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#gabi braun
ackermacy · 11 hours ago
Ranking AOT characters based on how attractive they are
(in my opinion)
Tumblr media
eren is on the idk tier because my opinion on him really depends, everyone else in that tier is just meh to me
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sosutease · 13 hours ago
I highly respect the people having constructive criticism about the ending or maybe the last arc in general.
I am part of the minority who liked the ending yet enjoy seeing criticism regarding it because it makes me realize what I missed and what I think is not necessarily the real deal. I want to say criticism are great as long as they are respectful.
However, now I am getting to the part where I am going to talk about the circus, comedia del arte (whatever you want to qualify it) I have been witnessing since the ending of Attack on Titan.
What bothers me is when people feel too entitled to say Isayama did not have the balls or could not write a great ending while dissing the editors, the author himself and the voice actors.
" Isayama should be forbidden to use a pen again " is what got on my nerves the most. I condone criticism but it rubs me the wrong way when people make a poor attempt to hide the disrespect through criticism.
I do not expect people agreeing with me but storytelling is an art and making people this invested and tear up through a manga is very hard unlike the anime.
Regarding my opinion about what happened with the fanmade ending is quite simple. It is simply disrespectful to remake an ending and claim it as an 'official' ending. For my part, I do consider storytelling an art so allow me to make this example:
It was as if you made a painting and it was hanged at le Louvre yet a mf comes, takes the painting, fixes what they hate and hangs it again saying it's bc you can't paint.
You are in your rights to formulate criticism and I highly love reading the insights of many regarding the ending. However, disrespect is something I do not stand for.
A conspiracy about the ending or not, calm your nerves and just wait until volume 34 is out. The editors and Isayama are working on adding maybe 4-5 pages.
Don't expect a change of the ending. The plot remains the same. You see the scene between Ymir/Reiner/Bert end of S2 at the rooftop when she gazed at the sky? It was added in the volume for example. It was an addition. It's not the first time they do this.
Now, I know that this post is gonna have a lot of people disagreeing with me and I don't care, I think what I say and I say what I think while staying respectful.
to all the clowns harassing even the voice actors:
Tumblr media
You are sincerly being ridiculous. If you are incredibly skilled and can do better than Isayama, keep your petition and go write your own stuff as long as it is not claimed as the real thing.
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Hey here me out for a second.
All levihan stans collectively agree that Hanji is pushing Levi's wheelchair in the final chapter and whoever disagrees are liers. But this would imply that Hanji survives Ch 132 obviously with severe burns and would've had to turn into a pure titan in 138.
Since they became a pure titan, would their wounds have healed, mainly their burns and their eye because of the titans regenerative powers?
Then imagine they find levi while he's having his vision moment of the other scouts and they kinda just sit next to him and wait for him to acknowledge them. How do you think levi would react to seeing them look good as new again?
(let’s just assume the smoke from that 2000 year-old bitch reached Hanji as she took her last breaths)
A second chance (levihan oneshot)
The ocean waves were filling the titans footprints, tickling the body inside one of them.
As she was slowly losing grip of life, Hanji enjoyed the sensation of the water cooling down her steaming body.
The plane was no longer to be seen, neither was the ship they were on.
So she just layed there, waiting for either the ocean to drown her, or the burns to kick her soul out of her body.
Either way, she was waiting to die.
All alone.
With nobody to cry over her except for the broken swords laying next to her, grieving her pain.
After all those years of suffering, no one was by her side.
She hated it.
A flying figure caught her attention.
It looked way too big to be a plane, let alone a bird.
Even though it flew like one.
She figured it was a flying titan, probably Falco’s, which looked nothing like the previous jaw titan.
She let out a dry chuckle, wishing she could fly on top of that, slowly feeling that her sacrifice was in vain.
She watched as it flew out of sight.
Even though she convinced herself she’d die for the better end, she still didn’t want to.
As a comander, she sure had a lot of regrets, yet the biggest one of them at that moment was not staying in that forest with Levi back then.
Tearing up from her only eye, she imagined how they could be living there.
They could’ve had the peaceful life they fought for, the one she imagined having with Levi.
They never said that to each other, but to them, it was obvious their love was mutual.
