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enbysciencesnek · a day ago
Gai: You use humor to deflect your trauma.
Kakashi: Awww, thanks
Gai: That’s not a good thing-
Kakashi: All I’m hearing is that you think I’m funny
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snakeaterr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
konohas noble green beast 🐢
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bokka-raton · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
generational taijutsu emo kid beatdown!
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incorrectkonoha · a month ago
Naruto: Okay, so you and I are married-
Sasuke: We are not married.
Naruto: Relax, it’s just pretend.
Sasuke: I don’t want to pretend.
Naruto: Scared you’ll like it?
Sasuke: Okay, fine. If we’re married, I want a divorce.
*watching from a distance*
Gai: Are they like this all the time?
Kakashi, sighing: Yeah.
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Lee: We are at the beach! We should go swimming in the sea!
Gaara: I’m not a good swimmer and the sand is weak in the water. I would be defenseless.
Lee: You will be perfectly fine, I’ll protect you. I have gone swimming at the beach often enough with Gai-Sensei and Kakashi-Sensei!
Gaara: Yes, but Gai-San has turtle summons and Kakashi-Sama is basically a dog.
Kakashi: Hey!
Gai: He’s not wrong, though.
Kakashi: Oh I know that, I just wanted him to elaborate. I always thought of myself as a border collie but Pakkun says I look more like a cat turned dog against his will.
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rocketpunchhh · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So @mandapandabug20 wrote this fic called When a Blessing Becomes a Curse and now I am 110% obsessed with her character, ✨Giuseppe Ferrari from the land of Noodles✨ aka italian mad man who stole my heart
His looks here are HEAVILY based on the poor fellow from GBB that happens to have the same name and showed up not long after Manda’s fic. But for the record, this one is Giuseppe the OC, not Giuseppe the real dude they just happen to be twins
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mothy-flags · 2 months ago
Today I send my love to all mspecs since I had to deal with someone biphobic ❤️ All my love goes to the bis, the pans, the polys, the omnis, the questioning mspecs, the mspec lesbians, the mspecs that use multiple mspec labels, the ones that can only know to use mspec as best to describe themselves, the mspec gays, the ones that call themselves gay and straight, the ones that call themselves gai and strayt, the ones that will mix labels to be mspec and describe themselves, the multis, the genderfluid mspecs, the straight mspecs, and anyone else who generally loves us too! You all get love!
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snakeaterr · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
how does it feel knowing youd never be able to kick these twos ass
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whatshernameis · 3 months ago
Heya! I like your stuff ^^
Could I please request some headcanons?
Maito Gai, Kakashi and, if you want to, maybe some other older characters of your choice with a s/o who is basically a gentle single mom who decided to quit ninja stuff to raise her child (child's gender is up to you, you can keep it gn if you wish!). Maybe her kiddo eventually will call them daddy or something lmao, reactions up to you!
Oh, my Gods, I'm so bad in any scenario that involves children lmao, and I never know what to write and it is sometimes very hard for me to even imagine (I don't like children, really, especially the toddlers. I'd rather adopt a 2-3yo than have one my own lol), but I'll try, I guess? I'm sorry, it's just the way I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Also, sorry it's so short tho, I hope you like it anyway ^^'
Characters: Kakashi Hatake, Might Guy, Yamato | Tenzō TW: single mother!reader, mentions of the death/dead spouse, men as a father figure if someone is bothered
SFW work, enjoy
Tumblr media
Kakashi only heard a story about a female shinobi, whose partner died on the mission, leaving her and their child
It saddened him deeply that a situation like this had to happen, as someone who grew up without one parent and lost the second one tragically when he was very young, he could imagine what this kid would feel in the near future
Also, he had an idea how you, as a single parent had to feel and actually admired your decision to leave behind the shinobi's life
He knew only a few who would be brave enough to start their life all over, leaving the only way that they knew
You two meeting was a pure coincidence
Both of you were paying your respects to the deceased on Konoha's cemetery
Was it simple sympathy and will to support you a little bit, because he just might know how it is to lose someone close? You don't know, but from word to word, you ended up in a tearoom
As nice as this meeting was, you had to run to get your kid from the daycare
Next time you meet, you were doing groceries on the market, with a child in your arms
He offered to help and you gladly accepted
The little meeting turned into an invitation for a dinner as a gratitude towards the man
Over the months casual invitations for tea, coffee or dinner turned into regular dates and eventual relationship
And it was almost two years already, yet none of you forced the other into going somewhere further than dates, talks, and casual sleepovers
Your kid seemed to like Kakashi, and the man liked the smart and mischievous kid too
After all, he was about the child's age when he lost his father, and he knew exactly how much he'd wish to have him around
So Kakashi eventually tried his best to be an example since the moment he has seen how the child looks up to him
One day, when you finished eating dinner, and 5yo was doing their homework, Kakashi was getting ready to leave
And that's when the child sprung out of the room and jumped to hug Kakashi
As stunned you both were, the child's words were even more surprising
"Mom, why can't dad stay? Why does he always have to go?"
