others in the aircraft.
Blackguard continues to howl, obnoxiously, “You have Hydrokinesis and you can’t swim?!”
There are a few other sniggers and incredulous chuckles amongst the crowd now, one you recognise to be Boomer - and then also the sound of Harley shushing them to be quiet, showing a clearly rare sign of sympathy. Your stomach drops.
Opening your eyes, you look up to catch Rick’s eye, seeing him already looking down at you with an unreadable expression - confusion, disbelief, irritation, concern? The elusiveness of his silence builds into anger inside of you. Your fists clench at your sides as Blackguard lets out another screech.
“You can’t… swim?” you hear Rick murmur, slowly as if trying to believe it himself.
You sigh, embarrassed, “I can control water, why would I ever need to?”
“HA! You’ve got to be kidding!”
You whirl around to face the obnoxious young man beside you, shaking with fury and fear.
“I’m not,” you mutter through clenched teeth. This only makes the youth laugh harder, clutching at his stomach.
“It’s a joke!”
“It’s not a joke.”
“You,” Blackguard steps forward and points a finger into your face with the hand not on his stomach, “can’t swim!”
“No, I can’t,” you say, a harsh hand coming up to slap his finger away, something that spoils his jubilance. He stands a little straighter, his face falling into a menacing grin as he glares down at you.
“You seriously expect us to believe that?” He says, voice lower and more cruel than before.
You lift your arms and push your palms roughly against his chest, accentuating every word, ”I. Can’t. Swim.”
Blackguard stumbles back slightly, shooting a worrisome glance to the close edge of the ramp, quickly regaining his composure. He squints his eyes as he steps close to you, the amused smirk never quite leaving his face.
“Prove it,” he growls, though still amused.
You guffaw, but before you have the chance to question his strange request - he pushes you.
“Y/N!” Rick yells as you trip over the edge of the open ramp, his stomach instantly sickening. He easily pushes Blackguard brutally to the floor in his haste to reach the edge of the ramp and search for you.
His heart leaps to his throat, almost choking on it. Rick watches you fall, plummeting to the ocean below. Watching for a moment, willing you to use your powers somehow in some way to protect yourself. He curses loudly through a clenched jaw hearing your body collide with the waves in a violent crash.
He can hear Waller screaming in his ear, not quite hearing her words but assuming her to be ordering him to stay put. To wait for the signal. To leave you for dead.
He doesn’t listen. He doesn’t even think.
He jumps.
He finds himself whispering your name amongst the chaos, almost like a prayer. Rick has never considered himself a religious man, not after the things he has seen. The things he has done. But it is worth a try now, right? When you are cold and limp in his arms, limbs splayed across his lap and sand sticking to your wet skin.
His hand remains by your neck, eagerly pressed against the faint pulse beating there, somewhere close to the bomb so cruelly implanted into it when you had first met all those years ago. Things were so different then. He would not have cared for, let alone cradled, you-
Another explosion goes off somewhere behind him, forcing the soldier to duck his head and cover your body with his own. Debris scatters around you both, Rick gripping onto your jacket and legs, easily able to tuck you into him as closely as possible and avoid any more harm. A flaming pile of metal lands close by, a remnant of the aircraft you had both not so long ago been standing inside. He shuffles closer to it, you still being held securely onto his lap as he maneuvers over to sit beside the flames. He has to get you warm, the icy touch of your skin chilling him to the core. He removes his hands from you just for a moment to remove his jacket. Though wet from his dive after you, he places it around your upper body, hoping the extra layer will help.
“Come on, L/N,” he pleads once more, voice muffled by the chaos around him. Flag grips the jacket around you, clinging desperately, “Please, Y/N… Please…”
He lowers his forehead to touch against yours, body shaking as gunfire surrounds the pair of you. He can hear Harley cackling with glee as she fires another bazooka flare, the whipping of Harkness’ boomerangs as they slice through the enemy’s necks, the spluttering of your cough-
You’re coughing! Body convulsing in his lap as you push against him. His head snaps up, seeing your wide-eyed gaze meeting his as water drips out from your lips. Rick has no time to feel glee as concern floods his nerves, pulling you to sit upright against his chest as you continue to cough. He rubs a hand along your back, willing the air to return to your lungs. After a moment, he feels you collapse back against him, panicking for the briefest moment that you have once again fallen unconscious before he sees your eyes turn up to his from where your head now rests on his shoulder.