“Devote... your heart...” the broken tone of Levi’s voice played in her mind.
She was never ready to let go, and she was sure that he wasn’t either, and that he wished for the same future she had in mind as well.
A quiet cabin in the woods, just the two of them, living together until death breaks them apart.
It was breaking them apart either way, but it was just too early to happen.
The ground stopped shaking out of sudden, allowing her body to relax in the water that started lifting her body up.
They made it. They stopped the rumbling. She realized with a smile.
Coughing up blood out of her burnt lungs, she felt herself running out of breath.
She was not ready to die, not yet.
She let out a choked sob, trying to reach her crimson hand to the horizon, desperately hoping to reach her other comrades.
Especially him.
Her arm fell back on the water as her body was shutting down.
She took one final breath, inhaling a familiar scent.
Just like the one back in Ragako...
In a split second, everything made sense.
Those memories that Eren sent to them, they even reached the Ackermans despite their blood.
Levi sighed, that brat did exactly what he wanted.
And now, all of it was over, they made it.
Laying on a rock, too weak to move, he watched as the soldiers and families celebrated the second chance they got in life.
He then thought of the people who really deserved that second chance.
They were coming right towards him, proud smiles on their faces.
“Hey, guys...” He looked back at them, smiling back.
“You see that? Guess this is the result... of your devoted... hearts...” He continued, eyeing everyone of them, then finally focusing on Hanji.
She was just as beautiful as he always saw her, even when she was looking at him sadly, wanting to be there with him.
They all saluted to him with pride and he saluted back, a broken tear managing to escape his eye.
He watched as their figures slowly faded away along with the evaporating titan smoke.
Yet a certain figure didn’t, it was none other than Hanji.
It looked as if she still wasn’t ready to let go of him, and to be honest, neither was he.
“You don’t wanna go?” He whispered, looking at her approaching him.
She smiled, tears streaming down her face from what looked like joy. He then realized that she had both eyes.
“Are you... back to being four-eyes now... instead of three?” He softly teased.
“Looks like I am.” She replied.
His remaining eye slightly widened at how real her voice sounded.
“Oi...” He tried to call. She sat in front of him, the bright smile still on her face.
He saw as she lifted her hand up and caressed his face, wiping the tear from his cheek.
Her touch.
Oh how soft it was.
He felt it. It was there.
Hanji was there.
She gently cupped his cheek, allowing him to feel her warm touch even more.
Shocked, he tried to touch her hand with his shaky fingers, hoping it was actually there, alive and warm.
It was.
He tightened his grip on her palm, never wanting to let go.
“H-Hanji...” he whispered, another tear escaping his eye.
She teared up as well, grabbing his face with both hands, enjoying the warmth she thought she’d never feel again.
Hanji then couldn’t resist anymore, she pulled him close to her chest, squeezing him in a hug as she cried in joy.
He put his trembling arms around her and held her tightly, never wanting to lose her again.
Her heart that he told her to devote beating against his ears felt like a lullaby, and he adored the sound of it, knowing that she got the second chance that she deserved.
He felt as she slightly shifted, putting her head in the crook of his neck and giving it a gentle kiss.
The gesture made his grip tighten even more around her, not wanting this to be a dream, not wanting to lose her again.
The rise and fall on her chest and the melody of her heartbeats made him sure that she was alright.
He finally allowed himself to relax, having his lover by his side, too exhausted and fragile, he slept on her chest, with the lullaby of Hanji's heart throbbing against his ear.
Hanji smiled at the sight.
“You fought well.” She whispered against his ear before picking him up.
But this time, it wasn’t in worry about his safety, it was to take him towards the peace they devoted their hearts for.
Slowly opening his eyes, Levi woke up in a hospital bed.
He felt something filling the gap that was left from his missing fingers.
It was Hanji’s hand, gently rubbing it with her thumb.
“Hey!” She greeted with the smile he thought he’d never see again
"Hey..." He whispered, holding her hand back.
"We're in a hospital in Marley. Armin and the others were able to prove our humanity after Ymir's curse was over, so we should be safe in here." She explained the situation to him.
He seemed unfazed by what she said, it looked as if something else was busying his mind.
" the fuck are you still breathing and are talking to me right now?" He suddenly asked.