You didn't know what to say, frightened that Kakashi would end this since the child grew too attached to him and sees him as an actual father
But he only smiled and promised that he'll come back as soon as he can since you and he have something to discuss
He smiled at you too, leaving a smooch on your cheek
"If you'd like to... We could discuss the possibility of moving in together?" He whispered so the child won't hear and wouldn't get overly excited
You nodded with a relieved smile, both happy for you and your child - you would have finally someone to rely on, and give a chance for your kid to have a normal family
Tumblr media
Gai (lmao writing for him is so hard for me, I swear)
Gai was your friend from the teenage years, and he was very supportive when your spouse died soon after your child became a restless toddler
It was hard for you to have both shinobi life and family life, trying to raise your kid the best you could
But you could count on your friends, especially Gai, who always loved to take care of the little one
You were grateful that you had a moment to breathe and do some chores or groceries
The kid also seemed to like Gai since the very beginning
Gai, just like Kakashi, lost his father at some point and grew without parents
He knew how hard it is for a kid to grow up without them
So being a good example for the kid was a priority for the man
He offered to help with homework and training since your kid had been accepted by the academy
And actually, Gai became a very frequent guest at your home
People around started talking, that you and The Green Beast are keen on each other
Yes, there was something growing between you two, you both were aware of it, but you didn't want to force it, ready to sacrifice your happiness, for the sake of your child's most likely, father figure
As Gai never bothered for other people and their opinions, you were a bit concerned about that
Most of all, the opinions that other people will say around your child
You could suspect that some more conservatives won't approve of the fact that child had a father, but is being raised by another, not even in a relationship with the child's mother
What is was missing here, was your child calling Gai his dad in front of the others
Of course, it happened
After one of the classes, you were summoned to a private conversation with the teacher
Turns out that during the making of a family tree your child did put your deceased spouse as a father, but next to it was also Gai's name
You were frightened, especially seeing the crushing gaze of the older lady
So, taking the drawing with you, you decided to talk with both of them - but first with the man
When you explained the whole situation, you could almost feel the pride beaming from him, and it didn't make it any easier
"I don't know what to do, Gai," you said, looking at the drawing. "People are already talking that we're together, my child is seeing you as a father rather than my late spouse... What's next?"
"(Y/n), what if we stopped being just a rumor? It's been going on between us for years, and I'd die for both of you without any hesitation. I'll be the father to the little one if you'll let me."
So yes, from now in it was official - Gai, you and your child together as a family
Tumblr media
After you resigned from being on duty to become a single mother, you had the opportunity to work between the papers at the Hokage's office
Not a shinobi life, not putting any danger to your life, but you understood some things better than a civilian, and that's why you were still so valuable to lady Tsunade - that's where you meet Yamato
He needed some paper to be filled, and some stamps to be put in so his report was valid
It was a day when you had a little, crying three-year-old around, making your work much harder
To your dismay, when he handed you the papers the next thing he did was to kneel next to your kid and started to talk with them
Instantly, when he grew little wooden cat and handed it to the child the crying has stopped
You were amazed how quickly and casually this man dealt with the situation
Next time you had to take your child to work and meet Yamato, he offered that he will take them to the playground so you'd have some time to yourself
You politely tried to refuse, not because you didn't trust him (no reason since the man was one of the most trusted Tsunade's subordinates) but because you didn't want to cause any troubles
Of course, he didn't accept your refusal
The situation occurred again over the months, every time Yamato was more than happy to take care of your child
Over time you also started to find little trinkets on your table - some dango, a freshly made coffee, or a simple flower, and you knew exactly whose doing it was
It was a bit exciting and refreshing for you - you were single since your spouse was deceased
The only thing you were concerned about is how your child would react to the fact that you're going out with someone who they would presumably perceive as an uncle - or at least you thought like that
So when you two went on a first date, Yamato agreed to keep it a secret for now - even if he wouldn't mind having you both on the daily basis - he never had a real family, and he wouldn't mind creating one and adopt the kid right away
Especially since he grew attached to you and your kid, and was ready to protect and spoil you both
One day, you had to stay late at work, so on his way out, you asked Yamato if he could pick your kid up from the daycare and get them home
Of course, he agreed right away
When you came back home, the view you found stunned you
Yamato was sleeping on the couch, his vest and forehead protector were off, child books were scattered around the floor, and your kid was laying on top of the man, also asleep
You took the child off, to put them to their bed trying not to wake the man
When you came back he was still asleep, so you just threw a blanket on him, and let the man sleep peacefully
The morning welcomed you with the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast - you were pleasantly surprised that Yamato was still here, the room was cleaned and the breakfast was ready
You wanted to show some affection to the man, but you held back since your child came out from the room with a loud laugh
"Good morning mom, dad!"
You were frightened, not really being ready for such a bomb to be dropped
Yamato, on the other hand, had to hold the tears when he heard the word "dad"
He tousled the kid's hair like nothing unusual happened "Come on, eat your breakfast or you'll be late for the preschool"
After you two were left alone it was finally the time for you to talk about if it's finally the time to stop hiding from everyone
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ponury-grajek · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Commission for @chio-tyan 😌💕 plus some sketches because I had ideas XD
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jomaitje · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just Kakashi being Kakashi.  The original script and scene is from Modern Family S10E17.
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incorrectkonoha · 14 days ago
Gai: Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Kakashi: Early to bed and early to rise makes me a massive bitch.
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monosrojo · 4 months ago
Will you draw kakashi and Gai being the most cringe but loving dads? (up to your interpretation) I love all your work and it always makes my day when you post!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you!! Got a little carried away with this one haha
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