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Pinkie and her Grandmother Cotton Candy were on their way to Ivy’s birthday party. They were the first guests there, along with her mother, Fizzy, at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe!

While everyone had some ice cream, some time passed, but no other guests arrived. :( Ivy became so upset! “Did my invitations get lost in the mail? Did everyone get the wrong date?”. She cried, and Fizzy tried her best to calm her.

Grandmother Cotton Candy added, “Sweet Ivy, unfortunately this is a growing up lesson for you. Not everyone who says they’re your friend, really is one. Only true friends are always there for you. It is sometimes a learning moment when you lose friends or they drift apart. No matter how painful it is at the moment, it’s a sign that you’re growing up.”

Ivy and Pinkie Pie had a hard time understanding this, “But Grandma, you always said I should make lots and lots of friends! Now I’m confused!”.

“You’re right Pinkie, and you need lots of friends when you’re little. But when you grow up, you find that you only need a few, true, good ones. I know it’s hard to understand now.”.

Ivy and Pinkie made the most of it. They still played Rainbow Horseshoe and Pin the Tail on the pony, and opened presents! “Hey, this doll looks a lot like Grandma Cotton Candy!”.

Have you ever had one of these moments growing up?

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March is the month of Wavedancer and Uniduck going out to see things!

Here they are looking at the rocks of Stonehenge. In Wiltshire, England.

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Some of my Post-War MegaStar head canons cause im bored 💕

  • Megatron is very affectionate when in bed, be it during interface or just sleeping
  • Starscream is a neat freak, while Megs is fine with leaving trash on the counter.
  • Neither of them are morning people, but they both stay up late
  • They both are still uneasy about the idea of having Autobots for neighbors
  • Megatron’s entire body is like one giant heater so Starscream’s nightmares about Skyfire are getting better.
  • They both claim to hate Sparklings until they actually have one of their own


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What if Starscream faked his death (with Optimus’ help) to join the Autobots after the fall of Vos?

Everybody believes Optimus killed Starscream!

Only Starscream (now a scientist that’s called Cloud Walker), Optimus, Prowl, Jazz, Wheeljack and Ratchet (who gave Cloud Walker his new frame) know the truth. 

Bumblebee would look up to Cloud Walker. 

Optimus tells Elita who Cloud truly is and makes her promise to keep it a secret from her team of female bots. 

Megatron becomes more vengeful then ever and so do Skywarp, Thundercracker and the rest of the seekers. 

Soundwave becomes the new SIC and Shockwave becomes the TIC. 

Thundercracker is the Air Commander and Skywarp loses the childish part of his personality after losing Starscream. 

Megatron eventually finds Skyfire (Starscream’s Scientist BFF) and tells Skyfire that Optimus Prime killed Starscream, then the warlord lets Skyfire join the Deceptions and slowly transforms the gentle giant into a hate-filled, vengeance-crazed shell of his former self renamed Jetfire.

Cloud and the Autobots don’t know who Jetfire truly is.

Jetfire befriends Skywarp and Thunderscracker. 

Jetfire believes that Optimus Prime and all the other Autobots are terrible bots. 

Jetfire secretly promised himself that he would destroy all the Autobots to avenge his dearest Starscream… 

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So, I Looked Up My Name

Model by: Yorozubussan

Auto Luminous

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All Error Events originates from the Mental Scorponok server. DM if you’re interested in hanging out with other Transformers fans.

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Thundercracker: Your future self is hating you for the poor decisions you’re making today.

Starscream: Bold of you to assume current me isnt also hating myself for making the decisions that I am making.

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Paredão BBB 21


Vamos lá de BBB 21, um dos assuntos mais falados no Twitter, e que estou amando, apesar de bastante preocupado com o futuro de Karol Conka.

E esse paredão só não será tão grande que os 3 estão com suas reputações meio arranhada pelo público então a sai da não será tão grandiosa quanto as pessoas gostariam.

Se trará de um paredão bem complicado, ao meu ver pra balançar o jogo e desestruturar alianças, Arthur deveria sair, já que o próprio Projota é capaz de entrar em desespero se ficar na Xepa por mais tempo, onde vai abalar ainda mais seu psicológico, não desejo que ele enlouqueça lá dentro muito pelo contrário, ele desistir do jogo acho mais interessante, igualmente o meu sentimentos sobre Karol.

E qual opinião de vocês sobre esse paredão?

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Countervail - Chapter 5 - Stairre - Transformers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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I never thought I’d buy a dragon with forest as a primary color but here i am

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