It caught Hanji off guard and she laughed loudly, possibly annoying a patient who was trying to sleep.
"I guess Ymir the founder wanted to give me a second chance, considering I can't leave my grumpy old man alone."
He looked at her, maybe she was right.
"Seriously though," Hanji continued, "I was in the brick of death before I smelled some type of smoke, similar to what Zeke probably used in Ragako. And I guess that turned me into a titan until Eren was killed and Ymir's curse was over."
"... looks like your love for titans has gone requited for once, considering you literally turned to one." Levi teased, making her chuckle.
"Speaking of titans, I really wanted to fly on top of Falco's titan. I can't believe such titan existed, yet I missed the chance to see it properly!" She grunted in frustration, "but at least, I'm glad to be back."
Levi admired the way the old Hanji was slowly coming back.
They were finally free.
They could do whatever they wanted now that they're finally accepted in the dark world they lived in.
"Hanji..." Levi called, Hanji switching her focus from her daydreams to him.
"... About what you said back then... in the forest..."
Hanji's cheeks slightly flushed as he continued:
"Why don't we do that... now that we can?"
Hanji gasped in surprise.
"Is... is this your answer to my question back then?"
He gave her a small smile: "Yeah... I think we should just live there... together."
Hanji laughed in glee, smiling at him and going for a hug.
They made sure the hug was just tight enough so that it wouldn't hurt his injuries, so they just layed their heads on each other's shoulders, smiling in the happiness they longed for.
"There she is!" a familiar sound of a girl interrupted their interaction.
"Oh god... Hanji!" another person called, a way older one.
Hanji was then surprised by Onyankopon grabbing her shoulders and Gabi jumping onto her for a hug.
"Hanji! Thank you! Thank you for everything you did to us!" He shouted at her, sobbing loudly after each phrase, "If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have been able to save the world! Thank you so much!"
And there it was, the man took the words right from Levi's mouth, who watched in silence as the other three celebrated, he was glad that Hanji heard what she should know.
He was more than sure that Erwin would be very proud of her.
"This way!" Onyankopon called, leading Falco, Gabi and Hanji along with Levi, around the streets of Marley.
"Hanji-san, I can push the wheelchair instead if you're tired." Falco offered.
Hanji shook her head with a smile, "It's fine, you should enjoy your time with Gabi for now."
He smiled, grabbing Gabi's hand and leading her to an icecream shop.
The older trio headed for the famous teashop of the town, hoping to please a certain man who was reading the newspaper on his chair.
They looked at the airplane flying above them, kicking in some bittersweet memories with it.
Onyankopon looked at Hanji and Levi behind him, as they all rememered the incident.
Levi gently caressed Hanji's arm in comfort behind him, making her smile as she held his hand and kissed the empty space in it.
"Think we should invite him and the brats for some tea later?" Levi offered.
Hanji nodded: "I'll make cookies for the kids."
He looked at Falco feeding Gabi his own iceream, then at Hanji.
He never found the right words to say it, but knowing Hanji, he was sure from her soft smile that she understood how glad he was that she got a second chance in life to spend with him, and get the freedom that she deserved, and the life that they dreamt of.
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In my head Levi got his tea shop after 139. Gabi and Falco often help out there and sometimes when Armin, Jean etc. come over he makes them clean the shop.
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mad-hatter-98 · a day ago
Love and Tea
Summary: After the war, Levi opened his own teashop. Of course, Gabi, Falco, and you were there to help. You and Levi had feelings for each other. Gabi and Falco knew, and watched things take place. 
Warning: Major spoiler. This takes place after the final chapter of the manga. 
Author Note: Mentions of Gabi and Falco. There is also a reference to Avatar: The Last Airbender. May write a second part, but that will be up to you guys 😊
Word Count: 821
A couple years after the war, Levi opened his own teashop. It was not originally something that he had in mind, but his collection of black tea was rather large. Anyone that knew him, also knew that black tea was his favorite. His shop was in the middle of town, a perfect spot for tourists. After making a list of names and going through them, he had finally decided to call it, the Jasmine Dragon.