“Y/N,” he breathes, almost wincing at how pathetic he sounds. But he doesn’t care. You’re still here. You’re still with him!
“Ri-” you choke on some more water, then reach a shaky hand up to wipe at your mouth, never removing your gaze from him, “Rick?”
He allows himself to smile, gripping his jacket around you tighter. You return the grip on his arms, pushing yourself further into his hold to stabilise yourself.
You continue to catch your breath, something rather difficult with the soldier looking at you with that something in his eye again. You copy the movement of his chest against your back, your own rising and falling in pattern with his until your breath returns to a more controllable pace. Your shaking soon subsides, the heat rolling from his body sparking your skin alight. You both sit there for another moment in silence, looking at the other - both unsure what to say, both acutely aware of the anarchy existing around you, both intentionally blissfully ignorant as you bask in the feeling of the others’ arms.
An explosion resounds somewhere to the side of you, shaking you out of your bliss. Rick subconsciously pulls you tighter towards him, you don’t resist. Both too weak and too greedy for his touch to even want to try.
“You pulled me out?” you croak.
He nods, biting his tongue. What does he even say now? How terrified he felt when that bastard pushed you out of the aircraft? How sickened he was hearing your body collide with the water? How he almost drowned himself in his frenzy to recover you from the water? Risking the mission to get you to relative safety? That he might even lo-
“Thank you,” you exhale, his thoughts ceasing and heart seizing as you blink slowly, a slight upward turn to your lips as you nuzzle gently into his neck.
Another explosion. Harley cackles again somewhere in the distance.
You tense in his lap, suddenly reminded of the others you had been sent on the mission with. Harley, Boomer, Javelin guy, the Weasel. Reminded of-
“Oh! That dickwad!” you seethe, water spitting from your mouth as you move to stand, “Where is he?! When I get my hands on him-”
“He’s already dead, Y/N,” Rick informs you as he tighten his grip to prevent you from moving, knowing you refer to the man who pushed you from the aircraft, Blackguard, “Had his face blown-off.”
“Damn,” you exclaim quietly. Rick is unsure whether you are expressing shock at the brutality of it or disappointment at the stolen opportunity to get revenge.
The Colonel tries to contain his fury now that you are conscious, but can’t help himself from shaking his head disappointingly as he asks, “Why didn’t you help yourself?”
“What?!” you exclaim, pulling away from Rick slightly to stare incredulously at him, “What are you-”
“You could have died, Y/N!”
“It wasn’t my fault! That asshole-”
“You could have used your abilities! I’ve seen what you can do!-”
“I was scared!” you shout, voice trembling. It silences the soldier. He just looks at you, eyes softening in immediate understanding and regret for his misdirected outburst, “I was scared and I panicked and it is humiliating and- and if it wasn’t for you…”
Rick nods, understanding and not wanting to think about what could have been if he hadn’t acted so fast. You exhale.
Another moment passes, neither saying anything.
“So, what now, Colonel?” you say, your head tiredly rolling back onto the man’s shoulder - your burst of anger having drained most of your limited energy. However, the sound of gunshots and yells around you snap your head back upright, forcing you to attempt to get to your feet, “We should help the others! The mission-!”
A tug at your arm pulls you back down into the soldier’s unmoving lap, his hand slipping into yours and the other moving to rest on your hip.
“I’m sorry,” he says.
He swallows, looking down to where your hands are entwined between you. His voice bubbles with regret, “I should have stepped in. It should never have gotten that far. He should never have- I should never have allowed that to happen to you.”
“I was too busy thinking about Waller,” he frowns, lost in his thoughts as his hold tightens around your hand, “Why would she not have included it in your file? She knew it could sabotage a mission. Why send you on this mission knowing that in the first place? You've done enough, proved yourself on dozens of occasions now! What’s her plan? Why would she-”
“Because she’s a bitch.”
Rick splutters, his face unwillingly splitting into a grin as he snaps his gaze to that mischievous glint in your eye he has become so fond of. You fight off a smirk of your own, raising an eyebrow, “Am I wrong?”
