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gabbigabriella2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Naught Dorothy? Sexy chef? Whatever fits your fantasies babe 馃挋馃拫
I love when my followers spoil me 馃グ apron was a gift from my wishlist!
馃挋Onlyfans/Fansly(both on SALE)/Manyvids馃挋
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sleepyspacebb2 months ago
Virgo sun
Sagittarius moon and sagittarius rising
Thanks so much for doing this love 鉂わ笍
virgo sun: "i have never met a virgo who did not have anxiety. it鈥檚 fitting that virgo birthdays come at the beginnings of school years/autumn and the end of summer. they like order, they like knowledge, they like comfort, and they like security. this coming of change gives them space to reorganize, another love of theirs."
sag moon: creative, passionate, idealistic. sag moons like their freedom and they like being connected to the world, whether that is through travel or through other pursuits that allow you to connect with other people and cultures. sometimes, sag moons can convince themselves that their truth is the right one without really exploring the other options.
sag rising: "sag placements are pretty optimistic! positivity might come naturally to you. fun-loving, big imagination, funny. sag placements are good at making others laugh." -> i want to add that sag risings specifically experience life as a quest or a challenge to conquer. they're on a constant search for meaning.
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thecasseejoseph7 months ago
I really hope this doesn't sound cheesy but it's truly an honor to have you reblog my content 馃グ I watched your youtube video about tips for being a SWer right before I started my onlyfans. You're a huge inspiration to me and I love your content! Also! Watched your newest story time video you're so chill and down to earth and real in your videos I love it! Thank you so much lovely 鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
Your content is AMAZING!! I love when your posts pop up on my feed, the amount of effort and time you place in your content is so inspiring to witness!! Your smile makes me smile each and every time without fail!! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING BTW HOLY FREAKIN
Tumblr media
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prettyhighfemme6 months ago
Red Velvet, Carrot and Coffee cake 馃巶
Red velvet: Favourite food?
Uhmm, that really changes depending on food mood! But currently I would kill for a lobster roll 馃い
Carrot: What's your favourite app on your phone?
Probably tumblr or snapchat 馃槄 I probably wouldn't be able to function without them
Coffee: Book that reminds you of your childhood?
The rainbow fish was always my fav 馃挅
Tumblr media
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spookybrujacabrona10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got tagged by my sexy wifey @gabbigabriella for stoner tag! Love you boo 馃挌馃挌
I tag @invisibleghost69 @lucifers-romaine @thatguygeorge @thatsadsloot @kleenexwoman @princess-aries @sweet-nothinqs and anyone else who wants to partake!
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caniwishforthis9 months ago
Awww I meant to partake in tummy Tuesday and forgot lol
That's okay!
Plenty of Tuesdays ahead of us, love 馃グ馃槏
~ Masha 馃尭
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Love your username love lol it's what made my follow and also you are super cute! Hope you have a nice day 馃挌
Thank you! I鈥檓 pretty proud of it if I do say so myself lol
And thank you on the cute thing 馃枻
I hope your day goes well too!
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olivia-is-not-a-sluta year ago
You're such a sweetie love! Thanks for reblogging my content and for your sweet tags
Awwwwh dhksjsksjk 馃槼 but you can't be out there looking that pretty and not expect people to gush in the tags x3
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thepunmastersupremea year ago
26 27 28 31 32 33 馃槝馃挌馃挌馃挌
26. do you have a type? So for women I鈥檓 definitely into the gothy alternative type, men it鈥檚 100% absolute beef cakes and well literally every nonbinary/genderfluid/androgynous person I鈥檝e ever met.聽
27. when was the last time you kissed someone? uggggh it鈥檚 be to long. waay waay to long. I miss it.
28. how often do you cook? A big actually meal? like once or twice a week.
31. do you believe in ghosts? I don鈥檛 but I鈥檝e been wrong before.
32. would you ever want to move outside of your country? Yes America fucking sucks right now.
33. describe your first love. God... she was amazing. Like everything I鈥檝e ever wanted and desired in someone. Its hard to talk about her at times.