The outside of the teashop was a dark green color, with dark trim. A very Asian inspired design, inside and out. There was also a water fountain, that was in the middle of a small pond, located in front of the shop. It was a very relaxing place to not only drink tea, but to spend time with family or friends. One could even say that it was Levi’s “baby”. A lot of hard work went into the shop, and he even let people try some of his black tea collection. Though they had to specifically request it.
Levi was in bad shape after the war, he was bandaged up and in a wheelchair. Gabi and Falco were the only ones taking care of them. Until you came along, then it was the three of you taking care of him, as well as, helping him run his teashop. It took a while, but you and Levi grew close. Learning that almost all of his comrades died during the war, made it understandable as to why he was afraid to get close to people again.
Luckily, times were different. People were not being killed by titans anymore. Levi was finally able to live in peace and relax. Though he would not admit it, he enjoyed having you, Gabi, and Falco there for him. The three of you showed how much you cared for him on a daily basis. Some days, going above and beyond, though he did not expect it.
Gabi and Falco had noticed how close the two of you became and made jokes about you and Levi being a couple. He would give them his famous, “Tch” and your face turned red at their comments. You could not deny that you had feelings for the man, especially when your face got as red as a tomato. At first you thought that he did not know, but Levi did. Nothing got past him, well usually. Believe it or not, he had feelings for you too, he was just better at hiding them.
One day was all it took to reveal your feelings to each other. You were alone at the teashop with him, after it closed for the day. You promised him that you would keep the place spotless and have proven that him every day. He was especially quiet that day, you figured he was just tired. Levi not only dedicated his heart, but also his body during the war.
The quietness was suddenly interrupted when he spoke, “Thank you, Brat” – He said. You stopped what you were doing and gave him a confused look, “For what?” – You asked. A small smile form on his face, “For everything” – He said while looking up at you. “Just doing my job” – You said with a smile in return. He sighed, “Not exactly what I had meant” – He said. He motioned you to sit in a chair next too him. He was taking it easy today, so he was in the wheelchair.
“What did you mean?” – You asked. He smiled again, “Not only do you take care of the shop, but you have also been taking care of me, I appreciate it” – He said. You were at a loss for words and could feel your cheeks heating up. He noticed it and took used that to his advantage to try and really say how he felt. “Your face could make a tomato jealous; I know you having feelings for me” – He said confidently. Little did the two of you know, Gabi and Falco were listening in on your conversation, giggling to themselves.
“I do not know what to say” – You were feeling embarrassed. “Maybe I have feelings too” – He said with a stoic expression. “Lucky gal” – You said with a small laugh. Levi had to control his eyes, or else you would have seen them roll. There was a small amount of silence before he stood up, which caused you to worry. “You should probably take it easy” – You said, as you stood up and reached for his arm. Without a word, he pulled you into a kiss. 
Your moment did not last too long, as you were interrupted by the sound of two people giggling. Gabi and Falco had witnessed the entire thing, that made you and Levi both flustered. Maybe one day, the two of you could actually be alone. But the two of you had to deal with the “kids”, as Levi always called them.
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Tumblr media
Eren only stared studying about three days before the finals, he barely passes but only because Mikasa and Armin stayed awake with hm trhought the nigh before his finals and helped him study.
Armin started studying a month before the finals, he has a well though through plan for studying and always had enough sleep, he was pretty tired suring the finals though because he helped Eren study.
Mikasa started studying two weeks before the finals even though she usually always studies what ever she had on that day. She studied with others a lot, especially with Armin and Annie, She also helped Sasha study since she has problems concentrating and Eren because she didn’t want him to fail the finals.
Annie started 2 weeks ago like Mikasa, she often studies with Mikasa and Armin. Armin and her regularly go on study dates in cafés. Other than Armin she often stays up late studying but she doesn’t need a lot os sleep and drinks a lot of caffein so you’d never notice she only slept 3 hours the day before the finals.
Reiner only started studying the day before the finals, he didn’t plan on studying at all but Bert kinda forced him too since he was worried.
Bertold started studying a month before the finals and studies at least 5 hours everyday, he knows everything and will probably get 100% but he’s still worried he’ll fail them. The day before the finals he stormed Reiners room and forced him to study with him. Before the final he’s extremly anxious and has a mental blankscreen for about 10 minutes before calming down and then aces the final like always.