Rick doesn’t answer, knowing the woman is listening to and watching their every move. He has already acted too irresponsibly- no, sentimental - no! That doesn’t sound fitting either. He has already pissed Amanda Waller off already tonight, putting his own interests and impulses before the mission plan. He knows he will live to regret it later, she is not exactly a forgiving woman when it comes to disobeying orders. Waller is a tyrant like that - not that he would ever refer to her as such aloud.
“She put a bomb in my neck and has threatened to blow it every day for four years. It is no secret that evil hag wants me dead,” you quip.
Rick knows you are right. And the thought infuriates him. He holds onto you a little tighter. So no, perhaps he will not live to regret it. Waller, do your worst.
“Where’s my comm?” you suddenly ask, looking around the sand from your position on his lap.
“It was damaged in the water.”
“Gimme yours,” you order, and he does so, pulling it out his ear and handing it over.
You hold it up to your mouth, locking eyes with Rick and smirking as you speak into it, “Nice try, Mandy. I'm still standing.”
And with that, you throw the comm-piece into the burning debris beside you.
“Now, on your feet soldier,” you say, groaning with the strain as you begin to stand. Rick almost reaches out for you again to pull you back but resists, the yells of the squad around you dragging him back to the harsh reality of the situation. You reach a hand down for him, which he takes as he rises to stand beside you.
Reaching back down to the sand to retrieve his gun, surprisingly un-water-logged, he hears you snigger.
“So, you’re a strong swimmer?” you grin, a mischievous arch to your brow that has Rick raising one of his own, “Must be to have pulled me out.”
“Get to the point, L/N,” he says, untrusting but curious.
“Maybe you should teach me,” you say as you take a few, slow steps closer to him, “All the different forms and positions…”
Rick stays quiet, both unwilling to fall into the trap of some sort of tease yet also hyper-aware of how close your chests are now you have moved to stand in front of him. You see his eyes squint distrustfully as you begin to extend your arm, your hand brushing slowly against his arm as it rises to his shoulder, then his neck, barely skimming the skin. He finds himself drawing, if possible, closer - eager for your touch.
“Doggy-paddle, front-crawl,” you list slowly, your hand eventually resting against his jawline, thumb glazing across his open bottom lip, “breast-stroke-”
The soldier blinks, eyes now blazing as he stands, frozen.
You stroke your thumb back down to his jaw. Your hand then moves along his neck, around to the base of his hairline, fingers slowly raking upwards to his scalp.
He swallows. Hard.
Rick can feel your breath on his chin as your other hand follows the same pattern, slowly moving from his jaw, to the sides of his head and to the base of his neck.
He represses a shudder. Only stares at you, entranced.
Your hands languidly move from the back of his neck to his jaw again, thumbs stroking his cheeks before you remove your hands from his face entirely.
The soldier blinks. Blushes.
You smirk, holding your now wet-again hands between you both. His own hands remain tightly around his gun, barely restrained from reaching out for you. He watches as you begin to move your fingers, languidly, the water droplets collected from his face dancing along your palms, vibrating with an unseen energy only your vitality can produce.
Your smirk turns into a grin, the water now circling fluidly in the air around your palms.
It is just as beautiful as the first time he saw your powers, Rick thinks. Just as beautiful as the first time he saw you.
“Come on, Colonel,” you say with a smile, turning to face the chaos of the beach. He nods, his own expression falling into an eager smirk, raising his gun in preparation, “Let’s have some fun!”
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blacksunscorpio · a month ago
Astro Musings No. 11
Venus/Jupiter aspects in the natal chart...
Will make someone generally likable, charming, generous, and agreeable- especially if it's a conjunction, trine, or sextile you're working with. They'll be the person who might be incredibly popular or someone whose creativity [Venus] is magnified [Jupiter]. They might be very beautiful or well known for their good looks. However, throw a square to Chiron in the mix and this individual might have a hard time believing it. Since Chiron is the place in our chart where we wear our inner wound and a square indicates conflict, the pain to either of these planets has to do with beliefs, how we're educated, and the overall philosophy of life. One could perhaps have a lot of doubt as to whether they are truly attractive.  They could be bullied or hated for their attractiveness or popularity. On the other hand, Jupiter Squaring Chiron can make someone have severe wounds concerning their spiritual beliefs. It's common to see this aspect in charts of people who were forced into a particular belief system or religion. In addition, it's also an indicator of those who were abused by organized religion. Often the case/in charts of those in the LGBTQ community who were perhaps shunned by conventional western religious constructs.