Thank you so much for the ask <3聽
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dariamorgandabbera year ago
Jasmine tea Iced chocolate Iced lemon tea 馃挌
Jasmine tea - If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Greece. The landscapes are so beautiful, and the Mediterranean sea 馃槏 Greece has always seemed like a place to me that would feel good when you're there.
Iced Chocolate - Do I have a crush?
Perhaps a seedling of a crush lol. 馃槈
Iced Lemon Tea - My favorite song/ band
I'm awaful at picking favorites but the song stuck in my head this week is The Champion by Carrie Underwood
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jarof420a year ago
The video I tried to post because you tagged me
Thank you for always thinking of me 馃挌
thank you @gabbigabriella it's been a sad day not seeing you dancing about and singing, brightening up everyone's dashes! we all need to help her out guys! go to tumblr support and spam them with complaints about the unfair flagging!
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thecasseejoseph6 months ago
May I just say that I feel like we have a very similar boobie shape (even my girlfriend agreed) and that honestly makes me happy. Because you're adorable and I struggle with liking mine. But your posts help me cuz if you look that great maybe I do too 鈽猴笍 so thank you for that love! No need to post publicly if you don't wanna I just really wanted to tell you that.
Tumblr media
i used to be so ashamed of my breasts because they didn鈥檛 fit societal norms, but fuK ALL THAT. i鈥檓 thankful to have gotten to a point where i can see them and myself overall more clearly. we are all so beautiful, every part of us. if i can help someone else to possibly see themselves, or any singular part, that much better, push out the supposed normalcy and truly see how magnificent they are through my posts-
thank you for telling me love!! 馃枻
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galaxygirlemi420a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was tagged by @crystallizedkiki @starrybong @helianthus-spiritus @yosmokey and @gabbigabriella for a hit! Thanks for the tags, lovelies! 馃挄
This past week has been extremely rough, money has been tight to save up enough for the fun things I have planned starting next weekend for the next month or so for my baby's birthday so I can't wait 馃槆
I'm going to tag @og-lucifers-lettuce @jezzyj @dinedwithwolves @crabbybun @uh-hann @fadedxlover @marvelousremorse @rhapsdyy @ounhime @intheirhonor @smokendorf @smokemygames @zymsworld @zen111shark @nova-ofthe-north @notquitelost @notmysecret @video-store-clerk @jackscannabinoidreceptors @the-original-astr0zombies @battyyy @godshideouscreation @moonlitxngel @sailor-emerald @prettyhighfemme @lesbianstonerprincess and anyone else who wants to join! 馃槝馃挋
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caniwishforthisa year ago
I'm so sorry about these anons love. You do not deserve to be talked to this way and disrespected
Thank you, babe 馃ズ 馃挆
I guess not everyone understands the whole "treat others how you want to be treated" thing.. 馃檮
~ Masha 馃尭
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crystallizedkiki2 months ago
馃挄 Girls, Girls, Girls 馃挄
My second hit got cut off, sad. Tagging all my girlies you NEED to be supporting! 馃挮 @thegodshideouscreation @caniwishforthis @gabbigabriella @bre-is-stoned @lilseshh @helianthus-spiritus @thetimidtiefling @pourpaintmylove @bakedlilbae @uh-hann @theicequeenii @starrybong @persephonesgh0st @the-original-astr0zombies @eminemmademedoit @marvelousremorse 馃挅馃挩
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baby-foxx2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@gabbigabriella tagged me to smokee 馃挄馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔
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thepunmastersupremea year ago
I'm already playing the assumption game with this lovely man so the rest of you mutuals hop to it! And send him some assumptions 馃榿馃馃挌
You鈥檙e a huuuge dork get out of here silly.
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thegodshideouscreationa month ago
I know that quite a few people have tagged me and I don't remember everybody. @crystallizedkiki @gabbigabriella @mermaidaliensunflower @southside-slyther1n
No, I can't swim well 馃槀 that's why I'm floating in my life jacket.
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