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eatsbop · 2 months ago
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@taehoon-taekwondo You're right. Taehoon a cat.
Likes naps.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Likes to be on top (of things and people).
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kaasjee · 4 months ago
Incorrect How to Fight Quotes
A small gift for dear @drinkforindigestion
Tumblr media
Yeonwoo: You saved me. I owe you my life.
Taehoon: No thanks. I've seen it and I'm not impressed.
Seongjoon: Am I going too far?
244: No, no, no. You went too far about seven hours ago. Now you're going to prison.
Yeonwoo: What's your type?
Taehoon: Anything, honestly, but nerds especially...
Yeonwoo, desperately, as Taehoon bleeds out: YOUR BLOOD TYPE!
Taehoon: Oh! B positive.
Taehoon: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Yeonwoo: Next you're working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn you ex's house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Hobin: There were so many mixed messages in that I can't-
Rumi: I really like this whole ‘good guy, bad guy' thing you guys have going on.
Taehoon: It's not an act. It's just that I'm mean and Yeonwoo isn't. 
Seongjoon: Don’t worry, I have a few knives up my sleeve.
244: I think you mean cards.
Seongjoon, pulling knives out of his sleeves: No, I do not.
Taehoon: *kicks the door down, looking panicked*
Dowoon: What did you do?
Taehoon: Nobody died.
Dowoon: What kind of answer is that?!
Wanguk: Rumi, I'm sad.
Rumi: *holds out arms for a hug* It's going to be okay.
Hobin: Bomi, I'm sad.
Bomi, nodding: Mood. 
Taehoon: *stubs his toes* FUCK!
Yeonwoo: Mind your language!
Taehoon: What else am I supposed to say, “Woe is I"???
Taehoon: You have to accept that swear words are necessary sometimes. 
Taehoon: Self care is actually getting into fights with randoms in dark alleys.
Rumi: No, self care is stuff like taking a bubble bath, or putting on a lot of makeup if you like it, or taking a nice warm nap!
Hobin: Self care is the burning heat when rage washes over you!! Self care is when you feel the bones crack under your powerful fists!! Self care is the fear in your enemies’ eyes!!!
Jiksae: Lmao self care is taking your birthday cake just so I can eat the frosting.
Taehoon: If you touch my birthday cake I'll make you eat your hands.
Taehoon: We need more help. Maybe I should call my friends.
Eul: ... Your what?
Taehoon: My friends.
Hobin: Is he saying “friends"?
Mangi: I think he's being sarcastic.
Jiksae: No, no, no, this is delirium. He's cracked from being awake all night. Hey, Taehoon! All of your friends are in this room.
Taehoon: I have other friends! You asked me to make new friends, I made new friends! It was a task. I complete tasks.
Taehoon: Rules are made to be broken.
Yeonwoo: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Jiksae: Uh, piñatas.
Rumi: Glow sticks.
Eul: Karate boards.
Hobin: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Taehoon: Rules.
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janefair · 2 months ago
Squid Game x PTJ Universe Mash Up Pt. 1
Spoiler alert! Proceed with caution!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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drunkontheideathatislove · 3 months ago
Other writers: posts on author's note when they decide to put a story on hiatus
Me: only posts a chapter three-five times a year
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drinkforindigestion · 6 months ago
hi all !! i’m looking for blogs that post about how to fight (viral hit) manhwa ! please like this post if you see this ^^ thanks much 
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ijichi-bff · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i am quite literally in love with her
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eclecticwordblender · a year ago
Physically I’m here, mentally I’m in Hotel Del Luna, waiting for Kim Beom and Kim So Eun to be the central couple of a romantic classic k-drama.
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darlingrxby · a year ago
ga eul was really letting her bestie dress up like a clown while she had pretty clothes and a good sense of style
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eatsbop · 3 months ago
I'll remember only our happy memories, Jihyeok. Like. Wait. Do you even have happy memories.
Chronicles of Jihyeok as my brain is foggy so this is best time for this bestie I can't spell:
Eats Hobin's spit
Gets beaten up by Pakgo
Gain a friend
Get disowned in .5 second
Met the love of his life
Gets beaten up by Taehoon
Hospital fees
Also shameful moment in front of love of his life
Gets dragged to Taekwondo lessons
Used by best friend as a front to stalk a girl
Gets ignored by love of his life (2 points)
Gets yelled at by best friend
Work his butt off all the time wow very good friend but you're suffering
Gets ignored by love of his life (3 points)
Memorial service for his love life
Gets beaten up by Seongjoon
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steph0707 · 5 months ago
Hey guys check this story it’s really good. It’s from Ao3. It’s not mine but I thought to share it
Chu Ga Eul (Boys Over Flowers)/Lee Rang (Tale of the Nine Tailed)
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kaasjee · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Daily reminder that this boy is pure and naive af. He believes all the bs Ga Eul and Snapper spew out and thinks Taehoon really wants to bury him on the mountains.
Bless you baby boy.
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tinywriter2018 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tattooed Heart 
Word Count: 388
It had been awhile since it had started hurting again.  Normally he just took some painkillers, but today it felt like a rock was sitting on his wrist, something even that didn’t work.  He knew he was overworking it again.  This happened after every showing he was apart of.  Working day and night to make the best piece, to be the best.  He was currently sitting in front of a new lump of clay, rubbing his wrist.  He hadn’t even heard the door open to his studio. Before he knew it, she had appeared, removing his own hand and replacing it with hers.  She held it gently working on the knots that built up during the process.  He watched her for a while not saying anything.
“What would you do if I lost everything?”  Ga-eul paused, looking at him with her big brown eyes.  Ones he wanted to drown in every day.  
“Support us on a teachers salary.  Try and get a second job teaching pottery to kids again.  Whatever we needed me to do, I would do it.”  Yi Jung held her hand still, making her look at him.  His eyes were downcasted towards the lump of clay, looking without seeing. A darkness that he always gets when he remembers the past clouded them.  
“And what if I become my father?”  Ga-eul placed a gentle hand on his chin, pulling his eyes to met hers.  
“You won’t.  I know you.”  
“But what if I do become-”
“-Then I don’t care.”  She cut him off.  He gave her a look. “Okay, I will care a little, probably a lot, but I know unlike your father you would always come back to me in the end.  Because as long as my name is the only one tattooed on your heart, I know we would get through it.  We could get through anything.”  Yi Jung reached up, grabbing her hand.  He began to smile at the ring on her finger.  Pulling out his own, he slid it back on.  When ever he works he can never wear a ring or it might damage the final product, he always remembers to put it back on at the end of the night.
“As long as it’s only my name as well.”  Yi Jung, smiled up at her, pulling her into an embrace.     
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korean-dreams-girls · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
GaEul (IVE) - 1st Single Album ''Eleven'' Concept Pics
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eclecticwordblender · a year ago
the serotonin level in my brain peaked when i watched “boys over flowers” for the first time and so-yi jung returns from sweden and goes to meet ga-eul immediately, just as he told her four years ago and they finally get together for real. no, i did not care about central love triangle or any other romance. anyway, the seratonin level has only been consistently downhill since then.
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