Sasha and Connie stated studying a week before the finals, they would have started earlier but always procrastinated. They only started studying then because Mikasa got wind of the fact that Sasha hadn’t started studying yet. Neither Connie nor Sasha can focuse easiely but Mikasa puts together a good study plan for them and they eventually barely pass the finals just due to Mikasa.
Jean didn’t study at all, he goes in and says he’ll ace the finals. He fails them.
Marco started studying a month ago, he tried to get Jean to study but Jean constantly assured him he’d ace it. He studied with Armin and Annie sometimes but usually went to the library and studied there since it’s easier for him to focuse when he’s not around friends/ people that could distract him.
Historia takes extremly nice and beatiful notes, she started studying 3 weeks before the finals and is the only reason Ymir studied at all.
Ymir studied because Historia copie and printed ut her own notes for her and went on study dates with her. She also didn’t want to disapoint her by failing the finals  which was also a factor
Pieck started studying 3 weks before the finals. SHe prefers to study alone but explained some concepts to Porco and made sure he get’s enough sleep every now and then.
Porco started studying 2 weks before the finals. He always asked Pieck for help if his notes were incomplete or he just didn’t get what he had writen.
Falco dragged Gabi to the library a week before the finals, he started studying a month ago but Gabi forgot/procrastinated and he was worried about her. They studied together for the rest of he week too and stayed awake way to late the night before.
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lavenderqwq · a day ago
Porco, in the Warrior's groupchat: Height is a choice.
Pieck from the other room: Pock no-
The groupchat immediately: *several people are typing*
Gabi, from down the hall: count your minutes Galliard!
Y/N and Reiner: Gabi no-
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milfslvr · 2 days ago
Episode 003 : Work Time!
Tumblr media
“Wow! Y/n, your office is so big! It’s a whole floor!” Hanji began wandering around her office. “Hey, Hanji. Don’t go wandering around someone’s office like that.” Levi crossed his arms reprimanding the tall brunette who seemed to not care.
“ you dress like that to work everyday?” Reiner pointed at y/n’s blue oversized pajamas. “For your information she does. Sometimes we wonder whether she forgot she’s a chairwoman who could probably buy your whole clan and there’s still unlimited balance in her bank account.” Yora huffed, pushing her round glasses up her nose.
“Hey! What’s wrong with my pajamas?! It’s comfy and besides you said it, I’m the chairwoman, I can wear whatever I want.” Y/n crossed her arms and huffed like an angry four-year-old. There was nothing wrong with her wearing pajamas to work, in fact the others thought that she looked super adorable in those light blue pajamas.
“Why did you bring us here again, y/n?” Zeke asked as he sat down on the couch beside Porco. “You guys will be working here, starting from tomorrow.” She announced as she sat on her chair.
She flinched when they let out a loud screech. “Wait! We can work here?!” Jean asked in excitement. “Yup, I realised that you guys were eager to try to work after the first time I brought you guys here. Especially this guy here.” she pointed to Eren who blushed at the attention.
Yora handed her the black file,
“Hanji will be working under the forensics department. Eren, Mikasa and Annie will be under Team 04, Squad Kugisaki. Jean, Sasha and Connie will be under Team 03, Squad Itadori. Reiner, Zeke, Pieck and Porco under Team 02, Squad Fushiguro.”
Hanji raised their arm, “What about shorty here? Is he going to be a janitor?” Levi let out a tsk, smacking their head with the newspaper in his hand. “The director is missing an assistant so Levi will be under Director Erwin Smith.”
“What?!” The eight scouts screamed.
“Is there something wrong with Levi being Erwin’s assistant?” Y/n furrowed her brows. “No...not at all, we were just shock.” Levi slowly sat down. It should just be coincidence right? There could be more than one Erwin Smith in the world besides the Erwin Smith that he knew had already......Let’s not talk about it.
“Wait, what about me and Colt?” Armin pointed out. Y/n smiled,
“You two will be my lovely assistant!”
“W-wait, I’m going to be your assistant too?” Colt’s cheeks were a faint red, “Unless you don’t want to” She began to tease the golden haired man. He quickly shook his head, “N-no, I want too!”