12th House Synastry is a bit like Russian Roulette...
Not to scare any of you with significant placements within this house synastrically or in composite, but remember what I said in Astro Musings 1 about Neptune? Wherever he is, there's going to be a feeling that something is hidden. Deception will be a big factor or just naivete or idealism. More so if the aspects in this house are squares/oppositions. With the Trines and Conjunctions, the energy here can feel incredibly spiritual and binding. [Don't bust out the champagne yet, I said FEEL binding- it doesn't mean it necessarily will be]. Sorry. North Node/Neptune might make you two dream of each other or have this strange 6th sense concerning them and their energy. Moon and Neptune will make two people have an uncanny knack for knowing what the other is thinking. It will feel downright Soul-Mate-esque. The same if Mercury and Neptune are joined.
Now, if the aforementioned aspect is afflicted, two people will Pinocchio the fuck out of each other.
The lies will be endless. Now this might not even be malicious, it's more so two people don't want to disappoint each other, so they put on an act they think the other will appreciate/wants to see. There's a lot of pressure to live up to the other person's expectations. Most of the time, the mask will inevitably fall off and bitter feelings may ensue. Choose honesty first.
Aspects to the ruler of the first house will have a similar vibe to aspects on the ascendant.
That’s because your chart ruler and it’s planet are leading your entire chart in energetic expression. By proxy, whatever happens to it [ruler of the 1st], wherever it is in your chart, will be magnified and displayed. For example, if you’re a Scorpio rising but Pluto is in your 3rd house, it might be very apparent to others that you speak and think deeply. Your communication can feel very “psychiatric" and probing. It might be the first thing people notice about you. If you’re a Sag rising and your Jupiter is in your 10th House, you could make a career out of travel or be famous. Everyone will notice your larger than life persona.
Aquarius Moon in the 5th just like these other aspects, can be an indicator of one who might have a fear of motherhood or pregnancy in general. In addition, One with a Cancer Lilith in the 6th might choose career over motherhood. In a woman’s chart, it can also be an indicator of someone who has reproductive [4th house/moon] issues [especially if there are afflictions].
Lilith in the 6th house may feel that they give more than they get. They might also reject the idea of daily work and routine or general discipline. There can be scandal’s at work as well. Wherever Lilith is, you can guarantee that there’s going to be some ‘taboo’ energy involved. Since 6th house is one of the money/career houses, it can indicate that this taboo will be related to whatever you do for a living.
Placements for those who love animals
Will be Neptunian placements ftw. Neptunians/Piscean placements tend to have a monopoly on the “beast whisperer” thing. That’s because Animals sit between the physical and the spiritual world. They see shit we can’t. So they’ll often take to those with strong “veil” energy. 
Cancerian’s come in at a cool 2nd. This is because their heightened sensitivity make animals feel them quite strongly. They also have strong nurturing energy which will draw pets to them.
Leos at No. 3- Leonine placements have an uncanny love for animals due to their playful and warm energy. Being ruled by the sun, they’ll be literally “beacons of light” for furry friends.
Virgo is ruler of the 6th house of work and routine. Because of their natural capability towards order and discipline, I often see this sign as pet owners. Often these natives have more than one. They’ll be the sign that has Fido trained and operating like clockwork. 
Speaking of animals, the signs I’ve seen to take to cats more than canines are Scorpio and Capricorn. Because of these two sign’s affinity towards introversion, it’s no surprise that one of the most introverted breed of animal feels right at home among them. On the flipside, I’ve seen on numerous occasions where dogs become quite obsessed [Pluto] with Scorpios, on the occasion where they’re not scared of them. 
