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#gaara of the sand
One thing that annoys me about the fandom is how character development is only appreciated for some characters. Gaara went from psycho killer to beloved leader and people love it. But since the war Sasuke has sacrificed his own happiness to protect Konoha but people act as if he is still trying to kill Naruto/Sakura. Sakura’s development always gets ignored and she still gets hate for the orphan comment she made at 12. Never mind that since then Sakura has supported Naruto through thick and thin

People actually act like adult Sasuke is still trying to kill Naruto and Sakura?

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Hey, how are you? Would you mind doing fluffy Gaara x reader headcanons? Also, I really love your blog, it’s so organized and cool tbh.

Hello anon! I’m good how are you? I don’t mind at all! I love fluff headcanons! Sorry it took so long 😬 I hope you like it! 😁

Thank you so much! You’re really sweet! 😍


Gaara x reader fluff

  • Gaara never thought he would love someone so much. He always believed that when he loves someone, they would leave them. But not this time, if he could he would lay with you in bed for the rest of his life
  • Being the kazekage means that he’s really busy and always in a meeting. He has a lot of responsibility and work to do. But he can never concentrate because you are always on his mind
  • He can never get enough of you. The way you look, the way you walk, the way you talk, your smile, your laugh, your personality, everything about you makes his heart melt
  • Whenever he leaves the house to go to work, he leaves little notes for you. “Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated! -Gaara” “I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked so peaceful. -Gaara” “I’m off to work, love -Gaara”
  • When staying home with you, he doesn’t really care what you want to do as long as he can hold you. Outside the house he’s not into PDA but inside the house, he’s all over you. He LOVES to hug you and will place kisses on your cheek when you’re not paying attention
  • Gaara is more into hugs than kisses. It’s not that he hates kisses but he thinks that hugs are more loving than kisses. While hugging you he would go through your hair, hoping you would do the same
  • Whenever you’re cooking or making tea, he would sneak upon you and hug you from behind. Place little kisses in your neck and whisper sweet things in your ear. Things like how beautiful you look or that he loves you
  • Speaking of the ‘L-word’. Gaara was speculating about how he was going to tell you he loves you. He didn’t wanted to sound too cheesy. Always waiting for the right moment until he just blurred it out. You two were baking and had so much fun. “I love baking with you Gaara.” “I love you y/n.” Let me tell you, you two had a loving night
  • Every month you two have a romantic dinner date where you go out and eat at your favorite restaurant and after that go for a night walk. Those evenings he spoils you eventhough you tell him it’s enough. You get to spoil him by being his s/o so he will do everything to make you happy
  • Gaara would like to marry you one day and have a kid. He wants to start a family with you. He believes that you would be an amazing parent. His dream is to marry you, start a family with you and grow old with you and he hopes that you feel the same way about that 💖

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for some reason i can picture Fuu ( the 7 Tailed Jincuuriki) would have started something with Gaara, then gaian i found their interractions cute in the filler stuff. Then again i still want a 'what if' scenario/filler where the Jinchuuriki all came together and formed their own force instead of being picked off one by one thanks to Obito and the Akatsuki, how would you think a Jinchuuriki based filler/group go along?

I’ve thought about similar “what if” scenarios before as well, where the 9 Jinchuuriki team up to take on the Akatsuki. I’ve always felt that it would have been really cool to see, especially if the Jinchuuriki dressed up in those white robes they were depicted in during the cover of chapter 567, because then both factions would be wearing some cool uniforms while fighting. The Jinchuuriki in the white robes representing the “Light”, and the Akatsuki in the black robes representing the “darkness” - Everything just falls into place nicely:


Plus, if we were to take the Akatsuki pre Sasori’s death, or immediately post Tobi’s “Joining”, then they’d have 9 members, meaning that the conflict between the factions would be an equal 9 vs 9 war - It falls even further into place!

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