Y/n began to laugh until Yora smacked her head using her file, “Quit teasing the poor boy.” She was about to rumble until her office door suddenly opened, showing a sweaty, Itadori Yuuji.
“What is it, Yuuji?” Y/n stood up from her chair, Itadori rarely barges into her room without knocking. “Number 666 is back!”
“Oh fuck.” Both Y/n and Yora cursed out. The others looked at them confused, who was number 666 and why do they look so annoyed at the sound of them.
“Wait, y/n! You need to change!” Yora grabbed her wrist and threw some clothes at her.
Tumblr media
“Goddamn......” The scouts and marley unit felt their cheeks began heating up. Y/n was wearing a suit.
Goddamn she looked so good, too good.
“How do you tie a tie again?” Y/n tried fixing her tie until Jean came up to her fixing it.
“Oh, thank you, Jean!” She gave him an adorable smile, he turned his head to the side trying to hide the blush on his face, “You’re welcome.”
She wore her heels and walked through the door, “I’ll be back soon, Yuuji, Nobara and Megumi will keep you guys company. Let’s go Yora.”
They looked at her in awe as she walked, drawn to her charisma.
Tumblr media
Y/n walked into the room with Yora following behind. The interns that was currently dealing with Number 666 looked like they just heard ripped off Jimin, Oli London trying to speak Korean.
“Chair-woman, you’re finally here! Please, she won’t stop trashing the front desk earlier!” the tall hazel-nette tried to explain to his boss.
“I understand, Moblit. You can go rest now, I’ll have this under control.” She patted his shoulder and proceeded to walk.
“Mrs Johnson, I’ve made it clear that we won’t be helping your son in this case. I’ll have someone to walk you out now.” Y/n calmly spoke to the bob haired 51 year old woman.
“No! My son will not be going to jail! It’s clearly not his fault but that whore’s!” Mrs Johson argued.
Y/n took a deep breath, it was the fifth time this month, she was going to make this the last time Mrs Johnson ever step foot in this building.
“Mrs Johnson, forgive me for being rude but your son is clearly at fault here. That poor girl is now traumatised and going through therapy because of what your son did to her. There’s clear and heavy evidence that he abused her. We will not be shielding an abuser, that son of yours deserves to rot in jail. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s your son. Now, please kindly walk yourself out before I ask the security too.” Y/n gestured to the door, giving her an eye-closed smile.
“Has anyone told you that you were a bitch?!” Mrs Johnson screamed as y/n walked towards the door.
“Hmmm, no. They mostly call me the devil’s spawn.” She chuckled when she saw the look on Mrs Johnson face.
What a day.
Tumblr media
“You’re so cool, y/n!” Falco exclaimed, the four kids were finally back after a day at the zoo with Kenma and Kuroo.
Yora told them about how y/n dealt with Mrs Johnson during dinner in her office. “And one more thing you have to know is that y/n is really scary when she’s mad. One time, a colleague made her so mad that the interns had to rock-paper-scissor to see who’s going to hand her the report.”
Y/n gasped, pretending to be offended, “What do you mean? I’m like a precious bean sent from above to brighten up your day!”
“More like to satanise my day.” Yora clapped back. The room then abrupt into laughters as y/n sulked like a child.
What a day indeed.
Tumblr media
↪© plot- milfslvr on tumblr || PAJAMA PARTY 2021
Leave an ask or reply if you wanna be part of the tag list !!
Tag list is open <3
TAG LIST : @nunufx  @ctrlstar @sugarpieck  @frhlyscmt @danganducky @fandom-addict19 @torpid-writes @crazime @azula-nyx @berrijam @k00kc0r3 @turn-diamonds-into-snow @floofi-mochich1 @lightofcordonia @wr6ld @strwbrrymlku @icantstandhim​
Next episode : Episode 004, Road trip and the beach
a/n : I do be feeding you guys tho
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jameeleen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SNK modern AU sketches. Gallirei and babe Gabi. Sure she would be a danger batter lol
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yohandere · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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smol-ackerman · 2 days ago
How I sleep knowing Levi survived the whole manga and is finally happy and living a peaceful life with his newly adopted kids Gabi and Falco who take good care of him and treat him like their own father:
Tumblr media
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