In a female’s chart, Having asteroid Aphrodite squaring her Lilith
will mean her beauty will have a forbidden fruit vibe to it. Her charm will be directly tied to her wild femininity. However, there may be struggles in how she expresses it. Typical placement for someone whose kindness or mild flirtation will be received as overtly sexual. Her charm and grace might have a playboy or pornstar vibe or she may get her value from expressing herself sexually. It can also indicate one who is just oversexed in general. Be sure to keep those Trojans on hand and get those yearly check ups. Nothing wrong with expressing yourself in such a way but Lilith can also indicate diseases of the venereal nature, especially if in the sign of Scorpio or afflicted in the 8th House
Talent in Fashion Design in the Natal Chart will be
Sun in Libra [Andre Leon Talley]
Venus in the 10th
Taurus 10th House
Libra 10th House
Venus in Virgo
Venus in the 6th
Moon conjunct Venus
Venus in the 2nd House
Mercury in harmonious aspect to Venus
Neptune in Libra
Venus in Sagittarius [Expansive/creative mindset/abundance]
Neptune in harmonious aspect to Venus [Anna Wintour]
Talent in Libra
Scorpio Stelliums [Pluto rules the underworld where jewels and finery reside- Gianni Versace and Anna Wintour have this in their charts- So does Grace Kelly]
Having Nessus in Capricorn can indicate that the father figure in your life might have been a bit abusive or a source of pain.
Having Asteroid Talent in the sign of Gemini might make one very well adept at wordplay. They could have a talent for writing or have hardcore skill at wit. In the 12th house might make them very skilled at writing fantasy or even writing for film/fiction.
Uranus in the 1st can make someone unusual looking, they may look androgynous or dress in a ‘rebellious’ or ‘avant-garde’ way. I’ve also seen 1st house Uranians have flat affects. They can have a demeanor that comes off as detached or in general RBF.
Speaking of Uranus, if you had an absentee father figure...
check to see if your 4th house has Aquarian or Uranian influence. In addition, see if your Sun is inconjunct to your Uranus or squaring it. 9 times out of 10 when I’m analyzing a birth chart, I have a native tell me their father skipped out or split from life very early. There’s always a story there.
Asteroid Psyche touching your 10th house/MC might make you a very skilled Psychologist. Asteroid Psyche [16] is about the mind/soul. If it’s in the house of work/reputation/prestige, you might apply this asteroid's energy to your career
Multi-planet oppositions in the natal chart
Will indicate a push-pull in your natal energy. You’ll be the person who struggles between two mindsets constantly.
If it’s between Gemini and Sagittarius you’ll struggle with the logical and philosophical. You may have constant existential crises. On a positive note, if you’re able to balance it, you’ll be able to see multiple sides of an argument. This is an ideal aspect for someone who debates, is in law, or journalism. If it’s between
Cancer or Capricorn you will deal with wanting to be self-sufficient but also have a deep need to nurture or be nurtured.
The Sign your Sun/Rising is in in your Solar Return Chart
Will usually indicate the energy you’ll take on for the year. In Aquarius your might be tech minded and quite detached. In Virgo, you may be especially detail oriented and cerebral. In Scorpio you may find yourself more emotionally sensitive, probing, or ruthless that year. In Leo, you may be more outgoing- self-centered, or unusually popular.
A Taurus Venus will like to feed you to show you they love you. Being Wined and Dined is how this Venus placement likes to demonstrate they care. They may also like to give you gifts to show you their admiration.
Sorry to break it to you, mutable gang...
But Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces are among the top signs found in Serial Killers. I.E
Ted Bundy- Sagittarius
Jeffrey Dahmer- Gemini
John Wayne Gacy- Pisces
Mary Bell- Gemini
George Chapman- Sagittarius
Charles Cullen- Pisces
Danny Rolling- Gemini
Marybeth Tinning- Virgo
Alton Coleman- Sagittarius
Kenneth Bianchi- Gemini
Andras Pandy- Gemini
Dean Carter- Virgo
Andrew Cunanan- Virgo
Richard Ramirez- Pisces
Randy Steven Kraft- Pisces
Terry Blair- Virgo
Timothy Krajcir- Sagittarius
Taurus Suns, 11th House Virgos, Cancer/Capricorn 5th Houses, and Libra 7th Housers are typically the “Parent/Mom/Dad” of their friend groups.
