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#gah it's so cUTE

y’all i just bought the cutest lil dice bag off etsy and it just shipped but i’m already like trying to check when it’ll be here 

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keanu puppy gifs are incoming!!!

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My very first cutiefly ever is shiny, I have been blessed this day

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I crashed before I could post about it last night, but I got an apartment!!! Signed the lease last night and move in on May 6.

I am ridiculously excited to have my own place for the first time (not including living with my ex) - and to be able to decorate it like I want!

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Oh my word I’m at an outdoor restaurant in Washington, D.C. where they give they give the dogs that come there a bowl of water and homemade dog treats. I don’t know about you but I think that’s the cutest and sweetest thing ever. ❤️

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Went to the fair and made a friend :)

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So a universe where BirdFlash, TimKonBart, JayRoy (possibly JayArtRoy), and DamiJon all go canon us the universe B has an anuerism from Clark Oliver and Barry’s teasing, right?

The universe where JayKyleRoy and TimKonBartCass are canon is the one where the Anuerism kills him, right?

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hiromiya is an example how red blue couples work so well together

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