Believe it or not, when it comes to “jealousy” over material things, it’s not Scorpio. Taurean/Leo placements [typically risings and Suns and moons] and especially underdeveloped will be the types to hate on you for having something [Usually clothing, car, house, etc] they want. Scorpios, though famous infamous for the jealousy stereotype, will usually show this trait only in romantic entanglements. This is because Scorpio is a water sign. Their primary mode of operation has to do with the emotional realm.
Mars in the 10th House is usually seen in those who make athletics part of their career. 
Mars in Gemini have the most savage comebacks. They will make you feel so stupid if you argue with them. Mars is war and Gemini is wit. You’ll be hard pressed to win a battle of words with them.
I find those with Mars in Aquarius or aspecting Uranus will swing both ways sexually, regardless of how they identify.
Venus in Aquarius don’t really like to be touched/hugged. Picture Voldemort hugging Draco. Ironically, they will usually be the type of people to take up professions where they have to touch others. I've seen copious nurses with their Venuses touching Aquarius. Massage therapists as well. Might have something to do with the love [Venus] of helping others [Aquarius].
Those with multiple planets in the 12th House can make excellent actors. This is because their personality is in a mutable house. They can morph and chameleonize themselves very easily. Superb for taking on multiple personalities for their craft.
Men with Mercury in Leo, Capricorn, or harmonious aspect to Pluto tend to have very deep voices. There’s also a soothing vibe to them as well. James Earl Jones, Liam Neeson, and Anthony Hopkins all have these placements. 
Contrary to popular opinion, Gemini isn’t the only sign that can be a “jack of all trades”. In fact, Libra Suns often fit in in various roles/professions. This has a lot to do with their diplomatic nature. Because they are often the peacemaker and a bit passive than their cousins, they are often welcomed in many different circles. This allows them to excel with networking/social climbing.
Jupiter conjunct/Square Saturn and Capricorn 9th Housers
are the placement[s] I see the most in those who have a deep skepticism of Astrology. Their belief system can be rather rigid [Saturn] which makes it harder/ for them to be open minded [Jupiter] to other schools of thought.
Each Planet/Sign rules a day of the week. Whichever day you were born can inadvertently make you take on some of the traits of that sign, regardless of what your “big 3″ are. 
For example: If you were born on a Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, you can be especially cerebral or witty. Tuesday, ruled by Mars can make you fiesty, athletic and perhaps a bit impatient like Arians. Friday, ruled by Venus can make you extremely charming and friendly. Saturday, ruled by Saturn can make you extremely entrepreneurial-minded whereas being Born on a Monday [Moon] can make you security and family oriented.
Venus in Sagittarius, Sagittarius 5th House, 2nd House in Sag or Venus Aspecting Neptune in the sign of Sag might make one have an affinity for entertainment from foreign countries. I see these placements in the charts of those who enjoy anime, foreign film, or those who have a knack for languages [lot of trines to Jupiter is also an indicator of the latter.]
Asteroid Priapus... will make you want to uncontrollably merge with someone.
 [I’m not even kidding. I had this aspect with someone and my Priapus touched their Jupiter and I wanted to tear the kid’s clothes off. All my friends had no idea what I saw in him. To them, he was not my “type”- whatever that means.] The sign Priapus is in will give you a hint as to what turns you on. In Virgo, someone clean cut, organized or well-groomed might tickle your fancy. In Libra, someone fashionable and sweet-natured. In Aries, someone outgoing or athletic, Capricorn, there can be an affinity for someone older, someone accomplished, or a general “daddy” fetish. 
Sun conjunct Pluto or Sun Square Pluto...
will have gnarly authority issues. Same with Mars in the 1st or Mars in any of the career houses. They do not like being told what to do whatsoever. If you try to boss them around, they will do the opposite just to spite you.
In synastry, a Double Whammy of Sun/Pluto
energy will make two people addicted to each other. All their forbidden fantasies [Pluto] will be exemplified by the other person’s presence [Sun]. The sex will be on the rougher side and can make two people obsessed. However, if a break up were to occur, this placement will make it damn near impossible for two people to be friends again. There’s just too much passion involved.
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